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UAE, One of the Key Actors Behind The #TigrayGenocide Sending Toxic Food Items to Tigray, Ethiopia?

Posted by addisethiopia / አዲስ ኢትዮጵያ on March 19, 2022

🔥 “ችግር – ምላሽ – መፍትሔ / “Problem – Reaction – Solution”🐍

💭 ግማሽ ሚሊየን ጽዮናውያንን በቀጥታ የጨፈጨፉት ኤሚራቶች ጤናማ ምግብ ሊልኩልን? ወይንስ ለጨረቃ አምላክ ሉሲፈር የተሰዋ “ሃላል” ምግብ?! ሱዳንና ግብጽ እኮ እንዲህ ነበር የሰለሙትና አረብ ለመሆን የበቁት! ተጨፍጭፈው ‘እርዳታ’ ከአረቦች ከተቀበሉ በኋላ። እንደው ይህን የአቶ ጌታቸውን ቃል ሳዳምጥ ምን ትዝ አለኝ? አዎ! አረመኔው ግራኝ አብዮት አህመድ አሊ ለጄነራል ጻድቃን፤ “በገንዘብና በጉልበት የማይንበረከክ ሕዝብ የለም” ያሉትን ነው።

💭 ወይኔ ሕዝቤ፤ እንዲህ የአውሬው ጥገኛ ያድርጉህ?!! ዋይ! ዋይ! ዋይ!😠😠😠 😢😢😢

💭 The following report is from the Emirati National News:

The UAE has sent a plane carrying 30 tonnes of food items to Mekele, in the Tigray region of Ethiopia.

The shipment will help more than 7,000 people, including 5,600 women and children.

“The UAE is keen to support the humanitarian situation in the Tigray region, and to meet the needs of the population in light of food shortages,” said Mohamed Salem Al Rashidi, UAE ambassador to Ethiopia.

“The UAE has consolidated its global position in providing support and humanitarian aid. It is at the forefront of extending a helping hand, and taking swift action to provide emergency relief to countries and people that need it.

“The UAE places great value in the importance of supporting countries in need, while putting people at the top of its priorities without discrimination and without any other considerations.”

Last year, the UAE, in co-operation with the World Food Programme, sent eight planes carrying 337 tonnes of relief and food items to Mekele for more than 80,000 people, including 63,000 women and children.

The assistance included 200 tonnes of vegetable oil. The region also received 18.5 tonnes of medical supplies as part of efforts to tackle the coronavirus pandemic.


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Embedding Transnational Agribusiness and GMO’s into African Agriculture*

Posted by addisethiopia / አዲስ ኢትዮጵያ on October 9, 2017

The African Centre for Biodiversity (ACB) has just released the report For your own good!, which outlines the GMO industry’s expansion across Africa. The report focuses on non-commercial traditional crops, such as cassava, sorghum, sweet potato, pigeon pea, cowpea, banana and rice, which corporations are attempting to genetically modify and roll out under the guise of philanthropy.

The report reveals that a great deal of research and development is currently underway into the genetic modification (GM) of these crops. Most of the on-going trials concentrate on drought and salt tolerance, nitrogen use efficiency, resistance to tropical pests and diseases and nutritional enhancement (bio-fortification). The key countries that have been targeted include:

The genesis of GM research into these crops can be found in royalty-free donations of various patented GM traits by several transnational companies to experimental programmes undertaken by African scientists employed by government ministries. These companies include Monsanto, Dupont and Pioneer Hi-bred.

Mariam Mayet, Director of the ACB, says:

This indicates that the GM industry, under the veil of technology donations and public financing, is effectively managing to make further inroads into imposing GM on the African continent. By focusing the research on traits meant to ‘benefit’ farmers and malnourished populations, through inter alia, bio-fortification, the industry is intent on giving a humanitarian face to the real involvement, vested interests and expanding influence of these MNCs in African agriculture”.

The main players involved include the African Agriculture Technology Foundation (AATF), which is on the receiving end of many of the technological property rights donations, the Agricultural Biotechnology Support Program (ABSP) and the Program for Biosafety Systems (PBS). The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation (BMGF) and USAID fund the latter organisations.

U.S-based research institutions such as the Donald Danforth Plant Science Center (DDPSC) (for cassava) and universities (notably Michigan State University and Kansas State University) play a major role in this ‘philanthropic’ research.

The ACB report notes there is a dearth of literature that critically addresses bio-safety issues and socio-economic aspects relating to the bio-fortification of indigenous crops through GM. According to the authors, this is especially important given the need to move away from an over-emphasis on food fortification strategies towards a permanent solution: diet diversification through locally available foods, which was recognised as early as 1992 by the U.N. International Conference on Nutrition.

As is the case with the controversial Golden Rice research and development project, the report argues these GM projects are diverting financial and human resources and policies and practices away from implementing the real solutions that can be found within the diversity of natural foods and farming.

Zakiyya Ismail, Consumer Campaigner with the ACB argues:

The real solutions to address vitamin and mineral deficiencies can be found in ecological farming systems, and traditional kitchen and home gardens, which can better contribute to healthy and diverse diets and empower people to access and produce their own healthy and varied food.”

ACB stresses that smallholder farmers must be given the right to choose their means of production and survival. It adds even if gene sequences and constructs are donated, the accompanying requisite GM inputs will be expensive for farmers. GM crops are highly likely to increase the costs of production for farmers and lead them into indebtedness and dependency.

The report by ACB follows a Global Justice Now report that outlines the role of BMFG in spearheading a drive into Africa on behalf of ‘corporate America’ to facilitate a GMO/green revolution.

With assets of $43.5 billion, BMGF is the largest charitable foundation in the world and distributes more aid for global health than any government. Its strategy is intended to deepen the role of multinational companies, even though these corporations are responsible for much of the poverty and injustice that already plagues the Global South. The foundation’s programmes have a specific ideological strategy that promotes neo-liberal economic policies, corporate globalisation, GMOs and an outdated (colonialist) view of role of aid in ‘helping’ the poor.

Global Justice Now shows that the senior staff of BMGF’s programmes are overwhelmingly drawn from ‘corporate America’. As a result, the question is: whose interests are being promoted – those of corporate America or those of ordinary people who seek social and economic justice rather than charity?

Continue reading…


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Genetics Are The New Eugenics: How Gmo’s Reduce The Human Population

Posted by addisethiopia / አዲስ ኢትዮጵያ on February 27, 2017

Last year, we had a series of mergers in the agribusiness’ GMO-corporations worldwide. This has created an alarming concentration of corporate power in the hands of basically three corporate groups.

The first one is Bayer AG of Germany, which made a friendly takeover of Monsanto. The reason for this was that Monsanto became identified in the public mind as pure evil and everything bad about GMO’s, which was accurate. This became a burden on the whole GMO project. So, Bayer stepped in, which has a friendly image of an aspirin, harmless, nice company, but in fact is the company that invented heroin in the 1880’s and made gas for the ovens of Auschwitz during WWII. It’s one of the dirtiest agribusiness companies in the world with a series of homicides and pesticides that killed off bee colonies and many other things that are essential to life and to nature.

ChemChina – China State Chemical giant – for some reason took over Swiss Syngenta, which makes weed-killers.

Then, Dow Chemicals and DuPont merged their GMO businesses together.

So, we have three gigantic corporate groups worldwide controlling the genetically-modified part of the human food chain. As dangerous as the GMO crops are and the more they sell, it is becoming more and more obvious that they are the chemicals that by contract must be applied to those GMO seeds by the corporations. They demand that if you buy roundup ready soybeans or corn, you must use Monsanto (now Bayer) roundup.

Therefore, this is giving more corporate power to the GMO industry than ever before and that’s an alarming trend. They are putting pressure on the bureaucracy in Brussels. One example: there was a massive public campaign against the renewal of the license of the European Commission for Glyphosate. Glyphosate is the most widely used weed-killer in the world. Glyphosate is the main ingredient in Monsanto’s roundup. The other ingredients are Monsanto’s corporate secret, but the combination of them is one of the most deadly weed-killers.

The World Health Organization’s body responsible for assessing genetic dangers made a ruling the last year that Glyphosate was a probable cancer-causing agent.

The license came up for automatic renewal last year – a 15-year license. The EU commission for health was prepared to automatically renew it for 15 years. The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA), which is responsible allegedly for the health and safety of European citizens, recommended approval based on a German study by the German Food Safety Agency that was simply lifted 100% from studies given by the private corporation Monsanto! So, the whole chain was corrupt from the beginning and all the information was rigged. In reality tests have shown that in minuscule concentrations, lower than in recommended levels in Europe and in the US, Glyphosate causes kidney disease, liver disease, and other illnesses that are potentially fatal.

Now, Glyphosate has shown up in urine tests, in urban drinking water, in gardens, in ground water and so forth. And that gets into the system of childbearing women, for example, with embryo. It’s all in this!

The EU commission, despite a million petitions – this is a record setting – and despite recommendations from leading scientists around the world to not renew the license, made a compromise under huge industry pressure and renewed it for 18 months. Why did they renew it for that time? Because at the end of 18 months, they were told by Bayer and Monsanto that the takeover of those two giant corporations will be completed and Bayer is going to replace Glyphosate with another, likely more deadly toxin, but not so well-known as Glyphosate. So, they simply bought time. And that is just one example.

This agenda of GMO is not about the health and safety; it’s not about increasing crop yields – that’s a lie that has been proven in repeated tests in North America and all around the world. Crop yields for farmers, using GMO plants, may increase slightly for the first 1-2 harvest years, but ultimately decline after 3-4 years. And not only that! We’ve been promised by Monsanto and other GMO giants that the use of chemicals will be less, because of these “wonderful” traits that GMO plants resist. In fact, the weeds become resistant and you have super weeds, which are 5-6 feet in a height and choke out everything. It’s a catastrophe. So, farmers end up using added weed killers to kill the super weeds. This whole mad playing around with the genetic makeup of nature is a disaster from the beginning.

The real agenda of GMO, which I have documented in great detail in my book “Seeds of Destruction”, comes from the Rockefeller Foundation. It comes out of the 1920s-1930s Eugenics movement. The Rockefeller Foundation during the 1930’s, right up to the outbreak of World War II when it became politically embracing too, financed the Nazi Eugenics experiments of Kaiser Wilhelm Institute in Berlin and in Munich. Why did they do this? Their goal was the elimination of what they called “undesirable eaters”. That is called population reduction.

After the war, the head of the American Eugenic Society, who was a good friend of John D. Rockefeller, at the annual conference of the American Eugenic Society said: “From today, the new name of eugenics is genetics”. Moreover, if you keep that in mind – genetic engineering, the Human Genome Project and so forth – they all are scientific frauds. Russian scientists have proven that the entire Genome Project utterly disregarded 98% of the scientifically valuable data in favor of 2% that was completely nonsense and a waste of billions of dollars.

Therefore, they have been obsessed with the idea of how to reduce human population in a way that would not be so obvious as simply going out and carrying out mass-sterilization.

Actually, they have done that in Central America together with the World Health Organization by giving certain vaccines that they cooked-up to have abortive effects. Therefore, the women of child-bearing age in Central America were given these vaccines against tetanus. The organization of the Catholic Church became suspicious because the shots were given only to women, not to men. And they found that there was buried in the vaccine an abortive effect that made it impossible for women to conceive and bear children. This is all covert population reduction.

These are the Western patriarchs who believe they are the gods, sitting on the throne with great dignity, controlling mankind. I think they are a bunch of fools, but they have this agenda of genetic manipulation. It’s against nature, it’s chemically unstable. And I have to congratulate the Russian Federation that they had the courage and the moral concern for their own population to ban GMO cultivation across Russia. That was a step forward for mankind. I would hope that Russia will use its influence to get China to do the similar thing, because their agriculture is in dire need of some healthy Russian input. But this step by Russia to make a GMO-free agriculture is a great step for mankind.



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Seven GMO Loaded Brands You Should Avoid Buying – Gross

Posted by addisethiopia / አዲስ ኢትዮጵያ on November 29, 2014

Ever wonder which companies you should totally avoid, whether it’s because they create low-quality food or because they infringe on our food rights? Below you will see 6 huge players in the food industry to avoid and boycott. You can boycott their products for the best effect or you can petition them and ask them to stop throwing money at the anti-labeling campaigns. 

Here are 6 huge conglomerates aiming to ruin your right to know what is in your food.

1. Pepsi-Co

800px-Ethiopian_Pepsi_(5065648832)This behemoth has hardly been touched by consumer frustration with GMOs, even it is just as guilty as many other companies when it comes to food secrets. This is also the company who had to settle a $9 million class-action lawsuit over Naked Juice false advertising – claiming the products were ‘all natural’ and ‘100% juice’ when they are actually full of GMOs. Pepsi-Co was also revealed as one of the big spenders behind the anti-labeling campaigns illegally filtered through the Grocery Manufacturer’s Association. The company topped the list with a $1,620,899 donation to keep you in the dark about GMOs.

2. Kellogg’s

Kellogg-chomps_crpo-e1416442461834This company is downright shady. Kellogg’s company recently paid $5 million to settle a class-action lawsuit for falsely labeling Kashi products as “All Natural” or “Nothing Artificial.” They have also contributed a total of $1.6 million to defeat GMO labeling initiatives. In a consumer lab test, it was also found that Kellogg’s uses 100% GMO corn in several of their breakfast cereals and other products. Kashi products even made it onto the Non-GMO project’s list of safe foods, but they aren’t safe at all.

3. General Mills

general-mills_cereal-e1416442450168GM says: “We don’t use genetically modified ingredients in original Cheerios. Our principal ingredient has always been whole grain oats – and there are no GMO oats. We use a small amount of corn starch in cooking, and just one gram of sugar per serving for taste. But our corn starch comes from non-GMO corn, and we use only non-GMO pure cane sugar.” This is only in one type of cereal they sell, though. Only two percent of the company’s shareholders favor a complete GMO ban. GM’s CEO says, he “sees no reason within the United States to bar ingredients grown from biotech crops.”

4. Nestle/Gerber Co

nestle_alphaThis company puts GMOs in baby food. Need I say more? The company removed GMOs from baby formulas in South Africa after public pressure forced them to, but it continues to put them in American-sold versions. Formulas like Good Start and others contain GM soybean oil, GM soy lecithin, and GM maltodextrin, as well as corn syrup derived from GM crops. Along with Pepsi-Co and Coca-Cola, the company spent over $1 million to defeat GMO labeling in Washington, and more to defeat labeling in Oregon.

5. Hershey’s

hershey-bars_crop-e1416440403619Just how much will you like that chocolate bar after finding out that Hershey’s donated $800,000 to defeat California’s Prop 37 and Washington’s I-522, and another $500,000 to defeat this year’s initiatives in Oregon and Colorado? The company has only one organic brand—Dagoba. Time for a boycott? After all, there are hundreds of non-GMO fair-trade chocolate makers out there. Try some of these non-GMO sweets instead.

6. Coca-Cola

This soda empire has contributed more than $1.5 million to keep your teeth rotting from consuming their GMO-filled sodas. They also utilize high fructose corn syrup that is almost entirely GMO-corn derived. Here are other sodasthat contain GMOs, too.


7. Kraft

Kraft-logoKraft is also a big GMA supporter. Its website says: “The use of genetically modified (GM) ingredients is not only safe for people and our planet, but also has a number of important benefits.”



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ነጭ የእንቁላል አስኳል??? White Egg Yolk??? Whaaaat!

Posted by addisethiopia / አዲስ ኢትዮጵያ on November 4, 2014

ከጥቂት ቀናት በፊት፡ ቁርስ ለመቁረስ ወደ አንድ የአዲስ አበባ ቡና ቤት ገባሁ። አሳላፊው እንደመጣም፡ የእንቁላል ጥብስ እንዲያመጣልኝ፡ እንቁላሉም የ ሐበሻእንዲሆን አስታወቁት። እርሱም፡ የሐበሻ እንቁላል የለንም፡ የፈረንጅ ነው፡ የፈረንጅ እቁላል እኮ አሁን በጣም ተሻሽሏልአለኝ። እኔም፡ በፈገግታ፡ ፈረንጁ ተሻሻለ፡ ሐበሻ ሆነ ማለት ነው?!” አልኩና ፡ የፈረንጁን እንቁላል ፍርፍር እንዲያመጣለኝ ተስማማሁ። ላይ በቪዲዮው ለዓይን ቆንጆ ሆኖ የሚታዬውን ፍርፍር ሳይ፡ ወዲያው፡ የዳቦ ፍርፍር ነው እንዴ?” በማለት እንድጠይቅ ተገደድኩ። አንድ ሁለት ቀመስ ቀመስ ሳደርገው፡ አፈር አፈር የሚልና አቅለሸላሽ የሆነ (ይቅርታ!) ጣዕም ነበረው። መብላቱን አቁሜ ቪዲዮውን ማንሳት ጀመርኩ፡ አሳላፊውም፡ አይጣፍጥም እንዴ?|” አለኝ። እኔም፡ እንቁላሉ ከዬት እንደሚመጣ ጠየቅኩት። እርሱም፡ Elfora / ኤልፎራ ከሚባለው የሸኽ አላሙዲ ድርጅት እንደሚገኝ፡ ዘመናዊየሚባለውን የዶሮ እርባታ ሥራ የሚያካሂደው ብሎም የዶሮ ቀለብ እየቀመመ በዬቦታው የሚያከፋፍለው ይኽው ድርጅት እንደሆነ ጠቆመኝ። ከዚያም ነገሮ አሳስቦኝ አንዳንድ ዶሮ አርቢዎችን ስጎበኝ፡ አስኳላቸው ቢጫ ሳይሆን ነጭ እንደሆነ፡ ዶሮዎቹን በሽታዎች ቶሎቶሎ እንደሚያጠቃቸውና እንደሚሞቱ እንዲያውም ዶሮዎቹ የራሳቸውን እንቁላል እየሠበሩ እንደሚመገቡ ለመረዳት ቻልኩ። ውጭ አገር፡ ፈረንጅበሚባለው አገር ነጭ አስኳል ያለው እንቁላል አይቼ አላውቅም፡ ብዙ የእንቁላል ዓይነቶች አሉ፡ ከነዚህም ከቅርፊቱ ሌላ አንዱም እንኳን ነጭ ቀለም የለውም፡ ሁሉም ቢጫ ናቸው። 17 የሚሆኑ ፈረንጆችንም ጠይቄ እንደተረዳሁት ማንም ነጭ አስኳል አይቶ እንደማያውቅ ነው። ወደ ኢንተርኔት ስገባም፡ ነጭ አስኳል ያለው እንቁላል በአፍሪቃ ብቻ እየታየ እንደመጣ የአህጉሪቷ ጎብኝዎች ይናገራሉ፤ ለምሳሌ፤ Help! My Egg Yolks Are Freakishly White። ዝምታ ሰፍኗል፣ የተለመደ ነው፡ አስጊ አይደለም የሚሉም አይጠፉም፡ ግን ይህ እጅግ በጣም አሳሳቢ ጉዳይ ሆኖ ነው ያገኘሁት!

Letter to President Teshome and Prime Minister Desalegn of Ethiopia

From Kevin Galalae, Canada

President Teshome and Prime Minister Desalegn,

Re: immediate cessation of covert depopulation methods

Ethiopia joined the Global Depopulation Policy in 1995 and its total fertility rate has declined from 7 to 4.6 children per woman. In urban areas it is 2.2 while in rural areas it is 4.7. This decline was accomplished with naturally fluoridated water that is pumped into the cities from wells in the Rift Valley, where fluoride in water occurs naturally at endemic levels between 1.5 mg-F/L to 36 mg-F/L, which is why 14 million Ethiopians (12% of the population) suffer from skeletal and dental fluorosis, the same percentage that has below replacement level fertility.

Even though cheap defluoridation technology based on zeolite has been developed in your country, the Ethiopian Water Resource Commission is not using it and ascribes its decision “to make water with inevitably high fluoride available to the thirsty populations” due to lack of alternatives. That this is a dishonest position is shown also by the Ethiopian standard for bottled water which allows a maximum of 1.5 ppm Fluoride, just as the World Health Organization advises in order to subvert fertility and do as little damage to the human endocrine system as possible.

Since 1995, when Ethiopia joined the global depopulation effort every large Ethiopian city has gradually started being fed with water from a nearby deep-well that has concentrations of Fluoride higher than 7 mg/l; concentrations that will devastate the people’s ability to reproduce and degrade the people’s genetic and intellectual endowment to such an extent that three generations from now all Ethiopians will be ill, feeble-minded and weak, as western experience amply demonstrates.

EthioFlourideTo know the full extent of the tragedy that awaits you if you continue to commit genocide by covert chemical means, I urge you to read my book “Chemical and Biological Depopulation”. To educate yourselves and your people about the history, methods and consequences of the UN-delegated depopulation agenda you must read my book “Killing Us Softly: The Global Depopulation Policy”. And if you are to abandon your participation in crimes against humanity and genocide and pursue population control without violating the rule of law and the most basic moral code, then you must educate yourselves and your people by reading my book “Survival or Extinction”. I make all my books available to you and the public at large free of cost and I urge you to translate them in your official language, Amharic, and disseminate them widely throughout the country, for that is the only way to replace the covert and criminal methods of population control now in effect with overt legislation and freely available contraceptives.

With a population that has nearly tripled since 1980 (from 33 to 88 million) and that is projected to swell to 210 million by 2060; an already high population density of 83 people per km for the arid landmass you occupy; recurrent famines due to water shortages and overpopulation; a very high population growth rate of 2.6% annually; a very high proportion of children below the age 15 that stands at 42%; a low per capita income of $570; and being landlocked and underdeveloped, you have no choice but to institute an aggressive population control program. But you can do it without committing genocide and excluding the vast majority of your people from the right to reproduce and the right to healthy bodies and minds, which is the criminal path chosen by the West and pushed by the UN.

You are already the most populous landlocked country in the world and the second-most populous nation in Africa living in a dry part of the world and as such face considerable natural disadvantages. But you are also the only Africans to defeat Europe’s colonial powers and retain your sovereignty; the first independent African member of the League of Nations and the UN; a founding member of the Organization of African Unity, which is now the African Union; home to many of the NGOs that operate in Africa; and have an authoritarian regime, which are all political and institutional advantages that will make your transition from covert to overt population control measures relatively easy.

As the birth place of Homo Sapiens you are also the homeland of the human species and can rightfully claim to be the oldest civilization on earth. There is however nothing civilized or ethical about poisoning your fellow human beings into sterility, ill-health and imbecility. Ethiopia is also a bedrock of the world’s Abrahamic religions and as such a spiritual fatherland to the entire world. Do not abandon your morality and betray your faith for demographic objectives that are best achieved by strengthening your faith and renewing your moral standards.

The West is a decadent society that has damaged and degraded its people to the low status of insects. You have nothing to learn from the West and every opportunity to avoid its fatal mistakes.

Not only do you have the political, institutional, ethical and moral preconditions necessary to lead the way to a better future, you are also bound by ecological responsibilities since Ethiopia is one of only seven centers of origin for cultivated plants in the world. I applaud your decision to ban GMO crops and food imports since GMOs, as you may already be aware, are the latest weapon of depopulation in the West’s arsenal.

I urge you to imprison any traitor who so much as proposes a bill to allow GMO crops into the country, as that would spell the end of your nation’s independence and of every Ethiopian’s health. You must instead throw your full support behind the Alliance for Food Security in Africa (AFSA), which is scheduled to meet next week in Ethiopia to discuss how best to oppose the G8 Alliance for food security and Bill Gate’s Alliance for a Green Revolution in Africa (AGRA), which are organizations intended to commit genocide in Africa through GMOs by causing artificial food scarcity, seed dependence, and universal illness.

Most importantly, you must rally all member states of the African Union to expel from the continent every UN and western aid agency that promotes covert methods of depopulation under the pretext of maternal health, reproductive rights, women’s rights, food security, and child health, but who instead use endocrine disruptors, adulterated vaccines, and germ warfare to subvert the fertility of Africans and increase morbidity and mortality throughout the continent in order to combat overpopulation. To defuse the overpopulation bomb African nations must come together and agree on introducing a continent-wide population control law that restricts every nation to replacement level fertility. This will allow you to develop not only your physical infrastructure but also, and more importantly, your human capital, while at the same time reject the West’s immoral and genocidal methods of population control that have allowed western nations to become wealthy by impoverishing their human capital.

I stand by to assist you in forging consensus for a continent-wide population control law and strengthen Africa’s ranks to resist western neo-colonialism and defend itself against chemical, biological and bacteriological attack by NATO and the UN.


Kevin Galalae

Center of Global Consciousness



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Gates, Rockefeller & a Green Revolution in Africa

Posted by addisethiopia / አዲስ ኢትዮጵያ on October 14, 2014

With the true background of the 1950’s Rockefeller Foundation Green Revolution clear in mind, it becomes especially curious that the same Rockefeller Foundation along with the Gates Foundation which are now investing millions of dollars in preserving every seed against a possible “doomsday” scenario are also investing millions in a project called The Alliance for a Green Revolution in Africa.

AGRA, as it calls itself, is an alliance again with the same Rockefeller Foundation which created the “Gene Revolution.” A look at the AGRA Board of Directors confirms this.

It includes none other than former UN Secretary General Kofi Annan as chairman. In his acceptance speech in a World Economic Forum event in Cape Town South Africa in June 2007, Kofi Annan stated, ‘I accept this challenge with gratitude to the Rockefeller Foundation, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, and all others who support our African campaign.’

In addition the AGRA board numbers a South African, Strive Masiyiwa who is a Trustee of the Rockefeller Foundation. It includes Sylvia M. Mathews of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation; Mamphela Ramphele, former Managing Director of the World Bank (2000 – 2006); Rajiv J. Shah of the Gates Foundation; Nadya K. Shmavonian of the Rockefeller Foundation; Roy Steiner of the Gates Foundation. In addition, an Alliance for AGRA includes Gary Toenniessen the Managing Director of the Rockefeller Foundation and Akinwumi Adesina, Associate Director, Rockefeller Foundation.

To fill out the lineup, the Programmes for AGRA includes Peter Matlon, Managing Director, Rockefeller Foundation; Joseph De Vries, Director of the Programme for Africa’s Seed Systems and Associate Director, Rockefeller foundation; Akinwumi Adesina, Associate Director, Rockefeller Foundation. Like the old failed Green Revolution in India and Mexico, the new Africa Green Revolution is clearly a high priority of the Rockefeller Foundation.

While to date they are keeping a low profile, Monsanto and the major GMO agribusiness giants are believed at the heart of using Kofi Annan’s AGRA to spread their patented GMO seeds across Africa under the deceptive label, ‘bio-technology,’ the new euphemism for genetically engineered patented seeds. To date South Africa is the only African country permitting legal planting of GMO crops. In 2003 Burkina Faso authorized GMO trials. In 2005 Kofi Annan’s Ghana drafted bio-safety legislation and key officials expressed their intentions to pursue research into GMO crops.

Africa is the next target in the US-government campaign to spread GMO worldwide. Its rich soils make it an ideal candidate. Not surprisingly many African governments suspect the worst from the GMO sponsors as a multitude of genetic engineering and biosafety projects have been initiated in Africa, with the aim of introducing GMOs into Africa’s agricultural systems. These include sponsorships offered by the US government to train African scientists in genetic engineering in the US, biosafety projects funded by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and the World Bank; GMO research involving African indigenous food crops.

The Rockefeller Foundation has been working for years to promote, largely without success, projects to introduce GMOs into the fields of Africa. They have backed research that supports the applicability of GMO cotton in the Makhathini Flats in South Africa.

Monsanto, who has a strong foothold in South Africa’s seed industry, both GMO and hybrid, has conceived of an ingenious smallholders’ programme known as the ‘Seeds of Hope’ Campaign, which is introducing a green revolution package to small scale poor farmers, followed, of course, by Monsanto’s patented GMO seeds. 6

Syngenta AG of Switzerland, one of the ‘Four Horsemen of the GMO Apocalypse’ is pouring millions of dollars into a new greenhouse facility in Nairobi, to develop GMO insect resistant maize. Syngenta is a part of CGIAR as well.7

Move on to Svalbard

Now is it simply philosophical sloppiness? What leads the Gates and Rockefeller foundations to at one and the same time to back proliferation of patented and soon-to-be Terminator patented seeds across Africa, a process which, as it has in every other place on earth, destroys the plant seed varieties as monoculture industrialized agribusiness is introduced? At the same time they invest tens of millions of dollars to preserve every seed variety known in a bomb-proof doomsday vault near the remote Arctic Circle ‘so that crop diversity can be conserved for the future’ to restate their official release?

It is no accident that the Rockefeller and Gates foundations are teaming up to push a GMO-style Green Revolution in Africa at the same time they are quietly financing the ‘doomsday seed vault’ on Svalbard. The GMO agribusiness giants are up to their ears in the Svalbard project.

Continue reading…

2014: Ethiopia turns to ‘improved’ GM seeds to meet demand

2011: Monsanto’s “Unlikely” New Business Partner — A Name You Know Well…

2005: Dr. Tewolde Berhan Gebre Egziabher Denied Entry Visa to Canada to Tell His Story

…the farmers continue chasing high-yield varieties while the consumers remain in the dark, taking whatever the farmers and the seed multipliers provide.

ኧረ: ! ! በሉ…….. ጋሽ ተወልደ የት አሉ???!!!


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Study: GM Foods Are Bad

Posted by addisethiopia / አዲስ ኢትዮጵያ on December 14, 2011

It seem as if those who are vehemently opposed to genetically modified (GM) food aren’t crazy after all.

To be sure, a recently published research paper claims the intake of GM-based food can lead to substantial organ disruptions in rats and mice.

According to Natural News, the paper – which is based on 19 separate studies – concludes the disruptions occur primarily in the liver and kidney.

“[However], other organs may be affected too, such as the heart and spleen, or blood cells,” the paper states.

Perhaps the most damning blurb from the six-author paper is the results section which describes the overall results of the study.

“Several convergent data appear to indicate liver and kidney problems as end points of GMO diet effects in the above-mentioned experiments. This was confirmed by our meta-analysis of all the in vivo studies published, which revealed that the kidneys were particularly affected, concentrating 43.5% of all disrupted parameters in males, whereas the liver was more specifically disrupted in females (30.8% of all disrupted parameters).”

One the biggest problems the paper illustrates is that of the 19 GMO feed studies they analyzed, only two were 90 days in length. These were non-GMO industry studies, meaning, the GMO industry exploits studies that go on for less than 90 days – sometimes only a month long – to determine whether a GMO food is safe for consumption.

The authors also point that 90 days in a scientific setting is not even enough time to realistically determine if GMOs are safe to use as animal food. And if scientists are saying that about the current GMO safety studies from the industry, then there is no way the GMO industry could possibly know if their animal feed is toxic or not.

Yet the GMO soybean and corn used in the trials “constitute 83% of the commercialized GMOs” that are currently consumed by billions of people. It may be debatable whether or not GMOs are safe for the consumption of living animals, but it is clear that the concerns anti-GMO activists have harbored for the last decade are legitimate.


Source: NaturalNews.Com





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