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Key Suspect in the Murder of Kenyan Athlete Damaris Mutua (†28) Identified as Koki Tufa From Ethiopia

Posted by addisethiopia / አዲስ ኢትዮጵያ on April 20, 2022

💭 በኬንያዊቷ ሯጭ’ደማሪስ ሙቱዋ’ግድያ ቁልፍ ተጠርጣሪ (†28) ኮኪ ቱፋ ከኢትዮጵያ፤ የሞትና ባርነት ማንነትና ምንነት ያላቸው የዋቄዮ-አላህ አውሬዎች ኢትዮጵያን አረከሷት!

😢 አዎ! ከሁሉም አቅጣጫ፤ “የእንባ ቀን”። 😢

የሃያ ስምንት አመቷ ምክሲን ሯጭ ሙሉ ስም፤ “ደም አርስ ሙቴ ሙቱዋ/Damaris Muthee Mutua” ምን ይነግረን ይሆን? የኬንያ-ባህረይን ዜግነት ያላት ሙቱዋ አስከሬን በአንድ ቤት ውስጥ በስብሶ ተገኘቷል። በግድያው የሚጠረጠረው ፍቅረኛዋ ኮኪ ቱፋ አምልጦ ወደ ኢትዮጵያ ማምራቱ እየተነገረ ነው።

በተጨማሪ፤ እንደ ሃዋያውያን የቅጠል ጕንጉን ራሷ ላይ የደፋቸዋ ደማሪስ ሙቱዋ፤ በሃዋይ አሜሪካ ሳይሆን በኬኒያ እንደተወለደ የሚጠረጠረውን የቀድሞው የአሜሪካ ፕሬዚደንትን ባራክ ሁሴን ኦባማን ባለቤትን ሚሸል ኦባን ነው የምትመስለው።

Michelle Obama’s brother and his wife sue $24,000-a-year Milwaukee school for kicking their nine and 11-year-old ‘model student’ children out when they complained that virtual lessons ‘used racist stereotypes and word plantation’

💭 Koki Tufa Folie from Ethiopia is the alleged Killer of Damaris Muthee Mutua

A Kenyan-born Bahraini athlete, Damaris Muthee Mutua has been murdered in Iten, Tom Makori, a town in the west of the country.

The runner’s Ethiopian boyfriend is a suspect in her killing and he is on the run, police said on Tuesday.

Mutua’s murder follows the killing of another athlete in Kenya, Olympic runner Agnes Tirop, who was found stabbed to death at her home in the same town in October.

The body of Mutua, 28, who holds dual Kenyan-Bahraini nationality, was found decomposing in a house, the town’s police commander, told Reuters.

Iten, where both murders occurred, has a popular training base for long distance runners.

The two murders have shone a spotlight on violence against women in the east African country.

“The body has been taken to a nearby hospital mortuary,” Makori said.

Reliable sources revealed that Koki Tufa who is also a long-distance runner had come in Kenya to visit Damaris who was living in a rented house at Lilies estate, Iten before she was found dead.

Tufa is alleged to have called one of his friends in Iten town informing him of what he had done before fleeing to Ethiopia.

He had been training at the same facility and has since fled Kenya, according to police.

“The suspect called a friend whom they were training together and informed him that he has killed a girlfriend and the body was in the house,” Makori said.

Koki Tufa Folie the alleged Killer of Damaris Muthee Mutua

The above and below photos were retrieved from his social media handle facebook, and it is believed that he has been Mutua’s boyfriend since 2014. This has surfaced after thorough research by our able team who traced his name and many of his photos that included Mutua’s on his timeline.

Keiyo North police boss Tom Makori was informed of the death by fellow athletes and he said preliminary investigations indicate the victim, who was killed some days ago had visited her Ethiopian boy friend who resides almost a kilometer from Iten police station.


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