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Prepare For A New Dark Ages Because Western Civilization Is Dying Right Before Our Eyes

Posted by addisethiopia / አዲስ ኢትዮጵያ on May 11, 2016

German Philosopher Georg Hegel once wrote that “the only thing we learn from history is that we learn nothing from history.” His observation during his life was very accurate, both for the past and future generations. Each generation of men builds on the lessons from their ancestors, and whatever lessons that are not learned are forgotten. This is not per se a bad thing- except when the lessons you have to learn are critical to your survival or that of others.

An example of a lesson which can be forgotten is my father knew how to use a slide rule while growing up. I don’t know how to use a slide rule- I have a calculator. Would it be nice to know? Yes. But it is not necessary.

However, some lessons- many lessons- are just important to learn for your own safety. Things like “look both ways before crossing the street,” or “don’t trust whatever strangers tell you.” These are things that, while they can be rephrased for a modern context, are timeless lessons because they teach principles which guide a child for life and are not tied to one specific skill set.

One such lesson that is of critical importance as it pertains to governing societies is that a civilization is a precious organism, a delicate life form that is hard to acquire and easy to lose, and once it is lost it may never come back. Yet it is precisely civilization that allows man to realize his greatest capabilities in this life, and for traditional Christian civilization, to direct this to the love of God and of neighbor.

If civilization is the goal of human social organization, then it must be consequently understood that not only are people who participate in society supposed to work for the greater good of each other, but they are also to work against the enemies of civilization. One such common example are criminals, and by that I mean people who intentionally undermine the social order by engaging in behavior that is inherently dangerous to civilization. Things like theft, robbery, rape, and murder, but also smaller acts such as public urination, wanton intoxication, fighting, and just being a general nuisance all, in varying degrees, damage the bonds which hold society together. Too much damage and the society will collapse. Sure, people may still live in that area, but it will be just that- an area inhabited with people but no bonds between them other than simply nominal associations. The end result is a shell of a people that once was, and uncivilized civilization that exists without existing and, like a car on an empty highway, follows a road to nowhere.

The disorder that other humans cause is the reason why government exists. If there was no original sin, there would be no need for a government in a human sense because the law of God would be so emblazoned on our hearts that we would know to choose right becuase, given that evil is a perversion of good, we would not know how to choose the perverse over the righteous.

But clearly, we live in a post-original sin world and have for quite some time. Men are prone to all kinds of sins, public and private, and some men will stop at nothing to realize their own gains of money or power regardless of the damage they do to others. Some people just do not care about society and want to destroy it for reasons of malice. There are countless reasons, but all are the same in spirit, since they are based on the idea that some men want to destroy society and do not care about the consequences it has on others.

Governments and the institutions they erect theoretically are meant to serve the public. Borders and laws as well as prisons keep people out of society who are unable or unwilling to participate in it through civilized means as much as they protect civilized people from the barbarians outside the gates. Put simply, and this is not popular to say in the west today, but some people are not fit to live in society with others.

I used to be able to say this comparison was an exaggeration, but not so much any more

Put this into the context of the current “refugee” crisis in Europe today. Germany just invited 61,000 Muslim “refugee” this month alone, not counting the previous.

61,000 people is basically a small city. And cities are very diverse, dynamic places with their own characteristics. Merkel is just dumping them into her society like a landscaper dumps grass clippings into a trash barrel. However, if you have ever done grass cutting before, you know that grass clippings are (a) heavy, (b) they fill up trash bags fast, and (c) are a burden because they are often times heavy and can break the trash bag they are being carried in. Just like you cannot keep dumping grass clippings into a bag, you cannot keep dumping refugees into a society because that society will break- there is a limited capacity of how much that bag (or society) can physically bear without falling apart. If the society falls apart, the old bag gets thrown away, the clippings put in a new bag, and then dealt with.

Yet how is Germany, a nation with a long, proud history, any different or perhaps, exempt, from the lessons of the past?

Absolutely not.

The same thing is happening in the UK. Recently, the Church of England wanted to put advertisements for people to say the Lord’s Prayer of the iconic buses of London, and they were refused. However, Muslims have been allowed to put “Allahu Akbar” and other openly Muslim sayings on these same buses:

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Is The Satanic Elite Forcing to Turn Western Populations into Fascists?

Posted by addisethiopia / አዲስ ኢትዮጵያ on December 5, 2015

Muslim Killing in California Touches a Nerve with Italians

ResistVirtually every newspaper in Italy had the California shooting splashed across its front page Thursday, often in tandem with pieces on the Islamic State (ISIS/ISIL), as Italians grapple with the possibilities of violent Islamist assault on their own territory.

Il Giornale, for instance, juxtaposed “Armed Men Massacre at Least 14 in California” with “On the Brink of War: Europe in Chaos While ISIS Laughs.” Even before it became known that the man behind the deadly assault, Syed Rizwan Farook, was a devout Muslim, Italians were comparing the slaughter with their own precarious situation, which includes daily threats of a jihadist attack.

Another Italian daily, Il Fatto Quotidiano, ran the parallel front-page titles “USA, Commando Shoots into the Crowd in California: Dead and Wounded” and “Manhunt for Two Recruiters of Meriem, Web Jihadist.”

Il Tempo, for its part, continued the trend, with one front-page headline blasting “ISIS Costs Rome 2 Billion Euros” and another reading “Slaughter in Center for Handicapped Persons: 14 Dead and Killer in Flight.”

Two days ago Italy was congratulating itself for having broken up the umpteenth jihadist plot on native soil, this time allegedly targeting none other than Pope Francis. Police carried out simultaneous raids in the Italian cities of Brescia, Vicenza, and Perugia, as well as one raid in Kosovo, arresting four people on charges of participation in a terror network with specific intent to target the Pope and incite racial hatred.

Italy has also recently been proposed as a model for counterterrorist strategy, given its remarkable record for thwarting terrorist plots before they can come to fruition. A combination of unapologetic profiling, regular deportation of individuals considered a security threat, and immediate arrest of radical Islamists who preach anti-Western violence have apparently come together in a strikingly successful cocktail of counterterrorism.

Italians, however, despite their impressive record for preventive security, are not without their fears. Patrols—both army and regular police—are in evidence throughout Rome, and particularly around Vatican City, where they can be seen toting automatic weapons.

Perhaps more unsettling, Rome’s overtly Christian Christmas decorations—consisting of angels, shepherds, and the ubiquitous presepi, or manger scenes—have been replaced in many cases this year with less Christian and presumably less provocative images, such as simple lights, spheres, and even red hearts. Walking the streets of Rome, one cannot help but wonder whether city planners were preparing for Valentine’s Day rather than Natale—the birth of Jesus Christ.

As Americans struggle to come to grips with who their real foe is and what to do about it, Italy operates under no illusions. It is the Islamic State—a declared, idealistic enemy at war with Christianity and the West—who plots day and night for the demise of its adversary.

For Italians, American catastrophe is a reminder of how real and present this threat is.


The Massacre At San Bernardino Is CONFIRMED Muslim Terrorist And With ISIS Planning To Massacre Ten Million Americans Its Time For A Wakeup Call

BClashSo now it is confirmed, this is international terrorism, sophisticated and well planed in advance from help abroad. We are witnessing the story evolve with the typical scenarios we hear from the past. Mr. Farook, the F.B.I tells us was an American citizen, and Ms. Malik traveled to the United States together in July 2014, says David Bowdich of the F.B.I. in Los Angeles at a news conference. To ensure that the system did its job, Bowdich adds that as a routine matter, to obtain the green card the couple had to prove that their marriage was legitimate, and Ms. Malik had to provide her fingerprints and pass criminal and national security background checks using F.B.I. and Department of Homeland Security databases.

The system failed. And if this is the case, expect thousands (ISIS has a goal of ten million Americans) to be massacred shortly.

Having lived as a terrorist myself and having family who dodged the best FBI databases, this process is a joke as I will show here.

Over and over again, investigators examining the terrorist network point to a common thread — the ease with which many in the network travel the world using fake passports or illegally obtained immigration documents is at a relative ease. For example, terrorist Ahmed Ressam, used a counterfeit French passport to enter Canada and apply for political asylum. While living there, he supplied fake Canadian passports to other terrorists. And he used a fake Canadian passport under the alias of Benni Noris in his successful entry into the United States and attempted to bomb Los Angeles International Airport. My cousin, Eiad Salameh who was involved with the movie-maker who directed Innocence of Muslims, Nakoula Basil Nakoula, who worked selling drug shipments to Hezbollah from the U.S., similarly entered Canada under a fake name Gabriel Ramzi, sold a ton of passports to nefarious individuals and was even allowed to escape by the F.B.I. when he was finally captured in Canada.

What is common with such cases is one thing–the names on these identification documents is not the real individual who could have a wrap-sheet a mile long as Eiad and Resam and thousands others did. As we stated earlier, I can bet the farm that Farook’s wife, Tashfeen Malik is not Tashfeen Malik. It is a code-name (explained here) and the so-called Tafsheen has a record a mile long in terror activity.

The F.B.I reveals that Farooq went to Pakistan where his wife resided. It would be impossible to know her true identity since thousands of foreigners have illegally obtained Pakistani national IDs including Jihadists from China, the Maldives, Uzbekistan and the United States. Why does the U.S. allow anyone from Pakistan entry to the U.S. boggles the mind.

The system is not only broken, but it is nearly impossible to fix unless profiling and stopping immigration from Muslim countries is established.

While profiling (so they argue) is not 100% fool-proof, it is at least 80-90%, and yes, shootings are common in the U.S., but why do Americans import additional shootings boggles the mind.

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No Christians: All 132 Syrian Refugees Admitted to U.S. Since Paris Attacks Are Sunni Muslims

NoChristiansSince the Paris terror attacks on November 13, the State Department has admitted 132 Syrian refugees into the United States, and all 132 are Sunni Muslims.

No Christian, Druze, Shi’ite, Alawite, or member of any other religious minority in Syria has been admitted over that period, according to data from the State Department Refugee Processing Center.

The majority of the 132 Syrian refugees permitted to resettle in the U.S. since November 13 (72) are male, the minority female (60). Of the 132 total, 39 (29.5 percent) have been men between the ages of 14 and 50.

Another 53 (40 percent) are children aged under 14, of whom 30 are males and 23 females.

The Refugee Processing Center admission figures since the attacks in Paris continue a trend evident since the start of the current fiscal year, on October 1. President Obama plans to resettle 10,000 Syrian refugees in the U.S. during fiscal year 2016.

Since FY2016 began two months ago, 423 Syrian refugees have been admitted into the U.S., of whom 418 (98.8 percent) were Sunni Muslims. The remaining five (1.2 percent) were Christians – three Catholic, one Orthodox and one simply described as “Christian.”

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“Actually, Christians cannot even leave the areas occupied by ISIS, they are either hiding or already dead. Christians are the ones who we need to save and accept as refugees, not muslims who actually are killing them. Instead we are accepting and supporting the oppressors. There is something terribly wrong with this picture. I suspect the establishment is too cozy with some shady Saudi donors, who are pushing these muslims down our throat.”

Unbelievable – As Usual – Prostituting ‘Lawyers’: Can You See The Face of Satan? Can You Hear his Voice?

San Bernardino Shooters Family Attorney Holds Bizarre Press Conference Blaming The Victims

San Bernardino shooting victims: Who they were – Isaac Amanios


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They Don’t Want to See Christian Victors – But Christendom Will Crush Their Satanic Kingdom

Posted by addisethiopia / አዲስ ኢትዮጵያ on December 2, 2015


Petition Asks BBC to Ditch Christian Boxer Tyson Fury From Sports Personality Of The Year Shortlist

A petition which is calling on the BBC to remove the Christian boxer Tyson Fury from its Sports Personality Of The Year shortlist is gaining support.

“Tyson Fury is not a role model,” the petition says as it accuses him of being homophobic.

The devout-Christian gave the glory to God last weekend when he was crowned the new heavyweight champion of the world after beating Ukrainian Vladimir Klitschko.

Before the fight he tweeted: “Feeling great, blessed be the Lord Jesus Christ”.

But he’s a controversial character having previously told the Mail on Sunday there were three things that would happen “before the devil comes home”.

He said: “One of them is homosexuality being legal in countries, one of them is abortion and the other is paedophilia. Who would have thought in the 50s and 60s that those first two would be legalised?”

In 2013 he was fined £3,000 by the boxing authorities after suggesting opponents were “gay lovers”.

Those statements, and previous quotes deemed to be homophobic, have led to the petition being set up.

Mr Fury does not display “the kind of behaviour that merits inclusion on such a well-respected award programme”, the petition claims.

But responding to the petition the boxer stood by his comments: “I don’t regret anything I’ve ever said. I’m a man of honour and a man of my word, and what I’ve said I stick to through thick and thin.

“Whoever wants to challenge me, let them come and challenge me. Whoever doesn’t like me, I don’t care anyway.

“If you want to give me the award, give it me, and if you don’t – keep it.”

He’s up against Jessica Ennis-Hill, Andy Murray, Lewis Hamilton, Chris Froome, Mo Farah, Kevin Sinfield, Adam Peaty, Lucy Bronze, Max Whitlock, Greg Rutherford and Lizzie Armitstead.


1.The world upside down: The British Christian vs The Ukranian Atheist

— Tyson Fury vs Wladimir Klitschko: Klitschko accused of cheating minutes before fight after having gloves wrapped in secret

War Between Christendom And The Kingdom Of The Antichrist Is Coming, Christendom Will Become An Empire Again And Dominate The World And Crush The Kingdom Of Satan


The Russian government is telling Turkey to return the most beautiful Church of the Hagia Sofia to the Eastern Orthodox Church. Russian MP Sergei Gavrilov said:

The Russian side… expect[s] from the Turkish side a friendly step – to return the Cathedral to the hands of the Orthodox church of Constantinople … The Russian side is ready to provide financial assistance and enlist the best Russian restorers and scientists’ aid in the restoration of the ecumenical Christian artefact. Such a step would help Turkey and Islam to show that good will is above politics.

This statement and push by Russia demanding for the restoration of the Hagia Sofia to the Orthodox world, is just another sign that the tensions between Turkey and Russia are in realty of a religious nature, and that the sword of the Church is about to be unsheathed and wielded in a glorious holy war for the Sacred Cross against the enemies of Christ. There are numerous vicissitudes in the current tensions between Russia and Turkey; they descend from centuries of wars between Christians and Muslims, and they are all leading to a holy war.

Since the Turkish F-16 shot down the Russian Su-24 bomber, Russia has dissolved its relations with Turkey. Lieutenant General Sergei Rutskoi has made it very clear that all military relations between Turkey and Russia have been dissolved. Moreover, the idea that NATO will intervene in this rising conflict was emphatically denied by Ivashov, based on a statement from NATO itself that assistance for Turkey is not desirous on the part of European leaders:

NATO’s last council on an ambassadorial level, which was convened on Turkey’s initiative, refused to support it and there was even no general statement, which NATO usually provides. Stoltenberg spoke for himself, which means that NATO’s European members are not burning with desire to help Turkey … Now Russia just has to increase consultations with European countries in a bilateral format … Now Russia just has to increase consultations with European countries in a bilateral format

Religious conflict commences once a people, for the cause of their faith, conquer another’s land. As I have said before, geopolitics is only a means to religion. Turkey shot down the Russian plane in order to protect the oil supply lines that it was providing for ISIS. This is what Putin just said recently:

We have every reason to think that the decision to shoot down our plane was dictated by the desire to protect the oil supply lines to Turkish territory, right to the ports where it is loaded onto tankers… We have received additional information which unfortunately confirms that this oil, produced in areas controlled by the Islamic State and other terrorist organisations, is transported on an industrial scale to Turkey.

Turkey needs land, oil and other resources, not for these things themselves, but as means to a religious end, and that is a universal Islamic empire. Land is not the end, but only a means to an end, and that end is religious domination, either on the part of Christendom or on the part of some other religion. The West has been conquered, not by outside forces, but by internal enemies; by sodomites, by feminists and the rebellion of wretched men and women; by materialists and modernists, by the enemies of the Christian Faith who, in the words of de Maistre, “should be hung like housebreakers!”

Saint_George_1500Christian supremacy has been overthrown by the masses who believe that Christ is inferior to sodomites, by wretched feminists who work for the overthrow of societal order. We look to a camera or a phone and we fixate our lives to these objects as though they are gods, but the Creator of the human eye, more complex than any of these technologies, we treat as though He is only a part of our lives, and not our lives. God is Life; He is the reason for existence, He is existence itself, for without Him, we would have no existence. This is the sentiment for Christian supremacy, and the pillar for empire and domination.

Russia is the most powerful Christian nation in the world. And by Christian I am not talking about a society that is riddled with cults and heresies, I mean a nation that is imbued with the Apostolic Faith, the Church whose lineage can be historically traced back to the Apostles, and ultimately to Christ. A Church whose Founder is historically Christ Himself, and not some novel trend. America is not a Christian nation, it is a secular nation entrenched in the enlightenment philosophy which is just an ideology for rebellion and the anarchy for all evil ideas.

Russia is authentically a Christian nation. Its government is in harmony with a Church of apostolic succession; when the Church needs to fight some evil inundation, such as homosexuality, it will exhort the State to unsheathe the temporal sword and cut asunder the wicked movement, and surely has the Russian obeyed in this measure, and continues to intensify against the demonic sodomite invasion. Russia sees how much ground the sodomites have taken in the US, and they refuse to allow the same to occur in their own country.

In the realm of Faith and morals, the State must obey the Church and exhaust its capacity to destroy any attacks or sinister attempts against the Church or her teachings. Thus, in Russia, they uphold the two swords of St. Peter, the ones held aloft when the Apostle said to Christ, “Lord, look, here are two swords.” (Luke 22:38) The State wields the sword of which Christ told St. Peter, “Put up thy sword into the sheath” (John 18:11).

The sword still remains in the sheathe of the Church, and it can be used at any time when the Church and the State work together to vanquish the forces of darkness. Russia is the nation that is observing this concept more so than any other nation, and here we have wicked politicians, like Carly Fiorna, who want war with this Christian nation. Do you believe such evil? She wants to go to war, not with a nation that is truly pagan and evil, but a truly Christian country that is trying to do right, that is on the verge of abolishing abortion, that is combating the sodomite agenda, that is protecting Christians in the Middle East. This is the nation that this Jezebel of a woman wants to go to war with! What sickness!

Continue reading…

2.The World Upside Down: The Russian Christian vs The Antichrist forces of the Occident & The Orient


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Europe is Like Judas – Betraying Its Christian Tradition With the Traitorous Kiss of False Compassion

Posted by addisethiopia / አዲስ ኢትዮጵያ on November 3, 2015

in order to obliterate the last vestige of Christian civilization in Europe.

Misguided Compassion Threatens to Become the Downfall of Europe

Europe has assumed the posture of the Good Samaritan as a response to the tsunami of refugees and migrants flooding the continent. Politicians and public authorities are in the grip of emotional do-good-ing. Critical voices and questions are attacked with a barrage of accusations of inhumanity, lack of compassion or outright racism. Any intelligent political debate on immigration has therefore been silenced and replaced by a grandiose show of emotion.

Danish police gave up registering refugees and migrants entering at the border because the migrants refused to comply with regulations in order to push on to go to Sweden. This was a de facto abolition of constitutionally enacted statutes. The police simply surrendered to the pressure from the crowd demanding abandonment of the rule of law. Minister for Justice Soren Pind subsequently appeared on TV all teary-eyed and emotional about the sheer goodness and altruism of the police. Reality inverted. Law enforcement commended for allowing people to break the law. This abolition of the rule of law and the political agenda of open borders for mass immigration are defended on the basis of arguments drawn from Christian charity.

What is happening here? The EU politicians, who have so far advocated strict separation of politics from religion, and who have banished religious symbols from any public display, now employ Christian arguments when stating their immigration policy. Has the Europe that has been abandoning its Christian roots progressively for decades, for instance by refusing to mention Christianity in the EU Treaty, decided to return to its heritage like the Prodigal Son?

No, quite the contrary. Europe is like Judas, betraying its Christian tradition with the traitorous kiss of false compassion in order to obliterate the last vestige of Christian civilization in Europe.

True charity always springs from a higher moral absolute, a clear distinction between right and wrong, good and evil. False charity offers compassion for the criminal and not the victim. No charity for the woman who is victimized by rape but pity for the perpetrator, the rapist. Such pity is a gross perversion.

Rape, beheading of Christians, unspeakable cruelty and destruction perpetrated by ISIL, al-Qaeda, al-Nusra and FSA – the West has quietly acquiesced in the escalating rampage of ISIL in order to remove Assad, a president elected with an 88 per cent democratic majority, allegedly to bring democracy to Syria. The West has refused to acknowledge the genocide targeting Christians in the Middle East, which has built momentum because of Western intervention in Iraq, Libya and Syria. Now Europe and the West rationalize their cultural suicide by playing the Good Samaritan to the monster they created, which will take its violence against Christians to the new killing fields of Europe. They bring values completely antithetical to European values. We must obviously distinguish between real refugees and those who want to go to Europe for other reasons, but the scenario remains dire.

Lately, the German media reported how Christians are spat on, verbally abused, accused of being infidels, beaten and Christian women are raped in German refugee centres. They are terrorized and threatened with death. Among the asylum seekers are islamists, who try to enforce sharia law on the other refugees. Chairman of the German Police Union Rainer Wendt states for the newspaper Passauer Neue Presse, “Especially Christians need protection at the centres because they are the victims of gross harassment.”

Europe consistently chooses to ignore the ferociously aggressive incidents involving refugees, and absolutely refuses to acknowledge the religious issues. Is radical islam really a peaceful religion, as many European politicians claim? Will it be possible to integrate a highly self-conscious all-encompassing religious system like islam in a Europe where the Christian identity is anaemic bordering on lethargic? All the Middle East countries that have undergone Western-imposed regime change to introduce the West’s particular brand of “democracy” are now bastions of radical Islamism. Would it even be possible to guarantee that this will not happen in Europe?

In spite of their use – or rather abuse – of “loving one’s neighbour”, politicians are devoid of the Christian basis for distinguishing good from evil. Our politicians promote the forces of evil and utterly abandon their victims. This is merely an extension of the policies of the West in the Middle East since the invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan. Western politicians consistently identify evil as good, and good as evil. They unleash destructive forces to rampage unimpeded and oppress good wherever the West enters the scene with its military or economic warfare.

The fierce hatred of the Western political elite for Christianity has robbed Europe of its moral compass. Using Christian arguments for waging war on Christianity and Christian culture is a vile demonic parody. From a spiritual perspective, it is clear that Europe has made an unholy alliance with islamism in order to annihilate its Christian civilisation. This diabolical scam wears a cloak of goodness and humanitarianism, but it is really a manifestation of moral decay and false altruism that threatens to bring about Die Untergang des Abendlandes, the end of Christian Europe.


Polish Football Fans Unfurl 50-Foot ‘Stand And Defend Christianity’ Banner At Premier League


Polish football (soccer) fans unveiled an enormous anti mass migration banner at Sunday’s Silesian Wrocław match against Poznań. Images from the match last night show a giant crusader defending Europe from invading jihadists in boats labelled USS Hussein, USS Bin Laden and USS ISIS.

Just a week after Poland voted to kick out every left-wing member of it’s national parliament, ordinary Poles have again shown the spirit which led them to elect the nationalist conservative Law and Justice party, with football fans unveiling an over-sized anti-migration banner at Sunday’s match.

The hand-painted sheet, which is estimated to have been at least 50 feet tall and 75 feet wide depicts boatloads of migrants preparing to land on the southern shore of Europe. Many of the boat’s crews make the one fingered ‘ISIS salute’.

Defending Europe while clutching a sword and a shield showing the crest of the Silesian Wrocław football club, a St. George’s cross-wearing crusader stands ready to fight the migrants, below writing which reads “While Europe Is Flooded With An Islamic Plague”.

Continue reading…


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The West – Nations Commit Suicide

Posted by addisethiopia / አዲስ ኢትዮጵያ on May 23, 2015


Russian Orthodox Patriarch: Eurovision Is ‘Repulsive’

The “hotbed of sodomy” Eurovision Song Contest final has again been blasted by the Russian Orthodox Church (ROC), after the Primate called the international music event “repulsive”

So strong was Russian revulsion at the outcome of last year’s Eurovision, it was suggested a new competition should be launched to replace the decadence of the present incarnation, named the ‘Voice of Eurasia’. At the time, a spokesman for the Church said: “The last Eurovision contest’s results exhausted our patience.”

We must leave this competition. We cannot tolerate this endless madness.

The process of the legalization of that to which the Bible refers to as nothing less than an abomination is already long not news in the contemporary world.

Unfortunately, the legal and cultural spheres are moving in a parallel direction, to which the results of this competition bear witness”.

A Russian conservative politician said of the competiton last year: “Conchita Wurst’s Eurovision victory symbolizes the complete collapse of the European Union’s moral values… There’s no limit to our outrage. It’s the end of Europe. It has turned wild. They don’t have men and women any more. They have ‘it’”, reports the Christian Post.

The Patriarch may have been cheered by news from the United Kingdom after last year’s Eurovision, that despite the country giving full points to Austria’s gender-bending entry, all was not as it seemed. As Breitbart London reported, in the public vote, Poland’s sexually charged Slavic Girls entry won, but a small panel of BBC judges overruled the text-in vote and gave the points to Austria instead.


New ‘Men’s Lingerie’ Raises Question: Is Western Civilisation Over?

Yes’ vote in Ireland’s same-sex ‘marriage’ referendum could destroy family and society


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Christians Killed by ISIS While Western States That Defeated Gaddafi Just Watch: Gulf States and Turkey

Posted by addisethiopia / አዲስ ኢትዮጵያ on May 13, 2015

Takfiri Islamist barbarians have killed 30 Ethiopian Christians. This follows on from an earlier massacre of Coptic Christians from Egypt by ISIS Islamists that kill in the name of Allah – contrary to the political correct version by President Obama. America, France and the United Kingdom – and a host of other nations – involved in the overthrow of Colonel Gaddafi are just standing by and enabling this to happen. After all, the Sunni Islamist Takfiri vacuum was opened by NATO powers and some Gulf feudal powers that participated in creating a failed state in Libya.

The Libya model of manipulating language was implemented but the reality was yet another Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya. Syria is bravely fighting the same Western and Gulf intrigues that sprout empty words like “justice,” “freedom” and “democracy.” Similarly, the Shia Houthis in Yemen now face a similar style of “humanitarian bombing campaign” based on a Sunni Muslim coalition being led by Saudi Arabia.

However, in Afghanistan it was America, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, the United Kingdom – and other Gulf feudal monarchies – that ushered in the international jihadist brigade by training these brutal Sunni Islamist Takfiri barbarians. Covert agencies like the CIA, ISI and MI6 from America, Pakistan, and the United Kingdom respectively, helped to train and give military support to international jihadists in the 1980s and early 1990s. In Libya and Syria (notably applies to Turkey) the CIA, DGSE, MI6 and MIT have all been involved – and continue to be involved in Syria – in brutal intrigues that are helping to create vacuums for al-Qaeda affiliates and ISIS. It matters not if this is an intended or unintended reality because ultimately al-Qaeda and ISIS are filling the vacuums that are being created.

Therefore, the brutal slaughter of Ethiopian Christians by ISIS was paved by the nations that destroyed Libya. Of course, the mantra of “democracy,” “freedom” and “liberty” ushered by America, France and the United Kingdom was always propaganda. Sadly, this propaganda was fully backed by major Western and Gulf media outlets and the same forces especially played the same card against Syria during the first few years of destabilization. Recently, more media outlets are questioning Ankara, Doha London, Paris, Riyadh and Washington in their co-conspiracy against secular Syria. After all, it is clear that the government of Syria is protecting the religious mosaic comprised of Muslims, Christians and the Druze from the utter barbarity of the intrigues of Qatar, Turkey and Saudi Arabia (assisted by America, France and the United Kingdom).

The Guardian reports on the latest massacre of Christians by ISIS Takfiri barbarians by stating: “Islamic State has released a video purporting to depict the massacre of 30 Ethiopians, the second incident of mass slaughter of Christians by the terror group in its redoubt in Libya.”

This media agency continues “The beheadings and shootings publicised by the group are the latest assault on minorities across the Middle East, thousands of whom have been forced to abandon ancestral homes to flee the group’s broadening reach in the region.”

It should be noted that Egyptian and Ethiopian Christianity are much older than Islam therefore the “crusader” claptrap is just pure religious hatred and clear racism. Indeed, the one thing that binds certain Western countries, Turkey and Arab states together is that in history Arabs, Europeans and the Turks enslaved the continent of Africa. Therefore, the indigenous Coptics of Egypt and the various communities that exist in Ethiopia are truly sons of Africa. Despite this, ISIS continues with its anti-Christian, anti-Shia and anti-humanity crusade, in order to destroy many civilizations that are a million times higher than the barbaric Islamist Takfiri barbarianism that they peddle.

ISIS states openly in their brutal video that: “To the nation of the cross, we’re back again… We swear to Allah…you will not have safety in your dreams until you embrace Islam.”

ISIS continues: “We tell Christians everywhere that the Islamic State will spread, God willing… It will reach you even if you are in fortresses. Those who embrace Islam or jizya will be safe. But those who refuse … will have nothing from us but the edge of the sword. The men will be killed, the women and children enslaved, and the money seized. That is Allah and the prophet’s judgment.”

The above comments and the obvious reality of ISIS, Boko Haram, al-Nusra, AQAP, the Taliban, al-Shabaab – and an array of other Sunni Islamist Takfiri groups – are all clearly Islamist. Their binding realities are Islamic Sharia law and their utter hatred towards the Shia and religious diversity. This reality, and the fact that Saudi Arabia will not tolerate one single Christian church and supports killing apostates, makes a mockery of President Obama and other international leaders who keep on claiming that the problem doesn’t have religious dimensions. On the contrary, systematic persecution of religious minorities takes place in nations like Pakistan while all non-Muslim faiths are banned in Saudi Arabia.

Indigenous Sunni Islam in nations like Bangladesh, Libya, Iraq, Somalia and Syria are also on the frontline. This is based on Salafi Islam and the “year zero end game of Takfiri mindsets” that emanate in Saudi Arabia based on the austere and brutal versions of Islam that they follow. Kuwait, Qatar and Saudi Arabia are nations whereby Gulf petrodollars are spreading hatred far and wide irrespective if state sponsored, organizations, false charities or based on wealthy individuals. If this reality isn’t challenged – alongside the brutal intrigues of powerful Western nations and Gulf monarchies – then more parts of the world will face the Islamist Takfiri sword.


Saudi Arabia, Eritrea agree to boost Red Sea security

A Saudi war fought with Eritrean troops?

France and Petrodollars: Saudi Arabia, Syria, Yemen, Killing the Shia and Christianity

PetroDSyria once was a land of unhindered Christian churches just like Iraq prior to outside meddling. However, the Christian faith now in Syria is facing the Gulf petrodollar abyss that is being assisted by NATO Turkey. Despite this, and in the full knowledge that Christianity is illegal in Saudi Arabia, President Hollande of France once more decided to turn everything upside down. Therefore, Hollande, who is on the alleged side of democracy based on terrorism and sectarianism by stealth in Syria, is now lauding the unity of France with the most despotic Gulf monarchies in the world.

The mirror of despotic Saudi Arabia is being replicated in Syria. After all, various Takfiri terrorist groups are crushing Christianity in Syria therefore this faith faces being eradicated and made illegal just like in Saudi Arabia. Of course, Hollande knows full well what is happening to the Christian minority in Iraq and Syria. Similarly, the leader of France knows that ISIS (Islamic State – IS) is beheading Christians for video campaigns in Libya, despite the promise of democracy by France, America and the United Kingdom in post-Gaddafi Libya.

Equally alarming, Hollande who is hyping the Iran threat in order to obtain much needed Gulf petrodollars, fully understands that recent terrorist attacks in France belongs to the forces of Sunni Islamist militancy. Therefore, the leader of France knows that the internal threat is being inspired by the Salafi year zero Gulf version of Islam. Given this, then why is Hollande sleepwalking into the internal and external threat against secularism that is being eulogized by many in nations like Qatar and Saudi Arabia?

The Shia Houthis are at a loss to why America, France, and the United Kingdom, are selling their collective souls by supporting the Saudi Arabia led coalition against this religious community in Yemen. Similarly, in Syria the religious mosaic is being threatened by powerful NATO powers that have sided with feudal Gulf monarchies in the destabilization of this nation.

This reality means that religious minorities in Syria including the Alawites, Christians, the Shia, and the Druze, all face the same reality of what is happening in Iraq. Indeed, it is notable that while the Sunni dominated Saudi Arabia led coalition can bombard the Shia Houthis in Yemen daily; the same Saudi Arabia doesn’t care much about al-Qaeda affiliates and ISIS in Iraq and Syria. Of course, this isn’t surprising because various sectarian and Takfiri terrorist groups are being propped up in Syria with NATO Turkey being the open conduit for international jihadists alongside Gulf petrodollars.

Hollande, not too concerned by the Sunni Islamist Takfiri threat at home based on his open arms to feudal nations that fuel Salafi indoctrination, is now showing his true colors by siding with Gulf feudal states against the Shia Houthis in Yemen. Indeed, while the UN (United Nations) is increasingly becoming disillusioned by the Saudi led bombing of Yemen, the government of France merely seeks to make more military sales to feudal Gulf powers. This shocking behavior says much about the foreign policy objectives of France in recent times.

The current UN Humanitarian Coordinator for Yemen, Johannes Van Der Kaauw, stated “I strongly urge the coalition to stop targeting Sanaa international airport and to preserve this important lifeline – and all other airports and seaports – so that humanitarians can reach all those affected by the armed conflict in Yemen.”

On top of this, reports stress that the Saudi Arabia led coalition is now using cluster bombs in the ongoing bombardment of Yemen. Irrespective of this, and the role of nations like Qatar in Libya and Syria involving the funding of various Takfiri Islamist sectarian groups, France is closing its eyes to this reality. Therefore, while Christians, and other minorities are being cleansed in Syria, the only concern for France is to support feudal Gulf monarchies that are behind this reality alongside other nations like Turkey.



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American Christians Wear Orange in Solidarity With Those Persecuted For Faith

Posted by addisethiopia / አዲስ ኢትዮጵያ on April 16, 2015

07coptsB1424815091Obama, Obama, did you see? Christian blood in the sea

Hanna Asaad, front, is among of group of Egyptian Coptic Christians marching toward the White House on Tuesday in remembrance of 21 Egyptian Coptic Christians recently beheaded in Libya by Islamic State.  

A group of Egyptian Coptic Christians, including Amer Sabet, holding a cross, march from the White House toward the U.S. Capitol in remembrance of 21 Egyptian Coptic Christians recently beheaded in Libya by Islamic State.

Hanna Asaad, a network engineer in Fairfax, Va., grew up in the village of Aloor in southern Egypt. He was able to immigrate to the United States several years ago, but his best friend and cousin, Samuel Alham, sought work as a laborer in nearby Libya, like many other Coptic Christians in the impoverished region.

Shortly after Christmas, Alham and 20 of his fellow Coptic laborers were kidnapped by Islamic State militants in Libya. In mid-February, they were marched to a Mediterranean beach in handcuffs and orange prison jumpsuits. Then they were beheaded with knives as a video camera recorded the gruesome scene.

On Tuesday, Asaad, 29, joined 20 protesters who donned orange jumpsuits and stood outside the White House, then knelt with their hands behind their backs. Behind them, other demonstrators held up photographs of the real victims and the blood-red waves where their headless corpses were thrown.

I kept calling my cousin and telling him he had to leave Libya, but there was no safe way out,” Asaad said. “The militants came looking for Christians and then took them away. They murdered my cousin, my nephew and my classmates. Someday soon they will start murdering people in this country.”

About 50 demonstrators, who marched slowly from the White House to Capitol Hill under police escort, demanded that U.S officials take more aggressive action against the Islamic State and other radical Islamist groups, including Boko Haram in Nigeria and the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt.

Hanna Asaad, front, is among of group of Egyptian Coptic Christians marching toward the White House on Tuesday in remembrance of 21 Egyptian Coptic Christians recently beheaded in Libya by Islamic State.  

Obama, Obama, did you see? Christian blood in the sea,”they chanted. 

For Copts in the Washington area and across the United States — mostly a population of educated, professional émigrés — the seaside slaughter was an especially horrific incident in a history of increasing persecution that the Christian minority group has faced in its native Egypt. Recent attacks included the bombing of a church on New Year’s Day, 2011, in the city of Alexandria, which left 21 worshippers dead and 79 injured.

Meanwhile, as militant Islamist ideology spreads, Christian groups are confronting attacks in other parts of the Middle East and South Asia.

Continue reading…


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The Spirit of The Antichrist is Already in The World – Recognize Them by Their Fruits

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Christian Blood For Saudi Arabia is Big Business

Posted by addisethiopia / አዲስ ኢትዮጵያ on December 30, 2013

የሚከተለው መረጃ ዘግናኝ፣ ረባሽ እና ለማመን የሚያቅት ሆኖ ሊሰማን ይችላል። ሆኖም እውነት መውጣቷ አይቀርምና የዓለማችን አለቃ፡ ሰይጣን በልጆቹ አማካይነት የሚፈጽመው አጸያፊ ተግባር ከቀን ወደቀን በፈጠነ መልክ እየተገለጠ / እየተጋለጠ በመውጣት ላይ ስለሚገኝ ማወቁ ግድ ነው።

ከዚህ በፊት ደጋግሜ እንደገለጽኩት፡ ኃያላን የሚባሉት ምዕራባውያን አይሁድክርስቲያናዊ ማንነታቸውን ስለካዱ እና አሳልፈው ስለሸጡ፡ በዲያብሎሳዊው የሳዑዲ የማፊያ ቡድን ተጽእኖ ሥር ለመውደቅ በቅተዋል።

የሉሲፈር ዋና መቀመጫው፡ መካ ከተማ እንደመሆኑ በከተማዋ የሚገኘውን ጥቁር ድንጋይ እንደ ቤተአምልኮው እና እንደ ጽሕፈትቤቱ አድሮ ይጠቀምበታል። (በቅሌት ላይ የሚገኘው የአሜሪካ የ ኤን ኤስ ኤየስለላ ድርጅት ዋናው መሥሪያ ቤት ሕንፃ ይህን የካባ ጥቁር ድንጋይ ቅርጽ እና ቀለም የያዘ ነው) የካባው ጥቁር ድንጋይ ፈቃድ ካልሰጠ በስተቀር እንደ ነዳጅ ዘይት የመሳሰሉትን ነገሮች አውጥቶ መጠቀም አይቻልም። በመላው ዓለም ነዳጅ አምራች እና በዶላሩም ተጠቃሚ የሆኑት አገሮች እስላም አገሮች ብቻ መሆናቸው ይህን ያሳያል። ክርስቲያን የሆኑ አገሮች የሚያመርቱ ከሆነ የሳዑዲ ሊሲፈራውያን ቅጥረኞች ቀውጡን እና ብጥብጡና ይፈጥሩባቸዋል። ደቡብ ሱዳን፣ የናይጀሪያ ደልታ አካባቢ ወይም ቤኔዝዌላ የሚታየው ይኽው ነው። ኢትዮጵያ አገራችንም ዘይት ማውጣት ያልበቃቸው በዚሁ በሳዑዲ ጫና መሆኑ አያጠራጥርም።

ባለፈው ነሐሴ ወር ላይ የሳዑዲ ባለሥልጣን ጥብቅ የኦርቶዶክስ ክርስትና እምነት ተከታይ ለመሆን የበቁትን የሩስያን ፕሬዚደንት፡ ፑቲንን፡ ነዳጅን እና የሶሪያን ወቅታዊ ሁኔታ በሚመለከት ከሳዑዲ ጥቅም ጋር ካልተስማሙ በ ሶቺ ከተማ የሚካሄዱትን የክረምት ኦሎምፒክ ጨዋታዎች በሽብር ፈጣሪዎች አማካኝነት እንበጠብጣለን ብለው አስፈራርተው ነበር፤ እዚህ ላይ ይመልከቱ

ፈጠነም ዘገየም፡ ሳዑዲ አረቢያ፡ ወይ በአሜሪካ ወይ በሩሲያ በኑክሌር መመታቷ አይቀርም። ወገኖቻችን ሳዑዲን ለቀው እንዲወጡ መደረጋቸው / መገደዳቸው ታላቅ በረከት መሆኑን በኋላ ላይ የምናውቀው ይሆናል። የተቀሩትም፡ ፈቃድ ኖራቸው አልኖራቸው፡ በፍጥነት ይህችን የዲያብሎስ መዲና ለቀው እንዲወጡ ቅስቀሳ መደረግ ይኖርበታል።

ቅድስቷ አገራችን ሆነው ለሳዑዲ ልባቸው ለሚመታው እና ወደዚያም ለመሄድ ለተዘጋጁት የሚከተለውን ዘግናኝ ተግባር ማስተዋወቅ ተገቢ ነው።

Christians blood sold for $100,000 a bottle to Muslims in Saudi Arabia

My Note: It’s all clear by now, obviously, Saudi Arabia is that “woman drunken with the blood of the saints, and with the blood of the martyrs of Jesus” (Revelation 17:6), and the kings of the earth are fornicating with her, trading with this harlot the wine (oil) for the obliteration of the saints

Reporters found themselves shocked when they attended a press conference in Vienna on 10th of December. Though they should be well informed on the persecution of Christians and, moreover, should inform their readers on this matter, they were caught by surprise. Sister Hatune, an Aramaic nun who fled Turkey in 1985, told what she had witnessed during her aid campaigns in the Middle East.

She revealed that Muslims are butchering Christians, draining their blood in bottles, and selling each bottle for $100,000 to Muslims in Saudi Arabia who take it to wash their hands in Christian blood, with the belief that it atones for their sins.

Sister Hatune was awarded the German Cross of Merit for her selfless commitment. Here is what she reports:

Saudi Arabia Pays $2 Million Bail in Missouri Sex Assault Case

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has posted $2 million bail for two men who were jailed in southwest Missouri in June after being charged in the kidnapping and sexual assault of a woman.

Rayan Mohammed A Alqabbaa, 21, and Ahmed Ayed A Alanazi, 27, are charged with kidnapping and forcible sodomy stemming from an alleged attack June 1 in Springfield. They each had been held on $1 million bail. The cash bond was wired to the Greene County Circuit Clerk’s Office on Tuesday, court records show.

The men, who were students at Missouri State University, must wear GPS ankle bracelets and their lawyers will keep their passports while they await trial, The Springfield News-Leader reported. They also can’t go to the nightclub where they met the woman and or any place where alcohol is the primary item served.

The men are scheduled for trial Feb. 3.

A cab driver called police because he was suspicious of how the men were treating the woman after he picked them up at Zan, a Springfield nightclub. Officers who found the woman at an apartment said she was partially clothed, crying, vomiting and asking for help, according to court documents. The woman later told police she had been abducted from Zan and someone might have put a drug in her drink, the documents said.



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Islamist War on Christians

Posted by addisethiopia / አዲስ ኢትዮጵያ on December 3, 2013

WarOnChristiansI’m waiting

I am a Lebanese Christian, and I am waiting. Waiting for CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, NBC, the New York Times, the Los Angeles Times, or Time magazine to really tell the story. To finally run this headline: “War on Christians Being Waged by Islamists.”

I’m waiting for someone in the mainstream media to admit the facts.

Matt Lauer and NBC News made headlines when they declared there was a civil war in Iraq in 2006, putting them at odds with the narrative coming from the Bush White House.

Islamists are persecuting and murdering Christians all over the world. Where in the world are Matt Lauer and NBC News? Do they not want to be at odds with the narrative coming from the current occupants of the White House, which downplays the atrocities being perpetrated by Muslims against Christians? Or to be at odds with Muslim groups like CAIR, which might accuse NBC of some kind of bias?

It is not an accident, the persecution and mass murder of Christians by Muslims. It is not episodic. It is by design. It is part of a master plan to destroy any competing narrative about God. To bully, threaten, and intimidate Christians into submission, or mass evacuation.

And it is not an accident that the media aren’t covering this very real war. If this were Christians murdering Muslims, blowing up mosques, and driving Muslims by the millions from their homes, we’d never stop hearing about that war.

My goodness, the media didn’t mind covering the fake war on women that Democrats accused Republicans of waging, while the very real war on women being waged in Islamic countries marched on unreported.

The media haven’t ignored the stories of Muslim violence against Christians altogether, to be fair. But they do treat the incidents as tragic isolated events perpetrated by a few nuts. They refuse to frame the mass murder and mass persecution as what they are: a war.

Don’t ask me if I’m exaggerating the claim. Ask the victims. Ask the Christians living in places that are predominantly Muslim. Ask the Christians living in refugee camps, the Christians running for their lives in too many parts of the world.

And ask the millions of American Christians who wonder why this story isn’t being framed as a war.

But just because the media aren’t covering the war, that doesn’t mean it’s not happening. It’s actually spreading to more countries and continents as Islamists become more emboldened.

Islamists are persecuting and murdering Christians not just in Egypt, Iraq, Syria, and the rest of the Middle East, but also in Pakistan and Kenya and too many other countries. And for doing nothing more than having different beliefs about God. They are persecuting Christians to let them know that they had better keep their most deeply held beliefs to themselves. Or move. Or else.

Here are some dispatches from the Middle East and beyond just in this past month.

This one is from Reuters this past weekend: “Suicide bombers kill 78 Christians outside Pakistani church.” Nearly 600 people had gone to one of Pakistan’s most historic churches Sunday to do what they’ve been doing there for 130 years: worship their God. A plaque on the wall had this inscription: “This church is erected to the Glory of God and dedicated to the memory of All Saints in the year of our Lord Jesus Christ 1883.” Words that don’t warm the heart of your average Islamist.

The attack occurred as worshipers left the service to receive free food being distributed on a lawn outside the church. That’s when the two explosions ripped through the crowd.

That was no accident. It was a deliberate choice meant to desecrate a holy place and a beautiful ritual. And to let Christians know there’s no place they’re safe. Not even a house of worship.

This isn’t the first time something like that has happened in Pakistan. Back in March, the New York Times reported that a Muslim mob swarmed through a Christian neighborhood, burning two churches and more than 100 houses. The story noted that Christians in the area were also increasingly the victims of Pakistan’s strict blasphemy laws.

Here’s another September headline, this one from the London Telegraph: “Christians flee Syria village that speaks the language of Jesus.” Islamist rebels, the Telegraph reported, had taken control of Maaloula, one of the oldest Christian towns in the world and one of the few remaining places where the language of Christ and his disciples is still spoken — Western Aramaic. The Christians started fleeing after regime forces failed to win Maaloula back from the Islamists.

They shot and killed people,” one Christian man who has fled that small town told reporters. “I heard gunshots and then I saw three bodies lying in the middle of a street in the old quarters of the village. . . . Where is President Obama to see what has befallen us?”

Another Christian resident told this story: “I saw the militants grabbing five villagers and threatening them and saying, ‘Either you convert to Islam, or you will be beheaded.’”

Continue reading…

450,000 Christians Flee From Muslim Attacks in The Central African Republic

My Note: It has passed several monthes since the Arab and European-supported Jihadists went on slaughtering Christians in the Central African Republic (CAR), but the world community and the media were silent all this time. But now, the BBC & Co have begun reporting on this issue,  just because Christians have decided to organize, fight back and defend themselves, just because western powers, France, in particular, has seen a window opened for their usual interventionist policies. The Jihadists have become their useful tools to send their soldiers deep into Africa.  Of course, now, we’ll be hearing quite frequently the term „Christian Militias“ from the mainstream media

CentralAfricanRepThe United Nations is demanding immediate support for the Central African Republic (CAR) during a very difficult period. Apparently over 450,000 people have fled their homes after the Muslim dominated Seleka took power and began persecuting Christians irrespective of the alleged government of national unity during the transitional period. Not surprisingly, Christians are trying to protect themselves against Muslim forces within Seleka which are clearly out of control. Therefore, bloodletting is sowing the seeds of distrust and clearly the international community needs to do something before the crisis reaches a point of no return.

Unlike Christian communities in Egypt, Iraq, Pakistan, and in other nations, whereby various sects are persecuted, it is clear that in the CAR — just like in South Sudan — that Christians will not just sit back and wait to be slaughtered or become trapped in ghettoes. It is hoped that the international community will be fair in pointing out the real factors behind communal violence. After all, it is clear that religious tensions erupted after Seleka troops began to ransack Christian areas. However, the same media which always points out the “Buddhist” angle in Myanmar (more Christians have been killed in Myanmar than any other non-Buddhist religion in the last few decades) in relation to the persecution of Muslims in this country; they appear to loathe to point out massacres by Muslims forces in the CAR against Christians; just like the persecution of Buddhists and others in the Chittagong Hill Tracts is barely mentioned in Bangladesh.

In must be remembered that when less than two thousand people had been killed in Kosovo the West intervened rapidly and took this part of Serbia away from the indigenous Orthodox Christians. Yet when northern Cyprus was occupied by Turkey and Orthodox Christians were cleansed then Western nations did zilch apart from sell more military arms to Turkey. Similarly, when millions of black African Christians and Animists were massacred in Sudan (many forced into slavery and forcibly converted to Islam) you never had the threat of Western intervention. Likewise, the mainly Christians of West Papua are currently facing Javanization and Islamization in Indonesia but the world is turning a blind eye once more just like they did when the Catholic Timorese were massacred in vast numbers by the same forces.

Elizabeth Kendal reports in Christian Today that the “Central African Republic is French-speaking and its population is around 76 per cent Christian. On Sunday 24 March 2013, Seleka — a coalition of local and foreign Arabic-speaking Islamic militias — seized control of the capital, Bangui, in an orgy of violence and looting.”

“But Seleka does not rape, loot and kill indiscriminately. Rather, Seleka attacks Christians and spares Muslims, causing traditional community trust to evaporate, and creating a sectarian tinderbox.”

The same author reports that Christian militias are now retaliating and massacres against Muslims are happening based on the actions of Muslim forces within Seleka. Indeed, just like you have countless militias in Libya then it is difficult to define Seleka because many are mere rogue elements which are focused on economic goals alongside anti-Christian persecution. However, while religious agitation wasn’t enforced by the usual Christian leaders of the CAR, it is abundantly clear that you have an Islamist cause within all the chaos and common criminality of forces within Seleka and clearly the so-called government of national unity isn’t in control of the situation.

Christian Bishop Albert Vanbuel stated “a rebellion of religious extremism with evil intentions, characterized by profanation and planned destruction of religious buildings, especially Catholic and Protestant churches” is now in power. In other words, the new government under Djotodia is based on an agenda which threatens the religious mosaic of the CAR because elements within Seleka clearly have a religious angle.

The International Crisis Group reported “The new government of national unity is fragile and faces considerable challenges. Securing the country, organizing elections, restoring public services and implementing judicial, economic and social reforms, were agreed to in Libreville and remain on the agenda. But dissension within Seleka, the proliferation of weapons in Bangui and the deterioration of the social environment could jeopardize the very fragile transition. The humanitarian situation is deteriorating: the population is suffering from deprivation, which will be compounded by the rainy season, and there are some 150,000-180,000 internally displaced people. Faced with multiple problems, the new government will have to define security, humanitarian, budgetary and political priorities. To secure the peace and stability that previous governments failed to achieve, it must develop a new disarmament, demobilization and reintegration (DDR) program and rethink security sector reform (SSR). Restoring security and promoting innovative approaches tailored to the country’s needs are key to ensuring the success of the transition.”

Of great concern is who is behind the funding of Muslim forces which are spreading sectarianism in the CAR? It isn’t difficult to point the finger at Gulf petrodollars and similarly Sudan may have ambitions? However, currently you have no substantial findings in this regard because various specialists have provided different answers to this important question. Despite this, it is clear that Seleka is well armed (despite being disbanded this movement continues to kill and ransack) and the sectarian agenda also points to sinister outside forces.

France announced that they will send approximately 1,000 military personnel to the CAR which will top up the current 400 plus soldiers which are stationed in this nation. The Defense Minister of France, Jean-Yves Le Drian, made it clear that France would send 1,000 troops to the CAR in order to boost security. However, unlike in Mali the role of France isn’t clear because will France take sides or work with the tainted self-proclaimed leader of this nation? After all, in Mali the mainly black African Muslim ethnic groups welcomed France after a mixture of al-Qaeda affiliated forces began to attack indigenous Islam in this nation alongside genuine grievances felt by the Tuareg. Yet in the CAR it is clear that Christians in many areas lack faith in the current self-proclaimed leadership which is blamed for the bloodletting and setting the fire of sectarianism.

Le Drian said “France will support this African mission with about 1,000 soldiers…We will do this in support, not as the first ones in, as we have done for Mali, and for a short period, in the range of about six months.”

France 24 reports “…Le Drian said the soldiers would act as support to a 2,500-strong regional peacekeeping force deployed by the Economic Community of Central African States. The African Union will take charge of the force in December and boost its size to around 3,600 troops.”

The Security Council was urged by Jan Eliasson, Deputy Secretary-General of the UN and highly respected diplomat from Sweden, to turn the CAR into an operation for the UN. He stated that “The CAR is becoming a breeding ground for extremists and armed groups in a region that is already suffering from conflict and instability…If this situation is left to fester, it may develop into a religious and ethnic conflict with long-standing consequences, even a civil war that could spread into neighboring countries.”

If action isn’t taken then the spiral of violence will only get worse and sectarianism will hang over the CAR. Yet, who will France, the UN and AU work with given the tainted self declared leader of this nation who clearly isn’t trusted by many within the Christian community?


Syria: 12 Nuns Abducted by Islamist Rebels in Christian Town of Maaloula

[Jeremiah 49:23-27]

Concerning Damascus. Hamath is confounded , and Arpad: for they have heard evil tidings: they are fainthearted ; there is sorrow on the sea; it cannot be quiet . Damascus is waxed feeble , and turn herself to flee , and fear has seized on her: anguish and sorrows have taken her, as a woman in travail . How is the city of praise not left , the city of my joy! Therefore her young men shall fall in her streets, and all the men of war shall be cut off in that day, saith the LORD of hosts. And I will kindle a fire in the wall of Damascus, and it shall consume the palaces of Benhadad.

StTheklaMonasteryIslamist rebels have kidnapped a group of nuns from the Greek Orthodox monastery of St Thecla (Mar Taqla) in Maaloula (north of Damascus). Mgr Mario Zenari, the Vatican nuncio in Damascus, confirmed the information after speaking with the Greek-Orthodox Patriarchate. Through the Vatican diplomat, the latter “calls on all Catholics to pray for the women religious.”

Armed men burst in the monastery of St Thecla in Maaloula this afternoon. From there, they forcibly took 12 women religious,” Mgr Zenari said, citing a statement from Patriarchate. The group of Islamist rebels has apparently taken them to Yabrud, some 80 km north of the capital. Neither the nuncio nor the church Greek Orthodox Church know reason behind the kidnapping.

Islamist Rebels from the Free Syrian Army (FSA) had invaded the small town on 5 September after driving out regime troops with the support of al-Qaeda-linked al-Nusra Brigades. After taking control of the city, they went on a rampage against Christian buildings, killing three young Catholic men.

More than 3,000 people, the town’s entire Christian population, fled their homes seeking refuge in Bab Touma, the Christian quarter of Damascus. Some found shelter with relatives in Lebanon or in local Greek-Catholic convents.

Only Muslims were left in town, plus 40 nuns at the St Thecla Monastery who stayed to help care for dozens of orphaned children.

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Largest Massacre of Christians in Syria’ Ignored

One of the worst Christian massacres—complete with mass graves, tortured-to-death women and children, and destroyed churches—recently took place in Syria, at the hands of the U.S.-supported jihadi “rebels”; and the U.S. government and its “mainstream media” mouthpiece are, as usual, silent (that is, when not actively trying to minimize matters).

The massacre took place in Sadad, an ancient Syriac Orthodox Christian habitation, so old as to be mentioned in the Old Testament. Most of the region’s inhabitants are poor, as Sadad is situated in the remote desert between Homs and Damascus (desert regions, till now, apparently the only places Syria’s Christians could feel secure; 600 Christian families had earlier fled there for sanctuary from the jihad, only to be followed by it).

In late October, the U.S-supported “opposition” invaded and occupied Sadad for over a week, till ousted by the nation’s military. Among other atrocities, 45 Christians—including women and children—were killed, several tortured to death; Sadat’s 14 churches, some ancient, were ransacked and destroyed; the bodies of six people from one family, ranging from ages 16 to 90, were found at the bottom of a well (an increasingly common fate for “subhuman” Christians).

The jihadis even made a graphic video (with English subtitles) of those whom they massacred, while shouting Islam’s victory-cry, “Allahu Akbar” (which John McCain equates to a Christian saying “thank God”). Another video, made after Sadad was liberated shows more graphic atrocities.

Here are the words of Archbishop Selwanos Boutros Alnemeh, Syriac Orthodox Metropolitan of Homs and Hama (another detailed account):

What happened in Sadad is the most serious and biggest massacre of Christians in Syria in the past two years and a half… 45 innocent civilians were martyred for no reason, and among them several women and children, many thrown into mass graves. Other civilians were threatened and terrorized. 30 were wounded and 10 are still missing. For one week, 1,500 families were held as hostages and human shields. Among them children, the elderly, the young, men and women…. All the houses of Sadad were robbed and property looted. The churches are damaged and desecrated, deprived of old books and precious furniture… What happened in Sadad is the largest massacre of Christians in Syria and the second in the Middle East, after the one in the Church of Our Lady of Salvation in Iraq, in 2010.

In the Iraqi attack of 2010, al-Qaeda linked jihadis stormed the church during service killing some 60 Christian worshippers (see here for graphic images of the aftermath).

While the archbishop is correct that this is the “largest massacre of Christians in Syria,” it is but the tip of the iceberg of the persecution the nation’s Christian minority has suffered—including beheadings, church bombings, kidnappings, rapes, and dislocation of hundreds of thousands of Christians—since the war broke out .

A month before Sadad, another ancient Christian region, Ma’loula, one of the world’s very few regions that still spoke Aramaic, the language of Jesus, was besieged by the jihadis, its churches bombarded and plundered, its inhabitants forced to convert to Islam or die. The last words of one man who refused were: “I am a Christian, and if you want to kill me for this, I do not object to it.”

The archbishop concluded his statement concerning Sadad by asking: “We have shouted aid to the world but no one has listened to us. Where is the Christian conscience? Where is human consciousness? Where are my brothers? I think of all those who are suffering today in mourning and discomfort: We ask everyone to pray for us.”

Serge Trifkovic—who hails from a European region especially acquainted with Islamic jihad—responds to the archbishop as follows:

That no “human consciousness” is to be found in the White House, or in the editorial offices of the leading Western media, is now a matter of well-established record. Just try searching for “Sadad” (or alternatively “Saddad”) on the websites of the Department of State or The New York Times. Ditto the leading European dailies, the CNN/BBC/RTF, the human-rights defending “NGOs” et al.

The problem, of which Archbishop Selwanos Boutros Alnemeh appears unaware, is no longer in the Western elite’s mere indifference to the impending demise of Christianity in the lands of its birth, but in its active, ongoing, and open contribution to that demise. Cyprus (1974) and the Balkans (1991-9) provided the test, Iraq (2003-today) the conclusive proof. In Syria the Obama administration remains committed to supporting the rebels—ah, yes, only the “moderate” ones, like the Christian-murdering “Free Syrian Army” (discretion advised again), not “even though” the result will be the same, but precisely because it will be.

In one of the Arabic videos documenting the aftermath of the Sadad massacre, as the mutilated bodies of one family are drawn from a well , a middle-aged male relative, in tears, says:

The most precious in the whole universe [his family], are now gone, leaving me alone, but thank God I am still surrounded by these loving people who remain. I want to say, let people [the jihadis] return to their minds. The problems of the world can only be solved by knowledge and brains. Enough insanity, the nerves of the people are shredded. Enough, enough—return to your minds; you people, you humans—return to your humanity, enough crimes.

As a sign of the times, here is a Syrian, an “easterner,” evoking rationalism and humanity, products of the Christian West, at a time when the post-Christian West is governed by anything and everything—propaganda, emotionalism, mindless indoctrination—but the twain.



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