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Where Does Egypt’s Confidence Come From?

Posted by addisethiopia / አዲስ ኢትዮጵያ on August 26, 2014


Of course, no Arab nation, no Arab League force would take the responsibility to intervene in Iraq or Syria to bomb the Islamic militants, because they support them, and because Christians are involved over there – as the militants are doing a very good job in eradicating Christianity. But, right after they get rid of Christians they will begin bombing each other to hell – that’s what’s happening right now in Libya.

Biblical history teaches us that Egyptians, were cruel, immoral, and they were notorious for their low standard of morality. Patriarch Abram went down to Egypt because of the famine, the Egyptians robbed him of his wife for which they were punished with great plagues; Abram was then loaded with gifts, and Pharaoh charged men to see that he left the country. Similarly, the Israelites will go down to Egypt because of famine; there they will be oppressed and their wives taken from the; this being the purpose of Pharaoh’s edict to spare the daughters. The Egyptians will be punished by great plagues (Exodus 7:14 to 11:10), and subsequently the Israelites departed with great wealth and were also hastened out of the country.

The Pharaoh — played by the wonderful Swiss actor, Maximilian Schell (8 December 1930 – 1 February 2014) in the movie, “Life of Abraham” – reminds me of the current Pharaoh of Egypt, General SISI (SISI = ISIS). (the above image)  Will Pharaoh SISI face a similar tragic fate like the past Pharaoh? Time will tell.

So, how is that Egypt feels confident now to mock and embarrass the West? The answer is just because the decadent West is getting weak. The West is turning back on its Judea-Christian heritage by embracing again paganism. The centers of Paganism are Egypt and Saudi Arabia. Nimrod and his wife, “ISIS” (Semiramis = The statue of Liberty?) become the basis for the pagan horned god and goddess – the same old Egyptian and Babylonian god and goddess the neo-pagan West today is fearful of. Most terrorist acts across the world are organized and executed by Egyptians and Saudis, but the West is paralyzed to take decisive action against these two nations. On the contrary, the West continues giving out billions of dollars, and its children are forced to make human sacrifices. Imagine the recent barbaric beheading of the American journalist by the British born Egyptian, unthinkable, but, if this evil guy was from Christian Ethiopia, I bet the Americans would have bombed Ethiopia with the big one on the next day. But, the five-thousand-year-old Egyptian snake knows what’s going on – it’s feeling the weak and more dissembling vibration of western societies. As the Archbishop of Mosul rightly stated: “When Western Evil Is Fused With Arab Stupidity Nations Die


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