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Russia, Egypt & Ethiopia

Posted by addisethiopia / አዲስ ኢትዮጵያ on May 18, 2014

ERELast month, when I heard that Russia launched spy satellite for the Egyptian army, and is ready to supply it with military hardware, my reaction was, ‘WHAAAT!’ How come Russians make the same mistake communist USSR made when they agreed to construct the notorious Aswan dam? Russians have been betrayed by Egyptians several times, why should they now allow themselves to get stuck in the Egyptian mud again? Given the current water dispute between Muslim Egypt and Christian Ethiopia, and Egypt’s constant threat of using force to stop the construction of the Renaissance Dam that Ethiopia is building over the Nile, the launch of such a spy satellite for Egypt by Orthodox Christian Russia perhaps capable of being used as a missile guidance system is immoral, irresponsible and costly.
Last Friday, it was disclosed that Russia’s satellite mission is ruined as US$29b Proton-M rocket carrying an advanced communications satellite crashes after lift-off. Something (UFO) brought the rocket down?
The lesson:
  • The cost of the Russian-built Egyptian satellite is rumored to be around 40 million dollars

  • But, Russia lost US$29b, two weeks after launching the Egyptian satellite.
Had Russia done something different and known to say NO! to the Egyptian military satellite project, it would probably have saved her lots and lots of time, money and disappointment.

A wonderful Ethiopian warns: 

Failure by masters of this world to heed to those warnings or, in defiance of them, to continue to engage in participating in the conspiracies of Ethiopia’s sacrilege or destruction in any way by any nations or group of nations, secular or religious, will surely result in committing the perpetrators themselves to another destruction of unprecedented nature and magnitude.
The great Russian military officer, explorer, writer, and leader of the imiaslavie movement in Eastern Orthodox Christianity, Alexander Bulatovich, wrote in the 1896-98 report, ETHIOPIA THROUGH RUSSIAN EYES the following words concerning Ethiopian, Egypt and Russia:
For the Abyssinians, the Egyptian, Arab, and, finally, European civilization which they have gradually adopted has not been pernicious: borrowing the fruits of these civilizations, and in turn conquering and annexing neighboring tribes and passing on to them her culture, Abyssinia did not obliterate from the face of the earth, did not destroy the uniqueness of any one of the conquered tribes, but rather gave them all the possibility of preserving their individual characteristics.
Thus Christian Abyssinia plays an important role in world progress as a transmission point of European civilization to wild central African peoples.
The high civilizing mission of Abyssinia, its centuries-old, almost uninterrupted struggle for faith and freedom against the surrounding Moslems, the nearness of her people to the Russian people in creed, won for her the favor of the Russian people.
Not just educated Russians know of her and sympathize with her, but also the common folk who saw black Christians, devout and often living in poverty, in Jerusalem.
We see much in common in the cultural problems of Abyssinia with our affairs in the East; and we cannot help but wish that our co-religionist nation would assimilate the best achievements of European civilization, while preserving for itself freedom, independence, and that scrap of land which its ancestors owned and which our greedy white brothers want to take.”
And the supports of Egypt shall fall; and the pride of her strength shall come down from Magdol to Syene: they shall fall by the sword in it, saith the Lord.  And it shall be made desolate in the midst of desolate countries, and their cities shall be desolate in the midst of desolate cities: and they shall know that I am the Lord, when I shall send fire upon Egypt, and when all that help her shall be broken. In that day shall messengers go forth hasting to destroy Ethiopia utterly, and there shall be tumult among them in the day of Egypt: for, behold it comes.
[Ezekiel 30: 6-9 – LXXE]



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