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The Future of Electric Vehicles

Posted by addisethiopia / አዲስ ኢትዮጵያ on July 17, 2012

1.) Ford thinks hybrids will beat electric cars. Electric cars are clean and high-tech and seem like they should be the future, many say. But while visionaries and gadget-geeks alike clamor for more automotive electrification, the big global auto manufacturers continue to hedge their bets, with Ford the latest to join the chorus of concern.

2.) As battery prices drop, will electric cars finally catch on? At the moment, Americans aren’t exactly dashing out to dealerships to buy electric cars. The plug-in Nissan Leaf, which runs 75 miles on a single charge, has seen sales plummet since June 2011.

3.) Group aims to develop electric cars for Singapore. A Singapore-based investment holding firm led by a Chinese entrepreneur announced an ambitious plan on Saturday to develop and market electric vehicles from the city state.

4.) 10 electric cars you can buy this year. [Gallery]

5.) The extra mile: Solar car charger panel tracks sun. The summer of 2012 has been scorching hot. The heat at times has been practically unbearable. There is one advantage to the rays emitting from the sun these days: free energy for electric vehicles.



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Solar Cars 100 Years Ago

Posted by addisethiopia / አዲስ ኢትዮጵያ on June 19, 2012

100 years ago, at the turn of the century the planet already had the environmental friendly cars, trams and trolleybuses powered by batteries and electric. That is before the discovery of the dirty black gold, oil, when tens of thousands of electric cars buzzed around the cities of the world. Even afte the discovery and implementation of petroleum, many cities preferred the superior battery-cars to the stinking gasoline-powered ones, for the time being the dirty competition seemed to have no chance with the cars, but gradually gasoline destroyed the potentials of electocars in their infancy. Why? Is it for the cost-effective nature of Oil? No! Why then? It is because the devil had a mission, a mission to make oil-producing states rich — by making them rich he prepared them for the ultimate war against the Kingdom of God. Look around which counties are producing oil and you will be ab;e to identify the movement and spread of the unholy ghost.

Continue discovering…


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