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Abiy’s 😈 Offensive Against Tigray Collapses: Dreams of a ‘New Ethiopia’ Arise

Posted by addisethiopia / አዲስ ኢትዮጵያ on October 31, 2021

😇 ገብርኤል 👉 ማርያም 👉 ኡራኤል 👉 ጊዮርጊስ 👉 ተክለ ሐይማኖት 👉 ዮሴፍ 👉 መድኃኔ ዓለም

👉 Courtesy: Daily Mavrick

💭 ግራኝ አህመድ😈 በትግራይ ላይ ያነጣጠረ ጥቃት ፈርሷል፡ የአዲሲቷ ኢትዮጵያ ህልሞች ተነሱ።

💭 My Note: Yeah! That’s why we are „Addis Ethiopia/ አዲስ ኢትዮጵያ” = New Ethiopia

💭 One year after Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed sent in troops who committed unspeakable atrocities in an attempt to crush the rebellious Tigray region, the army that he sought to vanquish is heading down the highway towards Addis Ababa. The fate of the Nobel Peace Prize laureate’s regime now hangs in a precarious balance

Over the weekend, fighters from the Tigrayan Defence Force seized control of parts of Dessie, a city 400km from Addis Ababa, and captured Kembolcha, with its major airport.

Abiy gambled everything on a massive offensive that he launched on 9 October, throwing tens of thousands of poorly trained and poorly equipped rookies into the fight and bragging that it would take 10 days to recapture Mekelle, the Tigray capital.

That offensive has collapsed.

Over the weekend, fighters from the Tigrayan Defence Force (TDF) seized control of parts of Dessie, a city 400km from Addis Ababa, and captured Kembolcha, with its major airport. The French analyst René Lefort wrote that in 1991 when the Ethiopian People’s Revolutionary Democratic Front (EPRDF) overthrew Mengistu Haile Mariam’s military junta (the Derg), it took them only a few days to travel from Dessie to Addis.

Some of the TDF military leaders were among those who liberated Addis that day, among them General Tsadkan Gebretensae, the TDF commander and military strategist who is credited with outplaying and outfoxing Abiy’s forces. No one knows the geography of the country or the road into Addis better than he does.

Having failed with the ground attack, the Ethiopian air force has repeatedly bombed Mekelle over the past fortnight, killing many civilians. The Amhara ethno-nationalists have resorted to ever more extreme language, with calls for the extermination of the Tigrayans that were reminiscent of Rwanda in 1994.

How was this setback possible, with Abiy holding such a huge advantage in numbers against a largely guerrilla force from a landlocked province, without an air force or international support? Why have the sophisticated weaponry and drones from Iran, Turkey and China proved no match for this low-tech army of footsoldiers?

“PM Abiy threw an ill-trained peasant army against a battle-hardened, formidable army with an iron will to fight and expected to win,” explained Rashid Abdi, the Kenyan expert on the Horn of Africa.

Ethiopia is a multi-ethnic country with a long history of inter-ethnic conflict, violence and resentment. The country has 80 ethnic groups, but the top five — Oromo, Amhara, Tigrayan, Afar and Somali — represent 85% of the population.

The political system that kept these tensions in check has been breaking down for decades and the forces of violent ethno-nationalism have grown.

The immediate trigger for the military conflict was Tigray’s decision to hold an unauthorised election in 2020 after Abiy postponed the country’s elections, citing Covid-19 as a pretext.

On 4 November 2020, Abiy sent a combination of ENDF troops, the Eritrean military and Amhara militias into Tigray, claiming he was responding to an attack by the Tigray military on a federal military camp.

Abiy sought to exploit the anti-Tigrayan resentment of the Amhara ethno-nationalists to crush the Tigrayans, who had been dominant in the country’s political system during the authoritarian rule of Meles Zenawi between 1991 and 2012. After Abiy’s succession to power in 2015, they remained a significant check on his power.

The ensuing conflict has been particularly violent, with upwards of several hundred thousand dead — but these are just estimates; no one seems to be counting and few independent reporters have been near the battlefields. Reports of atrocities have been random and episodic.

After the November invasion drove the TDF into the mountains, the Amhara fighters were accused of ethnic cleansing of Tigrayan villages and Amnesty International claimed that troops from Eritrea massacred hundreds of unarmed Tigrayan civilians in the town of Axum.

The turning point in the war came in June, when the TDF routed the ENDF and recaptured Mekelle. Since then, it has been a slow march to the south and the east, a war on several fronts, while Abiy tried to rebuild his army; he also signed military cooperation agreements with Russia and Turkey.

Abiy has attempted to starve the encircled Tigray into submission by blocking food aid convoys from reaching up to a million people, mostly women and children, who are near starvation. UN officials who complained of this use of hunger as a weapon — a war crime — were expelled from the country.

Abiy’s incitement of ethnic hatred in a combustible world further undermined the standing of this former hero of progressives worldwide, who won the Nobel Peace Prize a short two years ago.

His legacy, if he falls, will be a shattered country and ruined economy. With the destruction of the ENDF, and the Eritreans staying out of the recent fighting, the conflict could be entering a new phase between the Tigrayans and the Amhara that will go on even after Abiy has fallen. The more extreme Amhara faction has launched a “call to arms”.

The Tigrayans are mindful of the fact that they represent less than 5% of the country’s population and cannot rule Ethiopia alone, so they have been building alliances with other ethnic groups and political movements.

Their victories this weekend coincided with Abiy’s recent losses on other fronts to the Oromo Liberation Army (OLA), now allied with the Tigrayans. There are reports that the Tigrayans have agreed to let the OLA be the ones to march into Addis, an important symbolic gesture — but the OLA do not have the same firepower as the TDF.

😈 The Oromo should be the big winners, but they are divided between those in opposition and those in Abiy’s Prosperity Party. Abiy himself is Oromo, but his support within that group is mixed.

Further ethnic conflict will cause broader turmoil in the Horn of Africa that was highlighted this past week with a military coup in Sudan.

The brutality and hatred that has been aroused by the war have cast doubt on the very survival of Ethiopia. But Ethiopia is a multi-ethnic country and dismembering it, similar to what happened to Yugoslavia in the 1990s, might precipitate a level of death and suffering that is unimaginable.

The only alternative is a national conference, an attempt to forge a viable compact, one that, unlike the EPRDF victory in 1991, opens itself to the many voices and groups in Ethiopia. Echoing South Africa’s Codesa process of the early 1990s, the call has gone out for a “new Ethiopia”.

The response of the international community, including the African Union, to the crisis in Ethiopia, has ranged from negligent to complicit. It has so far failed to construct any kind of useful framework for peace. We can only hope that in the months ahead, with a potential changing of the guard in Addis, that will change.



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U A E Wartime Deliveries To Ethiopia: Lucifer’s Crescent Moon & Star vía Red Crescent

Posted by addisethiopia / አዲስ ኢትዮጵያ on October 31, 2021

➡ The Cargo Cleared For Print: U. A. E. Wartime Deliveries To Ethiopia

የተባበሩት አረብ ኤሚራቶች በአምቡላንስ ‘እርዳታ’ በኩል የጦር መሣሪያ እና የሉሲፈርን ሩብ ጨረቃ እና ኮከብ ወደ ኢትዮጵያ አስገብተዋል። ልክ ከአንድ ሺህ አራት መቶ ዓመታት በፊት እንዳደረጉት። በድሮን ብቻ የሠሩት ወንጀል አልበቃቸውም!

💭 My Note: This was exactly my thought when I heard this news, and saw the Satanic Crescent moon & star aka „Red Crescent„. Those deadly UAE drone that massacred thousands of Tigrayans is not enough. Dr. Liya Tadesse, Minister of Health is even dressed in green to thank her Emirati ‘ambulance’ deliverer. During the crusades, Islamic soldiers wore green to identify themselves.

👉 I wrote a few months earlier this:

💭 Connecting the dots:

According to this new report rightly described as “horrifying”, Ethiopian Airlines is transporting weapons to Tigray via its commercial flight. Using commercial flight to transport weapons is prohibited worldwide.

It is very curious; preparing for The #TigrayGenocide evil Abiy Ahmed and his luciferian overlords brought Tigrayans to occupy key positions nationally and internationally:

👉 Mr Tewolde Gebre Mariam Tesfay, Chief Executive Officer of Ethiopian Airlines

👉 His Holiness Abune Mathias, Patriarch of the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church

👉 Dr. Lia Tadesse Gebremedhin, Minister of Health of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia

👉 Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus. Director-General of the World Health Organization

💭 JUNE 16, 2018

UAE Gave to evil Jihadi Abiy Ahmed Ali $3 billion so that he could destroy Ethiopia.

💭 The Cargo Cleared For Print: U. A. E. Wartime Deliveries To Ethiopia

👉 Courtesy: ORYX

The number of cargo flights between the United Arab Emirates and Ethiopia has left little doubt that the U A E has taken an active role in supporting the Ethiopian military in its fight against Tigray forces in the northern parts of Ethiopia. In two months, some 70 Il-76 cargo aircraft flying out of the U A E landed in Ethiopia. While some of the large cargo aircraft appear to have landed at Addis Ababa international airport, in most other cases they landed at Harar Meda air base, undoubtedly to unload their military cargo away from prying eyes and cameras.

Still, relatively little is known about the types of weaponry and other military equipment that the U A E has supplied to the Ethiopian National Defence Force ENDF. What is known is that the Ethiopian military is deploying a large VTOL type unmanned combat aerial vehicle UCAV armed with two mortar rounds supplied by the U A E, while Ethiopia’s Republican Guard makes use of at least three types of Emirati-supplied carbines and sniper rifles. It is likely only a matter of time before more U A E-supplied weaponry starts showing up in footage from the war in Tigray.

In the meantime, the Ethiopian government made a rare acknowledgement regarding some of the equipment received from the U A E. But rather than consisting of guns or ammunition, the donated cargo on this occasion instead consisted of 50 Toyota Land Cruiser ambulances equipped for basic emergency services. The delivery of 50 ambulances would account for the cargo content of seventeen out of 68 confirmed flights by Il-76s to Ethiopia. This means that the content of 51 Il-76 cargo aircraft is unaccounted for, likely consisting of various types of armament that have yet to make their public debut in Ethiopia.

Although one might argue that the delivery of ambulances to Ethiopia’s health sector is completely unrelated to the conflict in the Tigray Region, the U A E’s decision to supply Ethiopia with Toyota Land Cruisers as ambulances strongly suggests that most of these vehicles will immediately be pressed into service with the Ethiopian military in the Tigray Region instead. The excellent off-road capabilities of the Toyota Land Cruiser 4×4 and the fact that the vehicles appear to have been drawn from military stocks, judging by their khaki paintjob certainly hints that this is indeed their intended use.

At least part of the contents carried aboard the U A E air bridge between Ethiopia and the U A E has meanwhile been identified. Their ostensibly civilian status set aside, it doesn’t seem far-fetched that many of these ambulances will end up being used on the frontline to transport wounded Ethiopian soldiers to hospitals. If this indeed is the case, it will be just one more facet of a conflict that is still growing in its totality, forcing its unwilling participants to commit ever greater amounts of manpower and equipment lest they eventually succumb to the pressures of war.



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Gunda Gundo St. Mary’s Monastery | ገዳም ቅድስት ማርያም ጉንዳ ጉንዶ

Posted by addisethiopia / አዲስ ኢትዮጵያ on October 31, 2021

❖ ❖ ❖

👉 ገብርኤል 👉 ማርያም 👉 ኡራኤል 👉 ጊዮርጊስ 👉 ተክለ ሐይማኖት 👉 ዮሴፍ 👉 መድኃኔ ዓለም

The monastery of Gunda Gundo is one of the oldest and most famous monasteries of Ethiopia. It was founded by Stephanites in the 14th century. Its immense church is one of the largest ancient buildings in northern Ethiopia. Gunda Gundo has a large library of rare manuscripts, including famous Gospels with distinctive illuminations in what is known to art historians as “Gunda Gundo style”. In earlier years it is believed to have had a scriptorium which supplied manuscripts to other churches and monasteries. Among historic objects in their church, priests show a large bed that belonged to Sebagadis.


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አባቶቻችን አንተን ተማመኑ፥ ተማመኑ አንተም አዳንሃቸው ✞

Posted by addisethiopia / አዲስ ኢትዮጵያ on October 31, 2021

👉 ገብርኤል 👉 ማርያም 👉 ኡራኤል 👉 ጊዮርጊስ 👉 ተክለ ሐይማኖት 👉 ዮሴፍ 👉መድኃኔ ዓለም

ጽዮናውያን ሆይ፤ ሁሌ እግዚአብሔርን ብቻ እናምልከው፣ ቅዱሳኑን እና ጽዮን ማርያምን እናስታውሳቸው፤ ለድል ያበቁን፣ እያበቁን ያሉትና ለወደፊትም የሚያበቁን እኮ እነርሱ ብቻ ናቸው። ሕዝባችን ከረሃብ፣ ከበሽታ፣ ከስቃይ እና ከዲያብሎስ ባርነት ሙሉ በሙሉ ነፃ ይወጣል፤ የዚህ ድል ባለቤቶች እግዚአብሔር፣ ቅዱሳኑ፣ እናታችን ጽዮን ማርያም እና ጽላተ ሙሴ እንጂ የሰው ልጅ፣ ዲያብሎሳዊው የአብዮታዊ ዲሞክራሲ እና የብሔር ብሔረሰቦች ተረተረት፣ ስጋዊው/ባሕላዊው “ትግራዋይነት”፣ ኃያላን ሃገራት፣ ክልሎች፣ ሕወሓቶች፣ የሉሲፈር ኮከብ ያረፈበት ባንዲራና የመሀመዳውያኑ ‘ካባ’ ድንጋይ ጥምጣሞች አይደሉም። ይህ በጽዮናውያን ታሪክ አክሱም ኢትዮጵያውያን ለሺህ ጊዜ ሲጎናጸፉት የነበረውን የድል አክሊል ዛሬም በድጋሚ በዓይናችን አይተነዋልና ለዚህ ድል የሚያበቁንን እግዚአብሔር አምላካችንን፣ እናታችን ጽዮን ማርያምንን፣ ቅዱሳኑን እና ጽላተ ሙሴን ለሰከንድ እንኳን ከማመስገድ ልንቆጠብ አይገባንም።

ከሠላሳ ዓመታት በፊት የወያኔን በደርግ ላይ ድል መንሳት እና አዲስ አበባ መግባት አስመልክቶ በጣም ተደንቆ የዘገበው እንግሊዛዊው ጋዜጠኛና ደራሲ ግርሃም ሃንኮክ/ Graham Hancock „The Sign and The Seal“ በተሰኘው መጽሐፉ፤ “ትግራዋያን በረሃብ እየተሰቃዩ ለዚህ ድል የበቁበት ኃይል የተገኘው ሌላ ከየትም ሊሆን አይችልም ከጽላተ ሙሴ ነው።” ብሎ ነበር። የሚገርም ነው፤ ግራሃም ሃንኮክ ከቴምፕላሮች ጋር በተያያዝ ያለሆነ መላምት ይዞ ቢመጣም፤ ይህን በተመለከተ ግን የመንፈሳዊ ደረጃው ከደራሲው ፍሰሐ ያዜ (በሳጥናኤል ጎል ኢትዮጵያ፤ እንደተቀሩት የአማራ ልሂቃን “አማራ፣ አማራ” በማለቱ) በእኔ እይታ ትንሽ ከፍ ብሎ ይታያል ።

ገና ብዙ መንፈሳዊ ተጋድሎ የሚጠብቃቸውና እስከ ሞቃዲሾ እና ካርቱም የሚዘለቁትን እግዚአብሔር ለጽዮናውያኑ ኢትዮጵያውያን የሰጣቸውን የእነ አብረሃ ወጽበሃ ምድር ሁሉ ነፃ በማውጣቱ ረገድ (መለኮታዊ ግዴታቸው ነው! ይህን ካላደረጉ ዲያብሎስ ያሸንፋቸዋልና) የዛሬይቷ መንደረ ትግራይ ጽዮናውያን ወገኖቼ በእግዚአብሔር፣ በቅዱሳኑ፣ በጽዮን ማርያም እና በጽላተ ሙሴ ኃይል ሁሌ እንደሚያሸንፉና ዛሬም በእርሱ እርዳታ ድል እንደሚቀዳጁ ምንም አልጠራጠረም። መከራው እንዳይከፋ ምናልባት ዛሬም ኢ-አማኒ የህዋሓት አባላት ካሉ (ከዚህ ሁሉ ጉድ በኋላ ሊኖሩ አይገባቸውም) ወደ እግዚአብሔር እጃቸውን ዘርግተውና እንደ አደዋው ድል ቅዱሳት ጽላቶቻቸውን ተሸክመው ወደ እያንዳንዷ የዋቄዮ-አላህ-ዲያብሎስ መደበቂያ ዋሻ መዝመት ይኖርባቸዋል። በድብቅም ቢሆን ይህን እያደረጉ እንደሆነ የደሴው ዘመቻቸው የሚጠቁመን ነገር አለ። ኢ-ዓማኒው የሩሲያው/ሶቪየት ሕበረት ኮሙኒስት መሪ ጆሴፍ ስታሊን እንኳን በሁለተኛው የዓለም ጦርነት የጀርመኖች ወረራ ወቅት አዘግቷቸው የነበሩትን ገዳማትና ዓብያተ ክርስቲያናት እንዲከፈቱ እና ሰራዊቱም የእምበቴታችን ስዕሎች ተሸክሞ እንዲወጣ ትዕዛዝ ሰጥቶ ነበር።

ጽዮናውያን ስንት መስዋዕት ከፍለው ልክ ደሴና ኮምቦልቻ ሲደርሱ ፥ አምና ሻሸመኔን እና አጣዬን ያጋያቸው የፋሺስቱ ግራኝ ኦሮሞ አገዛዝ ግራ ክንፍ፡ “OLA“ ዛሬ በኬሚሴ ከሃጅ ጂሃድ ቀሚስ ወጥቶ “አለሁ! ኢኔ! ኬኛ” አለን! ዋው!

ደሴ በነገራችን ላይ ከፍተኛ የመንፈሳዊ እና መለኮታዊ ጸጋ የነበራቸው/ያላቸው ታላቁ ንጉሠ ነገሥት አፄ ዮሐንስ ነበሩ የቆረቆሯት። በቦታው የሆነ ደስ የሚል ነገር ስለታያቸው ነበር ከተማዋን “ደሴ” ብለው የሰየሟት። አሁን “ወሎ፣ ወረኢሉ፣ ወረባቦ ወዘተ” ተብለው በዋቄዮ-አላህ-አቴቴ እርኩስ መንፈስ የተሰየሙት ቦታዎች ሁሉ ሌላ መጠሪያ መያዝ ይኖርባቸዋል። መጠሪያዎቻቸው እካሁንም ድረስ የቆየው፤ በአማራዎች ደካማነትና ስንፍና እንዲሁም ያላግባብ በጋልኛ ቋንቋ እንዲጠሩ የተደረጉትን የቦታዎችን ስም ይለውጡ ዘንድ አፄ ምኒልክ የአፄ ዮሐንስን ምክር ባለመስማታቸው ነው።

✞✞✞[መዝሙረ ዳዊት ምዕራፍ ፳፩]✞✞✞

፩ አምላኬ፥ አምላኬ፥ ለምን ተውኸኝ? እኔን ከማዳንና ከጩኸቴ ቃል ሩቅ ነህ።

፪ አምላኬ፥ በቀን ወደ አንተ እጠራለሁ፥ አልመለስህልኝም፤ በሌሊትም እንኳ ዕረፍት የለኝም።

፫ በእስራኤል የተመሰገንህ አንተ ግን በቅድስና ትኖራለህ።

፬ አባቶቻችን አንተን ተማመኑ፥ ተማመኑ አንተም አዳንሃቸው።

፭ ወደ አንተ ጮኹ አመለጡም፥ አንተንም ተማመኑ አላፈሩም።

፮ እኔ ግን ትል ነኝ ሰውም አይደለሁም፤ የሰው ማላገጫ በሕዝብም ዘንድ የተናቅሁ ነኝ።

፯ የሚያዩኝ ሁሉ ይላገዱብኛል፤ ራሳቸውን እየነቀነቁ በከንፈሮቻቸው እንዲህ ይላሉ።

፰ በእግዚአብሔር ተማመነ፥ እርሱንም ያድነው፤ ቢወድደውስ ያድነው።

፱ አንተ ግን ከሆድ አውጥተኸኛልና፥ በእናቴ ጡት ሳለሁም በአንተ ታመንሁ።

፲ ከማኅፀን ጀምሮ በአንተ ላይ ተጣልሁ፤ ከእናቴ ሆድ ጀምረህ አንተ አምላኬ ነህ።

፲፩ ጭንቀት ቀርባለችና የሚረዳኝም የለምና ከእኔ አትራቅ።

፲፪ ብዙ በሬዎች ከበቡኝ፥ የሰቡትም ፍሪዳዎች ያዙኝ፤

፲፫ እንደ ነጣቂና እንደሚጮኽ አንበሳ በላዬ አፋቸውን ከፈቱ።

፲፬ እንደ ውኃ ፈሰስሁ፤ አጥንቶቼም ሁሉ ተለያዩ፤ ልቤ እንደ ሰም ሆነ፥ በአንጀቴም መካከል ቀለጠ።

፲፭ ኃይሌ እንደ ገል ደረቀ፥ በጕሮሮዬም ምላሴ ተጣጋ፥ ወደ ሞትም አሸዋ አወረድኸኝ።

፲፮ ብዙ ውሾች ከብበውኛልና፤ የክፋተኞች ጉባኤም ያዘኝ፤ እጆቼንና እግሮቼን ቸነከሩኝ።

፲፯ አጥንቶቼ ሁሉ ተቈጠሩ፤ እነርሱም አዩኝ ተመለከቱኝም።

፲፰ ልብሶቼን ለራሳቸው ተከፋፈሉ፥ በቀሚሴም ላይ ዕጣ ተጣጣሉ።

፲፱ አንተ ግን፥ አቤቱ፥ ከእኔ አትራቅ፤ አንተ ጕልበቴ፥ እኔን ለመርዳት ፍጠን።

፳ ነፍሴን ከሰይፍ አድናት፥ ብቻነቴንም ከውሾች እጅ።

፳፩ ከአንበሳ አፍ አድነኝ፥ ብቻነቴንም አንድ ቀንድ ካላቸው።

፳፪ ስምህን ለወንድሞቼ እነግራቸዋለሁ፥ በጉባኤም መካከል አመሰግንሃለሁ።

፳፫ እግዚአብሔርን የምትፈሩ፥ አመስግኑት፤ የያዕቆብ ዘር ሁላችሁ፥ አክብሩት፥ የእስራኤልም ዘር ሁላችሁ፥ ፍሩት።

፳፬ የችግረኛን ችግር አልናቀምና፥ ቸልም አላለምና፤ ፊቱንም ከእኔ አልሰወረምና፥ ነገር ግን ወደ እርሱ በጮኽሁ ጊዜ ሰማኝ።

፳፭ በታላቅ ጉባኤ ምስጋናዬ ከአንተ ዘንድ ነው። እርሱን በሚፈሩት ፊት ስእለቴን እሰጣለሁ።

፳፮ ችግረኞች ይበላሉ፥ ይጠግቡማል፤ እግዚአብሔርንም የሚሹት ያመሰግኑታል፤ ልባቸውም ለዘላለም ሕያው ይሆናል።

፳፯ የምድር ዳርቻዎች ሁሉ ያስቡ፥ ወደ እግዚአብሔርም ይመለሱ፤ የአሕዛብ ነገዶች ሁሉ በፊቱ ይሰግዳሉ።

፳፰ መንግሥት ለእግዚአብሔር ነውና፥ እርሱም አሕዛብን ይገዛል።

፳፱ የምድር ደንዳኖች ሁሉ ይበላሉ ይሰግዳሉም፤ ወደ መሬት የሚወርዱት ሁሉ በፊቱ ይንበረከካሉ፤ ነፍሴም ስለ እርሱ በሕይወት ትኖራለች።

፴ ዘሬ ይገዛለታል፤ የምትመጣው ትውልድ ለእግዚአብሔር ትነግረዋለች፤

፴፩ ጽድቁንም ለሚወለደው ሕዝብ፥ እግዚአብሔር ያደረገውን ጽድቁን፥ ይነግራሉ።

✞✞✞[መዝሙረ ዳዊት ምዕራፍ ፳፪]✞✞✞

፩ እግዚአብሔር እረኛዬ ነው፥ የሚያሳጣኝም የለም።

፪ በለመለመ መስክ ያሳድረኛል፤ በዕረፍት ውኃ ዘንድ ይመራኛል።

፫ ነፍሴን መለሳት፥ ስለ ስሙም በጽድቅ መንገድ መራኝ።

፬ በሞት ጥላ መካከል እንኳ ብሄድ አንተ ከእኔ ጋር ነህና ክፉን አልፈራም፤ በትርህና ምርኵዝህ እነርሱ ያጸናኑኛል።

፭ በፊቴ ገበታን አዘጋጀህልኝ በጠላቶቼ ፊት ለፊት ራሴን በዘይት ቀባህ፥ ጽዋዬም የተረፈ ነው።

፮ ቸርነትህና ምሕረትህ በሕይወቴ ዘመን ሁሉ ይከተሉኛል፥ በእግዚአሔርም ቤት ለዘላለም እኖራለሁ።

✞✞✞[መዝሙረ ዳዊት ምዕራፍ ፳፫]✞✞✞

፩ ምድርና ሞላዋ ለእግዚአብሔር ናት፥ ዓለምም በእርስዋም የሚኖሩ ሁሉ።

፪ እርሱ በባሕሮች መሥርቶአታልና፥ በፈሳሾችም አጽንቶአታልና።

፫ ወደ እግዚአብሔር ተራራ ማን ይወጣል? በቅድስናውስ ስፍራ ማን ይቆማል?

፬ እጆቹ የነጹ፥ ልቡም ንጹሕ የሆነ፥ ነፍሱን ለከንቱ ያላነሣ፥ ለባልንጀራውም በሽንገላ ያልማለ።

፭ እርሱ ከእግዚአብሔር ዘንድ በረከትን ከመድኃኒቱ አምላክም ምሕረትን ይቀበላል።

፮ ይህች ትውልድ እርሱን የምትፈልግ ናት፥ የያዕቆብን አምላክ ፊት የምትፈልግ።

፯ እናንት መኳንንቶች፥ በሮችን ክፈቱ፥ የዘላለም ደጆችም ይከፈቱ፥ የክብርም ንጉሥ ይግባ።

፰ ይህ የክብር ንጉሥ ማን ነው? እግዚአብሔር ነው፥ ብርቱና ኃያል፥ እግዚአብሔር ነው፥ በሰልፍ ኃያል።

፱ እናንተ መኳንንቶች፥ በሮችን ክፈቱ፥ የዘላለም ደጆችም ይከፈቱ፥ የክብርም ንጉሥ ይግባ።

፲ ይህ የክብር ንጉሥ ማን ነው? የጭፍሮች አምላክ እግዚአብሔር፥ እርሱ የክብር ንጉሥ ነው።


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፲፱፻፳፰/ 1928 ዓ.ም | ኤርትራውያን + ኦሮሞዎች + አማራዎች ከፋሺስት ጣልያን ጎን ተሰለፈው ክርስቲያን ሰሜናውያንን ደበደቧቸው | የደሴ ጭፍጨፋ

Posted by addisethiopia / አዲስ ኢትዮጵያ on October 30, 2021

👉 ገብርኤል 👉 ማርያም 👉 ኡራኤል 👉 ጊዮርጊስ 👉 ተክለ ሐይማኖት 👉 ዮሴፍ 👉 መድኃኔ ዓለም

👉 ከዘጠና ዓመታት በፊት፤

💭 Friday, 6 December 1935

ዓርብ, ኅዳር ፳፮/26 ፡ ፲፱፻፳፰/ 1928 .

በደሴ የቦምብ ጥቃት ሪፖርቶች የፋሺስት ጣልያን ሽብርተኝነት ተረጋግጧል

በሰው ልጅ ታሪክ ከተመዘገቡት እጅግ ኢሰብአዊ ድርጊቶች አንዱ


“One of the Most Inhuman Acts on Record”

💭 Tuesday, 4 May1934 /ማክሰኞ፡ ሚያዝያ ፳፮ /26፡ ፲፱፻፳፱/1929 .

ልክ እንደዛሬው፤ ተጋሩ ለተዋሕዶ እና ለኢትዮጵያ ደማቸውን ሲያፈሱ፤ ያኔም፤ ከሃዲ ባንዳ ኤርትራውያን፣ ኦሮሞዎች እና አማራዎች ግን ከፋሺስት ጣልያን ጎን ተሰለፈው ክርስቲያን ሰሜናውያንን ለመጨፍጨፍ በጣልያኗ የኤርትራ ሞንቴ ሳክሮ ካምፕ አሽከሮቹ እንዲህ ይሰለጥኑ ነበር፤ ፋሺስቱ ሙሶሊኒ እንደ ግራኝ ባንዳዎቹን ሲጎበኛቸው፤ “አይፈራም፥ አይፈራም ጎበዝ” ፤ “አይፈራም፥ አይፈራም ሞሶሎኒ” ሲሉ ይሰማሉ። ልክ ዛሬ ፕሮቴስታንቱ፣ ሙስሊሙ እና የዋቄዮአላህ ጭፍሮች ሁሉ የኦሮሞ ፋሺስት አገዛዙን ሰአራዊት ወደ አክሱም ጽዮን ባርኮ እንደላከው የሮማ ካቶሊክ ቤተ ክርስቲያንም የፋሺስቱን ሰራዊት ባርካ ወደ ኢትዮጵያ ላከችው።

😈 በወቅቱ በወለጋ ጠቅላይ ግዛት የሚኖሩ ከ፳፭/25 በላይ የሚሆኑ ባላባቶች/እባብ ገንዳዎች፤ “እኛ የወለጋ ሕዝብ. . . የኢጣልያን መንግሥት ተቀብለን በሠላም እንገባለን” ብለው ለሙሶሎኒ የጻፉት ደብዳቤ ከጣሊያን ማሕደር የተገኘ ነው። ይህ አባብ ገንዳ ባንዶቹ ለፋሺስት ጣልያን ከጻፏቸው ብዙ ደብዳቤዎቻቸው መካከል አንዱ ነው።

💭 ታሪክ እራሷን እየደገመች ነው!

በናዝሬት፣ ደብረዘይት፣ ጅማ፣ አዲስ አበባ እና በሌሎች የኦሮሚያ ከተሞችና መንደሮች ተጋሩ በኦሮሞዎችና አማራዎች ተለቅመው እየታገቱና እየተገደሉ ነው!ንብረቶቻቸውንም ሁሉ እየተዘረፉ ነው። ግፍ መስራቱ ገና አልበቃቸውም፤ ያኔ ፋሺስት ጣልያን ያልሠራውን ግፍ ነው በዚህ ዘመን እየሠሩ ያሉት፤ የመጸጸት እንኳን ፍንጭ የለም! እንግዲህ ከመቶ ዓመታት በፊት ፳፯/27 ጥንታውያን የኢትዮጵያ ነገዶችን ከምድረገጽ ያጠፏቸው ኦሮሞዎች/ጋሎች እና ጭፍሮቻቸው ላለፉት 130 ዓመታት በጽዮናውያን ላይ የፈጸሙት በታሪክ የማይረሳ ግፍ በእግዚአብሔር ዘንድ በቪዲዮ ተቀርጿል፤ አቤት እይመጣባቸሁ ያለው መቅሰፍት!

🔥 Amhara & Oromos bombing Tigray – Using Rape, Hunger & Forced Resettlement (Mengistu did it back then, Abiy Ahmed is doing the same now) as a Weapon against People in Tigray for the past 130 years:-

👉 1. Menelik II. (1844 – 1913)

The Great Ethiopian Famine of 1888-1892

The great famine is estimated to have caused 3.5 million deaths. During Emperor Menelik’s Reign, Tigray was split into two regions, one of which he sold to the Italians who later named it Eritrea. Only two months after the death of Emperor Yohaness lV , Menelik signed the Wuchale treaty of 2 May 1889 conceding Eritrea to the Italians. It was not only Eritrea that Menelik gave away, he also had a hand in letting Djibouti be part of the French protectorate when he agreed the border demarcation with the French in 1887. Some huge parts of Tigray were put under Gonder. The Southern part, places like present day Alamata, Kobo etc were put under Wello Amhara administration.

👉 2. Haile Selassie (1892 – 1975)

In 1943, at the request of the Emperor Haile Selassie, the Royal British Airforce bombed two towns – Mekelle and Corbetta. Thousands of defenseless civilians lost their lives as a result of aerial bombardment. It is recorded that ‘on 14th October [1943] 54 bombs dropped in Mekelle, 6th October 14 bombs followed by another 16 bombs on 9thOctober in Hintalo, 7th/9th October 32 bombs in Corbetta’.

Between 2 and 5 million’ people died between 1958 and 1977 as a cumulative result. Haile Selassie, who was emperor at the time, refused to send any significant basic emergency food aid to the province of Tigray,

👉 3. Mengistu Hailemariam (1937 – )

1979 – 1985 + 1987

Due to organized government policies that deliberately multiplied the effects of the famine, around 1.2 million people died from this famine. Mengistu & his Children still alive & ‘well’ while Tigrayans starving again.

👉 4. Abiy Ahmed Ali (1976 – )

2018 – Until today: probably up to 500.000 already dead. 😠😠😠 😢😢😢 Unlike the past famine there is no natural or man-made drought, rather, Abiy simply uses war and hunger as a weapon. Abiy Ahmed sent his kids to America for safety, while bombing & starving Tigrayan kids!

💭 On 6 December 1935 Italians bombard Dessie village as Ethiopians fire anti aircraft guns in Ethiopia during the Ethiopian-Italian War.


“One of the Most Inhuman Acts on Record”


(Australian Associated Press.)

💥 LONDON. December 8.

Press correspondents confirm the earlier messages regarding the raid on Dessie and the bombing of the hospital, which is universally condemned as a violation of international law.

The “Daily Telegraph’s” correspondent at Dessie states that pitiful scenes were witnessed throughout Saturday night. The terrified inhabitants are fleeing to the mountains, carrying their belongings. Some are bearing on their backs crippled and wounded relatives, and mothers have their babies strapped to their bodies.

The American hospital is carrying on operations under the shattered roof. Doctors, working throughout the night, performed 32 amputations. The grounds of the Seventh Day Adventist hospital, where American journalists and photographers were quartered, presented a grim scene, being littered with wounded and dying. It is the opinion of foreign doctors that the bombing was

one of the most inhuman acts on record.

💥 LONDON, December 8.

The British United Press correspondent at Dessie states that an Italian aeroplane, numbered “97,” dropped a taunting message to the Emperor. “We

salute you, Negus. Did your umbrella do you any good today! How do you

like our biscuits?”

The Emperor has ordered the departure of all citizens and the town is now practically deserted. Only a few policemen and Red Cross officials are to be seen in the pot-holed streets. A communique here announces that the Italian troops have retired and are now fortifying the line from Aksum to Adowa and Adigrat with barbed wire and machine guns every hundred yards. Ras Gugsa, in a message to chiefs in Tigre, appeals to them to follow his example and join Italy, and thus save the country from ruin. Many chiefs have sent their copy of the leaflet to the Emperor.


The Addis Ababa correspondent of “The Times” states: “Private impartial sources state that the attack on the Red Cross at Dessie appeared most deliberate and suggested that the Italian fliers may have thought the Emperor was there. He was, however, in the Italian Consulate buildings.

“The Government denies that Dessie is a troop centre and declares that the only armed units are police. There is not a single anti-aircraft gun there, and only one machine gun, which the Emperor himself manned during the bombardment.”


💥 ROME, December 8.

The Government Spokesman has out-lined Signor Mussolini’s peace terms as

follows :

(1) The fulfillment of Italy’s right of colonial expansion.

(2) The fulfillment of Italy’s right to colonial security and defence.

(3) Consideration of the present military situation.

(4) Consideration of Italy’s economic requirements.

(5) Recognition of the difference be-tween Amharic and non-Amharic peoples

in Abyssinia in Italy’s favour, tantamount to reducing the present so-called

Empire to the central plateau south of the 14th parallel and the line of the eighth parallel and limited by the 24th and 40th meridians on the west and east.

It is explained that the frontier in the region of the 14th parallel takes into consideration the present military situation by allowing the establishment of Italian colonisation, civilisation, and exploitation of the ground already occu-

pied. The Italians declare that the voluntary withdrawal of their troops is out of the question.

It is thought unlikely that Haile Silassie would surrender such areas. Moreover, even if he consented, France probably would not abandon her already

reduced sphere of influence.


PARIS, December 8.

At the close of his conversations with Sir Samuel Hoare, which lasted the whole day, M. Laval issued the following statement this evening : “Animated by the same spirit of conciliation and friendship we have searched for a formula to serve as a basis for an amicable settlement of the Italo-Ethiopian conflict.

There is no question at pre-sent of making the result public. The British Government has not yet been informed, and once its adhesion is obtained it will be necessary to submit the formula to the governments interested and to the decision of the League. We have worked with one and the same desire, to assure as rapidly as possible a pacific, honourable settlement. We are both satisfied with the result reached.”

lt is clear that Sir Samuel Hoare and M. Laval have agreed to a tentative peace plan for submission to the League, Italy, and Abyssinia, but it must first receive the imprimatur of the British Cabinet, for which Mr Peterson is journeying to London tonight, carrying the momentous proposals. lt is reported that Sir Samuel and M. Laval agreed that if there is an unfavourable reception from Signor Mussolini, France and Britain will unquestionably recommended an oil embargo, to operate from January 1.In the meantime, at the request of the statesmen, there is no speculation on the terms of the plan, which are being kept strictly secret. All the Quaid’Orsay will admit is the total solidarity of British and French views.


LONDON, December 8.

The “Daily Telegraph’s” diplomatic correspondent in Paris states: “The French Government has accepted the British view that a workable solution will most likely be found in an ex-change of Italian and Abyssinian terri-tories, providing Italy with fertile areas in southern Abyssinia and Abyssinia with access to the sea. It will probably be found that an entirely new propo-sal will be made respecting Tigre.

“It is emphasised that complete soli-darity has been established between the French and British Governments. “All reports from Rome indicate that the proposals, the purport of which is apparently known in official circles, will

go further than anything hitherto sug-gested.”

💥 PARIS, December 8.

Well-informed sources state that the Ogaden and Danakil districts and the whole of Tigre, except the sacred city of Aksum, would be given to Italy,

which would receive sufficient land to accommodate 1,500,000 colonists, being

double the territories which Britain agreed should be given to Italy. If Italy refuses to cede Assab to Abys-sinia, Britain is ready to give up Zeila.

A French Minister who participated in some of the discussions, said: “I be-lieve we have done good work. If I were an Italian I would accept.”


ROME, December 9.

The Franco-British formulae as re-ported are regarded as a notable improvement on the Italian viewpoint and therefore deserving of consideration.


(Published in “The Times.”)

LONDON, December 8

An Italian statement from the Asmara corespondent of ” The Times” says :

“The four aeroplanes which re-visited Dessie on Saturday saw no vestige of the enemy’s forces, thousands of whose tents were visible on Friday, but the observers noted that the roof of nearly every house in the town was miraculously adorned with a bright red cross.”


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Far From Ethiopia War Front, Mass Arrests Ensnare Fearful Tigrayans.

Posted by addisethiopia / አዲስ ኢትዮጵያ on October 30, 2021

የጽዮናውያን ሰቆቃ በአዲስ አበባ❖

ፋሺስቱ የኦሮሞ አገዛዝ፤ “‘አሸባሪ’ የተባለና ‘የሚዋጋ’„OLF“ ወይንም “ኦነግ ሸኔ” የተባለ ቡድን “አለ” ብሎናል፤ ታዲያ ኦሮሞዎች በአዲስ አበባ ለምን እንደ ተጋሩ አይሰቃዩም?

እንግዲህ ተጋሩ ምርር ብሏቸው አዲስ አበባን እና መላዋ ኢትዮጵያን ለቀው እንዲወጡ የሚሰራ የኦሮሞዎች ሤራ መሆኑ ነው። ጽዮናውያንን ከምድረ ገጽ የማጥፋቱ ሤራ አካል ነው። የዘንዶውን አንገት መቁረጥ የሚችሉት ጽዮናውያን ብቻ መሆናቸውን ተረድተውታል። “ጽዮናውያንን ካስወገድን አማራውን፣ ሶማሌውን፣ አፋሩን እና ደቡቡን በቀላሉ መዋጥና መሰልቀጥ እንችላለን” የሚል ሃሳብ አላቸው። ለዚህም ነው ፋሺስቱ ግራኝ ዛሬ እነ ጄነራል አሳምነውን በገደለበት በባሕር ዳር ላይ፣ በወለጋ በአማራዎች/ተጋሩ ላይ ጭፍጨፋዎችን ባካሄደ ማግስትና በወሎ በአንድ ወር ብቻ እስከ መቶ ሺህ አማራዎችን ለዋቄዮ-አላህ-ዲያብሎስ አምላኩ በገበረ ማግስት በአማራው ላይ እየተሳለቀበት ያለው። ግራኝ እንኳን ወደ መቀሌ ወደ ደሴም ለመሄድ የማያስበው ነው፤ ወንድ የጠፋባት ባሕር ዳር ግን የሽርሽር ቦታው ናት፤ በጣና ሐይቅ ዙሪያ ለግብጾች የተከለላቸውን የንቦጭ ችግኝም ተዘዋውሮ ማየት አለበት። አቤት ቅሌት! አቤት ውርደት! አማራው በተገረፈ፣ በተረገጠና በተጨፈጨፈ ቁጥር በይበልጥ ተገዢና ባሪያ የመሆን ባሕርይ በማሳየት ላይ ነው። እውነትም “አድጊ!”። የተጋሩ አንዱ ድክመት፤ አማራውንም ሆነ ኦሮሞውን በሚገባ ለመርገጥና ለማሸት ባለመሻታቸው ነው።

አሁን የትግራይ አርበኞች አዲስ አበባ ከገቡ(ግዴታቸው ነው!)ይህ መለወጥ አለበት። እንግሊዛውያን አፄ ቴዎድሮስን የሕንድ ተዋጊዎችን አስገብተው ለመስዋዕት ያበቋቸው እንግሊዛውያን ታሰሩብን ብለው ነበር። ተጋሩም ይህን መስል ወኔ እና የፍትህ ትግል ማዳበር አለባቸው። በዚህች ምድር ላይ መኖር እስከፈለጉ ድረስ ከአይሁዳውያንም ብዙ ትምህርት መቅሰም ይኖርባቸዋል። የአዲስ አበባ ምርጥ ምርጥ ቤቶችን ያለምንም ይሉኝታ ለእያንዳንዱ የጽዮን አርበኛ መሸለም ተገቢ ነው። ትግራይን በኬሚካል በክለዋታል፣ በቦምብ አውድመዋታል፤ እስክትጸዳና እስክታንሰራራ ድረስ ምናልባት ሃምሳ ዓመት ሊወስድባት ይችላል። በአዲስ አበባ ተጋሩ ላይ ለሚፈጸመው ግፍ አጻፋ መልሱ ተጋሩ ብቻ የሚኖሩባቸውን የከተማ ክፍሎች በአዲስ አበባ፣ በናዝሬት፣ በደብረ ዘይትና በሐረር መቆርቆር ነው! በደቡብ የሚገኙ የእርሻ ቦታዎችንም በይፋ በድፍረት ለተጋሩ መሰጠት ይኖርባቸዋል። ብዙ መስዋዕት የከፈሉት የሩዋንዳ ቱሲዎችም ይህን ነው በማድረጋቸው ነው ከሩዋንዳ እስከ ኮንጎ ጸጥ ለጥ አድርገው በመግዛት ላይ ያሉት። ይሉኝታ ይብቃ!

ለመሆኑ አዲስ አበባን ሆነ ናዝሬትን ወይንም ሌላውን ኦሮሚያየተሰኘውን ሕገወጥ ክልል ለኦሮሞዎች ማን ሰጣቸውና? ማን በገነባ? ማን ባለማ? የበቀል ጊዜw በኦሮሞው ላይ እንዳይዞር፤ ከወዲሁ !’ ብለናል።

💭 የኢትዮጵያ ፖሊሶች በአዲስ አበባ ወደሚገኘውን ቤተ ክርስቲያን ጀምበር ሳትወጣ ዘልቀው በመግባት የቅዳሴ ሥነ ስርዓቱን ካቋረጡ በኋላ ፲፪/12 የሚሆኑ የትግርኛ ተናጋሪ ቄሶችንና መነኮሳትን በፒክ አፕ መኪና ተጭነው እንዲወሰዱ አስገድደዋቸዋል።

💭 “The Ethiopian police officers raided the cathedral in Addis Ababa before sunrise, interrupting prayers and forcing a dozen ethnic Tigrayan priests and monks into a pickup truck.”

አይ ኦሮሞ! አይ አማራ! ኢትዮጵያንና ተዋሕዶ ሃይማኖቷን ይህን ያህል አዋርዳችሁ የዓለም መሳለቂያ ታደርጓቸው?! ሰይጣንን በቅድስት ምድር ኢትዮጵያ ከአረብ ሃገራት እኩል እንዲህ በቀላሉ ታነግሱት ዋይ! ዋይ! ዋይ!

💭 They gave no explanation for the July raid, but there was no need: The detained men knew right away they were joining the thousands of Tigrayans rounded up for allegedly supporting the Tigray People’s Liberation Front TPLF rebel group.

For the past year, a mass campaign of arbitrary arrests targeting Tigrayans from all walks of life has played out in the capital Addis Ababa and elsewhere in Ethiopia — a mostly hidden feature of the relentless war in the country’s north.

Law enforcement leaders portray it as a legitimate effort to stamp out the TPLF, which they consider a terrorist organisation.

Yet AFP interviews with dozens of detainees, lawyers, justice officials and human rights activists reveal a more indiscriminate operation, ensnaring everyone from high-ranking military officers to ordinary day labourers.

Victims told AFP their experiences smacked of ethnic profiling, with cases built on threadbare evidence.

In the case of the detained clergymen, police held them for more than two weeks, accusing them of fundraising for the TPLF, burning Ethiopian flags and even plotting terrorist attacks themselves.

One of the monks said he could not help but laugh when an investigator asked where they hid their pistols.

“We told them we are men of faith, not politicians,” he told AFP, speaking on condition of anonymity for safety reasons.

“I don’t know where they get this information. But they are using it to kick Tigrayans’ legs out from under us, to make us live in fear.”

– Military purge –

The detentions began soon after war broke out in Ethiopia’s northernmost Tigray region in early November 2020, the culmination of months of rancour between Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed and the TPLF, which dominated national politics before Abiy took office in 2018.

At first, officials mainly targeted military personnel.

Two weeks after the first shots were fired, dozens of Tigrayan officers were summoned for a televised meeting in Addis Ababa, with state media airing the footage as evidence of the participants’ support for the government.

Yet later, at least three of the officers were arrested and had their homes searched for weapons before being locked up for allegedly conspiring to overthrow Abiy, family members told AFP.

Michael, whose father was among those arrested, said he was mystified by the move.

“He didn’t like to talk about politics,” Michael said of his father, a mid-level officer with a three-decade record of service.

“In fact, he used to scold us when we talked about politics.”

After a state media report in August said a military court had handed down death sentences to some “traitorous” officers, Michael’s worries deepened.

“I fear very much that they may apply the death sentence or life sentence to my father and the people around him,” he told AFP.

A military spokesman did not respond to a request for comment.

Nearly a year on, Michael’s father remains in custody at a military camp west of Addis Ababa.

With the right to receive visitors three times a week, he is one of the lucky ones, as thousands of others have been held incommunicado.

– Critics silenced –

As the war dragged on into 2021, the detentions steadily climbed, albeit slowly.

But they kicked back into high gear in late June after the TPLF mounted a stunning comeback, retaking control of most of the region including its capital Mekelle and prompting the military to largely withdraw.

Three nights after Mekelle was recaptured, five federal police officers and three plainclothes officers knocked at the Addis Ababa home of Alula, a Tigrayan activist who had been using his Facebook page to highlight massacres and gang rapes in Tigray.

They held him overnight at a police station in the capital, after which soldiers drove him to a military camp 200 kilometres 125 miles east, in the Afar region.

For the next seven weeks, Alula — not his real name — lived off one piece of bread and two cups of water each day.

The camp’s more than 1,000 detainees included journalists and politicians who had spoken out about the horrors of a conflict that has killed thousands and, according to the UN, pushed hundreds of thousands into famine-like conditions.

Alula was released, but he no longer feels safe discussing the war.

“If I do, I’ll get arrested again or maybe killed,” he told AFP.

Along with detentions, officials have closed thousands of “TPLF-supporting” businesses, something a trade ministry official boasted about to state media in September.

On a single block in Addis Ababa, seven bars and two hotels were closed in July because of “noise pollution”, a claim their owners dismiss as baseless.

“Basically they are imagining that Tigrayans were celebrating the TPLF’s advance,” bar owner Michael told AFP.

The closures, he added, are further evidence that officials are targeting all Tigrayans, not just active TPLF backers.

– ‘Every person is uncertain’ –

Given its secretive nature, the full scale of the crackdown is impossible to determine, said Fisseha Tekle, a researcher for Amnesty International who has investigated arbitrary arrests of Tigrayans.

Yet he noted that Amnesty has “received multiple reports” of more than 1,000 people held at one camp alone in “squalid” conditions.

Many detainees remain unaccounted for.

“Family members have travelled hundreds of kilometres in search of detained relatives. Others went round police stations in Addis searching for relatives,” he told AFP.

The arrests have also drawn criticism from some government officials.

In late September, Abraha Desta, a senior official in the Abiy-appointed Tigray interim administration, wrote on Facebook that the authorities had created an environment in which speaking Tigrinya, the Tigrayan language, “is considered a crime”.

The following day Abraha too was arrested, accused of a firearms violation and incitement.

Other officials have reportedly spoken out privately.

During a retreat in September in the city of Adama, Attorney General Gedion Timothewos scolded members of his office’s asset recovery directorate for being overzealous in going after Tigrayan business owners, according to several officials who attended.

At one point he accused the directorate of engaging in an “abuse of power” and called for an end to “ethnic profiling”, the officials told AFP.

Gedion, now the justice minister, did not respond to a request for comment.

Even if the arrests were to stop tomorrow, victims fear they have already severely corroded Ethiopia’s social fabric, especially in Addis Ababa, where Tigrayans once lived freely.

“It’s obvious that every person is uncertain… they don’t know what will happen tomorrow,” said one Tigrayan lawyer currently representing 90 fellow Tigrayans who are detained.

“Even myself, I am not confident. At any time they can detain me.”



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“Terror in Tigray: “The Ethiopian Refugee Crisis,” | VoA

Posted by addisethiopia / አዲስ ኢትዮጵያ on October 29, 2021

😇 ገብርኤል 👉 ማርያም 👉 ኡራኤል 👉 ጊዮርጊስ 👉 ተክለ ሐይማኖት 👉 ዮሴፍ 👉 መድኃኔ ዓለም

😇 “ዓለምን ሲያውኩት ያጋንንት ሥራቸው እንዳይተርፈን ለእኛ የእነርሱ ግብራቸው ገብርኤል በሰይፉ ቀጥቅጦ ጣላቸው፤ እናመልክት ለሱ እናስታውስ ጠዋት ማታ እንዲያስተራርቀን ለምኖ ከጌታ።”

😇 የዛሬው የቅዱስ ገብርኤል ዕለት 😈 አጋንንት በኃያሉ ተዋጊ ገብርኤል ሰይፍ ሙሉ በሙሉ ተቀጥቅጠው የሚጣሉበት ዘመን መጀመሪያ ነው።

አሁን ግን ላለፉት ሦስት ዓመታት፣ ለአንድ ዓመት ያህል ጽዮናውያንን አሳድደው፣ አስረበውና ጨፍጭፈው ከምድረ ገጽ ለማጥፋት የተነሳሱትን በተለይ በኦሮሞ እና አማራ ክልል የሚኖሩ ነዋሪዎች ለአንዴና ለመጨረሻ ጊዜ ማንበርከክ ግድ ይሆንባቸዋል። እስኪ እናስበው፤ አንድን ወገን በረሃብ ፈጅቶ ለመጨረስ ድንበር መዝጋት፣ እርዳታ መከልከል፣ ሰብል ማውደም፣ ምግብ መመረዝከዛ ይህ አልበቃ ብሎ የተራቡትን እና የታመሙትን ሕጻናት በአውሮፕላን ቦምብ እየጣለ ማሸበርና መገደል። ምን ያህል እርኩሶች፣ ግፈኞችና አረመኔዎች ሆኑ ነው? 😈 ዓለም እኮ በመገረም እየታዘበቻቸው ነው፤ የሰይጣን ጭፍራው ግራኝ አብዮት አህመድ አሊና አጋሮቹ እኮ በቃላትም በድርጊትም ደግመው አረመኔነታቸውን ደግመው ደጋግመው ለመላው ዓለም አሳውቀዋልበወሎ እየተካሄደ ያለው ይህ የሰሜናውያን ሕዝብ ቁጥር ቅነሳ/ማጥፊያ የዋቄዮአላህ ጅሃዳዊ ዘመቻ ነው።

😈 እነዚህ አርመኔዎች እኮ በግልጽ እንዲህ ሲሉ በግልጽ ነግረውናል፤

የትግራይን ሕዝብ ከምድረ ገጽ ማጥፋት አለብን፤ እኛ በሕዝብ ቁጥር ብዙ ስለሆንን አንድ ሚሊየንም ሰው ቢሆን መስዋዕት አድርገን ትክክለኛ ኢትዮጵያውያን የሆኑትን ጽዮናውያንን ሙሉ በሙሉ ማጥፋት እንችላለን፣ እኛ ከዛ እንደለመድነው ሦስት አራት ሚስት አግብተን የተሰውትን የአባ ገዳ ልጆች እንተካቸዋለን፤ ኦሮሞዎች እኮ ነን፤ አሁን ለኦሮሞ ሕዝቤ ስል ኢትዮጵያን ማጥፋት አለበኝ፣ ኦሮሞ እስኪነቃ ነው እንጂ፣ እስኪነሳ ነው እንጂ ሲነሳ ሚዳቋ አትበላንም፤ እኛ ዝሆን ነን፤ እንሰብራለን፤ እንበላለን፤ እንገዛለን፣ ሃሳብ አለን፤ ድርጅት አለን፤ ከአለም ጋር ግንኙነት አለን።”

በማለት ታይተው ተሰምተው የማይታወቁ ወንጀሎችን እና ግፎችን በመስራት ላይ ነው። በኢትዮጵያ ስም እርዳታ እና ገንዘብ ይሰበስባል ነገር ግን የኢትዮጵያን ስም ለማጠለሸትና ለማጥፋት፣ ሕዝቡንም በመላው ዓለም እንዲዋረድ፤ በረሃብ ብቻ ሳይሆን በጭካኔ እና አረመኔነት እንዲታወቅ ለማድረግ ተግቶ እየሠራ ነው።

የኦርሞ እና የአማራ ሕዝቦች ይህን ሁሉ ግፍ ለአለፉት ሦስት ዓመታት በተለይ በዚህ አንድ ዓመት ውስጥመፈጸማቸውን እያየና እየሰማ እንኳን ከትግራይ ሕዝብ ጎን ተሰልፈው ሊዋጉ ቀርቶ፤ ከአረመኔው ግራኝ እና ኦሮሞ አገዛዙ ጎን ቆሞውና ከታሪካዊ እስማኤላውያን ጠላቶች ጋር አብረው፤ “ያዘው! በለው! ጨፍጭፈው!” በማለት ላይ ናቸው እንደ አቅማቸው። ዛሬም ሳይቀር ይህ ሁሉ ሕዝብ በአሰቃቂ ሁኔታ እያለቀ እንኳን ባለፉት አሥራ ሁለት ወራት ከሠሯቸውት ግልጽና ታሪካዊሆኑ ከባድ ስህተቶችና ኃጢዓቶች ታርመውና ንሰሐ በመግባት ተመልሰው፤ “ጦርነቱ ይቁም!” ለማለት እንኳ ፈቃደኞች አይደሉም። እስኪ “የኦሮሞ ተዋጊዎች” የተባሉት ግን የግራኝ Plan B ተጠባባቂ አርበኞች የሆኑት(OLA)የተባሉት አጭበርባሪዎች እውነት የፋሺስቱ ኦሮሞ አገዛዝ ተቃዋሚዎች ከሆኑ አንዱን አዲስ አበባ የሚገኘውን የግራኝ ባለ ሥልጣን ይድፉት! ምነው ከስድስት ወራት በፊት፤“ሱሉልታ ደረስን” ሲሉ አልነበረ እንዴ? ሻሸመኔን፣ አጣየና ከሚሴን በእሳት ሲያጋዩአቸው አልነበረ እንዴ? እነዚህ የዲያብሎስ ጭፍሮች ሁሉም አንድ ስልሆኑ በጭራሽ አያደርጉትም፤ ምክኒያቱም ይህ ጦርነት የሰሜኑን ተዋሕዶ ክርስቲያን ሕዝብ ጨፍጭፈው ለመጨረስ ኦሮሙማ ያቀደውና ያለመለት ምኞቱ፣ ዕቅዱና ተልዕኮው ነውና።

እንግዲያውማ በዚህ በቅዱስ ገብርኤል ዕለት ቃል እንገባለን፤ ኤዶማውያኑ እና እስማኤላውያኑ ላሰቡት ዓላማቸው ሲሉ የኦሮሞን ሕዝብ ቁጥር ከፍ እያደረጉ ሁሉንም ሲያታልሉ ነበር ነገር ግን የኦሮሞው ቁጥር ቢበዛ ከአስራ አምስት ሚሊየን አይበልጥም፤ ይህም በጽዮናውያን ላይ በሠራው ግፍ እየመጣበት ያለ ከፍተኛ መቅሰፍት እንዳለ እርግጠኛ ሆነን እናሳውቀዋለን።

አሁን ጽዮናውያን፤ አማራ እና ኦሮሞ ከተባሉት ክልሎች ለእርዳታ ተብለው የተከማቹትን ምግቦችና መድኃኒቶች ብቻ ሳይሆን የጤፍ፣ የስንዴ፣ የገብስ እህሎችን እና ጥራጥሬዎችን ወደ ትግራይ መውሰድ ይኖርባቸዋል። ኦሮሞዎች እና አማራዎች “ወገን” የሚሉትን አንድን ክርስቲያን ሕዝብ አስርቦ ለመጨረስ ባለፉት ሦስት ዓመታት ያለምንም ተቃውሞ ሰርተዋልና ሁሉም ተፈርዶባቸዋል። ከንቱው የኤዶምውያኑ እና እስማኤላውያኑ ዓለም በትግራይ ሕዝብ ላይ የተሠራውን ወንጀል ሁሉ ባጭር ጊዜ ረስቶ፤ “ሰረቁ…ቅብርጥሴ” በማለት መቀበጣጠር ይችላል፤ ግን ዓለም የጽዮናውያን ወዳጅ አልነበረም፣ አይደለም ወደፊትም አይሆንም እና ምግብ ከኦሮሚያ እና አማራ ክልሎች ወደ ትግራይ መወሰድ አለባቸው! እድኒያውም ለመጭዎቹ ሺህ ዓመታት ትግራይ የመንፈሳዊ ማዕከል ብቻ ነው መሆን ያለባት፣ እርሻዎቹን እና የኢንዱስትሪ ማዕከላቱን በተቀሩት የአክሱም ደቡብ ግዛቶች ብቻ ማድረግ ተገቢ ነው። ኦሮሞዎች እና አማራዎች የሺህ ዓመት እዳ ነው በትግራይ ያከማቹት፤ ስለዚህ ለሺህ ዓመታት እየገበሩ መኖር አለዚያ ደግሞ ከአክሱማውያን ግዛት መጠረግ አለባቸው። ታላቁ ክርስቲያን ንጉሥ አፄ ዮሐንስ ይህን ነበር የሚናገሩት!


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U of Toronto, Canada Has a Class on Ancient Ethiopic Language (Ge’ez) With a Donation From The Weeknd (Abel Tesfaye)

Posted by addisethiopia / አዲስ ኢትዮጵያ on October 29, 2021

💭የካናዳዋ ቶሮንቶ ዩኒቨርሲቲ ከድምጻዊው አቤል ተስፋዬ ስጦታ ጋር የጥንታዊውን ግዕዝ ቋንቋን በማስተማር ላይ ይገኛል።

💥 አምና ላይ የፋሺስቱ ኦሮሞ አገዛዝ በትግራይ ላይ የዘር ማጥፋት ጦርነቱን ከመጀመሩ ከአንድ ወር በፊት ይህን ዜና የጽዮናውያን ጠላት ከሆነው የኦሮሞ ሜዲያ፤ “አደባባይ ሜዲያ” ላይ በቁጭት መልክ ሲለፈለፍ ሰምቼው ነበር፤

💭 “በትግራይ የግእዝ ቋንቋ በመደበኛ ትምህርት መርሀግብር ሊሰጥ ነው

👉 September 13, 2020

በትግራይ ክልል የግእዝ ቋንቋን በመደበኛ የትምህርት መርሀ ግብር ለመስጠት ዝግጅት መደረጉን የክልሉ ቋንቋዎች አካዳሚና ትምህርት ቢሮ አስታወቁ።

የትግራይ ቋንቋዎች አካዳሚ ዋና ዳይሬክተር ዶክተር ዳንኤል ተክሉ ለኢዜአ እንደገለፁት በሀገሪቱ በግእዝ ቋንቋ የታተሙ በሺህዎች የሚቆጠሩ ጥንታዊ የብራናና የመጽሀፍት ህትመቶች አሉ።

አዲሱ ትውልድ ፅሁፎችን በማንበብ የሀገሩን ባህልና ቋንቋ እንዲሁም ታሪክና ማንነት ጠንቅቆ እንዲያውቅ ለማበረታታት የቋንቋውን ትምህርት መስጠት አስፈልጓል” ብለዋል።

በተያዘው 2013 አመት በክልሉ በሚገኙ ትምህርት ቤቶች ትምሀርቱን ለመስጠት ዝግጅት መደረጉን አመላክተዋል ።

ከትግርኛ፣ ኩናምኛና ሳሆኛ ቋንቋዎች ቀጥሎ ግዕዝ አራተኛ ቋንቋ ሆኖ በክልሉ በሚገኙ የአንደኛ ደረጃ ትምህርት ቤቶች እንዲሰጥ የክልሉ ትምህርት ቢሮ ኃላፊነት ወስዶ እየሰራ መሆኑን ገልጸዋል ።

ቢሮው የመማር ማስተማር ስራውን እንዲጀምር በክልሉ ምክር ቤት በአዋጅ መጽደቁንም አስታውቀዋል።

የትግራይ ክልል ትምህርት ቢሮ ምክትል ኃላፊ አቶ ባህታ ወልደሚካኤል በበኩላቸው የግዕዝ ቋንቋ ትምህርትን በክልሉ በሚገኙ ከ2 ሺህ በላይ የአንደኛ ደረጃ ትምህርት ቤቶች ለማስጀመር የመምህራንና የመማሪያ መፃፍት ዝግጅት እየተደረገ ነው።

ከስድስት ወራት በኋላ ትምሀርቱን ለመጀመር እቅድ መያዙን አመላክተዋል ።

በመቐሌ የሃወልት ክፍለ ከተማ ነዋሪና የሰላም አካዳሚ የትግርኛ ቋንቋ መምህር ሃዱሽ አታክልቲ የግዕዝ ቋንቋ በመደበኛ የትምህርት መርህ ግብር እንዲሰጥ መታቀዱ ተገቢ መሆኑን ተናግረዋል።

የትምህርቱ መሰጠት በየአብያተ ክርስትያናትና ገዳማት ውስጥ የሚገኙና በግዕዝ ቋንቋ ተጽፈው የታተሙ ጥንታዊና ታሪካዊ መፃህፍቶችን በቀላሉ አንብቦ ለመገንዘብ አስተዋጽኦ እንዳለው ገልጸዋል ።

ለኢትዮጵያ የቱሪዝም ልማት እድገትም ያለው አስተዋጽኦ የጎላ መሆኑን ጠቅሰዋል።

አዲሱ ትውልድ በመጤ ቋንቋዎችና ባህሎች ከመበረዝ ይልቅ የሀገሩን ባህልና ቋንቋ በሚገባ እንዲያውቅና እንዲጠብቅ ያስችለዋል” ሲሉም መምህር ሃዱሽ አስታውቀዋል።

💭 ፋሺስቱ የኦሮሞ አገዛዝ የዘር ማጥፋት ጦርነቱን በአቡነ ተክለ ሐይማኖት ዕለት ለመጀመር ከገፋፉት ምክኒያቶቹ አንዱ የትግራይ ሕፃናት የግዕዝ ቋንቋን እንዳይማሩ ለማድረግ ሲል ነው። ሁሉም ኬኛዎችበከንቱው የኩሽ ህልማቸው የግዕዝንም ቋንቋ ለመውረስ ይሻሉና።

💥 አይ የሰሜኑ ወገኔ፤ የእነዚህን ፍጥረታት እርጉምነት ገና በደንብ አልተረዳኸወም እኮ!

💭 The university is now one of the only places in the world where students can learn Ge’ez

Tens of thousands of ancient Ethiopic manuscripts – maybe more – have collected dust for over a century because they are written in what is now a rarely studied language, Ge’ez.

But a new course at the University of Toronto is teaching a new generation of students to understand the ancient Semitic language so that one day they can access this long-lost trove of knowledge.

This week, Professor Robert Holmstedt of the department of Near and Middle Eastern civilizations welcomed 25 students and members of Toronto’s Ethiopian community to the first day of an introductory course on Ge’ez, which like Latin, is only used in religious services, in this case for the Ethiopian Orthodox and Catholic churches.

Read more about the Ge’ez course at CBC News

With this course, U of T becomes one of the only places in the world where students can learn the fundamentals of Ge’ez. The program came about through several significant donations, including from The Weeknd, the Ethiopian community and the Faculty of Arts & Science.

Department chair Professor Tim Harrison has said that he hopes, with continued support, U of T will eventually add more courses and be positioned to launch the first Ethiopian studies program in North America.

Since the subject is so rarely taught, Holmstedt had to invent course materials and revise one of the only Ge’ez textbooks in English, the 40-year-old Introduction to Classical Ethiopic: Ge’ez by Thomas O. Lambdin. Ge’ez is a window into an ancient culture and offers insights into other Semitic languages, he said.

“I like giving students access to things that 99.5 per cent of the world doesn’t have access to,” he said. “It’s part of advancing our knowledge and the pursuit of truth. This is the very nature of the university. We can’t leave this behind.”

Hear CBC Metro Morning talk about the course on Ge’ez

Michael Gervers, a history professor at U of T Scarborough, helped launch the course with a $50,000 donation and a call to Toronto’s Ethiopian community to contribute.

The call was answered and the donation matched by none other than Toronto native and Grammy-award winning artist Abel Tesfaye, a.k.a. The Weeknd.

Read about The Weeknd’s donation

The campaign for the language course has a $200,000 goal and has received support from the Faculty of Arts & Science and the Bikila Awards organization, a local Ethiopian community group named after Olympic marathoner Adebe Bikila.

On Monday, just as he had promised, Gervers sat in on the class, hoping to be one of the first to learn the language at U of T.

Although he has been studying ancient Ethiopia for 40 years – he has swung from ropes to explore rock-cut monasteries in Ethiopia and created a database of tens of thousands of photographs of Ethiopian art and culture – Gervers does not know the language.

Amharic-speaking students helped him with his pronunciation when he was asked to recite a letter of the alphabet.

The course’s first students included members of the Ethiopian and Eritrean communities, students with an interest in Ethiopian culture, medievalists and students in comparative linguistics.

Before any of the students can uncover the secrets of ancient Ethiopic texts, they must learn the basics. In their first class, they were introduced to Ethiopic letters and to the present tense of verbs like “to sit.”

Hours of memorization come next. Holmstedt urged his students to carry a ringlet of flashcards so they can learn the alphabet on the go.

“Walk around campus memorizing words instead of looking at your phone,” Holmstedt said.

Gervers said he hoped the Ge’ez course would be the first of many classes that would form the basis of an Ethiopian studies program at U of T. He has proposed a graduate-level course in the history of Ethiopia.

“Ethiopia is usually left out of the curriculum because it’s so different,” he said. “There is no point of entry through European languages like English, French, Spanish or Italian.”

Read more about Professor Gervers’ research on Ethiopia

The campaign will need additional funding to add further courses in Ge’ez – and even more to kickstart Ethiopian studies.

For many students in the course, the subject isn’t only academic.

Sahlegebriel Belay Gebreselassie, a third-year undergrad in international relations and political science, has an “intimate personal connection” with the class.

“It’s a part of learning my history, my language,” he said.



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Ge’ez (Ethiopic) – The Oldest Language in The World is The Mother of All Languages

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😇 ገብርኤል 👉 ማርያም 👉 ኡራኤል 👉 ጊዮርጊስ 👉 ተክለ ሐይማኖት 👉 ዮሴፍ 👉 መድኃኔ ዓለም

ቅዱስ ገብርኤል “ንቁም በበህላዌነ” ብሎ ሠራዊተ መላእክትን ያረጋጋው በግእዝ ነው ❖


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ቅዱስ ገብርኤል “ንቁም በበህላዌነ” ብሎ ሠራዊተ መላእክትን ያረጋጋው በግእዝ ቋንቋ ነው

Posted by addisethiopia / አዲስ ኢትዮጵያ on October 29, 2021

😇 ገብርኤል 👉 ማርያም 👉 ኡራኤል 👉 ጊዮርጊስ 👉 ተክለ ሐይማኖት 👉 ዮሴፍ 👉 መድኃኔ ዓለም

😇 ዓለምን ሲያውኩት ያጋንንት ሥራቸው እንዳይተርፈን ለእኛ የእነርሱ ግብራቸው ገብርኤል በሰይፉ ቀጥቅጦ ጣላቸው፤ እናመልክት ለሱ እናስታውስ ጠዋት ማታ እንዲያስተራርቀን ለምኖ ከጌታ።

ቅዱስ ገብርኤል “ንቁም በበህላዌነ” ብሎ ሠራዊተ መላእክትን ያረጋጋው በግእዝ ነው ❖

😈 ጠላታችን ዲያብሎስ መንፈሳዊ ድክመት ያላቸውን (አማርኛ፣ ትግርኛ) እና አጋንንታዊ የሆኑትን ቋንቋዎችን (ኦሮምኛ፣ አረብኛ፣ ሶማልኛ) ተጠቅሞ እርስበርሳችን እንድንጨፋጨፍና የኤዶማውያኑን እና የእንግሊዝኛን እና የእስማኤላውያኑን የአረብኛን ቁንቋ ከእነ ሉሲፈራዊ አምልኮታቸው ለማንገስ ሲል ነው በትግራይ ጽዮናውያን ላይ የዘር ማጥፋት፣ የገዳማትና ዓብያተ ክርስቲያናት እንዲሁም የቅርስ ማውደም ጂሃዱን የከፈተባቸው። ይህ ጥቃት/ጂሃድ የጀመረው የእግዚአብሔር የሆነውንና ለመንፈሳዊ ሕይወት በዓለማችን ተወዳዳሪ የሌለውን የግእዝ ቋንቋችንን በኤዶማውያኑ እና እስማኤላውያኑ ሤራ ጠንሳሽነት የስጋ ማንነትና ምንነት ባላቸው ጋላ/ ኦሮሞ ወራሪዎች በኩል ለማጥፋት ከተነሳበት ከአምስት መቶ ዓመታት በፊት አንስቶ ነው። ጂሃዱን ጦርነቱን በስጋችን ላይ ብቻ አይደለም የከፈቱብትን፤ በነፍሳችን፣ በመንፈሳዊ ሕይወታችን፣ በኦርቶዶክስ ተዋሕዶ ሃይማኖታችን፣ በቋንቋችን፣ በጽዮናዊው ሰንደቃችን፣ በታሪካችንና በባሕል/ትውፊታችን ላይም ጭምር ነው። ይህ ውጊያ በየደረጃው/በየዘመኑ ከመቶ ሰላሳ ዓመታት፣ ከአምስት መቶ ዓመታት፣ ከአንድ ሺህ አምስት መቶ ዓመታት በፊትና ከስድስት ሺህ ዓመታት አንስቶ ዲያብሎስ እና ጭፍሮቹ ዝግጅት አድርገው ሲያካሂዱት/እያካሄዱት ያለው ውጊያ ነው። በአክሱም ጽዮን ላይ ያተኮሩበት ምስጢርም ለኢትዮጵያ ብቻ ሳይሆን የመላዋ መንፈሳዊቷ ዓለማችን ቁልፍ መሠረት በጥልቁ ተደብቆ የሚገኝባት ምድር ስለሆነች ነው። ኤዶማውያኑ እና እስማኤላውያኑ ይህን በደንብ ያውቁታል/ደርስውበታል።

ለዚህም ነው፤ በጽዮናውያን ላይ የዘር፣ የሃይማኖት፣ የታሪክ፣ የትውፊት፣ የቅርስ፣ የቋንቋ ማጥፋት ጂሃዳዊ ዘመቻ የከፈቱት ኤዶማውያንና እስማኤላውያን ( መሀመዳውያን + ፕሮቴስታንቶች + ኢ-አማንያን + ኦሮሞዎች + ሶማሌዎች + ከሃዲ አማራዎች + ከሃዲ ተጋሩዎች) ሁሉ የኤርታ አሌ እሳተ ገሞራ ተከፍቶ እየተንከተከተ ይጠብቃቸዋል የምንለው። ፻/100%

በተለይ የዛሬይቷ ኢትዮጵያ ብሎም መላዋ አፍሪካ እና ዓለም መዳን የሚችሉት ሕዝቦቻቸው የእግዚአብሔር የሆነውንና በመንፈሳዊ ጠቀሜታው ከዓለማችን ቋንቋዎች ሁሉ በጣም ግዙፍ የሆነውን የግእዝ ቋንቋን በብሔራዊ ቋንቋ መልክ መናገር ሲጀምሩ ብቻ ነው። ኤዶማውያኑ እና እስማኤላውያን ይህን ደርሰውበታል!

😇 ግእዝ የእግዚአብሔር ቋንቋ ነው ተብሎ በትዉፊት ይነገራል

ትውፊታዊ ታሪኩ

ግእዝ የእግዚአብሔር ቋንቋ ነው ተብሎ በትዉፊት ይነገራል። ፍጥረታት በሐሌዎበነቢብና በግብር የተፈጠሩ ሲሆን በተለይ ነቢቡ (ንግግሩ) ግእዝ ነበር ብለዉ የሚከራከሩና የራሳቸውን ማስረጃ የሚያቀርቡ ሊቃውንት አሉ። ግእዝ የመጀመሪያ ቋንቋ ነው ስንል አዳም ማለት ያማረ የተዋበ ማለት ሲሆን አባቶቻችን በመንፈስ ቅዱስ እየተመሩ ከጻፏቸው መጻሕፍት እና ሌሎች ድርሰቶች ተነስተን ቅዱስ ገብርኤል “ንቁም በበህላዌነ” ብሎ ሠራዊተ መላእክትን ያረጋጋው በግእዝ ነው፤ አዳምም ለ ፯ ዓመታት በገነት ሳለ በፀሎት ሲተጋ የነበረውና ከሄዋን ጋር ይነጋገርበት የነበረው ቋንቋ በግእዝ ነው በማለት ቋንቋውን የመላእክትም የሰውም መግባቢያ ያደርጉታል።

😇 ግእዝ የአዳምና ሔዋን (የተፈጥሮ ቋንቋ) የመጀመሪያው መነጋገሪያ ልሳን መኾኑ ለማረጋገጥ ከሚያቀርቧቸው ፲ ምክኒያቶች መካከል፦

፩ኛ. የ ”ግእዝ” የጥሬ ዘሩ ቃል ትርጉም፡ “መጀመሪያ”, “ነፃ” እና “የጥንት ተፈጥሮ ጠባይ ወይም ባህሪይ” ማለት መኾኑ

፪ኛ. የእያንዳንዱ ፊደል የመጀመሪያ ቅርጽ አፍ ሳያስከፍት በድን በኾነው በተፈጥሮ ድምፅ ብቻ የሚነገር መኾኑ

፫ኛ. የፊደሉ መነሻ “አ” “አዳም” በሚል ቃል በወንድና ሴት ጾታ ለተፈጠሩት ለመጀመሪያዎቹ ሰዎች መጠሪያ መኾኑ

፬ኛ. በሰባት ብዛት የሚወሰን ቁጥር፤ የመለኮታዊ ሥራ ምሥጢር እንዳለበት ስለሚታመን፤ እያንዳንዱ ፊደል፤ በሰባት ስሞች ድምጾችና መልኮች ተለይቶ የሚታወቅና የሚነገር መኾኑ

፭ኛ. ሌሎቹ የሰዎች ቋንቋዎችና ፊደሎቻቸው በተናጋሪዎቻቸው ሕዝቦች ወይም ጎሣዎች ስም ለምሳሌ፤ ዐማርኛ፤ በዐምሓሮች፤ ትግርኛ በትግሬዎች፣ ኦሮምኛ በኦሮሞዎች፣ ሶማልኛ በሶማሌዎች፣ ዕብራይስጥ በዕብራዊያን፤ ዐረብኛ በዓረቦች፣ እንግሊዝኛ በእንግሊዞች፣ ቻይንኛ በቻይኖች ስም ሲጠሩ “ግዕዝ” ግን በራሱ ብቻ የሚጠራ መኾኑ

፮ኛ. በ ”አ” ጀምሮ በ “ኦ” የሚፈጸም ፊደል ያለው እርሱ፤ ግእዝ ብቻ ከመኾኑ ጋር “አልፋና ኦሜጋ፤ መጀመሪያውና መጨረሻው እኔ ነኝ” ብሎ፡ ኃላ “ኢየሱስ ክርስቶስ” ተብሎ፤ ራሱን በሰውነት የገለጸው “እግዚአብሔር” በዚህ ስሙ የታወቀበትና አምልኮቱ የሚፈጸምበት ቋንቋና ፊደል ኾኖ በሕያውነት እስከዛሬ መቀጠሉ

፯ኛ. በምድር ላይ የሚኖሩ የሰው ልጆች ኹሉ፡ ተወልደው በሕፃንነታቸው መናገር በሚጀምሩበት ጊዜ ቋንቋቸውና ፊዲፈላቸው የተለያዩ ሲኾኑ፤ አፋቸውን መፍታት አባቶቻቸውናና እናቶቻቸውንም ለይተው መጥራት የሚጀምሩበት “አባባ”፤ “እማማ!” የሚባሉት ቃላት “አብ አብ አብ”፤ “እም እም እም” የተባሉት፤ ትርጉማቸው፡ “አባት አባት አባት”፡ “እናት እናት እናት” የኾነውን ቀጥታ የግእዙን ቃላት መኾኑ ናቸው።

፰ኛ. «ግእዝ» የሚለው ቃል እራሱ አንደኛ፣ የመጀመሪያ ማለት ነው። የሰው ልጅ የመጀመሪያ የሆነው ቋንቋ አንደኛቢባል ይስማማዋል።

፱ኛ. የዚህ ቋንቋ የመጀመሪያው ተናጋሪ ሰው አዳም ነው። የዚህ ሰው ስም በቋንቋው ትርጉም ሊኖረው ይገባል። በግእዝ «አዳም» ማለት ያማረ ማለት ነው።

፲ኛ. ሌላው ነገር የግእዝ ፊደላት ከአምላክ የተገኙ ናቸው ለዚህም የአዳም ሶስተኛ ትውልድ የሆነው ሄኖስ በሰማይ ገበታ እንዳያቸው አባቶች ይናገራሉ።

አማርኛ ቋንቋ ከግእዝ ያገኛቸውን በሙሉ ይዞ ሌሎች ፯ ፊደላትን በመጨመር ግእዝ ፳፮ ሲሆን አማርኛ ደግሞ ፴፫ ነው “ቨ”ን ሳይጨምር ማለት ነው።

😇 የግእዝን ፊደሎች ትርጉም ስንመለከት፦

ሀ፦ ብሂል ሀልዎቱ ለአብ እምቅድመ ዓለም ፥ የአብ አኗኗሩ ከዓለም በፊት ነው

ለ ፦ ብሂል ለብሰ ሥጋ እምድንግል ፥ ክርስቶስ ከድንግል ሥጋን ለበሰ

ሐ ፦ ብሂል ሐመ ወሞተ ፥ ስለኛ ታመመና ሞተ

መ፦ ብሂል መንክር ግብሩ ለእግዚአብሔር ፥ የእግዚአብሔር ሥራው ድንቅ ነው

ሠ ፦ ብሂል ሠረቀ በሥጋ ፥ በሥጋ ተገለጠ

ረ ፦ ብሂል ረግዓት ምድር በቃሉ ፥ ምድር በቃሉ ረጋች

ሰ ፦ ብሂል ሰብአ ኮነ እግዚእነ ፥ ጌታችን ሰው ሆነ

ቀ ፦ ብሂል ቀዳሚሁ ቃል ፥ ቃል መጀመሪያ ነበር

በ ፦ ብሂል በትሕትናሁ ወረደ ፥ ጌታችን በትሕትናው ወደኛ ወረደ

ተ ፦ ብሂል ተሰብአ ወተሰገወ ፥ ጌታችን ሰው ሆነ

ኀ ፦ ብሂል ኀያል እግዚአብሔር ፥ እግዚአብሔር ኀያል ነው

ነ ፦ ብሂል ነስአ ደዌነ ወጾረ ሕማመነ ፥ መከራችንን ያዘልን ሕመማችንን ተሸከመልን

አ ፦ ብሂል አእኵቶ ወእሴብሖ ለእግዚአብሔር ፥ እግዚአብሔርን ፈፅሜ አመሰግነዋለሁ

ከ ፦ ብሂል ከሃሊ እግዚአብሔር ፥ ጌታችን ቻይ ነው

ወ ፦ ብሂል ወረደ እምሰማይ ፥ ጌታ ከሰማይ ወረደ

ዐ ፦ ብሂል ዐርገ ሰማያተ ፥ ወደ ሰማይ ዐረገ

ዘ ፦ ብሂል ዘኵሎ ይእኅዝ እግዚአብሔር ፥ ጌታ ሁሉን የሚይዝ

የ ፦ ብሂል የማነ እግዚአብሔር ገብረት ኃይለ ፥ የጌታ ቀኝ እጅ ኃይልን ታደርጋለች

ገ ፦ ብሂል ገብረ ሰማያተ በጥበቡ ፥ ጌታ በጥበቡ ሰማያትን ሠራ

ጠ ፦ ብሂል ጣዕሙ ወታእምሩ ከመ ኄር እግዚአብሔር ፥ ጌታ ቸር እንደሆነ ቅመሱና ዕወቁ

ጰ ፦ ብሂል ጰራቅሊጦስ መንፈሰ ጽድቅ ፥ ጰራቅሊጦስ እውነተኛ መንፈስ ቅዱስ ነው

ጸ ፦ ብሂል ጸጋ ወክብር ተውህበ ለነ ፥ ጸጋ እና በረከት ተሰጠን

ፀ ፦ ብሂል ፀሐይ ጸልመት በጊዜ ስቅለቱ ለእግዚእነ ፥ ጌታ በተሰቀለ ጊዜ ፀሐይ ጨለመች

ፈ ፦ ብሂል ፈጠረ ሰማየ ወምድረ ፥ ጌታ ሰማይ እና ምድርን ፈጠረ

ፐ ፦ ብሂል ፓፓኤል ስሙ ለአምላክ ፥ ፓፓኤል የአምላክ ህቡዕ ስም

ትርጉማቸዉ ይሄን ይመስላል።

😇 ስለዚህ ግእዝ የአዳም ቋንቋ ነው የሚለው መላምት የበለጠ ጥንካሬ አለው።

አባቶቻችን በመንፈስ ቅዱስ እየተመሩ ከጻፏቸው መጻሕፍት እና ሌሎች ድርሰቶች ተነስተን ፍቺውን ስንመለከት ደግሞ ግእዝ (የዜማ ስም፥ ግእዝ፣ እዝል እና አራራይ። የፊደል ስም ሀ ፦ ግእዝ ሁ ፥ ካዕብ ሂ ፥ ሳልስ …… ) በመጽሐፍ ቅዱስ ዘፍ 11 ፥ ፮ ላይ እግዚአብሔርም አለ ” እነሆ እነርሱ አንድ ወገን ናቸው ለሁሉም አንድ ቋንቋ አላቸው” ይላል።


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