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No Sane Christian African Should Support Egypt, Tunisia & Morocco at The World Cup

Posted by addisethiopia on June 23, 2018

May all these three cruel and rude nations leave Christian Russia soon!

Here is why:

Many Egyptian Christians Feel Left Out of World Cup

Egypt’s first World Cup in 28 years has captivated the soccer-crazy nation, with intense focus on the squad and the broader game.

The Egyptians played the first match of the tournament June 15 and held two-time World Cup winner Uruguay scoreless for 89 minutes, until conceding a late goal and losing 1-0.

Still, the performance – with star striker Mohamed Salah injured on the sidelines – attracted international praise and gripped the millions of people gathering in groups across Egypt to watch their team together.

It was a welcome distraction for Egyptians who are struggling under harsh economic conditions. The 3-1 loss in the next match to host Russia, even with Salah back in the lineup, ended Egypt’s chances of advancing beyond the group stage. Despite the loss, the love and respect enjoyed by the team and the players remained intact.

Yet it wasn’t an entirely unifying experience.

For the country’s Christians, about 10 percent of the population, the composition of the team and the way the squad was perceived highlighted what they believe is a problem with the sport in Egypt.

No Christian has been on the national soccer squad for more than a decade, and just one played for any of the 18 top-flight clubs last season.

Egyptian coaches and officials dismiss any suggestion of discrimination, but Christians disagree. Egypt’s Christian spiritual leader has broken the church’s silence on the issue by publicly complaining about their disproportionate representation in the sport.

Egypt’s all-Muslim World Cup squad is known for being pious. The team even chose make its World Cup base in Muslim Chechnya.

The national squad has been nicknamed the prostrators because the players offer a Muslim prayer when they score. They regularly pray together when in camp and read the opening verse of the Quran before kickoff. Some perform the Muslim ritual wash before games. Generally, they frame competition, wins and defeats in religious terms.

Hassan Shehatah, one of Egypt’s most successful coaches, said nearly a decade ago that, to him, a player’s religious piety was as important as his skills. Hassan led an all-Muslim squad to win three of Egypt’s seven African titles between 2006 and 2010.

When goalkeeper Ahmed Elshenawy was named man of the match against Uruguay, he refused the Budweiser-sponsored award on religious grounds.

The perceived exclusion of Christians from top flight soccer and the national team is at odds with the outreach to the ancient community by Abdel-Fattah el-Sissi, Egypt’s general-turned-president who led the military’s 2013 ouster of an Islamist president. El-Sissi has emphatically and repeatedly spoken about inclusion and sectarian harmony. However, his government, critics and some Christians say, has failed to shield the community from the day-to-day discrimination, particularly in rural areas with less state authority and religious tolerance.

Pope Tawadros II, head of the Orthodox Coptic Christians and a close el-Sissi ally, rarely speaks publicly of discrimination, but has recently waded into the issue with uncustomary bluntness. “It’s extraordinary that all of Egypt’s football teams don’t have a single Copt who has good legs and who kicked a ball on the streets when he was little,” he said.

Ahmed Hossam, a retired striker – and a Muslim who played for some of Europe’s biggest clubs – was more blunt.

He claimed in a recent television interview that youth team coaches were driving Christians away.

Regrettably, there’s a lot of people in Egypt who are bigoted over color, religion and ethnicity,” Hossam, better known as Mido, said. “We must confront them and not bury our heads in the sand. Can you believe it that in the history of football in Egypt, only five Christians played at the top level?”

As the only Christian on his soccer youth team, Ramon Zhery says he tried everything he could to blend in with his teammates. At the end, it was not enough. Zhery, now 28, plays for a third division club in southern Egypt. He says discrimination against his faith kept him from rising further.

Speaking to The Associated Press, Zhery recounted how he tried to establish harmony with his teammates and reassure them that, though a Christian, he was just another player like them.

When they huddled before kickoff to recite the Quran’s opening verse – a ritual meant to serve as a plea for divine help – he whispered a Christian prayer to himself. When at camp, he woke up before everyone and went about rousing them to perform the dawn prayers, one of five that Muslims offer daily.

Mohammed Salah is a world star and he prostrates every time he scores and everyone knows he is a Muslim,” said Zhery.

The Christians’ response to their perceived exclusion from domestic soccer has been “church football” – a nationwide league of five-a-side teams that is played mostly on church grounds or rented pitches.

Andrew Raafat, a physical education teacher who tried his luck in club soccer before he settled for a coaching job at a Cairo Church, says some of the better young players he works with want to play at the top level.

I cannot tell them that they will never be selected,” Raafat said. “They get selected sometimes, but they are later let go.”

Selected Comments:

Christians better wake up. The rest of the world is not interested in living in harmony with you or treating you fairly.

Crux: when selection is not based mostly on merit, Egypt is sending a soccer team that is not as good as it coulf be. Prayers aren’t gonna solve their insufficiency. They reap what they sowed…

Well, the Egyptian soccer player PRAYERS must not have been effective…. They still lost miserably. Now we know why – they are not right with god, but seek god’s favor….

Render unto soccer that which is soccers.

Christians in the ME should be given their own country….sort of like Israel.

That was called Lebanon….but Muslims got a foothold….and you know the rest.



This report has been sent to the FIFA officials directly, and submitted online via the new FIFA complaint mechanism.

Copts have been struggling with widespread, comprehensive and systematic religious, governmental and societal discrimination, which extends to all aspects of life in Egypt, including sports and soccer. During the past half-century, an infinitely small number of Coptic footballers – no more than 6 – have managed to join top flight soccer clubs. Some of those have spoken out about the rampant religious intolerance and the difficulties they have encountered. For instance, former Coptic footballer Ashraf Youssef told a newspaper that his teammates refused to eat with him simply because he is Christian (1). There are currently 540 players in the top-flight soccer clubs in Egypt, and that number includes only one Coptic footballer. The Egyptian Olympic Mission to Brazil in 2016 was completely devoid of Copts, and the same applies to the Egyptian National Team at the 2018 World Cup in Russia. Not a single Copt can be found in either the main team or the reserve, and it follows that there are no Coptic sports commentators anywhere in official Egyptian media outlets or in private Muslim-owned media.

Coptic Solidarity has filed a formal complaint with FIFA in 2016 to investigate the widespread sports and soccer discrimination against Christians in Egypt. This Complaint prompted many Christians to speak up about the significant religious discrimination in soccer, which amounts to sports racism. A number of moderate brave Muslims have also addressed the same issue.

In Egypt, we have a large number of racists who do not try to hide [their racism],” said renowned international player Ahmed Hossam – known as Mido – in a TV interview. He frankly wondered, “Does it make sense that throughout the entire history of soccer in Egypt, there have only been five Christian footballers at the top level? There are many Christian children who are not allowed to continue to play because of the racist attitude of certain coaches. I have proposed that Christians should make up at least 10% of all junior teams in order to resolve this problem”(2).

In another TV interview, footballer and sports commentator Khalid Al Ghandour mentioned a racist incident against a Coptic person at Minya Sports Club. The caller, Shenouda Wahba, reported that one of his relatives had signed up for soccer tryouts at Minya Sports Club. The club’s technical director rejected him and stipulated that he should convert to Islam in order to be selected. Mr. Al Ghandour concluded by saying, “No one knows more than I do that there are Christian soccer talents treated unfairly in Egypt, it is absurd that there are 18 major soccer teams, and not a single Coptic player in any of them” (3).

Strangely, instead of investigating this racist incident, the Sports Media Committee rebuked Khalid Al Ghandour, claiming that his statements provoke sedition and fanaticism!!!!(4).

An altercation, seen on TV, between Al Ahli club technical director, Mr. Ikrami, and a young Copt named Pierre Zouhair Shafiq, took place when the young Christian man expressed his desire to join Al Ahli. When Ikrami found out that Shafiq and his colleague were Christians, he pointed to the main door of the club and told them to get out (5). Shafiq’s colleague recalled the incident in another TV interview and confirmed that Ikrami threw them out after realizing they were Christians (6).

In an interview with Al Youm Al Sabee newspaper on March 22, 2018, Pope Tawadros II, who usually steers clear of the issue of Coptic rights, said in answer to a question about the lack of Coptic soccer players, “Do not ask Copts about this, rather address the question to clubs and playgrounds, how likely it is that there is not a single Coptic footballer to be found in all Egyptian soccer teams?!!”(7).

At the well-known club Al Ahli, a Christian child named Tony Atef was rejected because he had a cross tattooed on his wrist. The media picked up on the incident, which forced the club to reconsider and accept him to avoid a possible scandal (8).

Dr. Yasser Ayoub, the most renowned sports reporter in Egypt, wrote several articles explicitly stating that there is widespread sports discrimination against Copts. In one of them, he observed, “It is neither logical nor natural that we do not have a single Coptic soccer player in all of the Official Egyptian league teams … One of the real reasons for this situation is the implicit oppression of Copts, which is not acknowledged due to ignorance and intolerance, or out of fear of offending sensibilities and causing tension” (9, 10, 11).

Mr. Ayoub reiterated in another interview, “Anyone who tries to prove that Christians are discriminated against in soccer is considered an agitator who is sowing sedition, so the issue is only raised in secret, while everyone denies it publicly” (12).

Egyptian intellectual Dr. Khalid Montaser put it in a nutshell in an article in Al-Watan Egyptian newspaper, “There is a chronic red line set against admitting Christians to soccer teams in Egypt  … We are a racist state par excellence, and a nation adept at discriminating between its children by means of religion, and this is the reason we did not even have 10 Christian footballers over the past 100 years … If a Christian excels and tries to join a team, the coach may sing his praises, but then turns him down because ‘he is unfortunately a Christian’”(13).

Author Sami al-Behairy told one such story: his Christian friend Maged Nabih Mikhail had passed the tryouts in Al Ahli club, performing well in front of the foreign coach. However, an official at the club asked about his name to issue a player I.D., and once he realized he is Christian, he simply told him: “Sorry, we cannot admit you into the team” (14).

Famous Art critic Tariq al-Shennawi raised a question in his column at Al-Masry Al-Youm newspaper about the reasons for Coptic absence in soccer, stating, “The undeniable fact is that there is a distinct Coptic absence in soccer. Are Muslim families no longer willing to let their children play soccer with the children of their Coptic neighbors?”(15).

Writer Osama Ghareib responded to this question in the same newspaper, “Copts are being excluded from soccer because they are being increasingly accused and labeled as infidels,” he explained, adding that “Exclusion from soccer is not the only repercussion, as the infidel label may make them targets for murder and rape…. Since the majority of sports officials in major clubs are newly religious, you will not find one among them who would welcome a Christian child even if his talent exceeded that of famous international footballer Messi “(16).

Mada Masr online Newspaper published an Arabic/English report on the marked exclusion of Copts from professional soccer in Egypt, highlighting a number of cases that were excluded for religious reasons (17, 18).

Writer Tawfiq Humaid called on international player Mohammed Salah to lend his support to the efforts to end religious bias in sports against Christian Egyptians. He reminded him that were he a Christian, he would not have had the opportunity to play professional soccer in Egypt; and on the other hand, if the Western World did not consider competence to be the sole criterion, Salah would not have achieved international status (19).

Islamization of Sports

The problem of Coptic absence from soccer teams reflects a wider phenomenon, namely the Islamization of Egyptian society, including sports. In Egypt, the national soccer team is known as “the kneeling team” i.e., those who kneel down to worship in the Islamic way. Former technical director of the Egyptian national team, Hassan Shehata, used to have a Muslim cleric accompany the team on international trips to recite the Quran. He once said in an interview that “a player’s relationship with God and his proper behavior are important factors when he selects players who represent Egypt internationally”(20).

In an article published in Al-Ahram newspaper, researcher Wahid Abdel-Majid criticized Shehata because of the way he mixed religion and sports (21).

This general push for Islamization is reflected in the pressure put on foreign non-Muslim coaches and players to convert to Islam. Some of them have already converted to Islam so as not to lose their jobs, while others refused to, including Ivorian footballer Coulibaly who left the Egyptian team, later stating that they wanted him to convert to Islam (22).

Islamization of sports was also manifested in such statements made by Al-Azhar Institution, “Every goal scored by Mohammad Salah promotes Islam in Europe, makes English people sing the praises of Islam, and changes the way Europeans view the [Islamic] beard” (23, 24).

Coptic Reaction to Discrimination in Sports

As frustrated Copts struggle to find a way around the prevalent discrimination in sports, their options remain limited. In fact, filing complaints is about the only thing they can do, given that all sports clubs are under the supervision of the Egyptian State, and consequently their exclusion from soccer is a State policy.

A book entitled “A Goal in the Playground of Fanaticism”, published in 2010, explored in detail the exclusion of Copts from Egyptian playgrounds. Nour Qaldis, the book’s author and a Christian journalist at Coptic newspaper Watani, highlighted a large number of cases where talents were rejected on religious grounds. The book reached the conclusion that discrimination against Copts in sports is a far-reaching phenomenon, and that preventing young Copts from joining youth teams is a strategy designed to ensure that no Copts will be able to qualify for official soccer teams (25).

The only option left to Coptic churches was to organize church tournaments in small playfields within these churches, which at least gave Copts the chance to practice. However, this option is still flawed, since these are small Playgrounds, lacking professional capabilities and the ability to nominate Coptic players for official clubs (26).

Last year, a young Christian man founded the “Je Suis” Academy as a way to bring together talented Copts who were rejected by major clubs. He rented soccer fields in remote areas, thus allowing them to develop their skills. However, limited resources remain a problem, as well as the unchanging attitude of professional clubs which continue to reject those talented players



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ቢዮንሴ የኢትዮጵያን ሕፃናት ከሰይጣናዊ ምልክቶች ጋር ለማስተዋወቅ አዲስ አበባ ሄዳ ነበር፤ አሁን ልጇ በብልግናዋ አፈረችባት

Posted by addisethiopia on June 21, 2018

በኢትዮጵያ ላይ ተንኮል የሚሠራ ይዋረዳል፤ ይወድቃልም!

የኢትዮጵያ ሚሌኒየም ፪ሺ ዓ.

በሙዚቃ ስራዎቹ ዓለም አቀፍ እውቅናን የተጎናጸፈቸው ቢዮንሴ ኖውልስ በኢትዮጵያ ውስጥ ተግባራዊ እንድታደርገው የተሰጣትን ተልዕኮ መመሪያ ይዛ ሄዳ ነበር። አስመጭና ጋባዥ፦ አላሙዲን

የእነ ቢዮንሴ ቀዳሚው ተልዕኮዋቸው ዋና አላማ ህዝቡን ከሰይጣናዊ ምልክቶች ጋር ማስተዋወቅ፣ ሰይጣናዊ አምልኮን እንዲቀበል መቀስቀስና ከቆየ ባህልና ወግ፣ እንዲሁም እምነት ጋር ማጣላት ነው።

የሰይጣን አምልኳቸውን ለማስፋፋት እንደ እነ ቢዮንሴ የመሳሰሉትን ጥቁር አሜሪካውያን የመለመሉት

ሉሲፈራውያኑ የአንድ ዓለም አሰተዳደርን ህግና ሥርዓት ለማስፈን በቅድሚያ የቆየውን ሃይማኖት፣ ባህልና ወግ መናድ ግድ ይላቸዋልና፤ ሁሉም ነገር በደንብ ታስቦ የተቀነባበረ ነው፤ ዋናው ዒላማቸውም እናት ኢትዮጵያ ናት።

ቢዮንሴ፡ ለህጻናቱ ሰይጣናዊ ምልክቶቹን በማሳየትና ቤትከርስቲያንን በመጎብኘት፣ የህዝቡን አእምሮ ለመቀየርና በሃይማኖት አባቶች እና በአማኙ ህዝብ መካከል ልዩነትን ለመፍጠር እንድትሞክር ተደርጓል። ቪዲዮው ላይ በግልጽ ይታያል።

አሁን ደግሞ.የልጆች እናቷ ቢዮንሴ ከ አስር ዓመታት በኋላ፦

የቢዮንሴ ሴት ልጅ የእናቷን መድረክ ላይ እንዲህ በብልግና መበላቀጥ (ይቅርታ!) ተጠየፋው ትታያላች። እንደው ይገርማል፤ በጣም ታሳዝናለች፣ እስኪ ይታየን፡ እናታችን ይህን ስታደርግ ብናይ ምን ያህል እንደሚሰማን።

ቅሌት አይደለም?! አታፍርም?! በቃኝ አትልም?!


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የአውስትራሊያ “ሊበራሎች” የጋበዟቸው ሙስሊሞች፡ ኮፕት ወንድሞቻችን “F *** ኮፕት ውሾች” እያሉ ደበደቧቸው

Posted by addisethiopia on June 20, 2018

በአውስትራሊያዋ ሲድኒ፡ የኒው ሳውዝ ዌልስ የሊበራል ፓርቲ የቅርንጫፍ ስብሰባ ላይ ተገኝተው የነበሩ ሙስሊሞች ወደ ስብሰባው እንዳይገቡ ለመከልከል ሲሉ አንዱን ኦርቶዶክስ ክርስቲያን ክፉኛ ደበደቡት።

ስብስባው ቦታ በሚገኝ አንድ የከባብ (ከ እባብ) ቡና ቤት ውስጥ የነበሩት ጠረጴዛዎች እና ወንበሮች እንደ ጦር መሳሪያዎች ያገለግሉ ነበር

በስብሰባው ላይ ተገኝቶ የነበረው የሊበራል ፓርቲ አባል ጆንለራዲዮ በሰጠው ዘገባ ከሆነ ሁኔታው የሃይማኖት ጦርነትባሕርይ የያዘ እንደነበር የሚከተሉን ዓረፍተ ነገሮች ተናግሯል፦

ይህ ፍጹም ቅሌት ነው፣ ትልቅ ወንጀል ነው”

«ጥቂት ቃላት ተለዋወጡ፣ ከዚያም ሁሉም ነገር ወደ አንድ የሃይማኖት ጦርነት ተቀየረ፤ በክርስትያኖችና በሙስሊሞች መካከል።”

10 የሚሆኑት ሙስሊሞች አንዱን ክርስቲያን ደጋግመው አጠቁት፣ መሬት ላይ አጋድመው በወንበሮችና ጠረጴዛዎች ጭንቅላቱን ሳይቀር ደበደቡት።

አንዲት አረጋዊት ሴት ወደ መሬት ተገፍትረው ወድቀዋል፣ ተረብሸው የነበሩ ሕፃናት ልጆችም እዚያው ነበሩ

«ከእስልምና እምነት ውስጥ የተወሰኑት ወንዶች F*** off Christians, ….F *** ኮፕ ውሾችያሉ በአጸያፊ መልክ በመሳደብ ለማስፈራራት ሞክረው ነበር

እንግዲህ እነዚህ ሊበራል (Liberal) የሚባሉት ኢአማንያን ናቸው በመላው ዓለም (በአገራችንም ጨምሮ) ለእነዚህ ዓይነቶቹ አውሬ ሙስሊሞች ሞግዚቶች ሆነው የሚታዩት። ሰርጎ ገቦች እነርሱ ብቻ መሆን አለባቸው…ሁሉም ነገር፣ ሁሉም ዓለም ለእነርሱ ብቻ ነው….አይገርምም!? አውስትራሊያም ሄደው ኮፕት ወገኖቻችንን ይበድሏቸዋል፣ ይዋጓቸዋል።

የኛም “ሉላውያን ሊበራል ዶክተሮች ይህን ነው የሚመኙልን፡ አይደል?!


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ሜርከል እና ኤርዶጋን ኢትዮጵያን ከጎበኙ በኋላ፡ ባገሮቻቸው ላይ መዘዝ አመጡ | በኢትዮጵያ ላይ ተንኮል የሚሠራ ይወድቃል

Posted by addisethiopia on June 19, 2018

አሁን ምን እየተካሄደ እንደሆነ ሰዎች የነቁበት ዘመን ነው።

ጀርመን በሚሊዬን የሚቆጠሩ ሙስሊሞችን ወደ አገሯ ስታስገባ አንድ ትልቅ ዕቅድ መኖሩን አሁን እያየነው ነው። የሙስሊሞች ወደ ጀርመን እና አውሮፓ መጉረፍ በመስከረም 2015 .ም አልጀመረም። የጀመረው ከ 50 እና 100 ዓመታት በፊት ነው።

1ኛው የዓለም ጦርነት ከመጀመሩ በፊት ኢትዮጵያ የጀርመን ተባባሪ እንድትሆንና ወደ ዓለም ጦርነት እንድትገባም ጀርመናውያን መሪዎች ብዙ ሙከራ አድርገው ነበር። ጀርመን ልጅ ኢያሱን በቱርክ አማክኝነት በመልመል እስላማዊ ሠራዊትን ለማደራጀት ሞክራ ነበር፤ አልተሳካላትም።

አፄ ኃይለ ሥላሴም ቢሆኑ በአውሮፓውያኑ ተመርጠው ነበር የንጉሣዊው ዙፋን ላይ ለመቀመጥ የበቁት። የሁለተኛው ዓለም ጦርነት ከእፈጸመ በኋላ የሰው ኃይል የጎደላትና ብዙ ሠራተኞችን የምትፈልገዋ ጀርመን በቅድሚያ አፄ ኃይለ ሥላሴን ነበር የጠየቀችው ኢትዮጵያውያን ሠራተኞችን እንዲልኩላት። ግን አልተሳካም፤ አፄ ኃይለ ሥላሴ፡ “እኛ አንልክም፤ ሥራ አጦች የሉንም!” በማለታቸው።

ከዚህ በኋላ ነበር ፀረክርስቶስ ቱርኮችን በብዛት ወደ አገሯ ያመጣቻቸው። በተለይ የሰይጣንን ዙፋን “ፐርጋሞንን” ከቱርክ ካመጣችበት ጊዜ አንስቶ ጀርመን የምትሰራውን አታውቅም። ታታሪ የሆነው ሕዝቧ በመሪዎቹ እንደ አሻንጉሊት ይጠመዘዛል።

ከሦስት ዓመታት በፊት የ2016 .ም አዲስ ዓመት ዋዜማ ላይ በሺህ የሚቆጠሩ ጀርመናውያን ሴቶች በሙስሊሞች ሲደፈሩ በሜርከል መንግስት በደንብ የተቀነባበረ “የሞራል መስበሪያ” ሴራ መጠነስሱን ጤናማ ጀርመናውያን አሁን እየተገነዘቡት ነው።

የጀርመን እግር ኳስ ብሔራዊ ቡድን

የእግር ኳስ ጨዋታ ብሔራዊ ስፖርት በሆነባት ጀርመን የአሁኑ ጀርመን ቡድን “ብሔራዊ” የሚለውን የቅጽል ስም በመፋቅ፡ “ቡድኑ” የሚል መጠሪያ ብቻ እንዲይዝ ተደርጓል። ሉላዊ ሴራ!

ከአራት ዓመታት በፊት፡ ብራዚል በተካሄደው የዓለም ዋንጫ ወቅት፡ “ህ የዓለም ዋንጫ የመጀመሪያው የሰዶማውያን የዓለም ዋንጫ ነው” በማለት በጊዜው ጽፌ ነበር። አዎ! የዛሬውም የጀርመን ቡድን ካለፈው የተለየ አይደለም፤ እደሜያቸው የገፋባቸው የተነቀሱ ጢማም ስዶማውያንና ሙስሊም ተጫዋቾች አሁንም ቡድኑን ወክለዋል። ልክ እንደ አንጌላ ሜርከል የጀርመንን ቡድን ለ12 ዓመታት ያህል በአምባገነንነት የሚመራው ሰዶማዊ “ብሔራዊ” አሰልጣኝ፡ ዮአሒም ሎቭ፡ የማንቸስተር ሲቲውን ኮከብ ተጫዋች ሳኔን አባርሮ፤ አጉርሳ እና ተንከባክባ ያሳደገቻቸውን ጀርመንን የከቱድትን ሁለ ቱርኮች፤ መሱት ኡዚልን እና ጉንዶጋንን ለዚህ ዓለም ዋንጫ አሰልፏቸዋል። እነዚህ ሁለት ተጫዋቾች ምንም እንኳን ጀርመን አገር ተወልደው ቢያድጉም፡ ባለፈው ወር ላይ ከቱርኩ ፕሬዚደንት ኤርዶጋን ጋር “የኔ ፕሬዚደንት” እያሉ የፎቶ ቅስቀሳዎችን አካሂደው ነበር። ይህ ድርጊታቸው ብዙ ጀርመኖችን በጣም አስቆጥቷል። ታዲያ አብዛኛው ጀርመን እነዚህ ሁለት ከሃዲዎች ከብሔራዊ ቡድን እንዲገለሉ ድምጹን ቢያሰማም፡ አሰልጣኝ ዮአሒም ሎቭ ግን በግትርነት ወደ ሩሲያ እንዲጓዙ መርጠዋቸዋል። በነገራችን ላይ ዩአሒም ሎቭ ብሔራዊ አስልጣኝ ከመሆኑ በፊት የቱርኩን ቡድን ፌነባርቺ ኢስታንቡልን ያሰለጥን ነበር። በአሁኑ ጊዜም የእርሱ እና የመሱት ኡዚል (የዲያብሎስ ገጽታ አለው) ወኪል አንድ ግለሰብ ነው።

በእነዚህ ሁለት ቱርኮችና በቱኒዚያዊው ከዲራ ሳቢያ ብዙ ጀርመናውያን ቡድናቸው እንዲሸነፍ እና እንዲዋረድ ይሻሉ። የሚገርም ነው፡ አይደል? ተሰምቶ አይታወቅም! ግን ሃቁ ይህ ነው።

ከኮሎኙ ሴቶች ወሲብ ደፈራ በኋላ፤ በተወዳጁ እገርኳስም በኩል የጀርመናውያንን ሞራል ለመስበር እየተሞከረ ነው። ጀርመን በሜክሲኮ መሸነፏ ይህን የሚያሳየን ነው። ሁልጊዜ ኃያል የነበረው የጀርመን ብሔራዊ ቡድን በታሪክ ለመጀመሪያ ጊዜ ምናልባት የመጀመሪያውን ዙር ማለፍ አይቻለው ይሆናል። ቱርክና አረብ ተጫዋቾችን ማስገባት አልነበረባቸውም።

ይህ ሁሉ በአንጌላ ሜርከል እና በሬሴፕ ኤርዶጋን የተቀነባበረ ነው። ሁለቱም ኢትዮጵያን ጎብኝተው ከተመለሱ በኋላ ነው ባገሮቻቸው ላይ መቅሰፍቱ እየወረደባቸው ያለው። ሜርከል እና ኤርዶጋን ኢትዮጵያን ለመተናኮል ነበር ወደ ኢትዮጵያ የሄዱት፤ ሁለቱም የኦሮሞ ሙስሊሙን እና የሶማሌውን እንቅስቃሴ የሚደግፉ ናቸው።

ኢትዮጵያን የሚተናኮል መሪ ወይም ባለሥልጣን ኢትዮጵያን ከጎበኘ በኋላ፣ ወይ ወዲያው ከስልጣኑ መውረድ ይኖርበታል፡ ወይም ደግሞ በአገሩ ላይ መዘዝ ያመጣል። የዓለም መሪዎች፣ የሮማው ጳጳስ፣ የአሜሪካ፣ ሩሲያና ፈረንሳይ ፕሬዚደንቶች ኢትዮጵያን የማይጎበኙት ከዚህ የተነሳ ነው።

+ ባራክ ሁሴን ኦባማ ኢትዮጵያን የጎበኘው፣ አንደኛ ሙስሊም በመሆኑ፣ ሁለተኛ ሥልጣኑን ሊያስረክብ ጥቂት ቀናት ስለቅሩት ነበር።

+ የእንግሊዙ ቶኒ ብሌር ኢትዮጵያን ከጎበኘ በኋላ ነበር ለሌላ ምርጫ እንደማይቀርብ እና ከስልጣን እንደሚወርድ ኢትዮጵያ ሆኖ የተናገረው።

+ የስፔኑ ጠ/ ሚንስትር ሳፓቴሮም እንዲሁ ኢትዮጵያን ከጎበኘ በኋላ ነበር ከስልጣን የተወገደው።

+ የደቡብ ኮሪያ ሴት ፕሬዚደንት፡ ፓርክ ግዌን ሄ ኢትዮጵያን በጎበኙ ማግስት ነበር፡ ከገንዘብ ጋር በተያያዘ ቅሌት፡ ከሥልጣናቸው የተወገዱት።

+ የግብጽና ሌሎች አረብ መሪዎች ኢትዮጵያን ጎብኝተው ከተመለሱ በኋላ ነው በአገሮቻቸው እና በራሳቸውም ላይ መቅሰፍቱን የሚያመጡት። ለዚህም ፕሬዚደንት ሙባረክን፣ ሙርሲን፣ ጋዳፊን፣ አልሲሲን፣ ኳታርን፣ ሳዑዲን ወዘተ መጥቀስ ይቻላል። ነብያቸውም “ኢትዮጵያን አንኩ!ብሎ አስጠንቅቋቸዋል (መሀመድ እኛን አክብሮ ሳይሆን ይህን ያለው፣ ስለሚመጣበት መዘዝ ዲያብሎስ አማካሪው በጆሮው ሹክ ስላለው ነው።)

+ በቅርቡም፡ የአሜሪካው የውጭ ጉዳይ ሚኒስትር ሬክስ ቴለርሰን ተንኮለኛ ተልዕኮ ይዘው ወደ ኢትዮጵያ በተጓዙ ማግስት ነበር ከሥልጣናቸው የተወገዱት። ሌላ ጊዜ እመለስበታለሁ።

በርሊን የፀረክርስቶሱ መቀመጫ ከሆኑት ከተሞች መካከል አንዷ ናት። ራዕይ ዮሐንስ ላይ ከተጠቀሱት ሰባት ዓብያተ ክርስቲያናት (ሁሉም ያሁኗ ቱርክ ውስጥ ነው የሚገኙት) መካከል አንዷ፤ ፐርጋሞን ናት፤ ይህችም የሰይጣን ዙፋን የሚገኝባት ቦታ እንደሆነች ቅዱስ ዮሐንስ ጠቁሞናል።

ታዲያ ከ ፐርጋሞን የተወሰደው የሰይጣን ኃውልት አሁን የሚገኘው በበርሊን ከተማ ነው። እነ ሂትለር፣ ቡሽ፣ ኦባማና ሂላሪ ክሊንተን ሁሉም ይህን ኃውልት ለመሳለም ወደ በርሊን ጎራ ብለው ነበር። ለሂላሪ ብቻ ነው ሥልጣኑ ያልተሳካው፣ በዚህም ያው እስካሁን ጋኔናዊ ለቅሶዋን ምርር ብላ ታለቅሳለች፤ ጋኔን መሸነፍ አይወድምና። ወይዘሮ አንጌላ ሜርከልም ከዚሁ ኃውልት ፊት ለፊት ነው የምትኖረው፤ ለዚህም ይመስላል ይህ ሁሉ ጉድ ተከላካይ በሌላቸው ጀርመናውያን ህፃናትና ሴቶች ላይ የሚፈጸመው። በየዕለቱ አሰቃቂ ድርጊቶች ይከሰታሉ፣ ሁሉም ውረጅ ይላታል፡ ሆኖም ሴትየዋ ልክ እንደ ብሔራዊ ቡድኑ አሰልጣኝ ከሥልጣን ለመውረድ አሻፈረኝ ብላለች።


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እነ “ሀዋሲ”ን ይዞ ይበር የነበረው የሳውዲ ብሔራዊ ቡድን አውሮፕላን የእሳት ቃጠሎ ደረሰበት

Posted by addisethiopia on June 19, 2018

ወፏ” ነች እሳቱን የቀሰቀሰችው አሉ! የ አዲስ ወፍ ትሆን?

ይህ የዓለም ዋንጫ ጨዋታ ብቻ አይደለም፤

ቅደም ተከተሉ፦

+ የሳውዲ ቡድን በሩሲያ 5 0 ከተሸነፈ በኋላ የሳውዲ እግር ኳስ ፌዴሬሽን ኃላፊ 3 ተጫዋቾች ከዓለም ዋንጫው በኋላ ቅጣትእንደሚሰጣቸው አሳወቀ። እነርሱም፦ሀውሳዊማዩፍ እና ሳህላዊ ናቸው።

+ በኢትዮጵያ ብሔረሰቦች መካከል፤ በ ሀዋሳወላይታ እና ወልቂጤ ግጭት ተቀሰቀሰ

+ ሩሲያ ያለውን የሳውዲ እግር ኳስ ቡድን ይዞ ይበር የነበረው አውሮፕላን፡ አየር ላይ እያለ የእሳት ቃጠሎ ተቀሰቀሰበት


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በ ቤተልሔም ክርስቲያን በጎቻቸውን ሲጠብቁ የነበሩትን መነኩሴ፡ በቢላ ወጋቸው ሙስሊሙ

Posted by addisethiopia on June 17, 2018

በጌታችን ኢየሱስ ክርስቶስ ትውልድ ቦታ በቤተልሔም የልደት ቤ/ክርስቲያንን ለመጎብኘት የመጡትን ሴት ክርስቲያኖች ከሙስሊሞች ለመከላከል ወደ ገዳማቸው አስገብተው በሩን ሲዘጉባቸው ነበር አባ ፋዲ ሻሉፋ በቢላ የተወጉት። ቢደሙም፡ አወጋጉ በጣም የከፋ ባለመሆኑ አገልግሎታቸውን ወዲያው ለመቀጠል በቅተዋል።

ክርስቶስ በተወለደባት ቤተልሔም ክርስቲያኖች ቀስበቀስ እያለቁ ነው።

[የዮሐንስ ወንጌል ምዕራፍ ፲፥፲፡ ፲፩]

ሌባው ሊሰርቅና ሊያርድ ሊያጠፋም እንጂ ስለ ሌላ አይመጣም፤ እኔ ሕይወት እንዲሆንላቸው እንዲበዛላቸውም መጣሁ።

መልካም እረኛ እኔ ነኝ። መልካም እረኛ ነፍሱን ስለ በጎቹ ያኖራል።”

ክርስቲያን ወንድሞች እና እህቶች፡ ጦርነት ላይ ነን!


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ኃይለኛ ምልክት | ለረመዳን አንታረድም ያሉ 500 በጎች እራሳቸውን በገደል ገደሉ

Posted by addisethiopia on June 17, 2018

አምስት መቶዎች በጎች አንድ በአንድ ከተራራ ጫፍ ላይ እይወደቁ ገደሉ ውስጥ ተከስክሰው አለቁ። ይህ አስገራሚ ክስተት የተከሰተው በፀረክርስቶሷ አገር በቱርክ ነው።

[ትንቢተ ኢሳይያስ ምዕራፍ ፶፫፥፭፡፯]

እርሱ ግን ስለ መተላለፋችን ቈሰለ፥ ስለ በደላችንም ደቀቀ፤ የደኅንነታችንም ተግሣጽ በእርሱ ላይ ነበረ፥ በእርሱም ቍስል እኛ ተፈወስን።

እኛ ሁላችን እንደ በጎች ተቅበዝብዘን ጠፋን፤ ከእኛ እያንዳንዱ ወደ ገዛ መንገዱ አዘነበለ፤ እግዚአብሔርም የሁላችንን በደል በእርሱ ላይ አኖረ።

ተጨነቀ ተሣቀየም አፉንም አልከፈተም፤ ለመታረድ እንደሚነዳ ጠቦት፥ በሸላቶቹም ፊት ዝም እንደሚል በግ፥ እንዲሁ አፉን አልከፈተም።”


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የኃይሌ ገ. “ሳይካትሪስት” አባ ግርማን ደገፉ | “እርኩሳን መናፍሥት በሰው ዘር ላይ ዘምተዋል ፣ አጋንንት ሰዎችን በርግጥ እየለከፉ ነው!”፡ በማለት፡ ታዋቂው “ሳይካትሪስት” ያስጠነቅቃሉ

Posted by addisethiopia on June 15, 2018

የ ፕሪንስተን እና ዬል ዩርኒቨርስቲዎች ምሩቅ የሆኑት ታዋቂ አሜሪካዊ የስነልቦና ሊቅ፡ ዶ/ር ሪቻርድ ጋልጋር ዛሬ በዓለም ላይ እየጨመረ የመጣ የአጋንንት ወረርሽኝ መኖሩን ያምናሉ፦

አብዛኛዎቹ ሰዎች በአሁን ጊዜ በዕለት ተዕለት ኑሯቸው የዚህ አስፈሪ ሁኔታ ጨለማ እውነታ መገንዘብ ጀምረዋል።”

ይላሉ ባለሙያው።

/ር ሪቻርድ ጋልጋር እንደሚሉት ዋና በሆነው የሕክምና ሳይን ዓለም እርስ በርስ የሚጋጩ አስተያየቶች ቢኖሩም፣ የአጋንንታዊ ይዞታ እውን እውነተኛ ነው፤ እርኩሳን መናፍሥት በሰው ዘር ላይ ዘምተዋል።

25 ዓመታት ያህል በኒው ዮርክ ሆስፒታል ኮሌጅ እና በኮሎምቢያ ዩኒቨርሲቲ ውስጥ የሁለቱን የማስተማሪያ ቦታዎች፡ እንደ አንድ የግል ስነአእምሮ ሐኪም የልምድ ልውውጥ የሚያካሂዱት ዶ/ር ጋልጋር ሰብዓዊ እና ሰብዓዊ ልሆኑ ወይም አጋንንታዊ ባህሪ የያዙ ሁኔታዎችን የማጥናት እድሉ ነበራቸው።

አጋንንትን ለማስወጣት ከክርስቲያኖች በኩል የሚደረገው ሥራ አስፈላጊና ህጋዊም መሆኑን/ ር ጋልጋር አረጋግጠዋል።

/ር ጋልጋር፡ ኃይሌ ገ. በተነፈስ ማግስት፡ ቴሌግራፍ (እንግሊዝ) ከሚባለው ጋዜጣ ጋር ባደረጉት ቃለ ምልልስ ላይ

አጋንንት፡ በጣም በጣም ብልጥ ናቸው ፣ የወደቁት መልአክ ደረጃ ያህል ብልጥ ናቸው፤ ከሰዎች እጅግ የላቀ ብልጠት ስላላቸውም የሰው ልጅን እንዴት ማታለል እንደሚችሉ በደንብ አድረገው ውቁበታል። የገቡባቸውን ወይም የያዟቸውን ሰዎች ተቆጣጥረው ይጠቀሙባቸዋል። ስለዚህም ያዘጋጁትን ሠራዊት በሌሎች ሰዎች እና ህይወት ላይ በማሰማራት የጭካኔ ድርጊቶችን እና ሌሎች ጉዳቶችን እንዲፈጽሙ ያደርጓቸዋል።”

በማለት የመምህር ግርማን ድንቅ ትምህርትና ተግባር ሙሉ በሙሉ አጽድቀዋል።

/ር ጋልጋር በሚያዝያ ወር ላይ እንዲህ ሲሉ ተናግረው ነበር: –

ዲያብሎስን እንደ ተረት፣ ውክልና፣ ምስል፣ ዘይቤ ወይም ሐሳብ እንደሆነ አድርገን ማሰብ የለብንም፤ ስህተት ነው፤ ይህ ስህተት ይህ ስህተት፡ መከላከያ ጋሻችንን እንድንተው፣ ግድየለሽ እና የበለጠ ተጋላጭ እንድንሆን ያደርገናል። ሕይወታችን የክፉ አለቃበሆነው በዲያብሎስ ላይ የማያቋርጥ ትግል የምናደርግበት ነው።

/ር ጋልጋር በአጋንንት ስለመያዝ የሚናገሩ ብቸኛው የአሜሪካ ሳይካትሪስት አይደሉም – በዚህ ጉዳይ ላይ ምርምር የሚያካሂዱ ብዙ የስነ ልቦና ተመራማሪዎች፡ ወይም፡ እንደ ኃይሌ ገ. “ሳይካትሪስቶች” አሉ። እንደ ዶ/ር ጋልጋር ደፍረው ለመናገር ፈቃደኝነቱን ባያሳዩም።

Demons Really Are Possessing People, Warns Psychiatrist, As Pure Evil Sweeps Over Humanity

An Ivy League-educated psychiatrist is convinced that there’s a growing epidemic of demonic possession in the world today, and that most everyday people now recognize the dark reality of this scary situation.

Dr. Richard Gallagher, who boasts degrees from both Princeton University and Yale University, says that, despite conflicting opinions within mainstream medical science, demonic possession is both real and rampant.

With 25 years of experience under his belt as a private psychiatrist that compliments his two teaching positions at both New York Medical College and Columbia University, Dr. Gallagher believes he holds a unique vantage point in discerning between human and non-human, or satanic, behavior.

He’s also a highly sought-after professional of such things in cases where a determination is being made about the possible need for an exorcism. Having evaluated hundreds of cases of possible demonic possession towards this end, Dr. Gallagher is certain that the phenomenon is legitimate and pressing.

He insinuated to The Telegraph (United Kingdom) during a recent interview that demons know full well how to trick human beings because they possess far more advanced cognitive faculties. They routinely use these mental “smarts” to control the humans they possess, causing many of them to commit atrocities and other evils against other people and lifeforms.

They’re very, very smart,” Dr. Gallagher is quoted as saying about the beings that occupy the demonic realm. “The intelligence level of a fallen angel, which is what I call them, is far superior to human beings.”

In April, he wrote: “Hence, we should not think of the Devil as a myth, a representation, a symbol, a figure of speech or an idea. This mistake would lead us to let down our guard, to grow careless and end up more vulnerable.” He observed that life can be “a constant struggle against the devil, the prince of evil”

He is not the only American psychiatrist who evaluates for possession – there are many others who consult on discernment. But Dr Gallagher is one of the few who is willing to talk about it. He has also written a forthcoming book on the subject, being published by Harper Collins, called Demonic Foes, A Psychiatrist Investigates Demonic Possession in the Modern United States.

There are many other psychiatrists and mental health care professionals who do what I do – perhaps not to the scope that I do – who seem hesitant to speak out,” he explained. “That’s what gives my work some singularity. That I have had so much experience and that I am willing to speak out. I feel an obligation to speak out. I think that I should.”



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የሶማሌ ሙስሊሞች ፲ ሞዛምቢካውያን ክርስቲያን ሕፃናትንና ሴቶችን በቆንጨራ አረዷቸው

Posted by addisethiopia on June 15, 2018

የታጠቁ ሶማሌ ሙስሊሞች የምስራቅ አፍሪቃን የባሕር ጠረፍ ተከትለው በመጓዝ ወደ ደቡባዊው አፍሪቃ ላይ ሽብር በማስፋፋት ላይ ናቸው።

ከሶማሊያ፣ ኬኒያና ታንዛኒያ ቀጥሎ አሁን በሞዛምቢክ ውስጥ ጥቃት በመሠንዘር ላይ ናቸው።

ሽብር ፈጣሪዎቹ ብዙውን ጊዜ ነጭ ጥንብሮችን ጥቁር ሱሪዎችን ያጠለቁ፣ ረጃጅም ጢም ያላቸው፣ ራሰ በራዎች ናቸው።

ከጥቂት ቀና በፊት 10 ክርስቲያን ሞዛምቢካውያንን፤ ሕፃናትንና ሴቶችን ጨምሮ በቆንጨራ አረደዋቸው፣ ጎጆዎቻቸውን አቃጥለውባቸው ነበር።

ወንጀለኞቹ በተለይ በጭካኔአቸው እስላማዊ ሽብርን የሚያስታውሱ ናቸው። ልክ እንደ ሶማሌ አሸባሪ ቡድን፡ እነዚህንም ሽብር ፈጣሪዎች የአካባቢው ማህበረሰብ አልሸባብብለዋቸዋል።

ለግማሽ ዓመት ያህል በሞዛምቢክ ውስጥ ተከታታይ የሽብር ጥቃቶች በመካሄድ ላይ ናቸው። እንደ አልሻባብ መጀመሪያ ላይ ሁየፖሊስ ጣቢያዎች እና ሌሎች የመንግሥት ተቋማት ላይ ነው ጥቃት የሠነዘሩት። እካሁን ወደ 20 የሚጠጉ ጥቃቶች በሲቪላውያን ዜጎች ላይ ተሠንዝረዋል። በሕፃናት ላይ ሳይቀር።

የሞዛምቢክ መንግስት ለእነዚህ የሽብር ጥቃቶች፡ ቅስቀሳና ጥላቻ የሚያደርጉትን ኢማሞችን ተጠያቂ በማድረግ መስጊዶቻቸውን አፈራርሶባቸዋል።

የሽብር ጉዳት የደረሰበት አካባቢ ከሞዛምቢክ ዋና ከተማ ከ ማፑቶ 1800 ኪሎሜትር ርቆ የሚገኝ ሲሆን፣ ሙስሊሞች በብዛት የሚኖሩበት የኤኮኖሚ መዋቅሩ ደካማ የሆነ ክልል ነው የዜና ወኪል ብሉምበርግ የተባለው የዜና ወኪል እንደጠቀሰው ከሆነ አልሸባብን የመሰለ ሽብርተኛ የእስላማዊ ቡድን ተመስርቷል፤ ስሙን “አህል ሱና ዋጃማ” የሚል መጠሪያ ይዟል። የትንቢት ወግ ተማሪዎችማለት ነው። ሁሉም ነገር አረብኛ ነው፤ አፍሪቃም ገብተው።

እስልምና = የአረብ ኢምፔሪያሊዝም = የዲያብሎስ መሣሪያ


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ሩሲያ 5 ፤ ሳውዲ 0 | የሳውዲ ልዑላን፡ የስድስት ዓመቷን ሕፃን፡ “ነይ፡ ጎል አግቢልን፣ አይሻ እንበልሽ፡ እናግባሽ!” አሏት

Posted by addisethiopia on June 14, 2018

ሞስኮ፤ የዓለም ዋንጫ የመክፈቻ ጨዋታ በሳውዲ ውርደት ከተገባደደ በኋላ፡ ጎበዟን ሕፃን ልጅ፡ “እነአይሻለን” አሏት


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