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Germany: Muslim Migration Office Employee Denies Asylum Application Of Iraqi Christians

Posted by addisethiopia / አዲስ ኢትዮጵያ on March 1, 2017

We came here to live a free life, but now were are being oppressed heavily.”


A Christian family fleeing from religious persecution in Iraq claim asylum in Germany, only to have their application denied by a Muslim employee working at the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees.

CDU party politician Wolfgang Bosbach criticizes the practice of Muslim employees processing asylum claims of persecuted Christians. Authorities in Nuremberg however, defend the practice.

The case came to light after the family reported their experience to Bosbach, stating they felt disadvantaged that a Muslim had been assigned to handle their asylum claim.

Bosbach noted: “It’s incomprehensible to me that solely Muslims working at the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees should decide whether Christians fleeing from radical Muslims are allowed to stay in Germany or not.”

German media on this case:……

50 Christian Statues Have Been Defaced And Decapitated In Germany In The Past 2 Years…Likely By Muslim Migrants


Selected comments:

Germany along with most of the rest of the EU is committing suicide.

I only feel very bad about such things.

How can one pretend to stand on moral, or humanitarian grounds when they openly admit to their inhumane bigotry? This is reverse reality, in which insanity prevails & where good is seen as evil & evil is seen as good.

As a Third Party I have no words to express the disgust I feel at the way Christians are oppressed most cruelly and Muslims are accommodated favorably. Even inhumanity should have its limits.

How can these persecuted Christians feel? Come to a Christian country with a chancellor, whose party the Christian C carries in the name.

In refugee centers, those who have been bullied, humiliated, humiliated, and threatened with the death from which they fled have been bullied by them.

One has the impression that the persecutors have been following, or persecuted the persecuted because they have no more prey left in their homeland. And then a headscarfed Exhibitionist Muslim woman may decide her future destiny. Simply incredible. I do not have anything to do with Christianity either, and I’ve been out of the club for a long time, but I have not been so bad for a long time, and I rarely had such anger in my stomach as with this inconceivable message.

Western leader God-haters do everything in their power to prevent Christians from escaping severe Muslim persecution.

Western ruling elites massively imported Muslims into our nations. The Muslims are then given places of great power in government positions to enable the Muslims to massively discriminate against, and persecute Christians.

Christians are Mostly Barred Entry into Our Nations by Western leaders. Western ruling elites want ONLY Muslims — the devout followers of Barbaric Warlord Mohammad.

Western leaders are Great Admirers of Cruel Muslim Conquerors. The 56 Muslim Nations did not Choose to become Islamic. They were FORCED to.

Muslims Conquered 56 Nations By the Sword.

While deniers are denying the Armenian and Jewish genocides …. the Chaldean genocide rages on …. along with the Coptic genocide, etc. etc. ?

Germans have always been allies with Muslims.They were allies with the Turks in ww1 to exterminate Greeks, Armenians, Slavic, Assyrians, Pontiacs.

In WW2 Germans and Muslim Bosnia, Albania where involved killing Serbs, Greeks, Jews, gypsies.

Germany the mastermind behind the NATO bombing of Serbia, and arming Islamic terror groups to kill Serbs.

Destroying orthodox Greece thanks to the austerity and the Islamic invasion of Greece thanks to Mrs Merkel’s lefties in Germany and the left wing German backed dictatorship in Greece.

Germany, where Marxism and Nazism was born. Now Islamism is being promoted by Germany.

Muslims are a health and safety issue. Why in the hell is Germany using Muslims, to say who may or may not come into the country??? Christians are being denied, while Muslims get the welcome mat.

This is so damn typical, no Muslim should be working in Immigration, already they are prejudice against Christians this is sickening, where is justice?

What are the German authorities doing? Putting a Muslim in charge of deciding if a Christian family is eligible for asylum is so stupid it beggars belief! And for one of the BAMF staff to come up with an excuse regarding the wearing of headscarves by stating that “constitutionally women are allowed to wear them” is a cop out! Whoever it was, knew exactly what the problem was, and refused to acknowledge the genuine concerns. Was this person also wearing a headscarf?

It is beginning to look more and more that government are ignoring the plight of Christians in order to appease Muslims again. Why have they got a Muslim or Muslims employed in such a sensitive position? It’s well know they will infiltrate all areas of government in order to disrupt from within. This is verging on insanity!

The Ministry of Internal Affairs need to sort out their staff and make sure that a Muslim never has a position that allows them to decide on the future of a Christian family ever again.

Merkel has created a nightmare scenario for her own people, she must ensure that Muslims are kept from deciding the fate of others. They will always put Muslims first!

The BAMF as the bureaucracy deciding about is strongly undermined by leftist ad Muslim representatives. Only few prosecuted Christians are granted asylum whereas hordes of predominantly Muslim freeloaders sneak by, often with faked or even entirely without IDs.

The BAMF is officially part of the ministry of interior affairs however appears to act entirely independent and bypass the secretary of interiors. Even worse, when confronted with accusations of deliberately not reporting more than 3000 intruders with evidently fake IDs, the bureaucracy not only refused to disclose the suspects to federal prosecutors but refused cooperation entirely. An unprecedented affront in Germany’s legal post WW2 history and proof that secretary of interior affairs, de Maiziere, is nothing but a puppet on a string.

A key figure here is Merkel’s appointed Muslim commissioner for integration, Turkish born Aydan Özuguz. A leftist feminazi par excellence and strong promoter of pedophilia and REVERSE integration, she has two radicalized brothers who were suspects of supporting anti-constitutional, criminal activities. She is also openly and fiercely driving an Islamization agenda herself by encouraging dialogues with predominantly radical Muslim organizations and acting as one of Turkish autocrat Erdogan’s loudest mouthpieces in the country. As the coordinator for migration issues she’s a perfect fit for Merkel’s perfidious agenda of marginalizing the indigenous population by promoting Muslim invasion.


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A New Devastating Study: Europeans Want Only High-Skilled, Non-Muslim Asylum Seekers

Posted by addisethiopia / አዲስ ኢትዮጵያ on September 23, 2016

winstonchurchilonislamEuropeans are more likely to accept asylum seekers who have a higher employability, have been persecuted or tortured in their homeland, and are Christians rather than Muslims, according to Zurich and international researchers.

Dominik Hangartner, from the University of Zurich’s Department of Political Science and the London School of Economics and Political Science, teamed up with colleagues from Stanford University to compile 180,000 fictitious profiles of asylum seekers, which randomly varied along nine attributes: age, gender, country of origin, previous occupation, religion, language skills, reasons for migrating, vulnerability and asylum testimony.

The hypothetical profiles were then evaluated by 18,000 citizens from 15 European countries, including Switzerland.

Our results reveal that not all refugees are equal in the eyes of the European public,” said Hangartner in a statement.

Respondents from all countries preferred asylum seekers with better vocational qualifications and knowledge of the host country’s language. The probability of being accepted was 13% higher for doctors and 9% for teachers compared with previously unemployed asylum seekers.

The respondents favoured asylum seekers who were more likely to contribute to the economy,” Hangartner explained.

Humanitarian considerations also played an important role. Asylum seekers who had fled for reasons recognised by the Geneva Convention on refugees were more accepted all over Europe. People persecuted on political, religious or ethical grounds had a 15% more chance of being accepted than those primarily seeking economic opportunities, for example.

Muslims and Christians

Religion was a key factor. Muslims were 11% less likely to be accepted than Christians from a comparable background, the survey found.

As Christians were preferred only slightly over agnostics, the result reflects a strong anti-Muslim bias – not a pro-Christian one,” Hangartner stated. Although this bias existed across all countries and all respondent groups, it was twice as strong among people on the right of the political spectrum compared with those on the left.

The strong preference for high-skilled, Christian asylum seekers who can speak the language of the host country poses major challenges for policymakers whose goal is to accept and integrate refugees,” added Hangartner.

The results of the large-scale international survey were published in the journal Science on Thursday.


My Note: It’s becoming clear that people all over the world are waking up fast and furious to face the new reality: In the world of snakes and vipers, the average person can’t distinguish between the poisonous snake and the non-poisonous snake, He has no choice but to avoid all kind of snakes.

I don’t know whether the Europeans would now be able to prefer dark-skinned Christian asylum Seekers to light-skinned Muslims they let in in the millions, anyways, I hope they can at least understand now why the once great nation of Ethiopia went backwards since the arrival of Islam in its territories 1400 years ago. The most famous street in Addis Abeba is named after Winston Churchill (Churchill Road), but, I bet very few of its residents are familiar with the  powerful Churchill quote from the above image.

A Simple Explanation Why It Is Impossible For Saudi Arabia To Survive The Next Few Years

There is a reason why God called Arabia “a whore” prophesying that her lovers (the kings of the earth) will ultimately abandon her services and refuse to drink her intoxicating wine of fornication.

Eventually all prostitutes age and loose their curves to only be penniless and destitute. Saudi Arabia needs oil prices at over $100 a barrel to break even on its budget. But Saudi Arabia’s “lavish social spending program is on a collision course” said Zach Schreiber back in May, and now we find out that Saudi is selling her ministries. So far 13 ministries and government agencies are sold and she is putting on retirement most of the employees while shifting others to other government entities.

Saudi is so desperate she also plans to sell part of her Aramco’s stocks in order to set up a foreign exchange fund worth two trillion dollars. Schreiber correctly predicted the epic oil crash back in 2014 and later said that Saudi Arabia will soon completely collapse.

This should be a lesson to many who tune in to the wrong radio wavelength listening to wrong economic and prophetic prognosis. This was exactly the case when the oil price was around $90 a barrel, the greedy said that it would go to $150. The wise knew better.

Everything went the opposite of what the ‘experts’ predicted.

In life whenever you see the frightened herd running thirsty towards the waterhole, always run fast the other direction. In all matters of life, the wise should always go against the herd mentality. Sooner or later, the lions at the waterhole will get their fill of flesh from stupid zebras, then you can slowly walk towards that same waterhole and even converse with the lion drinking that murky cafe latte, in peace.


Most err when it comes to predicting the future. This is why you need to watch the few, like Schreiber, who know better. He says that Saudi has a short time before it collapses. It is on a collision course with Iran and Russia when it comes to keeping its oil prices low. By keeping its oil price low, Saudi Arabia hopes that the other two giants will collapse first. But this will not happen and Saudi cannot raise her price for the love-barrel either. Why?

It is perhaps easier to explain this scenario using my imaginary falafel stand than to jot complex economic jargon. Lets just say that a new Arab immigrant opens a falafel stand across the street from me, but city ordinance only allows him to sell falafel, while I sell not just falafel, but burgers, fries, Gyros, hummus pizza and lottery tickets. For the poor guy to compete, the only option he has is to have continual price cuts on his falafel. But no matter how much he cuts prices to hurt me and put me out of business, he will eventually come to his knees since I can continue forever selling my falafels at a lower price until I break even. After all I still double my profits on the other food items while I sell Pizza by the slice.

In other words, being completely dependent on fossil fuels will send you the way of the fossil.

Russia and Iran produce other items, but Saudi has only her oil. Ultimately she is bankrupt. Saudi currently has $600 some billion in foreign reserves and annually withdraws $70 billion while she loses $70 billion from the oil prices slump. 90% of Saudi’s income comes from oil and the rest is from all the guests who come annually to kiss her silver vulva while running roundabout her golden and silver decked black Hijab.

If things continue, by 2018, Saudi Arabia will be completely broke.

Soon her sons, the Arabs, will return to desert falafel instead of Las Vegas, scotch and caviar. The oil price for the Middle East, considering the huge population increase they had since 1970, needs to be over a $100 barrel.

But you might ask: what if she simply raises her price?

But this will not be easy. There is a reason why she can’t. First of all, there are other younger than Saudi that flood the bazar that clients can choose oil from: US, Argentina, Brazil, Venezuela, Mexico …

But this is the minor issue. The bigger reason is that Saudi must keep the price low because Iran and Russia will recover by increasing their prices. But you might ask: so what?

If Iran and Russia recover, Iran will destroy Saudi. In the middle east, this is a known fact. It is not like western nations think where peace is at hand after every war. This is a war of complete and utter destruction. It is either Iran or Saudi.

But then you might ask: what if Saudi changes her policy and sell other products besides oil?

Saudi is caught between a rock and a hard place. She cannot get a facelift, since reforms are impossible.

Here’s why. For Saudi Arabia to sell burgers besides falafel (economic reformation), it needs influence of American institutes to be behind all such plans. This will bring modernization and a change to political and social structure. All this, Saudi considers a red line, which the Wahhabist government fears the most, just as it fears Iran. Saudi Arabia is dependent on cheap low wage employment of foreign workers and economic reforms will lead to social protests. For an example, just the high water tariff and enforcing new laws for drilling wells had King Salman fire the kingdom’s water and electricity minister, Abdullah al-Husayen. Any changes will bring sever unrest.

And to bring in younger blood doesn’t work either, unless King Salman gives up on his son: Muhammad bin Salman. This will never happen. When the inexperienced prince, son of King Salman, wanted to show he has testosterone, he marched through direct intervention in Syria and launched a war on Yemen, which turned out a disaster. How then can he be trusted with economic issues as well? We have also ISIS and today ISIS is synonymous with Saudi Wahhabist.

You who live by many waters

and are rich in treasures,

your end has come,

the time for you to be destroyed.”

Saudi betrayed all her customers, even her favorite, America, after she kicked him in a sensitive spot on September 11th 2001. This brought down both America’s most handsome twin sons: the Twin Towers.

There are still certain cases against Saudi which are still open files in the United States for her role in the 9/11 nightmare.

And to add more salt to injury, just imagine if Trump wins. It is all over. Trump is no Hillary or Obama, Saudi’s African lover, whom she still views as “negro” forcing herself to entertain for a price. Trump is way more ticked off at Saudi, especially when her bratty little son, Prince al-Walid bin Talal, tweets Trump some very nasty messages for refusing to sleep with his mother (Saudi). The messages even hit Trump’s highest ego:


Trump made his message clear. The U.S. will no longer sing “make way for prince Walid”. Giuliani (Trump’s very close friend and ally) on 911, sent a message to the young prince’s offer of $10 million to sleep with Saudi. Giuliani basically told al-Walid that America’s twin sons will not be forgotten. That no amount of money is enough to sleep with Saudi, al-Walid’s old mother.

Now just imagine, on top of all this turmoil, if a stock market bubble bursts, which it will, soon. We already have Azerbaijan, hard hit by tumbling oil prices, Venezuela is out to go bust for the same reason and Ecuador looks about to go down as well. What do you think it will be for Saudi? Iran and Russia can sustain themselves by selling burgers, but Saudi will only have the flea infested camels to sleep with.


Obama Set to Veto 9/11 Victims’ Bid to Sue Saudis


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Christian Asylum Seekers Hounded Out of Immigrant Housing by Muslim Residents

Posted by addisethiopia / አዲስ ኢትዮጵያ on July 23, 2015

Further proof that where there is Islam there is intolerance, hate, and violence.

Watch the following video from London’s Hyde Park (Speakers Corner). “The Speakers Corner” is an interesting place to observe lots of things – sort of a university inside a park. Notice and memorize the demonic actions of this “normal / moderate” Muslims, register the primitively annoying tactics they use to attack the Christian, and pay attention to the fact that most hecklers are either Sodomites or Muslims – they never allow others their God-given-right to speak or express themselves.

A group of Christian asylum seekers in Sweden were subjected to bullying tactics by Muslim neighbors for wearing the symbol of the cross.

The group consisted of two Christian families who lived in an asylum house of approximately 80 individuals – the majority of whom were Syrian Muslims. Described as “fundamentalist Islamists” by major Swedish newspaper Dagens Nyheter, the other residents told the Christians they were not to wear their symbols of faith in the building, and they would not be allowed to use the communal areas while they were in use by Muslims.

After being threatened and harassed on a number of occasions the small group of Christians, which are likely to have been Syrian Christian refugees fleeing the Islamic State, packed and left “fearing for their own safety”. A spokesman for the government migration agency responsible for the centre they had been staying in said:

They dared not stay. The atmosphere became too intimidating. And they got no help… They chose themselves to organize new address and moved away without our participation because they felt a discomfort”.

Remarkably, the incident has not been reported to the police. Instead migration agency officials visited the home to “provide information about Swedish law” to the “fundamentalist Islamists” there in the hope of preventing them from acting unkindly towards Christians again.


— NETHERLANDS: Christian Asylum Seekers routinely threatened and attacked by Muslims

— ITALY accused of bringing in Islamist ‘terrorists’ after Christians thrown into sea

— GERMANY: Christian Asylum Seekers Mobbed by Muslim Asylum Seekers

— NORWAY: Muslim Asylum Seekers Acid Attack a Christian Convert


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