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How Ethiopian Prince Scuppered Germany’s WW1 Plans

Posted by addisethiopia on September 17, 2018

Image: 100 years ago Lij Iyasu and the German gov envoy, Frederick Wilhelm von Syburg

A hundred years ago, the Ethiopian prince Lij Iyasu was deposed after the Orthodox church feared he had converted to Islam. But it also scuppered Germany’s plans to draw Ethiopia into World War One, writes Martin Plaut.

In January 1915 a dhow slipped quietly out of the Arabian port of Al-Wajh. On board were a group of Germans and Turks, under the guise of the Fourth German Inner-Africa Research Expedition.

Led by Leo Frobenius, adventurer, archaeologist and personal friend of the German Emperor, Kaiser Wilhelm II, its aim was nothing less than to encourage Ethiopia to enter World War One.

Germany believed that the Suez canal was Britain’s “jugular vein” allowing troops and supplies to be brought from Australia, New Zealand and India.

The war plan

An assault on the canal by Turkish and German forces had been repelled in early 1915, but it was clear that this was not the final attack.

Ethiopia – an independent nation – was the major power in the region and Germany believed that if it could persuade the Ethiopians to enter the war on its side, British and allied forces would have to be withdrawn from the Canal and other fronts.

The aims of the General Staff in Berlin were: “To force the enemy to commit large forces in defending their colonies in the Horn of Africa, thus weakening their European front and relieving the German forces fighting in German East Africa.”

This called for “insurrection” in Sudan with the aim of toppling British rule and attacks on French-ruled Djibouti and Italian Eritrea.

“The colonial Italian and French possessions on the shore of the Red Sea were difficult even impossible to defend without [the] commitment of large forces: chances were that an Ethiopian blow against the shores of the Red Sea and Suez Canal would either succeed at once, or that Italy and France would voluntarily withdraw in view of the critical situation of the European front, where all men and rifles were badly needed after the initial military successes of the Central powers.”

In Berlin’s view, the “double threat” of internal insurrection in Sudan and an Ethiopian offensive would pave the way for a successful attack on the Suez Canal by Turkish forces “supported by a German expeditionary force”.

The loss of the Canal would be a decisive blow against Britain and its allies, from which it would be unable to recover.

Mission failure

It was with this objective in mind that Frobenius was despatched to Ethiopia, with orders which mirrored the plans drawn up by the British for an Arab uprising against the Ottomans – plans which resulted in the Arab Revolt of 1916 and the legend of “Lawrence of Arabia”.

The Frobenius expedition landed in the Italian colony of Eritrea on 15 February but the Italians, who were British allies, arrested them.

Forbenius was deported back to Berlin, but the German high command were determined that this would not be the end of the story.

A fresh expedition was despatched in June 1915, this time led by Salomon Hall, who came from a Jewish Polish family with long ties to Ethiopia.

Again he was intercepted in Eritrea. Keen-eyed police spotted that although he wore sandals, he had corns, and was clearly not the Arab he was pretending to be.

Although the Hall mission failed, copies of the documents he carried reached the German mission to Ethiopia in October.

The German envoy in Addis Ababa, Frederick Wilhelm von Syburg, was instructed to do everything possible to convince the Ethiopian government to enter the war.

Von Syburg was ordered to explain to the Ethiopians that Germany had scored “great victories” in the war and made lavish promises of what might follow.

“Now the time has come for Ethiopia to regain the coast of the Red Sea driving the Italians home, to restore the Empire to its ancient size…

“Germany commits herself to recognize any territory which Ethiopia may conquer or occupy in military action against the Allied powers as being her rightful and permanent property and part of the Ethiopian Empire after the war.”

These plans found a ready audience with the heir to the Ethiopian throne, Lij Iyasu. The prince, who was never crowned, had become the effective ruler after his grandfather, Emperor Menelik II suffered a massive stroke in 1909, finally dying in December 1913.

On 10 April 1911 the 16-year-old Iyasu took the opportunity of the death of the regent, to claim personal rule. He was hardly ready for the position.

As historian Harold Marcus wrote: “The youth was hardly ready to govern: during his adolescence, he had mostly abandoned the classrooms for the capital’s bars and brothels. He had a short attention span, and lacked political common sense, if not a grand vision.”

That vision included reaching out to the Muslim peoples whom his grandfather had conquered during his expansion of Ethiopian rule from the Christian highlands into the surrounding Muslim lowlands.

Muslim empire

Lij Iyasu sent much of his time outside the capital, touring the Somali and Afar regions of his country. Iyasu was encouraged by the Ottoman envoy to Ethiopia, Ahmad Manzar.

Iyasu took a number of Muslim wives and soon rumours began spreading that the prince had adopted Islam himself.

Although his ancestors had included Muslim nobility who had converted to Christianity, the idea that Iyasu returned to Islam is contested by scholars.

What is clear is that the prince was very friendly with Muslims, including a longstanding British enemy, Sayyid, Muhammad Abd Allah al-Hassan, (known as the “Mad Mullah”) of Somaliland.

Iyasu – encouraged by the Ottomans – sent weapons and ammunition to the Sayyid. Turkey went further, promising that it would land troops to back the Sayyid.

By 1916 most of the pieces were in place. Iyasu appeared to have decided to throw in his lot with the Ottoman and German cause.

Iyasu took a number of Muslim wives and soon rumours began spreading that the prince had adopted Islam himself

He was reinforced in this view by the Turkish successes in Gallipoli and Mesopotamia.

Matters came to a head in September. Reports began to circulate that Iyasu had presented an Ethiopian flag with a Red Crescent and a quotation from the Koran to Somali troops.

As historian Haggai Erlich concluded: “His steps cannot be interpreted other than leading towards a new Ethiopia, centred on Harar as the capital of an Islamic, African empire, allied with Istanbul and under his rule.”


The Ethiopian nobility and the church, fearing for the future of their nation as a bastion of Christianity, decided to act.

The head of the Orthodox church was persuaded – somewhat reluctantly – to excommunicate Iyasu.

On 27 September 1916, the prince was deposed. Iyasu fought back, but his troops were defeated and he fled into hiding. Iyasu was only captured in 1921, when he was finally imprisoned.

Ras Tefari was placed on the throne as regent for his cousin Empress Zewditu until he was crowned Haile Selassie in 1930.

Britain, France and Italy had encouraged the coup by lobbying the Ethiopian elite to act against Iyasu.

On 12 September, the Tripartite powers sent a formal message to the Ethiopian foreign minister complaining that Iyasu was supporting rebellion in Somaliland and demanded an immediate explanation.

With the prince out of the way, they breathed a collective sigh of relief.

As the UK ambassador to Ethiopia Wilfred Thesiger informed the Foreign Office in London: “the Government is now in the hands of those who are friendly to our cause.” The threat that Ethiopia might enter the war was at an end.

The attempt to set Ethiopia on a new course as part of Kaiser Wilhelm’s dream of inflaming the “whole Mohammedan world with wild revolt” had come to nought.

There had been no landing of Turkish or German troops from the Red Sea. Yet it had been a close-run thing.

If the Arab Revolt had not taken hold on the opposite side of the Red Sea and Iyasu had not played his cards quite so poorly, the outcome might have been very different, with catastrophic implications for Britain and its allies.



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Women Who Wear Makeup Less Likely to be Considered Good Leaders in The Workplace, New Study Reveals

Posted by addisethiopia on September 15, 2018

Both male and female participants perceived bare-faced women as more efficient leaders

In disappointing news, a recent study has revealed that women who wear makeup in the workplace are less likely to be perceived as good leaders in comparison to bare-faced colleagues.

Researchers, Esther James and Shauny Jenkins from the Abertay University in Dundee, conducted the experiment which required participants to analyse sixteen pairs of images, one depicting a woman donning makeup and the other without.

Respondents were then asked to assess which one they perceived to be a greater leader. And results indicated, that the majority of both male and female participants viewed women wearing makeup in a less positive light.

According to a recent study, women who wear makeup are less likely to be perceived as worthy leaders in the workplace

Dr Christopher Watkins of Abertay’s Division of Psychology led the study and said,”This research follows previous work in this area, which suggests that wearing makeup enhances how dominant a woman looks.”

He continued: “While the previous findings suggest that we are inclined to show some deference to a woman with a good looking face, our new research suggests that make-up does not enhance a woman’s dominance by benefitting how we evaluate her in a leadership role.”



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ኃይለኛ አውሎ ነፋስ፣ መብረቅና ጎርፍ በ መካ | እግዚአብሔር የጅጅጋ ገዳይ ሃጂዎችን ያስጠነቅቃል

Posted by addisethiopia on August 20, 2018

ታጋሹ፣ መሐሪውና ፈራጁ እግዚአብሔር አምላካችን ዝም አይልም፤ አባቶቻችንን በጅጅጋ ላረዱት መሀመዳውያን፡ እሳቱን ከማውረዱ በፊት ሌላ ማስጠንቀቂያ እየሰጣቸው ነው። በበረሀማዋ መካ (ዝናብ እዚያ አልተለመደም) የተሰባሰቡት ሃጂዎች ያልተጠበቀ አውሎ ነፋስ እና ሃይለኛ ዝናብ ባመጣባቸው መዓት ሲወራጩ ይታያሉ።

የሳውዲ አረቢያ የአየር ሁኔታ ተመራማሪዎች እንደገለጹት ከሆነ በመጭዎቹ ሰዓታት “ቅዱስ” በሚሏት ከተማቸው ውስጥ የጎርፍ መጥለቅለቅ አደጋ ሊከሰት እንደሚችል አሳውቀዋል።

ከሦስት ዓመታት በፊት እንዲሁ መጥቶባቸው የነበረው የመብረቅ፣ ዝናብ እና አውሎ ነፋስ ኦርኬስትራ ለብዙ ሃጂዎች ሞት ምክኒያት ሆኖ ነበር።

እግረ መንገዳችንን፡ ሃጂዎቹ ጥቁሩ ድንጋይ ዙሪያ እንዴት እንደሚንቀሳቀሱ ልብ እንበል፦

በተቃራኒ ሰዓት አቅጣጫ ነው የሚዞሩት። ልክ መጸዳጃ ቤት ውስጥ ውሃ ተለቆባቸውና ተሸከርክረው ቱቦው ውስጥ የሚገቡ ይመስላሉ። ይህ ልክ ወደ ጥቁሩ ሉል እንደሚሄድ ሁሉ ሞትን ያመለክታል። ብርሃናማ ሉሎች በሰዓት አቅጣጫ ይንቀሳቀሳሉ እና ዳግም መወለድን ይወክላሉ። በተቃራኒ ሰዓት አቅጣጫ መንቀሳቀስ ግን የሰይጣን ምሳሌ ነው።

[የማቴዎስ ወንጌል ምዕራፍ ፳፬፥፴፯]

የኖኅ ዘመን እንደ ነበረ የሰው ልጅ መምጣት እንዲሁ ይሆናልና።”

በኖኅ ዘመን[ኦሪት ዘፍጥረት ምዕራፍ ፮፡ ፭ ፥ ፲፩፡ ፩፪]

እግዚአብሔርም የሰው ክፉት በምድር ላይ እንደ በዛ፥ የልቡ አሳብ ምኞትም ሁልጊዜ ፈጽሞ ክፉ እንደ ሆነ አየ።

ምድርም በእግዚአብሔር ፊት ተበላሸች፤ ምድርም ግፍን ተሞላች። እግዚአብሔርም ምድርን አየ፥ እነሆም ተበላሸች፤ ሥጋን የለበሰ ሁሉ በምድር ላይ መንገዱን አበላሽቶ ነበርና-“

[የሉቃስ ወንጌል ምዕራፍ ፲፯፡ ፳፰፥፴]

እንዲሁ በሎጥ ዘመን እንደ ሆነ፤ ይበሉ ይጠጡም ይገዙም ይሸጡም ይተክሉም ቤትም ይሠሩ ነበር፤

ሎጥ ከሰዶም በወጣበት ቀን ግን ከሰማይ እሳትና ዲን ዘነበ ሁሉንም አጠፋ።የሰው ልጅ በሚገለጥበት ቀን እንዲሁ ይሆናል።

ሎጥ ዘመን[የይሁዳ መልእክት ምዕራፍ ፩፥ ፯]

እንዲሁም እንደ እነርሱ ዝሙትን ያደረጉና ሌላን ሥጋ የተከተሉ ሰዶምና ገሞራ በዙሪያቸውም የነበሩ ከተማዎች በዘላለም እሳት እየተቀጡ ምሳሌ ሆነዋል።”


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በጀግናው ቻይና ላይ መሀመዳውያኑ ትንባሆ እያጨሹ በእስትንፋሳቸው ጋኔን ሊያስገቡበት ሞከሩ

Posted by addisethiopia on August 14, 2018

ትንባሆ ከሰይጣን ነው

መሀመዳውያን በጣም የሚፈሩት ቻይናዊ ወደ ለንደኑ ሃይድ የመተንፈሻ መናፈሻ ባለፈው እሑድ ሲመለስ ሦስት ወር ካሳለፈ በኋላ መሆኑ ነው። “ከእንግሊዝ ፖሊስ ጋር ተባብረን አባረርነው” በማለት በጣም ተደሰው ነበር። አሁን ሲመለስ የሚሆኑት ጠፋቸው፤ በቃ እየተከታተሉ ሲተናኮሉት ይታያሉ፤ በተለይ ትንባሆ የሚያጨሱት መሀመዳውያን በቻይናው ላይ መንፈሳዊውን እባብ (ጋኔን) ክሳምባቸው አውጥተው በቻይናው ላይ ሊያስገቡበት ሲሞክሩ ይታያሉ፤ መከላከያ የሌለው ምስኪን ቻይና ፊቱን እንዴት እንደሚያደርግ በደንብ እንመልከት፤ አስደናቂ የሆነ ክስተት ነው።

ለዚህ ነው የመሀመዳውያኑን ቡና አትጠጡ፣ ጥንባሆ ወይም ሺሻ አታጭሱ… “ራቁ! ራቁ! ራቁ” የምንለው።

ባለፈው ሳምንት ባቀረብኩት ቪዲዮ፤ “ባቢሎናውያኑ የመሀመድን ጋኔን እንደ አላዲን እፍፍ ብለው የሚነፉበትን ቱቦ ሊዘርጉልን ነው።” ብዬ ነበር፦


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ማማ ኢትዮጵያን በመተናኮል ላይ ያለችው ፀረ-ክርስቶስ ቱርክ ከፍተኛ ቀውስ ውስጥ ገብታለች

Posted by addisethiopia on August 11, 2018

እንግዲህ፤ “ተውውው፡ ኢትዮጵያን አትንኩ ተብለዋል!

ከዛሬው ዕለት እስከ መስከረም ፩ ፪ሺ፲፩ ዓ.ም ድረስ አንድ ወር ነው የሚቀረው!

ቱርክ ጥልቅ ውድቀት ላይ ነች፤ የውጭ ገንዘብ አጥሯታል፣ ዕዳ በዕዳ ነች፤ የ “ሊራ” ገንዘቧ ዋጋ አሽቆልቁሎ በመውደቅ ላይ ነው።

ባለፈው ጊዜ ወፈፌው የቱርክ ፕሬዚደንት “በመስቀልና በግማሽ ጨረቃ መካከል ጦርነት ይነሳል” ብሎ ነበር። ዛሬ ደግሞ የተቀመጠበት ዙፋን ሲያቃጥለው፡ “እናንተ ዶላር አላችሁ እኛ አላህ አለን” በማለት ይቀበጣጥራል።

  • ኢየሱስ ክርስቶስ “የሰናፍጭ ቅንጣት የሚያህል እምነት ቢኖራችሁ፥ ይህን ተራራ፡ ከዚህ ወደዚያ እለፍ ብትሉት ያልፋል፤ የሚሳናችሁም ነገር የለም[የማቴዎስ ወንጌል ምዕራፍ ፲፯፥፳] ይለናል።
  • መሀመዳውያኑ ግን “አላህ ዶላርን ይተካል” ይሉናል።

በጣም የተቅበጠበጠችው ቱርክ እንዲህ ስትወራጭ ማየት እንዴት ደስ ይላል!? „ሻደን ፍሮይደ” „Schadenfreude„ (የጉዳት ደስታ) ይሉታል በታሪክ ቱርክን በመርዳት ከፍተኛ ሚና የሚጫወቱት ጀርመኖች።

መተተኛዎቹ ቱርኮች ምግባችንን፣ ውሃችንን፣ ስኳራችንን፣ ጨርቃጨርቃችንን በአዘጋጃቸው ወኪሏ በፕሬዚደንት ሙላቱ (ቱርክ አምባሳደር ነበሩ) ፈቃድ በመበከል ላይ ናች። ይህ አልበቃ ብሏት፡ በድፍረት፡ ክቡር መስቀላችንን ጫማዎች ላይ እየለጠፈች ትልክልናለች።

ኢትዮጵያን በሱዳንና ሶማሊያ በኩል በመክበብ ለመተናኮል ላይ የምትገኘው ቱርክ አሁን ከፍተኛ ቀውጥ ላይ ናት፣ አሜሪካውዊን ክርስቲያን ከእስር ቤት አልፈታም በማለቷ አሜሪካ ፊት ተጋፍጣለች፤ አቶ አብይ አህመድን ለማየት ፈቃደኛ ያልነበሩት ፕሬዚደንት ዶናልድ ትራምፕ ማዕቀቡን ደርደረውባታል። ታዲያ በብድር ገንዘብ (እስከ 200 ቢሊየን ዶላር የሚጠጋ የምዕራባውያን ባንኮች ዕዳ አለባት) ሰክሮ የነበረው ወፈፌ ፕሬዚደንቷ ስካሩ በረድ ሲልለት፡ “እናንተ ዶላር አላችሁ፡ እኛ አላህ አለን” ማለት ጀመረ።

ከሙስሊም እህትማማች አገሮቿ ጋር ተመሳጥራ ኢትዮጵያ ዶላር እንዳታገኝ ሤራ ስትጠነስስ የነበረቸው ቱርክ አሁን ገንዘብ ከየት አምጥታ ነው እነ አልሸባብን የምትቀልበው?

ግን አየን አይደል፡ ምዕራባውያኑ የቱርክን ኤኮኖሚና ጦር ሠራዊት ለዘመናት እየደጎሙ ተወዳዳሪ የሌለው እርዳታ እንዳበረከቱላት። 200 ቢሊየን ዶላር ብድሩ ባጠቃላይ ከሚያደርጉላት እርዳታ 5% ቱን እንኳን አይሆንም። ኢትዮጵያ አገራችን ለህዳሴው ግድብ እንኳን 3 ቢሊየን ዶላር ከምዕራባውያኑ ማግኘት አልቻለችም።

  • ለነገሩማ እናት ኢትዮጵያ ናት “እናንተ ዶላር አላችሁ፡ እኛ እግዚአብሔር አለን” ማለት የሚገባት።


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The King Doom of Saudi Arabia: Saudi Arabia Appeared to Threaten Canada With A 9/11-Style Attack In A Feud Over Human Rights

Posted by addisethiopia on August 7, 2018

Saudi Arabian state media tweeted an infographic appearing to show an Air Canada airliner heading towards the Toronto skyline in a way that recalled the September 11, 2001 terror attacks.

  • Saudi Arabia expelled Canada’s ambassador after an official account called for the release of detained women’s rights activists in the Kingdom.
  • 15 of 19 September 11 hijackers were Saudi citizens, and Osama Bin Laden, the attack’s mastermind, was a Saudi who has family there.
  • The Saudi media account deleted the tweet and reposted another without the airliner.

Saudi Arabian state media tweeted an infographic appearing to show an Air Canda airliner heading towards the Toronto skyline in a way that recalled the September 11, 2001 terrorist hijackings of airliners that struck the Twin Towers and the Pentagon.

The infographic warned of “Sticking one’s nose where it doesn’t belong!” after Global Affairs Canada tweeted that it was “gravely concerned” about a new wave of arrests in the Kingdom targeting women’s rights activists and urged their “immediate release.”

“As the Arabic saying goes: ‘He who interferes with what doesn’t concern him finds what doesn’t please him,'” the infographic read.

Saudi Arabian citizens comprised 15 of the 19 hijackers that crashed planes on September 11. The attacks’ organizer, Osama Bin Laden, came from a prominent Saudi family and still has family there including a son who the Bin Ladens say is looking to avenge his father. 

Saudi Arabia has already expelled Canada’s ambassador and frozen all new trade and investment with Ottawa in response to the criticism. 

The tweet came from @Infographic_ksa, an account that had just hours before tweeted another infographic titled “Death to the dictator” featuring an image of the supreme leader of Iran, Saudi’s main regional rival. 

Saudi Arabia has long stood accused of funding radical Muslim Imams around the world and spreading a violent ideology called Wahabbism. Under the new leadership of young ruler Mohammad Bin Salman, Saudi Arabia has undertaken a number of sweeping reforms looking to reduce the funding for and spread of radical ideology as well as elevate human rights.

But a surge of arrests apparently targeting prominent women’s rights activists who previously campaigned to abolish the country’s driving ban against women has caused international alarm and prompted the tweet from Canada. 

Saudi Arabia deleted the tweet featuring the plane and later reuploaded one without the airliner pictured.


Saudi Arabia Orders 20,000 Saudi Students and Their Families to Leave Canada


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ተዓምር በሜክሲኮ | እግዚአብሔርን እየለመኑ በሕይወት የተረፉትን መንገደኞች አንድ ክርስቶስን የተቀበለ የቀድሞ ሙስሊም በቪዲዮ ቀርጿቸው ነበር

Posted by addisethiopia on August 2, 2018

ባለፈው ማክሰኞ በነበረው የሜክሲኮ የአውሮፕላን አደጋ መንገደኞች እየሱስ ክርስቶስ በሩን ክፈትልን እያሉ ሲማፀኑ የሚያሳይ አስደናቂ ቪዲዮ ነው።

አውሮፕላኑ ከዱጋንጎ አለምአቀፋዊ አውሮፕላን ማረፊያ በ 3 45 ፒኤም ኃይለኛ አውሎ ነፋስ በነበረበት የአየር ጠባይ ላይ አሽኮብክቦ ለመብረር ሙከራ አድርጓል ይህ ወደ ሜክሲኮ ከተማ ለመብረር አቅዶ የነበረው አውሮፕላ እንደተነሳ ከፍታውን ለመያዝ ሲሞክር፡ እንደገና በመውረድ ማሽኮብኮቢያውን መንገድ ስቶ በመወርወር460 ሜትር ርቀት በሚገኘው ሜዳው ላይ ተከሰክሷል።

የተዓምር ነገር ሆኖ በአውሮፕላኑ ውስጥ የነበሩት በአጠቃላዩ 103 ሰዎች፡ ቀሳውስትን ጨምሮ፤ በሕይወት ተርፈዋል። አውሮፕላኑ በድህረፍርስራሽ እሳት ቃጠሎ ሙሉ በሙሉ ተደምስሷል

ሁለተኛው ክፍል ላይ እንደሚታየው ተዓምሩን በከፊልም ቢሆን በቪዲዮ የቀረጸው አብሮ ይጓዝ የነበረውና፡ እስልምናን በመተው ክርስቶስን የተቀበለው ኢራናዊ ነው።

ሁለት ደቂቃ በሚወስደው ቪዲዮው ላይ፡ አውሮፕላኑ ከመነሳቱ በፊት እና ከአደጋውም በኋላ ከበስተጀርባ ሴቶች፣ ወንዶች እና ሕፃናት ሲጯጯሁ ይሰማል፤ የ እግዚአብሔርን ስም ጮክ ብለው ሲጠሩ እና ኢየሱስ ክርስቶስ ባክህ በሩን ክፈተውበማለት ሲማፀኑ ይሰማሉ።

የቪዲዮው አንሺ ኢራናዊ በትዊተር ገጹ ላይ የሚከተለውን ተናግሯል፦

በእግዚአብሔር ጸጋ ደህና ነኝ፡ እርሱ ይመስገን በህይወት አለን፣ ይህ ሌላ ነገር አይደለም ትልቅ የእግዚአብሔር ተዓምር ነው፣ ሕይወት ስላለሁ ለኢየሱስ ክርስቶስ ብድር አለበኝ፣ ዲያቢሎስ ሕይወቴን ሊወስድ እችላለሁ ብሎ አስቦ ነበር፡ ነገር ግን አሁን እንዲያውም ለ ኢየሱስ ክርስቶስ እራሴን በይበልጥ እንደሰጥ ረድቶኛል


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ለሺህ ዓመታት በጨረቃ አምላኪዎቹ እና አጋሮቻቸው የታረዱት ክርስቲያኖች ደም ጨረቃዋ ላይ ታይቷል

Posted by addisethiopia on July 29, 2018

ያለፈው ሐምሌ ፳ ፪ሺ፲ (July 27, 2018) ኃይለኛ መልዕክቶችን የያዙ ክስተቶች የታዩበት ዕለት ነበር። አንዱ የጨረቃ ግርዶሽ በመባል ይታወቃል። ይህም የምድር ጥላ ጨረቃዋ ላይ ሲያርፍ ደማማ የሆነውን ቀለም በአስደናቂ መልክ አስይቶናል (ደም እየፈሰሰ)። ይህን ለ፩ ሰዓት ከ፵፫ ደቂቃ የወሰደ ተፈጥሯዊ ክስተት ስመለከት ወዲያው የታየኝ፦

ፍፃሜ ዘመን ላይ ደርሰናል፤ እዚህች ምድራችን ላይ በሳጥናኤል አርበኞች የፈሰሰውን የንጹሐን ደም ያው እግዚአብሔር በቪዲዮ ቀርጾ እያሳየን እኮ ነው

የሚለው ስዕል ነበር።

አዎ! በሊቢያና አረብ አገራት የተሰዉትን ክርስቲያን ወገኖቻችንን እንዲሁም በመስቀል አደባባይ በግብጻውያን እጅ ደሙ የፈሰሰበትን ወንድም ስመኘውን፡ እኛ ደካሞቹ ቆየት ብለን እንረሳቸው ይሆናል፤ እግዚአብሔር ግን አይረሳቸውም።


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መቋጫ የሌለው የአረብ ጭካኔ | የሊቢያ የጠረፍ ጠባቂ ጥቁሩን ሕፃን እና እናቱን ባህር ውስጥ አስጥመው ገደሏቸው

Posted by addisethiopia on July 17, 2018

ትናንት አልጀሪያ፣ ዛሬ ሊቢያ፣ ነገ ግብጽ፣ ከነገ ወዲያ ሞሮኮና ቱኒዚያ

በጣም የሚረብሽ ነገር ነው!

ቪዲዮው ላይ የስፔን አዳኝ ቡድኖች ከሞት የተረፈችውን ሌላ ሕፃን ሜዲተራንያን ባሕር ላይ ሊቢያኖች ከደረመሱት ጀልባ ፈልፍለው ሲያወጧት ይታያል።

እነዚህ አረመኔዎች የእግዚአብሔርን ፍጡር የመጫወቻ ኳስ አድርገውታል፤ ባሕር ላይ በአፍሪቃውያኖች ሕይወት ይጫወታሉ፤ ምን ዓይነት እርኩሶች ቢሆኑ ነው ? አገራችን ከእነዚህ የዲያብሎስ ልጆች ጋር እንዴት ለመተባበር “ተገደደች”? “ኦይል ሊቢያ” አሁንም ኢትዮጵያ ውስጥ አለ? ምነው በቃ! የሚል ወገን ጠፋ? እንደ አባቶቻችን “አረብ አረቡን በለው ወገቡን!“ እያልን አሁኑኑ በቁጣ መዘመሩን ካልጀመረን ውርደታችን እንዲህ ይቀጥላል!


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እነዚህ ናቸው የዓለማችን መሪዎች | የአውሮፓ ኮሚሽን ፕሬዚዳንት ዣን ክላውድ ዩንከር ሰክሮ ሲወላገድ

Posted by addisethiopia on July 14, 2018

ከትናንትና ወዲያ የአሜሪካው ፕሬዚዳንት ዶናልድ ትራምፕ እና ሌሎች በርካታ የዓለማችን መሪዎች በተገኙበት ብሩሴልስ በተካሄደው የኔቶ ጉባዔ የእራት ሥነስርዓት ላይ ነበር ይህ አሳፋሪ ቪዲዮ የተቀረጸው።

63 ዓመቱ ዩንከር ወዲያና ወዲህ ሲወዛወዝ የፊንላንድና የዩክሬን ፕሬዚደንቶች እንዲሁም የኔዘርላንድ ጠቅላይ ሚኒስትር በመደገፍ ሲያግዙት ይታያሉ።

የሰሜን አትላንቲክ የጋራ መከላከያ ኪዳን ፣ ኔቶ፡ ካውካስያኖች የሚባሉትን የነጮችን ጥቅም ለመከላከል የቆመ እርኩስ ድርጅት ነው። በዚህ አጋጣሚ ሉክሰምበርጋዊው ዣን ክላውድ ዩንከር፡ ኃያላን ከሚባሉት ፀረክርስቶስ የዓለማችን ፈላጭ ቆራጮች ጋር ሆኖ ይህን ያህል መዋረዱ የእግዚአብሔርን ሥራ ነው የሚያሳያን፤ በዓለም ፊት ገና ብዙ ያዋርዳቸዋል!

ለመሆኑ ይህ ቅሌታም ሰው ለምንድን ነው ሁሌ ሁሉንም የሚስመው!?

[ትንቢተ ሕዝቅኤል ምዕራፍ ፴፪፥፴]

የሰሜን አለቆች ሁሉ ሲዶናውያንም ሁሉ ከተገደሉት ጋር ወርደው በዚያ አሉ፤ በኃይላቸውም ያስፈሩ በነበረው ፍርሃት አፍረዋል፥ በሰይፍም ከተገደሉት ጋር ሳይገረዙ ተኝተዋል፥ ወደ ጕድጓድም ከሚወርዱት ጋር እፍረታቸውን ተሸክመዋል።


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