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Dire Warning About Today’s Sex and Hookup Culture

Posted by addisethiopia on October 8, 2014

old-fashioned1-452x620With the sex-themed film adaptation of “Fifty Shades of Grey set to hit the big screen next year, there’s another movie releasing at the same time that is set to present a radically different message about life, love and relationships.

Writer and director Rik Swartzwelder said that audiences can find something a bit more wholesome in “Old Fashioned,” which releases on Valentine’s Day weekend next year.

“‘Old Fashioned’ is an atypical story about relationship realities like forgiveness, isolation and community, getting beyond the past, healing — even about law and grace,” he said. “At its core it’s about respect, honor, and virtue — outdated ideals, maybe — applied to romance in a modern world, which, of course, is hardly ‘normal’ by today’s dating standards.”

Swartzwelder, who patently rejects today’s hookup culture as a negative phenomenon, cited Clay, one of the main characters in “Old Fashioned,” who proclaims, “We don’t have to go around using each other, hurting each other. It doesn’t have to be that way.”

The director added that contemporary hookup culture that seeks mere pleasure rather than lasting connection has a profoundly negative impact on the human soul.

“Just ask the countless people wounded by it — myself included — spiritually, emotionally, physically. Still, we’re all free to make choices, learn lessons, pursue experiences,” he said. “I categorically reject the idea that hookups are exclusively physical. They are spiritual. Emotional. And what ‘happens in Vegas’ almost never stays in Vegas. It follows us.”

But Swartzwelder said that “Old Fashioned” isn’t about judgment or control, rather it’s about being cautious and seeking answers to hard and daunting questions about love.

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