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A new Species of Horse Found in Ethiopia

Posted by addisethiopia / አዲስ ኢትዮጵያ on December 13, 2013

Eurygnathohippus woldegabrieli = Giday WoldeGabriel”, I like this latinised form too…but, why do new scientific terms have to be created using the dead latin language?

EthiopianHorseTwo teams of researchers, including a scientist from Case Western Reserve University, have announced the discovery of a new species of fossil horse from 4.4 million-year-old fossil-rich deposits in Ethiopia.

About the size of a small zebra, Eurygnathohippus woldegabrieli—named for geologist Giday WoldeGabriel, who earned his PhD at Case Western Reserve in 1987—had three-toed hooves and grazed the grasslands and shrubby woods in the Afar Region, the scientists say.

They report their findings in the November issue of Journal of Vertebrate Paleontology.

The horse fills a gap in the evolutionary history of horses but is also important for documenting how old a fossil locality is and in reconstructing habitats of human forebears of the time, said Scott Simpson, professor of anatomy at Case Western Reserve’s School of Medicine, and coauthor of the research. “This horse is one piece of a very complex puzzle that has many, many pieces.”

The researchers found the first E. woldegabrieli teeth and bones in 2001, in the Gona area of the Afar Region. This fossil horse was among the diverse array of animals that lived in the same areas as the ancient human ancestor Ardipithecus ramidus, commonly called Ardi.

“The fossil search team spreads out to survey for fossils in the now arid badlands of the Ethiopian desert.,” Simpson said. “Among the many fossils we found are the two ends of the foreleg bone—the canon—brilliant white and well preserved in the red-tinted earth.”

Continue reading…

Ethiopian Pegasus (Pegasoi Aithiopes)

PegasusAthiopiThis was a winged horse from Ethiopia documented by the ancient Greeks. It had the wings of a bird on a horse that had one great horn protruding from its head. It was born from an island in the Red Sea off the coasts of Ethiopia.

Pegasos was tamed by Bellerophon, a Korinthian hero, who rode him into battle against the fire-breathing Khimaira. Later, after the hero attempted to fly to heaven, the gods caused the horse to buck, throwing him back down to earth. Pegasos continued to wing its way to heaven where it took a place in the stables of Zeus.

The horse was also placed amongst the stars as a constellation, whose rising marked the arrival of the warmer weather of spring and seasonal rainstorms. As such he was often named thunderbolt-bearer of Zeus. In the constellation myths, Pegasos (“Springing Forth”) may have represented the blooming of spring whilst Khimaira (“Frosty Air” ?) (perhaps winter-rising Capricorn) was the cold chill of winter.




ይህ ድንቅ የክቡር ያሬድ ገብረ ሚካኤል ግጥም የወቅቱን ያገራችንን እና የስደተኛውን ሕዝባችንን ተፈታታኝ ሁኔታ ያንጸባርቅልናል።

የጀግና ባለሟል እኔ አቶ ፈረስ፡

ከተፋፋመው ጦር ወስጄ እማደርስ፡

እዘኑልኝ በጣም ሳልለይ አንድ ቀን፡

ወሪሳ ስመታ ስማርክ ጠላትን፡

ይህ ብቻ ነበረ የኔ ሙያ እስካሁን።

ሐሴትም እንደሆን ይጠየቅ ጐበና፤AddisGari23

ምንም እሱ ቢሞት ሥራው ሁሉ አለና።

መቼም በዚህ ዓለም ሁሉ ሲያልቅ አያምር፤

ጋሪ በወገቤ ያናጥር ጀመር።

በጣታቸው እንኳ የማይነኩትን፡

ሸክም አሸከሙኝ የማልችለውን።

ወንዶች እያወቁ የፈረስን ጥቅም፡

ምጣድ አከንባሎ እንደምን ልሸከም።

በተከበርኩበት ወርቅ ተሸልሜ፡

ይኽው እዞራለሁ በርሜል ተሸክሜ።

እንዲህ ወደ ጓላ ይወለዳል ጉድ፡

የወንዶች ባለሟል ሲሸከም ምጣድ።

ጀግና የሆነ ሰው የፈረስ ስም አለው፡

በዛሬውስ ጊዜ ስሜ ጠፋ ምነው።

ወገቤ ተቆርጧል ጋሪ በመጎተት፡

በወንድ ልጅ አምላክ አሳርፉኝ ጥቂት።

ረረስ ሠረገላ ይስባል ቢሏችሁ፡

ትገርፉት ጀመር ወይ ግንድ አሸክማችሁ፡

ጣልያን እስከ መቼም ነፍስህ አይማር፡

እኔ እሰቃያለሁ በተከልከው ግብር፡

የኔማ የፈረስ ሙያዬ አይነገር፡

የወርቅ የበር ዋንጫ የማስገኘውን ክብር፡

ይኸው ዛሬ ጋሪ ስጐትት በምድር፡

ተገጥቧል ጀርባዬ አልሰማም ወይ እግዜር።

ተመክቼ ነበር በጐበዛዝት፡

አሳልፈው ሰጡኝ ጋሪ እንድጐትት፡

እየገፉኝ ያልፋል በኔ ትዳር ገብቶ።

መቼም በኔ ትዳር ምቀኛዬ በዝቷል፡StGeorgis19

በምድር በሰማይ ላይ መንገዱን ዘርግቷል።

ክብረት መታገል መቼም አይቀጣ፡

የሚያስታግሥ ነገር ፈጣሪዬ ያምጣ።

ወርቅ መጣብር ነበር የፈረሱ ጌጥ፡

እዩት የዛሬውን በጋሪ ስጐብጥ።

አንድ ሰው ሲቀመጥ ወትሮ በጀርባዬ፡

እቍነጠነጥ ነበር ልሸምጥ ብዬ።

የዚያን ጊዜ ግፉ እንዳይቀር ብድሩ፡

ሦስቱ በኔ ላይ መሳፈር ጀመሩ።

መቼ ይኽ ብቻ ኧረ አያልቅም ጉዱ፡

ጋሪውና ጎማው አይጣል መካበዱ።

በዚያም በዚያም ሆነ ዛሬ የኔ ሸክም፡

ከስድስት ሰዎች ቢበልጥ እንጂ አያንስም።

እነ ኦቶመቢል ሠልጥነው ዛሬም፡

ሊያስወጡኝ ፈለጉ ከዋናው ከተማ።

ዘመናዊው አውቶ ሉክሱ ኦፔልማ፡

እንደ ውሀ ሲፈስ በመላው ከተማ።

የወሩን ጐዳና ባንድ ቀን ገሥግሦ፡

ደከመኝ አይልም የልቡን አድርሶ።

ሲሔድ አይነቀንቅ ድካም አይሰማ፡

ዓለም አይደለም ወይ በሱ መጓዝማ።

ጐማው ሲፈነዳ ቢነዚኑ ዕልቅ ሲል፡

መቼም አይቀርልኝ ፈረስ ጥሩ መባል።

ምንም አራት እግር ቢኖራት መኪና፡

እንደኔም አትፈጥን መንገዱ ካልቀና

ጐማው እስኪነፋ ቤንዚኑ እስኪገኝ፡

ከኔ ራስ አይወርድም ችግር ገፊ ነኝ።

አትጨክንምና አንተ በፈረስ፡

ከዚህ ጭንቅ አድነኝ ቅዱስ ጊዮርጊስ


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Ethiopia: Marathon, Horses & The Ark

Posted by addisethiopia / አዲስ ኢትዮጵያ on April 21, 2013

What do Horses and Ethiopians Have in Common?

They both can run, run and run. A horse can’t run a marathon, but a horse is a horse, of course, of course, and no one can race like a horse, of course, unless, of course, the horse, of course, is the famous Ms. Ethiopia!

Marathon = Pain = Endurance

Can a marathon race tell us something about the nature of a particular individual or group of people? Could strong showings, simultaneous victories in marathon from a particular country like Ethiopia raise the vibrational energy of The Ark of the Covenant, by recharging / reactivating It? Or, withershins, The Ark reactivating the enduring spiritual power of individuals and peoples? The Ark helps the righteous and destroys the wicked. We learn that when Prophet Moses and Israelites were able to cross The Red Sea with the help of the Ark, uprooting the arrogant claims of the Egyptian Pharaoh.

Anyways, the marathon is a true test of endurance that requires physical and mental strength for success. The endurance needed to accomplish these tasks is supernatural in origin–it happens only through the power of the Holy Spirit.

John Piper beautifully expressed it in “The Roots of Endurance”:

Our fight and our race and endurance is a radically God-centered, Christ-exalting, Spirit-dependent, promise-supported life. It is not a ‘just do it’ ethic. It is not a moral self-improvement program…. It is a deeply cross-embracing life that knows the Christ of the Bible as the Son of God who was crucified first as our substitute and then as our model of endurance.”

Now, let me get back to the horses…

In 2007, a young Bosnian Muslim named Sulejman Talovic–within six minutes–shot nine people in the Trolley Square mall in Salt Lake City, killing five people and seriously injuring four others, before being shot dead by officers. Before he came to America, on the night of Feb. 11, Talovic told his girlfriend, Monika, a story about an important revelation he had in Bosnia:

One evening, “as the sun was falling,” Talovic heard a horse outside of his family’s home in Bare, where they lived after they left Talovici. He walked out and, standing before him was a white horse “with two beautiful eyes,” he told Monika

According to the teachings of Father Alexander , “the four horsemen of the Apocalypse depict in the simplest way the history of mankind. The vision of the seven seals acts as an introduction to the subsequent revelations of the Apocalypse. The removal of the first four seals presents the four horsemen, who symbolize four factors characterizing the complete history of mankind. The first two appear as a reason, and the second two, as a consequence. The crowned rider on the white horse “emerged in order to be victorious.” He personifies those good beginnings, innate and blessed, with which the Creator endowed mankind: the image of God, moral purity and innocence, aspiration toward goodness and perfection, the ability to believe and to love, and individual talentswith which man is born, as well as the blessed gifts of the Holy Spirit which man receives in the Church. In the Creator’s plan, these good beginnings should have been victorious; they should have been able to define a happy future for humanity. However, already in Eden, man had fallen prey to the Tempter. His nature, corrupted by sin, was passed on to his descendants; that is why already from a very young age people are inclined to sin. Through repeated sinfulness, bad tendencies are reinforced. Thus, man, instead of growing spiritually and perfecting himself, falls under the ruinous influence of his own passions, succumbs to various sinful desires, and begins to envy and to show enmity. All of the crimes in the world arise from the internal strife within man (violence, war, and every sort of misfortune)”.

Though using frightening religious symbolism in the current world affairs might sound odd, yet, if the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse indeed are about to descend on Planet Earth, it seems one might be riding in from South Korea on an invisible steed to the tune of “Gangnam Style”, or jumping up and down for joy like the guy in the above video, right after , “Ethiopia” the horse, won the Australian Derbyor, one should would continue chasing the proverbial dragon – a terrorist’s horse.

Back in September 11, 2001, on Ethiopia’s New Year’s Day, messengers of Lucifer brought terror to America by attacking the twin towers of New York. Symbolically speaking, may be this attack was intended against the first skyscraper of the world – the 1800-year-old obelisks of Axum which looks more like Manhattan skyscrapers than the usual obelisks. May be there was a hidden message out there when an Ethiopian won The New York Marathon running under the motto,“United We Run” — right after this tragedy. Is there something important to read in the “victories” of Ethiopian athletes at the 2013 Boston and London Marathons which were organized under similar horrific/fearful circumstances?

Does “Marathon” hold symbolic and historic significance?

The Four Horsemen, 4Ms: Matrix, Marathon, Mystery and Madness – 2013 Timeline

  • Thursday, 3rd of January, 2013

Ethiopian Woman Raped and Murdered in Kuwait

  • Sunday, 13th of January, 2013

Ethiopian women on Saudi Arabia’s death row

  • Monday, 14th of January, 2013

Two Ethiopian maids were found hanged in Saudi Arabia

  • Monday, 22nd of January, 2013

An Ethiopian woman was found hanged in Saudi Arabia

  • Wednesday, 24th of January, 2013

Ethiopian Maid allegedly hanged herself to death in Kuwait

  • Wednesday, 6th of February, 2013

Ethiopian maid charged with self abortion in Kuwait city

  • Thursday, 7th of February, 2013

Ethiopian woman allegedly committed suicide in Kuwait

  • Wednesday, 27th of February, 2013

Ethiopian woman in Dubai fined, allegedly, for attempted suicide

  • Sunday, 7th of April, 2013

Ethiopian woman allegedly killed herself in Kuwait

  • Monday, 8th of April, 2013

Ethiopian woman stripped naked, molested by three in Kuwait

  • Wednesday, 10th of April, 2013

Ethiopian woman in Saudi Arabia allegedly committed suicide

  • Thursday, 11th of April, 2013

Employer poured hot cooking oil on an Ethiopian woman in UAE

  • Friday, 25th January, 2013

Ethiopia’s Lelisa Desisa and Tirfi Tsegaye win Dubai marathon

  • Saturday, 6th of April, 2013

5 killed when Muslims attacked Christians in Egypt

  • Sunday, 07th April, 2013

Muslim mobs committed an act of war against Christianity by attacking the 2000-year-old Egyptian St. Mark Cathedral in Cairo ( The seat of the Coptic Pope) Watch videos

  • Sunday, 07th April, 2013

2013 Paris Marathon: Boru Tadese wins women’s race in record time

  • Tuesday, 09th April, 2013

A powerful 6.3 magnitude quake struck close to Iran’s only nuclear power station

  • Saturday, 12th April, 2013

The Korean horseman, Psy, released his follow-up single, Gentleman

  • Saturday, 13th April, 2013

Ethiopian Korean War veterans enact departure for conflict

Participants in the reenactment ceremony visited Holy Trinity Church in the capital to pay tribute to Korean War veterans whose remains are enshrined there.

  • Saturday, 13th of April, 2013

‘Human Rights Watch’ praises Yemen

  • Sunday, 14th April, 2013

Ethiopia’s Ketema Bekele wins Pyongyang Marathon (N. Korea)

  • Sunday, 14th April, 2013

Ethiopian distance star Haile Gebrselassie won his third consecutive Vienna half marathon on Sunday, timing one hour one minute and 14 seconds. Check this out

  • Sunday, 14th April, 2013

Ethiopia finishes 1-2 at Rotterdam Marathon

  • Sunday, 14th of April, 2013

EVERYONE Should Be Thrilled By The Historical Gold Crash (Ethiopian tricolors in the Illuminati ‘joggers’ image)su516c956e

  • Monday, 15th April, 2013

Ethiopian Lelisa Desisa wins Boston Marathon

  • Monday, 15th April, 2013

Tragedy in Boston: 3 killed, more than 140 hurt by bombs at Marathon

  • Monday, 15th April, 2013

Saudi student detained for ‘acting suspiciously’ at the Boston marathon

  • Tuesday, 16th April, 2013

Magnitude 7.8 mega earthquake hits Iran-Pakistan Border. Felt in Dubai

  • Wednesday, 17th of April, 2013

Unscheduled meeting between President Obama and Saudi Foreign Minister Prince Saud al-Faisal at the White House

  • Thursday, 18th April, 2013

Up to 15 people are feared dead after a massive explosion tore through a fertilizer plant in Texas.

  • Thursday, 18th of April, 2013

The Saudi student, “person of interest”, suspected of being involved in the Boston Marathon bombings is being deported from the United States next week on “national security grounds”

  • Thursday, 18th of April, 2013

The US Defense Department is expected to finalize a $10 billion arms deal with Israel, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates

  • Thursday, 18th of April, 2013

Legendary “Pura Raza Española” – Pure Spanish Breed — horses to be slaughtered in Spain

  • Thursday, 18th of April, 2013

US Secretary of State Kerry to visit Ethiopia

  • Thursday, 18th of April, 2013

First Lady, Michelle Obama Visited Saudi National in Hospital

  • Friday, 19th of April, 2013

Copts Call President Obama to Speak Out on Christian Persecution

  • Friday, 19th of April, 2013Timeline

Police Name Suspects in Boston Shootout as Mike Mulugeta (Ethiopian name), Sunil Tripathi

  • Friday, 19th of April, 2013Timeline

Hubble Space Telescope Sees The Iconic Horsehead Nebula of a Different Color

  • Friday, 19th of April, 2013Timeline

Ethiopian Migrants in Yemen Face Harrowing Conditions


  • Friday, 19th of April, 2013

Boston Marathon bomber became US citizen on September 11, 2012 – 11th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks

  • Saturday, 20th of April, 2013

China’s worst earthquake in three years on Saturday killed at least 157 people and injured more than 5,700

  • Sunday, 21st of April, 2013

Tsegaye Kebede of Ethiopia crossed the line first in front of Buckingham Palace, to win the Virgin London Marathon – on the 87th birthday of The British Queen, who is reputedly considered as descended from an Ethiopian grandmother.

The persecuted, the abused and innocent victims don’t have an advocate in this world, but they do have one in Heaven. That is the only place they need to look for help.

Lord, Have Mercy on Us, Bring an End to Tragedy and Suffering

When the sinners spring up as the grass, and all the workers of iniquity have watched; it is that they may be utterly destroyed for ever.” [Psalms 92:7]


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