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“They Lied to Us About The mRNA SHOTS.” – Gov. Ron DeSantis

Posted by addisethiopia / አዲስ ኢትዮጵያ on November 26, 2022

💭 Everyone is rightly asking now: „Why didn’t he say this a year ago…”

Only what can no longer be concealed is admitted.

And responsibility is shifted back and forth until in the end no one is responsible. If unavoidable, there are a few pawn sacrifices.

As usual, both sides of the discussion are always served by the Satanists. If DeSantis would not belong to the team, he would not be a successful politician.

💭 Doctor: The Risks of the Vaccine Are Far Greater Than The Risks of COVID-19

😈 mRNA Vaccine Regulates or Alters a Person’s DNA – It can change your gene expression


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Prominent Virologist Who Pushed For Covid Vax Emergency Use Died Suddenly

Posted by addisethiopia / አዲስ ኢትዮጵያ on November 25, 2022

💭 ለኮቪድ ክትባት ድንገተኛ አጠቃቀም ጫና ስታደርግ የነበረችው ታዋቂዋ የ67አሜሪካዊት ቫይሮሎጂስት ኦቪታ ፉውለር በድንገት ሞተች። ፷፯/ 67 ዓመት የሞላት የወስላታው ዶ/ር አንቶኒ ፋውቺ አማካሪና የሚቸጋን ዩኒቨርሲቲ ተባባሪ ፕሮፌሰር ነበረች። የወይዘሮ ፉውለር በተለይ በደቡባዊው የአፍሪቃ ክፍል ኤች.አይ.ቪ ኤድስን በሚመለከት ከሃይማኖት መሪዎች ጋር በጋራ ትሠራ ነበር። ምን ዓይነት ሥራ? እግዚአብሔር ያውቀዋል! ከቪዲዮው እንደምንሰማው፤ ወይዘሮ ፉውለር አንጋፋውንና ወንጀለኛውን የመድኃኒት + ክትባት አምራች ተቋም፤ “ፋይዘርን” ስትቃወም፤ “ጆንሰን እና ጆንሰን” የተሰኘውን ተፎካካሪውን ተቋም ግን ድጋፍ ሰጥታው ነበር። ጆንሰን እና ጆንሰን ግን ባለፈው የካቲት ወር መግቢያ ላይ የኮቪድ ክትባትን ማመረቱን አቁሟል።

💭 Prominent Virologist Dr. A. Oveta Fuller, who advocated for emergency use authorization of three Covid vaccines, has suddenly died from a brief unknown illness.

✞ She died.67 years old.

A. Oveta Fuller, Ph.D. associate professor of microbiology and immunology at University of Michigan Medical School. She served as the director of the African Studies Center (ASC).

👉 Areas of Interest


Our laboratory based research has sought to understand molecular mechanisms of how human pathogenic viruses enter into cells to mediate infection, membrane fusion and spread, and how these affect replication, pathogenesis and disease. The studies include exploring mechanisms of entry and early events for human herpesviruses- HSV-1 and HSV-2 . In conjunction with chemical engineering and human genetics researchers we have sought to develop microchip technologies for rapid and inexpensive detection of genetic variations in influenza virus. Experimental systems that examine viral entry, cellular receptors, pathogenesis, protein structure/function and fusion of biological membranes are used to determine possible approaches to control or prevent infection by viral pathogens. We seek to apply fundamental molecular information to development of new anti-virals, detection of genetic variation, and development of community based interventions for infectious disease prevention.

A recent focus in Preventive Medicine and Medical Education is use of a science-based HIV/AIDS intervention through religious leader networks to actively address infectious disease health disparities. Specifically, we seek to validate effectiveness of a prevention model designated the “Trusted Messenger Intervention” (TMI) that reframes HIV as a virus infection that can be controlled. TMI works with clergy and faith leaders within official established networks so they become more confident to use their substantial community access and influence to effectively address HIV/AIDS.

A major objective of this community-based research is to build capacity of clergy and religious leaders to take biomedical research advances into their community organizations. This is one way to link science and medical based understanding with group and individual actions. Outcomes of TMI are measured by surveys and focus groups for effects on HIV/AIDS stigma, increase in understanding of HIV/AIDS and increase in completion of HIV voluntary counseling and testing (VCT). VCT is a key step in stopping virus transmission and reducing the incidence and death from AIDS and other preventable diseases.

This collaborative and community based research focus is with public health faculty colleagues and community religious networks and community faith leaders in Zambia, Botswana and South Africa. Recent study sites in the USA have been identified in work with the Center for AIDS Research at Vanderbilt University and Meharry Medical College.



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Danish Prime Minister is Confronted by Citizen About The Death Toll & Injuries Caused by The Covid-Vaccines

Posted by addisethiopia / አዲስ ኢትዮጵያ on November 23, 2022

💭 Mette Frederiksen is Prime Minister of Denmark since June 2019, and Leader of the Social Democrats since June 2015. She is the second woman to hold this office, and the youngest Prime Minister (45) in Danish history.

🛑 While America is waiting for Kamala Harris to be its next President, in Europe, the young, inexperienced and ‘feminist’ women who hold real power as heads of government include Prime Ministers and Presidents:

  • ☆ Mette Frederiksen (45) in Denmark
  • ☆ Kaja Kallas, PM (45) in Estonia
  • ☆ Kersti Kaljulaid, President (52) in Estonia
  • ☆ Sanna Marin (37) in Finland
  • ☆ Ingrida Šimonytė (48) Lithuania
  • ☆ Katrín Jakobsdóttir (46) in Iceland
  • ☆ Vjosa Osmani-Sadriu (40) in Kosovo
  • ☆ Natalia Gavrilița, PM (45) in Moldavia
  • ☆ Maia Sandu, President (50) in Moldavia
  • ☆ Zuzana Čaputová (49) in Slovakia
  • ☆ Katalin Novák (45) in Hungary
  • ☆ Katerina Sakellaropoulou (66) in Greece
  • ☆ Élisabeth Borne (61) in France
  • ☆ Giorgia Meloni (45) in Italy
  • ☆ Ana Brnabić (47) in Serbia
  • ☆ Eva Magdalena Andersson (55) in Sweden

The latter three deserve special mention as Meloni is Italy’s first female leader, Brnabić is the first woman and openly gay PM in Serbia’s history while Andersson is the first female prime minister in Sweden’s history.


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Sen. Schumer Calls for REPLACEMENT of Americans Who Can’t Have Babies after mRNA Depopulation Jabs

Posted by addisethiopia / አዲስ ኢትዮጵያ on November 18, 2022

💭 ሴኔተር ሹመር በ ኮቪድ mRNA ክትባት ሳቢያ ልጅ መውለድ የማይችሉ አሜሪካውያን እንዲተኩ ጥሪ አቅርበዋል

💭 Chuck Schumer says Democrats want to pass an immigration bill because “we have a population that is not reproducing on its own with the same level that it used to.” Schumer then calls for amnesty for “all 11 million or however many” illegal immigrants in the U.S

Yes, you are being replaced. Once derided as a racist conspiracy theory, “replacement theory” is not only confirmed but even touted by Democrat Sen. Chuck Schumer who yesterday claimed that millions of illegals must be granted amnesty because the US population “is not reproducing on its own.”

Of course, that’s because so-called “vaccine” injections — actually mRNA depopulation bioweapons — are causing widespread abortions, stillbirths, infertility and deaths. As expert analyst Ed Dowd told this reporter yesterday, post-vaccine excess mortality across the population at large is running around 32%, meaning an extra 2,400+ Americans are dying each day thanks to the mRNA jabs. And that’s on top of the 7,700 or so that normally die each day, bringing the total daily deaths in America right now beyond 10,000.

After pushing the genocidal vaccine, Sen. Schumer’s claim that “we have a population that is not reproducing on its own” seems tone deaf. Does he not realize his own vaccine mandates are killing off Americans? (Most likely, he knows full well.)

Illegals — who are not required to be vaccinated and are therefore fully capable of reproducing — are pouring into the country by the millions while both Dem and GOP senators push genocide for Americans. This is the crime against humanity that’s playing out right now, right in front of our eyes… and Schumer isn’t even trying to hide it anymore.

👉 Courtesy: Natural News


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Poster Boy for Vaccination Campaign Dies Suddenly at Just 4 Years Old (R.I.P)

Posted by addisethiopia / አዲስ ኢትዮጵያ on November 14, 2022

💭 ለኮቪድ ክትባት ዘመቻ ማስታወቂያ ሲሰራ የነበረው አረጀንቲናዊው ሕፃን በ አራት አመቱ በድንገት ህይወቱ አለፈ።

👹 ይህ የሴጣን የአምልኮ ሥርዓት ነው የዘመናችን የልጅ መስዋዕትነት ፥ ገዳዮች! በሃገራችንም ጋላ-ኦሮሞዎቹ ተመሳሳይ ሰይጣናዊ ተግባር በመፈጸም ላይ ስለሆኑ ነው ሉሲፈራውያኑ የመረጧቸው። እነዚህ ለሲዖል ሞት የተዘጋጁ ክፉዎች ስንቱን ሕፃናት ሰው?! ከእናት ማሕጸን ሳይቀር እያወጡ ለዋቄዮ-አላህ-ሉሲፈር ንጹሐንን ገበሩ። አይይይ!

❖❖❖[የዮሐንስ ወንጌል ምዕራፍ ፰፥፵፬]❖❖❖

እናንተ ከአባታችሁ ከዲያብሎስ ናችሁ የአባታችሁንም ምኞት ልታደርጉ ትወዳላችሁ። እርሱ ከመጀመሪያ ነፍሰ ገዳይ ነበረ፤ እውነትም በእርሱ ስለ ሌለ በእውነት አልቆመም። ሐሰትን ሲናገር ከራሱ ይናገራል፥ ሐሰተኛ የሐሰትም አባት ነውና።

ነፍሱን ይማርለት። አውሬዎቹ የዓለማችን ፈላጭ ቆራጮች የአዳምን ዘር ለማጥፋት ወስነዋል። አረመኔዎች! አንድ በአንድ ወድ ገሃነም እሳት ይጣላሉ።

ሳንቲኖ ጎዶይ ብላንኮ የሳን ሚጌል (ቅዱስ ሚካኤል) ከተማ ነዋሪ ነበር። የእግር ኳስ አፍቃሪ እና የፕላቴንስ ደጋፊ ከመሆኑ በተጨማሪ ሞዴል መስራት ይወድ ነበር። ከአንድ ወር በፊት ልጁ በሀገሪቱ ጤና ጥበቃ ሚኒስቴር በተዋወቀው የክትባት ዘመቻ “Activa hugs” ውስጥ ‘ኮከብ’ ለመሆን በቅቶ ነበር። ዛሬ ፊቱ የሁሉም የህዝብ ጤና ጣቢያዎች አካል ነው።

💭 ሕፃን ‘ሳንቲኖ ጎዶይ ብላንኮ’ የለበሰው ሸሚዝ ላይ የጽዮን ቀለማት ይታያሉ።

✞✞✞ (D. E. P., R. I. P., ነፍሱን ይማርለት)✞✞✞

😠😠😠 ዋይ! ዋይ! ዋይ! 😢😢😢

This is Satanic Ritual Abuse, Modern Day Child Sacrifice – Murderers! In Ethiopia The Galla-Oromos are also massacring children. The Luciferians chose them because the Gala-Oromos are doing the same satanic work in our country. How many children have these evil people who are prepared for the death of hell sacrificed in Ethiopia?! God knows! Even by taking unborn babies out of the mother’s womb, they used the innocent as a sacrifice to the satanic entity; ‘Waqqeyo-Allah-Lucifer’. May they burn in hell!

💭 In a tragic turn of events, Santino Godoy Blanco, just 4 years old, has passed away from pneumonia on Nov. 3, according to multiple reports.

If that name sounds at all familiar to you, that’s because Blanco was the face of one of Argentina’s various vaccination campaigns.

Santino Godoy Blanco was a 4-year-old boy from the town of San Miguel. In addition to being a soccer fanatic and a fan of Platense, he liked to model. A month ago the boy had starred in “Activa hugs”, a vaccination campaign promoted by the Ministry of Health of the Nation. His face today is part of all public health centers.

You can see an example of the type of campaign that Blanco was featured in below:

San Miguel murió un nene en un hospital y su familia denuncia abandono de persona.

Santino Godoy Blanco, 4 year old star of vaccination campaign in Argentina, dies

— Tiossinob (@tiossinob) November 13, 2022


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SPAIN TOP NEWSPAPERS: “Thousands of Unknown Cause of DEATHS, Spain Health Ministry Baffled”

Posted by addisethiopia / አዲስ ኢትዮጵያ on November 11, 2022

💭 España registra un gran exceso de muertes y Sanidad no sabe la causa

💭 የስፔን አንጋፋ ጋዜጣዎች፡– “በሺህ የሚቆጠሩ የማይታወቅ የሞት መንስኤ፣ የስፔን ጤና ጥበቃ ሚኒስቴር ግራ ተጋብቷል”

Aún no hay consenso científico sobre las causas concretas del exceso de muertes en España, pero los expertos señalan varios factores. “Es un año muy malo de mortalidad y es peor todavía de lo que parece”

💭 Los brotes, las mayores incidencias y la saturación de los hospitales que se están produciendo durante la segunda ola de coronavirus en España son para los expertos el preludio de un repunte de la mortalidad que parece estar tomando forma según el último informe del Instituto de Salud Carlos III (ISCIII), que observa un tercer periodo de demasía entre el 1 y el 27 de septiembre en el que se produjeron 2.722 muertes más de las esperadas. De ellas, el 81 % (2.192) se corresponden a casos de COVID-19.

👉 Courtesy: EL PAÍS + El Mundo

💭 There is still no scientific consensus on the specific causes of excess deaths in Spain, but experts point to several factors. “It’s a very bad year of mortality and it’s even worse than it looks”

The last half year has been, by far, the one more deaths has registered in Spain since the Covid and since there are comparable records. The more than 10,000 that has officially caused the virus and almost 5,000 attributed to heat they are already worrying figures.

But the biggest problem is in excess mortality from all causes, amounting to 27,060, well above the data for 2020 and 2021 in the warm six months of the year, from May to October. The total since January already accumulates 33,165.

What is happening? No one knows exactly. According the daily mortality monitoring system for all causes ( Momo ), not only have there been records in total deaths, but also in attributable to heat, which are 4,800. In addition, they have been accounted for 10,410 deaths by Covid in the last six months. Even if we add these two causes, there would still be 11,850 more deaths not attributed to the climate or the virus.

In that same period, between May and October, the excess of deaths was 14,567 in 2020 and 10,004 in 2021. Therefore, the unexpected deaths in these last six months exceed those of the two previous courses together. Or, in other words, almost double those of 2020 and triple those of 2021, always attending to the warm months. In fact, the excess of deaths in these last six months of 2022 already exceeds that observed throughout 2021, including winter, which was 24,490.

“It is a very bad year of mortality and it is even worse than it seems, because there is a thing called a harvest effect, which is the premature collection of mortality, “explains Salvador Peiró, spokesman for the Spanish Society of Public Health and Health Administration ( Sespas ) and researcher at Fisabio.

The effect is as follows: in a health crisis, many vulnerable people die, among others, who, under normal conditions, would have done so during the following months or years. So, there comes a time when statistics begins to reflect fewer deaths of those expected.

“The expected situation behind the Covid waves would be a mortality defect, not an excess, because many people who had died in the following year had already died from Covid. However, we have not noticed that effect, “says Peiró. Most of the excess mortality in recent months is concentrated in summer, with 19,218 deaths not expected. Many of them, this expert shuffles, could actually be linked to heat, even if statistics do not attribute them. “But this is all speculative. What we know is that there is an excess of mortality”, he adds.

In any case, the effect of extreme temperature would always add to other causes, since heat stroke, by itself, causes very few deaths. In this sense, more and more studies point to the fact that SARS-CoV-2 infection, although overcome, leaves us in a more vulnerable situation. “At least for the year following the Covid, there are people who have an increased risk of mortality from various causes cardiovascular: heart attacks, stroke … “, reviews Peiró. Which leads us to the following hypothesis: what happens if heat and Covid interact?

“There may be interactions between factors, and the model we have for pure heat may not be the same as a model for heat plus having passed the Covid. It is possible that one cause increased the other: that we were not adding, but multiplying. There is probably a component to it too. We probably have many effects at once, “sopes the Sespas spokesman. Another unusual fact that leaves 2022 is that its greatest excess mortality has occurred in summer, when heat waves and Covid coincided, and not in winter, as usual.

The trend is still worrying: the excess deaths observed in October doubles that of last year, with more than 1,500 unexpected deaths, none attributed to temperatures, and still pending the update of the last days. Is he seventh consecutive month that records an excess in 2022, while the three years prior to the pandemic -2017, 2018 and 2019- had fewer deaths than expected in October.

Excess mortality, which is the difference between deaths expected according to the statistical average and those that actually occur, is affecting other European countries this year, like the United Kingdom or Germany, although in Spain it has been especially pronounced.

Another possible cause of the excess we are suffering, apart from those we do not yet know, It could be the crisis in the health system, which has not adequately cared for vulnerable people in recent years. “Grow up the heat and the unsolved health problems in 2020 and 2021, plus the Covid cases that contribute to dying with and not by Covid, since Covid causes or worsens other diseases, “summarizes Jeffrey Lazarus, co-director of the ISGlobal Viral and Bacterial Infections Program, a center promoted by the” La Caixa “Foundation”.

“Dying with Covid, even if it’s not from Covid, is also a major public health problem. And there will be many people who do not die, but lose quality of life, “says Lazarus, author of important work on the pandemic. “You have to assume that people continue to die for Covid, with Covid and indirectly for Covid; for example, people who were found late for cancer. And there could be other causes that escape us, “says Joan Caylà, spokesman for the Spanish Society of Epidemiology and president of the Foundation of the Tuberculosis Research Unit.

“No one can say the percentages, but here there may be people who really would have died for Covid; others with Covid; others, due to chronic problems that have not been adequately addressed, “Caylà lists. “And there would even be the possibility of an epidemic of deaths from other causes, but it would not be very great, because it would have been detected,” he said. “Mortality figures are impressive and objectify the importance that Covid has had, also indirectly”.

What we already know is that SARS-CoV 2 causes “a lot of symptoms”, Not only pneumonia, and we will soon learn more, as science continues to advance, about the cardiovascular and other consequences that the pandemic has left us. Maybe that’s one of the keys. “With the cryptization strategy, you wanted to compare Covid and the flu, and they are not the same, “Caylà warns.


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Piers Morgan APOLOGISED about His Take on The Covid Vaccine

Posted by addisethiopia / አዲስ ኢትዮጵያ on November 10, 2022

💭 የብሪታንያው ጋዜጠኛ ፣ ጸሐፊ እና የቴሌቪዥን ስብዕና ፒርስ ሞርጋን የኮቪድ ክትባትን አስልመልክቶ ስለነበረው የተሳሳተ እምነት ይቅርታ ጠየቀ


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Vaxxed Cardiologist Says All Covid Jabs Must Be Suspended IMMEDIATELY

Posted by addisethiopia / አዲስ ኢትዮጵያ on October 26, 2022

💭 የተከተቡት የልብ ሐኪም ሁሉም የኮቪድ ክትባቶች ወዲያውኑ መታገድ አለባቸው ብለዋል

💭 Cardiologist: Suspend mRNA Product Now ‘I find it very difficult to believe that Pfizer executives didn’t know this was going to cause significant harm’ ‘If this is the case then this is a global scandal’

Dr. Aseem Malhotra, a renowned cardiologist based out of England, made another appearance in the media, this time with Fox News‘ Laura Ingraham to warn against Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) “vaccines.”

Malhotra told Ingraham that all mRNA (messenger RNA) injections, including those from Pfizer, BioNTech, and Moderna, need to be immediately suspended from all further use.

The harm caused by the shots is so significantly vast and irrefutable that continuing to administer the shots, he said, amounts to a “global scandal” of epic proportions.

Malhotra explained to Ingraham that from the very beginning, the data showed that the heart risks associated with mRNA shots – and, to be fair, the viral vector shots from Johnson & Johnson and AstraZeneca as well – are extreme.

“That data suggested at the time that it was likely to cause more harm than good in most people,” Malhotra said. “And that’s the smoking gun.”

“That’s more than enough evidence for us to pause and stop the vaccine rollout.” (Related: Malhotra used to support covid jabs until realizing that they are a farce).

In people 16-39, there’s a 25% “absolute increase in heart attacks and cardiac arrest”

For reasons that are still somewhat shrouded in mystery, the jabs seem to harm younger people – and particularly younger males – much more than older people.

Malhotra went on to reveal that research out of Israel found that people aged 16-39 – meaning people in the prime of their life – have a 25 percent “absolute increase in heart attacks and cardiac arrest,” which cannot be attributed to the alleged “covid virus” itself.

In other words, the thing that is harming people is not some fantasy disease floating around in the air, but rather the chemical concoctions found inside the mystery vials they are calling “vaccines.”

“This has not been replicated in Florida,” Malhotra went on to state about the Israeli research confirming all this.

“That’s why the general surgeon of Florida has come out and suggested that certainly people in that age group should not be having the vaccine.”

According to Malhotra, who dug through the data even more deeply, this risk of heart harm does not just apply to people aged 16-39 – it actually applies to everybody.

“Not to that same degree,” he clarified, “but it does apply to everybody.”

It is at this point in the interview that Ingraham tries to play defense for those who rolled out the jabs at warp speed – mainly Donald Trump and his administration, which she does not name specifically.

Ingraham’s suggestion is that the jabs were unleashed at record speed because of the plandemic, which the powers that be were supposedly trying to get in front of with the fast release of the injections.

Malhotra responded to this defense by explaining that he finds it “hard to believe” that nobody knew from the very beginning that the shots were deadly and unsafe. All they seem to have cared about, it seems, is money (as usual).

“It’s likely they knew this, which means that … it probably should never have been rolled out in the first place,” Malhotra said.

Ingraham responded to this with a “wow,” followed by a statement about how if all of what Malhotra is saying is true, then this is a “global scandal” and is “as big as it gets.”


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Haitian Music Star Mikaben Collapses and Dies at 41 on Stage in France

Posted by addisethiopia / አዲስ ኢትዮጵያ on October 17, 2022

💭 ዝነኛው የሄይቲ ሙዚቀኛ ሚካኤል ሚካበን በ41 ዓመቱ በፈረንሳይ መድረክ ላይ ወድቆ ሞተ። ✞ ነፍሱን ይማርለት!

💭 Michael ‘Mikaben’ Benjamin dead at 41: Haitian singer known for hit ‘Ayti Se’ dies after collapsing on stage in Paris. ✞ R.I.P

HAITIAN singer Michael Benjamin, affectionately known as Mikaben, has died at the age of 41. Mikaben suffered a suspected cardiac arrest during a performance on Saturday.

The singer had been performing onstage in Paris with the Haitian konpa band CaRiMi when he reportedly collapsed.

The incident unfolded live on Twitter, with Frantz Duval, editor of a Haitian newspaper, first alerting fans that something was wrong.

Then, singer Mickael Guirand, told fans to clear out.

End of the concert. We must evacuate the room,” Guirand said.

It’s very complicated. We need prayers.”

Video footage from the concert shows Mikaben walking offstage when he suddenly collapses to the ground.

The venue was cleared while he was being tended to, with reports indicating that he was given CPR.

Mikaben was a respected singer, composer, guitarist, and producer whose hit “Ayti Se” touched millions in the aftermath of Haiti’s devastating 2010 earthquake.

He was born in Port-au-Prince and began writing at age 15.

Mikaben released multiple albums, formed the group Krezi Mizik, and also worked as a producer.

He was married to Vanessa Fanfan, and the couple had a daughter and another child on the way. Mikaben also had a son from a previous relationship.

This is a shock,” Wyclef Jean told the Miami Herald.

I’m in disbelief,” singer Roberto Martino told the outlet.

This is somebody I was working with for years and considered a brother, a good friend. We talked almost everyday. We have a chat together.”

Martino spoke to Mikaben right before he took the stage on Saturday night, he told the Miami Herald.

He was so happy. He couldn’t wait to get on that stage with CaRiMi. It was one of his biggest accomplishments in life. It’s a band that he idolized,” Martino told the outlet.

“I’m at a lost for words. I’m broken.”

An official cause of death has not been revealed.


Shocked fans – some of whom were in attendance in Paris – have shared their tributes to the late singer on social media.

“Mikaben @mikaben on stage this Saturday, October 15, 2022 as part of Carimi’s big concert-reunion at Accor Arena, Paris . He was 41-years-old and passed away on this same stage, a few minutes after his unforgettable performance,” one fan wrote.

“‘Ou Pati’ was the last song you performed on one of the biggest stages in the world for one of the most iconic moments in Haitian music history. You left everything on that stage and left us with a smile on your face,” wrote another.


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Colombian Actress Faints on Stage

Posted by addisethiopia / አዲስ ኢትዮጵያ on October 17, 2022

💭 ኮሎምቢያዊቷ ተዋናይት እራሷን ስታ መድረክ ላይ ወድቀች።

በመድረክ ላይ የወደቀችው ተዋናይት ሜሪ ፔርዶሞ ስለተፈጠረው ነገር በዝርዝር ተናገረች

💭 The Actress Mary Perdomo Who Collapsed On Stage Gave Details Of What Happened

Mary Perdomo se encontraba el pasado 13 de octubre realizando un performance de “El Principito” en el programa “Día a Día” cuando se desmayó.

Durante la transmisión de ‘Día a Día’ del pasado jueves 13 de octubre, Mary Perdomo, actriz del musical “El Principito”, se encontraba junto a dos compañeros de la obra realizando una presentación en el programa matutino, cuando a la finalización del performance la actriz se desmayó.

(Lea también: La sexualización de los asesinos seriales en las series, televisión y películas)

Ante la situación, la presentadora Carolina Soto se acercó a Mary, quien se encontraba tendida en el suelo, y solicitó ayuda por parte del personal del Canal Caracol. “Ay, Dios mío, algo le pasó, algo le pasó, alguien que nos ayude”, dijo la presentadora mientras pasaban a comerciales.

Posteriormente, la actriz de teatro se pronunció en sus redes sociales y comunicó a sus seguidores que se encontraba bien. “Gracias a Dios estoy bien. Muchas gracias a todos los que se preocuparon y me siguen preguntando”, escribió.



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