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Graham Hancock: Thank God The Ark of The Covenant is Kept in The Sacred Mountains of Ethiopia – Protected From Warmongers

Posted by addisethiopia / አዲስ ኢትዮጵያ on October 2, 2016

The Jews, The Evangelical Christians, The Sunni and Shia Muslims, they all need The Ark of The Covenant to bring about their respective apocalyptic agenda of the end the world. I am glad that The Ark is kept in Ethiopia for the sake of peace across the World.


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Islam and Christianity not Comparable

Posted by addisethiopia / አዲስ ኢትዮጵያ on March 18, 2015

Lampooning Christianity brings money and renown, criticizing Islam gets you 1000 lashes.

“Christians Have Waged Their Own Holy Wars” was yet another annoying headline, this one in the Miami Herald. It seems that every time someone is beheaded, shot (by children, no less), or burned alive by ISIL, there is this inevitable handwringing over the violent history of — Christianity.

Confused? So am I. Precisely what the Crusades or the Inquisition have to do with events in the Middle East is not clear. One suspects that attacking Christianity fits neatly into a domestic agenda. Yes, Christianity is not only Islam’s chief global rival, it is a barrier to the American Cultural Left’s social vision (think abortion and gay marriage). Whatever the motivation, this ignores a serious (and growing) foreign threat.

For their part, Christians, in spite of their supposedly violent natures, have accepted all of this rather passively. Indeed, to be a Christian apologist these days seems to involve a lot of apologizing for being a Christian at all. This alone should be sufficient evidence of Christianity’s peaceful nature. I mean, I don’t hear many Muslims apologizing for the Muslim invasion of Europe (which preceded the Crusades by almost 400 years), for the recent scandal of some 1,400 children systematically raped by Muslim men in Rotherham, England, or for the oppression of women and religious minorities in Islamic states.

Charlie Hebdo is illustrative of my point.

That the magazine lampooned Muhammad we all know. What is little known is that between 2005 and 2015, the magazine devoted 38 covers to obscene and offensive depictions of religion or religious figures. Of those, 21 were aimed at Christianity while only seven targeted Islam. Yet those seven covers netted two terrorist attacks and 16 people dead. Were Christians truly as violent as Muslims, there would have been no less than six Christian attacks on Charlie Hebdo.

There have been none.

There are many other examples of the very different responses Christians and Muslims have had to unflattering depictions of their religion: Martin Scorsese (director of “The Last Temptation of Christ”) is still alive while Theo Van Gogh (director of “Submission”) is dead, shot eight times in the street and a butcher knife left in his chest. Richard Dawkins has made a fortune attacking Christianity and lives handsomely in Oxford while Raif Badawi, the Saudi blogger who was publicly lashed 50 times for his criticisms of Islam, is in jail awaiting 950 more lashes. And Salman Rushdie lives under the perpetual threat of assassination while Rushdie’s friend and fellow writer Christopher Hitchens enjoyed celebrity status among the Christians he denigrated.

The point isn’t that most Muslims are terrorists or would-be terrorists; rather, the point is that many terrorists are Muslim. Some will object that a relatively small percentage of Muslims commit atrocities, but that is beside the point. There are relatively few Ultimate Fighters — but they have a lot of fans. Last week, BBC announced triumphantly the results of a new poll saying, “an overwhelming majority of British Muslims oppose the use of violence against people publishing images of the Prophet Muhammad.”

This sounded reassuring. Promising even. The results? Twenty-seven percent of British Muslims were “sympathetic” with the Charlie Hebdo shootings. That’s one in four? “Overwhelming” was the right word. Overwhelmingly alarming. Can you imagine a similar figure for evangelicals and abortion clinic bombings? Neither can I. As you can see, Muslim extremists have a substantial fan base.

At this moment I am in the small, quiet French town of Labastide-Rouairoux. Recently, the tranquility of this village was disturbed by the discovery that one of its sons, Quentin Le Brun, had joined ISIL. No less than 3,000 other Europeans have done likewise. “Jihadi John,” who was raised in London, is the most notorious of these. Now what, exactly, is the modern Christian equivalent of this phenomenon? The forty-something members of the Westboro “Baptist” Church?

Of course, there is no equivalent. The religions are not equivalent. Islam is a religion that is defined by law. Nowhere in the Quran does it call for Muslims to be at peace with non-Muslims. Christianity, by contrast, is a religion defined by grace. Its founder, Jesus Christ, modeled it and predicted that some would kill in the name of God. But he added: “They will do such things because they have not known the Father or me.” (John 16:2-3)



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Ethiopia Backs Israel’s Campaign to Make Yom Kippur A UN Holiday

Posted by addisethiopia / አዲስ ኢትዮጵያ on August 2, 2014

Yom_Kippur_GraphicThe U.N. General Assembly committee has received a letter from 32 countries asking the United Nations to recognize Yom Kippur, Judaism’s holiest day, as an official holiday, Associated Press reported.
Addressing the U.N.’s Committee on Conferences, the letter circulated on Wednesday states that the U.N. “recognizes the major festivals of many of the world’s main religions, yet Judaism is not represented.” Israel began its campaign in May to make Yom Kippur a U.N. holiday.
“We believe that the United Nations calendar should reflect the organization’s founding principles of coexistence, justice and mutual respect,” the 32 countries said, in the letter. “We urge the United Nations to correct this inequity and recognize the holiest day of the Jewish faith.”
No European, Arab and Muslim Countries
The 32 countries that support Israel’s demand for the Yom Kippur holiday are the U.S., Albania, Andorra, Argentina, Bahamas, Canada, Costa Rica, Cyprus, Dominica, El Salvador, Ethiopia, Grenada, Guatemala, Honduras, Israel, Ivory Coast, Malawi, Micronesia, Monaco, Nauru, Nigeria, Palau, Panama, Philippines, Rwanda, Samoa, Seychelles, South Sudan, Suriname, Togo, Uruguay and Vanuatu.
The 10 official holidays at the New York-based U.N. currently include the Christian holidays of Christmas and Good Friday; the Muslim holidays of Eid al-Fitr and Eid al-Adha; and, the remaining six holidays are major U.S. holidays – New Year’s Day, Presidents’ Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day and Thanksgiving Day.
The letter described Yom Kippur as “The Day of Atonement” for the Jewish people to “reflect on the events of the past year and pray that all peoples will enjoy a year of good health, peace and prosperity,” adding that the Jews believe, on the occasion of Yom Kippur, that “every person’s deeds are weighed on the heavenly scales of justice and the blessings of the coming year are determined by the good deeds performed in the service of others,” and that “in the days leading up to Yom Kippur, Jews throughout the world seek forgiveness and reconciliation.”
The letter from the 32 ambassadors went on to say that “the messages of Yom Kippur are universal and as such, we the representatives of the delegations listed below are writing to request that Yom Kippur be included as an official holiday of the United Nations as from 2015.”

US and Qatar Declare War on Israel (Christianity)

Prophet Daniel told us about the current Islamic coalition, headed by Turkey and aided by Western nations.
For the Citians issuing forth shall come against him, and he shall be brought low, and shall return, and shall be incensed against the holy covenant: and he shall do thus, and shall return, and have intelligence with them that have forsaken the holy covenant.
And seeds shall spring up out of him, and they shall profane the sanctuary of strength, and they shall remove the perpetual sacrifice, and make the abomination desolate.”  [Dan 11:30-31]
This is part II of a look at Qatar’s support for Hamas, and the American alliance with Qatar. Part I details the long history of criminality and terrorism of the Qatari government, including the collusion in the 9/11/2001 attacks, narcotics and human trafficking. It also explains America’s interest in Qatar economically and militarily. Click here to read ‘The Long Arm of Qatar’
Infiltration of the Military Academies & CIA
Wait a minute… why was the former Emir of Qatar at West Point anyway, when that Bergdahl deal was struck? He was at the graduation of his son! This may surprise you, but American military academies regularly accept foreign cadets. It is done for a variety of reasons, including building better relations and cross-service training. As Qatar is a close American ally, the fact that Hamad Victor Nazim, younger brother of the current Emir, graduated from America’s most prestigious military academy is in itself not scandalous. But considering who Qatar supports – al Qaeda, the Taliban, and IS[IS] – the newest graduate from “Harvard on the Hudson” should raise some very serious security concerns for our military.
Military training in foreign lands is an an al-Thani family tradition. Like his father, the current Emir, Tamin bin Hamad al-Thani is a graduate of the United Kingdom’s most prestigious military academy, the Royal Military Academy in Sandhurst. Although it may be tempting to explain this away due to the fact that, until 1971, Qatar was a protectorate of the UK, there is a more practical explanation. London, or “Londinistan” as it has been called, has a major presence of the Muslim Brotherhood and other Islamists. After being thrown out of Egypt (again) when Morsi’s government fell, the Brotherhood moved their headquarters to London. HSBC Bank, whose own headquarters are in London, has a reputation of money laundering for Islamists and terrorists. This July, an investigation revealed an “aggressive Islamist agenda” in Birmingham schools, north of London.
Britons, too, might consider checking on their Qatari “friends.”
Why stop at the military academies? Credible sources within the Beltway have identified none less than John Brennan as a likely Islamist infiltrator. Though it has been practically erased from the public’s memory, a report in 2010 called Sharia: The Threat to America, and issued by the Center for Security Policy whose Board includes former CIA Director (under Bill Clinton) R. James Woolsey, states, in part:
[I]t is hard to overstate the danger associated with the President of the United States having as his top advisor [Brennan] in these sensitive portfolios someone so severely compromised with respect to shariah and the threat it poses.”
The report was issued when Brennan was Counterterrorism Advisor to Obama. He was given a promotion to Director of the CIA in 2013. Concerns, anyone?
The Caliphate for the Caliphaters
In June, the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, ISIS[i], declared a new Caliphate. Much can be said about the lead up to this declaration, the genocidal nature of its founders, and the illicit nature of their funding. In a previous article, The Caliphate is Back in Business, I explained the background and intentions of the new Islamic State. The focus here will be on who are the international backers of ISIS.
The area controlled by ISIS, as its name implies, spans regions of Syria and Iraq. ISIS is partially comprised of those same “Syrian rebels,” who were funded, supported, and armed by the United States and Qatar. Captured documents reveal deep Qatari involvement in the creation of ISIS. (Note that Qatar was also integral in the creation of the Nigerian Islamist group, Boko Haram, which was originally set up as a money making venture.) The Acting Qatari Ambassador in Libya was instrumental in recruiting 1,800 jihadis for ISIS. An article in the Daily Beast, America’s Allies are Funding ISIS, details Qatari, Kuwaiti, and Saudi funding for ISIS. Yet Saudi Arabia has amassed 30,000 troops on its borders precisely due to the ISIS threat; and the Kuwaiti charge comes from The Brookings Institute, which has a satellite in Doha, and takes money from the Qatari government.
Should there be any doubt where local alliances lay in the Middle East, in March, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, and Bahrain withdrew their ambassadors from Doha. The reason? Each country felt that the al-Thanis were attempting to overthrow their governments. That month, Saudi Arabia also demanded three things of Qatar, lest they face a blockade by Saudi forces: that they shut down Al Jazeera; that they close Brookings Doha; and that they end the presence of the RAND Corporation on their peninsula. (Note: RAND’s presence in Qatar ended at the end of 2013, unless KSA knows something we don’t.)
Looking at a map, that ISIS has survived this long is simply perplexing. They are surrounded on all sides with alleged foes. In Iraq, the military fights for its life, for when ISIS captures Iraqi military prisoners, they are summarily executed in scenes reminiscent of WWII. In Syria, Bashar al-Assad and the Syrian military has been at war with these people since March 2011. According to Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel, Iran is working with the Iraqi government to contain the ISIS threat. Jordan has been a perennial foe of al Qaeda and the Muslim Brotherhood; the same can be said for Saudi Arabia (the first country in the world to expel the Ikhwan), Israel, and Egypt. How is it that ISIS continues to thrive?
ISIS has three important backers: Qatar, described above, Turkey, who under Erdogan has become radically Islamist, and… the United States under Barack Obama. Turkey, like Qatar, welcomes back the Islamic Caliphate. The last Caliphate, the Ottoman Empire, had its capital in Istanbul until 1924. Recep Erdogan is a proud Islamist who has severely curbed the alcohol industry in Turkey and repealed the ban on the Islamic head covering imposed the secularist modernizer, Kemal Ataturk. Qatar and Turkey are partners on a variety of economic issues as well, including a liquefied natural gas pipeline, a highway across Bulgaria, and construction projects. Turkey, with Qatar and the United States, backs the Syrian rebels (and thus ISIS), and has allowed their border with Syria to be used as a transit zone.
Turkey, like the United States, is a member of NATO. This means they are part of the integrated security force that was established during the early Cold War to provide a common defense against the Soviet Union. NATO countries share protocols, standards, and a variety of other systems that allow them to act as a cohesive bloc. Qatar is the heart of the United States military in the Middle East, making them all but an official NATO member. Is NATO’s de facto policy support for ISIS? It is a legitimate question that few people are willing to touch.
We know that Obama refused to intervene in Iraq, even as ISIS horrified the world with indiscriminate slaughter. ISIS has rampaged against the Christians, in what many people have rightly called a genocide. Iraq’s Christian population has dwindled away to practically nothing in Mosul, where it used to be 60,000 strong. Syrian Christians have been persecuted and massacred from the beginning of the Syrian war, with crucifixions making a modern comeback. In case you were unsure whether Christians were being singled out by the jihadis, they made it clear enough when they destroyed Jonah’s tomb, a sacred landmark for Christianity. Like the Taliban’s destruction of the ancient Buddhas, anything that predates Islam is considered haram and thus must be eradicated.
In July, a startling report came out that sheds light onto the American relationship with Qatar and, by proxy, Hamas. Qatar, who pledged $400 million to Hamas in 2012, is also a multi-million dollar donor to the Clinton Foundation. The Foundation’s own website classifies “The State of Qatar” as a donor in the class of between $1-$5 million. Recall that it was under Bill Clinton’s administration that the World Trade Center was first attacked by KSM’s nephew, Ramzi Yousef; and it was his administration who welcomed the input of the Islamist organization, the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR, est. 1994), which has ties to Hamas. As Secretary of State, in 2010 Hillary lifted the U.S. visa ban on Tariq Ramadan, the son of one of the Muslim Brotherhood’s founders, Islamic legal scholar Sayyid Ramadan. (Sayyid was also the son-in-law of Hasan al-Banna, the charismatic founder of the Brotherhood.) Tariq holds the positions of Visiting Professor at the Faculty of Islamic Studies (Qatar), and Director of the Research Centre of Islamic Legislation and Ethics (CILE) in Doha. Qatar, where else.
The Jewish Question
The Qataris, with assistance from the Obama administration – and certainly others within our government, in both parties, who all deal with defense and energy lobbyists – are behind the debacles in Libya and Egypt, Boko Haram in Nigeria, the downfall of Iraq, ISIS, and support the Taliban with Dawood Ibrahim. Their operations target Christians and any secular Muslim state. Unexplored in this article, but fairly conclusive, is a Qatari connection to Mexican cartels and other Latin American drug and human trafficking gangs.
Knowing this, is it surprising that Qatar, and apparently this administration, are behind the ongoing attack on Israel by Hamas? The evidence is abundant. Yes, like the Obama administration and State Department, they pledged funding to Hamas. As such, the pieces fall right into place.
Begin with John Kerry, the head of the U.S. Department of State, and his “intifada” comments in November. The kidnapping of their teenagers leads to Israeli military retaliation, and the players line up as expected:
  • Egypt, the traditional (and original) broker between Arab states and Israel, offers to negotiate a peace settlement, which is accepted by Israel and rejected by Hamas. (Egypt has not only sentenced hundreds of Muslim Brothers to die for their reign of terror, but also arrested several Al Jazeera reporters.)
  • Islamist Prime Minister of Turkey Erdogan lashes out at the Egyptian negotiations. He lambasts Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sissi: “Is Sisi a party (to a ceasefire)? Sisi is a tyrant himself… Egypt is not a party … They are trying to legitimise (the Sisi administration) in Egypt. It is not a legitimate administration. It is illegitimate… Hamas is a party there.”
  • The state sponsor of terror, criminal Qatar, offers to negotiate a peace settlement. They are viewed by the American media, somehow, as a more neutral party – see CNN’s coverage here, which fails to appreciate that Qatar is a backer of Hamas. The UK’s Guardian describes Qatar’s unique ability to offer a “channel of communication” between Israel and Hamas, calling to mind their role in the Bergdahl deal. Breitbart describes the Qatari plan as “Hamas friendly.”
  • The Israeli press picks up on the Qatari connection to Hamas. In an article entitled “Qatar and Hamas: A Dangerous Link,” a columnist for Israel Hayom writes, “There is a colossal, systematic failure in how the U.S. has mapped its interests across the region, as well as in how it has worked toward achieving them. The U.S. missteps start in Iran and then head to Egypt, Iraq, Syria and Lebanon, Africa, the Arabian peninsula and all the way to the ends of the Earth. A random cab driver in Washington probably could have navigated better for the U.S…. even the amateurs know Qatar and Turkey have been arming and funding the most lethal terrorist organizations in the region — the Islamic State group (formerly known as ISIS), the Nusra Front and al-Qaida.”
  • John Kerry, in his anti-Israel posture that we’ve come to expect, is caught on camera mocking the Israeli military operation in Gaza. He says “It’s a hell of a pinpoint operation. It’s a hell of a pinpoint operation,” while talking to an aide. He goes on to tell the aide, “We’ve got to get over there.”
  • Israeli President Shimon Peres accuses Qatar of becoming “the world’s largest funder of terror.” Quite true, President Peres.
  • Kerry inserts himself into the negotiations, and travels to Egypt. He receives an exceptionally frosty reception, and is subjected to a metal detector security screening.
  • The terror megaphone, Al Jazeera, makes the case for Qatari, rather than Egyptian, mediation. “That Sisi is unfit to mediate should be plainly clear, given his history with Hamas and its parent organization, the Muslim Brotherhood. Hamas was established during the first intifada as a Palestinian wing of the Muslim Brotherhood — which it officially remains in the Hamas charter… Secretary of State John Kerry is close with Qatar’s foreign minister, Khaled al-Attiyeh, who can bring Hamas to the negotiating table.”
  • Israel’s Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman seeks to ban Al Jazeera from operating in Israel, calling it “the pillar of propaganda in the Middle East.”
  • The U.S. Federal Aviation Administration prohibits American air travel to Israel for two full days, after Hamas rockets land near the Tel Aviv airport. Some in Israel view this as a form of economic sanction, a reward to Hamas. Senator Ted Cruz questions whether the ban was a “political decision,” rather than one made out of genuine safety concerns.
  • Hamas rockets are found found in United Nations-run schools in Gaza, turning civilian buildings into legitimate military targets and endangering the lives of Palestinian children.
Qatar-backed ISIS is in the process of liquidating all traces of Christianity, and Christians, in Syria and Iraq. Qatar-backed Hamas has as its stated goal the destruction of Israel. Without any doubt, Qatar is a major United States ally, militarily, economically, and through educational proxies and agreements. President Obama, whose friendship with Islamist Erdogan is relatively well-known[ii], has, in addition, an affinity with the rulers of Qatar, the al-Thani family.
Do the citizens of the United States realize the extent that the Obama administration does the bidding of Qatar? Is it not reasonable to suggest that the American public, which broadly supports Israel, would be strongly against American involvement in a genocide of Middle Eastern Christians? Due to these relations, is it so far to suggest that the Obama administration is practically at war with Israel?
The goal of Qatar and their allies is the establishment of a Caliphate across the entire Middle East, extending into Africa, Asia, and Europe. Like the Ottoman Empire before them, responsible for the Armenian genocide, and previous Caliphates before the Ottoman Empire, their treatment of the Christians and Jews would be violent, cruel, and unbending.
To fund the dawning of a new Islamic era, the Qataris, with the Pakistani ISI and Turkey, rely on criminal activities including narcotics trafficking and slavery. Their supposed fidelity to Islam is trumped only by their craven need for profit through human suffering.
Should the American people come to understand Obama’s foreign policy priorities, impeachment – accompanied by mass civil protest and outrage – would follow.
[i] ISIS, the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, or ISIL, the Islamic State of Iraq and Levant, or IS, the Islamic State, are the same thing.
[ii]Although the Obama-Erdogan friendship was legendary, Erdogan now claims they no longer speak directly. Citing a fallout after Obama failed to use air strikes against the Assad regime, the Turkish Prime Minister now says they communicate through their foreign ministers.




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The Destruction of The World

Posted by addisethiopia / አዲስ ኢትዮጵያ on May 29, 2011

Some people saw the the end of times on Mai 21, 2011 — others believe the world as we know it is going to end on December 23, 2012. All is nonsense! The far more honest answer is that the end of the world as we know it has already begun. And it doesn’t mean the end of the world; it means the closing of one era and the birth of a new one. It is a transition between the ages. This particular transition, however, promises to be the most tumultuous and costly transition humankind has ever seen. We are living through the opening chapters of the end of the world as we know it, and on the other side of all this will emerge a new world that’s very different from the one we know today.

Here are 14 clearer signs that show us the collapse of this world:

#1 – Tornadoes, hurricanes, earthquakes and tsunamis – At first it seemed like a fluke; but now it’s a pattern. The weather is becoming increasingly extreme. Over 120 tornadoes recently struck the U.S. Midwest. Texas is on fire and suffering through an extreme drought. And where there aren’t fires and droughts, there are floods. This is only the beginning… watch for more freak weather over the next 18 months.

#2 – The silence of the bees – Colony Collapse Disorder continues to accelerate across North America. We already know it’s being caused in part by chemical pesticides (and possibly worsened by GMOs), but the chemical industry is engaged in a full-on cover-up to deny this truth while the pollinators of our world suffer a devastating population collapse.

#3 – The failure of nuclear science – The Fukushima catastrophe proves one thing: Scientists are dangerously arrogant in their planning of large-scale projects, and they fail to account for the awesome power of Mother Nature. Nuclear science promised us clean, green energy — but now it has delivered a silent, invisible poison that’s infecting our planet.

#4 – The vicious pursuit of Wikileaks – In an age of such rampant deceit, there is no room for the truth. So those who tell the truth (Wikileaks) are viciously pursued as if they were criminals.

#5 – The rise of the medical police state – The armed SWAT raids on Maryanne Godboldo in Detroit are only the beginning. The truth is that the medical system uses guns to force its vaccines and chemotherapy onto children and teens across America. The medical system has become so utterly useless, corrupt and dangerous that it must actually invoke guns in peoples’ faces just to “convince” people to take its medicine. This is a gunpoint-enforced medical monopoly that exists as a threat to our health and our freedoms.

#6 – The increasing frequency of food shortages and crop failures – Notice the spike in food prices? That’s just the beginning: Food prices will continue to skyrocket in the years ahead due to extreme weather, the loss of pollinators and the global contamination of crops by GMOs. Real food is becoming increasingly scarce in our world. You might want to think about starting a home garden…

#7 – The runaway destruction of the world by energy companies – The radioactive fallout from Fukushima isn’t the only way in which energy companies are destroying our world: Don’t forget about the Deepwater Horizon and the massive oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico — a spill that isn’t over, by the way. They’re still spraying Corexit in the Gulf one year later!

#8 – The continued GMO contamination of our planet – This may be the worst chapter in the coming collapse: The widespread genetic pollution of our planet through GMOs. This is a crime against nature and against humanity. It is a “gene spill” that may never be contained as it spreads its deadly DNA across the world’s food crops, leading to crop failures and starvation. The use of GMOs is the closest thing to “Satanic” that you’ll find in modern agriculture. The agenda behind this is pure evil.

#9 – The tyranny and criminal crackdowns targeting real food (raw milk) – When you can’t even sell honest farm food to your neighbors without being targeted and arrested by the cops, something is terribly wrong with the world. But this is happening today, all across America. Now the feds are even targeting the Amish!

#10 – The escalation of the counterfeiting of the money supply – In a failed economic system approaching collapse, the moronic leaders can only think of “solutions” that actually accelerate their own downfall. The runaway counterfeiting of money by the Federal Reserve (with its “quantitative easing” and other counterfeit methods) is a classic sign that the end of our current system is fast approaching. The economic insanities are obvious to anyone who can still do math.

#11 – The plummeting intelligence of the masses – One of the most disturbing signs that we’re already in the collapse is the great DUMBING-DOWN of the masses. The drooling, CNN-watching television zombies who dominate our landscape offer absolutely nothing of value to the world. They are the “mindless consumers” who get vaccinated, watch television and eat processed, pasteurized junk food. They’re on psychiatric meds and believe everything the government tells them. Most of these people, of course, won’t make it through the collapse.

#12 – The complete and utter fabrication of the mainstream news – Much of the mainstream news is now utterly and completely fabricated these days: The reporting on Obama’s long-form birth certificate; the news about the war in Libya; the coverage of the economy and the U.S. debt… it’s all so utterly false and unbelievable that an intelligent person watching the news can’t help but explode with laughter. It is a sign of this collapse that the information sources relied upon by the masses are unable to report the truth anymore and must resort to weaving politically expedient fictions on everything from health care and medicine to the fate of the U.S. dollar itself.

#13 – The ongoing pharmaceutical pollution of our world – Beyond the GMO contamination and the radiation contamination of our world, we are also experiencing the mass pharmaceutical contamination of our planet. It’s not just the pharma factories that dump their products into the rivers, it’s also the fact that well over half the population is now taking drugs almost daily, and those drugs pass right through their bodies and end up in the water supply where they contaminate the fish. Even beyond that, the drugs end up in the human sewage sludge that’s packaged and sold as “organic soil!”

#14 – The radioactive contamination of the global food supply – Here’s one that’s really insidious: The global food supply is now contaminated with the radioactive fallout from Fukushima. We’re told the levels are “low,” but we’re not told the truth of how radioactive cesium isotopes persist in the food supply for centuries. How is the human race going to survive its exposure to CT scans, radioactive food, chest X-rays, TSA body scanners and even the secret DHS mobile X-ray vans that can penetrate your body with X-rays as you’re walking into a football stadium? The total radiation burden on the human race is now reaching a point of mass infertility. That may be the whole idea, actually.





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ምዕራብ ወዴት ነው?

Posted by addisethiopia / አዲስ ኢትዮጵያ on February 25, 2011

አድገዋል፡ መጥቀዋል፡ ተራቅቀዋል ወይንም ሁሉንም አውቀዋል፡ ኃብቱንና ሥልጣኔውንም ተክነውታል የምንላቸው አገሮች አሁን እየመጣባቸው ያለው ጣጣ በጣም ትልቅ ነው። ይህ እየመጣባቸው ያለው መዘዝ ለሁላችንም ግልጽ በሆነ መልክ በመከሰት ላይ ይገኛል።

ታዲያ እነዚህ ሠለጠኑ የተባሉት ሕዝቦች፡ መንግሥታትና ተቋማት ሁሉ ይህን መገንዘብ ተስኗቸው ጥቃቅንና ከባድ ባልሆኑ ነገሮች እንዴት በቀላሉ ሊረበሹና ሊጨነቁ ይበቃሉ? ጥሩውንና መጥፎውን፡ ሊጠቅማቸውና ሊጎዳቸው የሚችለውንስ ነገር እንዴት አይለዩም? ጠላቶቻቸውንና ወዳጆቻቸውን ሁሉ ለይተው ለማወቅ ምነው አልተቻላቸውም?

እንደሚታወቀው፡ በኢትዮጵያ አዲስ ዓመት፡ በመስከረም 1 በአሜሪካ ላይ ጥቃት ያደረሱት አብዛኞቹ ሽብር ፈጣሪዎች የሳውዲ አረቢያና የግብጽ ዜግነት ያላቸው፡ በአፍጋኒስታንና በፓኪስታን የሰለጠኑ፡ እንዲሁም በአውሮጳ ለትምህርት እየተላኩ እውቀት እንዲገበዩ የተደረጉ ግለሰቦች ነበሩ።

ታዲያ ይህ ሆኖ እያለ፡ እነዚህ ምርጥ ናቸው የተባሉት ሕዝቦች በፍርሃት ወሽመጥ ውስጥ ወድቀው ሊያጠፏቸው የተዘጋጁትን ጠላቶቻቸውን መዋጋት ሳይሆን፡ እንዲያውም እያቀረቡ/እየቀረቡ በሰፊ ሰፌድ አጎብድደው ሲያገለግሉ እናያለን። በዕውነት እጅግ በጣም ግራ የሚያጋባ ነገር ነው። ባጎረስኩ ተነከስኩ፡ እንዲሉ፡ እነዚህ በምዕራባውያን የተማሩት፡ በገንዘባቸው የታጠቁት የግብጽ፡ የፓኪስታን፡ የአፍጋኒስታንና የሳውዲ ዜጎች ተመልሰው በምእራቡ ዓለም ላይ ሲያፌዙና ሲሳለቁ፡ ባገኙትም አጋጣሚ ሁሉ ምዕራባውያኑን ከነርሱ ባገኙት ገነዘብና መሳሪያ ሁሉ ሲተናኮሏቸው፡ ሲይስፈራሯቸው ብሎም ሲገድሏቸው፡ እንዴት ቆራጥ የሆነ እርምጃ በመውሰድ በቀጥታ ሊዋጓቸው አልቻሉም የሚያሰኝ ጥያቄ ለመጠየቅ እንበቃለን።

የአሜሪካና የአውሮጳው ሕብረት መንግሥታት ለኢራቃውያን ሆነ ለአፍጋኒስታን ነዋሪዎች፡ ለቱርክ ሆነ ለግብጽና ለሳውዲ አረቢያ መንግሥታት እያደረጉላቸው ያለው የገንዘብና ሰብዓዊ የሆነ መስዋዕት ምናልባት በዓለማችን ታሪክ ታይቶ የሚታወቅ አይደለም።

ከጥቂት ወራት በፊት አሜሪካ ለሳውዲ አረቢያ መንግሥት እስክ 60 ቢልየን የአሜሪካ ዶላር የሚያወጣ የጦር መሳሪያ ቴክኖሎጂ ለማቀበል መስማማቷ ይታወቃል። ግብጽንና ፓኪስታንንም እስከ አፍንጫቸው ድረስ እያስታጠቀቻቸው ነው።

አሜሪካ፡ ግብጽ ከእስራኤል ጋር የሰላምስምምነት ካደረገችበት 1979 ..(..) ጀምሮ፡ ለግብጽ መንግሥት በየዓመቱ እስከ 2 ቢሊየን ዩኤስ ዶላር የሚጠጋ የውትድርና እንዲሁም እስከ 3ቢሊየን የሚጠጋ የኤኮኖሚ እርዳታ ያው ለ30 ዓመታት ያህል በማበርከት ላይ ትገኛለች። እስከ 2 ሚሊየን የሚቆጠሩ ወታደሮችን ያሰለፈው የግብጽ ሠራዊት በዓለም 10ኛ ጠንካራ ሠራዊት ሲሆን፡ ባጠቃላይ እስክ 11ቢሊየን ዩኤስ ዶላር የሚጠጋ የዓመት በጀት አለው። ይህ ሠራዊት እጅግ በጣም በተራቀቁ ዘመናዊ የአሜሪካ አብራምስ ታንኮች፡ ከ300 በላይ F-16 ተዋጊ አውሮፕላኖች እንዲሁም በተለያዩ ሚሳየሎችና የመገናኛ መሣሪዎች ሁሉ ያሸበረቀ ነው።

አክራሪ እስላሞችን የሚወክለውና የሙስሊም ብራዘርሁድ በመባል የሚታወቀው የእስልምና ቡድን አንድ ቀን ይህን ሁሉ የጦር ኃይል ለመረከብ እንደሚበቃ የሚያጠያይቅ አይደለም። አሜሪካ በተዘዋዋሪ መልክ ለዚህ ቡድን ስጦታ ለማድረግ ለ30 ዓመታት ያህል ደክማለች፡ ደምታለች ማለት ነው። ለግብጽ ጠላት ናት የምትባለው እስራኤል ብቻ ናት፡ ግብጽ ደግሞ ከእስራኤል ጋር የሰላም ስምምነት (እንደነሱ ፡ የተኩስ አቁም ስምምነት) በመፈራረም ግዛቴ ነው የምትለውን ሲናይን ከእስራኤል ተረክባ ለ30 ዓመታት ያህል በሰላም ለመኖር በቅታለች። ታዲያ ይህ ሁሉ የውትድርና ትጥቅ ለምን አስፈለጓት ይሆን? ለዚህ አክራሪ የእስልምና ቡድን አሳልፎ ለመስጠት አይሆንምን?

ለማንኛውም ይህ የአክራሪ እስላሞች ቡድን ስልጣን ላይ ሲወጣ በተለይ እስራኤል፡ ኢትዮጵያና የግብጽ ክርስቲያኖች የመጀመሪያዎቹ ዒላማዎቹ ይሆናሉ። አገራችን የአባይን ውሃ እንደመሳሪያ መጠቀም ግድ ሊሆንባት ነውና አርቆ አሳቢ የሆኑ ኢትዮጵያውያኖች ሁሉ አሁኑኑ በጉዳዩ ላይ አጥብቀው ሊያስቡበት ይገባል።

መቼስ፡ ምእራባውያንን ወደ ሙስሊሙ ዓለም የሚስባቸው ሰይጣን ብቻ ሊሆን እንደሚችል ያልተገነዘብ ሰው የሚኖር አይመስለኝም። በግሪኮች ስልጣኔ የተሰራውን ካባ ለብሰው ዓለማችንን ሲያምሱት የቆዩት አውሮፓና አሜሪካ ከተባባሪዎቻቸው አረቦች ጋር በመሆን ወደ ሦስተኛው የዓለም ጦርነት እያመሩ እንደሆነ ማየት አይሳነንም።

የሰሜን አትላንቲክ ስምምነት ድርጅት በሚል ተሰባስበው በኢራቅና በአፍጋኒስታን፡ በአፍሪቃ ቀንድና በሊባኖስ አካባቢ የሰፈሩት ሠራዊቶች ከ ነጭ ዘር (Caucasian) የተውጣጡ ብቻ ናቸው። እነዚህም ሠራዊቶች በተለይ እስራኤልንና ኢትዮጵያን ነው ከብበው የሚታዩት፡ ለዚህም ቀንደኛ ተባባሪዎቻቸው የእየሱስ ክርስቶስን ቅዱስ ቃልኪዳን ያልተቀበሉት አረብ ሙስሊሞች ናቸው።

ሰሞኑን በሰሜን አፍሪቃ እና በቀሩትም የቅርብ ምስራቅ አገሮች እየታየ ያለው እንቅስቃሴ ያገሮቹን ሰላማዊ እና ዓለማዊ የሆነ ኑሮ ለማመሰቃቀል ሆን ተብሎ የተፈጠረ እንቅስቃሴ ነው። 97% የሚሆነው የግብጽ ምድር በረሃማ ነው፡ ስለሆነም አገሪቱ ምናልባት 5 ሚሊየን የሚጠጋ ነዋሪዎች ብቻ ሊኖራት ሲገባት አሁን እስከ 85 ሚሊየን ግብጻውያን ይኖሩባታል። በተቀሩትም የሰሜን አፍሪቃ አገሮች ተመሳሳይ የሆነ ሁኔታ ይታያል። ታዲያ ይህ ሁሉ ሰሜን አፍሪቃዊ ኑሮውን ወደፊት እንዴት ሊገፋ ይችላል? መልሱም፡ ስደት ነው የሚሆነው። ሕዝብ ደግሞ መሰደድ የሚጀምረው ባገሩ አስከፊ ሁኔታ ሲፈጠር ነው። አዎ፡ አሁን በቱኒዚያ፡ በግብጽ፡ በሊቢያ ሁከት ተፈጥሯል፡ በቅርቡም፡ በሞሮኮ፡ በአልጀሪያም እንዲሁ። በነዚህ አገሮቹም የእስላም አክራሪ ቡድኖች ስልጣን ላይ ይወጣሉ፡ አገሮቻቸውንም እስላም ካልሆኑ ወገኖች ሁሉ ነፃ ያወጣሉ፡ ልክ በኢራን እንደታየው፡ በብዙ ሚሊየን የሚቆጠሩ ሰሜን አፍሪቃውያን ወደ አውሮፓ፡ አሜሪካና አውስትራሊያ በብዛት መሰደድ ይጀምራሉ፡ እነዚህ በስደት የሚገኙትም ሙስሊሞች በሰፈሩባቸው አገሮች ጂሃዳዊ ተልዕኮአቸውን በቀጥታም ሆነ በተዘዋዋሪ መንገድ ለማሟላት ይታገላሉ። ማለትም፡ ለምሳሌ በግብጽ፡ ልክ እንደ ኢራቅና ቱርክ፡ ክርስቲያኖችን ቀስበቀስ ማጥፋቱን ይቀጥሉበታል። ለዚህም ጂሃዳዊ ተልዕኳቸው፡ ምዕራባውያን መንግሥታት በብዙ ሚሊየን የሚጠጋ የኢኮኖሚ ድጎማያቀርቡሏቸዋል።

አቤቱ እንዳንተ ማን ነው? አቤቱ ዝም አትበል ቸልም አትበል። እነሆ፥ ጠላቶችህ ያውካሉና፥ የሚጠሉህም እራሳቸውን አንስተዋልና። ሕዝብህን በምክር ሸነገሏቸው፥ በቅዱሳንህም ላይ ተማከሩ፥ ኑ ከሕዝብ እናጥፋቸው፥ ደግሞም የእስራኤል ስም አይታሰብ አሉ። አንድ ሆነው በአንተ ላይ ተማከሩ፤ በአንተም ላይ ቃል ኪዳን አደረጉ፤ የኤዶማውያን ድንኳኖች እስማኤላውያንም፥ ሞአብም አጋራውያንም፥ ፍልስጤማውያንም ከጢሮስ ሰዎች ጋር፤ አሶርም ከእነርሱ ጋር ተባበረ፤ ለሎጥ ልጆችም ረዳት ሆኗቸው።መዝሙረ ዳዊት 821-9 በግልጽ ይነግረናል።

ትንቢተ ሕዝቅኤል 16:33እና 37-42ደግሞ እነዚህ ኢትዮጵያንና እስራኤልን የከበቧቸው ኃይሎች እነማን እንደሆኑ ይነግረናል፡ ስለዚሁ እነሆ፥ ከእነርሱ (ከዐረቦች) ጋር ደስ ያለሽን የወደድሻቸውንም ውሽሞችሽን (ነጮችን)ሁሉ ከጠላሻቸው (አረቦች) ሁሉ ጋር እሰበስባቸዋቸዋለሁ፡ በአንቺም ላይ በዙሪያሽ እሰበስባቸዋለሁ…“

ድንቁ መጽሐፍ፡ ትንቢተ ዳንኤል 11:32 ደግሞ ቀጠል ያደርግና ኢየሩሳሌምን የሚይዛትን የአረቦችን ሠራዊት (መሪውን)ቃል ኪዳኑን የሚበድሉትንም በማታለል ይስታልንጉሡ (የአረቦች ሠራዊት መሪ) ቀደም ብለው ሃይማኖታቸውን የካዱትን ሁሉ በማታለል የእነርሱን ድጋፍ ያገኛልብሎ ይነግረናል።

ራእይ 1712-13 ደግሞ ይህን ይለናል፡ ያየሃቸው አሥሩ ቀንዶች ገና መንግሥትን ያልተቀበሉ አሥር ነገሥታት ናቸው፥ ዳሩ ግን ከአውሬው ጋር ለአንድ ሰዓት እንደነገሥታት ሥልጣንን ይቀበላሉ። እነዚህ አንድ አሳብ አላቸው፥ ኃይላቸውንና ሥልጣናቸውንም ለአውሬው ይሰጣሉ።በራእይ 1716-17 ቀጠል ያደርግና፡ ያየሃቸው አሥሩ ቀንዶችና አውሬው ጋለሞታዩትን (ባቢሎን ኢራቅን) ይጣላሉ፤ ባዶዋንና ራቁትዋንም ያደርጉዋታል፥ ሥጋዋንም ይበላሉ በእሳትም ያቃጥሏታል።ይለናል።

አሥሩ ቀንዶች በተለይ የሰሜን አትላንቲክ የጦር ቃል ኪዳን አባል አገሮች የያዙት አስሩ የአውሮፓው የምጣኔ ኃብት ማህበረሰብ መስራች አባል አገሮች መሆናቸው ናቸው።

የነበረውም፡ ኗሪውም፡ አዲሱም፡ ለወደፊትም ሕያው ሆኖ ለዘላለም የሚኖረው የሙያ ፈራጅ የጥበብ መደምደሚያ በሆነው በቸሩ ፈጣሪአችን በእግዚአብሔር ጸንቶ መኖር በጣም አስፈላጊ ነው።

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