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Media: The Associated Press Gets a Taste of Its Own Medicine

Posted by addisethiopia / አዲስ ኢትዮጵያ on May 15, 2013

Associated Press feels the wrath of the Orwellian police state government it helped put into power

BigBroMarvinAssociated Press reporters are outraged over recent revelations that the Obama administration engaged in a “sweeping seizure” of the private phone records of AP reporters as part of a Justice Department investigation. No probable cause was given to anyone, and hundreds of AP reporters were simply deemed guilty by the government as their phone call records were confiscated without explanation.

Politico is now reporting:

The behind-the-scenes anger — and heads-down determination of the AP staff members to keep doing their jobs amid the extraordinary public flap — comes as top executives from the wire service have mounted an aggressive public pushback against DOJ, calling its snooping a “massive and unprecedented intrusion” in a letter fired off to Attorney General Eric Holder. And yet something of a bunkerlike atmosphere has taken hold at the AP in Washington with no bureau-wide meetings or announcements about the DOJ’s action, AP sources told POLITICO.

But what’s not being reported is that the Associated Press helped create the very police state it now condemns for violating its freedoms and privacy.

How AP helped build a tyrannical government

Over the last several years, AP has come down on the side of big government on practically every story, routinely attacking the Bill of Rights, demonizing protectors of the Constitution and endorsing government monopolies over everything from health care to the money supply.

The AP, in fact, falsely refers to itself as a “news organization” when the truth is that it has functioned far more like a big government propaganda mouthpiece that anything resembling independent news reporting.

In addition, the AP all but declared war on alternative medicine back in 2009, and their reporters openly and willfully lie about water fluoridation, yet another big government program to poison the people.

The AP apparently thought that if it went along with the tyranny, it would be given a pass by the oppressive, criminal government now in power in the United States of America. But they were wrong: Going along with the police state does not make you immune to it, and now the AP is coming to learn that the hard way.

Suddenly the AP is crying wolf

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What is Media Manipulation?–A Definition and Explanation

MedManipIf you don’t know, you should. Because media manipulation currently shapes everything you read, hear and watch online. Everything.

In the old days, we only had a few threats to fear when it came to media manipulation: the government propagandist and the hustling publicist. They were serious threats, but vigilance worked as a clear and simple defense. They were the exceptions rather than the rule—they exploited the fact that the media was trusted and reliable. Today, with our blog and web driven media cycle, nothing can escape exaggeration, distortion, fabrication and simplification.

I know this because I am a media manipulator. My job was to use the media to make people do or think things they otherwise would not. People like me are there, behind the curtain, pulling the puppet strings. But that is about to get harder: I’m spilling my secrets to you and turned my talents from exploiting media vulnerabilities to exposing them—for your benefit.

When the news is decided not by what is important but by what readers are clicking; when the cycle is so fast that the news cannot be anything else but consistently and regularly incomplete; when dubious scandals scuttle election bids or knock billions from the market caps of publicly traded companies; when the news frequently covers itself in stories about ‘how the story unfolded’—media manipulation is the status quo. It becomes, as Daniel Boorstin, author The Image: A Guide to Pseudo-Events in America, once put it, a “thicket …which stands between us and the facts of life.

Today the media—driven by blogs—is assailed on all sides, by the crushing economics of their business, dishonest sources, inhuman deadlines, pageview quotas, inaccurate information, greedy publishers, poor training, the demands of the audience, and so much more. These incentives are real, whether you’re the Huffington Post or CNN or some tiny blog. They warp everything you read online—and let me tell you, thumbnail-cheating YouTube videos and paid-edit Wikipedia articles are only the beginning.

Everyone is in on the game, from bloggers to non-profits to marketers to the New York Times itself. The lure of gaming you for clicks is too appealing for anyone to resist. And when everyone is running the same racket, the the line between the real and the fake becomes indistinguishable.

The Rise of the Manipulator

At top of the pantheon of the media manipulators, of course, sits the late Andrew Brietbart. “Feeding the media is like training a dog,” he once said, “You can’t throw an entire steak at a dog to train it to sit. You have to give it little bits of steak over and over again until it learns.” And learned it did: they followed his lead exactly in the Shirley Sherrod story, and continue to fall for the manipulations of his student, James O’Keefe, who has ravaged NPR, ACORN, and many other liberal organizations.

But in this rising class, I also place some unlikely figures. Michael Arrington, former editor and founder of the popular blog TechCrunch. Manipulator is the only word for Arrington, a man who once said “Getting it right is expensive, getting it first is cheap” and made $25 million from around that fact. Nick Denton and his cabal of Gawker writers—partially paid by how many visitors their posts get—use the same tricks to get your attention and sell it to advertisers. You can see it in how Brian Moylan, one of Denton’s minions, once explained the art of online headlines: “[the key is to] get the whole story into the headline but leave out just enough that people will want to click.”

And the old threat of government abuse of the media? We know that the Bush administration was a pro at it. Think of Dick Cheney leaking bogus information to Judith Miller at the New York Times as an anonymous source and then citing himself (without disclosing the conflict) to justify the build up to the war in Iraq. He planted the information which he then alluded to as support. That happened in 2002. Today, this loop is even easier, because as political strategists like Christian Grantham admit, “Campaigns understand that there are some stories that regular reporters won’t print. So they’ll give those stories to the blogs.”

So it goes: manipulators on both sides of the equation—the writers and the marketers and press agents—all influencing the news to their own benefit. I know because I used to be one of them. I plied the trade for bestselling authors and billion dollar brands. I can recognize manipulation when I see it…because I invented many of the plays myself.

Where It Comes From and What to Do About It

Media manipulation exploits the difference between perception and reality. The media was long a trusted source of information for the public. Today, all the barriers that made it reliable have broken down. Yet the old perceptions remain. If a random blog is half as reliable as a New York Times article that was fact checked, edited and reviewed by multiple editors, it is twice as easy to get coverage on. So manipulators (myself included) play the volume game. We know that if we can generate enough online buzz people will assume that where there is smoke there is fire…and the unreal becomes real.

This all happens because of the poor incentives. When readers don’t PAY for news, the creators of the news don’t have any loyalty to the readers either. Everything is read one off, passed around on Facebook and Twitter instead of by subscription. As a result, there is no consequence for burning anyone. Manipulators can deceive journalists because journalists are not held responsible for deceiving readers.

To combat these manipulations, we must change the incentives. If we want loyalty to the truth, we must be loyal to the people who provide us with it—whoever they are. This probably means paying for information in one form or another. It means we have to be more patient. Good information takes time to acquire after all. The idea that news can be given to us iteratively and reliably is preposterous. Screw Michael Arrington. I’d rather have my news right than first.


The Illusion of Net Neutrality: Political Alarmism, Regulatory Creep, and the Real End to Internet Freedom

NetNeutralityIn The Illusion of Net Neutrality, coauthors Bob Zelnick and his daughter, Eva Zelnick, sound the alarm on how the ever-increasing threat of regulations, rules, and powerful competing interests could strip the Internet of its unfettered, open nature—the very framework that has allowed it to become a life-altering invention.  In just two short decades, this powerful global information and retail powerhouse has changed the way we communicate, how we stay informed on national and world events, how we manage our health and finances, and how we research virtually any subject—from genealogy to astrology.

In their riveting, cautionary treatise, the Zelnicks clearly and simply outline the technologies and factors that allowed the Internet to evolve and to become such a society-changing force in such a short period of time. They also carefully lay out the imminent threats that could rob the Internet of its full potential. They expose “network neutrality” for what is truly is, explain how FCC regulations would harm the Internet, and, in the end, make a strong, compelling case for an independent, unregulated Internet.

Bob Zelnick is a research fellow at the Hoover Institution, a professor of national and international affairs at Boston University, and, as a former longtime ABC News correspondent, a frequent television analyst.

Eva Zelnick, who specializes in public policy and Internet-related issues, is a cum laude graduate of the University of Virginia and Boston University’s School of Law.


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They All Hate Africa

Posted by addisethiopia / አዲስ ኢትዮጵያ on July 11, 2012

Russia’s global television news network, “RT” – which is the second most-watched foreign news channel in the United States after the BBC – like most of the mainstream media outlets elsewhere — brings seldom Africa-relevant themes in its 24-hour service program. If it brings, it is either to hammer the United States hard or to demonstrate the insignificance of the African continent in world affairs. The station also intoxicated with the craziness of the Middle East.

The current affairs debate program, “Cross-Talk” is hosted by a biased, left-wing, anti-Israel and self-hating American journalist, Peter Lavelle.

This particular program from July 9, 2012 on African matters is supposed to include African guests, but no African was invited. They say, “the African Union” is incapable of doing somethin positive. But, the reality is, with all the means’ that are available to it, with all the existing problems and tough challenges its enemies present, the AU is doing a relatively decent job in tackling the continents diverse problems. African peacekeepers are all over the continent trying to pacify hotspots like Somalia, Sudan, Liberia, Sierra Leone and the Congo.

Whereas, the Muslim world, even with the presence of passionate Western administrators, experts, advisers and babysitters (Iraq, Afghanistan,Egypt), with the flow of trillions of dollars, with the degree of attention they are given by the medias, they are still unable to move forward, in the contrary, they blame and demonize those who give them help, and continue killing each other playing the victimhood card. Even the 67-year old tool of Arab imperialism, the Arab League is not capable of taking the Syrian situation in its own hands. In fact, the league wants the West to do the dirty job for them. And the world community whines with them why the West is not helping while they are killing each other. Isn’t it ironic, the African, Mr. Kofi Annan, a former U.N. Chief, who let the Tutsis of Rwanda genocidally murdered back in 1994, is serving tirelessly as a special envoy to Syria for the United Nations and the Arab League.

Look how they all show their contempt for Africa, ignorance and disinterest towards its people. “Why should America care for Africa?”, they ask, rhetorically. Compare how emotional and passionate they get, including the moderator, whenever they discuss matters on Syria, Iraq, Egypt or on the so-called Palestinians.


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ይሉኝታ፡ የዜና ማሰራጫዎች በሽታ

Posted by addisethiopia / አዲስ ኢትዮጵያ on October 10, 2011

የወቅቱን የዓለማችንን ሁኔታ በቅርብ ለሚታዘብና አገራቱንም በደንብ ተዘዋውሮ ለመመልከት አጋጣሚው ያለው ሁሉ የመጀመሪያዋና የመጨረሻዋ የክርስትና ምድር ምናልባት ኢትዮጵያ አገራችን ብቻ ልትሆን እንደምትችል ለመመስከር ይችላል።

ምንም እንኳን ትውልዳችን ሞኛሞኝ፥ ደካማና ለጠላት በቀላሉ ተጋልጦ የሚኖር ትውልድ ሆኖ ቢታየንም፡ ጽኑ በሆነ የክርስቲያናዊ ሕይወት ጎዳና ተግቶ የሚጓዘው ኢትዮጵያዊ ቁጥር ከምንገምተው በላይ በጣም ከፍ ያለ ነው። በአሁኑ ጊዜ በተለይ ኢትዮጵያውያን ወጣት ሴቶች፡ እናቶችና ልጆች ናቸው የክርስትናችንና የኢትዮጵያውነታችን ጽኑ መከታዎች ሆነው የሚገኙት። ጠላቶቻችን አንዳንድ መንፈሰደካማ የሆኑ ሴቶቻችንን እንደምሳሌ በመውሰድ የወገኖቻችንን ስም ለማጥፋት ይጥራሉ፡ እኛም በቀላሉ የምንሰማውና የምናየው ይህ ብቻ ስለሚሆን እህቶቻችን ሁሉ የተበላሹ እንደሆኑ አድርገን ለመውሰድ እንበቃለን። ይህ ግን እጅግ በጣም የተሳሳታና ከእውነትም የራቀ ነገር ነው። ሴቶቻችን ከምንግዜውም በበለጠ ጥልቅ መንፍሳዊ ጉዞ ላይ ይገኛሉ፥ ሴቶቻችን አስደናቂ በሆነና ትጋት በተሞላበት መልክ የዓብያተ ክርስቲያናቱን ግቢዎች ዕለት ተዕለት እየሞሉ ጸሎታቸውን ያደርሳሉ። ይህ ሁኔታ እስካሁን አለመታየቱና ተገቢውን ትኩረት አለማግኘቱ በጣም ሊያሳዝነን ይገባል።

ባጠቃላይ ግን፡ የኢትዮጵያ ወጣት በሚያገኘው አጋጣሚ ሁላ የክርስትና ሕይወቱን በሚገባ ለመኖር ከፍተኛ ጥረት በማድረግ ላይ ይገኛል። መንፈሳዊ ጦርነት ላይ እንገኛለንና፡ ክርስቲያኑ በየትምህርት ቤቱ፡ በየገባያው፡ በታክሲና በየአውቶቡሱ የቅዱሳንን ምስሎች በመለጠፍና መስቀልንም በማንጠልጠል ለጠላቶቹ ድምጽአልባ የሆነ ኃይለኛ መልእክት በማስተላለፍ ላይ ይገኛል። ከቀስት ፊት ያመልጡ ዘንድ፥ ለሚፈሩህ ምልክትን ሰጠሃቸው” (መዝ.59:4)

ታዲያ ይህ በእንዲህ እንዳለ፡ መንግሥታዊና መንግሥታዊ ያልሆኑ የብዙኃን ዜና ማሰራጫዎች ደግመው ደጋግመው የሕዝቡን ኃይለኛ የልብ ትርታ ለማዳመጥ አሻፈረኝ ይላሉ፥ ክርስቲያኖችንና ክርስትናን፡ ማለትም፡ ኢትዮጵያውያንን በቸልታ ማለፉን ይመርጣሉ። የሬዲዮና የቴሌቪዥን ጣቢያዎች፤ እንዲሁም ጋዜጦችና መጽሔቶች ሁሉ በክርስትና ላይ ለማመጽ በአንድነት ውል የገቡ ይመስላሉ፡ ከእሁድ እስከ እሁድ ያለማቋረጥ የሚያወሩት፡ የሚያሳዩትና የሚጽፉት ስለ ፖለቲካ፥ ስለ ገንዘብ፥ ስለ ዘፈንና ዳንኪራ ብሎም ስለ እንግሊዝ እግርኳስ ጨዋታ ብቻ ነው።

የክርስትና እምነታቸው በተሸረሸረባቸው የምዕራቡ ኢዱስትሪ አገሮች እንኳ ብሔራዊ የቴሌቪዥን ጣቢያዎች በየሰንበቱ የጸሎት ስነሥርዓት ከዓብያተ ክርስቲያናት በቀጥታ ያስተላልፋሉ። የክርስቲያኖች ደሴት በሆነችው ኢትዮጵያ ግን ቴሌቪዥኑ በቅዱስ ሰንበት ፈጣሪን በትንሹም ቢሆን በማስታወስ ፈንታ፡ እንደ ኢትዮጵያን አይደልወይም ፖሊስና እርምጃውየመሳሰሉት ፕሮግራሞች ደጋግሞ ማቅረቡን ይመርጣል። ጸረክርስትና፡ ጸረክርስቲያን እየሆኑ በመጡት የአሜሪካ እና አውሮፓ አገሮች የዜና ማሰራጫዎች እንደ ፋሲካእና ገናለመሳሰሉት በዓላት የሚሰጡት አትኩሮት አሁንም አልቀነሰም፤ ሪዲዮና ቴሌቪዥን ጣቢያዎች በዓላቱ ከመድረሳቸው ከሣምንታት በፊት ነው የገና ዜማዎችን የሚያሰሙት፥ ምርጥ የገና ዜማ ሰሌዳዎችንም ያወጣሉ፤ የሮማው ፓፓስ ሆኑ ነገሥታቱና የአገር መሪዎቹ ሁሉ ለሕዝቦቻቸው የሚያቀርቡትን መልዕክት በሬዲዮና ቴሌቪዥን በቀጥታ ያስተላልፋሉ። ቀንደኛ ኢአማንያን እንደሆኑ የሚታወቁት እንደ Bill Mahr የመሳሰሉት ታዋቂ አሜሪካውያን የቴሌቪዥን ሰዎች ሳይቀሩ አሁንስ በዛ! ከቤተሰብ ጋር አብረን የምናከብረውን የገና በዓላችንንማ አንነጠቅምበማለት እየመጣ ወዳለው አስከፊ ጊዜ ይጠቋቁማሉ።

ታዲያ በpolitical correctness (ይሉኝታ)በሽታ የተለከፈው   የምዕራቡ ዓለም እንኳ ማንነቱን ገና ሙሉ በሙሉ ለመካድ ሳይነሳሳ፡ ለምንድን ነው የኛዎቹ መሪዎች፡ ጋዜጠኞችና ጣቢያዎቻቸው አባቶቻቸው ለታገሉለትና ለሞቱለት የክርስትና ሕይወት ግድየለሽነትን የሚያሳዩት? በትዕግስተኛውና በዝምተኛው ሕዝብ ዘንድ ከፍተኛ ቅሬታን እያሳደረ የመጣውን ይህን ሁኔታ አይተው አስፈላጊውን የማሻሻያ እርምጃ ለመውሰድስ እስካሁን ለምን ተሳናቸው?


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ታላቋ ብሪታኒያ ስታንስ

Posted by addisethiopia / አዲስ ኢትዮጵያ on October 4, 2011

ኢትዮጵያ አገራችን ጠላቶቿ የበዟባት አገር መሆኗ የሚያጠያይቅ አይደለም። ሆኖም አሁን በምንገኝበት ዘመን በተለይ ከአውሮፓ አገሮች በኩል እየተካሄደ ያለው የጥላቻና የተንኮል ዘመቻ በጣም አሰልች እና ኋላ ቀር መስሎ ይታያል። ብዙ ነገሮችን በግልጽ አይተን መረዳት በምንችልበት ዘመን፡ እነዚህ የአውሮፓ ኃይሎች መልካቸውን እየቀያየሩ ሲመጡብን ስናይ፡ ይህ ለኛ ያላቸው ጥላቻ ምን ያህል ሥር የሰደደ ቢሆን ነው ያሰኛል።

በዚህች ምድር ላይ አገራቱንና ሕዝቦችን እንደ እንግሊዞች ሲያበጣበጥ የቆየ ሕዝብ የለም። ከምስራቅ አፍሪቃ እስከ መካከለኛው ምስራቅ፤ ከደቡብ እስያ እስከ ባልካን አገሮች ድረስ የሚታየው ውጥንቅጥ እንግሊዞች ከቀበሩት መርዝ የተነሳ ነው።

አገራችን ተደላድላና ጠንክራ አንድነቷንም አጽንታ እንዳትኖር በቀጥታም ሆነ በተዘዋዋሪ መንገድ እንግሊዝ አሁንም እየሞከረች ነው። ከ10ሺህ ኪሎሜትር በላይ እየተጓዘች ከአርጀንቲና ጋር ሆነ ከኢራቅና አፍጋኒስታን ጋር ጦርነት የምትገጥመዋ እንግሊዝ ለኦጋዴን ነዋሪዎች ተቆርቋሪ መስላ በኢትዮጵያውያን ጉዳይ ላይ ጣልቃ በመግባት ሁከት ለመፍጠር ትሞክራለች። የኦጋዴን ነፃ አውጭ ድርጅት በሚል መጠሪያ ሥር ለሚታገሉት አክራሪ እስላሞች የሞራልና የገንዘብ እርዳታ ታቀብላለች፡ በለንደን ከተማም ጽህፈት ቤት እንዲከፍቱ ፈቅዳለች። በጣም የሚገርመው፡ 15 ሚሊየን ለሚጠጉ ጭቁን ኩርዶች ከ20 ዓመታት በላይ የሚታገለው የቱርኩ ኩርዳውያን ነፃ አውጭ ድርጅት (PKK) ፡ እንኳን ጽህፈት ቤት ሊኖረው፡ የሽብር ፈጣሪ ድርጅት ነው ተብሎ በምዕራባያውያኑ ዘንድ ለመኮነን በቅቷል። በኢትዮጵያና በእስራኤል ላይ ግን የሌባ ጣታቸውን ቀድመው ይሰዳሉ።

እየተበላሸና ዋጋ ቢስ እየሆነ የመጣው የቀድሞው አንጋፋ የዜና ማሰራጫ ድርጅት፡ ቢቢሲ፡ በኢትዮጵያ እና በእስራኢል ላይ፥ በአፍሪቃ እና በጥቁር ሕዝቦች ላይ፡ በክርስትና እና ክርስቲያናዊ በሆነ ሞራል ላይ ታይቶ ተሰምቶ የማይታወቅ የጥላቻ ፕሮፓጋንዳ በመንዛት ላይ ይገኛል።

ከጥቂት ሣምንታት በፊት በእንግሊዝ ፖሊሶች አንድ ጥቁር እንግሊዛዊ ተገደለ። ይህን ግድያ በመቃወም ብዛት ያላቸው ጥቁሮች አቤቱታቸውን ሰላማዊ በሆነ መልክ በሰልፍ ለመግለጽ ሞከሩ። ይህም ሰላማዊ ሰልፍ ያስደነገጣቸው ባለሥልጣናት ለዓመታት ያዘጋጇቸውን የከተማ ዱርየዎችና ቦዘኔዎች ቀስቅሰው በመጥራት በየከተሞቹ ብጥብጥ እንዲፈጥሩ አደረጉ። የባለሥልጣኑ ዓላማም የማርቲን ሉተር ኪንግ ዓይነት እንቅስቃሴ በእንግሊዝ ጥቁሮች ዘንድ እንዳያድግ ገና በእንጭጩ ለመቅጨት ነው።

ምንም እንኳን ብጥብጥ ፈጥረው የነበሩት ግለሰቦች አብዛኞቹ ነጮች እና እስያውያን ቢሆኑም፡ እንደ ቢቢሲ የመሳሰሉት የዜና ማሰራጫዎች፡ በጥቂት ሰዓታት ውስጥ ጥቁሮችን ወነጀሉ። ይህን ፕሮግራም ከ ቢቢሲ ዎርልድ ሰርቪስ ያዳምጡ

ቢቢሲን ወይም ሲ ኤን ኤንን ብናይ የዜና አንባቢያንና ቃለ አቀባይ ሆነው የሚያገለግሉት አብዛኞቹ ጋዜጠኞች የፓኪስታን፡ የህንድ ወይም እስላማዊ አመጣጥ ያላቸው ግለሰቦች ናቸው። አንድ ሁለት ጥቁር ጋዜጠኞች በቴሌቪዥን ብቅ ቢሉ፡ ለቴሌቪዥን ፈጽሞ አመቺ ያልሆኑት እየተመረጡ ነው። ችሎታውና ብቃቱ ያላቸው ብሎም ተወዳጅ ሊሆኑ የሚችሉ ብዙ አፍሪቃውያንና ጥቁሮች አሉ፡ የዜና ማሰራጫዎቹ ግን ሊቀጥሯቸው አይፈልጉም፡ ከአጀንዳቸው ጋር አይሄድምና። በጣም የሚገርመውና የሚያሳዝነው፣ የቢቢሲ አብዛኛው ተመልካች ሆነ አድማጭ አፍሪቃ የሚገኝ ነዋሪ መሆኑ ነው። እስያው፡ አረቡ ሆነ አውሮፓዊው የየራሱን ቴሌቪዥንና ራድዮ የሚከታተል በመሆኑ ቢቢሲን የሚከፍተው ጥቂቱ ነው።

በለንደኑ ብጥብጥ ወቅት ጠቅላይ ምኒስትር ዴቪድ ካሜሮን ከጽህፈት ቤታቸው ከዳውንኒን ስትሪት ሆነው ጋዜጣዊ መግለጫ ሲሰጡ ከጀርባቸው የሕንጻው ጠባቂ ሆኖ የሚታየው ፖሊስ ጥቁር መሆኑን ለማሳየት ካሜራው በሁለቱ ላይ አተኩሮ ነበር። ጥቁር ፖሊስ ከዚህ በፊት በጽሕፈት ቤቱ ታይቶ አይታወቅም። እዚህ ይመልከቱ።

ቢቢሲ ኢትዮጵያን የሚመለከት ነገር ሲያቀርብ ንቀትና ጥላቻ በተሞላበት መልክ ነው። አንዳንዴ ፖሰቲቭ የሆኑ ወሬዎችን ጣል ስለሚያደርግ ሚዛናዊ የሆነ ነገር የሚያቀርብ መስሎ ሊታየን ይችላል፡ ይህ ግን ረቂቅ ማደንዘዣ፡ ከዜና ማሰራጫው እንዳንርቅ የማድረጊያ ስልቱ እንጅ ሃቅ የጠማው ድርጅት ስለሆነ አይደለም። ይህ ኒዮሊበራል የዜናና ፕሮፓጋንዳ አሰራጭ ድርጅት ጸረኢትዮጵያ፣ ጸረአፍሪቃ፣ ጸረእስራኤል እና ጸረክርስትና የሆነ አጀንዳ እንዳለው አጠንቅቀን ማወቅ ይኖርብናል።

ለምሳሌ፡ በሶማሊያ የተከሰተውን ረሃብ በሚመለከት አስቀድሞ እና ደግሞ ደጋግሞ ረሃብ በምስራቅ አፍሪቃ” “ረሃብ በአፍሪቃው ቀንድእያለ መላው ምስራቅ አፍሪቃን በማጠቃለል እንዲሁም የ 1985 .ምህረቱን የኢትዮጵያ ረሃብ ከልሶ ከላልሶ በማንሳት የኢትዮጵያ ስም ሁሌ ከረሃብና በሽታ ጋር የተያያዘ እንደሆነ ማሳወቁን ይመርጣል። በብዙህ መቶ ሺህ የሚቆጠሩ ሶማሊያዎች ጠላቴ ነው የሚሉት፡ በደጉ የኢትዮጵያ ሕዝብ ላለፈቱ 20 ዓመታት ጥገኝነት አግኝቶ በሰላም እንደሚኖር ቢቢሲና አጋሮቹ አንዴም አትተውት አያውቁም። ነገር ግን 1000 የሚሆኑ ሶርያውያን ስደተኞች በጎረቤታማዋ ቱርክ ጥገኝነት ሲያገኙ፡ እነ ቢቢሲ ቱርኮች ምን ያህል እንግዳ ተቀባዮችና አስተናጋጆች መሆናቸውን ለተመለካቹና አድማጩ ለማሳወቅ ሲቸኩሉ ይታያሉ።

ከጥቂት ሣምንታት በፊት ደግሞ ቢቢሲ ኢትዮጵያውያን የባሪያንግድ ያካሂዱ እንደነበር ለማሳወቅ ደቡብ አፍሪቃ ድረስ ሂደው የአንዲት የቀድሞ ኢትዮጵያዊት የሕይወት ታሪክ አቀረቡልን። በዚህም አማካይነት የኢትዮጵያን አኩሪ ታሪክ፡ ጽኑ ሃይማኖት ባጠቃላይ ኢትዮጵያውያንን ኢትዮጵያውያን ያሰኛቸውን ማንነት ለመተናኮል ይሞክራሉ። እኛ አውሮፓውያን ብቻ ሳንሆን፡ አኩሪ ታሪክ አለን የሚሉት ኢትዮጵያውያንም ኢሰብዓዊ የሆነ ታሪክ ሲፈጽሙ ነበር፡ ኢትዮጵያውያን በባርነት ሲሰማሩ እኛና በአፓርታይድ ሥርዓት የምትታወቀው የነጮቹ ደቡብ አፍሪቃ፡ ኢትዮጵያዊዋን ባሪያ የአስተማሪ ሙያ እንዲኖራት ረድተናት ነበር፡ ለማለት ነው ነገሩ። የተንኮሉን ጥበብ የተካኑት እንግሊዞች የሰላሳ፡ የሃምሳ የመቶ ዓመታት መርዛማ ዕቅድ ነውና የሚያዘጋጁት፡ ፍላጎታቸው አሳዛኝ በሆነ መልክ የተከፋፈሉት የኢትዮጵያ ጎሣዎች እርስ በርሳቸው እየተኮረኳኮሙ እንዲደክሙ እንዲወድቁ፡ ይህን አጋጣሚ ተጠቅመው የመንፈስ እና የጥሬ ዕቃ ጥማታቸውን ለማርካት ይመኛሉ።

19ኛው ክፍለ ዘመን በስዊድን አገር ነግሠው የነበሩት ጉስታቭ 3ኛ የኢትዮጵያ ቡና‘ “መርዝ ሳይሆን አይቀርምብለው ጠረጠሩ። ይህንም ለማረጋገጥ ሁለት የወህኒ ቤት እስረኞች ተመርጠው አንደኛው ቡና ሁለተኛው ደግሞ ሻይ እንዲጠጡ ተደረጉ። ይህንንም ጥናት ለዓመታት እንዲከታተሉ የስዊድን ሊቆች ተመረጡ። እስረኞቹ ቡናቸውንና ሻያቸውን ፉት እያሉ ለብዙ ዓመታት ቆዩ፡ በዚህ ወቅት፡ መጀመሪያ ሊቆቹ ሞቱ፡ ከዚያም ንጉሥ ጉስታቭ፡ በመጨረሻም ሻይ እንዲጠጣ የተደረገው እስረኛ አረፉ። ቡና ጠጪው ግን የወህኒ ቤት ጊዜውን ጨርሶ ወጣ።

ከኢትዮጵያ በፊት ታላቋ ብሪታንያ ቀድማ እንደምትከፋፈል፡ ይህንም በህይወታችን ለማየት እንደምንበቃ እርግጠኛ ነኝ። ይህ ታታሪ የብሪታኒያ ሕዝብ በዚህ መልክ አሁን እየወደቀ መምጣቱ ሊያስገርመን አይገባም።





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