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Barcelona Jihadists Intended to Blow Up Christian Basilica of Sagrada Familia

Posted by addisethiopia on August 21, 2017

The Islamic terrorists who carried out a killing rampage in Barcelona earlier this week had plans to blow up the iconic Catholic basilica of la Sagrada Familia, according to new reports.

The Spanish newspaper El Español has noted that the jihadist cell had a stockpile of explosives at a nearby property in Alcanar (Tarragona) and intended to use three vans to detonate them in three different points of the city in order to inflict the greatest possible damage. An accidental explosion at the Alcanar estate on Wednesday left the terrorists without ammunition and forced them to improvise the vehicle attacks in Barcelona and Cambrils, the report states.

They were preparing one or several attacks in Barcelona and an explosion in Alcanar stopped this as they no longer had the material they needed to commit attacks of an even bigger scope,” said Josep Lluis Trapero of Catalonia’s police.

The explosion killed one jihadists and left another in serious condition.

The prime target of the attack was meant to be the Catholic Sagrada Familia (Holy Family) basilica, an enormous neo-gothic structure designed by Spanish artist Antoni Gaudí, which draws huge numbers of visitors and pilgrims each day. Construction of the still unfinished church began in 1882 and is projected for completion in 2026.

According to reports, the terrorists had chosen the Basilica of the Sagrada Familia as their main target because it is a symbol of the city and of the Christian religion, as well as for the massive flow of visitors. During 2016, the church was visited by some 4.5 million people, and more than 20 million people came to view the structure from the outside.

The second bombing objective was La Rambla, which in addition to the continuous flow of pedestrians passing by this emblematic walk, is located next to the Market of La Boquería, one of the most frequented destinations in the city.

The third target has not yet been identified, but investigators suspect it was to be a port area.

Just before 5:00pm on Thursday, one of the jihadists drove a rented van through the city’s tourist hotspot of La Rambla, a pedestrian walkway, mowing down people and even swerving in an attempt to hit as many victims as possible. In the end, the man killed 14 people and injured dozens more in his rampage.

The design of the original attack, including the resources and number of persons involved, has confirmed that the operation was the work of a coordinated jihadist cell, rather than of “lone wolves.”

Them mūzbags, that rabble so rowdy,
Planned to burn the Cathedral of Gaudi.
If the cash now we trace,
It will flow from one place:
The land of the serpentine Saudi.


My Note: It’s Purple Day – Spain and Europe Will Need the Wonderful Warrior Queen Isabella la Católica soon. Sadly, it will take a nuclear bomb and 1 million dead before the western world wakes up and realizes that they are all going to be murdered by these Muslims unless they do something á la Isabella.

In the name of the Father,the Son,and the Holy Spirit.

Finally. We have achieved what we longed for so much. Christianity will remember this day.
Victory is far more pleasing when you have suffered for it. It is our desire that a large cross be erected on the highest tower. It must be seen from the last corner of the city.
Granada is Christian and everyone must know it.


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Church Attendance Is Good For Your Health

Posted by addisethiopia on July 10, 2017

The latest in a long line of studies, now numbering in the hundreds if not thousands, has found that church attendance is good for your health.

Published by researchers from Vanderbilt University, the study found that middle-aged adults who attended religious services at least once in the past year were half as likely to die prematurely as those who didn’t.

Using data from a National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey collected by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the study’s researchers examined 10 biological stress markers among 5,449 men and women aged 46 to 65. Then they compared those markers with respondents’ self-reported religious-service attendance — and found a correlation between religious-service attendance, lower stress, and longevity.

The study, released in May, is one more piece of mounting scientific evidence on the subject. A far larger study published last year, of 74,534 women, found that attending a religious service more than once a week was associated with 33 percent lower mortality compared to never attending religious services.

A documentary probing findings similar to these — released just recently — is airing on many PBS stations this weekend. But even as the studies pile up and the literature appears close to conclusive, many questions about the association between religious-service attendance and health remain unanswered.

For one, people attend religious services for all kinds of reasons. So what is it about faith-focused services that might impart better health? The prayers? The social connections? The coffee and cookies afterward?

If, as so much evidence suggests, religious attendance is correlated with positive health outcomes, does that mean doctors should prescribe a weekly service to their patients?

“Religion is incredibly complex,” said Neal Krause, a retired professor of public health at the University of Michigan who is the lead investigator in a landmark spirituality and health survey. “To say, ‘Church attendance is good for your health’ does everything and nothing at the same time. The question is, ‘What exactly is going on here?'”

But some studies at the intersection of religion and health might help clinicians do a better job of caring for patients.

For example, studies have shown that chaplain visits in hospital settings are associated with better health outcomes. This stands to reason, say researchers; when patients’ spiritual needs are met, they are more satisfied with their overall care. Another study suggested patients that take advantage of chaplain visits are more peaceful and feel more in control of their health.



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Bernie Sanders | The Most Disgraceful Antichrist of the Week

Posted by addisethiopia on June 9, 2017

ወስላታው በርኒ ሳንደርስ | የክርስቶስ ስም ሲነሳ ጋኔኑ ፍልቅልቅ እያለ ወጣ

ፖስት ሞደርኒዝም የሚሉት ዓለማዊ የኮሙኒስቶች ፍልስፍና በክርስትና ላይ ጦርነት አውጇል፤ እስልምናና ሰዶማዊነትን ይጠቀማል። ዓለማችንን እየመሩ ያሉት እነዚህ የክርስቶስ ጠላቶች ናቸው፤ በመንግሥታዊው መዋቅር፣ በባንኮች፣ በዓለማቀፋዊ ድርጅቶችና በዋና ዋና ሜዲያዎች ውስጥ ሰርገው በመግባት ሰይጣናዊ አጀንዳዎቻቸውን 24/7 በማራመድ ላይ ይገኛሉ፤ አይደብቁትም። ጊዜአቸው ግን አጭር ነው፤ ይህን ስለሚያቁም የክርስቶስ ልጆችን ለማጥቃት ጥድፊያ ላይ ናቸው።

ይህ ቅሊታም ሽማግሌ ፕሬዝዳንት ዶናልድ ትራምፕ ለገንዘብ ሚኒስትር የመረጡትን እጩ፡ ክርስቲያን በመሆናችው ብቻ ተቃውሞውን አሰማ። አቤት የእምነተ ቢሱ ምዕራባውያን ጉድ!

The Vermont senator (who elected this wicked dude?) was criticized for yelling at Trump’s choice for Management and Budget over his beliefs and applying an unconstitutional “religious test” for public office

Selected Comments

You know that old communist cunt would never ask a Muslim those same questions in regards to their theology.

Bernie Sanders is a demon from the pit of hell. You saw the demon come out after that man reiterated that he’s a Christian.

That smug arrogant godless communist A-hole will REALLY be in for a surprise when he stands before the throne.

And I think it’s VERY hypocritical of this snarky bastard that he pick on a Christian and says that this man’s beliefs are not “what this country is supposed to be about”, while MUSLIMS are chopping off heads, blowing people up, burning people alive, mutilating women, all over the world. And Sanders wants THEM (and THEIR beliefs) respected, and more of them IMPORTED, as if THEIR beliefs (and Sharia Law) are what this country is supposed to be about.

 the man is demon possessed. And NOTHING pisses off a demon more that the word Christian.

Liberals are SICK… SICK… SICK.

Can you IMAGINE having THAT thing as president? Bernie showed his true anti Christian hate face. Not pretty, crazy old man

He should sue Bernie Sanders. Sanders has it completely backwards and is the only person in this scenario going against the principles this nation was founded on in being the one condemning another individual based on their religious beliefs. Funny how he reverts to his Jewish roots when it’s convenient to push his atheist, communist ideals. Sanders is despicable.

He that believes on him is not condemned. But he that believes not is condemned already, because he has not believed in the name of the only begotten Son of God. And this is the condemnation, that light is come into the world, and men loved darkness rather than light, because their deeds were evil.[John 3:18-19]

America, Be Wary And Leery Of Bernie & Hillary!

Bernie Sanders Exposes His Anti-Christian Bigotry

On Wednesday afternoon, U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) revealed why he is unfit for office. During his shameful inquisition of Russell Vought (a Wheaton College graduate), who is Trump’s nomination for the position of deputy director of the Office for Management and Budget (OMB), Sanders demanded that Vought’s nomination be rescinded because Vought believes and said that Muslims have a “deficient theology.”

Writing in response to comments made by former and controversial Wheaton associate professor Larycia Hawkins, Vought said, “[Muslims] do not know God because they have rejected Jesus Christ his Son, and they stand condemned.”

After reading these words from Vought aloud, a fuming Sanders asked, “Are you suggesting that all [Muslims] stand condemned? What about Jews? They stand condemned too?”

Word to Sanders: That’s Christianity 101.

Literally, Word to Sanders:

For God did not send his Son into the world to condemn the world, but in order that the world might be saved through him. Whoever believes in him is not condemned, but whoever does not believe is condemned already, because he has not believed in the name of the only Son of God. (John 3:17-18)

Jesus said to him,

I am the way, and the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.” (John 14:6)

And there is salvation in no one else, for there is no other name under heaven given among men by which we must be saved. (Acts 4:12)

Yes, Jews, Muslims, Buddhists, Hindus, atheists and anyone else who rejects Christ’s substitutionary work on the Cross are condemned to eternal separation from God. This gives Christians no pleasure, hence the desire of Christians to evangelize–which Sanders would likely detest as well.

After Vought affirmed the centrality of Christ for Salvation, theologically and constitutionally ignorant Sanders said, “I would simply say, Mr. Chairman, that this nominee is really not someone who is what this country is supposed to be about.”


I guess Samuel Alito, Tom Coburn, Trey Gowdy, and Marco Rubio do not represent what this country is supposed to be about. And how the heck did Antonin Scalia ever get confirmed?

This country was founded to protect the free exercise of religion. This country has no religious test for office. And yet the feckless curmudgeon Sanders has in effect said no theologically orthodox Christians are fit for office.

Islam is not merely a deficient theology. It is a false religion. It is not “Islamophobia”–of which Sanders accused Vought–or hatred that leads me to say this. It is God’s Word. Those who know what Scripture teaches and care about their friends and/or family who are Muslim should share this truth with them.

I wonder, will Sanders be asking Muslims who are nominated or running for office if they believe Jews go to Heaven?



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In Ramadan Massacre, Egyptian Christians Killed for Refusing to Renounce Their Faith in Jesus

Posted by addisethiopia on May 29, 2017

As more and more details emerge concerning Friday’s Ramadan attack on a busload of Christians on pilgrimage, the more it becomes evident that these 29 martyrs died solely because they were Christians.

Survivors of the attack said that the ten masked Islamic State militants did not merely open fire on the bus full of Christian pilgrims on their way to the Monastery of Saint Samuel the Confesor, but that the victims were made to descend from the bus and asked one by one whether they were Christians before being shot by the assailants.

According to one of the chaplains of the group, Father Rashed, as each pilgrim came off the bus they were asked to renounce their Christian faith and profess belief in Islam, but all of them—even the children—refused. Each was killed in cold blood with a gunshot to the head or the throat.

In a statement Friday, President Donald Trump said the “merciless slaughter of Christians in Egypt tears at our hearts and grieves our souls.”

Wherever innocent blood is spilled, a wound is inflicted upon humanity,” the statement said. “But this attack also steels our resolve to bring nations together for the righteous purpose of crushing the evil organizations of terror, and exposing their depraved, twisted, and thuggish ideology.”

The attack occurred in the midst of a three-month state of emergency period in Egypt following twin attacks on Coptic churches on Palm Sunday last month that killed some 46 Christians who were in church honoring the celebrations. The Islamic State claimed responsibility for those attacks as well.

On Saturday, the Islamic State claimed responsibility for Friday’s slaughter through its Amaq news agency.


Selected Comments:

May their souls rest in peace in Heaven with God and Jesus. Ever one God, world without end.

Do not fear those who kill the body but cannot kill the soul. But rather fear Him who is able to destroy both soul and body in hell., [MT 10:28]

May these admirable Brothers and Sisters in Christ, always be in the presence of the Master.

These are true Heaven-bound martyrs, and no Muslim will ever meet them again.

What bothers me is that the western world fails to recognize or won’t admit the fact that these people have been fighting a holy war against it for 2000 year

Has the MSM covered the part where one by one they (even the children) were executed for refusing to renounce Christ?

The MSM do not realize they worship Climate Change which they say is man made thus promoting man into the position of God. They are not covering the massacre of Christians as it goes against their humanistic faith. To me they are no better than the terrorists as they do nothing to but cover up the atrocities happening to Christians by not reporting on what is happening and supporting the Muslim causes as peaceful when that is not true.

As a son of Middle Eastern Jews who fled to the United States because of Islam, I cannot do anything else but sympathize strongly with Egypt’s Coptic Christians and other Middle East /North Africa Christians. Western leaders, especially in Europe are cowards. Ignoring the oppression of their co-coreligionists, and holding the door wide open for Islam. SHAMEFUL!

Having lived in Southern Africa for five yrs, I compare the behavior of the Muslims to two indigenous snakes of there: The black mamba and the puff adder, the first one is extremely aggressive and lethal (Like a Jihadi), you can’t outrun it because he can slither in the bush at 17mls x hr, the other can stay coiled for days at the time immobile, but walk by two feet of him and zap! you will be shortly dead. (peaceful Muslim)

To understand islam, one must realize that the “god” of islam, the fellow that the muslims call allah, is in reality none other than satan himself. Once you realize that it all falls into place.

It is well past time for men and women everywhere to call on the good people who are Muslims, and implore them to renounce the hideously evil ideology of islam.

Renounce this evil ideology once and for all.

The time for ‘tolerance’ is past.

The time for ‘understanding’ is over.

The time for ACTION is now.

Let no civilized person pretend anymore that he can be a member of a murderous death cult and be any different than the modern equivalent of something even worse than a WWII Nazi.

The time for all good people to renounce this great evil is at hand. And now is the time for any adherent of islam who claims to be a decent human being, to prove that by leaving islam and helping humanity to defeat this ideological Ebola called islam.


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የኡጋንዳ ተወላጁ ሙስሊም በክርስቲያኖች እርዳታ በተዓምር ከሆዱ እባብ ወጣለት

Posted by addisethiopia on May 22, 2017

የታመመው ሙስሊም መላው ሰውነቱ ለብዙ ሰዓታታ መርበድበድ፣ መንቀጥቀጥና እንደ እባብ ዝልግልግ ማለት ጀመረ፤ ከዚያም አይኖቹን ፍጥጥ አፉን ክፍት እያደረገ እንደማስታወክ ይለዋል።

ከዚያም ወደ ጠንቋዮችና የእስላም ቃልጮች ለፈውስ ይወሰዳል፤ የመስጊድ ኢማሞቹም እስላማዊ ጸሎቶችን የያዘ ወረቀት እንዲያቀራ ሰጡት፡ ነገር ግን ቤቱ ሲደረስ ምንም መፍትሄ ሳያመጡለት ሲቀሩ፤ ባቅራቢያው ወደአለው ቤተክርስቲይን አመራ። እዚያም የቤተክርስቲያን አገልጋዮቹ እነዚህን የእስላም ፀሎት ወረቀቶች ከግለሰቡ ነጥቀው አቃጠሏቸው። በዚህ ወቅት የታመመው ሙስሊም ግለሰብ ከክርስቲያኖቹ ጋር በኢየሱስ ክርስቶስ ስም አብሮ ፀሎት እንዲያደርግና እስላም ሆኖ በቆየበት ኑሮው ከሠራቸው ኃጢዓቶች ንስሐ እንዲገባ ሲደረግ አንድ ትልቅ እባብ እየተዝለገለገ ከጉሮሮው ውልቅ ብሎ ወጣ። ግለሰቡም እስልምናን በመተው ክርስትናን ተቀብሎ ጽኑ የቤተክርስቲያኗ አገልጋይ ለመሆን በቃ።

ምንም እንኳን የዚህ የመሲሐዊ አይሑድ አስተምህሮ ከኛ ጋር ትንሽ ለየት የሚል ቢሆንም፡ ዋናዋና ሀሳቦቹና ነጥቦቹ ግን በእኛም ቤተከርስቲያን ዘንድ በየጊዜው የሚንጸባረቁ ናቸው። ይህ አስደናቂ ታሪክ ለክርስቲያን ወንድሞቻችን እና እህቶቻችን ማንቂያ እንደሚሆን ወይም የወገኖቻችንን አሳች የቀደመው እባብ ዲያቢሎስ ባቅራቢያቸው እንደሚኖር፤ ለሙስሊም ወገኖቻችን ደግሞ እንደ ማስጠንቀቂያና መረጃ ተደርጎ ሊወሰድ ይችላል።

ዋና ዋናዎቹ ነጥቦች፦

  • የእስልምናው አላህ እና የክርስቲያኖች አምላክ ኢየሱስ ክርስቶስ ሁለት የተለያዩ አማልክት መሆናቸውን
  • ግለሰቡ ውስጥ በእባብ መልክ የተቀበረውን ጋኔን አዋቂ የተባሉት የእስልምና ሸሆችና ቃልቻዎች ማውጣት እንዳልቻሉና ማውጣትም እንደማይችሉ
  • የሙስሊሞች አላህ ሰይጣን ነው፤ እስልምና ከሰይጣን ነው። ሰይጣን ደግሞ ሰይጣንን ወይም የራሱን ጋኔን አያወጣም፡ አያጋልጥም። ለዚህም ነው፤ በእስልምናው ዓለም በ አላህ ወይም መሀመድ ስም ጋኔን ሊያወጡ የሚችሉ፣ የሚያድኑና የሚፈውሱ ሰዎች የሌሉት፤ አላህ አይፈውስም፣ መሀመድም ፈውሶና አድኖ አያውቅም። ሰይጣን ሰይጣንን አያወጣም!
  • እባብ ሰይጣንን ነው የሚወክለው። ይገርማል! “አላህየሚለው የአረብኛ ጽሑፍ ልክ በእባብ ወይም በዘንዶ ቅርጽ ነው የሚጻፈው። ያው ሰይጣን ማንነቱን፣ ምን እንደሚሠራ/እንደማይሠራ ፣ የት/ ከማን ጋር እንደሚገኝ እራሱ እየነገረን ነው።
  • እያንዳንዱ ሙስሊም ውስጥ ይህ በእባብ የተመሰለ ጋኔናዊ መንፈስ እንደሚኖር
  • ጣረሞት ላይ ወይም ለቀብር ተዘጋጅተው የነበሩ ሙስሊሞች ሁሉ ገሃነም እሳት ገብተው እንደነበርና በመጨረሻም ክርስቶስ እንዳወጣቸውና አድኖም እንደመለሳቸው
  • ሙስሊሞች፡ ልክ እንደ ቃየል በሥራ ብቻ ለመዳን በማሰብ እግዚአብሔር የማይወደውን ግድያ ለአላሃቸው እንደሚፈጽሙ፤ በዚህም ለሰው ልጅ ሁሉ ደሙን ያፈሰሰውንና እንደ በግ የተሰዋልንን ኢየሱስ ክርስቶስን እንደማያውቁት፣ እንደሚክዱት፣ እንድሚያስቀይሙትና እንደሚያስቆጡት። በመላው ዓለም፡ የጌታችን የክርስቶስን ስቅለት፣ ሞትና ትንሳኤ የማይቀበል ብቸኛ አምልኮት እስልምና ነው። ሌሎቹ ባያምኑበትም፣ መሰቀሉን ግን ሁሉም በታሪካዊ ጽሁፎቻቸው መዝግበውታል
  • እስላሞችም የሰው ልጆች ናቸውና ልባቸውን ንጹህ አድርገው እንደ አብርሃም ከለመኑ በክርስቶስ ደም የመዳን እድል አላቸው፡ ግን ጊዜው በጣም አጭር ነው፤ በተለይ ለሙስሊም ኢትዮጵያውያን፤ ምክኒያቱም ክርስቶስን አላወቅኩትም፣ ከታጋሹ ሕዝበ ክርስቲያን ፍቅር አላገኘሁም፣ ወንጌልንም አልተወዋኩተም ማለት አይችሉምና።

ከዚህ ቪዲዮ ጋር በተዘማደ፦

5 ዓመታት በፊት በአዲስ አበባ ቆይታዬ ወደ የረር ሥላሴ ሄጄ ይህን ቪዲዮ በስልኬ ቀርጬ ነበር። “ከልጁ ሆድ 24 እባቦች ወጥተዋል” ። እንደሚታወቀው የረር ሥላሴ በተለያዩ ግለሰቦች፡ በተለይም በሙስሊሙ ቃሲም ራዕዮች አማካይነት መገኘቷን እናስታውሳለን። በዚህች ቤተክርስቲያን መምህር ግርማም ጋኔኖች ያወጡ ነበር፤ በአካባቢውም ብዙ ተዓምራዊ ሁኔታዎች እስካሁን ድረስ ይከሰታሉ።


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Many Believe Ethiopia Was The First Country To Accept Christianity – Now For Some It Is Being Outlawed

Posted by addisethiopia on April 24, 2017

Christianity could be outlawed in Ethiopia for smaller congregations and house churches where worshipers meet for less formal prayer or smaller services.

Tigray State, in the north of Ethiopia, is considering changing its laws to ban Christian activities outside official church compounds, reports World Watch Monitor.

Evangelical Christians and other non-Orthodox groups would be the worst hit by the new law, which will set a minimum number of 6,000 members for any church wanted to authorized as official. Proselytism outside the new official compounds will be outlawed.

A similar law has already been enacted in a neighboring state.

Ethiopia, Africa’s oldest independent country, is believed by some to have been the first nation in the world to accept Christianity as its religion. Like many countries in Africa, the religious landscape is being changed by fast-growing Pentecostal churches.

It is currently at number 22 on the World Watch List of Christian persecution.

Christian believers are increasingly threatened by Islamist extremists.

WWM tells the story of Tutu, a widow, and her son who live in a mainly Muslim area and have faced difficulties since her husband died.

‘After his burial, local Muslims dug up his body and dumped it by the side of the road. In January, Biruk was assaulted and told that he and his mother would continue to face trouble until they converted to Islam. On March 4, their house was burned down,’ reports WWM.


My Note: I would be more than glad if those “evangelical Christians” were converting Muslims to Christianity. But, no!– though there may be individual Protestants who really love Our Lord and engage in this sort of conversion activity – the vast majority of them attempts to proselytize among Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo faithful, who are already Christians that practice the oldest of all Christian rites. (Converting these ancient Christians to any other faith/ideology is a HUGE SIN). Imagine these Protestants, who have discovered Jesus 500 years ago, telling Ethiopian Christians who know Their Lord for two Millennia to accept the new Jesus. Is there a new Lord?

In fact, in some Muslim majority regions like Jimma, some Protestant groups had joined Muslims to persecute indigenous Orthodox Christians.

I believe it’s is irresponsible, biased and dangerous that a protestant organization like OpenDoors“ placed Christian Ethiopia at number 22 on the World Watch List of Christian persecution – mind you, higher than notorious Christian persecutor states like Turkey, Palestinian Territories, Algeria, Kuwait, UAE, Indonesia, Bangladesh etc. Either they are ignorant and wicked or they have joined the luciferian forces to wage war against Orthodox Christians. It must be tempting for Satan to challenge the first Christian nation!

How primitive and boaring it has become that OpenDoors always puts North Korea (a Buddhist nation that doesn’t belong to Christians) at number 1 to appease the number one persecutors of Christians: Islamic countries. where Christians are indigenous.


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Christianity On The Rise In Bangladesh As Tens Of Thousands Of Muslims Are Turning Away From Allah To Embrace Jesus

Posted by addisethiopia on March 16, 2017

Christianity is making such significant gains in one Muslim-majority nation in South Asia that local evangelists are now envisioning the day when their country would become a Christian nation.

The country is Bangladesh, the fourth largest Muslim nation in the world with a population of 164.8 million people, only 866,000 of whom are Christian, according to Open Doors USA.

Christian Freedom International (CFI) says official figures claim that 89.1 percent of the country’s population are Muslim, 10 percent Hindi, and less than 1 percent Christian.

However, the numbers are deceiving. CFI says official reports on religious composition only count “traditional Christians,” or Bangladeshis who are born into the Christian faith and attend government approved churches. The surveys and reports do not include former Muslims who converted to Christianity.

The consensus among believers in Bangladesh is that Christians now make up at least 10 percent of the country’s population and is growing more every day. If the 10 percent figure is correct, then this Muslim-dominated nation is now the home of at least 15.6 million Christians, CFI says.

In fact, one local pastor says Christianity is growing so fast that it has become “a real problem” for the country’s Muslim leaders.

“In the last 12 months, more than 20,000 Muslims have converted to Christianity, and this is becoming a real problem for the Muslims,” says Pastor Khaleque, a former Muslim who is now a Christian street pastor.

The rise of Christianity has also resulted in the increased persecution of believers and crackdown on underground Christian churches as Muslim leaders try to stamp out the threat to their religion.


May the growth continue until the abominable religions are wiped out and every nation on earth honors the universal kingship of Christ.„


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Aleppo Churches Open Doors To Displaced Muslim Families

Posted by addisethiopia on November 3, 2016

For the first time in history, Muslims are coming to us. The only thing we have to do is tell them the good news; they are waiting for it


Life hasn’t been easy for 28-year-old Syrian mother Kristina, a Christian of Armenian descent, who lived with her husband in Aleppo long before the civil war started in 2011.

It was in that besieged city that Kristina gave birth to her firstborn daughter, 18 months ago. She’s brought the little girl to the house where a World Watch Monitor contact meets her. While her mother talks, the toddler explores the room.

Please close the door, I’d like to keep an eye on her,” Kristina asks, not letting her child out of her sight.

With the pain still visible in her eyes, Kristina recalls her first days of being a mother in the spring of 2015 – the war raging outside, electricity, gas and water cut off most of the time and her family unable to visit and help her.

The first two weeks after my daughter was born were the hardest in my life,” Kristina says. “It was so cold that we put our mattresses on the living room floor, the warmest room in the house. There we lived for two weeks on the ground, wrapped in blankets.”

As soon as it was safe, Kristina, her husband and her baby daughter travelled to neighbouring Lebanon to safety. At first it was intended to be a short trip, but when the violence increased and also the Christian part of Aleppo was being bombed, the young family decided to wait for the end of the war before returning to Syria.

I can’t let my baby girl grow up amidst all those dangers,” Kristina says.

With the violence continuing and worsening, gradually more Christians left Aleppo. In Kristina’s church, now only 10 per cent of the regular church-goers are left, she hears from friends.

But you know what’s surprising? The church is still full; displaced people take their place. Especially Muslims are coming to the church now,” she says.

In Syria, the Christian children’s activities draw the most attention, Kristina says. A lot of Syrians from other parts of Aleppo – the fighting is heaviest in Muslim areas – have fled to the Christian areas to seek refuge. For many Muslims, it is the first time they have mixed with Christians.

Kristina also says the Muslim women were surprised to see that churches offered support and programmes for all Syrians, not just for Christians.

Their mosques don’t do that,” Kristina says. “Many are re-thinking the faith they grew up in and have dropped their hostility towards Christians.

Many Muslims were genuinely surprised when they met Christian women in our churches willing to serve them. Their image was that all Christian women spend most of their days dancing in night clubs and drinking alcohol! Meeting each other was a shock, both for them and for us.

A growing number of Muslim children have been attending the children’s activities, where the Bible is opened daily.

The mothers are okay with that,” says Kristina. “They see it as positive if their children learn about God. It’s the husbands who are stricter, usually.”

But, gradually, also the mothers and, in some cases, whole Muslim families have found their way to the church activities, including the services.

That absolutely did not happen before the war,” Kristina says. “Still the Muslims are afraid – especially when entering and leaving the building – but they are there. The children have opened the church’s doors, then the women followed, and finally the men.”

Kristina says Muslim women “feel liberated when they notice the church doesn’t see them as merely machines only fit for cleaning, giving birth to children, and raising them, like many Muslim men do”.

In Islam, many women don’t have any rights. When they feel how Christians really care for them, it feels like heaven for those women. They see it’s possible to live as independent women, to dream,” Kristina says.

Despite the war, Kristina speaks of a “golden age” for the Church in the Middle East.

For the first time in history, Muslims are coming to us. The only thing we have to do is tell them the good news; they are waiting for it,” she says. “They realise that, when living in a Christian environment, the [Christian message] will be shared. They may even see it as a sign of weakness if it isn’t.”


A New Home and a New Religion in Germany


Among the Iranian refugees filling European church pews

When I first met Mattias in July at a refugee shelter just north of Berlin, he went by the name Mohammed. He had arrived in Germany from Iran the previous fall, along with thousands of other asylum-seekers—sometimes up to 10,000 arrived in a single day. After the German government assigned him to this shelter, he converted to Christianity. “I wouldn’t say I was a Muslim” before, he told me. “I didn’t go to a mosque for an entire year. Now I am going to church every week.” He expects it will take about three weeks to get off his church’s waiting list to be baptized. Perhaps once he’s more settled in Germany, he’ll be able to change his name legally to Mattias, his chosen Christian name.

We sat together in a sparse dormitory room at the shelter with three other Iranians who had converted from Islam to Christianity. They attend a Protestant church together, but asked that I not provide the exact location nor give their full names. Two of them said they became Christian while living in Iran. Another, like Mattias, had converted after arriving in Germany as an asylum-seeker.

Throughout Germany, the pews of churches like theirs are filled increasingly by asylum-seekers. Though two umbrella church organizations told me that they couldn’t provide exact statistics or comment on the nationality of the asylum-seekers attending church, Christoph Heil, a spokesman for the Protestant Church of Berlin-Brandenburg-Silesian Upper Lusatia—which includes 1,300 parishes—confirmed the pattern. “Normally we don’t count the number of asylum-seekers who are baptized because we don’t differentiate between who is an asylum-seeker and who isn’t, but [asylum-seekers asking to be baptized] appears to be a new trend,” he said.

Muslim converts to Christianity that I spoke to in Germany cited the redemptive power of Jesus’s story, and disillusionment with Islam. It’s also worth noting the more earthly forces potentially at work: Germany does not grant refugee status to Iranians as easily as it does Syrians and Iraqis. Around 27,000 Iranians applied for asylum in the EU in 2015, with Germany hosting the overwhelming majority; according to Germany’s Federal Office for Migration and Refugees, 60 percent of Iranian requests for asylum received positive answers that year. Iranians seeking refugee status must prove that if they are sent home, they stand the risk of being persecuted for their beliefs. In Iran, that often means Christian converts.

During conversations with newly converted Iranian asylum-seekers, it struck me that being born again after arriving in Europe was not only an act of faith, but a practical matter: Europe is largely Christian, after all. Some converts, like Mattias, weren’t particularly devout Muslims to begin with anyway. “There are asylum-seekers looking to get baptized who have converted in their home countries and others are getting in touch with Christianity now after seeing a certain way of life in Germany,” Heil said. “They ask themselves, what is the root of this way of living, [of] freedom and democracy.”

At his shelter, Mattias and three of his friends, who all appeared to be in their 30s and 40s, pulled a metal folding table into the middle of the dorm room to prepare for lunch. One of them told me he hoped Donald Trump would become president of the United States, since he’d heard he was a Christian. Before we ate, another of Mattias’s friends prayed as we bowed our heads, giving thanks for the food. “In Jesus’s name, Amen,” he said. “Amen,” the others echoed. Then we dug into rice pilaf from a frying pan.

The man who led the prayer said he had converted to Christianity in Iran after getting hold of a smuggled Farsi-language Bible. “Before it was just theoretical to me, but now I can see it and feel it by my pastor’s kindness,” he said. Another said he converted in Iran because of an old neighbor who had been born Christian. Christians, he said, “were kind people. In Islam, the person who does the killing and the person who dies yells Allahu Akbar,” he said. “In Iran,” he noted, referring to the Arab occupation of Persia that began in the seventh century, “we became Muslim by force.”

A week after that meal, I visited Trinity Lutheran Church, which also hosts a large Iranian congregation. A pale, yellow, sterile-looking structure set just off a residential street in Berlin’s southwestern Steglitz neighborhood, it appears modest compared to the grand churches of Europe. On the lawn out front, some of the Iranian congregants greeted each other with smiles and overzealous, welcoming handshakes. Others shuffled inside, their eyes averted. Notices written in Farsi were posted all over the church.

The pastor at Trinity is Gottfried Martens, 53, an affable man with a salt-and-pepper widow’s peak and kind smile. He explained that Trinity’s sister congregation in the adjacent district of Zehlendorf had been helping new migrants adjust to life in Germany since the 1990s, adopting a welcoming stance that eventually turned his church into a destination for Iranian Christians seeking help. Once a few Farsi speakers began attending, more arrived. In 2013, Trinity began its service focusing on “refugee work,” in Martens’s words, providing translations in Farsi and English during services and other church activities.

Before the service began that day, I talked with Saeed, another Iranian asylum-seeker. Up the stairs and past the Iranian ushers, we poked our heads into the nave. There were few seats available, so we crowded into the choir loft along with the other stragglers. There appeared to be around 300 people in attendance, mostly Iranians, but my translator pointed out that a line of men seated behind us included Hazaras from Afghanistan—also current or former Shia Muslims—like the Iranians. Only a dozen or so in attendance appeared to be German. A woman in the front pews still wore a hijab.

During the service, much of which was translated into Farsi, the Iranians and Afghans tried to follow along in the church bulletin, concluding each section with a hearty, accented “Ah-meeen” (familiar to the Iranians and Afghans from Muslim prayers) that filled the sanctuary.

Do you want to go take communion?” Saeed asked when people began lining up in the center aisle after the sermon. I told him I would stay seated, since I didn’t know how to cross myself, which, naturally, confused him: earlier, I had told him that I was a Christian. He was a new believer, steadfast and eager about the outward signs of devotion like partaking in the sacraments, crossing himself at the appropriate times, and eating pork. The outward trappings of Christianity I grew up with in a non-denominational church in rural Maryland, by contrast—using euphemisms rather than cursing (darn rather than damn), voting Republican, eating Chick-Fil-A, and doing nothing remotely Catholic—were difficult to explain.

After the service ended, the Iranians and Afghans gathered downstairs for a meal of rice, lentils, and cabbage salad. Asylum-seekers had often complained to me about the German food at their shelters, which they found bland. But the church’s lunch menu seemed tailored to their tastes. During the meal, one Iranian man was filling out a baptism questionnaire that asked for his personal history. It soon turned into a group activity. “How do you write ‘engineer’ in German?” he asked the crowd that had surrounded him.

Continue reading…


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Ethiopians: World’s Most Dedicated Christians?

Posted by addisethiopia on October 23, 2016

Thousands Climb Steep Cliffs To Reach Hidden Churches


THOUSANDS of dedicated Christians clamber up sheer cliffs to pray in hidden rock-hewn ancient Orthodox churches in Ethiopia.

The sandstone cliffs of Gheralta in Tigray, Northern Ethiopia, which are 2580m tall, are the home to 35 hidden churches, some of which date back to the fourth century.

The climbs to reach the churches carved out of solid rock are arduous and involve near-vertical cliff faces at times and steep 300-metre ledges, particularly to reach the Abuna Yemata Church.

Although tourists occasionally use harnesses and ropes to help with the strenuous climb, the locals do not.

The churches, which are located 780kms north of Ethiopia’s capital city Addis Ababa, are visited

each Sunday by around 50 people each and when there are religious festivals, this figure can rise to hundreds.

One of the local guides said: “If people do not come to the church, they have to pray hundreds of times. Everyone does the climb and comes to church, it is easy for us.

The locals are used to the climb, we have done it many times.”

Although tourists can take two hours to reach each church, the locals do the walk in less than half this.

Regardless of the weather, the determined locals clamber up the rocks to the impressive churches.

The churches are adorned with paintings dating back to the 16th century, representing various saints and biblical scenes.

British tourist Will Molphy said: “The climbs can be terrifying and are not for the faint-hearted. It helps having a head for heights, the adrenaline helps you up. The views over the landscape are spectacular.”

The locals claim that the reason people are able to do the arduous climbs and not fall is because God is looking over them.

Corpses are also taken up the cliff so they can be laid to rest at the top.

There are monks in certain churches who tend to remain at the top of the escarpment except for when they need to sort out arranged marriages for the village’s youth.

They raise a few animals and cultivate small pieces of land to minimise the amount of food needed to be transported up the sandstone cliff.

Religious hermits sometimes live at the top of the escarpment as well.

The guides, which are essential for any church visit, are on hand to help with the climb and where tourists should place their feet for the smoothest ascent possible.

Many of the churches still have separate entrances for women and men and women are advised to cover themselves with a scarf.



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Wonder Why Christianity Could Never Mix With Other Faiths?

Posted by addisethiopia on October 13, 2016


Unity. Many people in the world want that, even us Christians. One thing that will never ever happen, though, is the unity between our faith in God, and other people’s faith in their gods. This is one thing that has been misunderstood by many.

An Imagined Union

Many of our brothers and sisters hope that someday, we could be united with other peoples. While that’s a noble dream, it is one that cannot become a total reality. Let me elaborate by giving you three reasons why Christianity could never mix with other faiths.

1. God Himself Said We Must Separate Ourselves from Other Faiths


God, the Creator of all things created, said that we who believe in Him should never mix with other faiths and beliefs. This isn’t some sort of prejudiced command (because God is just and therefore cannot have any prejudice), but a reality that many Christians must realise personally.

Consider What 2 Corinthians 6:16-18 Says:

And what union can there be between God’s temple and idols? For we are the temple of the living God. As God said: ‘I will live in them and walk among them. I will be their God, and they will be my people. Therefore, come out from among unbelievers, and separate yourselves from them, says the Lord. Don’t touch their filthy things, and I will welcome you. And I will be your Father, and you will be my sons and daughters, says the Lord Almighty.‘”

Let me clarify something. While it’s true that God wants all men to be saved, He wants all who are saved to come out from their former unsaved identity or way of life, or from having fellowship, or “oneness,” with people of other faiths. That’s just the way it is – “be holy for I am holy” (see 1 Peter 1:16).

2. There’s Only One God

We know that there’s only one God, but people of other faiths don’t know that, and will never acknowledge that unless they get saved by Christ. Because of this, it will be hard, even impossible, to unite with them.

I read a recent report about a Quran that had Christian verses in it, made by a Muslim and a Christian. Honestly, while it is a noble desire for them to let both faiths see each other in a different light, the truth remains that God cannot be friends with other gods. Who are we to think that God will just shake hands with another?

God said in Exodus 20:7, “You must not have any other god but me.”

3. Following Christ Means Following Christ

Jesus Himself said that He came bringing a sword (see Matthew 10:34; Luke 12:51). Christ Himself is the dividing line that separates those who love and follow God from those who don’t. While Christ came to save the whole world, He made it a point that those who will follow Him must deny themselves. This means denying fellowship with peoples of other faiths if it means compromising our belief in Christ.

Separate Yourself

Friends, it’s a noble desire to be able to befriend people from another faith. However, we must never let that desire overpower the fact and truth that we must separate ourselves from ungodly beliefs, thoughts and practices. God is holy, and expects us to follow suit.



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