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Tigrayans Release Captured Oromara Troops – Oromaras Send Tigrayan Civilians to Concentration Camps

Posted by addisethiopia / አዲስ ኢትዮጵያ on July 17, 2021

Nine months of Oromia’s / ‘Ethiopia’s’ brutal shadow war against Tigrayans – The #TigrayGenocide is an ongoing series of human rights abuses, starvation crimes, in which hunger is used as a weapon of war, oppression, punishment, including pillage, forced displacement, destruction of food, water and health facilities, widespread rape that prevents survivors from caring for themselves and their children, and obstruction of humanitarian aid. perpetrated by Abiy Ahmed Ali’s Oromo and Amhara Army and militias.

However, Christian Tigrayans have mercy even with these barbarians who waged genocide against them. But, these barbarians don’t take this as an act of peace – as a goodwill gesture. The merciless, barbarous, callous, hard-hearted and ungrateful fascist Oromo and Amhara (Oromara) army of the evil Nobel Peace laureate Abiy Ahmed Ali is reinforcing itself with three more regional militias against the just and merciful Tigray forces.

The Oromo god „Waqqa-Alah„demands mass ritual blood sacrifices. Pay attention, the wars fought in Ethiopia are Satan’s continuing battle for Power – so almost all the wars that took place in Ethiopia are always purposefully brought by Satan to Christian Northern Ethiopia.

💭 Now please tell us who is the terrorist and fascist war criminal?

💭 የትግራይ ተወላጆች በቁጥጥር ስር የዋሉ የኦሮማራ ምርኮኞች ወታደሮችን ለቀቁ ኦሮማራዎች የትግራይን ሲቪሎች ወደ ማጎሪያ ካምፖች ላኩ።

ከዘጠኝ ወር የኦሮሚያ / ‘ኢትዮጵያየጭካኔና የጭፍጨፋ ዘመቻ በትግራይ ተወላጆች ላይ ፥ #የትግራይ የዘር መጥፋት ዘመቻ፤ ቀጣይነት ያላቸው የሰብአዊ መብት ጥሰቶች ፣ የረሃብ ወንጀሎች ናቸው ፣ ረሃብ እንደ ጦር መሣሪያ ፣ ጭቆና ፣ ቅጣት ፣ ዝርፊያ ፣ የግዳጅ መፈናቀል ፣ የምግብ ፣ የውሃ እና የጤና ተቋማት መደምሰስ ፣ በሕይወት የተረፉ ሰዎች እራሳቸውንና ልጆቻቸውን እንዳይንከባከቡ የሚያግድ ሰፊ የአስገድዶ መድፈር እና የሰብአዊ ዕርዳታ እንቅፋት ናቸው። ይህ የዘር ማጥፋት በአርመኔዎቹ የግራኝ አብይ አህመድ አሊ የኦሮሞ እና የአማራ ጦር እና ሚሊሻዎች የተፈጸመና እየተፈጸመ ያለ ነው፡፡

ሆኖም ክርስቲያን ትግራውያን በትግራዋያን ላይ የዘር ማጥፋት ወንጀል ለፈፀሙት ለእነዚህ አረመኔዎች እንኳን ይራራሉ። ነገር ግን እነዚህ አረመኔዎች ይህንን እንደ አንድ የሰላም እርምጃ ፥ እንደ መልካም ፈቃድ ምልክት አድርገው አይወስዱትም። ኢፍትሃዊው፣ ርህራሄ የሌለው ፣ አረመኔያዊ ፣ ደፋሩ ፣ ልበ ደንዳናው እና ምስጋናቢሱ የፋሺስቱ የኖቤል የሰላም ተሸላሚ አብይ አህመድ አሊ ኦሮሞ እና አማራ (ኦሮማራ) ሰአራዊት ፍትሃዊና አዛኝ በሆኑት የትግራይ ኃይሎች ላይ በድጋሚ ለመዝመት ራሱን በሦስት ተጨማሪ የክልል ሚሊሻዎች እያጠናከረ ይገኛል። አዎ! ብሔር በሔረሰቦቹን ለ ኦሮሞ አምላክ ለዋቄዮአላህ ለተለመደው ጣዖታዊ የጅምላ ሥነስርዓት የደም መስዋእትነትን ይጠይቃልና ነው።፡፡ ልብ ይበሉ ፣ በኢትዮጵያ ውስጥ የተካሄዱት ጦርነቶች የሰይጣን ቀጣይ የኃይል ትግሎች ናቸው ፥ ስለሆነም በኢትዮጵያ ውስጥ የተከሰቱት ጦርነቶች በሙሉ ሰይጣን ሆን ብሎ በክርስቲያን ሰሜን ኢትዮጵያ ነው የሚያደርገው።፡

Now please tell us who is the terrorist and fascist war criminal?

አሁን እባክዎን አሸባሪው እና ፋሽስቱ የጦር ወንጀለኛው ማን እንደሆነ ይንገሩን?

💭 Ethiopia’s Tigray forces say they released 1,000 captured soldiers

Forces in Ethiopia’s northern Tigray region have released around 1,000 government soldiers captured during recent fighting

Forces in Ethiopia’s northern Tigray region have released around 1,000 government soldiers captured during recent fighting, the head of its ruling party said, as both sides prepared for a showdown over contested land in the west of the region.

Debretsion Gebremichael, leader of the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF), told Reuters by satellite phone late on Friday that they have released 1,000 low-ranking soldiers.

“More than 5,000 (soldiers) are still with us, and we will keep the senior officers who will face trial,” he said.

He said the soldiers had been driven to Tigray’s southern border with the Amhara region on Friday, but did not say who received them or how the release was negotiated.

Reuters could not independently confirm his account.

A military spokesman said he was not immediately available to comment on Saturday, and the spokesman for the Amhara regional administration said he had no information on the release.

Officials in Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s office and a government taskforce on Tigray did not answer calls seeking comment.

Fighting broke out in Tigray in November when the government accused the TPLF of attacking military bases across the region, which the party denied. The government declared victory three weeks later when it took control of the regional capital, Mekelle, but the TPLF kept fighting.

In a dramatic turn, the TPLF retook Mekelle and most of Tigray at the end of June, after the government pulled out its soldiers and declared a unilateral ceasefire. read more

However, the TPLF vowed to keep fighting until it had regained control of disputed territory in the south and west of Tigray that was seized during the fighting by the government’s allies from Amhara.

Abiy said this week that the military would repel any TPLF threat, effectively abandoning the self-declared truce. Amhara and three other regions said they were mobilizing forces to support the national army in its fight against the TPLF. read more

Thousands of people have died in the fighting; around 2 million have been displaced and more than 5 million rely on emergency food aid.

On Friday, Ethiopia’s foreign ministry issued a statement accusing aid groups of arming rebels.

“Some aid agencies have been actively engaged in a destructive role. We have also confirmed that they have been using aid as a cover and are arming the rebel groups to prolong the conflicts,” it said.

The statement did not identify the groups and there was no immediate response from the agencies that operate in Tigray. The United Nations humanitarian organization OCHA did not respond to a request for comment.

The U.N. has said desperately needed aid is being blocked at checkpoints as convoys travel through government-held territory. Ethiopian authorities say the aid needs to be checked.



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#TigrayGenocide | The World Seems Indifferent to The War, Famine, & Ethnic Cleansing in Ethiopia

Posted by addisethiopia / አዲስ ኢትዮጵያ on July 16, 2021

👉 Where’s the outrage over famine and genocide in Ethiopia

Not My Party: What’s Going on in Ethiopia (And Why You Should Care)

The world seems indifferent to the war, famine, and ethnic cleansing in Ethiopia. The United States shouldn’t be.

There’s a crisis in Ethiopia—ethnic cleansing and famine worse than anywhere in the world. So why is the social media outrage being carried by Bachelor Nation?

In the Ethiopian city of Aksum, hyenas fed on the bodies of some of the hundreds who were killed in a church massacre. The corpses of young boys laid in the street for days. This is one of the many horror stories taking place in the Tigray region of the country. Thousands are starving to death. Millions are in need of food. There have been over 22,000 rape victims. The government is blocking humanitarian efforts to supply aid, and they’re suspected of committing war crimes.

How did this happen in a country led by Abiy Ahmed, who won the Nobel Peace Prize just two years ago?

Tigray’s the home to the TPLF, a regional political party and paramilitary organization. The region is mountainous and sits on the border of Eritrea, a country that was once part of Ethiopia. Ethiopia and Eritrea have been at war for decades, with Tigray and the TPLF stuck in the middle. Abiy was hailed for bringing this conflict to an end in 2018.

Then last year, Abiy postponed the Ethiopian elections because of COVID. The Tigrayans didn’t like this too much. So they held elections on their own. Then, Abiy sent the Ethiopian military into the region after claiming that the TPLF had attacked their base, starting a sh*tshow of epic, historic proportion.

The Eritrean Army then saw an opportunity for revenge after years of war in Tigray. And so they invaded as well, alongside Abiy and the Ethiopian army. Internet access and electricity was cut off to the region. So the ethnic cleansing of Tigrayans raged in secret.

“There’s no hunger in Tigray. There’s a problem in Tigray, and the government’s capable of fixing that.” [Ahmed]

Nice Nobel Prize, ass.

That’s right: In 2021, when we can FaceTime our moms across the globe in a second, nobody knew about this mass murder and famine for months. But now that it’s public, with millions still denied aid, where’s the social media outrage? “Kony 2012” had Bieber and Gaga and everyone. Cardi B spoke out on Sudan.

But if you aren’t a consumer of foreign news here in the U.S., you might only know about this if you’re a “Bachelor’s” fan. That’s because when the last season finished, a contestant named Magi Tareke called her mother, who lived in the Tigray region, and she couldn’t get through because of the blackouts. Turns out her mother was safe, and her brother had fled to Sudan. In the meantime, the bachelorettes rallied around her on social media. And thank God—somebody had to.

The lack of outrage obviously stems from the Ethiopian government’s lies and gaslighting and blackout of the region. They blocked journalists and humanitarian groups and the internet, and it’s worked.

But I also worry that our muted response is a result of our own diminished view of the United States’s role in the world. Look, USAID director Samantha Power has been taking action. But all Joe Biden’s done is put out a nice statement. The administration’s been focusing more on COVID and the homefront.

The MAGA right has decided that the U.S. should ignore the problems in “sh*thole countries” and ban refugees fleeing persecution from coming here. Meanwhile, the extreme left thinks that U.S. involvement in the world does more harm than good.

We cannot let this America-alone mindset take hold. For all our flaws, the U.S. is needed. When there are problems, China and Russia ain’t coming through that door. It’s on us to reestablish ourselves as a beacon of hope in the world.



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How PM Abiy Ahmed Encourages Rape in His Public Statements | ባለጌው ግራኝ እና የትግራይ ሴቶችን መድፈር

Posted by addisethiopia / አዲስ ኢትዮጵያ on July 15, 2021

💭 ባለጌው አብይ አህመድ በአደባባይ በሰጠው መግለጫ አስገድዶ መድፈርን ያበረታታል

የእግዚአብሔር የሆኑ ሰዎች/ሕዝቦች እንዳሉ ሁሉ የዲያብሎስ የሆኑም ሰዎች/ሕዝቦች አሉ። በዚህች ዓለም ላይ አብዛኞቹ ሰዎች/ሕዝቦች ዲያብሎስ በተፈጥሮ ህጉ የሞት መልክና ምሳሌ ማለትም በአንፃራዊ ሕግ (Relativity Theory) ከሌሎች ሥነ-ፍጥረታት ጎን እንደገና ለራሱ ስምና ክብር የፈጠራቸው ናቸው።

ሰው አስቀድሞ ሲፈጠር በእግዚአብሔር መልክና ምሳሌ ነበር የተፈጠረው። የተፈጠረውም በሕግ ሲሆን ያም ሕግ ደግሞ ሰውን በሞት መልክና ምሳሌ ስለሚፈጥረው ሌላ ፈጣሪና ገዥ ሕግ ይናገራል። ያም ሕግ ደግሞ፤ “አትብላው በባለው የዛፍ ፍሬ ውስጥ የነበረው የሞትና የባርነት ሕግ ሲሆን ይህም ደግሞ አንጻራዊው የዕፀ በለሱ ሕግ ነው። ዲያብሎስ በዚህም ሕግ ሰውን ለራሱ ስምና ክብር ማለትም ዓላማ በምልኩና በምሳሌው ለሞትና ለባርነት ፈጥሮታል። ይህም የሞት ሕግ ደግሞ በዕፀ በለሷ መልክና ምሳሌ ይገለጻል።

ሙሴ እግዚአብሔር ላለው ፈጣሪና ገዥ ሕግ የሠራው የ “መገናኛ” ድንኳንም የሚናገረው ስለሁለቱ ፈጣሪና ገዥ የሕግ አካላት ነው። በዚህም የመገናኛ ድንኳን ውስጥ የተገለጠው የረቀቀውና የመጠቀው አንዱና ዋናው መለኮታዊ ምስጢር ደግሞ የሰውን ልጅም ይሁን ዓለማትን (ሥነ-ፍጥረታትን) በመልካቸውና በምሳሌያቸው ለስማቸውና ለክብራቸው የፈጠሩ ሁለት ሕጎች መኖራቸው ነው። በፊተኛይቱም ድንኳን (እስራኤል ዘ-ስጋ/ሐጋር/እስማኤል) መልክ በምሳሌ የተለጠው እጅግ አስፈሪውና አስደንጋጩ እውነት ደግሞ ሳጥናኤል የራሱ የሁኑትን ዓለማትን (ሥነ-ፍጥረታትን ሁሉ) የፈጠረበት ሕግ እና ሥርዓት መሆኑን ማወቅ አለብን።

የፊተኛይቱ ድንኳን ምሳሌነትም አንድም የሰው ልጅ ለተፈጠረበት የምድር አፈር ሕግ ነው፡፤ በምድር አፈር ሕግ የተዘጋጀች ድንኳን መሆኗን ማስተዋል አለብን። ይህችም ደግሞ ቅዱስ ጻውሎስ በአጋር የባርነት ማንነትና ምንነት ስምና ክብር የገለጻት የምድር አፈር ሕግና ሥርዓት ነበረች። ሳጥናኤልም የሰውን ልጅ በመልኩና በምሳሌው የፈጠረው በፊተኛይቱ ድንኳን ሕግና ሥርዓት ነበር። ቅዱስ ጳውሎስ በአጋር የሞትና የባርነት ማንነትና ምንነት በኩል በገለጸው የምድር አፈር ሕግ በኩል ነበር አስቀድሞ በእግዚአብሔር መልክና ምሳሌ የተፈጠረውን የሰውን ልጅ በምኞቱ ፈቃድ በኩል ለስሙና ለክብሩ በመልኩና በምሳሌው ደግሞ የፈጠረው።

[ወደ ገላትያ ሰዎች ምዕራፍ ፬]

፳፩ እናንተ ከሕግ በታች ልትኖሩ የምትወዱ፥ ሕጉን አትሰሙምን? እስኪ ንገሩኝ።

፳፪ አንዱ ከባሪያይቱ አንዱም ከጨዋይቱ የሆኑ ሁለት ልጆች ለአብርሃም እንደ ነበሩት ተጽፎአልና።

፳፫ ነገር ግን የባሪያይቱ ልጅ እንደ ሥጋ ተወልዶአል፥ የጨዋይቱ ግን በተስፋው ቃል ተወልዶአል።

፳፬ ይህም ነገር ምሳሌ ነው፤ እነዚህ ሴቶች እንደ ሁለቱ ኪዳኖች ናቸውና። ከደብረ ሲና የሆነችው አንዲቱ ለባርነት ልጆችን ትወልዳለች፥ እርስዋም አጋር ናት።

፳፭ ይህችም አጋር በዓረብ ምድር ያለችው ደብረ ሲና ናት፤ አሁንም ያለችውን ኢየሩሳሌምን ትመስላለች፥ ከልጆችዋ ጋር በባርነት ናትና።

፳፮ ላይኛይቱ ኢየሩሳሌም ግን በነጻነት የምትኖር ናት እርስዋም እናታችን ናት።

፳፯ አንቺ የማትወልጅ መካን፥ ደስ ይበልሽ፤ አንቺ አምጠሽ የማታውቂ፥ እልል በዪና ጩኺ፤ ባል ካላቱ ይልቅ የብቸኛይቱ ልጆች በዝተዋልና ተብሎ ተጽፎአል።

፳፰ እኛም፥ ወንድሞች ሆይ፥ እንደ ይስሐቅ የተስፋ ቃል ልጆች ነን።

፳፱ ነገር ግን እንደ ሥጋ የተወለደው እንደ መንፈስ የተወለደውን በዚያን ጊዜ እንዳሳደደው ዛሬም እንዲሁ ነው።

፴ ነገር ግን መጽሐፍ ምን ይላል? የባሪያይቱ ልጅ ከጨዋይቱ ልጅ ጋር አይወርስምና ባሪያይቱን ከልጅዋ ጋር አውጣት።

፴፩ ስለዚህ፥ ወንድሞች ሆይ፥ የጨዋይቱ ልጆች ነን እንጂ የባሪያይቱ አይደለንም።

እግዚአብሔር አምልክ ለሙሴ በሰጠው ሕግ በኩል ይህን የስጋ ፈቃድ (ምኞት)፣ የሞትና የጥፋት አሠራር አስቀድሞ ከልኮታል። [ኦሪት ዘዳግም ምዕራፍ ፭፥፰]”በላይ በሰማይ ካለው፥ በታችም በምድር ካለው፥ ከምድርም በታች በውኃ ካለው ነገር የማናቸውንም ምሳሌ የተቀረጸውንም ምስል ለአንተ አታድርግ፤“ በዚህም ቃል መጠን የትኛውንም ሥነ-ፍጥረት አስመስሎ እንደገና እንዳይፈጥር ለሰው ልጅ ተናግሮታል። ይህን ታላቅ ርኩሰትና መተላለፍ ሰው ከፈጸመ ለሞት ባሪያ ሊሆን ፍርድን ተቀብሏል፤ ማለት ነው።

ሐዋርያው ጳውሎስ “የአረብ ምድር” በማለት በከነዓን ስምና ክብር በገለጸው በመካከለኛው ምስራቅ የምድር አፈር ሕግና ሥርዓት ነበር ሳጥናኤል የራሱን ሰው የፈጠረው።

አዎ! ዲያብሎስ፤ ምናልባት በጥቂቱ ፹፭/85% የሚሆኑትን ዛሬ በምድር ላይ ሠፍረው የሚኖሩትን የዓለማችንን ‘ሰዎች’ በአንጻራዊ ህግ በሞትና በባርነት መልክና ምሳሌ ፈጥሯቸዋል። ከእነዚህም ውስጥ አረቦች እና የዋቄዮ-አላህ-ሉሲፈር ባሪያ የሆኑት ኦሮሞዎች ይገኙበታል። (ይህን ብዙዎቹ ራሳቸው ያውቁታል!)

😈 ወንፊት አፉና ባለጌው ግራኝ አብዮት አህመድ አሊ እና ሌሎች ኦሮሞዎችም በግልጽ እየነገሩን ያሉት፤ “እኛ የሉሲፈር ባሪያዎች ነን፣ ባገኘነው አጋጣሚ ሁላ፣ በወረራም በጦርነትም ይሁን በፍቅር ጊዜ የእግዚአብሔር ከሆኑት ሰዎች ጋር እየተዳቀለን ለልዑላችን ለሳጥናኤል ስም እና ክብር ስንል በአጋር የሞትና የባርነት ማንነትና ምንነት የተመሰሉ ዲቃላዎችን እየፈለፈልን እንበዛለን…”፤ ይህን ነው ባለጌው አብዮት አህመድ እየነገረን ያለው።

ግራኝ ብቻውን አይደለም፤ እርሱ እንዳለው ያኔ ከተዳቀሉት “ኦሮሞ-ተጋሩዎች” ዘንድ ድጋፍ አለው፤ እነማን እንደሆኑም በተግባር አይተን እናውቃቸዋለን። አውሬው ከፍተኛ የሉሲፈራውያኑ ድጋፍ አለው። በትግራይ ሕዝብ ላይ ቀደም ሲልም ሆነ ዛሬ የተከፈቱት ጦርነቶች፣ የተፈጠሩት የረሃብ ሁኔታዎች እና የስደት እንቅስቃሴዎች ሁሉ ዋና ዓላማቸው/ተልዕኮዋቸው ፤ “የሕይወትን ዛፍ ለማጥፋት ነው”። አዎ! በትግራይ ውስጥ ይሕን እግዚአብሔር የፈጠረውን የሕይወት ዛፍ የተሸከሙ ብዙ ኢትዮጵያውያን አሉ፤ እግዚአብሔርም በአዲስ ኪዳኑ ኢትዮጵያዊነታቸው (እስራኤል ዘ-ነፍስ) ብቻ ነው የሚያውቃቸው፤ ስለዚህ ለፈጠራቸው ለእግዚአብሔር ብቻ መገዛታቸውንና ቃል ኪዳኑንም መጠበቁን የሚቀጥሉበት ከሆነ ሳጥናኤልን ጨምሮ ማንም ምድራዊ ኃይል ሊያሸንፋቸውና አዳቅሎም ሊያጠፋቸው አይችልም። የዋቄዮ-አላህ-ሉሲፈር ጭፍሮች ባለጌና ታላቅ ርኩሰትና መተላለፍ ፈጸመዋልን ለሞት ባሪያ ሊሆን ፍርድን ተቀብለዋል፤ ተልዕኮዎቻቸው ሁሉ ከሽፈዋል።🔥

✞✞✞የትግራይ ኢትዮጵያውያን፤ ወገኖቼ፤ በኢትዮጵያ ዘ-ስጋ እንዲሁም በመላው ዓለም ከሚገኙት ሰዎች/ሕዝቦች ሁሉ ተለይታችሁ ጥንታዊውን የዘር ባህሪ ወሳኝ ቅንጣት (DNA) ለመሸክምና ከእግዚአብሔር የመሆን ዕድል ተሰጥጧችኋልና ደስ ይበላችሁ፣ ደስ ይበለን! እራሳችሁን በሚገባ ተንከባከቡ፣ እንንከባከብ ✞✞✞

From Apologies To Atrocities: How To Make Sense Of Leadership Statements In Ethiopia

This hasn’t been researched, but it’s obvious. From the battle of Add waa during the time of Menelik, to the later wars, many people from central Ethiopia – Oromos, Amharas – have been going to Tigray to fight. They were there for the war with Eritrea, and there’s been a military presence in Tigray for the 30 years since. So, if you’re wondering what the proportion of Oromo in Tigray is, leave it for DNA to find out. It’s probably wrong to say this, but: those who went to Add waa, to fight, didn’t just go and come back. Each of them had about 10 kids.

In a speech to assembled Ethiopian ambassadors in January 2019, Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed would make a prescient remark regarding Tigray. Alluding to the role of soldiers during the battle of Adua in 1896 and later, during the Eritrean war, Abiy said: “This hasn’t been researched, but it’s obvious. From the battle of Add waa during the time of Menelik, to the later wars, many people from central Ethiopia – Oromos, Amharas – have been going to Tigray to fight. They were there for the war with Eritrea, and there’s been a military presence in Tigray for the 30 years since. So, if you’re wondering what the proportion of Oromo in Tigray is, leave it for DNA to find out. [Hilarity in the audience] It’s probably wrong to say this, but: those who went to Add waa, to fight, didn’t just go and come back. Each of them had about 10 kids.” [Loud laughter of the audience and applause].

On March 21 2020, during a parliamentary session in which he was questioned on sexual violence in Tigray, Abiy replied: “The women in Tigray? These women have only been penetrated by men, whereas our soldiers were penetrated by a knife”.

Earlier that year, after the first reports of the deliberate targeting of women had begun to emerge, an Ethiopian general is filmed addressing a group of officers. Berating his cohorts, he says: “why are women being raped in Tigray, at this time? We might expect this during war time and it is not manageable but why is it happening now in the presence of federal police, in the presence of an official administration?”

The rest of the video has been cut by the Ethiopian Broadcast Commission which first broadcast it, but it would appear to be an admission of what had been going on. An admission later echoed by the Ethiopian Minister for Women’s Affairs and the Ethiopian Human Rights Commission. (Addis Standard reports)

What are we to make of these statements? How are we to interpret words which, from the Prime Minister himself, seem an open acknowledgment, even an endorsement, of military tactics and strategy that holds, as its central pillar, the use of rape in war? How can the world reconcile these kinds of statements? How will the people of Tigray – and in particular the women – live with what has been said, and what has been admitted; and above all, if Abiy wins the election in June 21, how will the the rest of Ethiopia live with a Prime Minister who has endorsed a culture of rape?

Abiy Ahmed was appointed Prime Minster of Ethiopia on April 2 2018. He arrived on the scene talking hope, reconciliation, reform and much anticipated change. He seemed to embody everything Ethiopians hoped for. He was half Oromo half Amhara; a Christian, though Protestant, but he acknowledged his Islamic ancestors. He seemed to be the new ‘unity in diversity’ figurehead incarnate. A new Ethiopia in the making. Who could object? He embarked on a series of tours around the country to explain himself then to the diaspora, to neighbours, and to the world. He moved fast, making changes addressing all the grievances over corruption and the past ‘misdeeds’ of the former government. He released prisoners, called back banned political parties and enjoined Ethiopians to address their past and atone with one another over historical events, and then move on.

The man with a PhD in Peace and Conflict studies it seems was putting in place the main steps for future reconciliation and state rebuilding. The world held its breath; he ‘made peace’ with Eritrea, he talked of Rwanda, he reminded the world of the evils of genocide and the need not to demonize and to transcend all differences. He appointed several women into his cabinet, a first for Ethiopia. He was applauded at home and abroad he was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.

It was a moment of pride for the country for him. Much was written: articles, blogs, Twitter, Facebook all were euphoric. Ethiopia reasserting her honor, her history of internationalism and defender of universal values. A founding member of the United Nations a great contributor to Peace-Keeping operations since 1950. Abiy, the ex military man now statesman was bringing back this honor to Ethiopia, to the Ethiopian army, to its people.

As the war unfolded in Tigray, the reports of atrocities and their specific intentions seemed to follow the textbook example of all that has been written and researched on the use of rape in war, and on violations of international protocols and treaties governing conflict. AP Africa correspondent Cara Anna described the horrors of sexual violence in Tigray on CBS News. Aljazeera and Reuters detailed the sexual slavery in Tigray. Helen Clark and Rachel Kyte called the world to action: “The world knows enough to say that war crimes are happening in Tigray. We should not need to wait until we are able to conduct full and thorough investigations before we act to stop rape as a weapon of war. We should not have to count the graves of children before we act to stop starvation crimes.” The Red Cross also condemned this horrific sexual violence in the strongest terms.

With each report and social outrage, there was denial and counter accusations of ‘fake news’ and ‘alleged’ rapes and claims of a ‘western’ smear campaign against the integrity of Ethiopia. The cries of pain and testaments of Tigrayan women, now scorned and dismissed as propaganda.

As activists and human rights lawyers examine the evidence from Tigray and other places where women continue to suffer the onslaught of violence and ethnic cleansing, the academics remind us: governments don’t outsource violence to militias; they model it.

On June 19th the world will be commemorating International Day for the Elimination of Sexual Violence in Conflict. A day agreed on by all member states of the UN to condemn and call for the end of conflict-related sexual violence, including rape, sexual slavery, enforced prostitution, forced pregnancy and enforced sterilization; and to honour victims, survivors and those fighting to end these most terrorizing and destructive of crimes.

As activists and human rights lawyers examine the evidence from Tigray and other places where women continue to suffer the onslaught of violence and ethnic cleansing, the academics remind us: governments don’t outsource violence to militias; they model it. Data on government and militia attacks against civilians in civil wars from 1989 to 2010 show that when governments target civilians — whether through massacres, ethnic cleansing or deliberate bombing and shelling — they generally do so through both their regular military forces and militia forces. And when states decide not to target civilians, militias generally hold back as well. They may influence militia behavior through training or through more informal diffusion — or both. Studies show that when governments train militias, militias are more likely to target civilians both with sexual violence and other kinds of violence.”

On June 17 The African Union announced the opening of the official Commission of inquiry into Tigray. As they begin to collect the statements from Tigrayan refugees and victims of sexual violence, they would be wise to also consider the various speeches and statements of Abiy Ahmed himself.


👉 It’s Rape Jihad – የአስገድዶ መድፈር ጂሃድ ነው 😠😠😠 😢😢😢

👉 The past three years, they’ve been preparing for this crime

👉 ላለፉት ሶስት ዓመታት ለዚህ ወንጀል ዝግጅት ሲያደርጉ ቆይተዋል

🔥 Oromo & Amhara (Oromara) sadistic cruel army Get the heck out of Tigray!

🔥 የኦሮሞ እና አማራ(ኦሮማራ)እርኩስ ጨካኝ ሰአራዊት ከትግራይ ባፋጣኝ ውጣ!

🔥 ” We’re here to make you HIV positive’: Hundreds of women rush to Tigrayhospitals as soldiers use rape as weapon of war”

🔥 “እኛ ኤች.አይ.. ኤድስ እንዲኖራችሁ ነው እኛ የመጣነው’ ወታደሮች አስገድዶ መድፈርን እንደ ጦር መሣሪያ አድርገው ስለሚጠቀሙ በመቶዎች የሚቆጠሩ ሴቶች ወደ ትግራይ ሆስፒታሎች በጥድፊያ በማምራት ላይ ናቸው።”

👉 እነሱ ሴቶቻቸው ነው የተደፈሩት ፤ የኛ ወታደሮች እኮ በሳንጃ ተደፍረዋል

😈 አረመኔው /ሳዲስቱ ግራኝ አብዮት አህመድ አሊ “እርካብና መንበር” በተባለው የዲያብሎስ መጽሐፉ (ከሂትለር መጽሐፍ ማይን ካምፕፍ/ Mein Kampf = የኔ ትግል/ ጂሃድ) የተቀዳ ነው ፥ ላይ የትግራይን ሕዝብ ለማንበርከክ ሴቶችን እንዴት አስገድዶ መድፈር እንደሚያስፈልግ በገጽ ፷፬/64 በሦስተኛው አንቀጽ ላይ በአገሪቱ ባህል ሠርጾ የሚገኘውን የአንበሳነት (የጀግንነት) ገጸ ባህርይ ትክክል እንዳልሆነ አድርጎ ከተቸ በኋላ ጀብዳዊ ጭካኔን ሲገልስ የሚከተለውን አስፍሯል፦

🔥 “አንበሳ ከደከመ አይገዛም! ከደከምክ አትኖርም ትገደላለህ። በገዛ ወገንህ። ስለዚህ ላንተ አሳሳቢና ዘወትር አስፈላጊው ጉዳይ ኃይልን ማጠናከር ነው። መፈራትን መገንባት ነው። ከነዘርህ … ከነዘርማንዘርህ። አስከብሮ የሚያኖርህ በእንዲህ ዐይነቱ ምድር ፍቅር አይደለም – ጉልበት እንጂ። ለዚህ ደግሞ እንደ አንበሳ ሁሉ ማስፈራሪያ እንጂ ፍቅር አይሰጠውም – ያን ጉልበት በዲፕሎማሲ አስማምቶ ለመምራት አያውለውም ተቀናቃኜ ያለውን ጀርባ ለማድቀቅ እንጂ።”


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Al-Jazeera on Ethiopia’s Orthodox Church patriarch condemnation of #TigrayGenocide

Posted by addisethiopia / አዲስ ኢትዮጵያ on May 8, 2021

The United Nations is warning aid convoys to the Tigray region in Ethiopia are being blocked, leaving thousands without humanitarian relief and hundreds malnourished.

Now, after six months of conflict, one of the country’s top religious leaders has spoken out against what he describes as “genocide” in Tigray.


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አቡነ ማትያስ፤ “የትግራይ ሕዝብ ምን ቢያደርጋችሁ ነው ከምድረ ገጽ ልታጠፉት የፈለጋችሁት?”

Posted by addisethiopia / አዲስ ኢትዮጵያ on May 8, 2021

እንግዲህ አሁን ቃኤላውያን የዋቄዮ-አላህ-አቴቴ ጭፍሮች የሚቀድማቸው የለምና እንደ ቁራዎች መንጫጫት ይጀምራሉ። እስከ አሁን “አባታችን ይፍቱን!” ሲሉ የነበሩት ሁሉ አሁን “ጁንታችን ይተውን!” ማለት ይጀምራሉ። እንግዲህ ምን ይደረጋል ይቅበዝበዙ እንጅ! ግን ልብ ብለናል፤ ብጹእነታቸውንም ሆነ ሌሎች የቤተ ክርስቲያን አባቶችን ለማነጋገር ወይም ቃለ-መጠይቅ ለማድረግ የሞከረ/የፈለገ አንድም “ኢትዮጵያዊ” ሜዲያ የለም። ባለፉት ስድስት ወራት ይህን ቃለ-መጠይቅ ያደረጉት ባዕዳውያን ፈረንጆች ብቻ መሆናቸው ለኢትዮጵያውያን ትልቅ ውርደት ነው። ብዙ የትግራይ ልጆች የሚከታተሏቸውና ኢትዮጵያ ያሉ እንደ “ኢትዮ-ፎረም” + “አውሎ ሜዲያ” ለምን ይህን የቤት ሥራ ሊሠሩ አልቻሉም/አልፈለጉም? ጋዜጠኛ ነን ለሚሉ ሁሉ ከዚህ የበለጠ ትልቅ ዕድልና አጋጣሚ እኮ የለም።

የትግራይ ልጆች ከእነዚህ ሜዲያዎች “ተጠንቀቁ፤ መስማት የምትፈልጉትን እየነገሯችሁ በስሜታቸውና በመንፈሳችሁ እየተጫወቱባችሁ ነው፤ እግረ መንገዳቸውንም ትንሽ የውጭ ገንዘብ ይሰበስቡ ዘንድ ነው” ብያለሁ። እስኪ በቻነሎቹ የአስተያየት መስጫ ሳጥኖች ውስጥ የሚቀመጡትን መል ዕክቶች አንብቡ፤ በተሰራጨው ዜና ላይ ሳይሆን አስተያየት በመስጠት ፋንታ ቻነሎቹን/ባለቤቶቹን “የሚያመልኩ” ነው የሚመስሉት። ተጠንቀቁ እንጠንቀቅ! ባሁኑ ሰዓት ኢትዮጵያ ሆኖ ትግራይን በመደገፍ የአረመኔውን ግራኝ አብዮት አህመድን አጀንዳ የማያራምድ ሜዲያ በጭራሽ ሊኖር አይችልም፤ በሃሳቤ ስህተተኛ ብሆን ደስ ባለኝ፤ ግን በኢትዮጵያ ነፃ የሆነ ሜዲያ በጭራሽ ሊኖር አይችልም፤100% እንኳን ትግራይን የሚደግፍ። ዛሬ የትግራይ ሕዝብ ከእግዚአብሔርና ቅዱሳኑ በቀር ማንም አጋርና ወዳጅ የለውምና፤ የስሜት ማስታገሻ ወገኖችን፣ ልሂቃንን፣ ሜዲያዎችን፣ ስልኮችን በመፈለግ ፈንታ መጽሐፍ ቅዱስን ማንበብ እጆቹን ወደ እግዚአብሔር ብቻ መዘርጋት ይኖርበታል።


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Ethiopian Orthodox Church Patriarch Blasts Tigray ‘Genocide’

Posted by addisethiopia / አዲስ ኢትዮጵያ on May 8, 2021

The head of the Ethiopian Orthodox Church in his first public comments on the war in the country’s Tigray region is sharply criticizing Ethiopia’s actions, saying he believes it’s genocide: “They want to destroy the people of Tigray.”

In a video shot last month on a mobile phone and carried out of Ethiopia, the elderly Patriarch Abune Mathias addresses the church’s scores of millions of followers and the international community, saying his previous attempts to speak out were blocked. He is ethnic Tigrayan.

The video comes as the conflict in Tigray marks six months. Thousands of people have been killed in the fighting between Ethiopian and allied forces and Tigray ones, the result of a political struggle that turned deadly in November. Dozens of witnesses have told the AP that civilians are targeted.

“I am not clear why they want to declare genocide on the people of Tigray,” Abune Mathias says, speaking in Amharic and listing alleged atrocities including the destruction of churches, massacres, forced starvation and looting. “It is not the fault of the Tigray people. The whole world should know it.”

He calls for strength, adding that “this bad season might pass away.” And he urges the world to act.

The comments are a striking denunciation from someone so senior inside Ethiopia, where state media reflect the government’s narrative and both independent journalists and Tigrayans have been intimidated and harassed. The video also comes as Ethiopia, facing multiple crises of sometimes deadly ethnic tensions, faces a national election on June 5.

Dennis Wadley, who runs the U.S.-based Bridges of Hope organization and has been a friend of the church leader for several years, told the AP he shot the video in an impulsive moment while visiting him last month in Ethiopia’s capital, Addis Ababa.

“I just pulled out my iPhone and said if you want to get the word out, let’s do it,” Wadley said on Friday after arriving in the U.S. “He just poured out his heart. … It’s so sad. I actually hugged him; I never did that before.”

A church official reached on Friday confirmed the video and the interest of Abune Mathias in making it public. The church patriarch serves alongside a recently returned exile, Abune Merkorios.

“I have said a lot of things but no one allows the message to be shared. Rather, it is being stifled and censored,” Abune Mathias says in the video.

“Many barbarisms have been conducted” these days all over Ethiopia, he says, but “what is happening in Tigray is of the highest brutality and cruelty.”

God will judge everything, he adds.

Ethiopia’s government says it is “deeply dismayed” by the deaths of civilians, blames the former Tigray leaders and claims normality is returning in the region of some 6 million people. It has denied widespread profiling and targeting of Tigrayans.

But witnesses have told the AP about seeing bodies strewn on the ground on communities, Tigrayans rounded up and expelled and women raped by Ethiopian and allied forces including those from neighboring Eritrea. Others have described family members and colleagues including priests being swept up and detained, often without charge.

Churches have been the scenes of massacres — one deacon in Axum has told the AP he believes some 800 people were killed in a November weekend at the church and around the city — and of mass graves.

“People were dropped over the ground like leaves,” the patriarch says of Axum, Ethiopia’s holiest city.

Abune Mathias, born in 1942, has been outspoken in the past. In 1980, he became the first leader of the church to denounce the rule of Ethiopia’s communist regime “and was forced to live abroad for more than thirty years,” according to the United Nations refugee agency.



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ሆላንዳዊቷ ፖለቲከኛ በሙስሊም ወንበዴዎች ወሲባዊ በደል ደርሶባት እንደነበር ካሳወቀች በኋላ እራሷን ገደለች

Posted by addisethiopia / አዲስ ኢትዮጵያ on August 10, 2018

የመሀመድ ጋኔን፦

በኔዘርላንድስ የመንግስታዊ አስተዳደር ዋና ከተማ በሆነችው በሄግ ከተማ ምክር ቤት አባል እና የፀረስደተኞች ፓርቲ አባል የነበረችው ሆላንዳዊት፡ ዊሊ ዲሌ፡ ፌስቡክ ላይ በለቀቀቸው ቪዲዮ ከአንድ ዓመት በፊት በሙስሊም ወንበዴውች ወሲባዊ በደል ደርሶባት እንደነበረ ካሳወቀች ከጥቂት ሰዓታት በኋላ ነበር እራሷን ለመግደል የበቃችው።

ግራኞቹ እና ሰዶማውያን በብዙ ሚሊየን የሚቆጠሩትን መሀመዳውያን ወደ አውሮፓ ያመጡት ያው ለዚህ ነው፤ ሴቶችና ሕፃናት እንዲደፈሩ

ምስኪን፡ ነፍሷን ይማርላት!

Dutch Anti-Immigrant Politician Takes Own Life After Claiming Rape By ‘Muslim Gang’

A city councilor in The Hague and member of the anti-immigrant Freedom Party has taken her own life, hours after posting a video on Facebook in which she claimed she was gang-raped by Muslims as part of an intimidation campaign.

Willie Dille, 53, reportedly ended her own life on Wednesday, shortly after sharing a video on social media in which she claimed to have been kidnapped and raped by a Muslim gang over a year ago.

Dille served as an MP for the anti-immigrant Freedom Party from 2010-2012 before returning to her seat on The Hague city council. The party’s leader, Geert Wilders, is an outspoken critic of Islam. The suicide was confirmed by local Freedom Party leader Karen Gerbrands who said Dille “could no longer bear what had happened to her and the reactions she had had.”

Appearing distressed and looking around nervously as she spoke, Dille said in the video that the gang demanded her silence during council debates and that she had recently received a death threat warning that “we will soon cut your throat and let you bleed to death.”

I just want the world to know the truth. 15 March 2017 I was kidnapped, raped and assaulted by a group of Muslims because they wanted me to keep quiet in the Hague city council,” she said in the video. March 15th last year was the day of the parliamentary elections. “After it happened, I did not tell anyone, I just did my debates the next day.”

She added that she was leaving politics because she was afraid that someone might hurt her children. “I cannot live with that. They don’t like women at all. They don’t like me at all,” she said. “That’s why I decided to stop.”

The video was removed shortly after it was posted online.

A police spokesperson told local media on Thursday afternoon that Dille had approached the police about the alleged attack but never filed a formal complaint.

We have had multiple contacts with her, including recently,” police spokesperson Hilde Vijverberg told Dutch daily Algemeen Dagblad.

There was talk of rape. We offered her help and said we need a formal complaint and concrete evidence to start an investigation. But she did not make a formal complaint and we did not get any concrete information to enable us to launch an inquiry.”

In a statement released on Twitter, Wilders said he was shocked by Dille’s death and that she would be missed “enormously.”



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