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10 of The Weirdest Futurist Scenarios For the ‘Evolution’ of Humanity

Posted by addisethiopia / አዲስ ኢትዮጵያ on July 7, 2012

My note: As weird as all this may look, we have to open our eyes wide to identify the real intentions of Lucifer, the master of the new world order who tutored the likes of Charles Darwin.

When science fiction writers and futurists imagine humans of the far future, they never think our descendants are going to look exactly the same as we do now. After all, we’ll have access to powerful tools to turn us into cyborgs and hack our DNA, so there’s no limit to how we could reinvent ourselves.

But just how weird could our progeny become? Here are 10 of the absolute strangest visions of our post-human future.

  1. Voluntary devolution

  2. Voluntary human extinction

  3. The rise of the eco-human

  4. Transgenic humans

  5. All brain, and no brawn

  6. The Hive Mind

  7. Postgendered humans

  8. Out of control morphological arms races

  9. Humans modified for space

  10. Uploads

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