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Islamic Connection: Some Suspects in Dallas Shooting Attended South Dallas Mosque

Posted by addisethiopia / አዲስ ኢትዮጵያ on July 8, 2016

Mosque had been the scene of an anti-Muslim protest on April 3, 2016

four police officers were killed by sniper fire in Dallas, Texas. Seven other officers and a civilian were injured. The shooting occurred at a protest against police killings in the aftermath of the shooting deaths of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile. This is all generally known.

It seems improbable that Black Lives Matter members would fire on a Black Lives Matter demonstration. And that is in fact, not what happened.

Among the five suspects now in Dallas Police custody are self described “Islamic Americans” who attended a Nation of Islam mosque in the South Dallas area. It should be noted that the Nation of Islam itself is splintered into several groups. Louis Farrakhan, who took over the organization in 1981, subscribes to Dianetics and appears to have left Islam altogether. It’s ideology is barely recognizable as Islamic.

No American Islamic leader publicly promotes violence, and the Nation of Islam is no exception to that rule. However, members of this particular Mosque might reasonably have believed that they themselves were under attack.

A tense, armed protest in front of a South Dallas mosque required Dallas police intervention one Saturday afternoon in April. It happened in front of the Nation of Islam mosque on April 3, 2016, according to CBS Dallas.

Anti-Moslem demonstrators, dressed in fatigues and masks and most of them armed, were easily outnumbered approximately 10 to 1 by the mosque supporters, some of whom were also armed, reported CBS Dallas.

Dozens of police officers stood in between the two groups and also on rooftops to ensure nothing more than words were exchanged.

In a statement released before the April protest, the Dallas Police Department said, “The department is committed to protecting the Constitutional rights of all citizens and will make every effort to keep this protest peaceful.”


Connecting the dots…

— Dallas 2016: The Person Who Organized The Black Lives Matter Event, In Which Four Cops Were Slaughtered, Was An Islamic Agent

— Medina 2016: Four Officers Killed in Suicide Bombing Near Islamic holy site

— Ramadan 2016: Could We See The Antichrist This Month?

— Washington 2002: Beltway Snipers Exposed as Muslim Terrorists

Muslims Target the Blacks to Get Their Agenda Accomplished By Using The RACE Card

I found the following conversation interesting.

A year ago Theodor Shoebat wrote an article, made a video under the title, „The Whole Situation In McKinney, Texas, Is Part Of An Islamic Conspiracy To Create A Race War In The United States„ where he used terms like „ghetto trash and whores„ to characterize black teens. In response:

Blogger „End times prophet„ wrote:

Wow Ted! I am absolutely shocked how racist you are. First off I have been following your dad for three years and think he is brilliant in his understanding of bible prophecy and will confess that I have been shoebatized and would proudly tell people about the abundance of truth and knowledge I have received from and I do every chance , but as a black man myself you are totally wrong in calling those teens ghetto trash and whores, apparently you are not black and have never experienced the racist cops here in America ,but as a black Christian man I have, example! My wife and I recently purchased a home in April 2015 in a all white neighborhood in GA and the very first chance I had to cut the lawn a racist neighbor cop pulls up fast and stops quickly and harass me ( waiting to see if I run maybe?) while I am in the very act of cutting the lawn, so after I didn’t run. No need too!!! he then suggested that me and wife sit down with him and his wife to discuss Henry county police policy and procedures, like WTH! after brief undesirable talk he left. Oh yeah he left his work card, ( captain so and so ) later my wife who is also Black with a masters degree in public safety email captain so and so to thank him for the visit . Lol right!!! This racist idiot still has the audacity to say the same garbage to her about talking police policy. Give me break! Had I been white, he and his wife would have brought cookies to the front door. I have been employed for over 27 years at a major airline and don’t think anyone owes me a dime,but I bet three Mexican midgets on nickel night that when the whites first moved in here they was not harassed in this way. The bible says that a false balance is an abomination unto the lord, so the truth is yes Islam is a major threat and yes there are Black thugs and Black whores, but this is true for every race including yours. Pastor Wright is not a black supremacist as you suggest, but a black man tired of getting his ass kicked by racist whites. Obama is a Muslim with no good intentions for this country and its true that Muslims target the blacks to get there agenda accomplished using the RACE card especially in the prison system and places like dear borne Michigan or anywhere, I understand all of that. But if you personally haven’t lived in my shoes and seen the racist cops with guns harass a man cutting the grass at his own home. Mild to getting shot in the arm pits but you get the point, black hands in the air. You need to stick to to what you’re good at. HISTORY!!!!

Blogger „Willing to die for Jesus„responded:

ObamaMuslimDressI’m sorry about this racial offense against you. As a White Christian man, I certainly do not regard my Black Christian brethren any different to my White Christian brethren. I admire Ethiopia — the first Christian country in the World — a Black country whose Black Christians and fidelity to Christ is a huge inspiration to my Faith. A lot of the Black Christian Churches are also exceptionally spirit-filled and wonderfully faith-inspiring to me.

A lot of Obama’s Black rioters are Muslim Black panthers and Nation of Islam supporters who see White people as “Devils”. Muslim Obama has been inciting so much racial tensions, and he is an unrepentant abortion rights and gay marriage supporter intent on taking down the US (and both he and Michelle O and the black grievance crowd haven’t said one thing about the racist and eugenic abortion uptake of Black unborn children being murdered, it’s so sad). I also hate the phony “drug war” being egged on by the CIA (like Fast & Furious was too), and the disproportionate imprisonment of Blacks is blatant racism, not that Obama (or Holder, or any of his crew) has done much to change this.

I am absolutely not at all excusing racial bigotry from any end and I pray nobody falls into Obama’s plans to stir up race riots… from Obama or “Pastor” Wright (fake pastor) being anti-White, to the White neighbors you got racially discriminated against. I wish a Black Christian President was in the W.H. (imagine how much better it would’ve been had a Ben Carlson been elected in 2008 rather than this Muslim usurper with suspect birth origins, and a Muslim Indonesian upbringing.) Clearly Obama is implementing Muslim racist notions and has no respect for anybody, Black or White.. just his own Muslim kind and those who worship him and make him an idol, and is creating unnecessary race tensions.

I pray that your neighbors see the light of Jesus Christ who hates all racism and that he and we all repent our wrongdoings daily, forgive our enemies daily, and carry our Cross daily.

God bless you in Christ our Risen Lord and Savior. You are a great role model for others, regardless of color of skin.


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