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The Future Must Not Belong to Those Who Slander Christians

Posted by addisethiopia / አዲስ ኢትዮጵያ on February 7, 2015

mapeqodgLike many, I was also very much surprised to hear what President Obama this week said at National Prayer Breakfast. For a minute, I thought, “he probably shared their hookah/shisha with the Saudis” last week. On the other hand, his latest busy schedule was filled with the spirit of Ishmael. First, Mr. Obama went to India to lecture the largest democracy in the world, India, on democracy and religious freedom. He cut short his India visit to fly in many of Washington’s top power brokers to pay their respects to the Saudi royal that funded the 9/11 terrorist attacks. Days later, Mr. President held a private meeting with 14 Muslim leaders at the White House.

A day later, at the annual National Prayer Breakfast, Mr. Obama bombasted Christians by invoking their misbehavior from the Middle Ages – at a time when innocent Christians are being beheaded, burned alive and even crucified for their faith all over the world. It’s crazy! Christians are being slaughtered, because secular atheist powers alongside their Muslim ‘useful idiots’ wage wars in the NAME OF DEMOCRACY, FREEDOM & ISLAM. President Obama is unwilling to name the obvious cause of the ongoing genocide, may be, because he wants to protect his own religion, the glory of the State, above all others.

Mr. Obama never says, “atrocities in the name of Democracy, Evolution, Islam, or Mohamed” – rather, quick to link the word ‘atrocity’ to Christianity or Christ. Notice the chronological order: Before President Obama decided to go and insult Christians at their own prayer breakfast service, he visited Babylon Saudi Arabia and later, joined groups of the Muslim brotherhood in Washington D.C to show them his solidarity. The world upside down!

It’s learned that the foreign minister of Sudan was present at the National Prayer Breakfast – an event sponsored by the Fellowship Foundation, a Christian-based organization. Originally, the remembrance of the 100th anniversary of the Armenian genocide was one of the themes of this year’s prayer breakfast. But, not a single world about it. The massacred Armenians share a common enemy with the marginalized Darfurian and Christian Sudanese. Inviting officials of what is arguably the world’s most genocidal regime to the National Prayer Breakfast is an insult to the victims of that genocide as well as to the millions of victims of religious, racial, and ethnic genocide in Sudan and South Sudan.

Last year, secretary of State John Kerry, stopping in Addis Abeba, to visit with U.S. Embassy staff, implied that religious tenets (Christianity) created more than 2000 years ago were inappropriate for modern society. An indirect insult to the 2000-year-old Christian nation of Ethiopia. Mind boggling, isn’t it? They insult Christians during their own breakfast prayers, and they go to an African Christian country as guests to treat Christians with contempt, to mock.

This is war against Christians and Christianity. But, we must be sure they will all be judged soon. The future must not belong to those who would slander Christianity by endlessly harping on the Crusades

Mark Levin Slams Obama As A Nihilist, A Narcissist, And An Extremist

PARTIAL TRANSCRIPT: “And ironically you brought up slavery in the United States. And what’s ironic about it, Sean, is if Abraham Lincoln took the position of Barack Obama, it would have been something like this. Lincoln saying we’ve had slavery on every continent in every country since the beginning of mankind. The Egyptians enslaved the Jews, the Romans enslaved Christians. Slavery is almost a human natural act, is it not? And Lincoln would say, following Obama’s argument, don’t get on your high horse.

This is not an existential threat, Obama said the other day of the genocide in the Middle East. And Lincoln might say, why in the world would I send hundreds and thousands of men to their death to end slavery?

What Obama is saying and doing is the lowest of the low now. He really is not a leader of a great people. He’s not a leader of a great nation. He is stuck in his own ideology. He’s stubborn and ignorant at the same time. There are black Christians and black Muslims in Africa who are being slaughtered. They don’t want to hear about the Jim Crow laws. There are Christians, there are other Muslims being slaughtered in the Middle East, they don’t need a lecture from Obama about Christianity. The fact of the matter is Obama is not doing anything effective or substantive to stop genocide in our time.” – Mark Levin


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