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The 11 Cities Most Likely To Run Out Of Drinking Water – Like Cape Town

Posted by addisethiopia on February 11, 2018

Cape Town is in the unenviable situation of being the first major city in the modern era to face the threat of running out of drinking water.

However, the plight of the drought-hit South African city is just one extreme example of a problem that experts have long been warning about – water scarcity.

Despite covering about 70% of the Earth’s surface, water, especially drinking water, is not as plentiful as one might think. Only 3% of it is fresh.

Over one billion people lack access to water and another 2.7 billion find it scarce for at least one month of the year. A 2014 survey of the world’s 500 largest cities estimates that one in four are in a situation of “water stress”

According to UN-endorsed projections, global demand for fresh water will exceed supply by 40% in 2030, thanks to a combination of climate change, human action and population growth.

It shouldn’t be a surprise, then, that Cape Town is just the tip of the iceberg. Here are the other 11 cities most likely to run out of water.

1. São Paulo

Brazil’s financial capital and one of the 10 most populated cities in the world went through a similar ordeal to Cape Town in 2015, when the main reservoir fell below 4% capacity.

At the height of the crisis, the city of over 21.7 million inhabitants had less than 20 days of water supply and police had to escort water trucks to stop looting.

It is thought a drought that affected south-eastern Brazil between 2014 and 2017 was to blame, but a UN mission to São Paulo was critical of the state authorities “lack of proper planning and investments”.

The water crisis was deemed “finished” in 2016, but in January 2017 the main reserves were 15% below expected for the period – putting the city’s future water supply once again in doubt.

2. Bangalore

Local officials in the southern Indian city have been bamboozled by the growth of new property developments following Bangalore’s rise as a technological hub and are struggling to manage the city’s water and sewage systems.

To make matters worse, the city’s antiquated plumbing needs an urgent upheaval; a report by the national government found that the city loses over half of its drinking water to waste.

Like China, India struggles with water pollution and Bangalore is no different: an in-depth inventory of the city’s lakes found that 85% had water that could only be used for irrigation and industrial cooling.

Not a single lake had suitable water for drinking or bathing.

3. Beijing

The World Bank classifies water scarcity as when people in a determined location receive less than 1,000 cubic metres of fresh water per person a year.

In 2014, each of the more than 20 million inhabitants of Beijing had only 145 cubic metres.

China is home to almost 20% of the world’s population but has only 7% of the world’s fresh water.

A Columbia University study estimates that the country’s reserves declined 13% between 2000 and 2009.

4. Cairo

Once crucial to the establishment of one of the world’s greatest civilisations, the River Nile is struggling in modern times.

It is the source of 97% of Egypt’s water but also the destination of increasing amounts of untreated agricultural, and residential waste.

World Health Organization figures show that Egypt ranks high among lower middle-income countries in terms of the number of deaths related to water pollution.

The UN estimates critical shortages in the country by 2025.

5. Jakarta

Like many coastal cities, the Indonesian capital faces the threat of rising sea levels.

But in Jakarta the problem has been made worse by direct human action. Because less than half of the city’s 10 million residents have access to piped water, illegal digging of wells is rife. This practice is draining the underground aquifers, almost literally deflating them.

As a consequence, about 40% of Jakarta now lies below sea level, according to World Bank estimates.

To make things worse, aquifers are not being replenished despite heavy rain because the prevalence of concrete and asphalt means that open fields cannot absorb rainfall.

6. Moscow

One-quarter of the world’s fresh water reserves are in Russia, but the country is plagued by pollution problems caused by the industrial legacy of the Soviet era.

That is specifically worrying for Moscow, where the water supply is 70% dependent on surface water.

Official regulatory bodies admit that 35% to 60% of total drinking water reserves in Russia do not meet sanitary standards

7. Istanbul

According to official Turkish government figures, the country is technically in a situation of a water stress, since the per capita supply fell below 1,700 cubic metres in 2016.

Local experts have warned that the situation could worsen to water scarcity by 2030.

In recent years, heavily populated areas like Istanbul (14 million inhabitants) have begun to experience shortages in the drier months.

The city’s reservoir levels declined to less than 30 percent of capacity at the beginning of 2014.

8. Mexico City

Water shortages are nothing new for many of the 21 million inhabitants of the Mexican capital.

One in five get just a few hours from their taps a week and another 20% have running water for just part of the day.

The city imports as much as 40% of its water from distant sources but has no large-scale operation for recycling wastewater. Water losses because of problems in the pipe network are also estimated at 40%.

9. London

Of all the cities in the world, London is not the first that springs to mind when one thinks of water shortages.

The reality is very different. With an average annual rainfall of about 600mm (less than the Paris average and only about half that of New York), London draws 80% of its water from rivers (the Thames and Lea).

According to the Greater London Authority, the city is pushing close to capacity and is likely to have supply problems by 2025 and “serious shortages” by 2040.

It looks likely that hosepipe bans could become more common in the future.

10. Tokyo

The Japanese capital enjoys precipitation levels similar to that of Seattle on the US west coast, which has a reputation for rain. Rainfall, however, is concentrated during just four months of the year.

That water needs to be collected, as a drier-than-expected rainy season could lead to a drought. At least 750 private and public buildings in Tokyo have rainwater collection and utilisation systems.

Home to more than 30 million people, Tokyo has a water system that depends 70% on surface water (rivers, lakes, and melted snow).

Recent investment in the pipeline infrastructure aims also to reduce waste by leakage to only 3% in the near future.

11. Miami

The US state of Florida is among the five US states most hit by rain every year. However, there is a crisis brewing in its most famous city, Miami.

An early 20th Century project to drain nearby swamps had an unforeseen result; water from the Atlantic Ocean contaminated the Biscayne Aquifer, the city’s main source of fresh water.

Although the problem was detected in the 1930s, seawater still leaks in, especially because the American city has experienced faster rates of sea level rise, with water breaching underground defence barriers installed in recent decades.

Neighbouring cities are already struggling. Hallandale Beach, which is just a few miles north of Miami, had to close six of its eight wells due to saltwater intrusion.



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Racists All Over The World Are Going Crazy Over The ‘Cheddar Man’

Posted by addisethiopia on February 11, 2018

የብሪታኒያ ነዋሪዎች ቆዳቸው ቡናማጥቁር፣ ጥቅልል ፀጉር እና ሰማያዊ ዓይኖች ነበሯቸው

ተመራማሪዎች እንደሚሉት ..አ በ 1903 .ም የተገኘው አጽም እንደሚያሳየው እንግሊዝ አገር ይኖሩ የነበሩ ጥንታውያን ሰዎች ቆዳቸው ቡናማጥቁር፣ ጥቅልል ፀጉር እና ሰማያዊ ዓይኖች ነበሯቸው። መንጣት የጀመሩት የፀሀይ ቪታሚን የጎደላቸው የዔሳውና እስማኤል ዘሮች ከመካከለኛው ምስራቅ ተሰደው ከኢትዮጵያ ከሄዱት ሰዎች ጋር መደበላለቅ ከጀመሩ በኋላ ነበር።

Tests conducted on the skeleton of an ancient human ancestor who lived in England show he had “dark to black” skin, researchers said.

Racist all over the country are going crazy over this news. They are livid about it! I knew more truths would be coming….. i predict suicide rates may start to rise among the woods in Europe and beyond.

How Cheddar Man Shatters Accepted Views Of Immigration

The discovery that the 10,000-year-old original Briton is dark-skinned absolutely has bearing on contemporary debates on race and migration

You’ve got to confess it’s worthy of chuckles and cackles.

A made-for-Internet scientific discovery that at the same time strikes at the core of modern racial strife. An announcement Wednesday that DNA tests on the oldest complete skeleton in Britain, that heart and ancestral home of many white people around the world, suggest that the first modern Briton was blue-eyed, yes, but very dark-skinned and curly-haired.


The Cheddar Man, named thus for the English village of Cheddar where his skeleton was discovered in 1903, is about 10,000 years old.

To add salt to a supremacist’s wound, scientists said that the genes for lighter skin likely came from, you got it, immigrants from the Middle East.

Oh snap.

Dark-skinned native Britons and light-skinned immigrants.

It’s like reaching into the eye of a storm and fitting it with sunglasses.


Those brave lads and fair maidens on glorious historical British dramas on TV — descendents of immigrants.

The image of God himself, majestic, kindly old white guy in white robes with flowing white beard — fashioned on immigrants.

Imagine being Nigel Farage, the former leader of the U.K. Independence Party, who proudly stood in front of a Nazi-era-like poster with the slogan, “Breaking point: the EU has failed us all,” and a photo of a winding lineup of migrants of colour.

Now he would have to change that slogan to “Breaking point: I come from them. I am them.” Such horror.

No wonder there were hopeful comments online about Cheddar Man such as, “Who’s to say the person’s not a foreign visitor” or a call to index this as “fake news,” or the insistence that this was a finding driven by a social justice agenda to force poor victimized British people into accepting mass migration.

The Cheddar Man, 10,000 years old though he may be, absolutely has bearing on contemporary debates on race and migration.

This discovery of a dark-skinned original Briton doesn’t put the race genie back into the bottle in an equalizing “we’re all immigrants” kind of way.

On the contrary, in exposing the racial fluidity of Britons, Cheddar Man delivers a sucker punch to toxic ideas that drive the white power mobs who in turn fuel xenophobic policies. It reveals the basis of their quick codes equating skin colour to valour or danger as nothing but fear-based fiction.

Scientists have long argued that race is not a biological concept. People of one race — or at least people who can be grouped together with similar physical traits — are not genetically homogenous.

The concept of races evolved as a way of justifying slavery and to maintain an economy founded on slave labour; it was easier to rationalize the brutalization of the “savage” than to face the unconscionable alternative.

From then on, it continues to be a favoured tool to demonize “the other.”

Around the world, oppressor groups have always found identity a useful tool with which to assert themselves as inherently superior, as “natural” holders of power, be it on the basis of race, gender, sexual identity, religious identity, tribal identity or caste.

That race isn’t real does not mean racism isn’t real.

Anti-Black racism is so widespread and global in scope, that I wish scientists would hurry up and create a bust out of the fossils of the 750,000-year old Peking Man, for instance, and in keeping with the Out of Africa theory, definitively establish Blackness as the root ancestry of Chinese people.

Such knowledge might have given the Hubei Provincial Museum in Wuhan pause before it displayed a photography exhibit that juxtaposed wild African animals with Black African people.

I wish they were able create a bust that would depict an original “Indian Man,” one who existed before the Aryans and Dravidians did 5,000 years ago, as black-skinned — darker the better. Such knowledge might inject a modicum of humility before privileged Indians wreak racist violence on African students and caste-related violence on Dalits.

When nations look to figure out where they’re going next, it makes sense sometimes to turn back and look at the past for clues.

Being reminded of a shared heritage with people they consider coming from “s—hole” countries, might give Western leaders, including a certain U.S. president, a few pointers as they ponder immigration policies.

These leaders might read data helpfully put forward by Arvind Magesan, associate professor of economics, University of Calgary, in The Conversation. That might help them discover that although their own policies play a part in making those countries “s—holes,” those immigrants continue to be better educated, better employed (although lower-paid) than those of, shall we say, “Norway-like” countries.

This is one way the discovery of Cheddar Man’s skin colour could have the power to force aside the ahistorical lens with which we view our fellow humans.

At least for a few days.



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Groundhog Day 2018: The Ethiopian Mountain Groundhog Predicts Memo Will Bring Obama, Clinton and Others to Jail

Posted by addisethiopia on February 2, 2018

The 130-year-old custom dictates that if the groundhog emerges from his hole and sees his own shadow, he will retreat back to its den to signify winter will last a further six week.“

What is a Groundhog? Where do they live? What do they eat? Fun facts

The day when a rodent named Punxsutawney Phil makes a weather prediction about the next six weeks – has arrived. But what actually is a groundhog, where do they live and what do they eat?

Along with the infamous Phil from Pennsylvania, there is also General Lee, Buckeye Chuck and another whole host of groundhogs who help predict whether winter arrives early.

The 130-year-old custom dictates that if the groundhog emerges from his hole and sees his own shadow, he will retreat back to its den to signify winter will last a further six weeks.

But if there are cloudy skies when the groundhog – a rodent from the marmota squirrel family – comes above ground – that means the spring season will arrive early.

This year, Phil decided the US will face another six weeks of winter as he turned to see his shadow in Punxsutawney today.

But What Is A Groundhog?

A groundhog, also known as a woodchuck, is a rodent of the family Sciuridae, belonging to the group of large ground squirrels known as marmots.

The groundhog was first scientifically described by Carl Linnaeus in 1758.

Measuring about 65cm (26 inches), groundhogs are natural diggers, with short and powerful limbs and short, thick claws.

The animal is covered in two coats of fur, with a grey undercoat underneath and a longer, thicker coat with a burnt orange or reddish hue which gives it a frosted appearance.

The groundhog prefers open country and the edges of woodland, and is rarely far from a burrow entrance.

In the wild, groundhogs can live up to six years with two or three being average.

Where Do Groundhogs Live?

The groundhog is rarely found far from its burrow entrance and far prefers open country and the edges of woodland.

The groundhog can be a pest for farmers – as their keen burrowing skills make them serious nuisance animals around farms and gardens.

The clearing of forests provided the creature with a much more suitable habitat, and so the groundhog population is probably higher now than it was before the arrival of European settlers in North America.

However, groundhogs are often hunted for sport, which tends to control their numbers.

What Do They Eat?

Groundhogs are mostly herbivorous and primarily eat wild grasses and other vegetation, such as berries and agricultural crops.

Clover, alfalfa, dandelion, and coltsfoot are some of a groundhog’s favourite foods.

The first Groundhog Day was celebrated officially at Gobler’s Knob

The also eat grubs, grasshoppers, insects, snails and other small animals but are much less into eating other animals unlike many other Sciuridae.

More like squirrels in this respect, they also have been observed sitting up eating nuts such as shagbark hickory – although they don’t store their snacks for future use.

The first Groundhog Day was celebrated officially at Gobler’s Knob, Punxsutawney on February 2, 1887.

Local newspaper editor Clymer Freas came up with the idea after saying that Phil was America’s official groundhog meteorologist.



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ፕሬዝደንት ትራምፕ እንደ ኢትዮጵያ የኢየሩሳሌምን ውሳኔ በተቃወሙ ሀገሮች ላይ ማዕቀብ እንደሚያደርጉ ገለጡ

Posted by addisethiopia on January 31, 2018

ባለፉት 1400 ዓመታት እንደ ኢትዮጵያ በአረቦች እጅ በይበልጥ የተሰቃየች ሌላ አገር የለችም።

ታዲያ ምን ዓይነት ቅሌት ቢሆን ነው ወገኖቻችንን በ21ኛው ክፍለ ዘመን እንደገና እያሰቃዩ ካሉት፣ በሰይፍ አንገቶቻቸውን በጭካኔ ከሚቀሉት አረብና ቱርክ ታሪካዊ ጠላቶቻችን ጋር አብረን የምንሰለፈው?

ውሳኔ ሰጭዎቹስ እነማንስ ናቸው “የእኛ ጉዳይ አይደለም” በማለት ድምጽ ከመስጠት እንኳን መቆጠብ የተሳናቸው? በገንዘብ ተገዝተዋል? በሺሻ ጋኔን ይዘዋቸዋል? ወይስ መጽሐፍ ቅዱስ “በፍጻሜ ዘመን በእስራኤል ላይ የሚነሱ ሕዝቦች እነዚህ ናቸው” የሚለውን ትንቢት ያላግባብ የተረጎሙት ፕሮቴስታንቶች ክርስቲያን ኢትዮጵያን ያካትታልና ወደ ጸረክርስቶሱ ካምፕ መመደብ አለባት በማለት አምላካዊ ሚና እየተጫወቱ? ትንቢትን በራሳቸው ምኞት ለማስፈጸም?

ታዲያ አፍሪቃን ቀስበቀስ እየበከሉ ካሉት ቆሻሻ አረቦች ጋር በማያስፈልግ ጉዳይ እየተባበርን “የቆሻሻ ጉድጓዶች” ብለው ቢጠሩን በእውነት ሊከፉን ይገባልን?


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የነነዌ ጾም መልዕክት | ዲያቢሎስ ጫትን፣ ቡናንና ጥንባሆን ለመሀመድ ሰጠው

Posted by addisethiopia on January 28, 2018

ቸሩ እግዚአብሔር፡ አምላኬ ሆይ፡ ለዚህ ዕለት ብቻ “ዮናስ” እንድሆን ፍቀድልኝ።

የቡና ጉዳይ ለብዙ ዓመታት ሲያሳስበኝ የነበረ ጉዳይ ነው። እስካሁንም ስለ “ድርሳነ ጽዮን” ምንም ዓይነት እውቀት አልነበረኝም፡ ይህ ድንቅ ድርሳን፡ ሳስብባቸው ከነበሩት ነገሮች ጋር ሙሉ በሙሉ ይጣጣማል፤ የሚገርም ነው። አሁን 100% እርግጠኛ ነኝ፡ መንፈስ ቅዱስ የተሞላባቸው ክርስቲያኖች፤ እንኳን ጫት፣ ሲጋራና ሺሻ (አጋንንት መሳብ ነው)፤ ቡና እንኳን መጠጣት የለብንም።

በሚገባ ተምረን ቢሆን ኖሮ፡ እነዚህን ሱስ አስያዥ ነገሮች በመላው ዓለም ለማሰራጨት የበቁት መሀመዳውያኑ አረቦችና ቱርኮች መሆናቸው ብቻ በቂ ምክንያት ሊሆነን ይገባ ነበር።

ከፋ” የሚለው ቃልም “ኩፋር / ካፊር” ከሚለው የአረብኛ ቃል የመጣ ነው። እነዚህ ክፉ ሰዎች በዲያብሎስ አባታቸው እየተመሩ ወደ ከፋ አምጥተው ተክለውት ይሆን?

ድርሳነ ጽዮን ማርያም” :- ተአምር 1 ላይ የተጻፈው እንዲህ ይላል:-

ሰማያዊት የሆነች የእናታችን የጽዮን ተአምር ይህ ነው : ጸሎቷና በረከቷ ህዝበ ክርስቲያን ከምንሆን ከሁላችን ጋር ይሁን ዛሬም ዘወትርም ለዘላለሙ አሜን::

ህዝበ ክርስቲያን ሆይ ልንገራቹ ሁላችሁም ስሙ የተጻፈ መጽሃፍ ሁሉ እኛ ልንመክርበት ተጽፏል እንዳለ ጳውሎስ ሮሜ 13:4 : ከአዳም ልጆች ወገን ሴሩህ የሚባል ሰው ነበር ለሴሩህ ስሙ ብኑ የሚባል ልጅ ተወልዶ በህጻንነቱ ሞተበት በብኑ ስም በተቀረጸው ጣኦት መመለክ ተጀምሯል በመቃብሩም ላይ ሰይጣን የሚወዳት ከሱስ የተነሳ ጾምን የምታሽር የከፋች ዕጽ በቀለች ይህውም በስንዴ መካከል እንክርዳድ የዘራ ጠላት ዲያብሎስ ካለችበት አምጥቶ ዘራት ማቴ 13: 28::

ብኑ ስም ቡን ተብላለች ቡና ማለት ነው: ማክሰኞ ከተፈጠሩት ዕፅዋት መልካምና ክፉ አሉ መልካም ዛፍ መልካም ፍሬን ክፉም ዛፍ ክፉ ፍሬ ያፈራል እንዳለ ማቴ 7:12

እስማኤላውያን የሚያመልኳቸው የጣኦታቸው መስዋዕት ሆነች የተንባላት አለቃ የሚሆን እስከ መሃመድም ትደርሳለች ተንባላትም ያለ እርሷ ሌላ አይሰውም ተንባላት ማለት የመሃመድ ተከታዮች ናቸው: ጣኦት የሚያመልኩ ባለዛሮችም ይህችኑ ይሰዋሉ የቡና ሱስ ያዘን ብለው ጾምን የሚሽሩ በበዓል የሚወቅጡ ራሳችንን አመመን በማለት በውስጣቸው ላደረ ለሱስ ጋኔን የሚገብሩ ብዙዎች ናቸው ወደ ቅዳሴም እንዳይሄዱ በጥዋት እሷን እየጠጡ ይህችም ዕጽ ክፉ ሁና ሰውን ስታሳስት ትኖራለች

በሰለሞን ምሳሌያት ትርጉም 13:10 ክፉን ሰው ወንድሜ እንደዚህ ያለ ነገር ለምን ታደርጋለህ ቢሉት እንደፈለግሁ ልሁን ለራስህ እወቅ እያለ ይነቅፋል ይላል እኛስ መንቀፍ ትተን ከቶ ብንተው ምን ይጎዳናል: “ትርጓሜ ወንጌልም የማያሰክር ቡን አልጠጣም መንፈስቅዱስ አድሮበታል እና ይላል አንድምታ ሉቃ 1:15 እኛም በአርባ ቀን መንፈስቅዱስን ተቀብለን የለምን ? የመንፈስቅዱስ ማደርያ አካላችን የሱስ ጋኔን መደርያ ለምን ይሆናል::„

ተአምር 2

ሌላም የሚያስረዳና ልቡናን የሚያጸና ስሙ ልንገራችሁ የተንባላት መምህር የነበረ ስሙ መሀመድ የሚባል አንድ ሰው ከመካዱ የተነሳ ከአጋንንት ጋር ይውላል ከዕለታት አንድ ቀን ሲሰግድ በልጅነቱ ያመው የነበረው የራስ ምታት በሽታ ይነሳበታል በዚህ በሽታ እየተሰቃየ ሳለ ከዕለታት በአንዱ ቀን ዲያቢሎስ በተንኮሉ ያስተው ዘንድ ወደ እርሱ መጥቶ ወዳጄ መሀመድ ሆይ ምን ሆንክ ይለዋል የራስ ምታት በሽታ የሆነበት እርሱ ዲያቢሎስ ነው፡፡

መሀመድ መልሶ ከፍተኛ የራስ ምታት ነበረብኝ በዚህ ደዌ እጨነቃለው ይለዋል ዲያቢሎስም የራስ ምታት መድሀኒት ብነግርህ ታደርገዋለህን የልቦናዬን ፈቃድ ትፈጽመሀልን? ይለዋል መሀመድም ካዳንከኝ አዎ ያልከኝን ሁሉ አደርገዋለሁ ብሎ የመልስለታል፡፡

ከዚህ በኋላ ዲያቢሎስ

  • ዕጸ ጌት የተባለች ጫትን፣

  • ዕፀ ኩስራ የተባለችውን ቡናንና

  • ዕፀ ስጥራጢስ የተባለጭውን ጥንባሆ

እነዚህን ሶስቱን ዕፅዋት ከአሉበት አምጥቶ መድሀኒት ናቸው ብሎ ይሰጠዋል፡፡ይህንንም ቡና ከጠጣህ ፈጥነህ ትድናለህ ለልጅ ልጅ ዘመን በመካ መዲና መስዋዕት አድርገህ ሰዋ ብሎ ቆልቶ ያሰየዋል፡፡

መሀመድም ብረት ምጣድ አግሎ ያሳየዋል እንደመልኬ ከሰል አስመስልህ አጥቁረህ ትቆላለህ ይለዋል እንዳለው አድርጎ ከሰል አስመስሎ ይቆላል ሁል ጊዜም እንደዚሁ ካላከሰልክ መድሀኒት አይሆንህም ይለዋል ራስ ምታቱም ለጊዜው የተወው ይመስለዋል ኋላ ግን ሰዓት እየጠበቀ ይነሳበታል።”

አይን አይደል፡ ምን ዓይነት ከባድ ወጥመድ ውስጥ ኢትዮጵያውያን እንደገባን?!

ቡና ኢትዮጵያ ነው የተገኘው በማለት ብሔራዊ መጠጥ እንዲሆን በማድረግ ዲያብሎስ ኢትዮጵያን ከጽዮን ለማራቅ መሞከሩ ይሆን? ልክ፡ የመጀመሪያዋ ሴት “ሉሲ” ናት በማለት ሙዚየም ሳይቀር እንዲሠራና የዓለማቱ መሪዎች ሁሉ እየመጡ እንዲሳለሟት እንደተደረገው? የሚገርም ነው!


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China Has Banned Hip-Hop Culture and Actors with Tattoos from Appearing on Television

Posted by addisethiopia on January 24, 2018

Tasteless, Vulgar And Obscene

The country’s top media regulator — the State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television of the People’s Republic of China (SAPPRFT) — now “specifically requires that programs should not feature actors with tattoos [or depict] hip hop culture, sub-culture (non-mainstream culture) and dispirited culture (decadent culture),” Sina, a Chinese news outlet, reports.

Gao Changli, director of the administration’s publicity department, outlined four “Don’t” rules on Friday:

Absolutely do not use actors whose heart and morality are not aligned with the party and whose morality is not noble
Absolutely do not use actors who are tasteless, vulgar and obscene
Absolutely do not use actors whose ideological level is low and have no class
Absolutely do not use actors with stains, scandals and problematic moral integrity

The ban follows the removal of the prominent rapper GAI from Hunan TV’s Singer, a hit competition show. Clips of GAI, whose real name is Zhou Yan, were also removed from China Hunan TV’s official Youtube Channel, but no official explanation has been given. He does however appear in the show’s trailer:

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ይህ ተሰምቶ አይታወቅም | ጸሎት የሚያደርሱትን የተዋሕዶ ልጆች ይሸናሉ ብለው ዘረኞቹ ወነጀሏቸው

Posted by addisethiopia on January 23, 2018

የኦርቶዶክስ ተዋሕዶ እምነት ተከታዮች፡ በጀርመኗ ሙኒክ ከተማ፡ ቤተክርስቲያናቸው አጠገብ ቆመው ጸሎት ሲያደርሱ፡ ዘረኞቹ ፎቶ በማንሳት፡ መጀመሪያ ፊስ ቡክ ላይ ለቀቁት፡ ከዚያም በይቦታው ወሬውን አሠራጭተው ብዙ ነጮች እንዲቆጡ ለማድረግ በቅተው ነበር።

ተመልከቱ! አዲስ መጤ ጥቁሮች ቤተክርስቲያናችን ላይ እየሸኑ ነው!”

በማለት ብዙ የጥላቻ እና የዛቻ ዘመቻ በኢትዮጵያውያኑ (ኤርትራ) ላይ ለመቀስቀስ ሞክረዋል።

ጸሎት እያደረሱ እንደሆነ ከጀርመን ካቶሊክ ቤተክርስቲያን በኩል ማስተባበያ ቢሰጥም አምነው መቀበል ስላቃታቸው/ስላልፈለጉ እጅግ የሚያሳዝን የጥላቻ መርዛቸውን መርጨቱን ቀጥለው ነበር።

በጣም አሳዛኝ ሁኔታ ነው፤ በጣም አሳዛኝ ሰዎች ናቸው። ጀርመናውያኑ እራሳቸው ከፈጠሩት ውድቀታቸው ምናልባት ኢትዮጵያውያኑ እንደ መልአክ ተልከውላቸው ሊሆን ይችላል፣ ግን ወደ ጨለማው በመግባታቸው በጎ ነገር መሻትና ጥሩውን ከመጥፎ ለመለየት ተስኗቸዋል። ለልጆቹ ወደፊት ማሰብ ያቃተው ትውልድ ምንም የሚያኮራ ነገር ሊኖረው አይችልም።

እንደ ነቀርሳ እየበዘበዟቸው፣ እየበደሏቸው፣ ህፃናቶቻቸውን እየደፈሩባቸው ብሎም እየገደሉባቸው ባሉት በሙስሊሞቹ ወራሪዎች ላይ “የለም የገነባነውን ማፍረስና ማስፈረስ የለብንም!“ በማለት እንደ መነሳሳት፣ ምንም ባላደረጓቸው፡ ምናልባትም ሊረዷቸውና ሊጠቅሟቸው በሚችሉት የኢትዮጵያ (ኤርትራ) ተዋሕዶ ክርስቲያኖች ላይ ያላግባብ አካኪ ዘራፍ ይላሉ።


ግብዞች! ደካሞች! ተልካሾች! ውዳቂዎች!


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The Mass Brainwashing of Germany

Posted by addisethiopia on January 22, 2018

Brutal German state propaganda to encourage children to be muslims?

German State TV Series: “Lindenstraße” Episode 1084 “Islam”
Murat (Erkan Gündüz is surprised how much Lisa (Santje Peplow) is defending Islam

That little schmaltzy video was a scene from a German State TV series, broadcast in 2006, one year after Angela Merkel became chancellor, and when she was  still pretending to be for  Germany and a “Conservative”.  Then she met Sorros,  Erdogan, Obama etc….and the rest, as they say, is history. The number of Muslims in Germany  then was around 3.3 million. While exact statistics today seem  unreliable, a conservative estimate of over 4.7 million Muslims as of 2015 is said to be conservative.

The series was called “Lindenstrasse” and the young woman who “converted” – or “reverted” as Muslims call it – played the role of a young mother, Lisa, engaged to a Turkish Muslim, Murat,  who was working very hard to earn the money for the wedding. I watched that episode and a few that followed, until I came close to a saccharine overdose. You got a taste of it in the video above.

A discussion on the issue of state funded pro-Islamic propaganda:


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Everyday Racism: ‘Berlin Isn’t as Cosmopolitan as is Often Claimed’

Posted by addisethiopia on January 13, 2018

Whether it is people touching their hair without asking, or bouncers rejecting them from bars, black people in Germany are used to being treated differently based on the colour of their skin.

Saraya Gomis is the daughter of a German mother and a Senegalese father. At the baker, strangers ask her “where I come from”. At a conference, participants persistently speak English with her even though she answers in accent-free German. In the subway, a stranger starts touching her long braids without asking permission.

“I just grabbed that person’s hair too. Strangely enough, she’s completely freaked out,” she says.

The debate about everyday racism in Germany was revived earlier this month when the painter Noah Becker was racially insulted on social media. A commentary on the Twitter account of Alternative for Germany MP Jens Maier described Becker as a “little half negro”. The tweet referred to an interview in which the son of tennis legend Boris Becker and Barbara Becker said that Berlin was a “white city” compared to Paris and London. He himself had been attacked because of his skin colour, he said.

“Noah Becker expressed what many black people in Germany unfortunately have to put up with every day. They are insulted, they are disadvantaged in their job search, they struggle to find a place to live,” says Christine Lüders, head of the federal anti-discrimination office.

Many black Germans have the feeling that they are not treated like full citizens of the country, Lüders concludes. “We must counteract this impression, including by openly addressing discrimination and clearly putting racists in their place.”

Saraya Gomis is an anti-discrimination commissioner for the Berlin Education Department and volunteers against racism. When she goes to the opera with young Arabs, Turks and black people in the bourgeois Berlin-Charlottenburg district, she experiences “little moments of silence”.

“The silence, those glances – you have to endure them,” she says.

When pupils, parents, and in rare cases teachers, who feel discriminated against on the grounds of their sexual orientation, disability or ethnicity, come to see her, she can relate to them. She has experienced enough discrimination herself in Berlin.

Gomis laughs a lot, even when she talks about embarrassing social situations. In connection with her work against racism she often receives hate mail. The basic tenor of these mails is a feared “genocide against the Germans”. The writers often accuse black people of being “oversexualized and less intelligent”.

Berlin, Gomis says, is by no means as cosmopolitan as is often claimed. People with a migrant background often experience being rejected by restaurants, she states. “You’ll realize half the places aren’t for me. I’ll just have the shisha bar.”

The complaints received by the Federal Anti-Discrimination Office also show that ethnic minorities in Germany need to develop a thick skin.

In one case reported to them, a 19-year-old was travelling by bus from Berlin to Leipzig. She reported that the bus driver greeted her with the words “I’m not going to South Africa”. In the end the bus company sent an apology and a free travel voucher.

Flippant comments hurt in the short term. But other cases have a bigger impact on people’s lives. In one instance a dark-skinned woman was rejected for an apprenticeship at an insurance company. The woman contacted the anti-discrimination office after the insurance company had justified its refusal on the grounds that customers would be afraid of her.

Not every racist action is as clear. Often the person’s ethnicity is not openly discussed. Nevertheless, people with African parents often experience that they receive more rejections in their search for accommodation than others, and are often rejected by bouncers or approached by strangers looking for drugs.

Sometime the misunderstandings happen when Germans are too eager to help.

The journalist Mohamed Amjahid, son of former “guest workers” from Morocco, describes in a book how he desperately tried to report on the new “German welcome culture” at Munich central station in summer 2015, as refugees were arriving in the country.

Instead of answering his questions, an “elderly woman in a dirndl” wanted to force a bar of soap on him. “Soaap is goood “, she repeated persistently – despite the fact that he introduced himself to her as a journalist from Berlin.


My Note: Of the 3.5 million living in Berlin, 850,000 are ‘foreigners’. Around one quarter were of Turkish origin (200.000) There were around 3 million people in Germany who held citizenship of an Arabic country, of which 100,000 live in Berlin.

I remeber a friend of mine once telling me that the main reason many people of Ethiopian origin left Berlin for good was because of rough Arab and Turkish intolerance towards the mainly Christian Ethiopians.

Around May, last year, 15 Eritrean newcomers who were working for a Turkish company in Berlin were fired because they refused to remove their Crucifixes hanging around their necks.


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ከ ፪ ዓመት በፊት በመካ ፭ሺ “ሀጂዎችን” የገደለው ፡ ከቁልቢ በቱርኮች ተሠርቆ ወደ መካ የተወሰደው የ ‘ቅ/ ገብርኤል ጽላት’ ይሆን?

Posted by addisethiopia on January 11, 2018

ግራኝ አህመድ በቱርኮች እየተደገፈ በክርስቲያን ኢትዮጵያ ላይ ዲያብሎሳዊ ዘመቻውን ልክ ባካሄደበት የ16ኛ መቶ አጋማሽ ላይ ኦቶማን ቱርክ መላው አረቢያን ብሎም መካና መዲናን ትገዛ ነበር።

የግራኝ ዘመቻ ክርስትናን መዋጋትና ክርስቲያኖችንም ጨፍጨፍ ብቻ ሳይሆን፣ በተለይ የተደበቁ ቅርሶችንና መረጃዎችን ለማጥፋት፣ ጽላቶችን ለመስረቅ፡ በዚህም የእስልምናን ቅጥፈት እንዲሁም መሀመድን ጎበኘ የሚባለው የጂብሪልን ጋኔናዊነት ለመደበቅ መሆኑ እንደነበር አሁን የሚያጠራጥር ነገር አይደለም።

ነሐሴ ፪ሺ፯ ዓ.ም ላይ ከህንድ ወደ አዲስ አበባ ስበር በዱባይ ቀጥሎም በሳዑዲ አረቢያ በኩል ነበር ያለፍኩት፤ የሆነ ነገር ይሰማኝ ነበር። ከዓመት በፊት መስከረም ፪ሺ፮ ላይ መካኒሳ ቅ/ ሚካኤል ቤ/ ክርስቲያን በነበረኝ ቆይታዬ፤ ደመናው ላይ አፉን የከፈተ አንበሳ ወደ ሳዑዲ አቅጣጫ ነፋሱን የሚነፋ መስሎ ታየኝ (እታች በቪዲዮ አቅርቤዋለሁ በጊዜው)

ወደ ቤት እንደተመለስኩ፤ ቤተሰቦችና ጎረቤቶች በተሰባሰቡበት፤ “ሰሞኑን በመካ ከፍተኛ አደጋ ይኖራል”

አልኩ፡ እንዲያው በዝግታ። መቼም በእኛ ዘንድ ነገሮች እስኪከሰቱ ድረስ ይህን መሰል ነገር በደፈና መቀበል ስለሚቸግረን በጊዜው በቂ አትኩሮ አላገኝም ነበር።

ከጥቂት ቀናት በኋላ፡ በቅዱስ ዮሐንስ ዕለት በመካ ክሬኑ በኃይለኛ አውሎ ነፋስ ተሰባብሮ 107 ሰዎች ሲሞቱ ከሁለት ሳምንታት በኋላም 5ሺህ የሚሆኑ ሀጂዎች ህይወታቸው ሲያልፍ ዘመድ አዝማድ በሙሉ እየተገረመ ስልክ ይደውልልኝ ጀመር። እኔም ሁሉም በእጃችሁ ነው“ሂዱና ቅዱስ ሚካኤልን ወይም ቅዱስ ገብርኤልን ጠይቁ” ነበር ያልኩት።

ቁልቢ ገብርኤል ከዚህ ታሪክ ጋር ምናልባት ሊዛመድ እንደሚችል የተረዳሁት ይህ ሰውየ ያቀረበውን ቪዲዮ ከተመለከትኩ በኋላ ነበር። በጣም የሚገርም ነገር ነው፤ ብዙ ወደ ቁልቢ ገብርኤል የሚሄዱ ሰዎች እንደነገሩኝ ከሆነ በጣም ብዙ አረብ ሙስሊሞች በተለይ ለታህሣሥ ገብርኤል ወደ ቁልቢ ይሄዳሉ። ምን/ ማን ይሆን ወደዚህ ቅዱስ ቦታ እንዲጓዙ የሚገፋፋቸው? ይህ የሁላችንም የቤት ስራ ሊሆን ይገባል።

እነዚህ ትዕቢተኞች እጃቸውን ሰጥተው እስኪንበረከኩ ድረስ ገና ይንቀጠቀጣሉ!

+ የቪዲዮው ጽሑፍ በቴሌግራፍ፦

በዚህ ጉዳይ ላይ የጠለቀ ምርምር እስካሁን አልተካሄደበትም

በመጨረሻዎቹ የ 2016 .ም ወራት አንታርክቲካን በሚምለከት ብዙ ምስጢራዊነት የተሞላባቸው ወሬዎች ሲናፈሱ ይሰሙ ነበር።

ኖቬምበር 42016 .ም የወቅቱ የአሜሪካ የውጭ ጉዳይ ምኒስትር፡ ጆን ኬሪ ወደ አንታርክቲካ አመሩ።

ጆን ኬሪ የመጀመሪያው ከፍተኛ የአሜሪካ ባለሥልጣን ነበሩ የአንታርክቲካን ክፍለ ዓለም ሲጎበኙ። ጆን ኬሪ ለምን ወድዚያ እንዳመሩ ሲጠየቁ የዓየር ጥበቃ ጉዳይ አሳስቧቸው ነው በማለት መልስ ሰጥተው ነበር

ኖቬምበር 23 እና 26 ላይ በአንታርክቲካ 3ፒራሚዶች ተግኝተዋል የሚል ዜናም በየቦታው ይናፈስ ጀመር

ለዚህም ምናልባት ከምድር ክልል ውጭ የመጡ ባዕዳን ፍጥረታት በአንታርክቲካ ሳይገኙ አይቀሩም ይባል ነበር

እንዲያውም አንዳንዶቹ የጠፋችው የአትላንቲስ ከተማ ምናልባት በአንታርክቲካ ሳትገኝ አትቀርም ብለው ይናገራሉ።

የጆን ኬሪ ጉብኝት በእነዚህ ፒራሚዶች ላይ አተኩሮ ይሆን? እዚያስ ከረዓይት ወላጆች “ከወረዱት የሰማይ ልጆች መላእክት” ጋር ለመገናኘት አቅዶ ይሆን?

ኖቬምበር 28 በኑውዚላንዷ ክራይስት ቸርች (የክርስቶስ ብ/ክርስቲያን) 7.8 ዲግሪ ኃይለኛ በነበረው የመሬት መንቀጥቀጥ ተመታች።

በዚህ ወቅት ጆን ኬሪ እዚያ ነበር። ምናልባት እነዚህ ከምድር ውጭ የመጡ ፍጥረታት ጆን ኬሪን ምንም ነገር እንዳይነካ መሬቱን በማንቀጥቀጥ አስጠንቅቀውት ይሆን?

ዲሴምበር 12016 ጠፈርተኛው ኦልድሪን በሳንባ በሽታ ምክኒያት አንታርክቲካን ለቅቆ መውጣቱ ተነገረ። የ86 ዓመቱን አዛውንት ኦልድሪንን በመጀመሪያ ማን ነው ወደ እዚያ ቀዝቅዛ ክፍለ ዓለም የላከው?

ይህ በእንዲህ እንዳለ፡ ዲሰምበር 6 ላይ አንድ እጅግ በጣም አስገራሚ ዜና ተሠራጨ፤ ይህም፦ በጣም አውዳሚ የሆነ ኃይል አለው ስለሚባለው ጥንታዊ የሃይማኖት ቅርስ፡ ስለ ጽላተ ገብርኤል አንድ ትልቅ ወሬ ይወራ ጀመር።

ይህ ጽላተ ገብርኤል በሳዑዲዋ መካ ለሙስሊሞች ቅዱስ ነው ተብሎ በሚነገርለት አካባቢ በመሠራት ላይ ባሉ ህንፃዎች ሥር ነው የተገኘው ይባላል።

የገብርኤልን ጽላትን ልክ እንዳገኙት ብርቱ ኃይል ያለው ነገር ነዝሮ ጽላቱን ያገኙትን 15 ሰዎች በቦታው ገደላቸው።

ከዚያም ኃይለኛ የሆነ ነፋስ የህንፃ መሥሪያ ክሬኖቹን ሰባብሮ ዋናውን የእላሞች መስጊድ ደረማመሰው፤ እዚያ የነበሩትም107ሰዎች ሞቱ።

12 ቀናት በኋላ ይህን የገብርኤልን ጽላት እንደገና ለማውጣት ሲሞክሩ በተጨማሪ የ4ሺህ ሰዎች ህይወት አለፈ።

ነገሩ ያስደነገጣቸው የመካ ታላቁ መስጊድ አስተዳዳሪዎች የሩሲያ ኦርቶዶክስ ፓትሪርክ ኪሪልን ለመገናኘት ወሰኑ።

ለዘመናት በሩሲያውያን እጅ የሚገኘውን አንድ ጥንታዊ የእስልምና ጽሑፍ በሚመለከት ነበር ሳዑዲዎቹ ወደ ሩሲያ የዞሩት።

ይህ በእንዲህ እንዳለ፡ የሩሲያው ፕሬዚደንት ፑቲን ወደ አንታርክቲካ የላኩትን መርከብ በ ሳዑዲዋ የቀይ ባህር ወደብ በጂዳ በኩል እንዲያርፍና የገብርኤልን ጽላት እንዲጭን አዘዙ።

በዚህም መልክ ሩሲያውያኑ ጽላተ ገብርኤልን ወደ ቀዝቃዛዋ አንታርክቲካ ወሰዱት።

በፌብርዋሪ 72016 .ም፡ የሮማው ጳጳስና የሩሲያ ፓትርያርክ በ አንድ ሺህ ዓመት ውስጥ ለመጀመሪያ ጊዜ ለስብስባ በኩባዋ ዋና ከተማ በሃቫና ተገናኙ።

6ቀናት በኋላ የሩሲያው ፓትርያርክ ኪሪል ወደ አንታርክቲካ በማምራት በሳዑዲ በኩል ያለፈውን የሩሲያ መርከብ ተቀበሉ።

እንደሚወራው ከሆነ የገብርኤል ጽላት ግኝት ያስከተለው አደጋ ያሳሰባቸው ጳጳስ ፍራንሲስኮ ነበሩ ከፓርትያርክ ኪሪል ጋር ለመሰባሰብ ጥሪ ያቀረቡት።

በዚህ ስብሰባ ጳጳስ ፍራንሲስኮ ለ ፓትርያርክ ኪሪል ስለ ጽላተ ገብርኤል የሚናገር አንድ ጥንታዊ የሆነ ሰንድ አበርክተውላቸው ነበር ተብሏል።

ይህ ሰነድ፡ መጽሐፈ ሄኖክ ላይ በተጠቀሱት “የወረዱት የሰማይ ልጆች መላአክት” (ተመልካቾች) የተጻፈ ነው የሚል ግምት አለ።

ፓትርያርክ ኪሪል አንታርክቲካ በሚገኝ የሩሲያ ኦርቶዶክስ ቅ/ ሥላሴ ቤ/ክርስቲያን ከጽላተ ገብርኤል ጋር ጥንታዊ የሆነ የጸሎት ሥነስርዓት አካሂደው ነበር ይባላል።

በአንታርክቲካ እንደሚነገረው አንድ ብቻ ሳይሆን 4 የካቶሊኮች እንዲሁም3 የኦርቶዶክስ ዓብያተ ክርስቲያናት ይገኛሉ።

እንደሚነገረው ከሆነ ጽላተ ገብርኤል በአንታርክቲካ ባልታወቀ ጥልቅ ጉድጉድ ውስጥ በሩሲያውያኑ ተቀብሯል።

ስለዚህ ስለ ጽላተ ገብርኤል የሚናገሩ መረጃዎችን ለማግኘት ከባድ ነው።

ይህ ጽላተ ገብርኤል ታሪክ ሦስቱን የ “አብርሃም” ሃይማኖት ቅርንጫፍ ናቸው የሚባሉትን፤

(ኦርቶዶክስ፣ ካቶሊክ እና እስላም) የሚመለከት ቢሆንም፤ አንድ አገር ብቻ ናት የአይሁድ፣ የክርስትና እና የእስልምና እምነቶች ጎን ለጎን የኖሩባት፤ ይህችም ኢትዮጵያ ብቻ መሆኗን ስረዳ፡ በኢትዮጵያ ኦርቶዶክስ ተዋሕዶ ቤተክርስቲያን ታሪክ ላይ ለማተኮር ወሰንኩ።

ኢትዮጵያ በከዳዊነት ከንጉስ ሰለሞን ሥርወመንግሥት ጋር የተሣሰረች ነች፤ አይህዳውያንም ከመጀመሪያ ቤተ መቀደስ ጊዜ አንስቶ በኢትዮጵያ ኖረዋል።

ኢትዮጵያ ቀዳሚ የሆኑት ክርስቲያኖች ከመጀመሪያ ምዕተ ዓመት አንስቶ ኖረውባታል። ቅዱስ ማቴዎስ በኢትዮጵያ ይሰብክ እንደነበር ይታወቃል። እስላሞቹ የመሀመድ ተከታዮችም ወደ ኢትዮጵያ ተሰደው ነበር።

ታዲያ ከሌላ ቦታ ይልቅ ይህን መሰል ኃብታም ድብልቅ ልምድ ባለባት ኢትዮጵያ ብቻ ነው የጽላተ ገብርኤልን ምስጢር ለመግለጥ የሚቻለው።

በስተምስራቅ ኢትዮጵያ ቁልቢ ገብርኤል የሚባል የኦርቶዶክስ ተዋሕዶ ቤተ ክርስቲያን መኖሩን ተረዳሁ

ይህ ቤተክርስቲያን እ..አ በ1887 .ም ነበር የተመሠረተው።

የቁልቢ ገብርኤል ቤ/ክርስቲያን ህንፃ የተሠራው ከ 9ኛው መቶ ጀምሮ ቅዱስ እንደሆነ በሚታወቀው ቦታ ላይ ነው።

9ኛው መቶ ዮዲት ጉዲት በመባል የምትታወቀው አይሁድ ሴት በሰሜን ኢትዮጵያና በአክሱም የነበሩትን ብዙ ዓብያተክርስቲያናትን ለማጥፋት በቅታ ነበር። ጉዲት ማለትም እሳት ማለት ነው።

በዚህ ጊዜ ነበር ጽላተ ገብርኤል ከአክሱም የጉዲት ቃጠሎ ተርፎ በዝዋይ ሐይቅ ወደምትገኝ አንዲት ደሴት የመጣው ይህ ራሱ ሌላ አስደናቂ ታሪክ ነው።

ከዝዋይ ደሴቶች ነበር ጽላተ ገብርኤል በአንድ አባ ሉዊስ በሚባሉ መነኩሴ/ሄዳ ወደ ቁልቢ የተወሰደው

መነኩሴውን ቅ/ገብሬል ነበር ተገልጦላቸው ጽላቱን ወደ ቁልቢ እንዲወስዱ ያዘዛቸው።

16ኛው ክፍለ ዘመን በግራኝ አህመድ ጸረክርስቶሳዊ የጥፋት ዘመቻ ወቅት ጽላቱ ከ ቁልቢ ጠፍቶ እንደነበር የሚታወቅ ነው።

ታዲያ ጽላተ ገብርኤል በ16ኛው ክፍለ ዘመን በግራኝ ተሠርቆና3ሺ ኪሎሜተር ተጕዞ ወደ መካ ተወስዶ ይሆን?

የጽላተ ገብርኤል ታሪክ ከዚህ ጋር የተያያዘ ይሆን?

መካስ ነበርን? አሁንስ አንታርክቲካ ተቀበሯል የተባለለት

እውነተኛው ጽላተ ገብርኤል ነውን? ወይስ ሌላ ነገር?

ሆነም አልሆነም፡ጽላተ ገብርኤል ወይ አንታርክቲካ ነው የሚገኘው፡ ወይም ደግሞ ከ9ኛው ክፍለዘመን ጀምሮ የጽላተ ገብርኤል ባለቤት በሆነችው በጥንታዊቷ የኢትዮጵያ ኦርቶዶክስ ተዋሕዶ ቤ/ክርስቲያን እጅ ነው የሚሆነው።

9ኛው እስከ 16ኛው ምዕተ ዓመት የተከሰቱት ታሪካዊ ክስተቶች እውነቱን እንድናውቅ ረድቶናል

እውነቱ ይህ ነው፤ በይበልጥ ለማወቅና ለመረዳት የሁላችንንም ተሳትፎና ጥረት እጠይቃለሁ።

ይህን የመሰለ ነገር በሚመለከት ቴሌቪዝን እና ሚዲያዎች ሁሉ መረጃዎችን በሚያዳላ መልክ ሲያቀርቡና የምርምር መንገዳችንንም ሲያበላሹብን ቆይተዋል።

ለማንኛውም አገራችን ኢትዮጵያ ገና ያልታወቁ የብዙ ተዓምራት ምድር ናት!


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