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‘Mark Of The Beast?’ | Microchipping Employees Raises Apocalyptic Questions

Posted by addisethiopia / አዲስ ኢትዮጵያ on September 18, 2017

The apocalyptic “mark of the beast” prophecy in the Bible makes some wary of a Wisconsin company’s recent decision to embed microchips into the hands of willing employees.

The end times account in the New Testament’s Book of Revelation warns believers about being marked on the right hand and the forehead by the Antichrist.

But inserting rice-sized microchips under the skin of Three Square Market employees does not fulfill the prophecy, said Chris Vlachos, a New Testament professor at Wheaton College in Chicago.

“I think that this is more of a fulfillment of end times novels and movies than the Book of Revelation itself,” Vlachos said.

Earlier this week Three Square Market, the Wisconsin firm that makes cafeteria kiosks to replace vending machines, brought in a tattoo artist to embed microchips into the 40 employees that volunteered.

The chips, which are not equipped with GPS tracking abilities, replace access cards and the need to log on to corporate computers. The company sees them as a way to increase convenience, and would like to see payments go cashless.

Globalism as well as advancements in technologies, like bar codes and credit cards, periodically trigger “mark of the beast” concerns for those who take seriously the prophecy, which talks of a one government world and a cashless society.

Randall Balmer, the chair of the religion department at Dartmouth College in New Hampshire, said the Book of Revelation presents a real challenge for those like evangelical Christians who take the Bible seriously and often try to interpret it literally.

“A lot of evangelicals certainly take the Book of Revelation seriously. They try to understand it,” said Balmer, who is an Episcopal priest but grew up in an evangelical Christian family. “This is a source of real fascination for a lot of people, but it’s also kind of a parlor game.”

Vlachos said popular media often drives people’s views.

“The majority of people are getting their notions on this issue from movies and novels rather than the Book of Revelation and apocalyptic genre material in the Old and New Testament,” Vlachos said.

Reading the Book of Revelation is complex, said Vlachos, who teaches a class on it. The first chapter points out that some of it is meant to be taken symbolically.

But even if a believer interprets the entire text literally, Vlachos said the “mark of the beast” verses specifically mention two key details.

“Taking the mark goes hand in hand with the conscience decision of publicly pledging ones allegiance or loyalty to the beast and worshiping his image,” Vlachos said.

The mark is not a random number either. It always names the Antichrist, either numerically or alphabetically.

“I often say to my students, ‘No name, no worries,'” Vlachos said.

While he doesn’t think technologies like microchipping are a sign of end times, Vlachos doesn’t rule out that they could be one of the precursors, like birth pangs, preceding the end that Jesus talked about with his disciples. It’s fine to put them on the back burner and focus on clear issues like an allegiance to Jesus.

“I call it like an apocalyptic inoculation,” Vlachos said. “The more Christ-like, the less we’ll be duped by Antichrist.”

Balmer can see why people connect mircochipping and the prophecy.

“It may not be the ‘mark of the beast,’ but it certainly is a slippery slope,” Balmer said. “I think we should be cautious about allowing that measure of control or surveillance into our lives.”

Concerns about the “mark of the beast” in the workplace have made their way into the U.S. court system, too.

A West Virginia coal miner’s belief in the “mark of the beast” won him more than half a million dollars in a workplace discrimination case. An appeals court recently affirmed the federal court’s 2015 decision.

Beverly R. Butcher Jr., an evangelical Christian and minister, worked for decades in a mine owned by Consol Energy but was forced to retire when the company refused to accommodate his religious objection to its newly implemented biometric hand scanner, court documents say.

The scanner tracked employee attendance and hours worked by assigning a number to an image of a worker’s hand. Citing the Book of Revelation, Butcher feared the could link him to the Antichrist.

Other “mark of the beast” cases have made there way into the court system, but they’re not common, said Howard Friedman, who writes the Religion Clause blog about church and state legal issues. Religious workplace cases more often focus on employee clothing and work schedule accommodations.

Friedman, who also is an emeritus law professor at the University of Toledo, doesn’t anticipate the Wisconsin company’s microchipping effort will end up before a judge.

“As long as they continue to make this voluntary, there isn’t going to be much of a legal confrontation,” Friedman said.



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At a Canadian Public School Muslim Children Are Allowed to Call Black Christian Children N*GGERS

Posted by addisethiopia / አዲስ ኢትዮጵያ on March 10, 2017

Indeed, Satan is the god of this world


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Italy Earthquakes A Warning Sign of Divine Judgment For Allowing Muslim Prayers at The Colosseum?

Posted by addisethiopia / አዲስ ኢትዮጵያ on November 11, 2016


Powerful earthquakes hit Italy in the past weeks shaking Rome’s ancient Ruins ‘including Colosseum and Pantheon.

There were two historical occurrences that took place without getting enough Mainstream Media attention. And in relation to these events, the violent earthquakes that struck Italy two weeks ago could be seen as a divine punishment:

1. For Italy’s abstention on a controversial UNESCO resolution regarding the status of Jerusalem’s holy sites.

UNESCO adopted a resolution on Oct. 13 that reaffirmed Jerusalem’s status as a World Heritage site important to Judaism, Christianity and Islam, but did not include the Hebrew or Jewish names for the sites known in Judaism as The Temple Mount.

The Temple Mount, as its called in Judaism, is revered as the religion’s holiest site and the site of the first temple.

2. For allowing Muslim prayers in front of the Colosseum

As Christianity is being excluded from the public square and followers of Islam are raping, butchering and beheading Christians, Jews and anyone who doesn’t submit to their Sharia Islamic law, Europe is promoting the Islamic death cult in the name of religious pluralism.

A blasphemous religious revolt in the heart of Christendom:

Two weeks ago, thousands of Muslim headbangers gathered outside Rome’s Colosseum to protest the closure of small, illegal mosques and other places of worship in the Italian capital. The group gathered outside the iconic ancient Roman building to curse non-Muslims by praising their Allah as they promoted their right of freedom to worship. (Something Christians don’t get in Muslim countries).

Many Roman citizens were visibly disturbed by the protest, noting that in its propaganda videos, the Islamic State has repeatedly employed images of the Colosseum when threatening to conquer Rome and the “Crusaders.”

Two months ago, Italian police set up a high-security perimeter around the Colosseum, after the Islamic State issued a new threat to “conquer” Rome in its latest video.

Islamic protest in the heart of Christendom: Thousands of Muslims demonstrate outside the iconic Colosseum in Rome

Gian Marco, leader of the anti immigration Northern League, said: Muslims today who decided to pray in front of the Colosseum had to be stopped. It was a scene that was unacceptable’.

The Colosseum has great significance in the largely Catholic country. It is generally regarded by Christians as a site of the martyrdom of believers during the Roman Empire’s persecution of the religion.

The Via Crucis devotion (Stations of the Cross or Way of the Cross) has been practiced by Roman Catholics for many centuries. It commemorates the passion and death of Jesus Christ through the reading of prayers along a path of 14 stations.


A Cross now stands outside the Colosseum inscribed with the words: 

The amphitheater, one consecrated to triumphs, entertainments, and the impious worship of pagan gods, is now dedicated to the sufferings of the martyrs purified from impious superstitions’.

Muslims as a desecration to the blood of the martyrs have massive prayer demonstration in front of Rome’s historical Colosseum

It is fitting that Muslims should pray in front of the Colosseum. After all, it was a place where many Christians were martyred out of hatred for Christ, and how more fitting that Muslims, whose religion hates Christ, should make their disrespectful petitions as close as possible to the place where Christians were martyred:

They chose to pray in front of the Colosseum because of its significance to the martyrdom of Christians, and not that they are against it, but that they support it. Be reassured, if these people had the opportunity to do what the pagan Romans did to the Christians, they would as soon as it was advantageous to them.

At a time when radical Islam is rapidly rising, what is possessing Christian Colosseum, Cathedrals and Chapels, even at The Vatican, to allow Muslims – however peaceful in appearance – to hold prayer meetings in their sanctuaries? Why in the world would Christian leaders think it’s OK to open their doors to false-god worship?

This sort of acts, including the recent Islamic inspired terror acts, disturbances, rapes and other assaults are God’s punishment on the people of Europe as they have abandoned their Christian faith, their churches. The churches in Europe are so deserted that they’re closed part of the day, and when they’re open its only to allow tourists to view the art inside. No one prays in those buildings anymore. So now they are being invaded by Muslim barbarians who pray so much that they will actually take to the streets to protest when their Satanic temples are closed.

As long as the Colosseum stands, Rome will stand.When the Colosseum collapses, Rome will collapse. When Rome collapses, the world will collapse.

Prophecy by the Venerable Bede, 700 AD ca.

Muslim Crowds Shout ‘Allahu Akbar’ And Declare To Italians- ‘Build Us Mosques Or We Will Take Over The Vatican!’

The Muslim invasion of Europe is destroying her cities and turning them into Muslim ghettos. Rome is having a huge problem with this, as there are so many Muslims they are literally taking over the streets of the city and turning them into a mosque.

The Italian government has been fighting back, closing mosques and restricting their activity, but they are undeterred. In fact, they are so emboldened that they have declared that the Italian government give them what they wish or else they will take over the Vatican and pray in it:

Next Friday, November 11, we will pray in Prati,” announces Bachcu area, which explains how the young Italian Muslim second generation had also planned a protest flash mob: “They wanted to go and pray Allahu Akbar throughout the city, to the Vatican, in the squares or in front of the churches, to provoke. In the end we managed to stop them, but if they start these initiatives, what do we do? “.

We live here, we work here, we can not go to pray mica in Parioli – says Anwar, president of a prayer hall of the neighborhood -. In Italy there is a law for the mosques, then we find the premises and settle them in our own way. ”

Here they pray up to 300 people, where we go if we close?”, We said Hussein who works in a hardware store in Torpignattara, a few meters from the Islamic center where every day is to pray. This district of the eastern suburbs, where half of the inhabitants are Muslims, is the heart of the Islamic protest against the closure of places of worship.(source)

Again, the face of true Islam shows itself. When it thinks it can take over it acts with incredible brutality and disrespect, but when it thinks it is in a losing position it immediately seeks “peace” and “tolerance.” The Catholic Church’s presence in the Vatican has always been a target for Islam, but now they have made it a priority with the Muslim invasion of  Europe.

Let this be a reminder for many Americans. It has been an exciting few days with the political and bloodless (for now) revolution through the election of Donald Trump to the Presidency and a sweeping loss of the Democrat Party at the state and federal levels. A long overdue celebration has been in order. But now it is time to return to the gravity of what we face as a nation, for Donald Trump’s election did not stop time or the trials coming in the near future, but has given us a brief respite to prepare for what inevitably lies ahead.

Never forget the larger picture. The USA and Europe are still under attack from Islamic terrorists. It will take many years of work- much of it with pain- to rebuild what has been broken. Germany is still facilitating the religious, cultural, and ethnic destruction of Western Europe in the name of selling her soul to the Muslims for a chance at the dream of empire and a final confrontation with the Russians. The Chinese threat looms in the east. The Middle East is still burning as Muslim terrorists prowl the streets slaughtering Christians with joy amidst shouts of “Allahu Akbar.”

As we see here in Europe, the Muslims are still drooling like a starved animal over the prospects of destroying Christendom, and they have set their sights on the last major temporal presence of Christendom in the West and throughout the world- the Catholic Church’s presence in Rome. In their minds, if the Vatican is destroyed, the Church will also be destroyed. This beyond a mere war- this is a prophetic sign of our times that we are living through.

This is a great battle between good and evil. NO politician can save us, but only God can because ultimately He is in control. The world stands on the threshhold of a great quaking, and now is the time to work even more diligently in preparation for what is to come.

Don’t accept the “olive branch” the Muslims will try to extend here in the USA- it is really poison ivy. Their real intentions have always been the same, convert or die.



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September 11: A Conspiracy Against Jesus, The Virgin Mary & Ethiopia?

Posted by addisethiopia / አዲስ ኢትዮጵያ on September 9, 2016


Meskerem 1, 2009 Ethiopian Calendar or Sept. 11, 2016 Gregorian Calendar is right around the corner. Let’s get ready for that unique date with the following stunning curiosities:

Ethiopians have been celebrating their New Year’s Day on September 11 and September 12 (on a leap year) for two millenniums. Around the world, in the US, in particular, September 11th is now remembered because of 9/11when two hijacked aircraft crashed into the New York World Trade Center where nearly 3,000 people were tragically murdered (sacrificed) by anti-Christian Muslims.

For many today, September 11, is a terrible day full of bad memories and the loss of loved ones. But, I am convinced that it is not coincidental that the forces of the anti-Christ picked this day which is full of joy and make it into a day of terror and sorrow. May be Sept. 11 has some transcendent significance because God chose that day to issue a severe warning – or “Harbinger,” as best-selling author Jonathan Cahn calls it – to a nation that was once consecrated to Him, just as ancient Israel was.

Perhaps the September attack in New York, was an attack on Ethiopia, perhaps, on Christianity, because Ethiopians are unknowingly celebrating The Birth of Our “Medhane Alem” Savior Jesus Christ on this very day? There has always been much debate as to when Jesus was actually born.

When was Jesus Born? Is it December 25th or January 7th (Ethiopian calendar)?

According to the well-known Ethiopian religious scholar, Nibure-id Ermias, not only is Our Lord Jesus Christ born on Meskerem 1 – which is The First Day of the first month (Spring) in the Ethiopian Calendar (September 11) — but also Our Blessed Mother Virgin Mary and other Saints and Holy Men.

The following fascinating argument is taken from his website:

The True Date of the Birth of Our Lord Jesus Christ that we, Ethiopians of the Holy Covenant in the Faith and Services of Ethiopia: The Kingdom of God, observe to date is, according to the Biblical Ethiopian Calendar, Meskerem 1 (September 11 Gregorian Calendar).

Here are few of the basic premises to this Divine Truth:

1. As God, initially on this date, gave birth to His First Creation of a vulnerable human-being in His Own Image with a corrupt material Universe for him to enjoy, so also did He, as The Incarnate God, was born on this same date as The Second invincible Man of the final Spiritual Creation so that the former would live eternally in the Perfect Kingdom of God, the New Earth and Heavens.

2. The 5500 years span of the Era of Divine Condemnation exacted at the inauguration of Creation upon Adam and Eve and their offspring ends, and the New Year of the Milleniums of Divine Mercy that resulted from the fulfillment of the Divine Promise made to them then begins in the Birth of The Incarnate God The Son on this date.

3. The time of the year when Joseph and the Virgin Mary, for the fulfillment of the prophetic Birth of The Incarnate Son of God, traveled to Bethlehem to be registered in their native city in compliance with the “Decree that went out from Augustus Caesar for all the world to be registered”, and the “Shepherds” who were blessed to witness the angelic glory of the Lord, “stayed out in the fields, keeping watch over their flock by night” could never be during the snowy winter month of December, but, according to the Gospels, that late summer month of Meskerem (September). (Lk. 2/1-20)

So, could The Date Jesus Was Born be linked To 9/11?


Again, In New York, 3000 people were sacrificed to Lucifer on September 11, 2001. In Benghazi, Libya the American ambassador and many other were sacrificed to Lucifer on September 11, 2012. In Mecca, Saudi Arabia, on September 11, 2015, the weather angels caused a sudden thunderstorm over desert Mecca that toppled a crane on worshipers in a mosque. Over 100 were killed and over 200 injured, and two weeks later over 3000 Luciferian pilgrims were sacrificed there.

Year after year, Muslim clerics observe the moon’s positions to set the perfect date for one of their significant religious holidays. Eid al-Adha, the Islamic feast of slaughter, which is always scheduled by the lunar cycle to determine when hordes of Muslim men should flood the streets and inhumanely butcher thousands of animals. So, when the Muslim leaders discovered that the holiday is expected to fall on September 11, you can guess whether or not they decided to reschedule their mass celebration in ‘respect’ to the catastrophic event. So, Eid was expected on September 11 but based on moon sighting the date confirmed by Saudi Arabia is September 12 – which is also an Ethiopian New Year’s Day (on a leap year)

Some other mystical stuff:

There are 111 days left to the year on September 11th — and 119 days from Sunday, 11. September 2016 to Saturday, 7. January 2017, which is the current Ethiopian Christmas day.

[Revelation 12:1-5]

kidanemehretAnd there appeared a great wonder in heaven; a woman clothed with the sun, and the moon under her feet, and upon her head a crown of twelve stars: And she being with child cried, travailing in birth, and pained to be delivered. And there appeared another wonder in heaven; and behold a great red dragon, having seven heads and ten horns, and seven crowns upon his heads. And his tail drew the third part of the stars of heaven, and did cast them to the earth: and the dragon stood before the woman which was ready to be delivered, for to devour her child as soon as it was born. And she brought forth a man child, who was to rule all nations with a rod of iron: and her child was caught up unto God, and to his throne.


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Does Erdogan of Turkey Intend to Confiscate The ‘Incirlik’ Nuclear Weapons?

Posted by addisethiopia / አዲስ ኢትዮጵያ on July 18, 2016

The next 9/11′ coming from Syria / Turkey?

My Note: Westerners seem to be far more concerned with catching demonic digital creatures, aka Pokemon – millions of social-engineered folks running round catching these demons — than they are with their own safety. Last Friday, the infamous 28 pages that showed the 9-11 hijackers had support from the Saudi government were finally released, although many parts are still redacted. The “28-pages” report, that no one is talking about, proves that the United States knew their ally aided and carried out 9-11 yet chose to cover it up. As Americans deliberately remain ignorant to the fact that the US covered up the Saudi role in 9-11, another Islamic terror attack was carried out in France – and Turkey underwent an orchestrated military coup on the very same day.

Sibel Edmonds tied the Turkish American Council to the 9/11 attack, money laundering, drug trafficking, ISIS, and more! John McCain, H.W. Bush, Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama are all heavily tied to the terrorist operation known as the Turkish American Council! All this some coincidence?

All the above astonishing events were almost simultaneously staged on the 16th of July, 2016. Saudi Barbaria agent Erdogan the Antichrist prearranged one false flag attack after another, like the Istanbul airport bomb attacks. Erdogan the Antichrist rises, rises and rises – since the Islamic Ramadan begun on 6/6/2016.

When we look at the reference to 666 is gematria, a code that assigns a number to each letter in the alphabet. The first attested use of gematria occurs in an inscription of Assyrian ruler Sargon II (727-707 BC) stating that the king built the wall of Khorsabad 16,283 cubits long to correspond with the numerical value of his name.

Interestingly, the number of the Turkish President’s name using English Gematria equals 666:

Gematria6This is not just a coincidence, as there are no other current world leaders that have their given names equal 666.

The H-Bombs in Turkey


Among the many questions still unanswered following Friday’s coup attempt in Turkey is one that has national-security implications for the United States and for the rest of the world: How secure are the American hydrogen bombs stored at a Turkish airbase?

The Incirlik Airbase, in southeast Turkey, houses NATO’s largest nuclear-weapons storage facility. On Saturday morning, the American Embassy in Ankara issued an “Emergency Message for U.S. Citizens,” warning that power had been cut to Incirlik and that “local authorities are denying movements on to and off of” the base. Incirlik was forced to rely on backup generators; U.S. Air Force planes stationed there were prohibited from taking off or landing; and the security-threat level was raised to FPCON Delta, the highest state of alert, declared when a terrorist attack has occurred or may be imminent. On Sunday, the base commander, General Bekir Ercan Van, and nine other Turkish officers at Incirlik were detained for allegedly supporting the coup. As of this writing, American flights have resumed at the base, but the power is still cut off.

According to Hans M. Kristensen, the director of the Nuclear Information Project at the Federation of American Scientists, underground vaults at Incirlik hold about fifty B-61 hydrogen bombs—more than twenty-five per cent of the nuclear weapons in the NATO stockpile. The nuclear yield of the B-61 can be adjusted to suit a particular mission. The bomb that destroyed Hiroshima had an explosive force equivalent to about fifteen kilotons of TNT. In comparison, the “dial-a-yield” of the B-61 bombs at Incirlik can be adjusted from 0.3 kilotons to as many as a hundred and seventy kilotons.

Incirlik was built by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers in the wake of the Second World War; when Turkey joined NATO, in 1952, it became a crucial American base during the Cold War. With a flight time of about an hour to the Soviet Union, the base hosted American fighters, bombers, tankers, and U-2 spy planes. And, like many NATO bases, it stored American nuclear weapons. NATO strategy was dependent on nuclear weapons as a counterbalance to the perceived superiority of Soviet conventional forces. The threat of a nuclear attack, it was assumed, would deter Soviet tanks from rolling into NATO territory. And granting NATO countries access to nuclear weapons would strengthen the alliance, providing tangible evidence that the United States would risk a nuclear war for NATO’s defense.

By the mid-nineteen-sixties, more than seven thousand American nuclear weapons were deployed in Western Europe, Greece, and Turkey. They came in all sizes, shapes, and yields: nuclear warheads, bombs, land mines, depth charges, artillery shells, even small nuclear projectiles that could be fired from a recoilless rifle. The weapons were technically in the custody of U.S. officers, ready to be handed over for use in wartime by NATO personnel. But custody of the weapons was not the same as control of them. A delegation of U.S. senators visiting Europe in 1960 was shocked to find hydrogen bombs loaded onto German planes that were on alert and crewed by German pilots; thermonuclear warheads atop missiles manned by Italian crews; nuclear weapons guarded and transported by “non-Americans with non-American vehicles.” The theft or use of these weapons by NATO allies became a grave concern. “The prime loyalty of the guards, of course, is to their own nation, and not to the U.S.,” the Senate delegation warned in a classified report.

Two years later, during the Cuban Missile Crisis, Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara worried that Turkish officers might try to fire some of NATO’s nuclear missiles at the Soviet Union without permission—and ordered American custodians to sabotage the missiles, somehow, if anyone tried to launch them. Coded switches were subsequently placed inside NATO’s hydrogen bombs. These switches, known as Permissive Action Links (PALs), were designed to hinder unauthorized use of the weapons; the bombs wouldn’t detonate if the operator didn’t enter the right code. But PALs could be circumvented by someone with the proper technical skills. When two NATO allies, Greece and Turkey, were on the cusp of war in 1974, the United States secretly removed all of NATO’s nuclear weapons from Greece and cut the arming wires of every nuclear weapon stored in Turkey, rendering them inoperable.

Thanks largely to stockpile reductions during the Administrations of President George H. W. Bush and President George W. Bush, the United States now has about a hundred and eighty nuclear weapons deployed with NATO, all of them B-61 bombs. In addition to Incirlik, the weapons are stored at bases in Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, and Italy. Today, the symbolism of these bombs is far more important than their military utility; missiles carrying nuclear warheads reach targets much faster, more reliably, and with much greater accuracy. The advocates of retaining nuclear weapons in NATO argue that the B-61 bombs demonstrate America’s enduring commitment to the alliance, intimidate Russia, and discourage NATO members from developing their own hydrogen bombs. Opponents of the weapons, like Frank-Walter Steinmeier, the German foreign minister, consider them “absolutely senseless”—and an inviting target for terrorists.

With a few hours and the right tools and training, you could open one of NATO’s nuclear-weapons storage vaults, remove a weapon, and bypass the PAL inside it. Within seconds, you could place an explosive device on top of a storage vault, destroy the weapon, and release a lethal radioactive cloud. NATO’s hydrogen bombs are still guarded by the troops of their host countries. In 2010, peace activists climbed over a fence at the Kleine Brogel Airbase, in Belgium, cut through a second fence, entered a hardened shelter containing nuclear-weapon vaults, placed anti-nuclear stickers on the walls, wandered the base for an hour, and posted a video of the intrusion on YouTube. The video showed that the Belgian soldier who finally confronted them was carrying an unloaded rifle.

Security concerns at Incirlik Airbase recently prompted a major upgrade of the perimeter fence that surrounds its nuclear-weapons storage area. Incirlik is about seventy miles from the Syrian border, and since last October American aircraft and drones based there have been attacking ISIS forces. Its proximity to rebel-controlled areas in Syria and the rash of terrorist acts in Turkey led the Pentagon, a few months ago, to issue an “ordered departure” of all the family members of American troops at Incirlik. They were asked to leave immediately. About two thousand U.S. military personnel remain stationed there. Although Incirlik probably has more nuclear weapons than any other NATO base, it does not have any American or Turkish aircraft equipped to deliver them. The bombs simply sit at the base, underground, waiting to be used or misused.



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Spengler: In The FutureTurkey Might Eventually be Majority Kurdish

Posted by addisethiopia / አዲስ ኢትዮጵያ on July 16, 2016

When I saw that Spengler, aka David P. Goldman, had written about Turkey this morning, I knew I was in for important but rarely discussed aspects of that country’s situation. In his piece for Asia Times, Goldman calls Turkey “the sick man of Europe, once again.”

Two of the drivers of the modern world are demography and finance, and Goldman is expert in both. He notes that Turkey built up a debt bubble, financing consumption with debt, and is now reaping the consequences.

According to the Turkish central bank, consumer debt is now almost equal to total personal income in Turkey, vs. a bit over 20% in the United States. The average interest rate on consumer debt, the central bank reports, is just under 17%.

Turks are getting squeezed.

They are also failing to reproduce, like so many nations in the modern world. But for Turkey, this situation is even worse than for Italy, Japan, and many others:

The Kurds of Southeast Turkey want to link with the Kurds in Syria and in Iraq and finally have their own country. The fact that in the future Turkey might eventually be majority Kurdish has got to frighten Erdoğan (and many other Turks). Basic social institutions are collapsing:

Even more alarming are Turkey’s marriage statistics as reported by Turkstat. Between 2001 and 2015, the number of marriages in Istanbul, the country’s largest city, fell by more than 30%, and by more than 40% in the capital Ankara. Most of the northern and northwestern provinces report a decline of more than half in the number of marriages. Not only are Turkish women refusing to have children; they are refusing to get married. The plunge in the marriage rate among ethnic Turks makes a further sharp decline in fertility inevitable.

So whatever Erdoğan has won, and whatever he will do to crush his opposition, he faces some tough times ahead. Cartoonist Ronny Gordon is, shall we say, pessimistic about his prospects:



My Note:  Very curious! In 1923, there were 10 million Greeks and 10 million Turks. Today there are 10 million Greeks and 70 million Turks. What do you think is The God of Abraham, Isaac & Jacob thinking about this? We will know soon!


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“Merkel Plan: Illuminazi Satanic Agenda to Bring Chaos to The World

Posted by addisethiopia / አዲስ ኢትዮጵያ on March 14, 2016

I have seen the wicked in great power, and spreading himself like a green bay tree. – [Psalm 37:35]

Currently circulate information about a document called “Merkel plan“. It deals with the transportation of refugees from Turkey to Germany and about finding voluntary allies for Germany, taking part in a recording of the quotas.

…since the beginning of October 2015 haunted by an unusual document, which is titled as “Merkel plan“.

Interesting is that is Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu fully up to date on the EU Refugee Summit recommended a procedure that is almost exactly what also the Merkel plan calls.

The content is about the following key aspects:

— Germany bring 500 000 Syrian refugees from Turkey

— Germany will support Turkey and help get 2016 EU visa-free regime

Background of “Merkel plan:

ESI as author comes into play. And so it is really interesting. For ESI, which is the European Stability Initiative, which initially does not sound very positive. This European Stability Initiative is described as a non-profit, non-profit research institute, a think tank for South Eastern Europe, which has offices in Berlin, Brussels, Istanbul and Vienna.

As founding members of the ESI are powerful international organizations, to the United Nations and the World Bank, as well as foundations like the Rockefeller Foundation, the Robert Bosch Stiftung and the German Marshall Fund. Not to forget: the Open Society Institute the controversial multi-billionaire George Soros.

Angela Merkel received the COUDENHOVE-KALERGI PRIZE in 2010

Merkel Drubbed At The Ballot Box As Surging Nationalists Declare: ‘People Voted AGAINST Her Migrant Policy’

The Prophecies Of The Muslim Invasion Of Europe Was Predicted By Saints And Is Happening Right Before Our Eyes

Migrants Lay Children Across Railway Tracks Demanding ‘Racist’ Europe Re-opens Borders

Tracks04-488306DESPERATE migrant families laid their own children across railway tracks in an attempt to force European leaders to open their borders.

The refugees are looking to escape the Idomeni migrant camp in Greece, which is four times the size of the Calais jungle.

As they demanded Macedonia re-open they borders so they can continue their way through the main bloc, they lay toddlers across the tracks.

One of the children held a piece of cardboard that read “Open the border.” Other protesters were clapping and chanting.

Continue reading…

Migrant Crisis: Two Thirds Of Arrivals Are ‘Basically Illiterate’


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Could EU Deal Bring Thousands MORE Refugees to Europe?

Posted by addisethiopia / አዲስ ኢትዮጵያ on March 9, 2016

Fears of a ‘migrant merry-go-round’ after Ankara offers to take back one illegal for every genuine asylum seeker resettled on the Continent

Tense negotiations broke up after 12 hours in Brussels, but EU leaders are confident a deal can be struck next week

— Ankara has offered to take back one illegal migrant for every genuine refugee that is resettled in Europe from Turkey

— Turkey accused of holding Europe to ransom after demanding an extra €3billion in aid – double the previous figure

— It also wants visa-free travel for Turks by June and accelerated talks on Turkey becoming a full member of the EU

Ukip leader Nigel Farage said: ‘EU actions are going from bad to catastrophic. Visa-free access to the EU for Turks will only encourage more economic migrants.

‘Turkey is a state with a terrible human rights record which has facilitated ISIS fighters and finance.

‘It’s completely wrong-headed of Cameron to support this move and indeed full Turkish accession.

‘How will an economically failing, migrant-flooded EU look in ten years’ time?’

David Davis, Tory spokesman for the Grassroots Out campaign, said: ‘We are being held to ransom by the Turkish government. This whole charade proves what pitiful influence we have within the EU.

‘The fact we are set to give Turkey £500million to help them deal with their own crisis – and then allow 77million Turks visa-free access to Schengen by the summer as a bonus – demonstrates that the EU is a very weak negotiator in these matters, and is a club we are better off not being a part of.’

Human rights groups have also been scathing about a Europe preaching democracy but cutting a deal with a Turkish government accused of persecuting opponents and breaching human rights.

Many are concerned about a quickfire process of deporting everyone back to Turkey with little regard for individuals.

The summit comes after Turkish police raided the offices of Zaman, a top-selling newspaper critical of Turkey’s government, on Friday.

John O’Brennan, Jean Monnet Professor of European Integration at Maynooth University in Ireland, tweeted: ‘EU norms of pluralism are being completely eviscerated. By the European Union itself. Shame on this dirty deal with Turkey.’

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It is wrong to put temptation in the path of any nation,

For fear they should succumb and go astray;

So when you are requested to pay up or be molested,

You will find it better policy to say: —

We never pay any-one Dane-geld,

No matter how trifling the cost;

For the end of that game is oppression and shame,

And the nation that pays it is lost!”

Rudyard Kipling


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Turkey Is Preparing To Invade Syria And Will Commence War With Russia And Spark World War III

Posted by addisethiopia / አዲስ ኢትዮጵያ on February 7, 2016

Russia has serious grounds to suspect Turkey of preparing for a military incursion in Syria.

We have serious grounds to suspect intensive preparations by Turkey for a military invasion on the territory of the sovereign state of Syria,” Major General Igor Konashenkov, Defense Ministry spokesman, told journalists. “We are recording more and more signs of concealed preparations by the Turkish military,” he added. And to top it all, Turkey just killed a Russian military advisor in Syria.


Many object doubting; ‘how can Turkey play the role of Antichrist’, they ask, especially when we all know that Antichrist must control the world superpowers?

This naive question ignores that much of the West plays into his hands, at least in the beginning. While at times we fear Al-Jazeera or Russian TV, few focus on the giants who know that war is on the horizon. To prepare the minds of the West for Russia-hatred in anticipation for World War III, the BBC concocted a fictitious vision of the future compiled by even using “western strategists” in which Russia invades Latvia and then launches a nuclear strike on Great Britain. Shamelessly the BBC has premiered the brainwashing show titled World War Three: Inside the War Room.

While the western media giants plant fiction against Russia, Major General Igor Konashenkov told journalists: “Such steps carried out by a country [Turkey], which is a NATO member state, in no way contribute to the strengthening of trust and security in Europe.”

To the Russians and to serious prophecy students, Europe is in danger from Turkey and not from Russia. The Orthodox Russians know it, and reality will hit a few years from now, while the naive forget the Siege of Vienna in 1529 by the Ottoman Empire, led by Suleiman the Magnificent which signaled the pinnacle of the Ottoman Empire’s power and the maximum extent of Ottoman expansion in central Europe.

Yet the deceptive devils, in the nearly one hour long program, which premiered on Wednesday on the UK’s BBC Two channel, features a war room packed with former top British military and diplomats playing a war game on the European continent. BBC said that their Armageddon scenario was “developed over many months of research and in consultation with military, diplomatic and political experts around the world”. A ground offensive against “Putin’s troops” is launched by the US and UK, the show suggests, after which according to the BBC, Russia pushes the red button and launches a nuclear strike on a Royal Navy warship, before the war room is told that Putin has mapped London as the next target and by that it sparks Armageddon.

Britain is back to its old habit in being number one globally in spreading propaganda. British historian and Russia analyst Martin McCauley said: “That is called psychological warfare. The way you influence people is by repetition, keeping on with saying the same thing. If you represent Russia as a bad boy and president Putin as an ogre, the one who just threatens the world peace, gradually people will accept that.” Norway showed its most expensive television series, the ‘Okkupert’ (Occupied), featuring Russian invasion into Norway.

The laity do not realize that they are simply part of a grand experiment. Making conspiracy theories into reality has been the game played for war preparation from time immemorial, especially by the English who carried out such propaganda from as far back when Catholic Italy and Spain fought the Ottomans. The false propaganda machine still permeates much of the American Christian mindset where they historically viewed Catholic Italy and Catholic Spain and today Orthodox Russia with a plethora of Antichrist and Gogesk imagery.

Russia, unlike the U.S. and the propaganda machine of the BBC has foresight and knows that Turkey, not Russia will threaten Europe.

This is why we do not expect the West to support Putin in the coming Russian-Turkish war in Syria. Mark my words, we will hear that Russia is the most ‘corrupt kleptocratic regime in the world’, and we will hear the similar call to end Saddam Hussein’s invasion of Kuwait echoed again telling Putin to exit from Syria.

It will be a repeat of the U.S. optimism during the Arab Spring. The West will ignore Turkey’s aggression and focus on Russia’s interference in the Syrian affairs regardless that Russia was legally invited by Syria. Who can deny that such Arab Spring optimism gave way to chaos and Islamist violence across once-stable parts of the Middle East and North Africa?

Turkey knows that it cannot control Syria without Muslim terrorists and is why the Russian Air Force has conducted 302 sorties targeting 1,093 terrorist targets from December 18-23 alone and by that they defeated Turkey’s plans to become the regional superpower.

The Russian-Turkish conflict in Syria is not going to be an easy one for either party. If Russia threatens to cripple Turkey by cutting-off the gas supplies, it will also hurt Russia’s economy while Muslim Azerbaijan will gladly provide Turkey with a new gas-hookup bringing the Turkic states closer to Istanbul and further from Moscow. On the other hand, the increasing Muslim global menace is the fire necessary for Christendom’s refinement, unity, and even bringing Jerusalem (which no longer trusts Turkey) closer to Cyprus.

This conflict is the new equilibrium that will create the neo-Ottoman hegemony to form the nations of Ezekiel 38. The crucial factor to be considered is that if Turkey and Russia had a full out blown war in Syria, Turkey will initially be the victor. Putin’s military options are constrained. He has only limited forces in Syria and the Trans-Caucasus area bordering Turkey, while Ankara has the second-largest fleet of F-16s in the world and the second-largest army in NATO. It also has logistical and geographical advantages that include control of the Dardanelles and the Bosporus, Russia’s egress to Syria.

But even if Turkey initially wins, it will eventually be crushed by Russia, but only in the end. This is rooted in history stretching back to the Ottoman Empire. At one point or another, the Ottoman Turks ruled over or defeated all of modern Turkey’s neighbors except Russia. Between the fifteenth century, when the Ottoman and Russian Empires became neighbors, and 1917, the year of the Bolshevik revolution, the two peoples fought at least seventeen long wars, all of them instigated — and won — by the Russians.

But in the meanwhile the conflict will regroup Turkey’s ancient allies. Russia, with its deep political, economic, and military ties to Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan, has been unable to get these to stand against Turkey over the Syria issue. The Russia-Turkish conflict will further catapult Turkey with its sister nations (originally Ottoman) to come closer together.

Such resurrection of the dead Ottoman Empire will be the revival of the greatest threat to Israel and Christendom. This will magnetize Christendom back where it will bring Russia and Armenia (biblical Ararat, Mini and Ashkenaz) and the eastern European block, closer together, where in the end, they will join the battle with Russia against Turkey. Today we see the Muslim flood into Europe causing a likely referendum where the Visegrad group of countries (Hungary, Poland, Slovakia and the Czech Republic), the strongest critics of EU migrant policies to soon split. It will be the formation of two regional players where a Christendom block will form (primarily Catholic/Orthodox) to thwart the neo-Ottomans, while Germany, England and the U.S. will repeat the same history of Lepanto when the Lutherans and the Calvinists stood with the Ottoman Muslims in the beginning of the war.


People get confused as to how prophecy unfolds. The second coming will have the same two party lines as the first coming. One party thought that Messiah comes riding on a horse coming to defeat the Romans, while the other party examined the text to only conclude the man in Jerusalem riding that donkey is their Messiah.

One party lost salvation while the other party won their salvation.

From Genesis (Cain and Abel) until Christ’s second coming God always divided between two (sheep and goats). This Second Coming, messing up, has eternal consequences. This is why Christ refers to this time as the virgins with oil and virgins without. The faulty prophetic scenarios drawn by many will cause the party of the lost to miss the hour of the second visitation.

Interpretation has eternal consequences and is why it should be decided by a few. Just to show how interpretation has eternal consequences I will give but one example. Many teach that the Antichrist is recognized when he initiates a peace-treaty with Israel. But if we ask, where is this “peace treaty with Israel” in the Bible? They would instantly refer to Daniel 9:27.

But what we find in Daniel 9:27 is that there is no mention of Israel. This covenant is more of the same type of allegiance Muslims gave to Caliph Al-Baghdadi of ISIS which will switch soon to the Ottomans. Daniel says: “He will confirm a covenant”. This is not a “peace treaty”. And he confirms it with “many”. This is not with “Israel” as has been claimed. Revelations 13 even confirm this: “They [the ten horns] give their power and authority (allegiance) to the beast” (Revalation 17:16).

Israel can never be one of the ten horns. No where does Scripture ever teach that Israel will give allegiance to the Antichrist. Israel, just as Christendom, will be “refined through fire” (Zechariah 13:9, 1 Pet 1:7) to becoming closer to Christ and further from the Antichrist. This is the equilibrium where no matter what the devil does, God always wins. There is zero mention of Israel in these verses. Daniel 9:27 speaks of the entry to the Temple (he never mentions a Temple in the Jerusalem) and we should consider Hagia Sophia which was considered the Temple of the Word (Christ). Daniel 9:27 speaks of abolishing the Eucharist “GRAIN OFFERING”. This will include the “WINE OFFERING” since alcohol is prohibited in Islam.


These ten kings will make a covenant with the man of sin. This is not a peace-treaty between Israel and the Antichrist, but is the formation of the “league” (Ezekiel 30:5) which some of the states are spelled out by name including Egypt and Libya and with Isaiah 17, Damascus is doomed because this one too is in the realm of Antichrist.

So why does believing in a seven-year peace treaty between Israel and the Antichrist have eternal consequences?

The answer is simple. The devil, by such an interpretation, is tempting (the five lost virgins if you will) to commit “spiritual suicide”. As a result of the Russian-Turkish fallout, Israel is moving further from making a peace-treaty with Turkey and is clinging to Greece. This makes the virgins-without-oil see Greece as the Antichrist instead of Turkey. This is why the devil works at the BBC painting Putin as Gog.

It is the same with the lost virgins who see Russia as Gog/Magog and the Vatican as “harlot”. Israel, as it seems, is getting closer to Greece and is getting further from U.S NATO ally Turkey.

The conflict between Russia and Turkey is bringing what used to be Christendom closer together. Greek Cyprus and Russia are finalizing a deal that would allow Russian military jets to use Greek Cypriot airports in case of emergency. This will drag Greece into the war. So it looks like Israel is getting closer to what was Christendom rather than Islamdom. While Greece is currently fallen-away from the faith, this will eventually change (just as in Russia), so when Turkey persecutes it, the lost biblical gymnasts will hail Turkey over Greece, Turkey over Russia, Turkey over Rome … all the while they see the Muslims as the instrument of God.

And it is for these reasons that the five virgins with no oil have a difficult time weighing Islam in the prophetic equation.

The Turkish-Russian tension is not paving a road to Israeli reconciliation with Ankara.

This is why it is crucial to heed Christ’s instruction in these times. The sons of satan, just like the five lost virgins, also use and interpret Scripture to only end up with the five virgin without oil commit spiritual suicide.

The devil, like many today who run to and fro love to quote Scripture like a biblical gymnast. The first uttering from the devil to Jesus was when he tempted Christ quoting Psalm 91:11 as explained in Matthew 4:6:

If you are the Son of God,” he said, “throw yourself down. For it is written [in Psalm 91:11]: “‘He will command his angels concerning you, and they will lift you up in their hands, so that you will not strike your foot against a stone.’”

The devil, by using Psalm 91:11, wanted Christ to unintentionally commit suicide by adding what was not in the text “throw yourself down”. Deception could either be intentional or unintentional, yet it matters not, since both are identified as deceivers according to scripture, and all claiming faithful need to examine continually their own hearts (Psalm 26:2, Psalm 129:23).

Geneva’s historic and spiritual divide with Rome, includes with it some wild traditional interpretations, that stems from historic time with England’s propaganda machine. Today nothing changed. We have many who stand with Turkey instead of Christian Russia. You can tell the virgins without oil from their ad nauseam statements, spin after spin, of demonically influenced web of contentions, that are always presented as if they are “simple” claiming that they are straight from the “Bible” and that “all I need is Jesus” and we should only “focus on the essentials”.

There is not one single verse with “thus says the Lord” that is non-essential. This is the devil’s lie. Prophecy is given to us to learn which side we stand with.

The lazy always gripes over Muslims flooding Europe with Muslim immigrants (Revelation 11-12), while forgetting the Red Dragon behind this flood. I always run into divisive devils who tell us to hate Russia, China and to focus on the European Union and Greece with Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras as the enemies of God.

These devils exist on the top of the Republican party down to pastors with Hawaiian shirts selling their wares using mass-marketing schemes. The devil is effecting the elections as we see it and is why I am for Protestant Donald Trump who sees that Russia and the Arab nationalists as not the enemy, who sees China as an economic issue and not a military threat. The ascetic Greek Orthodox monk Saint Paisios predicted that:

There will be war between Russia and Turkey. In the beginning the Turks will believe they are winning, but this will lead to their destruction. The Russians, eventually, will win and take over Constantinople.”

It is just as we alluded to earlier, Turkey will win first, and Russia later. Saint Paisios is correct. Turkey in the short-run will pack tremendous problems for Russia, but Russia in the long-run will prevail (Daniel 11:44).

We can already hear the drumbeats of war. While the sounds of it are low, just wait, it will soon thunder.



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The Heart of a Wise Man is in His Right Hand — ሞት ተረታ

Posted by addisethiopia / አዲስ ኢትዮጵያ on December 13, 2015

The heart of a wise man is in his right hand, and the heart of a fool is in his left hand.[Ecclesiastes 10:2]

Obama’s Theology of Original Sin, Fundamental Transformation and Utopia  

AdamEveYehaThere has been a great deal of nonsense written about the supposed cluelessness of our current administration concerning domestic and foreign policies. None of it is true. President Obama and his allies are not naïve, nor are they clueless idiots.

On the contrary, they are with great success deliberately sowing the seeds of a domestic and global revolution in order to fundamentally transform America and to use the United States’ global reach as a means for achieving a worldwide new order as defined by the Left’s deeply held, religious beliefs.

The theological justifications foundational for revolutionizing (“fundamentally transforming”) America and the world are at least twofold: One is to bring to fruition the leftist concept of a socialist/communist utopia through the destruction of the old order. The other is to expiate America’s original sin of slavery and European colonialism by destroying or transforming the irredeemable institutions that have perpetrated and continue to perpetrate the West’s societal distortions. For the Left, the original sin of racism, be it revealed in slavery or colonialism, has remained unexpurgated. It continuously mutates into new forms of racism because racism is a genetic moral deformation peculiar to the West.

Therefore, only revolutionary action that involves total destruction of Western institutions and the building of global structures from the ashes will finally expiate the original sins of racism and Western colonialism.

How and why is the leftist revolution to happen?

There are basically two types of revolution. One is characterized by public discontent welling from the bottom up. The result is a drastic change in governmental and societal constructs. The other involves authoritarian attempts to fundamentally transform a society from the top down. Often the one is nearly indistinguishable from the other, as the discontented who initially began the revolution find their way into the seats of power and then being to transform society by diktat, a term also known as “executive order.”

The American rebels of the sixties have gradually taken the seats of power in government and nearly every societal institution. They then hope to use that power to complete the transformation of the Republic of the United States into the socialist utopia which is not only to be a template for a new world order, but which is to be a leader in promoting it. The vast influence of the United States is to be turned into a force for transforming the entire world. To put it another way, a completely secularized version of the Christian “Great Commission” to preach the gospel is to be the new way of preaching and fostering good for all mankind. The idea of seeding cells is very similar to the establishment of Christian “house churches” in ancient Rome and indeed throughout history, including present-day China. The difference, of course, is that the State as characterized by our current administration seeds cells committed to violence and chaos; whereas the Christian Church sought and seeks to establish the Kingdom of God characterized by love, peace, and goodwill.

For the Left, using America and its might for a global revolution will only be achieved by destruction of the United States as it is still presently constructed, much as the Bolsheviks of Russian attempted to destroy czarist Russia, then to transform and use a new communist Russia as the paradigm for a global revolution and reconstruction. In like manner, the radical transformation long desired by the Left means in practice the demolition of the pervasive paradigms presently defining and delineating nation states while favoring global entities such as the United Nations and the European Union.

In the attempt to change the centuries old nation state paradigm, particularly Western democracies as understood in the broader definition of democracy, destruction of traditional ways of thinking and traditional institutions remains a paramount objective of the Left.

In the stages of fomenting the destruction necessary for the new paradigm to be the paramount rationale for the construction of a new world, co-revolutionaries are welcomed and encouraged, as the Left believes it can use and control various discontent factions such as Islamist extremists, race hate mongers, youthful malcontents in academia, and anti-authoritarian, ideologically driven political groups opposed to the legitimate use of police authority. Add to this mix of malcontents the religion of multi-culturalism, which is the new polytheism forbidding the elevation of any religion as morally superior to another. All gods are equal. But the gods of the Left are more equal than other gods, particularly the God of Christianity, which the Left seeks to dethrone.

It is well to recall the Left sees just about any angry group as legitimately angry and as a potentially disruptive force for achieving leftist goals; that is, as weapons of destruction of the status quo. To that end, there is virtually no radical group, including Islamist terrorist groups, that the Left cannot legitimize by rationalizing the group’s violent outlook by predestinarian logic that pushes every action, no matter how odious, back to foundational issues the Left believes will be fixed once utopia is put into place. No violent group is to be held fully accountable for its actions because there are core reasons it has become disaffected and criminally minded — core distortions of society can be straightened out by the utopia to come. The only illegitimate anger is righteous indignation against the atrocities perpetrated by violent groups, who are to be understood rather than confronted or eliminated.

In brief, fundamental transformation first requires fundamental destruction. Then rebuilding according to the religious tenets of the Left can happen.

We have an historical outline for how that destruction evolves; namely, the communist revolution in Russia, which had as its role model the French Revolution.

History reveals Lenin encouraged revolution not just in Russia, but throughout Europe and the United States. For instance, Lenin and his followers’ idea was to sow chaos by planting communist cells which would then encourage anarchy and perpetrate violence against the governments of the nations into which the seed cells were inserted. In a similar manner, our president and his administration have become proselytizers for Islamism and the Left.

The Left in the past and now was and is not particular about its allies as long as its leaders think they can control the factions they help to create. Leftism is not picky about anarchical cell groups as long as they are bent on violence. That is why leftists can look with equanimity on the seeding of Europe and America, as well as the Middle East, with radical Islamist cells by importation while steadfastly opposing the Christian religion that has informed and been the foundation of Western civilization for almost two thousand years. It is critical to the success of the global enterprise to diminish or even to eradicate the influence of Christianity, which because of its views of a divine order that transcends and informs all earthly governments is inherently opposed to a man-manufactured utopia created by the State.

The dream of a manmade utopia in the here and now and to come is why dreams of an earthly Islamist caliphate brought into being by violence are essentially encouraged by our administration here and abroad. Utopian visions and radical eschatology with “The End” actualized by a Gotterdammerung in the case of Islamism, or by the bureaucratic Chinese water torture of regulative minutiae by the Left are the very stuff of revolutionaries, regardless of what form their prophetic hallucinations take, communist or Islamist. It is why the foam-at-the-mouth Islamist radicals in Libya, Syria, and Iran are not named or even looked on favorably while democratizing forces are ignored or vilified for their faults, as democracies are stable and stability is what the Left wishes to take down. It is why there is such a tepid response to radical cells promoting terrorism in the name of Allah, be they in Europe, America or Israel. It is why the latest massacre in San Bernadino is being downplayed and attention diverted to other issues. Destabilization is a positive good in the eyes of leftist “one worlders,” as it augers and enables destruction of the old.

Why enable and promote destruction of the old? The reasoning is this: The old is inherently rotten and completely devoid of any possibility of reform, so it must be destroyed by any means in order the spotless and sinless New Order arise like the phoenix from the ruins. The old order, as were the ancien regime and the Roman Catholic Church to be completely annihilated during the French Revolution, has to be completely and irrevocably destroyed. Whatever societal structures are to be retained in skeletonized form, to be utilized only for the revolution’s New Order, much as magnificent homes of the wealthy were confiscated by the communists in Russia and used to house multiple families; much as the entire Romanov dynasty had to be exterminated in order the Bolshevik “dynasty” take its place; much as the kulaks, who resisted the confiscation of their lands were exterminated so their lands could be seized by the new communist landlords; much as Russian Orthodox churches and monasteries were either destroyed or infiltrated by communist lackeys — all for the sake of the eventual elevation of humanity within the new communist utopia, of course.

As mentioned earlier, the other reason destruction of the West and Christianity is being promoted by the Left and its allies is the idea that slavery/racism is the original sin of the West, particularly America. President Obama recently said, “We would do a disservice to those warriors of justice, Tubman and Douglas, and Lincoln and King, were we to deny that the scars of our nation’s original sin are still with us today.”

The president’s statement is revelatory of the rationale of the Left, which as a religion believes in original sin, but which has a very different definition of and remedy for original sin than Christianity.

For two thousand years, beginning with the apostle Paul and the early church fathers such as Augustine; and later to be defined by such theologians as John Calvin, the concept of original sin has been defined as meaning all human beings will and do commit sins, as it is ingrained in their very beings from the time of Adam’s fall forward. John Calvin writes in his Institutes of the Christian Religion about the infallible inclination of humanity to do wrong:

This is the hereditary corruption to which early Christian writers gave the name of Original Sin, meaning by the term the depravation of a nature formerly good and pure… Original sin, then, may be defined a hereditary corruption and depravity of our nature, extending to all the parts of the soul… Satan, by thus craftily hiding the disease, tried to render it incurable.”

In Calvin’s words lie the irreconcilable difference between President Obama’s (and the Left’s) concept of original sin and its remedy. For Christians, the sacrifice of Christ for mankind means that original sin is expurgated and the believer is no longer bound by the chains of sin, but is righteous before God. Calvin wrote:

But if, out of all controversy, the righteousness of Christ, and thereby life, is ours by communication, it follows that both of these were lost in Adam that they might be recovered in Christ, whereas sin and death were brought in by Adam, that they might be abolished in Christ. There is no obscurity in the words, ‘As by one man’s disobedience many were made sinners, so by the obedience of one shall many be made righteous.’ ”

But for the Left and our president, America’s original sins of slavery and racism remain unexpurgated and “incurable.” The sin of racism therefore is always latent, lurking within the human heart and always ready to be revealed. Appearances of improvement in race relations remain just that — appearances only.

Since the original sins of racism and the effects of slavery are always at least latently within, those sins must continually be sought out, exposed and punished. In fact, it is a good idea to stoke the fires of racism and to continually look for signs of it in order to prove it still exists. “Look, there’s a racist building named ‘Lynch’ Hall!!”

For our president and fellow believers in original sin as they define it, it is the white man who most sinned by perpetrating slavery; it is Western institutions that have been so completely corrupted by the effects of slavery and colonialism that they must be destroyed or radically transformed. In order to do so, the white man’s privilege must be revoked and the oppressed masses who still suffer from the lash of racism must be elevated to leadership and elevated to the place of masters in the new order in order that the original sins be expurgated and paid for. The original sins of the fathers, including those who wrote America’s foundational documents, have been passed down from generation to generation, seeping into the very pores of every American institution.

In sum, the entire West and all its institutions and foundational documents are inherently corrupt and are beyond salvation; therefore, the only remedy is to destroy them all and start anew with the disaffected, the formerly oppressed and the newly liberated, who can rewrite the world order.

Of course, the idea that the original sins of the fathers are passed down to the children from generation to generation is an essentially pagan idea that means vengeance for past offenses can be taken on the children, grandchildren, great grandchildren and all generations into eternity. It means there is no redemption possible for those people whose ancestors held slaves or who exhibited racism in any form. It means the white race in particular is inherently corrupted by genetic racism, the original sin for the Left. This concept of original sin justifies eternal vengeance and eternal tinkering with the social order in hopes utopia will evolve.

Whoever continues to claim theology and politics are completely separate realms should reexamine the theology of the Left and note its destructive consequences. At the same time, Christians need to articulate and contrast the orthodox doctrines of their faith, refusing to allow those doctrines to be hijacked and distorted by the Left without protest.

Theology matters — in all areas of life, including politics.


ሞት ተረታ

ግጥም፡ መ/ር ሲሳይ ወ/አረጋይ

ዜማ፡ ሊቀ መዘምራን ቴዎድሮስ ዮሴፍ


ሞት ተረታ ክፉ ተጣለ በኢየሱስ

የጌታዬ እናት ተሰረዘብሽ የአዳም ክስ

ሰላም ታወጀ ሁሉም ቀና አለ ማልቀስ ተረሣ

ቀራንዮ ላይ መተከዝ ቀረ መቍጠር አበሣ

እግዚአብሔር ፈቅዶ ዘርን ስላስቀረ

ጌታችን ሊወለድ በማህፀን አደረ

አዳኙን ያስገኘሽ የማክሰኞ እርሻ

ሆንሽን መጽናኛችን ከሞት መፈወሻ

ስለክብርሽ ማርያም ስለክብርሽ

ፍጥረት ይስገድ ድንግል ያመስግንሽ

የብርሃን መውጫ ጽድቅ የታወጀብሽ

በህቱም ድንግልና መድኃኒትን ወለድሽ

ጠረነሽ አወደን የሕይወትን ማዐዛ

አማኑኤልን ወለድሽ የዓለምን ቤዛ

ስለክብርሽ ማርያም ስለክብርሽ

ፍጥረት ይስገድ ድንግል ያመስግንሽ

ቀድሞም ስለታሰብሽ በአምላክ ህሊና

ተወለድሽ በብስራት ከኢያቄም ከሃና

መሰረቶችሽም ስለተቀደሱ

ስጋሽን ሊዋሀድ ወደደ ንጉሱ

ስለክብርሽ ማርያም ስለክብርሽ

ፍጥረት ይስገድ ድንግል ያመስግንሽ

አሁን በአዲስ ቅኔ አሁን በአዲስ ዜማ

ድምጻችን ይሠማ ለድንግል ምስጋና

መልአኩ ገብርኤል ቀድሞ እንዳስተማረን

የጌታዬ እናት ንጽሕት እንላለን

ስለክብርሽ ማርያም ስለክብርሽ

ፍጥረት ይስገድ ድንግል ያመስግንሽ


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