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Ethiophobia: British Media + Ex-Athletes Try to Undermine Athletes Who Are Not Theirs

Posted by addisethiopia / አዲስ ኢትዮጵያ on August 16, 2016

Only theirs are honest, clean and superior – and the whole world belongs only to them and to the Arabs.


As if Ethiopians begun dominating long-distance running just yesterday. I wish I was there, back then to witness the anger and dismay of those Olympia-unspirited jerks when the great Abebe Bikila became the first Ethiopian / African to win Gold in the Olympics Marathon. Imagine westerners being petty over Almaz’s amazing strength and endurance — Ethiophobia; negative comments about her come from deep bias and reluctance from the Western press to see Ethiopians, in particular, making breakthroughs. It’s exactly for this reason the British laboratory fabricated the likes of Somali-born Mo Farah. (Christian Ethiopians and Muslim Somalis are historical enemies) If Almaz were a British, an Australian, a Canadian or an American, the tone would be different among the producers of BBC and co.

See how the biased BBC, and ex-athletes, like crappy Steve Cram presented their wonderful “clean” athletes vs “dubious” Ethiopians:


and on Mo Farah:


and on Katie Ledecky:


Selected rational and sane comments from the DailyMail

British are simply very bad loosers ! Same was it when they were ousted out of Euro in France!“

Pundit on TV basically came out and said it was drugs , said the record was set and can’t be broken. Who the hell makes a comment like that haha.”

…and if Lahti really did suggest that Ayana is doping then she should be severely reprimanded. She should also ask for her 26 SECOND personal best (and Swedish record) to be struck from the books, because it was the pace of Ayana and co that dragged her skinny blonde backside round the track.„

Ohhh same old British media trying to undermine some one who is not one of you. You mention a coach related with doping who has never trained Almaz to undermine her achievement. What did you ever say when Mo Farah missed his drug test and his coach got sacked because he was directly involved in doping? You said nothing! Same here, if you cannot appreciate great achievements like these then say nothing!„

Yeah the hypocrites are out in numbers. Our guy broke world record in swimming and all here declared him clean yet he came from nowhere. .now someone here from another country does the same we are all becoming suspicious. .years the reason why we are hated around the world„

These games are the cleanest . All the envy from people whose countries can’t compete in real Olympic sports not fencing and stuff„

Have they finished testing Phelps or he’s American so my the mighty forces it’s legit?„


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አልማዝ ምን ዕዳ ነው!

Posted by addisethiopia / አዲስ ኢትዮጵያ on August 13, 2016



ታይቶ የማይታወቅ ድንቅ አሯሯጥ…. ከኤሊ ደም የተገኘው የ23 ዓመት ሬኮርድ ተሰበረይቻላል! እጹብ ድንቅ ነው! የሚያስደስት ነው! ትክክለኛው ስፖርት ይህ ነው፤ በቀን ሶስት ጊዜ ደጋግመው በመወዳደር ወርቅ የሚዝቁበት የስፖርት ዓይነት ስፖርት አይባለም። ጥንካሬን፡ የበላይነትን የሚያረጋጠው ስፖርት ይህ ነውስለዚህ ይቀኑብናል፡ ይጠሉናልእንደ ሮቤል የመሳሰሉትን ቦርጫም ጉማሬ እነርሱ ብቻ በሚወዳደሩበት ውሃ ውስጥ በማስቀዘፍ ሊያሽሟጥጡብን፡ ሊያዋርዱንና ሊያስንቁን ሞከሩ፡ ግን አልተሳካላቸውምአይገርምም፡ ሁለት ሮቤሎች፤ ሮቤል በበረዶ፤ ሮቢል በውሃግብዞች፤ እኛን በመቅጣት ሊያዋርዱን በሚፈልጉባቸው የ ”ፈረንጅ” ስፖርት ዓይነቶች እንዲሳተፉ ያደርጋሉወስላቶች! ከሮቤል ማግስት አልማዝ አሳየቻቸው። ጥሩነሽን፣ ገንዛቤና አልማዝን የመሳሰሉ ድንቅ እህቶች አሉንአሁን የሚጠሉን ሁሉ ዓይናቸው ደም ሆነ…. እነ ብስብሱ ቢቢሲ ሎሚ ይምጠጡ፤ ከፈለጉ በጨው፡ አልያ በበርበሬ…. አሁን ገጣጣውን ሶማሌ መርፌ ወግተው ይልኩታል፤ ወንድሞቻችን ተጠንቀቁ፡ ጊዜው የናንት ነው፡ የፋራን ጥርስ ፈርፍሩልን። ገንዘቤም ጥንቃቄ ማድረግ አለባት፡ ከአደገኛው ሶማሊያዊ አሰልጣኛ መለያየት ይኖርባታል።

ድል ለኢትዮጵያውያን!

Shameful BBC

BBC attacked for ‘disrespectful and boring’ Olympics coverage with viewers switching to COMMENTARY-FREE channel

  • BBC Olympic team were accused of ‘next level bonkers’ commentary

  • Twitter users suggested they had trawled Wikipedia for inane facts

  • Others said the BBC’s commentating duo ‘patronised’ African nations

  • Many were so frustrated they switched to a commentary-free channel

Snapshot from the BBC website — after Almaz demonstrated tremendeous superiority:


Ask yourselves, why don’t these folks give similar comments about Katie Ledecky, Michael Phelps & co? Mind you, 16 world and Olympic swimming records have been broken in Rio so far. The WSJ giving an answer to the queation: „why Olympians shatter Records in Swimming but not Track

The answer may have to do with swimmers being at an earlier point in their evolution—along with new pool technology and more

Pathetic losers!


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