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BOMBSHELL: China and America already at war: Tianjin explosion carried out by Pentagon space weapon

Posted by addisethiopia / አዲስ ኢትዮጵያ on August 18, 2015

In Retaliation Ror Yuan Currency Devaluation… Military Helicopters Now Patrolling Beijing

ኃይለኛ የእሳት ቃጠሎ ሰሞኑን ደግሞ ደጋግሞ በሕልሜ ሲታየኝ ነበርየሉሲፈር ሠራዊት የተራቀቀ የሚለውን ጨረር አፍላቂ መሣሪያ በድብቅ መጠቀም ከጀመረ ዓመታት አልፈዋልዋና ዒላማውም ክርስቶስ እና የክርስቶስ ልጆች ናቸው፤ ያሁኖቹና የወደፊቶቹ። ይህን መሣሪያ ክርስቲያኖችን በመጨፍጨፍ ላይ ባሉት እርጉሞች አረቦች፥ ቱርኮች እና ኢራኖች ላይ አይጠቀምም፤ አንድ ላይ ናቸውና፤ የ ያፌትና ዔሣው ዘሮች ናቸውና። ሰሞኑን የ70ኛ ዓመት የአቶም ቦምብ ቃጠሎ መታሰቢያቸውን አክብረው የነበሩት ሂሮሺማ እና ነጋሳኪ በጃፓን የክርስቲያኖች ከተሞች ይባሉ ነበር። ቻይናም ለወደፊት ኃይለኛ የሆነች የክርስቲያኖች አገር የመሆን ዕድል ስላላት ልክ እንደ ጃፓን ቶሎ መቀጨት አለባት። እንደ ሉሲፈራውያኑ። “Rod of God” (የአምላክ ቅዝምዝም) የተሰኘው ጨረር አፍላቂ የህዋ መሣሪያ ሊሲፈራውያኑ ክርስቶስዳግም ሲመጣ እናቃጥለዋለን ብለው በማሰብ የሠሩት መሣሪያ መሆኑ ነው።

EXCLUSIVE: Mainland Chinese dissidents have handed Natural News the following bombshell story. (Two minor updates / corrections are now included in this story, see below.)

The Tianjin explosion was waged as an act of “kinetic retaliation” by the Pentagon in response to China’s currency war Yuan devaluation, according to dissident sources from mainland China. The Chinese government has put in place unprecedented secrecy surrounding the mysterious explosion, and aggressive police state tactics are now being invoked to control the flow of information surrounding this event.

“Last week’s explosions sent massive fireballs into the sky and hurled burning debris across the industrial area at the world’s 10th-largest port, burning out buildings and shattering windows kilometres away,” reports the Daily Mail UK.

The Chinese government’s official explanation for the explosion, which has now killed 114 people, is a complete whitewash. China is going to declare regional martial law in the next 18 days, Natural News has learned, in order to exercise total control over the movement of people and information. The government has banned reporters from entering the area and has begun arresting bloggers who promote what the government calls “conspiracy theories” regarding the cause of the massive explosion.

China has blacked out reporting on Tianjin in exactly the same way the U.S. media blacked out reporting on Dr. William Thompson, the CDC whistleblower who admitted the CDC buried evidence linking vaccines to autism. In both China and the United States, when the government doesn’t want the citizens to know something, it censors the story across the entire state-run media, invoking “information totalitarianism.”

Both before and after the massive explosion, the Chinese government has been flying “black helicopters” in formation across Beijing. (Update: Previously, this article stated the helicopters began flying after the explosion, but we have been corrected on this point, as helicopters were witnessed in the sky in the days before the explosion as well.) Chinese dissidents took numerous photos of these helicopters and were able to deliver these exclusive pictures to Natural News:

A warning shot from the United States: Don’t crash the dollar or sell our debt

Chinese dissidents have told Natural News they have reason to believe the attack on Tianjin is a warning shot from the United States, which is terrified that China is on the verge of announcing its own gold-backed currency while declaring a fire sale on U.S. debt holdings.

The actions would collapse the U.S. dollar and destroy the U.S. economy, sending the United States into economic freefall. The “Rod of God” weapon deployment by the U.S. Pentagon, we’re told, was America’s “shot across the bow” to send a powerful warning message to China while disguising the attack as a domestic chemical explosion.

Timeline of events: China devalues currency, then Pentagon strikes in mere hours

Consider the calendar of events in all this:

August 11, 2015: China devalues the Yuan by 1.9%, sending “shockwaves” around the world and setting off a “devastating” impact to the U.S. economy.

August 12, 2015: Tianjin struck by Pentagon’s secret “Rod of God” weapon, a space-based top-secret kinetic weapon that can be dropped from high orbit to strike almost any land-based target. The weapon instantly destroys six city blocks on the edge of the city of Tianjin, sending a message to China that’s eerily similar to the message sent by the United States in the dropping of the world’s first atomic weapons on Hiroshima and Nagasaki in World War II. (Yes, the USA is willing to drop weapons of mass destruction on civilian populations. It has already done it twice!)

(For those following the Shemitah, the dropping of atomic bombs on Japan also occurred during a Shemitah year, in the month of august, 1945, exactly 70 years ago. This is precisely TEN Shemitah cycles ago, or what might be called a “deca-Shemitah.”)

August 16, 2015: Obama issues stern warning “…about the presence of Chinese government agents operating secretly in the United States,” reports The New York Times. “And it comes at a time of growing tension between Washington and Beijing on a number of issues: from the computer theft of millions of government personnel files that American officials suspect was directed by China, to China’s crackdown on civil liberties, to the devaluation of its currency.”

The Pentagon’s secret space-based weapons

0,,18047720_404,00The “Rod of God” weapon consists primarily of a kinetic weapon arriving with unimaginable kinetic energy… more than a small tactical nuclear weapon, in fact, giving it the appearance of a tactical nuke.

U.S. websites are now speculating that the Tianjin explosion was a U.S. space-based weapons test involving a “Rod of God” weapon dropped from orbit. “The [resulting] lake [crater] in China proves a 5 kiloton blast, possibly nuclear or possibly from a space based ‘rod from God’ (pictured to the left) weapon [was] deployed by the space plane,” says The Unhived Mind.

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May 21, 2011: The Harm That ‘Doomsday’ Will Do

Posted by addisethiopia / አዲስ ኢትዮጵያ on May 17, 2011

By now, we’ve no doubt heard that the “Judgment Day” is coming on May 21. The date was calculated by Harold Camping, the leader of an independent Christian ministry called Family Radio Worldwide, which is based in Oakland, Calif. Camping’s date is based on his interpretation of the Bible.

That’s right; according to Mr. Camping, we’re just days away from the Second Coming of Jesus. May 21 is on a Saturday this year, so he encourages everyone to find Jesus before then. He tells us to go to church, talk to our friends, confide in a priest – do whatever we need to do in order to be saved in the Rapture rather than be left behind by Jesus.

After Judgment Day 2011, Jesus will stay on the Earth until October 21, 2011. The Second coming of Jesus will be glorious for some, and unfortunate for others. The initial loss of loved ones in the Rapture will devastate families, cause destruction, and mass chaos. The Times of The End will make the last 7 years of tribulation that recently culminated with the killing of terrorist Osama Bin Laden, look like paradise. End Times will bring trials and tribulations never before imagined by man.

And on May 22, while those of us who think that the May 21 Christians are crazy will probably be laughing or poking fun or explaining what we believe to be biblical reasons why they shouldn’t have put a date on God’s Judgment, the May 21st kids will be facing their “day of reckoning,” waking up to realize that their parents, pastors, and theologies were wrong. Many of those kids will lose something that day. The questions that many of them will ask will get answered with lies and excuses and bad biblical reasoning. Some of them will be angry with God for not bringing about Judgment Day. Some of them will lose their faith and yet be unable to escape it. And some of them will go on like nothing happened and probably end up setting and believing in another “date.”

And there’s nothing funny about that.

Continue reading…

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