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፴/30ቱ የጉዕተሎ መድኃኔ ዓለም ቤተክርስቲያን ሰማዕታት እነዚህ ናቸው

Posted by addisethiopia / አዲስ ኢትዮጵያ on May 5, 2021

👉 ገብርኤል 👉 ማርያም 👉 ኡራኤል 👉 ጊዮርጊስ 👉 ተክለ ሐይማኖት 👉 ዮሴፍ 👉 መድኃኔ ዓለም

✞✞✞ በቤተክርስቲያኗ የመድኃኔ ዓለም ዓመታዊ ክብረ በዓል ዕለት፤ ማክሰኞ ታህሣሥ ፳፯/ ፪ሺ፲፫ ዓ.ም የሰማዕትነት አክሊልን የተቀዳጁት ፴/30 የጉዕተሎ መድኃኔ ዓለም ልጆችን ነፍስ በቅዱሳኑ እቅፍ ያኑርልን ከማህበረ ፃድቃን ይደምርልን። ✞✞✞

👉 የ ፴/30ውን ሰማዕታት ስም እየጠራን ለመድኃኔ ዓለም “እልልል!” 😊😊😊 እንበል!!! ይብላን ለገዳዮቻቸው!👹 ወዮላቸው!

👉❤️ የሰማዕታቱ የስም ዝርዝር


1ቄስ ገብረ ዮሐንስ ደስታወንድየቤተክርስቲያን ሊቅ
2ቄስ ነጋ ተስፋይወንድ
3መሪጌታ ኪዳነ ማርያም ተፈሪወንድየቤተክርስቲያን ዋና ሊቅ
4ቄስ ሐዱሽ ኃይለ ማርያምወንድቄስ ገበዝ የቤተክርስቲያን ሊቅ
5ቄስ ገብሬ አጽበሐወንድየቤተክርስቲያን ሊቅ
6.ሀጎስ ሃይሉወንድ
7ኪዳኔ ተክለ ሐይማኖትወንድ
8ብርሃኔ ገብረ አረጋዊ (አንገታቸው ተቀልቷል)ወንድ
9ግርማይ ንጉሤ (ከልጃቸው ሚኪያስ ጋር)ወንድ
10ሚኪያስ ግርማይ ንጉሤ (ከአባታቸው ግርማይ ጋር)ወንድ
11ዲያቆን በርሔ ደስታ ወልደ ገብርኤልወንድ
12ዲያቆን ብርሃኔ ገብረ ሥላሴወንድ
13ዲያቆን ጽጋብ አለም ፊትዊወንድ
14ደሳለኝ ተስፉ ሀጎስወንድ
15አታክልቲ መሰለ ገብረ ዮሐንስወንድ
16ሴት መነኩሴ እታይ ዘሀፍታሴት
17ምሕረት ገብረ እግዚሴት
18ሀደጋ ለማሴት
19ካሕሳ ገብሬሴት
20ኪዳን ወልዱሴት
21ኪዳን ረዳሴት
22ለታይ ገብረ ማርያም (ከሴት ልጃቸው ብርሃን ጋር)ሴት
23ብርሃን ገብረ ጻድቅ (ከእናታቸው ለታይ ጋር)ሴት
24በኩረ ጽዮን ደስታወንድ
25ደስታሰላም ግርማይወንድ
26ብርሃኔ ገብረ ኢየሱስወንድ
27መሪ ጌታ ደሳለኝ ካህሳይወንድየቤተክርስቲያን ሊቅ
28አብረኸት እቁባዝጊFemale
29ተስፋይ ገብረ ሥላሴወንድ
30አንገሶም ገብረ ሥላሴ ታደሰወንድ


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#TigrayGenocide | Massacre in The Church of Medhanie Alem Gu’etelo, on The Parish’s Most Important Day of The Year, The Festival of Jesus The Savior of Gu’etolo

Posted by addisethiopia / አዲስ ኢትዮጵያ on May 5, 2021

In Tigray, parishes celebrate, once a year, one main religious festival in their church and their homes. The parish’s church is invariably named after a patron which can be a saint, an angel or God and the festival is a yearly celebration of the church’s patron. On the eve of the festival, the parishioners and guests from outlying areas come to the church and spend the night praying, chanting and partaking in the religious celebration. On the day of the festival (in the morning or afternoon, depending on whether it is a fasting season or not), the parishioners and guests move the celebration to each of the parishioner’s houses. Every parishioner’s house hosts guests from outside the parish and the guests can stay upto 4 days.

The parish of Medhanie Alem Gu’etelo in Gulomekeda (Eastern Tigray) celebrates its main yearly festival, the Annual Festival of Jesus the Saviour, on 05 January of the year. On 05 January 2021, however, it was not a day of celebration, but rather a day of gruesome massacre.

From the eve of the festival, parishioners and guests gathered in the Church of Medhanie Alem Gu’etelo – Gu’etelo Jesus the Saviour Church – to celebrate and partake in the annual Festival of Jesus the Saviour. Battles and gunshots had been heard, but nonetheless the people gathered in the church, for this is the most important day of the year for the parish, but also to pray and seek refuge.

From 5 AM to 9 Am, Eritrean troops fired artillery at the church and the congregation, and the surrounding areas. More than thirteen artillery strikes hit the church and its compound alone, damaging and destroying the church, shattering its windows and roof, and killing its congregants. Many fled, but some remained in the church’s compound.

Around 9 AM the Eritrean troops came to the church, asked the remaining congregants to stand in one line. They then shot them dead. They also went to the small residence of the church’s elderly teacher, Priest Kidanemariam Teferi. In the house were other three scholars of the church who were with him after the church service was discontinued. These were Priest Gebreyohannes Desta, Priest Desalegn Kahsay (Meri-Geta) and Priest Gebre Atsbeha. The Eritrean troops shot four of them dead in the small house.

In the church and the church compound alone, a total of 28 people were shot dead. 27 of the victims have been identified by name. We have also identified three others killed in the surrounding areas of the church. The list is obtained from family members and eyewitnesses. 21 of the victims are males and the remaining 9 are females. The victim in number 24, Bekuretsion Desta, had mental health problems.

List of People Massacred in The Church and its Compound

NoFull NameGenderTitle

1Priest Gebreyohannes DestaMaleChurch scholar
2Priest Nega Tesfay (Aba Majur)Male
3Priest Kidanemariam Teferi (Meri-Geta)MaleThe church’s main scholar
4Priest Hadush HailemariamMaleGebez(Church leader)
5Priest Gebre AtsbehaMaleChurch Scholar
6.Hagos HailuMale
7Kidane TeklehaimanotMale
8Birhane Gebrearegawi cut his neckMale
9Girmay Niguse (with his son, Mikias)Male
10Mikias Girmay Niguse (with father, Girmay)Male
11Berhe Desta Weldegebriel (Deacon)Male
12Tsigab Alem Fitwi (Deacon)Male
13Desalegn Tesfu HagosMale
14Atakilti Mesele GebreyohannesMale
15Etay Zehafta (Nun)Female
16Mihret GebreezgiFemale
17Hadega LemmaFemale
18Kahsa GebreFemale
19Kidan WelduFemale
20Kidan RedaFemale
21Letay Gebremariam (with daughter, Birhan)Female
22Birhan Gebretsadik (with her mother, Letay)Female
23Birhane Gebresilassie (Deacon)Male
24Bekuretsion DestaMale
25Destalem GirmayMale
26Birhane Gebreyesus (near)Male
27Priest Desalegn Kahsay (Meri-Geta)MaleChurch scholar

Some Names of People Killed in The Surroundings Of The Church

No.Full NameGenderTitle
28Abrehet OqubazgiFemale
29Tesfay GebreselassieMale
30Angesom Gebreselassie Tadesse (Wedi Ageray)Male

The area is still under Eritrean control. Asked about their situation now, one resident said “no one is left here, only the old and sick that can not flee. We are not allowed to let our animals graze and we are dying of hunger. Our women are being abused. They asked my son where his parents were and when he said they went to church, they hit him hard. Please let the world know that we are perishing”. Another resident said “we need peace. We live now in terror”. A third, elderly father said “we have nothing this year. We did not collect our harvest and our animals have been slaughtered or looted. Without help, we won’t be able to make it”. A priest added “not only do we have nothing left, but also to do anything or even move, you have to pay a huge bribe, or you are simply robbed. We are in a time when a human eats a human”.

Asked whether they have been visited or comforted by the Ethiopian Orthodox Church or any official from the Ethiopian government, a priest from the parish responded saying “none”. Speaking about the church in particular, the priest said “which church? There is no church, we know that. We know who the so-called church sides with”, referring to the church’s history of being Amhara politicians’ political tool.

There seems a trend of in the invading forces committing massacres on special religious holidays. The massacre in Mariam Dengelat was also committed during the annual celebration of the festival of Saint Mary of Tsion, which is the patron of the church and the parish. The Bora massacre was committed on the Christmas time, the destruction and looting in Gulle was committed on the day of Timqat, and the shelling of a church in Daero was committed on Sunday.



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በኦሮሞ እና አማራ ወታደሮች የተገደሉት ፶፪/52 የአክሱም ማኅበረ ደጎ ሰማዕታት

Posted by addisethiopia / አዲስ ኢትዮጵያ on May 4, 2021

የካቲት ፪ሺ፲፫ ዓ.

✞✞✞ የአክሱም ማኅበረ ደጎ ገደል ጫፍ እልቂት ሰማዕታት ስም ✞✞✞

January 2021


. ስም ማህበረ ዴጎ ሰማዕታትዕድሜ
ምህረቱ ኣብርሃ ኣበራ፶፮/56
ገብረ እግዚአብሔር ኣብርሃ ኣበራ፶፫/53
ክብሮም ተኹሉ ገ/ጻድቓን/30
ፍጹም ተኹሉ ገ/ጻድቓን፲፰/18
መንገሻ መውጫ ገ/ኪዳን፳፭/25
ሓድጉ መውጫ ገ/ኪዳን፳፪/22
መብራህቱ ገ/መድሂን ከበደው፳፮/26
ኪሮስ ገ/መድሂን ከበደው፲፱/19
ተኽላይ ገ/መድሂን ገብሩ፴፪/32
ሃይለ ገ/መድሂን ገብሩ፴፰/38
፲፩በሪሁ ሓጎስ ኣስፍሃ፴፬/34
፲፪ጸጋይ ተስፋይ ወ/ገብሪኤል፳፭/25
፲፫ጉዕሽ ገ/ማርያም ገብሩ፳፮/26
፲፬ሞጎስ ጻሃየ ገብሩ/20
፲፭/ሃንስ ኪዳነማርያም ተኹሉ፵፪/42
፲፮ገብረመድህን ብርሃነ ስቋር፳፩/21
፲፯የማነ ተስፋሁነይ፳፮/26
፲፰መለስ ኣለም ዋሲሁን፳፮/26
፲፱ሙቁር መኰነን/30
የማነ ኣለማዮ ሃይሉ/20
፳፩ሓለፎም ወልደጊዎርግስ ዝወሎ፲፮/16
፳፪ክብሮም ገብረመድህን/30
፳፫ሓዱሽ መኰነን፳፬/24
፳፬ዘኣማኑኤል መኰነን፵፮/46
፳፭ገብረዮሃንስ ገብረማርያም/40
፳፮ገብረመስቀል ኣለማዮህ ጽገ/40
፳፯ሰሎሞን ኣሰፋ ገብሩ፵፯/47
፳፰ይኩኖም ገብረማርያም ስብሓት፳፪/22
፳፱ነጋሲ ብርሃነ ገብረማርያም፳፪/22
በሪሁ ገብረዮሃንስ ገብረመድህን፳፮/26
፴፩ገብረመድህን ገብረጻድቃን፴፭/35
፴፪ያይንሸት ገብረዋህድ ደሱ፳፯/27
፴፫ክብሮም ምዓሾ/30
፴፬መለስ ገብረኪዳን ገብሩ፳፰/28
፴፭ምሓሪ መረሳ፳፭/25
፴፮ጉዑሽ ካሕሳይ በርሀ፴፭/35
፴፯መብራህቱ ፍስሃ በርሀ፴፪/32
፴፰ገብረሚካኤል ኣማረ፴፭/35
፴፱ገብረእዝጊ መስፍን/60
ተወልደ በየነ/30
፵፩ሃይለ ትኩዎት፵፭/45
፵፪ሃይለ መኰነን/40
፵፫ማሙ መኰነን፳፭/25
፵፬ኣሰፋ ረዳ/60
፵፭ወልደሚካኤል ኪዳነማርያም፷፭/65
፵፮ገብሪኤል ኣማረ ገብረማርያም፴፪/32
፵፯ክብሮም ገብረኪዳን ጽገ/30
፵፰ምዑዝ መብራህቱ ኣብርሃ፳፬/24
፵፱ሓጐስ ታረቀ ኣበራ፴፰/38
ዲያቆን ኤፍሬም ምዓሾ ኣበራ፴፭/35
፶፩ገብረዋህድ ገብረጻድቃን ወልደዮውሃንስ፴፫/33
፶፪ገብረጅወግስ መኰነን ተስፋይ/30

#TigrayGenocide | The Mahbere Dego Clifftop Massacre in Ethiopia | የማኅበረ ደጎ ገደል ጫፍ እልቂት

🔥 Who’s Committed This Massacre in Ethiopia?

The BBC has obtained a series of disturbing videos, which later circulated on social media.

They appear to show the massacre of unarmed civilians in Ethiopia’s northern Tigray region, by people wearing Ethiopian army uniforms.

A BBC Africa Eye team has investigated where this took place and what the shocking videos tell us.


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