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‘Habesha’ Christian Migrants Kidnapped by Isis in Libya Kept as Sex Slaves After Forced Conversion to Islam

Posted by addisethiopia / አዲስ ኢትዮጵያ on July 2, 2016

Know islam, no peace.

No islam, know peace.


Captives were beaten and threatened with death unless they converted – then the sexual abuse would begin.

Christian migrants in Libya hoping to reach Europe have detailed the persecution they have faced at the hands of Islamic State including starvation, beatings, sexual slavery and forced conversion to Islam.

Amal, a 21-year-old Eritrean woman, described how she was raped by different men and was finally assigned as a “wife” to one IS fighter who also raped her after she was kidnapped near Benghazi in July 2015.

The young woman described how she and a group of 71 people she was travelling with were deprived of food for up to three days at a time over a period of months.

“They took [the Christians] to Tripoli and kept us underground – we didn’t see the sun for nine months. We were 11 women from Eritrea,” she said. “Sometimes we didn’t eat for three days. Other times they would give us one meal a day, half a piece of bread.”

Amal also described how the captives were pressured into converting into Islam under threat of death and were beaten with hoses or sticks. “Sometimes they would frighten us with their guns, or threaten to slaughter us with their knives,” she explained. After women agreed to convert the sexual violence and rape would begin.

In another case, in 2015 Adam, 28, a man from Ethiopia living in Benghazi with his wife, was abducted by IS simply because he was a Christian.

“They kept me in a prison for one and half months. Then one of them felt sorry for me after I told him I have a family and he helped me memorize the Quran so they would let me go… They killed many people,” he explained. Adam said he was was eventually able to escape after seven months in captivity.

According to the International Organisation for Immigration (IOM), most foreign nationals residing in Libya originate from Niger, Egypt, Chad, Ghana and Sudan. The majority of those transiting through the country and then crossing to Italy by boat are from Eritrea, Nigeria, Gambia, Somalia and Côte d’Ivoire. The main transit point for people from West Africa entering Libya is the south-western city of Sabha.

Those entering via Sudan from Somalia, Eritrea and Ethiopia come through Kufra, and then travel on to Ajdabiya in the north eastern part of the country. Most boats heading to Europe depart from north-western Libya. Before departure, foreign nationals are held in houses and farms until more people are gathered for the journey.


— Bangladesh: Those Who Could Cite Quran Were Spared, Others Hacked to Death

— Bangladesh Terror Nightmare. What Is The Truth Behind It And Why This Is So Dangerous?



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The Never-Ending Arab Cruelty Against Sons & Daughters of Ethiopia

Posted by addisethiopia / አዲስ ኢትዮጵያ on November 26, 2014

Ethiopia is Africa’s biggest refugee-hosting country, yet, Ethiopian immigrants continue to be maltreated by the ever ungraceful and hostile neighboring nations. Whether it’s in Sudan, Somalia or other Arab-league member nations, for those cruel “neighbors” no excess seems to be too monstrous for them to commit. 

Here are the latest acts of atrocious cruelty committed against Children of Ethiopia.

Ethiopian Maids Reveal Abuse From Employers in UAE

Two maids have spoken of the appalling abuse they claim was dished out by their employers, as a top diplomat called for an end to household “slavery”.

Hedja Ousman, 22, and Wube Tamene, 18, worked for families in the UAE and both say they were beaten, starved, and prevented from contacting their families in Ethiopia.

They have now sought refuge at the Ethiopian Consulate in Dubai.

Hedja, speaking to 7DAYS yesterday, told of the horrors she endured during the two years she worked for a Kazakh family in Ajman. She said her female employer didn’t like the prospect of the maid speaking to her husband.

She said: “My employer didn’t want me talking to her husband. Every time her husband would instruct me to do something, she would beat me.”

Hedja said the woman even cut off her hair to make her “less attractive”.

Hedja, who earned Dhs500 per month, said the abuse began three months after she started her job. She decided to escape last week when her employer accused her of stealing car keys and beat her.

“I saw the door open and I ran,” she said. I asked someone for water, they called the police for me. I’ve been at the consulate since. I want to go home.”

She has dropped the police case she had filed against her employer but the consulate says it intends to file a new one.

Wube worked for an Emirati family in Dubai and claims at one point she was starved for two days then shown a plate of food, which she thought was hers, only for her employers to throw it in the bin.

Ethiopia’s Consul General in Dubai, Yibeltal Aemero Alemu, said he is seeing “a lot” of such cases, branding it “slavery.”

Housemaid Wube Tamene dreamed of a new life and a decent standard of living in the UAE.

Instead she was made to cut up her clothes and clean her employer’s home with the rags.

The Ethiopian, aged just 18, claims she was also made to walk around in bare feet and was not paid a salary for 18 months.

She also claims she was regularly beaten. Wube is now seeking refuge at the Ethiopian consulate in Dubai, along with fellow maid Hedja Ousman, who escaped an abusive employer – a Kazakh woman – in Ajman.

Their cases have prompted Ethiopia’s Consul General in Dubai, Yibeltal Aemero Alemu, to call for such “slavery” to stop.

Alemu said the consulate is now seeing “a lot” of cases in UAE and has said his office would begin pursuing cases against abusive families.

He said: “These maids have no communication to the outside world, they’re starved and beaten – this is slavery.

“They’re not allowed to have mobile phones. To exploit the maids employers don’t let them communicate with their families back home, so they won’t run away for other opportunities.”

Recalling her abuse, Wube said: “When my employer wanted to get rid of me she made me sign a contract in Arabic that I have settled everything with her. But I didn’t understand what I was signing.

“She took me to the airport without shoes and any luggage, gave me my flight tickets and asked me to leave.

“But I was stopped by authorities. They said ‘where are you going without shoes?’” Consul-General Alemu said Wube has now received her outstanding salary of Dhs9,000 and will be heading back to Ethiopia today.

Ethiopia currently has a ban on its nationals coming to the UAE as domestic workers, but Alemu said the two maids started work before his government implemented it last year. Addis Abada said such a ban would remain in place until there is an agreement reached to protect its nationals from abusive employers.

“There are 90,000 Ethiopians in the UAE and most of them are maids,” Alemu said.

Lola Lopez founder of the humanitarian group Babies Behind Bars, which also helps maids who are abused, said some were being denied basic human rights.

She said: “Some people have no regard for human life. Welfare organisations haven’t been able to help much, because the message they send out doesn’t always reach the women it’s supposed to. Many of these maids don’t read the newspaper and they don’t have phones.

“No one can be denied basic human needs.”


[Psalms 94:1-7]

O God, in whose hands is punishment, O God of punishment, let your shining face be seen. Be lifted up, O judge of the earth; let their reward come to the men of pride.

How long will sinners, O Lord, how long will sinners have joy over us?

Words of pride come from their lips; all the workers of evil say great things of themselves.

Your people are crushed by them, O Lord, your heritage is troubled,

They put to death the widow and the guest, they take the lives of children who have no father; And they say, Jah will not see it, the God of Jacob will not give thought to it.


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Ethiopians Challenged — The Middle East Tested

Posted by addisethiopia / አዲስ ኢትዮጵያ on January 6, 2014

All you inhabitants of the world, and dwellers on the earth, see, when he lifts up a banner on the mountains; and when he blows a trumpet, hear.” [Isaiah 18:3]

30,000 African Migrants Take to Tel-Aviv Streets Protesting Detention Policy

30Tens of thousands of Africans took to the streets of Tel Aviv on Sunday in protest of Israel’s detention of their fellow migrants deemed illegal job-seekers by the nation. The rally is the biggest ever held by migrants in the state.

More than 30,000 demonstrators marched peacefully in Tel Aviv,” police spokeswoman Lubra Samri told AFP.

The protesters gathered in the capital’s centre Rabin Square, chanting slogans like: “We are all refugees” and “yes to freedom, no to prison!” A three-day strike was also launched in several Israeli cities.

Continue reading…

Human Body Parts ‘fall from the sky’ in Saudi Arabia

jeddah locatorResidents of Saudi Arabia’s Jeddah were shocked to see human body parts suddenly falling from the night sky. Police say they may be the remains of a man who stowed away in an airplane’s wheel bay.

A photo claiming to be of the body of the fallen human being appeared in Arabic media and social media.

Police are investigating the incident, but would not comment if the body parts are connected to a Saudi airplane that made an emergency landing early Sunday morning.

The plane, carrying 315 passengers from Iran’s city of Mashhad, was forced to make an emergency landing in Saudi Arabia’s Medina after the cockpit reported a malfunction in the rear wheel. Twenty-nine people were injured during the approach.

Cases have been documented in the past of people – in a desperate attempt to cross borders – climbing into the landing gear of a plane before takeoff. Few survive the freezing temperatures when the plane is in the air.



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Current State of Nationalism: India vs Ethiopia

Posted by addisethiopia / አዲስ ኢትዮጵያ on December 22, 2013

The Indian Case:

  • India’s dEthioIndiaDollseputy consul general in New York, was arrested and charged with submitting false documents to obtain a work visa for her Manhattan housekeeper, whom she is accused of keeping as a ‘virtual slave’. Prosecutors say the maid received less than $3 per hour for her work
  • Ms Khobragade, the Deputy Consul General for Political, Economic, Commercial and Women’s affairs was handcuffed, strip-searched, swabbed for DNA and held in in a cell with sex workers and drug addicts

Indian Reaction: Nationwide outrage

  • India takes retaliatory measures against the USA
  • Demonstrators in Bhopal, India burn pictures of President Obama
  • Indian political leaders from both the ruling party and the opposition refused to meet with the U.S. congressional delegation in New Delhi. The Indian government said it was ‘shocked and appalled at the manner in which the diplomat had been humiliated’ in the U.S.
  • Indian Foreign Secretary Sujata Singh summoned U.S. Ambassador Nancy Powell to register a complaint, and said nothing short of an outright apology would suffice
  • India has ordered the withdrawal of all ID cards that are issued by the Ministry of External Affairs to the officials at the US consulates across India
  • The Indian government is also considering imposing a ban on import clearances for the American diplomats as well as canceling airport clearances for US officials in India
  • Authorities are also requesting salary information of Indian staff in US missions across the country as well as visa details of teachers employed in consulate-run schools

American Reaction:

  • U.S. has now said it will ‘review the procedures’ carried out upon her arrest and investigate whether ‘courtesies’ were extended
  • John Kerry calls Indian official to express ‘regret’ about diplomat’s cavity search

The Ethiopian Case:

–Exodus of civilians unseen/unheard since the 2nd World War, a stealth and unique forced deportation of Ethiopian citizens is taking place in Saudi Arabia. Unprecedented 150,000 Ethiopians have already been repatriated in one month. 100,000 more expected in the coming days and weeks. A historic event ignored by the hypocritical lamestream media

–This repatriation is accompined by unparalleled barbarism and brutality

–The Saudis maltreated, raped, brutally hanged and murdered innocent Ethiopians.

–Many still languish in Saudi prisons – and the whereabouts of thousands of Ethiopians still unknown

Ethiopian reaction:

Anger, outrage, worldwide protests in front of Saudi embassies. Solidarity with the victims, prayers for the thousands who’re still imprisoned. No burning of portraits of the evil Saudi king, nor attacks on Saudi embassies and properties. Ethiopians are too gentle and patient!

Saudi reaction:

How did the Saudis react to their own cruel acts? With their usual tactics: by lying, denying, blaming and accusing poor Ethiopians. Who’s a liar, denier and accuser?  Who blames its victims? Yes, it’s Satan! This blaming and accusing spirit of the Saudis is an anti-Christ spirit, because it approaches children of God with no love, but a tone of hatred and condemnation. This spirit uses the letter of the law to lay heavy burdens and crush it’s victims, it works hand in hand with the family of demonic spirits and strongholds, including legalism.


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Saudi Arabia Doubles Down on Abuse

Posted by addisethiopia / አዲስ ኢትዮጵያ on December 2, 2013

እነዚህ የሳዑዲ ፍጡራን ምን ያህል ደካሞች፣ ርጉሞች እና ጨካኞች እንደሆኑ አገር ቤት ያለው ወገናችን በደንብ አድርጎ የሚገነዘበው አይመስለኝም።

ሁላችንንም በጣም ሊያሳስበንና በተለይ ደግሞ ኢትዮጵያውያን የሕክምና ባለሙያዎች ተገቢውን ትኩረት ሊሰጡት የሚገባው ጉዳይ፡

በቅርቡ በአረብ አገሮች የተስፋፋውና ኮሮናየሚባለው መቅሰፍታዊ የግመል ቫይረስ ነው። ይህ ቫይረስ ወይም ተመሳሳይ የባዮሎጂ መርዝ ምናልባት በሚመለሱት ወንድሞቻችንና እህቶቻችን ዓማካይነት በአገራችን ተስፋፍቶ ሕዝባችንን የበለጠ እንዳያዳክምብን ጉዳዩን በቅርብ እየተከታተልን ማጥናት ይኖርብናል። ሳዑዲዎች ኢትዮጵያውያኑን ለማባረር የተዘጋጁት ዱሮ ነው። የኢትዮጵያውያኑ ህገወጥነትጉዳይ ምክኒያቱ እንዳልሆነ ብዙዎቻችን የምናውቀው ነው።

ቁጥራቸው እየጨመረ የመጣው የአውሮፕላን በረራዎችስ? የሳዑዲ አውሮፕላኖች ለዓለም ዓቀፉ የ Chemtrails ሴራ አስተዋጽዖ በማበርከት በአገራችን የዓየር ክልል መርዙን የመርጨትስ ጥሩ አጋጣሚ ፈጥሮላቸው ይሆንን? ሲ አይ ኤ በቻይና አካሂዶታል ሲባል እንደነበረው። ወደ ኢትዮጵያ የሚበሩ የአረብ አውሮፕላኖች ሁሉ በዚህ የ Chemtrails ሴራ ሊጠረጠሩ ይገባቸዋል። ቀይ ባሕርን በእጃቸው አስገብተዋል፡ የቀሯቸው ዓየራችንውሃችን እና መሬታችን ናቸው

ባለፈው ጊዜ የመከላከያ ምኒስትራቸው ግብጽ ውስጥ ፀረኢትዮጵያ የሆነውን ንግግር ማሰማቱም ከዚህ ሁሉ ሁኔታ ጋር የተያያዘ ነው። ኢትዮጵያውያን በሳውዲ ዕብድ ውሾች በየመንገዱ መታደን በጀመሩት ዕለት፡ የ Skull & Bones ምስጢራዊ ድርጅት ዓባል፡ ውጭ ጉዳይ ሚኒስትር ጆን ኬሪ በሳዑዲ ዓረቢያ ጉብኝት እያደረጉ ነበር። ስለሁኔታው የተነፈሱት ነገር የለም።

የዓለም ዓቀፋዊ ምስጢራዊ ቡድኖች ሁሉ መናኽሪያዋ ሳዑዲ የሰይጣን መቀመጫ ሆና በማገልገል ላይ ትገኛለች። ይህን መናኽሪያ ሊያወድም እና ሊያጠፋ የሚችለውም ቀጫጫ እገር ያለው ኢትዮጵያዊእንደሚሆን እራሳቸው ሙስሊሞች ቅዱስ ናቸው የሚሏቸው ሃዲቶች ይተነብያሉ

ቀደም ሲል መሪዎቻችንን ገድለው ብሔራዊ አለመረጋጋትን በመፍጠር የዋሐቢዎችን እንቅስቃሴ ባገራችን ለማጠናከር ሞከሩ። አሁን ደግሞ በሚቀጥለው እርምጃቸው ይህ በታሪክ ከፍተኛ ቦታ መያዝ የሚችለው የስደተኞች እንደገና ወደ ኢትዮጵያ መጉረፍ ለዚህ ህልማቸው አስተዋጽዖ ያበረክታል ብለው ያምናሉ። ሕብረተሰባችንን በሁሉም አቅጣጫ በመተናኮልና በሕዝባችን ላይ ውጥረት እየፈጠሩ በማደናገር ዲያብሎሳዊ ህልማቸውን እውን ለማድረግ መውደቂያቸው እስኪደርስ ይታገላሉ። የመውደቂያቸው እና ኤርታዓሌ የእሳት ጉድጓድ ውስጥ የመግቢያቸው ቀን በጣም ተቃርቧል!

የሳዑዲ ዜጋ እና ከልዑሉ ቀጥሎም ሁለተኛው ኃብታም የሆኑት ሸህ ሙሀመድ አላሙዲ የኢትዮጵያውያኑን እጣ በሚመለከት ምን እያሉ ይሆን? ሳዑዲዎች በወገኖቻችን ላይ ለብዙ ዓመታት ስላደረሱት የከፋ በደል እንዲሁም ስለ ዋሃቢዝም ርዕዮተዓለም የሚሉትን ለመስማት በጣም ነው የጓጓሁት። ይህን በተመለከተ ለኢንተርቪው የሚጋብዛቸው ኢትዮጵያዊ ይኖር ይሆን?

ወገናችንን ወደ ሳዑዲ የሚልኩ፡ ኢትዮጵያውያንን ከሳዑዲ እንዲባረሩ ካደረጉት የሚለዩ አይደሉም!

This past week, three Ethiopians were killed in the Saudi capital of Riyadh, as well as one foreign worker from Sudan. They died amid vigilante violence and reports of police brutality after illegal immigrants in the slum of Manfouha protested against a massive campaign of deportations that the government launched this month. A similar demonstration was broken up in the city of Jeddah, and its organizers arrested.

Meanwhile, large groups of Ethiopians have been gathering for protests this week at Saudi diplomatic institutions across the United States, including in front of the Saudi Embassy in Washington, as well as the Kingdom’s consulates in Atlanta and Los Angeles.

What is this big controversy about?

Saudi officials claim that the Ethiopians instigated this episode by throwing stones at cars without any provocation, but a reporter for the Wall Street Journal talked to locals who had a different view. They said “Saudi security forces had come to the neighborhood the night before to declare that all illegal African migrants had to leave… immediately. Pakistani laborers began trying to help police by catching African workers, and clashes began”.

This harsh crackdown comes as part of a longstanding Saudi effort aimed at increasing the proportion of citizens employed in productive sectors of the economy. However, it is also the result of a pervasive legacy of racism and religious discrimination experienced by African Christians in the Kingdom.

Saudi Arabia only abolished slavery in 1962, under heavy pressure by Washington and the UN. The best estimates suggest that the Kingdom held approximately thirty thousand slaves at the time.

But the Wahhabi religious establishment was reluctant to see the institution go. Just a decade ago, a member of Saudi Arabia’s highest religious body was caught on tape preaching that “slavery is a part of Islam”. He elaborated that “slavery is a part of jihad, and jihad will remain as long as there is Islam”.

In this insidious mindset—which, of course, is rejected by many Muslims—a hierarchy of races could be seen as a religious obligation. Due to what Saudi dissident Ali al-Ahmed calls a “culture of slavery” that “pervades the country,” even dark-skinned men and women who are Saudi citizens have been blocked from positions in a range of prestigious professions.

There are an estimated nine million foreign workers in Saudi Arabia, mostly doing jobs that Saudis themselves do not want to take. And so far, the sudden crackdown is mainly just causing disruptions to Saudi Arabia’s national economy. According to a story in the Saudi Gazette, twenty thousand schools in the country are now short of janitors, and 40 percent of small construction firms have stopped operations. One observer even counted thirteen facilities for the religious ritual of washing dead bodies that had been shuttered in Jeddah because the workers responsible for this thankless task had been forced to flee.

Many illegal immigrants have wanted to go home but were unable to do so. Hundreds of Filipinos have been camping out in front of their country’s consulate in Jeddah because they needed official support to get exit visas and purchase expensive airplane tickets home.

Saudi Arabia’s kefala labor system facilitates human rights abuses, “sometimes amounting to slavery-like conditions.” The system gives companies enormous power over their foreign employees, including the ability to block employees from flying home if they are unhappy with their work conditions. That is why such rights groups and the Economist have called on Riyadh to abolish the kefala system.

Overlaid with this system of discrimination and exploitation is Saudi Arabia’s chauvinistic repression of Christian residents. Many African workers in the country are Christians, but absolutely no churches are officially allowed. As recently as this April, Saudi Arabia’s Grand Mufti declared that all churches in the Arabian Peninsula must be destroyed.

In February, Saudi Arabia’s religious police raided a private religious gathering of fifty-three Ethiopian Christians, shutting down their prayer group and making mass arrests. Just half a year earlier, authorities deported thirty-five others for participating in a similar Ethiopian prayer group. And in 1997 two foreign workers were beheaded for conducting Bible study meetings and prayer groups in prison.

But no aspect of these abuses is more chilling than the examples of bodily harm experienced by some foreign workers in the Kingdom. Many of the individuals returning to Ethiopia have scars or fresh wounds from beatings by employers or police, and one man claims the officer who beat him even stole the shoes from off of his feet. According to the UAE paper Emirates 24/7, “scores of Asian and African domestic workers have been reported to have committed a suicide in Saudi Arabia over the past years because of mistreatment and other factors”. Chilling images keep surfacing on the web of Ethiopian maids who were so desperate with their circumstances in Saudi Arabia that they hanged themselves.

Over the years, numerous videos have surfaced showing angry, entitled Saudis beating and verbally abusing foreign workers—although to their credit, many Saudi citizens called out for a criminal investigation in one recent case. A study by the Committee on Filipinos Overseas found that 70 percent of Filipino domestic workers in Saudi Arabia reported instances of physical or psychological abuse.

Ethiopia’s ambassador to Riyadh, who obviously wishes to maintain good relations with his Saudi hosts, actually claimed that twenty-three thousand of his countrymen “handed themselves in” after Manfouha. They are being deported in large numbers at this very moment.

How bad must it become for economic migrants when suddenly tens of thousands of them are allegedly begging for a way out? And at what point does the international community have a responsibility to say loudly and emphatically enough is enough?




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Horrific Video: Saudi Family Brutally Beating an Ethiopian Woman

Posted by addisethiopia / አዲስ ኢትዮጵያ on November 26, 2013

Let death seize upon them, and let them go down quick into hell: for wickedness is in their dwellings, and among them.

Psalms 55:15


Astonishing world wide viewers’ reaction to the horrific video

  • I don’t even know what to say, I can’t think of a punishment that would be heinous enough for these people.

  • Ethiopia has a fast-growing population, and will eventually become a power in Red Sea region. They won’t forget how the Saudis have treated their citizens.

  • All you have to do is go to any Arab owned Gas Station to know how fucked up MOST of these people are.

  • Savages. The US should NOT be allies with these heathens.

  • My guess : nothing will happen, as Saudi Arabia is fully supported by the USA

  • Saudi’s act like apes, barely human at all. Savage country full of savages

  • Why does the West send ANY aid at all to these slimebags. Why is Saudi on ANY UN body at all – especially the Human Rights panel?

  • Very sad and upsetting to watch! The excitement in their eyes as they beat the woman shows how weak they really are

  • A shame the video won’t go viral on msnbc, Rachael Madcow should go to that place and investigate it like a professional journalist useful tool

  • I’d honestly have no problem walking into that house with an AK and taking the whole “family” out while they sit on the floor eating curry

  • If you cannot recognize that that is fucked up, then you are fucked up.

  • When a population is composed mostly of people with highly defective genetic code, there are consequences. Not good ones, either

  • I’m not watching that shit. Just imagining what I might see infuriates me.

  • The saudi’s are scum, They will get their due when the oil runs out

  • If the Saudis were to announce that they are no longer selling oil exclusively in dollars we would be preparing for war within a few hours

  • At some point someone sneaky in the ME will get tired of them and then you’ll see a lot of royal heads on brass platters

  • Modern slavery Completely barbaric. It actually turned my stomach

  • Saudi Arabia should be destroyed just based on this video

  • To think people actually believe we can coexist with these barbarians

  • This is barbaric More proof they still think its Middle Ages

  • This needs to be on NBC nightly news first story

  • Savages and these BASTARDS want Atom Bombs!!!!

  • Sometimes I can not believe that these things really happen! It’s so sad.

  • Those evil bastards really seem to be enjoying themselves! There is something inherently wrong with a person that could treat a person that way “just because”.

  • It’s horrifying, but not a surprise. Saudi Arabia is one of the last places on earth ANY female should be

  • Being Ethiopian she’s probably a christian, she doesn’t have to do anything that’s enough in Saudi

  • Just wait until their next life …

  • They will also be beaten like this and feel how it is to get beaten see you in hell you bastards

  • What do you expect from the saud’s? A hug?The truth is if you are not a Saudi and are working in that so called country you are basically a slave. You have no rights, Nothing.

  • This is what they are, when you worship Satan, you get evil.

  • She probably used the wrong broom to sweep the floor…

  • Years of inbreeding they are psychopaths

  • America and israel want to actually ally with these savages? They are going to allow them to have nukes?

  • Of all the people on this planet the Saudies DISGUST me the most

  • Fucking savages doesn’t matter if you have money or live in a mud shack its the same mentality

  • I don’t know how anyone still wants to go work there as a maid. Today they threw out some 50,000 illegal Ethopians in Saudi Arabia. And how come the US or UN never says anything about their human rights violations? It’s unfair how some countries get away with this treatment of other humans

  • Americans need to wake up before its too late! but the sheeple is too busy listening to Justin Beiber and Miley Cyrus, in addition, the president dancing on gangam style

  • If every country refused to work in their Middle East it would be very rough on them, they are very lazy people

  • The United States knows that this happens every day in Saudi Arabia but because we need their oil we stay silent

  • Feed the Saudis to the Iranians. Nothing is sweeter than hot Muslim-on-Muslim genocide

  • These devilish evildoers will sometime stand before God and they will be judged and punished

  • This is not a rare occurrence in that part of the world. It IS culturally accepted by a majority of the population

  • I don’t want people coming to my country who accept behavior like that

  • Anyone who knows scripture knows what the results of doing this are. I’m not happy with it. Are you happy with it?

  • I can’t watch the video. Just the still picture is enough

  • The worthless sub human pieces of crap that treated another human this way need to be hunted down and killed. NO MERCY. The countries that turn a blind eye towards this barbaric treatment are guilty of crimes against humanity

  • I worked there two years in the 80s and was shocked even muslims from say Egypt are treated way worse than westerner

  • This is mild compared to alot of the shit they do. This is just a little ass slapping in their book and they font care what anyone thinks. let god sort them out

  • They are incredibly cruel people. There are all sorts of stories about them importing maids from overseas. They are beaten by the wives and daughters and raped by the sons and fathers of the households

  • Its not really a immigration problem in the eyes of the people dealing out the beating. they enjoy having a surplus of desperate vulnerable people that can be their domestic servants for peanuts, and that their status as immigrants, legal or not, means that the saudi richers can pretty much do whatever they want to them

  • If There were no Saudis in the world, it would be a better place



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Crazy Photos Are Coming Out Of Saudi Arabia After Rain Leaves Capital Flooded

Posted by addisethiopia / አዲስ ኢትዮጵያ on November 17, 2013

You snakes, you children of serpents! How can you escape being condemned to hell?” [Mathew 23:33]

RFire3This sounds shocking to polite ears, but there is indeed a just wrath of God – the one true Christian God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob who presides over the destinies of nations. This Almighty Egziabher doesn’t need you cruel children of the devil except for discerning us the nature of good and evil. We have a very patient God, but His patience has a limit! He will speak and strive with man so that he might repent, but not forever. That is why before the terrible Flood in Noah’s day, The righteous God whose anger does not diminish toward those who refuse to repent said, “My Spirit will not contend with man forever. His days will be a hundred and twenty years.” [Genesis 6:3]

This past September cruel Islamists set off human bombs in front of the historic All Saints Catholic Church in Pakistan. Six hundred Christian worshipers were present. These people were simply worshiping God peacefully when the diabolic act occurred. 78 people were killed, including 34 women and 7 children. More than 100 were wounded. Such attacks against God’s people brought judgment on all perpetrators and the country that houses them. Three days later, a massive earthquake struck Pakistan killing 328 people and injuring 373 – more than triple the number of dead and injured when Muslims bombed the Church. Wasn’t that a divine statement?!

Now, you soulless Saudis, who treat my people like your hated dogs, your days are numbered – soon, very soon, Our Lord will do this to you: “He will send down fire and flames, and a burning wind; with these will their cup be full.” [Psalm 11:6]

Riyadh, the 5 million strong capital of Saudi Arabia, generally doesn’t receive much rainfall over the year. One source says that, on average, just 0.2 inches of rain fall in November.

It’s perhaps because of this that the city has been unable to handle around two hours of heavy rain today. Residents are in shock, with many Internet users are posting pictures of flooded streets.


Saudi Capital Hit With Rare Floods, Residents Urged to Stay Indoors



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What Each Country Leads The World In

Posted by addisethiopia / አዲስ ኢትዮጵያ on October 25, 2013


Most countries lead the world in something. Sometimes good things, sometimes not so good things, and sometimes funny things. This amazing map from Doghouse Diaries shows what each country does best compared to all other countries. It looks quietly humorous and shocking at the same time.

  • Ethiopia: Employing Children

  • Egypt: Africa Cup of Nations Titles

  • Sweden: Atheism

  • Finland: Drinking Coffee

  • UK: Fascist Movements

  • USA: Noble Laureates & Getting Killed by Lawnmowers

  • Venezuela: Miss Universe

  • Chile: Staying Married

  • Japan: Robots

  • Papua New Guinea: Linguistics Diversity

Click here for a larger, zoomable map.

Ethiopia Bans Citizens From Travelling Abroad for Work

MewelweyaEthiopia’s government has temporarily banned its citizens from travelling abroad to look for work, the state-run Erta news agency reports.

The foreign ministry was quoted as saying countless Ethiopians had lost their lives or undergone untold physical and psychological trauma because of illegal human trafficking.

The decision was meant to “safeguard the well-being of citizens”, it added.

The travel ban will remain in place until a “lasting solution” is found.

The ministry said the government had taken various measures to limit the suffering of its citizens, including setting up a national council and a taskforce to educate them.

But those measures had not been able to address the problem sufficiently, it added.

Employment agencies will also be barred from facilitating travel abroad.

The scarcity of work opportunities is a major factor fuelling emigration from Ethiopia, which has Africa’s second largest population. Youth unemployment is officially estimated at more than 50%.

Human rights activists also say a significant number of those classified as economic migrants flee the country because of political and economic oppression or ethnic discrimination by the state.

Many Ethiopians try to reach Saudi Arabia, travelling via Yemen by sea and entering the kingdom illegally. Thousands of others head for South Africa, Israel and Europe.

They often end up being smuggled, trafficked or subjected to mental and physical torture. And once they reach their destinations, many require humanitarian assistance or face a wide range of abuses from employers.


UN Investigator Says Human Rights Abuses in Eritrea Spur Up to 3,000 to Flee Every Month

Alarming human rights abuses in Eritrea are spurring between 2,000 and 3,000 people to flee the east African nation every month, despite a “shoot-to-kill policy” targeting those attempting to leave, a U.N. investigator said Thursday.

Sheila Keetharuth, the U.N. special rapporteur on human rights in Eritrea, said the U.N. refugee agency was concerned about 305,723 Eritreans who have fled over the past decade.

“The most serious human rights violations are being committed” in Eritrea, Keetharuth said, including extrajudicial killings, enforced disappearances, extended incommunicado detention, torture, indefinite national service, and lack of freedom of expression, assembly, religious belief and movement.

Continue Reading


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Foreign Domestic Workers Suffer Abuse in Mideast

Posted by addisethiopia / አዲስ ኢትዮጵያ on January 9, 2013


I wish I had stayed at home,” Almaz said. But she cannot return to Ethiopia: her passport was taken away from her on arrival in Dubai.

My note: We are all Ambassadors of our country when we take residence outside the country, but, the official representatives of a country have far more responsibility for the well-being and rights of fellow citizens. One major criteria to occupy the post as Ambassador of a particular nation is the willingness to demonstrate a higher degree of affection to represent and protect the interests of the nation and its citizens in the best possible manner. Yet, when we observe the job done/undone by the diplomatic representatives of Ethiopia in Muslim countries it is rather lame, irresponsible and shameful. All Ethiopian Ambassadors sent to the Middle East and other Muslim-majority countries are Muslims. Why, in the first place, are only Muslims sent as ambassadors of Ethiopia to Muslim countries? Is their job to import workforces aka slaves to embarrass Ethiopia and feed the hungry Saudi-Biest by robbing the souls of clueless Ethiopians?

Thousands of young women travel to countries like the United Arab Emirates hoping to earn a better living. But many end up exploited, abused, threatened and isolated by their employers, with nowhere to go for help.

We will call her Almaz, as she does not wish to reveal her true name. She is 23 years old and left her home in Ethiopia in search of a better life. For the last 10 months she has been working as a housemaid in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Like many young women in Ethiopia, Almaz had difficulties finding a job. And even when work was available, the pay wasn’t enough to live on.

“I started an apprenticeship to become a chef,” Almaz said. “After paying half of the fee I didn’t have any money left. I needed to pay my rent and for my food and schooling – how was I supposed to get by on 400 birr [ 17 euros, $22]?”

In these circumstances, the job in Dubai sounded like a good opportunity, with a wage of $170 per month. Excited, she signed a two-year contract, trying not to think about all the negative things she had heard about working conditions in Dubai. After all, she knew of girls who had “made it” there – or at least had earned enough to send money home, which equaled success in their families’ eyes.

Slave labor

The relatives of such women rarely learn about the degradation some foreigners suffer at the hands of their employers. Almaz said she found herself in a similar situation to many other foreign maids in Dubai. In a hushed voice, she described her experience on the phone to DW as one of violence, sexual harassment and inhuman working conditions.

Almaz is forced to work up to 20 hours a day. On days when there is less to do in the family home, her boss sends her to cook and clean at her brother’s house. “I wish I had stayed at home,” Almaz said. But she cannot return to Ethiopia: her passport was taken away from her on arrival in Dubai.

Lack of protection

Almaz’s experience is similar to that of hundreds of thousands of young female workers in the Middle East. In Lebanon alone, there are 200,000 foreign domestic workers – in a total population of 4 million. The numbers are estimated to be even higher in Saudi Arabia.

The main responsibility for the rights of these migrants is carried by the host country, said Nadim Houry, deputy director of the Middle East and North Africa division at Human Rights Watch and director of Human Rights Watch’s Beirut office.

“When abuse occurs, the case should be dealt with by the justice system and police in the host country,” said Houry.

But in reality things are different. Even though countries like Jordan and Lebanon have created laws to protect foreign domestic workers, Houry said the laws are not being applied.

“The women’s home countries have the second degree of responsibility for their safety,” added Houry, naming the Philippines as a positive example.

Filipino embassies have set up hotlines that women in trouble can call, and in some cases they offer emergency accommodation. However, they are the exception. The Ethiopian embassy in Saudi Arabia did not respond to DW’s telephone and written enquiries on the matter – nor does it respond to direct enquiries from affected domestic workers.

Sexual abuse

Almaz said she feels lonely in her struggle. She recalls one frightening encounter: “While I was working, a man who is employed as a driver came in and made sexual advances on me. I ran into the boss’s room, locked the door and screamed.” The incident did not result in any punishment for the man.

Her experience is not an isolated case. Almaz said a friend of hers was raped by her employer who threatened to stop paying her if she resisted.

Almaz said she the only way out of the situation will be to wait it out. Her contract in Dubai ends in 14 months. She hopes to then get her passport back and return to Ethiopia

Source: DW

Sri Lankan Maid Rizana Nafeek ‘executed in Saudi Arabia’

Saudis would never execute Europeans or Americans, only Asians and Africans

Saudi Arabia has executed a Sri Lankan domestic worker for killing a baby in her care in 2005, a foreign ministry official in Colombo has told the BBC.

The maid, Rizana Nafeek, had denied killing the four-month-old boy.

Her supporters say she was only 17 at the time of the killing. They say her execution is a breach of international child rights.

Source: BBC

Labour Abuse: More Than 52 million Domestic Workers Worldwide

At least 52 million people around the world – mainly women -are employed as domestic workers, according to the first research of its kind conducted by the International Labour Organization.

Despite the size of the sector, many domestic workers experience poor working conditions and insufficient legal protection.

  • Asia and the Pacific: 21.4 million
  • Latin America and the Caribbean: 19.6 million
  • Africa: 5.2 million
  • Developed countries: 3.6 million
  • Middle East: 2.1 million

Source: ILO


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Why Is The World Silent on Saudi Atrocities?

Posted by addisethiopia / አዲስ ኢትዮጵያ on November 12, 2012

The fruit of righteousness is a tree of life, but violent behavior takes away souls. If the upright man is rewarded on earth, how much more the evil-doer and the sinner! (Proverbs 11:30-31)

Ethiopian Woman Tells of Sex Slavery in Saudi Arabia


I would never wish any woman to work in Saudi Arabia, the stories I hear are horrific and I know how we are treated. We are slaves to whatever they want

An Ethiopian woman revealed that she was the victim of sex slavery after she attempted to find work as a domestic worker in Saudi Arabia.

For H, who asked that her identity remain anonymous, her ordeal began after she took a boat to Yemen, where after two months she was able to cross into Saudi Arabia and was hired by what she told was a “nice couple” for a “decent salary.”

But that is when her horrific experience began. She continues to look down at her hands, ever moving, as she retells what she was forced to endure at the hands of her Saudi bosses.


Continue reading…


Saudis the World’s 3rd Laziest Folks

Saudi Arabia’s population is the third most slothful in the world, new research has found, with 68.8 percent of adults failing to do enough physical exercise to keep themselves healthy.

Only in Malta and Swaziland do adults exert themselves less than Saudi Arabia, and women in the Gulf state are the world’s least active females, according to data published in the Lancet medical journal.

Kuwait and the UAE also rank in the top ten with 64.5 percent and 62.5 percent of adults respectively not meeting the recommended level of activity. Malta is the laziest country in the world with 71.9 percent of the population deemed inactive, while in Swaziland the proportion is 68.3 percent.

Nine eastern Mediterranean countries featured in the list with those over 15-years old in Libya considered the most active of the region (45.8 percent inactive), ahead of Lebanon (46.8 percent), Iraq (58.4 percent) and the UAE (62.5 percent).

The Lancet report follows weeks after a report published by BMC Public Health ranked Qatar, the UAE, Kuwait and Bahrain among the world’s top ten fattest nations.

The average person in Kuwait, the second fattest country in the world behind the US, weighs in at approximately 77.5 kg, 15.5kg heavier than the global average, said the report.

Gas-rich Qatar was ranked third globally with the average adult consuming just over 3,000 calories per day, followed by the UAE in fifth place (3017 calories) and Bahrain in tenth position (2889 calories).




The Saudis are bulldozing Islam’s heritage. Why the silence from the Muslim world?

My response: Pride, denial, jealousy and hatred, I guess. Where do they learn that from? From Satan, their master! Like their master they too refuse to repent or change. We know about Satan’s injured pride, denial and jealousy which is leading him on a quest for revenge against both God and His Son against children of God and his followers; a quest we can be sure is doomed to fail soon.

Book details: Hatred’s Kingdom

Imagine that the Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem – the traditional site of the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus – has been taken over by Cromwellian Puritans. The new owners of the shrine plan to send bulldozers in, replacing the old church with a monstrous building resembling a concrete spaceship. This is so pilgrims can pray without being distracted by “superstitious” icons. Also, the Old City will be buried under hotels that make Vegas look like Venice.

It wouldn’t happen, would it? Christians would fight to the death to preserve Jerusalem. So would Jews and Muslims. And, for once, they’d have the support of secular politicians and scholars, horrified by the prospect of an act of cultural vandalism unprecedented in modern times.

Unprecedented until now, that is. The long-cherished ambition of Saudi Arabia’s ruling Wahhabi sect to smash up the ancient buildings of Mecca and Medina is nearing fruition.

In Mecca, the house of one of Mohammed’s wives has been demolished to make space for public lavatories. His birthplace may disappear, too, as part of King Abdullah’s scheme to complement the skyscrapers and shopping malls with a Grand Mosque fashioned from the same materials as a multi-storey car park in Wolverhampton.

As for Islam’s second holiest place, the city of Medina, a recent article by Jerome Taylor in the Independent revealed a megalomaniac plan to pull down three 7th-century mosques. Taylor added: “Ten years ago, a mosque which belonged to the Prophet’s grandson was dynamited. Pictures of the demolition that were secretly taken and smuggled out of the kingdom showed the religious police celebrating.”


Continue reading with some 2500 interesting comments…


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