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An African Woman’s Open Letter to Melinda Gates

Posted by addisethiopia / አዲስ ኢትዮጵያ on March 23, 2018

Growing up in a remote town in Africa, I have always known that a new life is welcomed with much mirth and joy. In fact we have a special “clarion” call (or song) in our village reserved for births and another special one for marriages.

The first day of every baby’s life is celebrated by the entire village with dancing (real dancing!) and clapping and singing – a sort of “Gloria in excelsis Deo.”

All I can say with certainty is that we, as a society, LOVE and welcome babies.

With all the challenges and difficulties of Africa, people complain and lament their problems openly. I have grown up in this environment and I have heard women (just as much as men) complain about all sorts of things. But I have NEVER heard a woman complain about her baby (born or unborn).

Even with substandard medical care in most places, women are valiant in pregnancy. And once the baby arrives, they gracefully and heroically rise into the maternal mode.

I trained and worked for almost five years in a medical setting in Africa, yet I never heard of the clinical term “postpartum depression” until I came to live in Europe. I never heard it because I never experienced or witnessed it, even with the relatively high birth rate around me. (I would estimate that I had at least one family member or close friend give birth every single month. So I saw at least 12 babies born in my life every year.)

Amidst all our African afflictions and difficulties, amidst all the socioeconomic and political instabilities, our babies are always a firm symbol of hope, a promise of life, a reason to strive for the legacy of a bright future.

So a few weeks ago I stumbled upon the plan and promise of Melinda Gates to implant the seeds of her “legacy” in 69 of the poorest countries in the world (most of which are in Sub-Saharan Africa).

Her pledge is to collect pledges for almost $5 billion in order to ensure that the African woman is less fertile, less encumbered and, yes, she says, more “liberated.” With her incredible wealth she wants to replace the legacy of an African woman (which is her child) with the legacy of “child-free sex.”

Many of the 69 targeted countries are Catholic countries with millions of Catholic women of child-bearing age. These Catholic women have been rightly taught by the Church that the contraceptive drug and device is inherently divisive.

Unlike what we see in the developed Western world, there is actually very high compliance with Pope Paul VI’s “Humanae Vitae.” For these African women, in all humility, have heard, understood and accepted the precious words of the prophetic pope. Funny how people with a much lower literacy level could clearly understand that which the average Vogue- and Cosmo-reading-high-class woman has refused to understand. I guess humility makes all the difference.

With most African women faithfully practicing and adhering to a faith (mainly Christian or in some cases Muslim), there is a high regard for sex in society, especially among the women. Sex is sacred and private.

The moment these huge amounts of contraceptive drugs and devices are injected into the roots of our society, they will undoubtedly start to erode and poison the moral sexual ethics that have been woven into our societal DNA by our faith, not unlike the erosion that befell the Western world after the 1930 Lambeth conference! In one fell swoop and one “clean” slice, the faithful could be severed from their professed faith.

Both the frontline healthcare worker dispensing Melinda’s legacy gift and the women fettered and shackled by this gift, would be separated from their religious beliefs. They would be put in a precarious position to defy their faith – all for “safe sex.”

Even at a glance, anyone could see that the unlimited and easy availability of contraceptives in Africa would surely increase infidelity and sexual promiscuity as sex is presented by this multi-billion dollar project as a casual pleasure sport that can indeed come with no strings – or babies – attached. Think of the exponential spread of HIV and other STDs as men and women with abundant access to contraceptives take up multiple, concurrent sex partners.

And of course there are bound to be inconsistencies and failures in the use of these drugs and devices, so health complications could result; one of which is unintended abortion. Add also other health risks such as cancer, blood clots, etc. Where Europe and America have their well-oiled health care system, a woman in Africa with a contraception-induced blood clot does not have access to 911 or an ambulance or a paramedic. No, she dies.

And what about disposal of the medical waste? Despite advanced sewage disposal in the First-world countries, we hear that aquatic life there is still adversely affected by drugs in the system. In Africa, be rest assured that both in the biggest cities and smaller rural villages, sewage constitutes a real problem. So as $4.6 billion worth of drugs, IUDs and condoms get used, they will need safe disposal. Can someone please show us how and where will that be? On our farm lands where we get all our food? In our streams and rivers from whence comes our drinking water?

I see this $4.6 billion buying us misery. I see it buying us unfaithful husbands. I see it buying us streets devoid of the innocent chatter of children. I see it buying us disease and untimely death. I see it buying us a retirement without the tender loving care of our children.

Please Melinda, listen to the heart-felt cry of an African woman and mercifully channel your funds to pay for what we REALLY need.

We need:

Good healthcare systems (especially prenatal, neonatal and pediatric care).

Needless to say that postpartum and neonatal deaths are alarmingly high in many Sub-Saharan African countries. This is due to the paucity of specialized medical personnel, equipment and systems. Women are not dying because they are having “too many” babies but because they are not getting even the most basic postpartum care. A childbirth or labor complication can very easily be fatal, for both mother and baby. To alleviate this problem new, well-equipped and well-staffed birthing centers with neonatal units need to be built in easily accessible parts of the poorest communities. And if Melinda Gates really insists on reducing population, she can have highly trained Natural Family Planning (NFP) instructors strategically placed in these women’s healthcare facilities. At least then there would be a natural and holistic approach.

Food programs for young children.

This would serve a two-fold purpose if it is incorporated into free or highly subsidized nursery school programs. It would nourish and strengthen the growth of these children, who are so, so vulnerable to malnutrition, and it would also serve to encourage parents to bring their youngsters, ages 3 or 4, to nursery school. In so many parts of Africa, children miss out on nursery school education because it is expensive and considered a luxury reserved for the rich and middle class. As a result, the children miss the first few crucial years when basic math and reading are easily learned. By the time they are considered “ready” for school, at age 7 or 8, they struggle academically. Many of them never quite catch up and so drop out after six or seven years. This is when a lot of young girls are married off as mid- to late-teenage wives who unfortunately would become the perfect recipient of the Melinda Gates comprehensive contraceptive care!

Good higher education opportunities

Not just new school buildings or books, but carefully laid out educational programs that work – scholarships, internships at higher levels, etc. – are needed. Despite the problems and obstacles to primary and secondary education, a significant number of young girls make it into universities, polytechnics or colleges. The problem however is that, most of the schools and resources are substandard and outdated. As such, the quality of higher education is low and cannot compare to that of more privileged countries. Even though the teachers put in their very best and the students work hard, the system is inadequate and will always produce disadvantaged graduates who are not confident enough to stand with their counterparts who have studied in other parts of the world.

Chastity programs

Such programs in secondary schools, universities and churches would create a solid support system to form, inform and reassure our young girls and women that real love is that which is healthy and holy. Many African girls are no longer sure about moral sexual ethics thanks to the widespread influence of Western media, movies and magazines. More support should be given to programs that encourage abstinence before marriage and fidelity in marriage. This approach would go a long way to combating the spread of HIV and other STDs through the continent. And it would certainly lead to happier marriages!

Support for micro-business opportunities for women

The average African women is incredibly happy, hard-working and resilient. Any support both economic and through training would most probably be used well and wisely.

Fortify already established NGOs that are aimed at protecting women from sex-trafficking, prostitution, forced marriage, child labor, domestic violence, sex crimes, etc.

Many of these NGOs do not have much success because they are not well-funded. Though most of them have good intentions, they lack professional input from those such as psychologists, logisticians or medical personnel needed to tackle various problems.

$4.6 billion dollars can indeed be your legacy to Africa and other poor parts of the world. But let it be a legacy that leads life, love and laughter into the world in need.


My Note:

Beware of political and social leaders bearing gifts. Every one of them is a Trojan Horse. Every one of them is equipped not only with strings but reins. In Africa this takes the form of a relentless push by Western governments and foundations to destroy the personal integrity and family stability which a culture must possess if it is ever to be truly independent of first world nations that “just want to help.”

Thus the West is transforming Africa with treacherous gifts—with “aid” programs and packages designed to limit the population, lure young people and women to seek personal independence through sexual license, accept abortion as liberation, normalize sexual perversion, and remain dependent on foreign aid.


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Pro-Abortion Propaganda Aimed at Destroying Ethiopian Culture

Posted by addisethiopia / አዲስ ኢትዮጵያ on November 20, 2012

Psalm 127:3

Behold, children are a heritage from the Lord, the fruit of the womb a reward

John 8:44

You are of your father the devil, and your will is to do your father’s desires. He was a murderer from the beginning, and has nothing to do with the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he lies, he speaks out of his own character, for he is a liar and the father of lies

As of 2005, abortion is legal in Ethiopia for so many exceptions that it is, practically speaking, abortion on demand — rape, incest, fetal defects (eugenics), the physical or mental health of the mother, economic reasons and reasons of age of the mother. According to the pro-abortion Guttmacher Institute, an incredible 60,000 women still suffer serious abortion complications every year, and at least 100 of them die. It seems that the population control groups are satisfied merely with legalizing abortion and are not particularly interested in safeguarding the health of Ethiopian women.

Family planning” billboards are everywhere. The most obnoxious are World Vision’s, which show a starving and unhappy family of seven people, all looking desperate and dressed in rags, gathered around a small table with just a scrap of food on it. People see this blatantly direct propaganda 100 times and begin to believe its almost subliminal message.

Sensations (“Make Your Life Sensational!”) condom ads and billboards are also everywhere in Addis Ababa. One Muslim-operated pharmacy had a life-sized condom poster right inside its door. Amusingly, someone had wrapped a towel around the head of the rather immodestly dressed young lady featured on the poster as a makeshift hajab. This struck me as rather schizophrenic; go ahead and corrupt the women’s sexuality, but make darn sure their heads are covered. DKT International sponsors annual fashion shows in Addis featuring models wearing dresses made entirely out of condoms. All of this is so wildly out of sync with African customs and culture, we can only conclude that these groups are deliberately and consciously attempting to destroy not only African culture and innocence, but the Africans themselves.

I visited a couple of pharmacies, and found that DKT International heavily subsidizes its “Choice” birth control pills, selling them for about 62 cents per cycle. Pharmacists sell them right over the counter with no consultation with a doctor – a practice that would not be tolerated even for a minute in Europe or the USA. USAID and Bayer Pharma have teamed up to sell the “Microgynon” birth control pill for the same price. DKT also sells the “Confidence” abortifacient injection for about 31 cents for three months of sterility, and these are administered by the pharmacist right behind the counter.

Then, of course, there is the most aggressively evil organization on Earth, Marie Stopes International, (btw. Zambia recently banned this organization for conducting illegal abortions) which makes International Planned Parenthood Federation look like a bunch of blushing virgins. There are a dozen Marie Stopes abortion mills in Addis Ababa, and each is a gigantic abortion factory doing over ten thousand every year.

Abortion still carries a huge stigma in Ethiopia, so the women almost always arrive alone. Unlike in the USA, the men usually standing outside the abortion mills are not husbands or boyfriends; they are pimps. They prey on the women going through the emotional and spiritual assault of abortion, accosting them when they exit the clinic. As a result, prostitution is flourishing in Addis Ababa.

Most obnoxious of all are the touts that Marie Stopes hires to accost women passing by, asking them if they are in need of abortions. These hawkers even tell men that, if their wives or daughters ever need abortion, they can come visit their abortion mill.

Remember that these are the people – Western progressives – who say that we must all respect the customs and cultures of other lands.

The headlong rush of the United Nations and all of the pro-abortion NGOs seems to be directed at “homogenizing” the world so that the people of every nation will think and act just like Europeans or Americans. I have seen this baleful influence hard at work in countries from the Philippines to Papua New Guinea, from Cameroon to Cambodia.

What ever happened to the vaunted “respect for diversity?” Liberals tell us that we must respect “diversity” in terms of bizarre sexual acts and orientations, but what about respect for different cultures?

Unique and colorful cultures and customs all over the world are fast disappearing as everyone — from city dweller to villager, from professional to small farmer — is being forced to conform to the same mold. Even the most benign indigenous practices and customs are being forcibly propelled to extinction. Not only is this becoming a very anti-life world, it is becoming boring as well.


Report Proves Planned Parenthood Targets Blacks, Hispanics

A new reported issued by the pro-life group Life Dynamics proves that Planned Parenthood and the abortion industry in the United States target black and Hispanic Americans by placing abortion facilities in communities with high minority populations.

Titled, “Racial Targeting and Population Control,” the new report validates the claims pro-life advocates have made for years — and that Life Dynamics made in its groundbreaking Maafa21 video released two years ago — showing that abortion advocates have purposefully placed abortion centers in urban areas with high percentages of black and Hispanic residents.


Continue reading…



African Women Sue Government Clinics For Coerced Sterilizations

My note: If they dare to coerce their own minority population this way imagine the degree of havoc they can wreak on defenseless African women? Read here

A group of Kenyan women have filed suit against government health-care clinics in 5 different countries, charging that they were sterilized against their will.

The plaintiffs are all HIV-positive. Some testify that they were told sterilization was mandatory, or threatened that their AIDS medicines would be withdrawn if they refused to undergo the operation. Others say they signed a consent form that they did not understand, either because they are illiterate or because they were drugged at the time.

The women filed their suits in Zambia, South Africa, Malawi, Namibia, and Kenya. Their legal challenge comes in the wake of a report that coerced sterilizations have become routine in public hospitals in Africa.



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የወሊድ መቆጣጠሪያ ሴቶቻችንን እያጠቃብን ነው (Updated)

Posted by addisethiopia / አዲስ ኢትዮጵያ on October 31, 2012

በፊታችሁ ሕይወትንና ሞትን በረከትንና መርገምን እንዳስቀመጥሁ እኔ ዛሬ ሰማይንና ምድርን በአንተ ላይ አስመሰክራለሁ፤ እንግዲህ አንተና ዘርህ በሕይወት ትኖሩ ዘንድ ሕይወትን ምረጥ [. ዘዳግም ፴:፲፱]

የእግዚአብሔር ቃል እንደሚያስተምረን ከፍጥረታት ሁሉ በእግዚአብሔር አርአያና አምሳል ተፈጥሮ ሰውን አመስግኖ ክብሩን ወርሶ እንዲኖር የተፈጠረ ክቡሩ የሰው ልጅ ሲሆን፤ ፈጣሪው እግዚአብሔርም እንደዚህ አክብሮ የፈጠረውን የሰው ልጅ ዘሩ እንዲቀጥል ፈቃዱ ነውና ብዙ ተባዙ ምድርንም ሙሏትበማለት የበረከትን ቃል ለወላጆቻችን ለአዳምና ለሔዋን ሰጥቷልና ፅንስ ከእግዚአብሔር የሚገኝ ፍሬ በረከት ነው።

መጽሐፍ ቅዱስ ለመጀመሪያ ጊዜ የሰው ሕይወት የሚጀምረው ከተፀነሰበት ጊዜ ጀምሮ መሆኑን ቢገልጽም ብዙ ሰዎች ግን ይህን የተፈጥሮ ጸጋ በመቃወም በራሳቸው ስሜት፣ በኃጢአትና፣ በድንቍርና በመጓዝ በብዙ ሚሊየን የሚቆጠሩ ሕፃናትን በአሰቃቂ መልኩ ከእናታቸው ማሕፀን በውርጃ መልክ ወጥተው እንዲሞቱ ያደርጋሉ።

ዮሐንስገና በእናቱ ማሕፀን ሳለ የተሰጠውና ያገኘውን እውቀት ከ1450 ዓመታት በፊት የነበረው ኢትዮጵያው ቅዱስ ያሬድዮሐንስ ከእናቱ ማሕፀን ዐወቀ፤ ሰገደ ዘለለምበማለት የፅንሱን ዐዋቂነት ይህ በመንፈሳዊ ጥበበ የተራቀቀው ሊቅ ቢያስተምርም፡ ሌላው ዓለም ግን ለብዙ ሺህ ዘመናት ይህንን ባለመረዳት እንደ እንግሊዛዊው ፈላስፋ ጆን ሎክ፡ ሕፃናት ምንም የማያውቁ እንደ ባዶ ነጭ ወረቀቶች ናቸው፤ ከተወለዱ በኋላ በሂደት ከማኅበረሰቡ ጋር በሚያደርጉት እንቅስቃሴ ዕውቀትን እያገኙ ይሄዳሉበማለት ልክ እንደ ሌሎቹ ሊቅ ነን፡ ሁሉን እናውቃለንባይ አውሮፓውያን ዓለምን ሲያታልሉና ወደሳሳተ አቅጣጫ ሲመሩ ቆይተዋል።

የእነዚህ ትዕቢተኛ አታላይ ሊቆችልጆች የእግዚአብሔርን እውነት ለዘላለም መሸፈን እንደማይችሉ በመረዳት፡ አካሄዳቸውን እየቀያየሩ በአሁኑ ጊዜ ሞኝ ወደሆኑትና ወደ ደንቆሩት እንደ ኢትዮጵያውያን ወደ መሳሰሉት ሕዝቦች እየተጓዙ የእፉኝት መርዛቸውን በመርጨት ላይ ይገኛሉ።

እከሊት መኻን ሆነች፣ እርሷንማ አስወረዳት! እንትናየማ በዚያ በሽታእኮ ነበር ያረፈችው!” የሚሉት አሳዛኝ ዜናዎችን መስማት በጣም የተለመደ ሆኗል። ነገር ግን ይህን ዓይነቱ አሳዛኝ መከራ እንዴት ሊከሰት እንደበቃ ወይም ጉዳዩ ከምን ጋር የተያያዘ ሊሆን እንደሚችል ለማወቅ ብሎም መከራው እንዳይቀጥል ችግሩን ለመቅረፍ ምንም ዓይነት እንቅስቃሴ ሲደረግ አይታይም።

ብዙዎቻችን ምንም አስከፊ ነገር እንዳልተፈጸመ፤ አላየንም! አልሰማንም! እያልን እራሳችንን በማታለል ነፍሳችን ቀስበቀስ ተመንምና እንድታልቅ ማድረጉን መርጠናል።

እራሳቸውን ለባዕዱ የዲያብሎስ ኃይል አሳልፈው የሰጡ ወይም እንዲሰጡ የተደረጉ ፀረኢትዮጵያ ግለሰቦችና ድርጅቶች በሕዝባችን ላይ እጅግ የሚያሳፍርና የሚያሳዝን ተግባር በመፈጽም ላይ ይገኛሉ። የሕዝባችንን ቁጥር ለመቀነስ፤ ቀስበቀስም ኢትዮጵያውያንና ኢትዮጵያዊነትን ለማጥፋት ተልዕኮ ካላቸው ጠላቶች ጋር በመተባበር በተለይ የደከሙ/የወደቁ ክርስቲያን ኢትዮጵያዊያትን በመመረዝ፣ በማኮላሸትእና በመግደል ላይ ይገኛሉ።

የህክምና ተቋማት፣ የ ቤተሰብ መምሪያማዕከላት፣ የዜና ማሰራጫዎችና ማተሚያ ቤቶች ታይቶ የማይታወቅ የፀረህይወት የቅስቀሳ ዘመቻ በአሁኑ ጊዜ በማካሄድ ላይ ይገኛሉ። የመድኅኒት ቤቶቹ፣ ቴሌቪዥኑ እንዲሁም ታክሲዎችና አውቶብሶቹ ሁሉ በስዕሉ ላይ የሚታዩትን ማስታወቂያዎች በብርቱ መልክ እያሰራጩ ዕውቀቱ የጎዳለውን ሕዝብ በመበከል ላይ ናቸው።

ለምሳሌ እታች በእንግሊዝኛ የተጠቀሰው የወሊድ መከላከያ ክትባት (Depo-Provera) ምን ያህል ጐጂ እንደሆነ፤ እንደ ኤችአይቪ ለመሳሰሉ ተላላፊ በሽታዎች በይበልጥ እንደሚያጋልጥ፣ የአጥንት በሽታዎችን እንደሚያስከትል እንዲሁም የጡትና የጉሮሮ ነቀርሳዎችን ሊያመጣ እንደሚችል አሁን በደንብ ይታወቃል። ተማሩየተባሉትና በቂ መረጃዎችን በቀላሉ የመሰብሰብ እድሉ ያላቸው ግለሰቦች፡ በተለይ የዲያስፖራው የህክምና ባለሙያዎች እንዲሁም ምርምሮቹ በሚካሄዱባቸው የትምህርት ተቋማት ተበታትነው የሚገኙ ኢትዮጵያውያን ሁሉ ከዚህ ተንኮለኛ የቤተሰብ አጥፊ ፕላንጀርባ ምን ዓይነት ሤራ እንዳለ በግልጽ ለማየት ይቻላቸዋል። ታዲያ ይህን መሰሉን ጉዳይ እንዴት በዝምታ ሊያልፉት ቻሉ?

ወደ አገራችን በረቀቀ መልክና በድብቅ የገባው ይህ የፀረህይወት እንቅስቃሴ ከ1970ዎቹ ዓመታት ጀምሮ በትጋት እየሠራ እንደሆነ ባለሙያዎች ይናገራሉ። ከኢትዮጵያ ሌላ፡ ይህ የቤተሰብ አጥፊ ፕላን በጥቁር አፍሪቃውያን ላይ ብቻ ነው እየተካሄደ ያለው። ከሦስት ወራት በፊት ለንደን ከተማ ውስጥ ይህን አስመልክቶ እን ቢል ጌትስ አዘጋጅተውት በነበረው ስብሰባ ላይ ተገኝተው የነበሩት ከሳሃራ በረሃ በታች የሚገኙት አፍሪቃ አገሮች ሲሆኑ፤ የሰሜን አፍሪቃና አረብ አገሮች ጭራሹን አልተሳተፉም። 85 ሚሊየን ሕዝብ የሚኖሩባት በረሃማዋ ግብጽ የሕዝብ ቁጥርሽን ቀንሽ የሚል ሃሳብ ቀርቦላት አይታወቅም፡ እንዲያውም ምዕራባውያኑ የእርዳታ ገንዘቡን ያለ ምንም ቅድመ ሁኔታ በደስታ ይሰጧታል፤ የኢትዮጵያንም ውሃና አፈር በነፃ ታገኛለች፡ ጦረኛ የሆኑ ልጆችን መፈልፈሏንም ያለምንም ተቃውሞ ትቀጥልበታለች። ከ 1ቢሊየን በላይ የሕዝብ ቁጥር ያላት ህንድ እንደ ዶፖ ፕሮቬራ የመሳሰሉትን የወሊድ መከላከያ መርፌዎች ከልክላለች (..አ በ 2002 ዓ.ም)

አዎ! የዲያብሎስ ሠራዊት ኢትዮጵያውያንን በረሃብ፣ በበሽታና በእርስ በርስ ጦርነቶች እንዳሰበው/እንዳቀደው ለማጥፋት አልተቻለውም፤ ታዲያ አውሬው አሁን ውስጥ ሠርጎ በመግባት መርፌንና፤ (“መድኃኒትአልለውም)መርዛማቅመሞችንበነፃ በማደል መጠራጠር የተሳነውን ወገናችንን ወደ ወጥመዱ ለማስገባት እየሞከረ ነው።

ወገን፤ እህቶቻችን፣ እናቶቻችን፣ ጓደኞቻችንና ሚስቶቻችን እንደ ዓይጥ ተቆጥረው የህክምና ሙከራ ሲደረግባቸው እያየን እንዴት ዝም እንላለን? ይህን ይህን መሰሉን አስከፊ ሥራ ለማጋለጥ ካልተነሳሳን ከእንስሳ በምን ነው የምንሻለው?

የሚከተሉትን መረጃዎች ለሚመለከታቸው ወገኖች ሁሉ በሚያስቆጣ መልክ የማስተላለፉ ተግባር የያንዳንዳችን ብሔራዊና ሰብዓዊ ግዴታ መሆን ይኖርበታል።

ለምሳሌ፤ በውጭ ኃይሎች ግፊትኢትዮጵያ ውስጥ ከተቋቋሙት ድርጅቶች መካከል “DKT Ethiopia (DKT/E)” የተባለውን የፀረህይወት ዘመቻ አራማጅ ድርጅት ብንመለከት፤ ሥራውና ዓላማው ምን እንደሆነ በደንብ ለመረዳት እንችላለን። ድርጅቱ የሚናገረው ሌላ፡

የድርጅቱ ወቅታዊ ድህረገጽ ላይ የሚከተሉትን ነጥቦች እናያለን

DKT Ethiopia (DKT/E) prevents HIV and unwanted pregnancy in Ethiopia. Active since 1990, DKT/E ensures a consistent supply of and promotes high quality condoms, contraceptives and other health products throughout Ethiopia.” (ሳይንሳዊ የምርመራ ውጤቶች ይህን አባባል ሙሉ በሙሉ ይፃረራሉ)

From 2002 – 2008, DKT/E distributed approximately 80% of all condoms in Ethiopia. DKT/E also distributed 45% and 41% of oral contraceptives and depo provera, respectively, and accounted for 44% of CYP over this period.

DKT/E works with the Federal Ministry of Health, Federal and Regional HIV/AIDS Prevention and Control Offices (HAPCO), and Drug Administration and Control Authority (DACA)”

DKT/E is funded by The Royal Netherlands Embassy, Irish Aid, the Department for International Development (DFID), the United Nations Fund for Population, and an Anonymous donor.”

Most of the world’s health problems can be dramatically reduced by relatively straightforward behavioral changes, such as using condoms and other birth control devices in family planning and HIV/AIDS prevention. Social marketing is a key means of achieving this change.”


(የህክምናው ዘርፉ ተመራማሪዎች ከላይ የተሰጠውን መግለጫ ሙሉ በሙሉ ይፃረሩታል። መጽሐፍ ቅዱስም ይህን በግልጽ ይቃረናል።”

የአመለካከት ለውጥበማድረግ የወሊድ መቆጣጠሪያና ኮንዶምን መጠቀም አለብንይላል ድርጅቱ። በጣም የሚገርም ነው፤ ትውልዳችን የመጣበትን ከፍተኛ አደጋ ለማስወገድ ወጣቶች የአመለካከት ለውጥ እንዲያመጡና ራሳቸውን እንዲቆጣጠሩ የእግዚአብሔርን ቃል ከማስተማርና ለትዳር አጋራቸው በፍቅር ታምነው እንዲኖሩ ከማስረዳት ይልቅ እነዚህን የመሳሰሉት ድርጅቶች በኮንዶም መጠቀም አደጋ የለሽ ወሲብን ለመፈጸም ያስችላልበማለት ወጣቶች የኮንዶም ባርያ እንዲሆኑ ሰፊ ቅስቅሳና ዘመቻ በመጠቀም ኅብረተሰቡን ወደ አጕል አቅጣጫዎች እየመሩት ነው።

ሃቁን ለመናገር አገራችን ለተደቀነባት ለዚህ ከባድና አሳዛኝ አደጋ መልሱ ያለው መጽሐፍ ቅዱስ ላይ ብቻ ሲሆን፡ ይኸውም ከጋብቻ አስቀድሞ ከማንኛውም የግብረ ሥጋ ግኑኝነት ራስን መጠበቅና፤ በቃል ኪዳን ጋብቻ ውስጥ ከገቡም በኋላ ለትዳር አጋር ፍጹም ታማኝ ሆኖ በመኖር የእግዚአብሔርን ሕግ በመጠበቅ ብቻ ነው። የአውሬው ልጆች ይህን ስለሚያውቁ እራሳቸውን በአግባቡ ይጠብቃሉ፣ ዲያብሎስ አባታቸው ለእግዚአብሔር ልጆች ካዘጋጀው ወጥመድ ይርቃሉ። የወደቁ ክርስቲያኖች ግን አምላካቸው ያወጣላቸውን ሕግጋት በመርሳትና እራሳቸውንም ባለመግዛት አውሬው የሚቆፍርላቸው ጉድጓድ ውስጥ ሲገቡ ይታያሉ፡ ይህም በጣም ያሳዝናል፡ያስቆጣል።

ክቡራን አንባቢያን ይህን የ PDF መጣጠፍ ጊዜ ወስዳችሁ በትዕግስት እንድታነቡ በትህትና እጠይቃለሁ

My previous post on the subject: Injected Contraceptive Increases AIDS Risk for African Women

Some astonishing notes:

  • One in five black teenagers using birth control in the US uses Depo-Provera, a far higher rate of use than for white teenagers. One activist, Dorothy Roberts, claims this is because black teenagers are disproportionately targeted for the least safe contraceptives.
  • The Canadian Coalition on Depo-Provera, a coalition of women’s health professional and advocacy groups, opposed the approval of Depo in Canada.
  • Since the approval of Depo in Canada in 1997, a $700 million class-action lawsuit has been filed against Pfizer by users of Depo who developed osteoporosis.
  • In response, Pfizer argued that it had met its obligation to disclose and discuss the risks of Depo-Provera with the Canadian medical community.
  • In 1994, when Depo was approved in India, India’s Economic and Political Weekly reported that “The FDA finally licensed the drug in 1990 in response to concerns about the population explosion in the third world and the reluctance of third world governments to license a drug not licensed in its originating country.”
  • Some scientists and women’s groups in India continue to oppose Depo-Provera. In 2002, Depo was removed from the family planning protocol in India.
  • Depo-Provera is also used with male sex offenders as a form of chemical castration as it has the effect of drastically reducing sex drive in males.
  • One way Depo-Provera works is by reducing a woman’s chances of ovulating. However, since it changes the lining of the uterus, it also can cause early abortions when breakthrough ovulation occurs.[1] With perfect use the effectiveness of the shot in preventing pregnancy is very high—about 99 percent. But with typical use 3 percent of women become pregnant each year.
  • Few drugs have a more controversial history than Depo-Provera. In the 1950s a scientist for the pharmaceutical company Upjohn was experimenting with the hormone progesterone, and he created depomedroxyprogesterone acetate (Depo-Provera). By 1960 the company received FDA approval for the drug as a treatment for endometriosis and habitual miscarriages. However, ten years later the FDA revoked this approval because there was no evidence that the drug worked. Instead it seemed to cause heart defects in babies.

Pharmaceutical Industry: Practicing the most stark acts of corporate inhumanity

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Please do take time to read this important PDF: AfroGenocide


Updated Info

Kenyan Conference Challenges Aid Agencies’ Focus on Contraception

A series of speakers challenged Western relief agencies for their fixation on family-planning efforts, during a conference on bioethics and fertility held at Strathmore University in Nairobi, Kenya.

Robert Walley, the founder of Mater Care International reported that 330,000 mothers die in pregnancy every year worldwide, but more than 90% of those deaths are easily preventable. He denounced agencies that focus on preventing pregnancy rather than helping these women in need.

Dr. Henrietta Williams of Nigeria, the president of the Catholic Doctors association of Nigeria, also spoke on the problem of maternal mortality, noting that only 7.9% of the UN’s aid budget is devoted to maternal health, while millions are spent on contraceptives. Pregnancy is safer than abortion, she argued, when women receive proper care.


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Girls of 13 given birth control jab at school without parents’ knowledge

Girls as young as 13 are receiving birth control implants at school without the knowledge or consent of their parents, a survey by The Daily Telegraph has revealed.

The survey found that school nurses have provided contraceptive implants or injections to girls between the ages of 13 and 16 on more than 900 occasions over the last two years.

13 year olds have been given the implants or jabs on more than 20 occasions, and an additional 7,400 girls aged 15 have undergone the procedure at local family planning clinics.


Under rules on “patient confidentiality”, teachers are prohibited from obtaining parental approval before offering the procedure, which involving placing hormone-releasing implants into pupils’ arms to stop pregnancies for up to three years.

The NHS service, provided in schools across Bristol, Northumbria, Peterborough, Co Durham, the West Midlands and Berkshire, is part of a wider strategy to reduce teenage pregnancy rates. But Anthony Seldon, the Head teacher of Wellington College, criticised the practice stating:

Anything that trivialises or treats [sex] as something mundane or easy, particularly for young people, is damaging their ability to grow up and to properly form a loving lasting relationship.

It devalues sex, it makes it like an ordinary, everyday thing like going to have a McDonald’s.”


Dr Peter Saunders, CEO of the Christian Medical Fellowship, warned that sex before the age of 16 is illegal and “to facilitate such behaviour behind parents’ backs is unprofessional, irresponsible and morally wrong”.

The number of pupils who have made use of the service is likely to be even higher since full records have not been maintained by many NHS trusts, who claim that making the information public would also constitute a breach of patient confidentiality.

Andrea Minichiello Williams, CEO of Christian Concern, said:

This service usurps the role of parents, who have the primary responsibility for their children’s education and who have the right to raise their children in line with their moral values and convictions.

Making contraceptive services available to young children at such ease will only increase levels of promiscuity with damaging and far-reaching consequences.

Children need to be protected and made aware of the benefits of abstinence until marriage.”


Source: Telegraph



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Injected Contraceptive Increases AIDS Risk for African Women

Posted by addisethiopia / አዲስ ኢትዮጵያ on July 14, 2012

My Note: This is indeed a very disturbing issue. Another medical experimentation on Africans? This warning was first given back in 2004. Read it here. A study was published later in the Lancet (2011) and subsequently reported in the New York Times, sent a wave of anxiety through the global health protection community with the claim that HIV-negative women might face a two-fold increased risk of acquiring the infection from their HIV-positive partners, and that HIV-positive women could have a two-fold increased risk of passing it on to the non-infected partners. The issue has enormous implications given the wide-scale use of injected hormonal contraception in areas of high HIV prevalence.

How many sisters and mothers have already been infected? How many of them perished? Egziabher, the Lord knows! Are Africans Promiscuous Unto Death? Read it here.

Using contraceptive injections could make women twice as likely to contract HIV, claim scientists.

They also increase the chances of male partners becoming infected, according to the study by researchers from the University of Washington and Seattle in the U.S.

Their results came from tracking nearly 4,000 couples for 18 months in seven African countries.

In most instances the women taking part were using DMPA – Depo-Provera, which is a popular injectable contraception in sub-Saharan Africa. (The pharma giant, Pfizer, makes Depo-Provera)

Either the man or woman in each couple had HIV – the Aids-causing virus.

The researchers noted which people used contraceptives and the rates at which the other member of the couple became HIV-positive.

Their results, published in the journal The Lancet Infectious Diseases, show that women who used hormone-based contraceptive injections were twice as likely to contract and subsequently transmit HIV, as those who didn’t.

The researchers suspect that the contraceptive is altering vaginal tissue in a way that’s increasing the possibility of HIV transmission.

The authors of the study admit that it is not 100 per cent reliable as it relied on those taking part telling the truth about their contraception use.

Nevertheless, it has been seen by experts as a cause for alarm, given the sheer number of women in Africa that use injectable contraception.

Because it only has to be taken once every month, it is very popular.

Around six per cent of all women between 15and 49 in sub-Saharan Africa rely on it – that’s a headcount of around 12million.

Additional information…


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It’s Eugenic – Ethiopia Please Don’t Ratify The Maputo Protocol

Posted by addisethiopia / አዲስ ኢትዮጵያ on July 8, 2012

The Maputo Protocol was originally adopted by the “Assembly of the African Union” in Maputo, Mozambique on July 11, 2003. The official document is titled “Protocol to the African Charter on Human and People’s Rights on the Rights of Women in Africa.”

The Maputo Protocol is a treaty instrument that is binding on all countries that ratify it. It went into effect in November 2005, after the minimum 15 of the 53 African Union member countries ratified it. As of June 2007, according to the African Union, 43 nations had signed it and 21 had formally ratified it: (Benin, Burkina Faso, Cape Verde, Comoros, Djibouti, Gambia, Libya, Lesotho, Malawi, Mali, Mozambique, Mauritania, Namibia, Nigeria, Rwanda, South Africa, Senegal, Seychelles, Tanzania, Togo and Zambia). Those who ratify the treaty are called “States Parties.”

Proponents of the Maputo Protocol present it as a method of combating female genital mutilation in Africa, where it is more common than elsewhere. It is estimated that this harmful practice is performed on approximately two million women a year worldwide. Pro-Protocol forces often try to portray opponents of the Protocol as callous towards women’s rights, even though the Maputo Protocol is not principally aimed at eradicating female genital mutilation.

Is this protocol an international conspiracy being waged by Western population controllers against African mothers?

Then, the Maputo Protocol calls for the free use and distribution of abortifacient contraceptives, while emphasizing that African countries should provide “new educational methods to modify the social and cultural patterns of conduct of women and men.”

“This is a radical attempt to reshape and refocus the minds and lives of millions of people, with a propaganda of death that destroys the very foundation of a society and brings into question its future existence,” writes Fr. Boquet. “Such policies result in the breakdown of the family, illegitimacy, growth in the number of orphans, fatherless families and promiscuity. The contraceptive mentality and legalized abortion endorsed by the Maputo Protocol, will not lead to fewer abortions, as its supporters would have us believe, but many more abortions,” warned the Catholic Fr. Boquet. In fact, organizations such as Planned Parenthood which promote population control note that the number of abortions actually grew in Africa between 2003 and 2008.

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