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Horrific Video: Saudi Family Brutally Beating an Ethiopian Woman

Posted by addisethiopia / አዲስ ኢትዮጵያ on November 26, 2013

Let death seize upon them, and let them go down quick into hell: for wickedness is in their dwellings, and among them.

Psalms 55:15


Astonishing world wide viewers’ reaction to the horrific video

  • I don’t even know what to say, I can’t think of a punishment that would be heinous enough for these people.

  • Ethiopia has a fast-growing population, and will eventually become a power in Red Sea region. They won’t forget how the Saudis have treated their citizens.

  • All you have to do is go to any Arab owned Gas Station to know how fucked up MOST of these people are.

  • Savages. The US should NOT be allies with these heathens.

  • My guess : nothing will happen, as Saudi Arabia is fully supported by the USA

  • Saudi’s act like apes, barely human at all. Savage country full of savages

  • Why does the West send ANY aid at all to these slimebags. Why is Saudi on ANY UN body at all – especially the Human Rights panel?

  • Very sad and upsetting to watch! The excitement in their eyes as they beat the woman shows how weak they really are

  • A shame the video won’t go viral on msnbc, Rachael Madcow should go to that place and investigate it like a professional journalist useful tool

  • I’d honestly have no problem walking into that house with an AK and taking the whole “family” out while they sit on the floor eating curry

  • If you cannot recognize that that is fucked up, then you are fucked up.

  • When a population is composed mostly of people with highly defective genetic code, there are consequences. Not good ones, either

  • I’m not watching that shit. Just imagining what I might see infuriates me.

  • The saudi’s are scum, They will get their due when the oil runs out

  • If the Saudis were to announce that they are no longer selling oil exclusively in dollars we would be preparing for war within a few hours

  • At some point someone sneaky in the ME will get tired of them and then you’ll see a lot of royal heads on brass platters

  • Modern slavery Completely barbaric. It actually turned my stomach

  • Saudi Arabia should be destroyed just based on this video

  • To think people actually believe we can coexist with these barbarians

  • This is barbaric More proof they still think its Middle Ages

  • This needs to be on NBC nightly news first story

  • Savages and these BASTARDS want Atom Bombs!!!!

  • Sometimes I can not believe that these things really happen! It’s so sad.

  • Those evil bastards really seem to be enjoying themselves! There is something inherently wrong with a person that could treat a person that way “just because”.

  • It’s horrifying, but not a surprise. Saudi Arabia is one of the last places on earth ANY female should be

  • Being Ethiopian she’s probably a christian, she doesn’t have to do anything that’s enough in Saudi

  • Just wait until their next life …

  • They will also be beaten like this and feel how it is to get beaten see you in hell you bastards

  • What do you expect from the saud’s? A hug?The truth is if you are not a Saudi and are working in that so called country you are basically a slave. You have no rights, Nothing.

  • This is what they are, when you worship Satan, you get evil.

  • She probably used the wrong broom to sweep the floor…

  • Years of inbreeding they are psychopaths

  • America and israel want to actually ally with these savages? They are going to allow them to have nukes?

  • Of all the people on this planet the Saudies DISGUST me the most

  • Fucking savages doesn’t matter if you have money or live in a mud shack its the same mentality

  • I don’t know how anyone still wants to go work there as a maid. Today they threw out some 50,000 illegal Ethopians in Saudi Arabia. And how come the US or UN never says anything about their human rights violations? It’s unfair how some countries get away with this treatment of other humans

  • Americans need to wake up before its too late! but the sheeple is too busy listening to Justin Beiber and Miley Cyrus, in addition, the president dancing on gangam style

  • If every country refused to work in their Middle East it would be very rough on them, they are very lazy people

  • The United States knows that this happens every day in Saudi Arabia but because we need their oil we stay silent

  • Feed the Saudis to the Iranians. Nothing is sweeter than hot Muslim-on-Muslim genocide

  • These devilish evildoers will sometime stand before God and they will be judged and punished

  • This is not a rare occurrence in that part of the world. It IS culturally accepted by a majority of the population

  • I don’t want people coming to my country who accept behavior like that

  • Anyone who knows scripture knows what the results of doing this are. I’m not happy with it. Are you happy with it?

  • I can’t watch the video. Just the still picture is enough

  • The worthless sub human pieces of crap that treated another human this way need to be hunted down and killed. NO MERCY. The countries that turn a blind eye towards this barbaric treatment are guilty of crimes against humanity

  • I worked there two years in the 80s and was shocked even muslims from say Egypt are treated way worse than westerner

  • This is mild compared to alot of the shit they do. This is just a little ass slapping in their book and they font care what anyone thinks. let god sort them out

  • They are incredibly cruel people. There are all sorts of stories about them importing maids from overseas. They are beaten by the wives and daughters and raped by the sons and fathers of the households

  • Its not really a immigration problem in the eyes of the people dealing out the beating. they enjoy having a surplus of desperate vulnerable people that can be their domestic servants for peanuts, and that their status as immigrants, legal or not, means that the saudi richers can pretty much do whatever they want to them

  • If There were no Saudis in the world, it would be a better place



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