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ተጠራጣሪዎቹ ሊቃውንት ከጠፈር ሆነው ይህን አንጋፋ የመስቀል መዋቅር በግሪክ አገር አዩት

Posted by addisethiopia / አዲስ ኢትዮጵያ on September 26, 2022

💭 የአሜሪካ ሊቃውንት በኃይለኛ ካሜራ ዓለምን ከጠፈር ሲያስሷት ይህ አንጋፋ መስቀል በግሪክ ተራሮች ላይ ታያቸው


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Why Muslims Love to Visit The Monastery of St. George The Great Martyr

Posted by addisethiopia / አዲስ ኢትዮጵያ on January 31, 2022

👉 ገብርኤል 👉 ማርያም 👉 ኡራኤል 😇 ጊዮርጊስ 👉 ተክለ ሐይማኖት 👉 ዮሴፍ 👉መድኃኔ ዓለም

ሙስሊሞች የታላቁ ሰማዕት ቅዱስ ጊዮርጊስን ገዳም መጎብኘት ለምን እንደሚወዱ

✞ ቅዱስ ጊዮርጊስ እና ሙስሊሞች ☪


💭 ማሳሰቢያ፡እነዚህና መሰል ተአምራትና ስሜቶች የእስልምናን የውሸት ሃይማኖትም ሆነ አንዳንድ ቱርኮች በክርስቲያኖች ላይ የፈጸሙትን አስከፊ ድርጊት የሚያረጋግጡ አይደሉም፤ ነገር ግን አንዳንድ ተራ ሙስሊሞች ለክርስቶስ እና ለቅዱሳኑ ያላቸውን እምነትና ፍቅር እንጂ። በተመሳሳይ፣ ክርስቶስ በእስራኤል እንኳ ያላገኘውን ትልቅ እምነት ነው በሮማውያን መቶ አለቃ ዘንድ ያገኘው[ማቴዎስ ፰፥፲]። እና ብዙውን ጊዜ፣ ይህ የመንፈስ ቅዱስ መገኘት፣ በፍቅር, የኦርቶዶክስ ያልሆኑ አካላትን ለመፈወስ ብቻ ሳይሆን፤ በይበልጥም ነፍሳትን ለመፈወስ፣ ብዙዎች በኋላ ብርሃኑን ተቀብለው በኦርቶዶክሶች ይጠመቃሉ። ሁላችንም እንድንዳን እና እውነትን ወደ ማወቅ እንድንደርስ ክርስቶስ ለሁላችንም ለንስሐ ያብቃን። ፅዋ ተሸካሚው ቅዱስ ጊዮርጊስ ስለ ሁላችን ይማልድልን፤ ይርዳን! ኣሜን።

💭 ምንም እንኳን የኦርቶዶክስ ክርስቲያኖች በቱርኮች ብዙ መከራን ተቋቁመው የቆዩ ቢሆንም በቱርክ ከሙስሊም ቤተሰቦች የተወለዱ ቅዱስ ጊዮርጊስን በጣም የሚያከብሩ እና የሚያደንቁ እንዲሁም እንዲረዳቸው የሚለምኑት ብዙ ሙስሊሞች አሉ።

💭 እናም የቀድሞው ሙስሊም-ሳራሲን እንዲህ አለ፡-“ጌታ እና አባት ሆይ፣ ይቅር በለኝ፣ ግን ክርስቶስን ለማየት ምኞት እና ፍላጎት አለኝ። ይህን እንዴት ማድረግ እችላለሁ?” ፤ ካህኑም “ክርስቶስን ማየት ከፈለግህ ወደ የወንድምህ ልጅ ሄደህ ክርስቶስን ስበክለት። የሙስሊም-ሳራሲኖችን እና የሐሰተኛ ነቢያቸውን መሐመድን እምነት እስልምናንስደብ እና ኮንን፤ እናም የክርስቲያኖችን እውነተኛ እምነት ያለ ፍርሃት በትክክል በመስበክ ክርስቶስን ታያለህ። …

በመሆኑም ቅዱስ ጊዮርጊስ በሺዎች ለሚቆጠሩ ኢአማንያን፣ ክርስቲያኖች፣ አይሁዶች እና በተለይም ሙስሊሞች በማንኛውም መንገድ ወደ ደሴቲቱ መጥተው ታማታ (ስእለታቸውን) በማምጣት በቅዱሱ ፊት የሚያቀርቡበት የአምልኮ ስፍራ ሆኗል። ተስፋቸውን በእርሱ ላይ ያድርጋሉ። ቅዱሱም እንደማይፈርድ እና ለእያንዳንዱ ታማኝ ሰውፈውስን እንደሚሰጥያሳያል።

💭 Note: These and similar miracles and sentiments do not at all vindicate the false religion of Islam, nor the terrible actions of some Turks against Christians, but the faith and love of some simple Muslims towards Christ and His Saints. Similarly, Christ found in the Roman Centurion greater faith than any in Israel (Matthew 8:10). And often, this presence of the Holy Spirit, out of love not only acts to heal the bodies of non-Orthodox, but more crucially the souls, as many later embrace the light and are baptized Orthodox. May Christ grant us all repentance, that we all may be saved, and come to the knowledge of the Truth. St. George the Trophy-bearer, intercede for us all and help us! Amen.

💭 And the former Muslim-Saracen said: “Forgive me, Master and Father, but I want and have a desire to see Christ. How can I do that?” And the priest said: “If you wish to see Christ go to your nephew and preach Christ to him. Curse and anathematize the faith of the Muslim-Saracens and their false prophet Muhammad and preach correctly the true faith of the Christians without fear, and thus you will see Christ.”

Thus, St. George has become a place of worship for thousands of atheists, Christians, Jews, and especially Muslims, who with every means come to the island and bring their tamata (vows), and place them before the Saint, as they place their hopes in him. And the Saint shows that he does not judge and ‘imparts healing’ to every faithful person.”

And the former Muslim-Saracen said: “Forgive me, Master and Father, but I want and have a desire to see Christ. How can I do that?” And the priest said: “If you wish to see Christ go to your nephew and preach Christ to him. Curse and anathematize the faith of the Muslim-Saracens and their false prophet Muhammad and preach correctly the true faith of the Christians without fear, and thus you will see Christ.”

Although Orthodox Christians have endured much suffering at the hands of the Turks, there are many people in Turkey born to Muslim families who nevertheless respect and venerate St. George, and pray to him for help.

The Monastery of St. George Koudounas

This historic Monastery of Saint George Koudounas, on Prince’s Island outside of Constantinople, was according to tradition built by the Byzantine Emperor Nikephoros Phokas in 963 AD. A miraculous icon of St. George was brought here from the Monastery of Peace, which was founded by Emperor Justin II, in Athens at that time.

The Monastery was later sacked in the Fourth Crusade. Then in 1302 the pirate Giustiniani plundered all the buildings and monasteries of the island. Not wanting their holy icon stolen by the Franks, the monks hid the icon under the earth and place the holy altar above it. The miraculous icon however was lost for many years.

Later, St. George appeared to a shepherd in a dream and told him where to find his icon. When he approached the area, he heard the ringing of bells, and having unearthed the icon, found it decorated with bells. This is the source behind the epithet “Koudouna” which means “bells”.

The Monastery was later attached to Hagia Lavra in Kalavryta, and eventually to the Patriarch of Constantinople.

The current church was built in 1905.

The miracles of the Saint are many, not only towards Christians [Romans], who approached always with great reverence (in olden times there wasn’t a Christian family which had not visited Koudouna at least once a year), but towards everyone without exception, who approach his grace with faith. Thus there is a great mass of people who come from other faiths from throughout Turkey. The pilgrims number about 250,000 a year, the majority being Muslim Turks.

The great iron gate of the Monastery, as we learn from its engraving in Greek and Turkish, was offered from the Muslim Rasoul Efenti, as a gift of gratitude towards the Saint for the healing of his wife.

On April 23rd, in other words the day when the Saint is honored and the Monastery celebrates, tens of thousands of pilgrims arrive, not only from Constantinople but from other cities, to venerate the Great Martyr and to seek help in their problems.

Roughly all of these pilgrims are from other faiths.

Many will return later to thank St. George, who heard their prayer and granted their desire, bringing the indispensable oil for his vigil lamp. You hear with passion how he healed this person’s son, how another became a mother after being barren for many years, how a third acquired a house, etc.

The Monastery also celebrates on the feast of Saint Thekla, and on this feast about 10,000 Muslims visit the Monastery seeking the prayer of Saint George.

Muslim Vows

Some come barefoot up the hill, which takes about 30 minutes to climb to the Monastery, others come with offerings of oil, candles, and sugar so that their lives may be sweet. Some do not speak as they climb up to the Monastery until they kiss the icon of St. George. They follow the services with hands lifted in the air holding lit candles. They ask priests for antidoron to bring home with them for a blessing. They have great faith and respect for Orthodoxy.

On September 24 I witnessed at 6:00 AM four modern looking Turkish girls approaching the Monastery. I asked them for what purpose they came. They responded: “Faith in the Saint brought us here. It doesn’t matter that we are Muslims. We prayed that he would help us. We have heard so much about the Monastery.”

Oral came from Smyrna in order to venerate the Saint with her vow. She brought three bottles of oil. When I asked why she, as a Muslim woman among the thousands, visits the Orthodox Monastery, she responded: “It is not forbidden by anyone for us to believe in Saint George. Religions have one common agreement, the one and only God. We could be hiding within us a Christian.”

Of the many interviews I conducted that day with Muslims, the responses were basically the same.

A different answer was given by Antil however. He said: “Life in Turkey is difficult. The people need something to give them strength. They have turned to religion. They have been bored by everything so they seek help elsewhere. Why not Saint George?”

And one Turkish newspaper reported: “Saint George has distributed hope to the suffering.”

Testimonies of Monks From the Monastery

Hieromonk Ephraim of Xenophontos, who has lived for three years at “Koudouna”, is astonished with the faith of the thousands of Muslims who visit the monastery. “These people live with their heart”, he affirms, “Because faith is the sight and the strength of the heart, for this reason they can and they do experience our Saints.”

Monk Kallinikos of Xenophontos, who serves as a priest, relates: “We are astonished with that which occurs here. Many times we see people who find the Lord with the faith of the Roman centurion.” To our question if the Saint responds to the supplications of the thousands of pilgrims, he replied: “During my three years here, we ourselves are witnesses of miracles, such as the healing of paralytics, mutes, and the giving birth to children.”

We asked the monks at St. George to comment about their stay in Turkey, and they told us: “All of their behavior is perfect. From the highest ruler, to the lowest, they treat us with such respect that many times we wonder which would be better, to live in Christian Greece or Muslim Turkey. We should tell you that we go everywhere with the monastic dress and our experiences have always been positive.

“Thus, St. George has become a place of worship for thousands of atheists, Christians, Jews, and especially Muslims, who with every means come to the island and bring their tamata (vows), and place them before the Saint, as they place their hopes in him. And the Saint shows that he does not judge and ‘imparts healing’ to every faithful person.”

Miracles: The Sick Turkish Woman

A Turkish woman from Levkochori had a serious health problem. She had heard a lot about St. George and wanted to come [venerate], but they did not let her come into the church because she was Turkish. But this didn’t deter her from remaining outside the church the whole night. In the morning they gave her holy oil from the vigil lamp of the Saint and she became well. After this, her husband gave many gifts to the church.

St. George Saves a Young Muslim Girl

A Muslim woman with her mother were taking a taxi for a long trip. The Muslims, as is well known, respect St. George very much.

On the road the taxi driver abandoned the proper course and began to show a threatening attitude towards the girl—the women apparently were praying—and at some point the taxi driver stopped the car and attempted to rape the girl. Immediately a police officer on horseback appeared, who ordered the taxi driver in a very powerful manner to the nearest police station. He went full of fear with the policeman, and the policeman on horseback went with him to the station, and issued a complaint for attempted rape. He signed the police book and left. When the taxi driver later came out of the interrogation, they looked in the book and said to him:

“There is no hope for you to escape! Do you know who brought you here?” Saint George.

💭 Note: These and similar miracles and sentiments do not at all vindicate the false religion of Islam, nor the terrible actions of some Turks against Christians, but the faith and love of some simple Muslims towards Christ and His Saints. Similarly, Christ found in the Roman Centurion greater faith than any in Israel (Matthew 8:10). And often, this presence of the Holy Spirit, out of love not only acts to heal the bodies of non-Orthodox, but more crucially the souls, as many later embrace the light and are baptized Orthodox. May Christ grant us all repentance, that we all may be saved, and come to the knowledge of the Truth. St. George the Trophy-bearer, intercede for us all and help us! Amen.

💭 What an Infidel Saw that a Believer Did Not. Miracle in the Church of St. George

The following is a historical speech by St. Gregory of Decapolis about a vision that a Saracen [Muslim] once had in the Church of St. George in Damascus, and who, as a result of this, believed and became a monk and then a martyr for our Lord Jesus Christ. This took place in the eighth century.

Nicholas, the strategos, called Joulas, has related to me that in his town, which the Muslim-Saracens call in their language “Vineyard”, the Emir of Syria sent his nephew to administer some works under construction in the said castle. In that place there is also a big church, old and splendid, dedicated to the most glorious martyr St. George. When the Muslim-Saracen saw the church from a distance he ordered his servants to bring his belongings and the camels themselves, twelve of them, inside the church so that he may be able to supervise them from a high place as they were fed.

As for the priests of that venerable church, they pleaded with him saying: “Master, do not do such things; this is a church of God. Do not show disrespect towards it and do not bring the camels inside the holy altar of God.” But the Muslim-Saracen, who was pitiless and stubborn, did not want even to listen to the pleas of the presbyters. Instead he said to his servants, in Arabic: “Do you not do what you have been commanded to do?” Immediately his servants did as he commanded them. But suddenly the camels, as they were led into the church, all, by the command of God, fell down dead. When the Muslim-Saracen saw the extraordinary miracle he became ecstatic and ordered his servants to take away the dead camels and throw them away from the church; and they did so.

As it was a holiday on that day and the time for the Divine Liturgy was approaching, the priest who was to start the holy service of preparation of the gifts was very much afraid of the Muslim-Saracen; how could he start the bloodless sacrifice in front of him! Another priest, co-communicant to him, said to the priest who was to celebrate the Liturgy: “Do not be afraid. Did you not see the extraordinary miracle? Why are you hesitant?” Thus the said priest, without fear started the holy service of offering.

The Muslim-Saracen noticed all these and waited to see what the priest was going to do. The priest began the holy service of offering and took the loaf of bread to prepare the holy sacrifice. But the Muslim-Saracen saw that the priest took in his hand a child which he slaughtered, drained the blood inside the cup, cut the body into pieces, and placed them on the tray!

As the Muslim-Saracen saw these things he became furious with anger and, enraged at the priest, he wanted to kill him. When the time of the Great Entrance approached, the Muslim-Saracen saw again, and more manifestly, the child cut into four pieces on the tray, his blood in the cup. He became again ecstatic with rage. Towards the end of the Divine Liturgy, as some of the Christians wanted to receive the Holy Communion and as the priest said, “With the fear of God and faith draw near,” all the Christians bent their heads in reverence. Some of them went forward to receive the holy sacrament. Again, for a third time, the Muslim-Saracen saw that the priest, with a spoon, was offering to the communicants from the body and the blood of the child. The repentant Christians received the holy sacrament. But the Muslim-Saracen saw that they had received communion from the body and the blood of the child, and at that he became filled with anger and rage against everybody.

At the end of the Divine Liturgy the priest distributed the antidoron to all Christians. He then took off his priestly vestments and offered to the Muslim-Saracen a piece from the bread. But he said in Arabic: “What is this?” The priest answered: “Master, it is from the bread from which we celebrated the Liturgy.” And the Muslim-Saracen said angrily: “Did you celebrate the Liturgy from that, you dog, impure, dirty, and killer? Didn’t I see that you took and slaughtered a child, and that you poured his blood into the cup, and mutilated his body and placed on the plate members of his, here and there? Didn’t I see all these, you polluted one and killer? Didn’t I see you eating and drinking from the body and blood of the child, and that you even offered the same to the attendants? They now have in their mouths pieces of flesh dripping blood.”

And the Muslim-Saracen said: “Is this not what I saw?” And the priest: “Yes, my Lord, this is how it is; but myself, being a sinner, I am not able to see such a mystery, but only bread and wine as a figuration of the body and blood of our Lord Jesus Christ. Thus, even the great and marvelous Fathers, the stars and teachers of the Church, like the divine Basil the Great, and the memorable Chrysostom and Gregory the Theologian, were unable to see this awesome and terrifying mystery. How can I see it?”

When the Muslim-Saracen heard this he became ecstatic and he ordered his servants and everybody who was inside to leave the church. He then took the priest by the hand and said: “As I see and as I have heard, great is the faith of the Christians. So, if you so will, Father, baptize me. And the priest said to the Muslim-Saracen: “Master, we believe in and we confess our Lord Jesus Christ, the Son of God, who came to the world for our salvation. We also believe in the Holy Trinity, the consubstantial and undivided one, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, the one Godhead. We believe also in Mary, the ever-virgin mother of light, who has given birth to the fruit of life, our pre-announced Lord, Jesus Christ. She was virgin before, virgin during, and virgin after giving birth. We believe also that all the holy apostles, prophets, martyrs, saints, and righteous men are servants of God. Do you not realize, therefore, my master, that the greatest faith is that of the Orthodox Christians?”

And the Muslim-Saracen said again: “I beg you, Father, baptize me.” But the priest answered: “Far from that. I cannot do such a thing; for if I do and your nephew the Emir hears of that, he will kill me and destroy this church, too. But if it is, indeed, your wish to be baptized, go to that place in the Sinai Mountain. There, there is the bishop; he will baptize you.”

The Muslim-Saracen prostrated himself in front of the presbyter and walked out of the church. Then, one hour after nightfall, he came back to the priest, took off his royal golden clothes, put on a poor sack of wool, and he left in secret by night. He walked to Mount Sinai and there he received holy baptism from the bishop. He also learned the Psalter, and he recited verses from it every day.

One day three years later he [the former Muslim-Saracen] said to the bishop: “Forgive me, Master, what am I supposed to do in order to see Christ?” And the bishop said: “Pray with the right faith and one of these days you will see Christ, according to your wish.” But the former Muslim-Saracen said again: “Master, give me your consent to go to the priest who offered me instruction when I saw the awesome vision in the church of the most glorious martyr George.” The bishop said: “Go, in peace.”

Thus, he went to the priest, prostrated himself in front of him, embraced him and said to him: “Do you know, Father, who I am?” And the priest: “How can I recognize a man whom I have never seen before?” But, again, the former Muslim-Saracen said: “Am I not the nephew of the Emir, who brought the camels inside the church and they all died, and who during the Divine Liturgy saw that terrifying vision?” When the priest looked at him he was amazed and praised God seeing that the former Arab wolf had become a most calm sheep of Christ. He embraced him with passion and invited him to his cell to eat bread.

And the former Muslim-Saracen said: “Forgive me, Master and Father, but I want and have a desire to see Christ. How can I do that?” And the priest said: “If you wish to see Christ go to your nephew and preach Christ to him. Curse and anathematize the faith of the Muslim-Saracens and their false prophet Muhammad and preach correctly the true faith of the Christians without fear, and thus you will see Christ.”

The former Muslim-Saracen left in earnest. By night he was knocking at the door of the Muslim-Saracen forcefully. The guards at the gate of the house of the Emir asked: “Who is yelling and knocking at the door?” And he answered: “I am the nephew of the Emir who left some time ago and was lost. Now I want to see my uncle and tell him something.” The guards of the gate conveyed this to the Muslim-Saracen immediately: “Master, it is your nephew who left some time ago and was lost.” The Emir, heaving a sigh, said: “Where is he?” They said: “At the gate of the palace.” He then ordered his servants to go and meet him with lights and candles. They all did as the king, Emir, commanded and they took the monk, the former Muslim-Saracen, by the hand and presented him to the Emir, his uncle.

When the Emir saw him, he was very glad. He embraced him with tears in his eyes and said to him: “What is this? Where were you living all this time? Aren’t you my nephew?” And the monk said: “Don’t you recognize me, your nephew? Now, as you see, by the Grace of God the Most High I have become a Christian and a monk. I have been living in desert places so that I may inherit the Kingdom of Heaven. I hope in the unspeakable compassion of the All-sovereign God to inherit his kingdom. Why are you hesitating yourself, too, Emir? Receive the holy baptism of the Orthodox Christians in order to inherit eternal life, as I hope to do.”

The Emir laughed, scratched his head and said: “What are you chattering about, you miserable one; what are you chattering? What has happened to you? Alas, you pitiful one! How did you abandon your life and the sceptres of reign and roam around as a beggar, dressed in these filthy clothes made of hair?”

The monk responded to him: “By the grace of God. As far as all the things I used to have when I was a Muslim-Saracen, these were [material] property and were of the devil. But these things that you see me wearing are a glory and pride, and an engagement with the future and eternal life. I anathematize the religion of the Muslim-Saracens and their false prophet.”

Then the Emir said: “Take him out, for he does not know what he is chattering about.” They took him away and put him in a place in the palace where they gave him food and drink. And he spent three days there, but he took neither food nor drink. He was praying to God earnestly and with faith. Going down to his knees he said: “O Lord, I have hoped in thee, let me never be ashamed, neither let my enemies laugh me to scorn.” And again: “Have mercy on me, O God, according to thy steadfast love; according to thy abundant mercy blot out my transgressions.” And again: “Enlighten my eyes, Lord God, that I may not fall asleep into death; that my enemy may never say, ‘I have overpowered him’. ‘Strengthen my heart, O Lord,’ so that I may be able to fight the visible deceiver, the Muslim-Saracen; so that the evil devil may not stamp on me and make me fear death, for your holy name.” He then made the sign of the cross and said: “The Lord is my enlightenment and my saviour. Whom shall I fear? The Lord is the protector of my life. From whom will I hesitate?” And again he cried out to the Emir: “Receive holy baptism in order to gain the immeasurable kingdom of God.”

Again the Emir gave orders for him to be brought in front of him. He had prepared for him clothes exceedingly beautiful. And the Emir spoke: “Enjoy, you pitiful one, enjoy and rejoice for being a king. Do not disdain your life and your youth which is so beautiful, walking instead mindlessly like a beggar and a penniless one. Alas, you pitiful one. What do you think?”

The monk laughed and replied to the Emir: “Do not weep at what I have in mind. I am thinking how to be able to fulfill the work of my Christ and that of the priest who has sent me, and has been my teacher. As for the clothes you have prepared for me, sell them and give the money to the poor. You, too, should abandon the temporary sceptres of the reign, so that you may receive sceptres of an eternal life. Do not rest your hope on things of the present but on things which are of the future, and do not believe in the pseudo-prophet Muhammad, the impure, the detestable one, the son of hell. Believe, rather, in Jesus Christ of Nazareth, the crucified one. Believe that the one Godhead is a consubstantial Trinity; Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, a Trinity of one essence, and undivided.”

The Emir laughed again and said to the officials who had gathered in the palace: “This man is mindless. What shall we do with him? Take him out and expel him.” Those, however, sitting by the king said: “He meant to desecrate and corrupt the religion of the Muslim-Saracens. Do you not hear how he curses and anathematizes our great prophet?”

The monk and former Muslim-Saracen cried out loudly: “I feel sorry for you Emir because you, unfortunate one, do not want to be saved. Believe in our Lord Jesus Christ, the crucified one, and anathematize the religion of the Muslim-Saracens and their false prophet, as I did.”

And the Muslim-Saracen Emir said: “Take him out as I am ordering you. He is mindless and does not know what he is talking about.”

Those sitting by with him said: “Well, you heard that he anathematized the religion of the Muslim-Saracens and that he is blaspheming against the great prophet, and you say, ‘He does not know what he is talking about’? If you do not have him killed we will also go and become Christians.”

And the Emir said: “I cannot have him killed because he is my nephew and I feel sorry for him. But you take him and do as you please.”

And they got hold of the monk with great anger, they dragged him out of the palace and submitted him to many tortures to try to make him return to the previous religion of the Muslim-Saracens. But he did not. Instead he was teaching everybody in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth to believe and be saved.

The Muslim-Saracens dragged him out of the city, and there they stoned to death this most pious monk, whose name was Pachomios.

On that night a star came down from heaven and rested on top of the most pious martyr, and everybody was able to see it for forty days; and many of them became believers.

With the prayers of the most blessed martyr, of the all-pure Mother of God Mary, who is ever-virgin, and of all of the saints; for the remission of our sins. Amen.

From Daniel J. Sahas, “What an Infidel Saw that a Faithful Did Not: Gregory Dekapolites (d. 842) and Islam”, Greek Orthodox Theological Review 31 (1986), 47-67.



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Muslim Arab Jihadists From The Republic Of Sudan Kill 28 Christians in South Sudan

Posted by addisethiopia / አዲስ ኢትዮጵያ on January 14, 2022

ካርቱም ሱዳን ሪፐብሊክ የሙስሊም አረብ ጂሃዳውያን በደቡብ ሱዳን ፳፰/28 ክርስቲያኖችን ገደሉ። ✞

በሰሜን ኢትዮጵያ ክርስቲያኖች ላይ በግራኝ አማካኝነት እየተካሄደ ያለውም የመሀመዳውያኑ ጂሃድ ነው!✞

😈 ግራኝ ከኢሳያስ አፈቆርኪ+ ቱርኮች፣ ኢራኖችና ኳታር ጋር አብሮ የትግራይን ድንበር 360 ዲግሪ መዝጋቱን ለመቀጠል በካርቱም አሻንጉሊት መንግስት ለማስቀመጥ በመስራት ላይ ናቸው

💭 “At least 28 killed in Islamist attack on South Sudanese Christian community,”

At least 28 people were killed and 57 houses burned down in an attack by Islamist extremists against the Christian community of Yith Pabol, Aweil East county, South Sudan, in early January.

Bishop Joseph Mamer Manot said on 6 January that “massive displacement has happened, and the humanitarian situation is alarming as food and other property have been burned down into ashes, leaving survivors with no shelters, no food and no safe drinking water”.

The incident is the latest example of attacks against South Sudanese Christians by Arab Muslims from the Republic of Sudan, along the disputed border between the two countries.

A similar attack the same week in nearby Miodol village left at least four dead, with three others missing and several houses destroyed.

The state security adviser, Joseph Akook Aleu, said Monday that the state government decided to close the road to Sudan because of the ongoing attacks and killing of civilians.

South Sudan is about 60% Christian, mostly Roman Catholic and Anglican. By grace of God and the blessings of His Beatitude Theodore II, the Pope and Patriarch of Alexandria and All Africa, Metropolitan Narkissos (Gammoh) of Nubia founded the first Orthodox Christian missionary center in South Sudan in 2015.



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Ethiopia’s Abiy Ahmed Named Worst Head of State in The World. Nobel Body Criticizes Peace Prize Winner Abiy Ahmed Ali Over Tigray

Posted by addisethiopia / አዲስ ኢትዮጵያ on January 13, 2022

💭 አርመኔው ግራኝ አብዮት አህመድ አሊ፤ “በዓለም ላይ በጣም መጥፎው የሀገር መሪ ነው” ተባለ

From the Nobel Peace Prize to the front lines

In competition with among others Jair Bolsonaro and Boris Johnson, Abiy Ahmed has been named the worst head of state in 2021 by a panel of professors and researchers, on behalf of the Norwegian newspaper Morgenbladet.

2021 hasn’t just been affected by a pandemic, but also bad and dangerous leadership in many countries, writes Norwegian weekly newspaper Morgenbladet.

An expert panel was put together by the newspaper to discuss and conclude: Who was the worst head of state in 2021?

👉 The final verdict: Abiy Ahmed. 😈

In 2019 he came to Oslo to receive the Nobel Peace Prize, for his “efforts to achieve peace and international cooperation.” Two years later, Ethiopia is marred by civil war.

The New York times recently described the situation as “a year of conflict in Ethiopia, Africa’s second most populous country and a linchpin of regional security, has left thousands dead, forced more than two million people from their homes and pushed parts of the country into famine.”

A wasted opportunity

While dictactors in general, like North-Koreas Kim Jong-un, suppress their people as a natural part of their leadership, 2021 has been a very active year for Prime Minister Ahmed, Morgenbladet writes.

“Abiy has done nothing to downscale the ongoing civil war in his country, because he wants to secure his own alliances and his own position. He is perhaps the most disappointing head of state of the year,” professor Carl Henrik Knutsen says to the newspaper.

Knutsen served in the newspaper’s expert panel on the topic.

“With the Nobel Prize in his pocket and the recognition that comes with it from international alliances, a lot was in place for Abiy to develop his country in a positive direction. He wasted that opportunity and seems to have put his own concerns over that of his citizens,” he says.

The worst of the bad

The expert panel consisted of Carl Henrik Knutsen, professor of political science at the University of Oslo, Lise Rakner, professor of political science at the University of Bergen, Helle Malmvig, senior researcher at the Danish Institute for International Studies and Dan Smith, Director at the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute.

“A truly bad head of state is an authoritarian and oppressive leader who undermines the political institutions in the country and concentrates all power in his own hands, at any cost,” according to Knutsen.

Discussions that included Syrian president Bashar al-Assad, Venezuelan president Nicolas Maduro and the king of Saudi-Arabia, Salman bin Abdul Aziz Al-Saud, finally narrowed down to a list of six nominees:

  • Boris Johnson, Prime Minister of the UK
  • Alexander Lukashenko, President of Belarus
  • Narendra Modi, Prime Minister of India
  • Jair Bolsonaro, President of Brasil
  • Michel Aoun, President of Lebanon
  • Abiy Ahmed, Prime Minister of Ethiopia

Watching people die during a pandemic

Questions that were discussed were whether the head of state has contributed to financial decline in their own country, supported or started a civil war and suppressed civil or political rights. Handling of the pandemic was also an important criterion.

“Leaders who are in denial, who with open eyes watch a large number of people dying during the pandemic and call information about this mortality “fake news” – I believe this is a form of genocide,” said Professor Lise Rakner.

On the more unusual suspect on the list, Boris Johson, Rakner has the following to say:

“The United Kingdom still have a free press, a stable legal system and an independent central bank, which means that Johnson cannot control things in any way he would like to. But if you had given Brasil to Johnson, a lot of things would have gone very wrong. What a clown.”

The violent solution

According to Dan Smith from the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute, the most important criterion in deciding on the worst head of state in 2021 was starting an irresponsible war and using systematic violence. This is why Abiy ends up top, he says to Morgenbladet.

“Since the outbreak of the war, there have been obvious alternative ways of acting, but all of them have been rejected. Both sides have blocked a politically negotiated solution. Instead, Abiy has chosen the most violent solution,” he says.


Nobel Body Criticizes Peace Prize Winner Abiy Ahmed Ali Over Tigray

💭 የኖርዌይ ኖቤል ኮሚቴ በትግራይ ላይ በሚፈጽመው ወንጀል የሰላም ሽልማት አሸናፊውን አብይ አህመድ አሊን ኮነነው

The Norwegian Nobel Committee, which awards the Nobel Peace Prize, said Thursday that Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed, who won the honour in 2019, bore special responsibility for ending the bloodshed in Tigray.

“As Prime Minister and winner of the Peace Prize, Abiy Ahmed has a special responsibility to end the conflict and contribute to peace,” Berit Reiss-Andersen, chair of the committee, said in a statement to AFP.

Northern Ethiopia has been beset by conflict since November 2020 when Abiy sent troops into Tigray after accusing the region’s ruling party, the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF), of attacks on federal army camps.

The fighting between forces loyal to Abiy and the TPLF and their allies has killed thousands of people and forced several million from their homes.

Spokeswoman Billene Seyoum responded to the committee’s comments, saying Abiy had already shouldered his responsibilities.

“The Prime Minister has indeed taken up this ‘special responsibility’ of ending the conflict waged on the state by TPLF and has been engaged in putting an end not only to the past year’s conflict but the destabilising activities of the TPLF, designated a terrorist organisation by parliament,” Billen told AFP.

Tigray is under what the United Nations calls a de facto blockade that is preventing life-saving medicine and food from reaching millions, including hundreds of thousands in famine-like conditions.

Millions of people have fled their homes since the conflict in Tigray erupted in November 2020

“The humanitarian situation is very serious and it is not acceptable that humanitarian aid does not get through sufficiently,” Reiss-Andersen said.

Speaking at a press conference, Human Rights Watch executive director Kenneth Roth appealed for countries to press Abiy to allow aid to get through.

“The big threat there is the Ethiopian government’s blockade of humanitarian assistance that is desperately needed by millions of people in the region,” Roth told reporters.

“This is a classic case of collective punishment. This is not punishing Tigrayan military forces. It is punishing the people… in Tigray,” he added.

The conflict in Tigray has sparked calls to strip Abiy of the Nobel, but this is not possible under the award’s statutes.

The Norwegian committee said it could not comment on what factors were emphasised when the prize was awarded to Abiy beyond “the reasons given in connection with the award,” as the panel’s discussions are confidential.

In November 2020, Abiy’s government allowed Eritrean forces into Tigray as they together pursued the Tigray leaders after political tensions erupted into war. Some tens of thousands of people have been killed, and hundreds of thousands now face famine as Ethiopia’s government has kept almost all food and medical aid from Tigray since late June.

“Since the autumn of 2020, developments in Ethiopia have escalated to a comprehensive armed conflict,” the statement said. “The humanitarian situation is very serious, and it is not acceptable that humanitarian aid does not emerge to a sufficient degree.”

The conflict entered a new phase in late December when Tigray forces retreated into their region amid a new military offensive and Ethiopian forces said they would not advance further there.


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የግራኝና ጂኒ ጃዋር ጂሃድ | ኦሮሞ እና እስልምና አይነጣጠሉም፤ ሰሜናውያን ክርስቲያኖችን በሜንጫ

Posted by addisethiopia / አዲስ ኢትዮጵያ on January 13, 2022

ሐሰት ነው፤ እባቡ ግራኝ አብዮት አህመድ አሊ የጂሃድ አጋሩን ጀዋር መሀመድን አላሰረውም፤ ተልዕኳቸው አንድ ዓይነት ስለሆነም ሊያስረው በፍጹም አይሻም። ጃዋር “ተፈታ” ከመባሉ በፊት ላለፉት ወራት በደብረ ዘይት/ናዝሬት አካባቢ በሚገኝ አንድ ቪላ ከእነ ግዙፍ ግቢው ይኖር እንደነበረና ፊቱንም በጺም ሸፍኖ በነፃ ይንቀሳቀስ እንደነበር መረጃዎች እየወጡ ነው። አስቀድመን፤ “ጃዋር ለስልት ነው ‘ታሰረ’ የተባለው” ያልነው ትክክል ነበር።


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የኳታር እና ኢራን ወኪሉ ጂኒ ጃዋር የእስላማዊት ኦሮሞ ካሊፋት አርበኞች በሚነሶታ

Posted by addisethiopia / አዲስ ኢትዮጵያ on January 13, 2022

😈 በሉሲፈራውያኑ ኤዶማውያን እና እስማኤላውያን በእነ ጆርጅ ሶሮስ፣ ባራክ ሁሴን ኦባማ፣ የገልፍ ሸኾችና አያቶላዎች ድጋፍ የሚንቀሳቀሱት አብይ አህመድ እና ጀዋር መሀመድ ሁሉንም አብረው እንደሚያንቀሳቅሱና ሁሉንም ነገር በቅደም ተከተል እያዘጋጁ እንደሆነ ሚነሶታን ጠይቁ።

በትክክለኛዋ ኢትዮጵያ በአክሱም ላይ የዘመቱት አህዛብና መናፍቃን ከላይ ከላይ እርስበርስ የሚናቆሩ ይመስላሉ፤ ግባቸው ግን አንድ ነው፤ የዓለም ፍጻሜን ለማምጣት ጽላተ ሙሴን/ ጽዮን ማርያምን መቆጣጠር፣ ሕዝበ ክርስቲያኑን ከምድረ ገጽ ማጥፋትና ዋቄዮአላህዲያብሎስን ማንገስ ነው።

እርስበርስ Thesis-Antithesis-Synthesis (ተሲስ ፣ ፀረ-ፀረስታ እና ውህደት/መደመር) የሚለውን የሉሲፈራውያኑን ጨዋታ በመጫወት እርስበርስ ተጻራሪ መስለው በአክሱም ጽዮን ላይ የዘመቱት ሃገራትና ርዕዮተ ዓለሞች፤

🔥 ሳውዲ + ኤሚራቶች + ግብጽ 👉 👈 ቱርክ + ኢራን + ኳታር

🔥 ሕንድ 👉 👈 ፓኪስታን

🔥 ቻይና 👉 👈 አሜሪካ

🔥 ሩሲያ 👉 👈 ዩክሬን

🔥 እስራኤል 👉 👈 ኢራን

🔥 ኬኒያ 👉 👈 ሶማሊያ

🔥 ኦሮሞ + ሶማሌ + ቤን አሚር 👉 👈 አማራ + አፋር + ጉራጌ

🔥 ኤርትራ 👉 👈 አማራ

🔥 ፕሮቴስታንት + ዋቀፌታ 👉 👈 እስልምና+ ቩዱ

🔥 ኮሙኒዝም 👉 👈 ካፒታሊዝም

💭 ከሶሪያ በኋላ | ሮማውያኑ ሉሲፈራውያን በኢትዮጵያ ላይ ከባድ ሴራ እየጠነሰሱ ነው

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በክርስቶስ ተቃዋሚ ቱርክ ድሮን የወደመው ወፍጮ የዋልድባ ገዳም ንብረት ነው | ፲፱ እናቶች ተሰውተዋል

Posted by addisethiopia / አዲስ ኢትዮጵያ on January 12, 2022

😠😠😠 የጨለማ ዘመን ኢትዮጵያ 😢😢😢

💭 በደደቢት ከተማ፤ በጌታችን ልደት ዕለት ሃምሳ ዘጠኝ እናቶችና ሕፃናት በክርስቶስ ተቃዋሚ ቱርክ ድሮኖች ተጨፍጭፈው የሰማዕትነትን አክሊል ተቀዳጅተዋል።

ከሁለት ቀናት በኋላ ደግሞ በማይ ጸብሪ ከተማ ግራኝ መሀመዳውያኑን የክርስቶስ ተቃዋሚዎች አጋሮቹን ጋብዞ ለዋልድባ መነኮሳት እህል ሲፈጭ የነበረውን የወፍጮ ቤት አውድሞ እናቶችን በአሰቃቂ ሁኔታ ገደላቸው። ምን ዓይነት ሰይጣናዊነት ነው፤ ጃል?! እነ ግራኝና ጭፍሮቻቸው ምን ያህል ከሃዲዎች፣ አረመኔዎችና ደፋሮች ቢሆኑ ነው!? ዓይናችን እያየ? ከፕሬዚደንት ጆ ባይደን ፈቃዱን አግኝተው ነውን? ወደ አሜሪካ የሚጓዙት አውሎ ነፋሳት መነሻቸው ይህ አካባቢ መሆንን ደርሰውበታል። ከወራት በፊትም አንድ ሺህ የሚሆኑ ጽዮናውያን አባቶችን ከዋልድባ ገዳም እንዲባረሩ ያደረገውም እርኩሱ ግራኝ አብዮት አህመድ አሊ መሆኑም ግልጽ ነው። ግራኝ በገዳማቱ ላይ ጥቃት እንደሚፈጽም፣ የኑክሌር መሳሪያ ካገኘም (ምናልባት በቅርቡ በቱርክ የሚገኙትን የአሜሪካ የኑክሌር መሣሪያዎች ኦሮሚያ በተሰኘው ሲዖል ለማስፈር ከእብዱ ኤርዶጋን ጋር ሳይስማማ አልቀረም)በአክሱም ጽዮን ላይ ምንም ሳያመነታ ሊጠቀም እንደሚችል ከሦስት ዓመታት በፊት አውስተን ነበር።

👉 “ግራኝ ዐቢይ ከሜንጫ ወደ ሚሳኤል ተሸጋገረ | ሰሜን ኢትዮጵያን ለመደብደብ ተዋጊ አውሮፕላኖችን ሊሸምት ነው

ዋይ! ዋይ! ዋይ! በእውነት ይህ በኢትዮጵያ ታሪክ እጅግ በጣም ጨለማማው ዘመን ነው! ይህን የጨለማ ዘመን ለማምጣት የሠሩት ሁሉ የገሃነም እሳት ወላፈን ይጠብቃቸዋል። ፻/100%!


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Evil Monster Abiy Ahmed Hit a Flour Mill by a Turkish Drone Strike to Starve to Death Christian Tigrayan Families.

Posted by addisethiopia / አዲስ ኢትዮጵያ on January 11, 2022

አረመኔው አብዮት አህመድ አሊ የትግራይን ቤተሰቦች በረሃብ ለመፍጀት ሲል የቀራቸውን ወፍጮ ቤት በቱርክ ድሮን ጨፍጭፎ አፈራረሰው፣ እናቶቼን ገደለብኝ! ወፍጮ ቤቱ የታላቁ ዋልድባ ገዳም ንብረት ነበር 😠😠😠 😢😢😢

💭 On Day Biden Calls Ethiopia’s Leader to Urge Peace, a Drone Strike Kills 17

The attack came days after over 50 people were killed in a strike on a refugee camp, highlighting the growing role of armed drones in a destructive war.

On the same day that President Biden spoke with his Ethiopian counterpart, Abiy Ahmed, about a possible window for peace in the long-running war in Tigray, at least 17 people, including women and children, were killed in an airstrike, aid workers said.

The strike on Monday came days after dozens more were killed after a drone opened fire on a refugee camp in Ethiopia’s northern region of Tigray and highlighted the increasingly deadly role of armed drones, some supplied by American allies, in a conflict that has badly destabilized Africa’s second most populous country.

Video from the aftermath of the strike on Friday, provided by aid workers, showed the charred bodies of women and children laid out on blue plastic sheeting bearing the United Nations logo. On Monday the U.N. secretary general, António Guterres, said he was “deeply concerned” about the attack, which occurred hours after the Ethiopian government issued a call for “national reconciliation.” At least 50 people had been killed, he said.

Prime Minister Abiy stoked hopes for a cease-fire on Friday with the release of prominent political prisoners, including a founding member of the Tigray People’s Liberation Front, or T.P.L.F., which Mr. Abiy’s government has been fighting since November 2020.

On Monday, in their first direct conversation as leaders, Mr. Biden called Mr. Abiy, winner of the 2019 Nobel Peace Prize, to urge him to “accelerate progress toward a negotiated ceasefire” and open up humanitarian access across the country, the White House said in a statement.

The prisoner releases, and Mr. Abiy’s calls for a national dialogue, present “a moment of opportunity, if the parties are willing and able to seize it,” a senior administration official who spoke on condition of anonymity told reporters in a briefing about the conversation. Mr. Biden also expressed his concern about civilian deaths from airstrikes.

But hours later, news filtered through of another attack.

Missiles slammed into a flour mill in Mai Tsebri, in the Tigray region, on Monday afternoon, killing at least 17 people and wounding dozens, aid workers with two organizations and local officials said. Witnesses reported seeing drones in the skies before the strike, they said.

Most of the dead were women who had gone to the mill to grind cereals, according to an internal United Nations report cited by one aid worker.

The aid workers spoke on the condition of anonymity to avoid reprisals from Ethiopia, which expelled several U.N. and international aid officials last year, and has detained numerous journalists including a video journalist accredited to the Associated Press arrested last month.

Col. Getnet Adane, a spokesman for the Ethiopian military, referred questions about the airstrikes to the Ethiopian government spokesman, who did not respond.

A mediator appointed by the African Union, Olusegun Obasanjo, a former president of Nigeria, flew into the Tigrayan capital Mekelle on Tuesday morning, two Western diplomats said. Hours later, gunfire rang out across the city as Tigrayan antiaircraft guns opened fire, apparently in reaction to drones circling overhead, an aid official in the city said.

The United States has repeatedly called on Eritrea, whose troops are fighting in Tigray in support of Mr. Abiy, to withdraw their forces — a call reiterated by the senior American official who briefed reporters on Monday.

But the official declined to comment on the role of other countries accused of fueling the fighting, including the United Arab Emirates — a major American ally.

Powerful Chinese-built drones supplied by the U.A.E. to Ethiopia, as well as less powerful models supplied by Turkey, played a major role in a string of dramatic battlefield victories by Mr. Abiy’s forces in December, Western officials and analysts said.

Understand the Conflict in Ethiopia

A year of war. On Nov. 4, 2020, Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed began a military campaign in the country’s northern Tigray region, hoping to vanquish the Tigray People’s Liberation Front — his most troublesome political foe.

Rebels turned the tide. Despite Mr. Abiy’s promise of a swift campaign, the Ethiopian military suffered a major defeat in June when it was forced to withdraw from Tigray. The fighting subsequently moved south.

Tigrayan forces close in. In late October, Tigrayan rebels captured two towns near Addis Ababa, the nation’s capital. The government declared a state of emergency and called on citizens to arm themselves.

Drones tip the balance. A string of victories at the end of 2021 signaled that the Ethiopian government was regaining its footing on the battlefield. A fleet of combat drones acquired from allies in the Persian Gulf region was a decisive factor in the reversal.

Atrocities on both sides. A United Nations report in November offered evidence that all sides involved in the conflict had committed atrocities. Since the start of the war, the Ethiopian and Tigrayan forces have since been accused of carrying out transgressions including extrajudicial killings.

Since August, Ethiopia has also acquired drones from Iran. Websites that track international flights have detected cargo flights into Ethiopia from Chengdu, the Chinese city where the powerful Wing Loong drone is manufactured.

It is unclear which armed drones carried out the latest deadly strikes in Tigray, but supplies of military equipment are increasingly becoming a focus of international efforts to halt the fighting.

The United States pressured the U.A.E. to stop an earlier round of drone strikes in the opening weeks of the war, foreign diplomats say. Last week the White House appointed a new special envoy to the Horn of Africa, David Satterfield, to replace Jeffrey Feltman.

Mr. Satterfield is currently the American ambassador to Turkey and has raised the issue of recent sales of armed drones to Ethiopia with Turkish officials, officials say.

The drone war comes against the backdrop of a soaring humanitarian crisis. At least 9.4 million people in northern Ethiopia urgently need help, the U.N. says, but a government blockade has prevented vital supplies of food and medicine from reaching Tigray, where the majority live.

Less than 12 percent of required supplies got through between July and December, according to the U.N., and last week doctors at Tigray’s main hospital issued a desperate appeal for basic supplies including antibiotics, surgical gloves and medicine to treat cancer.

“We are just counting deaths that happen due to totally preventable causes,” Mussie Tesfay, administrator of the Ayder Referral Hospital, said in an email. “It is just so heartbreaking to see our beloved patients die one by one.”



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The Next Air Strike in Ethiopia’s Tigray Kills at Least 17 Women & Children

Posted by addisethiopia / አዲስ ኢትዮጵያ on January 11, 2022

🔥 የማይጸብሪ ጭፍጨፋ🔥 😠😠😠 😢😢😢

😈 በክርስቶስ ተቃዋሚ ቱርክ የሚደገፈው የፋሺስቱ ኦሮሞ አገዛዝ ሰአራዊት በወፍጮ ቤት ውስጥ የነበሩትን በጥቂቱ ፲፯ /17 ሴቶችንና ሕፃናትን በድሮኖች ጨፈጨፋቸው

💭 A drone strike hit a flour mill in Ethiopia’s northern Tigray region on Monday, killing at least 17 people, mostly women and wounded dozens in the town of Mai Tsebri, two aid workers told Reuters, citing local authorities and eyewitnesses.

This followed an air strike that killed 56 people and injured 30, including children, in a camp for displaced people in Tigray on Friday, Orthodox Christmas Day. U.S. President Joe Biden raised concerns with Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed on Monday about civilian casualties and suffering caused by air strikes.

Ethiopian military spokesperson Colonel Getnet Adane and government spokesperson Legesse Tulu did not immediately respond to a request for comment on the Mai Tsebri strike.

The government has previously denied targeting civilians in the 14-month conflict, which pits Abiy’s federal forces and their regional allies, backed by Eritrea, against rebellious forces of the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF).



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ETHIOPIA: Did Turkish-Supplied Drones Kill 57 People in Christian Orthodox Tigray?

Posted by addisethiopia / አዲስ ኢትዮጵያ on January 11, 2022

💭 በኦርቶዶክስ ክርስቲያን ትግራይ ፶፯/ 57 ሰዎችን የገደሉት የቱርክ ሰው አልባ አውሮፕላኖች ናቸውን?

😈 Antichrist-Turkey’s Crime: #ArmeniaGenocide #TigrayGenocide

💭 “የተባበሩት መንግስታት ድርጅት እንደገለጸው ቢያንስ 400,000 ሰዎች በረሃብ መሰል ሁኔታዎች እየኖሩ ነው ፣ ይህም በቱርክ ሰፊ የሰብአዊ መብት ጥሰት ታሪክ ላይ ሌላ ጥቁር ጠባሳ ጥሏል።”

💭 “At least 400,000 people are living in famine-like conditions, according to the United Nations, putting another dark mark on Turkey’s extensive human rights breaching record.”

👉 From Greek City Times

A drone strike in Ethiopia’s Oriental Orthodox Christian-majority Tigray region killed 56 people and injured 30, including children, in a camp for displaced people, two aid workers told Reuters on Saturday, citing local authorities and eyewitness accounts.

Military spokesman Colonel Getnet Adane and government spokesman Legesse Tulu did not immediately respond to requests for comment and Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s spokeswoman Billene Seyoum did not respond to a request for comment.

The government has previously denied targeting civilians in the 14-month conflict with Tigrayan forces.

The spokesman for the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) that has been fighting the central government, Getachew Reda, said in a tweet that:

“Another callous drone attack by Abiy Ahmed in an IDP (Internally Displaced People) camp in Dedebit has claimed the lives of 56 innocent civilians so far.”

The strike in the town of Dedebit, in the northwest of the region near the border with Eritrea, occurred late on Friday night, said the aid workers, who asked not to be named as they are not authorised to speak to the media.

Earlier on Friday, the government had freed several opposition leaders from prison and said it would begin dialogue with political opponents in order to foster reconciliation. read more

Both aid workers said the number of dead was confirmed by the local authorities. The aid workers sent Reuters pictures they said they had taken of the wounded in hospital, who included many children.

One of the aid workers, who visited Shire Suhul General Hospital where the injured were brought for treatment, said the camp hosts many old women and children.

“They told me the bombs came at midnight. It was completely dark and they couldn’t escape,” the aid worker said.

Ethiopian federal troops went to war with Tigrayan forces in November 2020 and have committed gross atrocities against the Oriental Orthodox population.

After Ethiopia’s embattled prime minister reversed a Tigrayan march on the capital that threatened to overthrow him, he credited the bravery of his troops.

“Ethiopia is proud of your unbelievable heroism,” the jubilant leader, Abiy Ahmed, told his troops on the battlefront at Kombolcha, on Dec. 6. “You were our confidence when we said Ethiopia would never lose.”

In reality, the reason for the reversal in Abiy’s fortunes was hovering in the skies above: a fleet of combat drones, recently acquired from allies in the Persian Gulf region and elsewhere who are determined to keep him in power.

Over the past four months, the United Arab Emirates, Turkey and Iran have quietly supplied Abiy with some of the latest armed drones, even as the United States and African governments were urging a cease-fire and peace talks, according to two Western diplomats who have been briefed on the crisis and spoke on condition of anonymity.

At least 400,000 people are living in famine-like conditions, according to the United Nations, putting another dark mark on Turkey’s extensive human rights breaching record.


💭 “Antichrist Turkey’s Jihad against The World’s 1st & 2nd Christian Nations of Armenia & Ethiopia

👉 ገብርኤል 😇 ማርያም 👉 ኡራኤል 👉 ጊዮርጊስ 👉 ተክለ ሐይማኖት 👉 ዮሴፍ 👉መድኃኔ ዓለም

😈 Drones vs. The Ark of The Covenant

The two most ancient Christian countries, Armenia and Ethiopia are being targeted for Turkish drones. UK-based manufacturer supplied crucial missile component to Turkish drone-maker during development. Two years ago, Turkey celebrated incoming British prime minister Boris Johnson’s Turkish heritage ( ‘Ottoman grandson’ ) as British leader. By coincidence?

👉 ነጠብጣቦቹን እናገናኛቸው

💭 በአርሜኒያ የሚፈጸመው በኢትዮጵያም ይፈጸማል!

የክርስቶስ ተቃዋሚ ቱርክ በሁለቱ የዓለማችን ጥንታውያን ክርስቲያን ሃገራት ላይ ከአምስት መቶ ዓመታት አንስቶ ጭፍጨፋዎችን እያካሄደች ነው። ቱርክን የጋበዘው የአረመኔው ግራኝ አብዮት አህመድ ኦሮሞ አገዛዝ የክርስቶስ ተቃዋሚ አገዛዝ ነው። የቱርክ ደጋፊዎች ሁሉ ወደ ጥልቁ ሲዖል የሚገቡ የክርስቶስ ተቃዋሚዎች ናቸው።

💭 በነገራችን ላይ፤ አደገኛ ከሆኑት የፋርማ ኢንዱስትሪ ተቋማት መካከል “ፋይዘር” የተሰኘው የክርስቶስ ተቃዋሚ ኩባንያ ይገኝበታል። ይህ ኩባንያ ዛሬ በዋነኝነት የኮሮና ክትባቶችን የሚያመርተቅ ቍ. ፩ ኩባንያ ነው።

ለዚህ የ666 ክትባት ተባባሪ የሆነው ደግሞ ጀርመን አገር የሚገኘውና በቱርክ ስደተኞች አማካኝነት የተቆረቆረው “ቢዮንቴክ” የተባለው ኩባንያ ነው።

ከጥቂት ሳምንታት በፊት በኒው ዮርክ ከተማ ተቀማጭነት ያለው የፋይዘርኩባንያ ሌላውን አንጋፋ የመድኃኒት አምራች ኩባንያ፤ አሬና ፋርማሴውቲካልን በ6,66 (6,7) ቢሊየን ዶላር ለመግዛት ስምምነት ተፈራርሟል። ዋው!

በአውሮፓውያኑ 2009 .ም ላይ በታሪክ አንጋፋ የጤና አጠባበቅ ማጭበርበር ወንጀል፣ የመድኃኒት ፋብሪካው ግዙፉ ፋይዘር 2.3 ቢሊዮን ዶላር ቅጣት ለመክፈል ተገድዶ ነበር። ኩባንያው የህመም ማስታገሻውን ቤክስትራን ጨምሮ አራት መድኃኒቶችን በሕገወጥ መንገድ ሸጧል የሚለውን የወንጀል እና የፍትሐ ብሔር ክሶች ለመፍታት ነበር ቅጣቱን የከፈለው።

ፋይዘርከአስራ ዓምስት ዓመታት በፊት በኢትዮጵያ፤ ቤተ እስራኤሎችን ጨምሮ ብዙ ኢትዮጵያውያን እኅቶቻችንን መኻን ለማድረግ የበቃውን “ዶፖ ፕሮቬራ” የተሰኘውን መርዛማ የወሊድ መከላከያ ክትባት ያመረተ ወንጀለኛ ተቋም ነው።

💭 ይህን አስመልክቶ ከአሥር ዓመታት በፊት በጦማሬ ሳወሳ ነበር፤ ለክትባቱ መታገድም በወቅቱ በቦታው ተገኝቼ የበኩሌን አስተዋጽኦ ለማበርከት በቅቻለሁ።

👉 “የወሊድ መቆጣጠሪያ ሴቶቻችንን እያጠቃብን ነው”

በዕለተ መስቀል የመስቀሉ ጠላቶች በክርስቲያን አርሜኒያ ላይ ጦርነት አወጁ✞

👉 እሑድ መስከረም ፲፯/ ፪ሺ፲፫ ዓ.(መስቀል + /እስጢፋኖስ)

የክርስቶስ ተቃዋሚ ቱርክ በሙስሊም አዘርበጃን በኩል በክርስቲያን እህት አገር አርሜኒያ ላይ ጦርነት አወጀች።

👉 የመስቀሉ ጠላቶች ጂሃዳዊ ዘመቻ በመስቀሉ ልጆች ላይ። አዘርበጃን ለአርሜኒያ + ሶማሊያ ለኢትዮጵያ

በቱርክ የሚደገፉ ዓለምአቀፍ ጂሃዳውያን በክርስቲያን በአርሜኒያ ላይ ለመዝመት ዝግጁነታቸውን ሲገልጹ፤

አዘርበጃን + ቱርክ + ኢራን + ፓኪስታን + ምናልባትም የኢትዮጵያ ሙስሊሞች ወደ ጦር ግንባር አላህስናክባር!” በማለት ላይ ናቸው።

👉 ክርስቲያኑ የአርሜኒያ ሕዝብ ደግሞ “እናት አገር ወይም ሞት! ጭፍጨፋው ይበቃናል!” የሚል መፈክር ይዘው ወደ ጦር ግንባር ለመዝመት ፈቃደኝነታቸውን በማሳየት ላይ ናቸው።

ይህ ቀላል ጉዳይ አይደለም፤ ግጭቱ ምናልባትም ፫ተኛውን የዓለም ጦርነት ሊቀሰቅስ ይችላል፤ የክርስቶስ ተቃዋሚ ቱርክ በሙስሊም አዘርበጃን በኩል በክርስቲያን አርሜኒያ ላይ ፥ በሙስሊም ሶማሊያና ሱዳን በኩል በክርስቲያን ኢትዮጵያ ላይ።

ግጭቱ በቱርክ እና አዘርበጃን ቀስቃሽነት ነው የጀመረው፤ በመስቀል ዕለት መጀመሩም ያለምክኒያት አይደለም። መጥፊያዋ የተቃረበው የክርስቶስ ተቃዋሚ ቱርክ ከግራኝ ዘመን አንስቶ አርመኖችን እና ኢትዮጵያውያንን የማጥፋት ተልዕኮ አላት።

ሁለቱ የዓለማችን በጣም ጥንታውያን ክርስቲያን ሃገራት፤ አርሜኒያ እና ኢትዮጵያ በጣም ተመሳሳይ ታሪክና እጣ ፈንታ ነው ያላቸው ናቸው። በሃገራችን እና በአርሜኒያ ላይ እየተካሄደ ያለው ጂሃድ አሁን መከሰቱ በአጋጣሚ አይደለም! በምዕራቡ ኤዶማውያን የምትደገፈዋ የክርስቶስ ተቃዋሚ ቱርክ በሁለቱ የዓለማችን ጥንታውያን ክርስቲያን ሃገራት ላይ ሥር የሰደደ ጥላቻ እንዳላት የሁለቱ አገሮቻችን የረጅም ጊዜ ታሪክ ይነግረናል። ዛሬ “ቱርክ” እና “አዘርበጃን” የሚባሉት ሃገራት የአርሜኒያ ግዛቶች ነበሩ። አርሜኒያ ልክ እንደ ኢትዮጵያ ወደብአልባ እንድትሆን፣ ልክ እንደ ኢትዮጵያ የነዳጅ ዘይት ማውጣት እንደማይፈቀድላት (ሙስሊሟ አዘርበጃን የነዳጅ ዘይት አምራች ናት)መደረጓም የክርስቶስ ተቃዋሚው በሁለቱ ጥንታውያን የክርስቲያን ሃገራት ላይ ምን ያህል እንደሚናደድና ሊያጠፋቸውም እንደተነሳ መረዳት እንችላለን። ከዚህ በተጨማሪ አርሜኒያ እና ኢትዮጵያ በቅድስት አርሴማ በኩል የተሣስሩ እህትማማች ሃገራት ናቸው!

👉 ኦርቶዶክስ አርሜኒያ እና ጆርጂያ የቋንቋ ፊደሎቻቸውን ከግዕዙ ተውሰው ነበር የራሳቸውን ፊደላት ለመቅረጽ የወሰኑት። ጠላቶቻችን ኦሮሞዎች ግን የጠላቶቻችንን ኤዶማውያን ፌደላት መርጠዋል!


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