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The Mystery of Ethiopia and Ethiopianness

Posted by addisethiopia / አዲስ ኢትዮጵያ on July 30, 2009


Ethiopianness / Ethiopiawinnet: When Myth Becomes Reality

Ask: Could Ethiopia serve as the birthplace of a new theological age? The location where the physical and spiritual meet? The mystical beliefs of Ethiopiawinnet (Ethiopian Identity), described as Ethiopianness by non-Ethiopians, are widely unheard of and misunderstood. Now revived through science, this evolving legend could change the way hundreds of millions of people perceive this ancient African country and revive their faith in God.

Ethiopia: The Garden of Eden

Ethiopia is mentioned as being near or surrounding the Garden of Eden in Genesis 2:13. Since 1974 Paleontologists have excavated six million years of life and conclude that Ethiopia is the scientific location of human origin, true Garden of Eden.

Ethiopia: Sanctuary to Moses

The Bible asserts in Exodus 2:16-22 and Numbers 12:1, and Hebrew legend suggests that Moses first fled to Ethiopia where he found his Ethiopian wife. Moses would free the Israelites from slavery but would never go onto Canaan because of a disagreement between him and the high priests with regard to his becoming an Ethiopian and remaining on the African continent.

Ethiopia: The purest Jews of All

Ethiopians, from the beginning of their existence, worshiped the Biblical God. Then, consistent with the Divine Will and Plan, they adapted and practiced Judaism easily and conveniently after the advent of the Ark of the Covenant into their land for their custody. As such, they continued to identify themselves as Bete-Israel or the True Israelites. They confirmed their stature when the majority of the population accepted Christianity, as related in Acts 8:26-39. The minority who chose to remain attached to Judaism came to be known as “Felashas”, referred to by the West as “Black Jews of Ethiopia”.

Isolated from the rest of the community, this faction turned out to be the most unique of all the world’s Jewry. They avoided slavery and, around the tenth century A.D., surprisinglyand violently usurped power and ruled the country -the second largest Jewish empire outside of Jerusalem- for a period of 40 years headed by a queen known popularly in Ethiopia by the name of “Gudith”. Because they retained practices other world Jewry abandoned, it is compelling to give merit to the claim that they may be the purest of all Jews.

Ethiopia: Location of the Ten Commandments

According to Ethiopian tradition, Menelik, son of King Solomon and Queen Makeda (Queen of Sheba) together with the first-born sons and daughters of the Israelites, under the will and guidance of God, brought the Ark of the Covenant containing the Ten Commandments to Ethiopia where it rested and worshiped, initially on an island of Lake Tana, the source of the Blue Nile and finally in Axum.

Ethiopia: The Solomonic Dynasty

Although some foreigners dispute, it is only in Ethiopia where its kings and queens officially and historically trace their origin to the Old Testament through the courtship of King Solomon and Queen Makeda (Queen of Sheba), shifting the Zion from Canaan to Ethiopia, and continuing the seed of King David until the birth of Jesus Christ from the Virgin Mary.

This was the crucial turning point in the Divine Plan. For, the entitlement and legitimacy of succession for the eligible Ethiopian to be anointed for the Throne of David as Elect of God switched from the dynastic line of physical birth to that of the spiritual birth from God through the Christian Sacrament of Baptism, as clearly stipulated in John 1:12-13.

Ethiopia: Christianity

Ethiopian Christianity is considered the oldest in the world, observing many Jewish practices other Christians abandoned, and embracing a deep belief in animist spiritualism, regarded by some as the most authentic form of Christianity to exist.

Ethiopia: Refuge of the Muslims

The earliest Muslims escaped persecution in Arabia coming to Ethiopia where the Axumite Christian Atsie (Elect of God to lead the people, the state and Church) provided them with sanctuary to practice their Islamic beliefs. Mohammad hailed the Ethiopians as the most tolerant, and warned his followers never to bring harm against these people.

Many pre-Islamic practices of the Muslims are believed to have actually come out of Ethiopia through the Sabeans (Yemenites and tribes inhabiting the coastal region of the Arabian peninsula on the Red Sea side).

Ethiopia: Divinely protected

Located in one of the most hostile regions in human history, Ethiopia maintains an honorable record repelling Egyptian, Persian, Roman, Arabian, Turkish and European invasions and colonizations in its legendary 7498 years of history. Ethiopians believe Ethiopia is divinely protected.

Ethiopia: The curse against those who intend to bring harm upon her

The Jewish prophet Moses and that of the Muslims Mohammad warned people against bringing harm upon the Ethiopians. When Moses’ sister condemned Moses for marrying an Ethiopian wife, she was struck with leprosy. Bad luck has fallen on many of Ethiopia’s past invaders.

Ethiopia: Judges of Humanity

Jesus Christ said in Matthew 12:24 and Luke 11:31 that it would be Queen of Sheba and her Lambs, the representatives of Ethiopia, that would judge humanity. In Revelations 5:1- 6 it describes that non-Ethiopians, would overlook the true nation, the Lion of Judah, and its people, the great descendants of David, who would be worthy and became the Lambs. But it details that when those non-Ethiopians finally see this truth, this nation would appear “half dead,” brought on by the sin of man. Are the peoples of the world witnessing this in today’s Ethiopia?

Ethiopia: The Truth Presents itself?

The Day is near when the World Powers and the International Community would say: In the name of Ethiopianness or Ethiopiawinnet, let us today embrace Ethiopia as the true Garden of Eden, location of the Tree of Life, where original sin occurred, and where we must go to seek redemption for our sins and those of our ancestors. Let us unite all nations of the Earth and defeat the demonic forces plaguing the Garden and guarantee our names in the Book of Life by fighting against the criminality and corruption in Ethiopia and restore the reign of the Kingdom of God to these humble people.



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