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If Donald Trump Wins These Bad Guys Will Die of Heart Attack or Commit Suicide

Posted by addisethiopia / አዲስ ኢትዮጵያ on November 6, 2016


‘ONE’ gone!

Hildabeast’s sister in arms gone:

Sodomite prosecutor gone – and will be prosecuted somewhere else.

Janet Reno, First Female U.S. Attorney General, Dead At 78

She was famed for telling reporters“I don’t do spin” and often told the public “the buck stops with me.”

Reno’s tenure also was marked by political furor, similar to the controversy that now shadows the Justice Department’s management of the Hillary Clinton email inquiry.

In Matthew 4: 7 “Jesus replied, “Again it’s written, Don’t test the Lord your God.

But, Pharaoh-spirited Hildabeast arrogantly challenges the Lord:

–Hillary Clinton: When Founders Said All Men Were Created Equal, They Left Out Women

Henry Alfred Kissinger (93)

George H.W. Bush (92)

Zbigniew Brzezinski (88)

George Soros (86)

John McCain (80)

Jimmy Carter (92) H. Kissinger & Z. Brzezinski Used Islamic Somalia to Invade & Destabilize Christian Ethiopia in 1977


During the 1970s and 1980s the Soviets were the controlled opposition for Global Satanic order. May be the Russians are now playing the same role in Syria

During the Cold War era the opposing sides looked enemies to one another, but all sides worked together to destabilize, demoralize and eventually destroy Orthodox Christian nations like Ethiopia. Nothing new under the sun – in order to control Ethiopia, the most ancient Christian nation in the world, the West, the Soviets and the Arabs used anti-Christian ideologies (Communism & Islam), weather warfare (famine & starvation), disease (AIDS & Cholera) and bloody wars (Eritrea, Somalia) for 25 years (1974 – 1989)


If Killary Becomes President, These Babylon Agents Will Ask For Political Asylum In Saudi Arabia & Iran

  • Barack Hussein Obama (55)
  • Hillary Rodham Clinton (69)
  • John Forbes Carry (72)
  • Paul Davis Ryan (46)
  • George W. Bush (70)
  • Huma Mahmood Abedin (40)
  • Valerie Bowman Jarrett (59)

George H.W. Bush heralded his New World Order on 9/11, 1990. Hillary Clinton blamed 80 degree heat for her collapse at 9/11 memorial. The US election results will be announced on 11/9 by the 33rd Degree Masons. The New-Old President will be Hillary Rodham Clinton.


If Hillary Is Elected, Christians Better Run Like Hell: The Six Stages Of Christian Persecution


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Muslims Burn Paris And The Eiffel Tower On French Holiday Celebrating Anti-Clericalism And Hatred Of Christianity

Posted by addisethiopia / አዲስ ኢትዮጵያ on July 15, 2016

France, You Brought This All On Yourself By Your Apostasy


The events leading up to Bastille Day in fact have their roots in conflicts stemming from the late Medieval period, as I have noted, with roots in the conflict over the sin of usury, which generated a whole series of errors, heresies, and troubles that perpetuated themselves. However, for the purpose of modern times, Bastille Day marks the beginning of a series of Freemason-backed revolutions in the West that would destroy the remnants of Christendom kingdom by kingdom and generate the secular nationalism and following alliances that would create World War I.

The French Revolution began exactly 100 years to the day after St. Margaret Mary Alacoque warned the French Kings that they had to have France consecrated to the Sacred Heart of Jesus within 100 years or else dire consequences would happen. That day of the first vision was June 17th, 1689, and it was on June 17th 1789 that a group of Frenchmen met in secret and signed the Tennis Court Oath which formed the French National Assembly and claimed to have power over the French King. Bastille Day is simply a continuation of the events of June 17th, being the physical act of rebellion against the oath of rebellion taken barely a month earlier. The French Jacobin Freemason Revolutionaries won, and they engaged in a reign of terror across France, beheading their king and many thousands of priests, nuns, and lay people in the name of the pagan revolutions.

The Freemason conspiracy here is very serious and real. I wrote an article several months earlier about this where I recommended several books about real Catholic conspiracies, and two of them dealt with this issue in depth. One of them was Memoirs Illustrating A History Of Jacobinism by Fr. Augustin Barruel written in 1793, which deals exclusively with the French Revolution and goes into considerable detail about the particular events which caused and lead up to what happened, and the second is Behind The Lodge Door by Paul Fisher, which does discuss the Revolution and also includes a lot of information about the Freemason infiltration of the USA through the Court system.

What the casual observer should come away with is that Bastille Day is the celebration of a “holiday” dedicated to insulting, blaspheming, and mocking the very Catholic Faith which brought France into existence and sustained that nations for centuries upon centuries.

France has spent now 217 years celebrating this blasphemous “holiday,” and each year not only does the state of Christianity worsen in France, but the people themselves are dying out as they are not reproducing. As we have seen beginning after World War II, the presence of Islam has grown to such a point that Muslims now constitute nearly 10% of the population, have taken over large portions of many cities, and are threatening to take over France without so much as firing a shot because France has chosen to abandon its Faith and by dancing with demons invited the Mohammedan menace in, a demon from the same hell with the same ends, and that is the complete spiritual, moral, cultural, and even biological destruction of the once great French nation.

There is so much “praise” given to Charlie Hebdo. That magazine is a blasphemous piece of filth which rightly has no place in society. This magazine, showing a blasphemy of the Holy Trinity, is complete garbage and deserved to be destroyed by Muslims simply because the French Christians have become so useless in fighting against manifest, soul-destroying, poisonous evils such as this.

So while it is sad to see what is happening in France right now, know this: everything taking place tonight in France was and still is completely preventable. It is the product of more than two centuries of blaspheming and insulting God and His Faith in the name of a failed human experiment by evil men who desire themselves to become gods among men, and in so doing they are destroying themselves and countless others.

France can still be saved, but she must return to the Faith she was raised in. Else, the future is Islam as a punishment for her apostasy, for as the Catholic Faith clearly notes, the culmination of all heresy and apostasy is Islam.


Saudi Funded Mosque Opened in Nice Two Weeks Before Attack

— Newt Gingrich : ‘If They Believe in Shariah, They Should Be Deported’


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