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The Cologne Cathedral: The Symbol of Christianity Was Attacked

Posted by addisethiopia / አዲስ ኢትዮጵያ on February 15, 2016


For a very long time no one seems to get an accurate idea of what is really happening around the world. Now, things are revealed very fast. Though, many still seem to be asleep, some folks are starting to wake up and notice what is going on. What happened in Cologne has opened the eyes of many. Even if some attempted to conceal the truth, the situation taught us about the warning signs of abnormal Islamist whasps, their demonic activities and tactics, their eccentric targeting

In the week between the 31st of December and January 6th, the invading Jihadists have perfectly executed three forms of Jihad.

1. Fire Jihad

2. Rape Jihad

3. Murder Jihad

1. Fire on the famous Cathedral – very little has been said about it:


ColongeFireone of the most beautiful European cities on the night celebrating the arrival of 2016 – a thousand-manned Muslim mob setting off firecrackers at Cologne’s world-famous cathedral, the DOM – the symbol of German Catholicism – created a scene of pure anarchy and chaos – all in front of the dormant local police.

I had a long phone conversation with a friend of mine who lives not far away from the Cologne Cathedral. He knew someone who was inside the Cathedral during the annual New Year’s prayer service. He told me that a very loud and intense firecracker noise was heard way before midnight (around 18:30 pm local time). The Cathedral was bombarded with firecrackers purposely during the prayer service. Those from the outside had later noticed whenever the rocket fire targeted the cathedral — with every hit, the gathered large group of Arabs shouted and applauded loudly. I was told, in the past, fire crackers during prayer service were also thrown on the Cathedral some 14 years ago – right after 9/11, 2011. Nobody noticed it then that it was a form of Jihad, and I bet, very few recognize it now that the Jihad is bruiting or expanding itself to the next stage. What a paradox, last year, for the first time ever, the Cologne cathedral went dark in protest at anti-Islam marches – and this very same Cathedral was attacked, mocked and blasphemed by the same Muslim immigrants – whom the apostate church leaders attempted to show solidarity with.

The attack on the Cathedral was of huge symbolic nature

The attack on Cologne Cathedral shows their dream and intention of destroying it sometime in the future. The goal was obviously to fire rockets at a place of worship with great symbolic significance to the main Christian church of the city. One can only be glad that the war-accustomed young Arabs didn’t have real rocket launchers at hand – at the moment. It was only a few days later that Muslims destroyed one of the world’s oldest Monasteries in Iraq, Mor Elijah. Another tragedy! Another conspiracy of silence!

2. Rape Jihad

Some five hours after the fire Jihad on the Cathedral, the Muslims surrounded German women, groped and raped them. Again, this took place near the city’s iconic cathedral, in front of the police – surveillance cameras watching and recording. The intention is to humiliate and weaken, not only the women, but, primarily, the male population. It was a POGROM.

Cologne eyewitness account: ‘Muslims were shooting at police, at the Cathedral, attacking random people, spitting at us. It was civil war.’ These people [Muslims] we had welcomed only three months ago, with teddy bears and water bottles on the Munich main railway station, started shooting at the Dom (Cologne Cathedral)

Whenever Muslims have entered a country in large numbers, the women and children of the kafirs have always been the first to experience horrific sufferings. The rights that women fought for so long and so hard in the West are being systemically destroyed by the political and intellectual elites, including women leaders like Angela Merkel.

This phenomena has been happening all over Europe for quite sometime. In Britain, David Cameron happily allows Muslim jihadists into Britain who have raped and gang raped tens of thousands of young girls. In Sweden, large number of non-Muslim women suffer rape and sexual assaults. Now Germany is happily sacrificing its women on the altar of ignorance and political correctness.

In a normal society if the most important and vulnerable section of a nation (women and children) is harmed, the consequence should be a merciless extermination of the perpetrators. But, except the usual blabla nothing happened – as the the government, police and media looked the other way. Just like after the lukewarm and toothless reaction of America, after 9/11, the Jihadists were now encouraged to go another step further and do what they like doing most: spill blood:

3. Murder Jihad

Constantinople (Istanbul) January 13, 2016 – Istanbul suicide bombing: Deadliest attack on Germans in over 13 years – The suicide bombing on Sultanahmet Square on Tuesday killed 10 people — all of them Germans. Yet, again, no one seems to talk about it. The dangerous Chancellor of Germany, Merkel ignored all of this and visited Turkey and met with Turkish politicians three times in a short period – not to mourn the loss of innocent German lives, but to show solidarity with the anti-Christ nation of Turkey. Insanity!

Three types of Jihad, perfectly executed within a week!

Fire Jihad”, “Sex Jihad”, “Murder Jihad”and soon, brace yourselves for the “Poison Jihad”


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