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Five Hurt When Plane and Bus Collide at Los Angeles Airport

Posted by addisethiopia / አዲስ ኢትዮጵያ on February 11, 2023

✈️ Several people were hurt when a plane hit a shuttle bus Friday at Los Angeles Airport, the third similar incident in the past month.

The American Airlines plane was being towed from a gate to a parking lot when it collided with the bus, the Independent reported Saturday.

Aerial video footage over the southern side of the runways shows multiple emergency vehicles and crews assessing the damage, according to KTLA


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A School Bus Runs on Fire in France | ፈረንሳይ ውስጥ የትምህርት ቤት አውቶቡስ ጉዞ ላይ እያለ ጋየ

Posted by addisethiopia / አዲስ ኢትዮጵያ on January 18, 2023

🔥 እንደ እድል ሆኖ፡ ማንም አልተጎዳም፤ በደቡባዊ ፈረንሳይ ኒምም ከተማ ሲጓዝ የነበረው አውቶብስ ሙሉ በሙሉ በእሳት ከመቃጠሉ በፊት አስር ህጻናት እና የአውቶቡስ ሹፌሩ እራሳቸውን ከመኪናው ማስወገድ ችለዋል።

🔥 Fortunately, no one was hurt; 10 children and the bus driver managed to extricate themselves from the car before it was completely engulfed in flames in the city of Nimes, in southern France.


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Thousands of Migrants Bussed From Texas Are Left Wandering The Streets of NYC after Being DENIED Shelter

Posted by addisethiopia / አዲስ ኢትዮጵያ on August 20, 2022

💭 ከቴክሳስ የተላኩ በሺዎች የሚቆጠሩ ስደተኞች መጠለያ ከተከለከሉ በኋላ በኒው ዮርክ ከተማ ጎዳናዎች እየተንከራተቱ ነው

💭 Venezuelan migrant family — including pregnant mother — turned away from NYC shelter

A young Venezuelan migrant family was left in limbo this week after being bussed to New York City from Texas — only to be told they were “ineligible” for shelter because they lacked proper documentation.

Dailin Rojas, who is 6 months pregnant, told The Post she was given the run-around after being told her family didn’t have the required documentation to allow them to stay at a homeless shelter in Jamaica, Queens.

Despite having stayed there for several weeks already, a distressed Rojas, her husband Johandre Merchan and their 3-year-old son were ordered to start the entire application process again.

“We were shocked. It’s not easy here,” the frustrated husband told The Post. “I was thinking a better life, better treatment, but it’s not easy.”

Rojas and her family are among a growing number of migrants forced to contend with shelter ineligibility because they can’t provide the documentation – such as past housing history or proof they are a family unit – that is usually required to be admitted to a city shelter.

Another two busloads of migrants arrived at Manhattan’s Port Authority Friday morning — adding to the hundreds that have been shipped off by Texas Gov. Greg Abbott as part of an ongoing political spat over President Biden’s border policies.

Mayor Eric Adams has previously insisted that all migrants would be welcome in the Big Apple — regardless if they have the correct documentation.

Gonzalez said the family’s plight was in direct contrast to Adams’ stance.

“What the mayor and the commissioner are saying is not true.” he told The Post.

👉 Courtesy: CNN +

የሚያስገድድ ሕግ ጸደቀ

❖❖❖ ጽላተ ሙሴና የጽዮን ሦስት ቀለማት/Tricolor of Zion / ሥራቸውን እየሠሩ ነው። ❖❖❖

💭 / 90 በመቶ ከሚሆነው የዓለማችን ነዋሪ የተሠወረውና ኃይለኛ የሆነው መንፈሳዊ ውጊያ በመጧጧፍ ላይ ነው። መላ ዕክቱ + ቅዱሳኑ + ጽላተ ሙሴ ሥራቸውን በሚገባ እየሠሩ ነው። ለጽዮን ጠላቶች ወዮላቸው!

😇 ዛሬ ቅዳሜ ፲፬ ነሐሴ ፳፻፲፬ ዓ.ም የአባታችን የአቡነ አረጋዊ ዕለት ነው።

💭 ክቡራን እና ክቡራት፤ እምላለሁ; አሜሪካ የኢትዮጵያን እኩይ ፋሽስት ኦሮሞ መንግስት መደገፏን ካላቆመች ፥ ብላም ታሪካዊቷን የክርስቲያንጽዮናዊት ኢትዮጵያን ለመበታተን፣ ለማዳከም እና ለማፍረስ ከያዘችው ዲያብሎሳዊ ሴራ ካልተቆጠበች፣ ምናለ በሉኝ፤ በቅርቡ የቴክሳስ ግዛት ከዩናይትድ ስቴትስ ብሄራዊ ሕብረት የምትገነጠል የመጀመርያዋ ግዛት ግዛት ትሆናለች።

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👉 የኤሎን ማስክ እርባታ/ መኖሪያ ቤት እና የእሱ ስፔስ ኤክስ‘ ‘ስታር ቤዝየጠፈር ጣቢያ በቴክሳስ ይገኛሉ።

😇 Today, according to the Ethiopian calendar it’s Saturday, August 14, 2014 – Saint Abuna Aregawi commemorated on this very Day.

💭 Ladies and gentlemen; I swear to you; If America does not stop supporting the evil fascist Oromo regime of Ethiopia – and if it does not refrain from its diabolical plot to disintegrate, weaken and destroy the historical Christian-Zionist Ethiopia – then, mark my words, the state of Texas would become the first state to secede from the National Union of the United States of America very soon.

  • TExas
  • TEgray (Tigray)
  • TEdros (Tigray Native)
  • TEsla (Besides, Elon Musk owns Ethereum (CRYPTO: ETH = Ethiopia)

👉 Elon Musk’s ranch and his SpaceX Starbase are located in Texas.

💭 The State Of Texas Passes New Law: Schools Must Display Donated Posters That SayIn God We Trust.


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Addis Bus Burst Into Flame

Posted by addisethiopia / አዲስ ኢትዮጵያ on April 29, 2012


The above “hot” video footage is taken for the very first time in Addis Abeba Transit Service history

Good old Addis Abeba “Anbesa / Lion” Bus was burst into flame on the ‘Ring Road’. The fire had been caused by an electrical fault on the bus — 35 terrified passengers were ordered of the bus, incredibly, there were no fatalities and no injuries. Passengers were saying the driver saw a spark. He got everybody off the bus and within minutes it was ablaze for about half an hour. Emergency services were called and firemen were able to control the blaze within 30 minutes.



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