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IRAN + UAE That Have Used Drones to Exterminate Christians of Ethiopia, Now Hit by M6.5 Earthquake

Posted by addisethiopia / አዲስ ኢትዮጵያ on November 15, 2021

የኢትዮጵያን ክርስቲያኖች ለማጥፋት የሞከሩት ኢራን + የተባበሩት አረብ ኤምሬትስ አሁን M6.5 የመሬት መንቀጥቀጥ ተመቱ።

💭 የጊዜ ጉዳይ ነው፤ በባቢሎን ዱባይ የሚገኘው የዓለማችን ረጅሙ ሰማይ ጠቀስ ሕንጻ፤ “ቡርጅ ኻሊፋ” እንደ ቀዳማዊቷ ባቢሎን ግምብ + እንደ ኢሽታር በር ሲደረማመስ የምናይበት ጊዜ ሩቅ አይደለም።

🎺 ሰባተኛው መለከት

❖❖❖[የዮሐንስ ራእይ ምዕራፍ ፲፩]❖❖❖

፲፭ ሰባተኛው መልአክ ነፋ፤ በሰማይም። የዓለም መንግሥት ለጌታችንና ለእርሱ ለክርስቶስ ሆነች፥ ለዘላለምም እስከ ዘላለም ይነግሣል

፲፮ የሚሉ ታላላቅ ድምፆች ሆኑ። በእግዚአብሔርም ፊት በዙፋኖቻቸው የተቀመጡ ሀያ አራቱ ሽማግሌዎች በግምባራቸው ተደፍተው

፲፯ ለእግዚአብሔር እየሰገዱ እንዲህ አሉ። ያለህና የነበርህ ሁሉን የምትገዛ ጌታ እግዚአብሔር ሆይ፥ ትልቁን ኃይልህን ስለ ያዝህ ስለ ነገሥህም እናመሰግንሃለን፤

፲፰ አሕዛብም ተቈጡ፥ ቍጣህም መጣ፥ በሙታንም ትፈርድ ዘንድ ዘመን መጣ፥ ለባሪያዎችህም ለነቢያትና ለቅዱሳን ስምህንም ለሚፈሩት ለታናናሾችና ለታላላቆችም ዋጋቸውን ትሰጥ ዘንድ፥ ምድርንም የሚያጠፉትን ታጠፋ ዘንድ ዘመን መጣ።

፲፱ በሰማይም ያለው የእግዚአብሔር መቅደስ ተከፈተ፥ የኪዳኑም ታቦት በመቅደሱ ታየ፥ መብረቅና ድምፅም ነጐድጓድም የምድርም መናወጥ ታላቅም በረዶ ሆነ።

💭 I believe this earthquake is The Almighty God-Egziabher’s wrath announcement-sign! The Ark of The Covenant is doing Its JOB! It’s just the beginning.

❖❖❖ [Revelation 11:15–19]❖❖❖

🎺 The Seventh Trumpet

“Then the seventh angel blew his trumpet, and there were loud voices in heaven, saying, “The kingdom of the world has become the kingdom of our Lord and of his Christ, and she shall reign forever and ever.” And the twenty-four elders who sit on their thrones before God fell on their faces and worshiped God, saying, We give thanks to you, Lord God Almighty, who is and who was, for you have taken your great power and begun to reign. The nations raged, but your wrath came, and the time for the dead to be judged, and for rewarding your servants, the prophets and saints, and those who fear your name, both small and great, and for destroying the destroyers of the earth.” Then God’s temple in heaven was opened, and the ark of his covenant was seen within his temple. There were flashes of lightning, rumblings, peals of thunder, an earthquake, and heavy hail.”

💭 Five million civilians are in need of food aid as a result of the conflict, and yet the fascist Oromo regime of Ethiopia is still shopping for drones and other arms. Very evil, very wicked! There are no historical parallels to what has happened in Tigray.

🔥 The weapons airlift to criminal fascist Oromo regime of evil Abiy Ahmed Ali

The war that Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed and President Isaias Afwerki have been waging against Tigray for over a year has been fuelled by drones provided by Turkey, China and Iran. Arming by these states has been openly discussed – but not the airlift of the weapons themselves.

☆ China has been reportedly provided Wing Loong drone to Addis.

☆ Turkey has supplied drones to Ethiopia after a visit to Ankara on 18 August 2021 by Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed Ali.

☆ In August 2021 it was reported that “Ethiopia has managed to secure a hasty contract with Iran for the delivery of a number of Mohajer-6 unmanned combat aerial vehicles (UCAVs).”

☆ Israel is apparently one of the outside powers that has refused to provide military drones to Ethiopia.


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