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Why Aren’t Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and All The Other Filthy-Rich Arab Gulf States Taking in Their Fellow Muslims?

Posted by addisethiopia / አዲስ ኢትዮጵያ on September 15, 2015

There are two reasons for this:

1. Because they don’t want them as permanent residents.

Foreign workers are fine so long as they’re productively working, improving the economic of the country, and will go home when their contracts are up.

Foreign residents, however, tend to bring their own cultural and political baggage with them – like the Ethiopians who gradually started to spread their culture and language in Saudi Arabia. Saudis don’t want to see Ethiopic writings on the shops and restaurants in Saudi cities. That’s why the Saudis abused and inhumanly deported 200.000 Ethiopian migrants two years ago.

2. The rich Saudis don’t want to accept Syrian, Iraqi or Yemeni refugees because they wish to stage a “Trojan horse”-style Muslim invasion of Europe and North America. For example, the jihadist forces, in solidarity with ISIS, have taken control of part of Libya, obviously seeking to organize a massive immigration toward Europe. In their minds, this is an invasion, a quest to destabilize ignorant Europe. Ninety percent of the invaders entering en masse are Muslims. They even filter out Christian migrants by beheading or throwing them overboard. If one considers the photos of boats brimming over with immigrants coming from Libya to Italy, you see that the boats are almost all filled with men – adults and youth – ready to enter the urban guerrilla strife.

The National Review has the following argument on the subject:

Why would we take any Arab refugees from any war-torn country in the Middle East? Resettlement in a faraway country should be the absolute last resort; it’s preferable that displaced people be accommodated in countries near their homeland, facilitating eventual return, and in countries that are culturally similar to ease the strains for both the refugees and the host country. In that vein, why aren’t we demanding that Saudi Arabia resettle the Syrians? (And, for that matter, the Yemenis like to be displaced by the fighting there.) It’s a huge, empty country – much of it desert, certainly, but it supports 27 million people with a per capita GDP of more than $31,000. The United Arab Emirates is smaller, but it is also awash in oil wealth and could take a significant number. And the overflow of Syrian and Yemeni refugees that aren’t resettled in Saudi Arabia or the UAE could be settled, with Gulf money, in other huge, empty Arab countries, like Algeria and Sudan. The 22 member states of the Arab League cover 5 million square miles — surely somewhere in there they can find space for displaced Syrians. (The one group you could argue should be an exception is Syrian Christians, but we’ve only taken in 40 of them since January 2013, some 5 percent of the total, and there’s no reason to believe that would change much in the future. When it came out that Canada wanted to prioritize religious minorities for resettlement, the usual suspects raised the usual cries, though the government seems to have stuck to its guns.) The Saudis et al. will balk at the suggestion, but it’s their responsibility to take care of their own brethren and neighbors. We can certainly help with transportation to, say, Algeria, but we have no obligation whatever to let super-rich neighboring Arab countries off the hook.

The Greens, the Leftists/Communists are using multiculturalism, massive Muslim immigration and widespread welfare dependency to destroy the nation states of Europe, summarizes the following video: Paul Weston: How to Destroy a Country


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