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CNN | The Nobel Peace Prize Winner Who’s Presiding Over a Humanitarian Catastrophe

Posted by addisethiopia / አዲስ ኢትዮጵያ on May 26, 2021


In 2018, after a two-year conflict, two historically warring nations — Ethiopia and Eritrea — at last signed a peace agreement. The following year, Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed, who brokered the peace, was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.

In the two years since, Abiy joins the ranks of controversial Peace Prize recipients and nominees, as his record now includes overseeing what may amount to war crimes. Myanmar’s leader, Aung San Suu Kyi, for example, was awarded the prize in 1991 “for her non-violent struggle for democracy and human rights;” shortly thereafter, her government was accused of genocide against the Rohingya minority. Joseph Stalin, head of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union, was twice nominated for the prize.

When Abiy received his Nobel Prize, he faced two clear paths: the path of democracy that could reconcile deep-rooted internal ethnic divisions and bring lasting peace to Ethiopia, or that of authoritarianism and renewed ethnic grievances.

Sadly, he has failed to heal a persistent national rift. Ethiopia is in crisis, as an escalating armed conflict between Abiy’s federal Ethiopian National Defense Force (ENDF) and forces of the previously dominant political party, the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF), has ballooned into a humanitarian catastrophe. This power struggle came to a boiling point last year during a constitutional dispute when the Tigray region held its own elections, refusing to recognize Abiy’s administration.

Following an alleged attack by the TPLF on an Ethiopian military camp, Abiy then deployed troops into the Tigray region and, as some international observers believe, joined forces with Eritrean troops, who slaughtered Ethiopian citizens. This act of betrayal fueled the Tigrayans’ long-simmering sense that Abiy had abandoned them. After months of denying the presence of Eritrean troops in Ethiopia, Abiy finally admitted to their involvement in perpetrating abuses against the Tigrayans, but couched their involvement in the conflict by stating that Eritrea had acted in self-defense of its border.

Gruesome accounts of decapitated bodies, the use of rape and starvation tactics as weapons of war, and mass extrajudicial executions have surfaced since November. More than 500 cases of rape — including rape by armed forces, gang rape, and forced rape of family members — have been reported in Tigray.

The ENDF, regional forces, and Eritrean soldiers have destroyed food supplies and targeted civilian areas with fire — bringing upon the Horn of Africa probable famine and incalculable death.

More than 2.2 million Ethiopians have been displaced by the ongoing conflict and violence. In one week alone last December, at least 315,553 Ethiopians were displaced. International pleas for a ceasefire by aid agencies, the African Union, and the United States have been rejected. This crisis could destabilize not only Africa’s second-most populous country, but the entire Horn of Africa.

After assuming power, Abiy made steps toward democratic reform, but in the face of renewed conflict, these have given way to increasingly repressive rule. In an effort to stifle dissent, for example, Abiy shut down phone and internet communication, and detained journalists and dissidents on politically motivated charges. His government also began a state-sponsored propaganda campaign to conceal abuses in the Tigray region.

Allowing Abiy to continue this repressive course sends a signal to other countries that authoritarian regimes can operate with impunity, perpetuating mass killings, rape, famine, and displacement — all of which we have a collective interest to end. But what can the international community do to avert further authoritarian ascendance and deescalate the humanitarian crisis in Ethiopia?

👉 First, democratic leaders should refuse to engage formally with Abiy, and bar him from participating in global events such as the World Economic Forum while mass killings in Ethiopia continue. Democratic governments should boycott events — like World Press Freedom Day and the African Union Summit — hosted or sponsored by Ethiopia’s regime. Doing so will let authoritarian rulers like Abiy know that the international community will not tolerate their abuses. Notably, the US State Department imposed travel restrictions on Ethiopian officials on Sunday.

👉 Second, business leaders and institutions can refuse to trade with or provide financial bailouts to Abiy’s government, which would only grant Abiy undeserved legitimacy in global markets. As Africa’s second-most populous nation, Ethiopia is an important trade and investment partner. Refraining from further trade would represent a blow to Abiy’s propaganda campaign and increase pressure on him to end rights abuses in his own country.

Many business leaders consistently cite their commitment to human rights standards, while doing the bare minimum to enforce these standards. They need to ensure tangible actions by governments to address abuses before moving forward with partnerships with the likes of Abiy. They should follow the example of a number of companies that have called out China’s oppressive regime and refused to support the exploitation of Uyghurs in the Xinjiang region, whose forced labor supplies dozens of international brands.

👉 Third, international journalists must continue to report on the humanitarian disaster Abiy’s agenda has wrought, as Abiy attempts to portray an image of democratic reform abroad. Abiy helped create an information blackout in Ethiopia by jailing domestic journalists and restricting foreign reporting. The global media has a responsibility to expose human rights abuses and hold authoritarian rulers accountable.

Abiy has, of course, capitalized on the authority that the Nobel Peace Prize confers, to enhance his standing in the global community. Petitions asking the Nobel Committee to rescind the prize have garnered tens of thousands of signatures. But the Nobel Committee says the Prize, which is awarded for past accomplishments, cannot be revoked. It is essential, however, that anyone who prizes peace push to stop the displacement and killing of Ethiopian civilians immediately.



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US Congress Pushes Biden Administration to Enact Sanctions over Tigray Conflict

Posted by addisethiopia / አዲስ ኢትዮጵያ on May 13, 2021

Congressional leaders have called for sanctions to be put in place to pressure Ethiopian and Eritrean forces to withdraw from Tigray.

US congressmen specifically hammered Ethiopia and Eritrea for failing to live up to their March agreement to remove Eritrean forces from Tigray.

The US Congress is pressuring the Biden administration to place sanctions on human rights abusers in Ethiopia’s Tigray region, pointing to the continued failure of Ethiopian and Eritrean forces to withdraw from the region.

“We understand that the Biden administration is reviewing all options, but nothing has been announced or finalised, which is why we are pushing them on this,” a congressional aide told The National on Wednesday. “It has been over six months since the conflict started.”

The Democratic chairman and top Republican on the House Foreign Affairs Committee – Gregory Meeks of New York and Mike McCaul of Texas – are leading the bipartisan push to convince the Biden administration to use its authorities under the Global Magnitsky Act to levy sanctions on those violating human rights in the Tigray conflict.

“The administration has ample authority from Congress to impose sanctions and other means of financial pressure – they just need to do it,” said the congressional staffer.

Mr Meeks and Mr McCaul doubled down on the issue earlier this week with a joint statement urging the Biden administration to “use all available tools, including sanctions and other restrictive measures, to hold all perpetrators accountable and bring an end to this conflict”.

They specifically hammered Ethiopia and Eritrea for failing to live up to their March agreement to remove Eritrean forces from Tigray.

“We are deeply concerned by the failure of the government of Ethiopia and the government of the state of Eritrea to honour their public commitments to withdraw Eritrean forces from Ethiopia,” they said in the statement. “The continued presence of Eritrean forces, who have been credibly implicated in gross violations of human rights in Tigray, is a major impediment to resolving this conflict.”

The congressmen referred to “mounting reports of atrocities against civilians, including sexual and gender-based violence, at the hands of Ethiopian and Eritrean forces and other armed groups”.

Jeffrey Feltman, the US envoy for the Horn of Africa, is in the region this week to mediate the Tigray crisis as well as Ethiopia’s dispute with Sudan and Egypt over the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam.

Secretary of State Antony Blinken, who has said that “ethnic cleansing” is taking place in Tigray, personally called on Ethiopian and Eritrean forces to withdraw from the region during a phone call with Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed earlier this month.

The State Department did not reply to The National’s repeated requests for comment on its Tigray sanctions review.

Mr Meeks and Mr McCaul first raised the prospect of sanctions over the Tigrayconflict in a letter to Mr Blinken in March.

“We urge the administration to utilise all available tools, including Global Magnitsky authorities and other targeted sanctions, to hold parties accountable for their actions to bring an end to this crisis,” the congressmen wrote at the time.



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Fake PhD – A Notorious Plagiarist – Fake PM – Evil Monster Abiy Ahmed Ali

Posted by addisethiopia / አዲስ ኢትዮጵያ on May 13, 2021

😈King of Fools Quasimodo😈

😈የሰነፎች/ሞኞች ንጉስ ኳሲሞዶ😈

✞✞✞በመለኮት ቅድስት ሥላሴ ይህ የሚተነኳኰለን፣ ወንድማማቾችን እርስበር የሚያባለው፣ ጠበኛ አብዮት አህመድ አሊ የተባለ ጠላታችን ይጠፋልን ዘንድ የእግዚአብሔር ቃል ይውጋው፣ በተሳለ የመለኮት ሰይፍ አንገቱን ያጣጋው በአምልኮትና በፍጹም ምስጋና

በሥላሴ ስም አሜን!✞✞✞


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ጽዮን ማርያምን በዋቄዮ-አላህ-አቴቴ ተክተዋታል | ከአክሱም ጽዮን ሲነጠሉ አውሬዎች ይሆናሉ

Posted by addisethiopia / አዲስ ኢትዮጵያ on April 16, 2021

👉 ሻሸመኔ 👉 ማይካድራ 👉 ቻግኒ

ዋይ! ዋይ! ዋይ! ነፍስህን ይማርልህ፤ ወንድሜ! 😠😠😠

[መጽሐፈ ምሳሌ ምዕራፍ ፩፥፯]

የጥበብ መጀመሪያ እግዚአብሔርን መፍራት ነው፤ ሰነፎች ግን ጥበብንና ተግሣጽን ይንቃሉ።”

🔥የዋቄዮ-አላህ ጭፍሮች ለመሆን የመረጡት ኦሮሞዎች በሻሸመኔ

🔥የዋቄዮ-አላህ ጭፍሮች ለመሆን የመረጡት ኦሮሞዎች በአክሱም ጽዮን…

🔥የዋቄዮ-አላህ ጭፍሮች ለመሆን የመረጡት አማሮች በቻግኒ

ከአገዳደላቸው ዘይቤ ብቻ እንኳን በመነሳት የማይካድራና የሌሎች አካባቢዎች ጨፍጫፊዎችም አማራና ኦሮሞዎች መሆናቸውን 100% እርግጠኛ መሆን ይቻላል።

ለምሳሌ በአክሱም አካባቢ በማሕበረ ዴጎው አሰቃቂ ጭፍጨፋ የቋንቋ መርማሪዎች እንደጠቆሙት ገዳዮቹ አማራዎችና ኦሮሞዎች ናቸው(ኦሮማራ የዋቄዮ-አላህ ባሪያ)። በወንድማችን ላይ በቻግኒ የተፈጸመውን ጭካኔ አይተን በምዕራብ ትግራይ፤ በማይካድራ፣ ሁመራ፣ ወልቃይት ወዘተ ከእግዚአብሔር በቀር ማንም ሳያያቸው ስንት ግፍ እና ወንጀል እየፈጸሙ እንደሆነ ለመገመት አይከብድም። ወንጀሉን ለመሸፈን መሞከራቸው ብቻ የሁኔታውን አስከፊነት ገልጦልናል። አንዳንድ ምንጮች እንዳስታወቁት እስከ ሃያ አምስት ሺህ ትግራዋያን ከሁመራ እና አካባቢዋ ጠፍተዋል።

ግን እነዚህ ‘ወገኖች’ ዛሬ ምን ያህል አውሬዎችና አረመኔዎች እንደሆኑ እያየን ነው? እያየን ነው፤ አማራ እና ኦሮሞ “አናሳ” የሚሏቸውን ብሔሮች ብቻ እየመረጡ እንደሚያጠቋቸው? ባለፉት ሦስት ዓመታት አማራው ኦሮሚያ በተባለው ሲዖል ባለተቋረጠ መልክ “ተጨፈፈጨፍኩ” ይላል፤ ነገር ግን ለመበቀል ሲል በኦሮሚያም ሆነ በአማራ ክልል ኦሮሞዎችን ሲያጠቃ አይታይም፤ ምንም ያላደረጉትን ትግራዋይንን ግን ከጎንደር ማባረር ብቻ አልበቃውም ትግራይ ድረስ ሄዶ መከላከያ ጋሻ የሌላቸውን ትግራዋይ እናቶችንና ህፃናቶቻቸውን እያሳደደ ያጠቃል፣ አሁን ደግሞ በጉሙዝ ጎሳ ላይ ለመዞር ወስኗል። ኦሮሞው አማራውን ካጠቃው ለምንድን ነው አማራው መሪዎቹን የገደለበትን፣ ሴት ልጆቹን አግቶ የሰወረበትን ኦሮሞ እስካሁን ያልተበቀለው? በሁለቱ ብሔሮች መካከል እየመጣ ያለው አስከፊ የጭፍጨፋ ዘመን አስፈርቶት ይሆን? ለማንኛውም ኦሮማራዎች ኢትዮጵያን በሦስት ዓመታት ብቻ ክፉኛ አዋረዷት! በዚህ እራሳቸውንም ለሲዖል እጩ አደረጉ!

“ዋ! አክሱም ጽዮንን አትንኳት!” ብለናችሁ እኮ ነበር! አታዩም እንዴ ከመቶ ሃምሳ ሺህ በላይ የትግራይ ተዋሕዷውያንን ጨፍጭፋችሁ፣ ሴቶቻችንን እና ሕፃናቱን እየደፈራችሁ፣ በብዙ ሚሊየን ትግራዋያን ለራህብና በሽታ ዳርጋችሁ እንኳን አንድም አማራ፣ አንድም ኦሮሞ በትግራይ ግዛት አልተፈናቀለም፣ አልተገደለም። ቃኤላዊ የምቀኛና ቀናተኛ ባሕርይ ይዛችኋልና አሁንድም በዚህ የትግራዋያን የመንፈስ ማንነትና ምንነት ትቀኑ እና ትቆጩ ይሆናል። በመጀመሪያ ደረጃ ጦርነቱንም የከፈታሁባቸው ከሌላው “ኢትዮጵያዊ” ሁሉ ጠንካራና አክራሪ ክርስቲያናዊ ማንነትና ስላላቸው እኮ ነው። ይህ በጣም ያስቀናችኋል፤ ከዚህም የተነሳ ልክ እንደ ቃኤል ልትገድሏቸው ወደ ትግራይ አመራችሁ፣ እንደኛ መሆን አለባችው” በማለት የእርኩስ መንፈስ ቫይረሱን፣ ኤድሱን ወዘተ ለማጋባት ሴቶቻቸውን መድፈር ጀመራችሁ፣ እግዚአብሔርን፣ ዓባቶችንና እናቶችን ለመፈታተን አክሱም ጽዮንን አጠቃችሁ፤ ዓብያተክርስቲያናቱን እና ገዳማቱን በቦምብ ደበደባችሁ። ይህ አልበቃችሁም፤ ዘወር ብላችሁ በእግዚአብሔር ፊት በሐሰት ለመመስከር ተገዳዮቹን ገዳዮች፣ ተጠቂዎቹን አጥቂዎች አድርጋችሁ በመምጣት እንደ ቃኤል የቅጥፈት ጩኸት ማሰማት ጀመራችሁ። በዚህ ተግባራችሁ ታዲያ አሁን እንዴት ለንስሐ ልትበቁ ትችላላችሁ? 😠😠😠


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Rape Jihad | በትግራይ የሚካሄደው ዓይነት ዲያብሎሳዊ የወሲብ ጂሃድ በአውሮፓም እየተካሄደ ነው

Posted by addisethiopia / አዲስ ኢትዮጵያ on April 16, 2021

🔥 በስዊድን – የአውሮፓ አስገድዶ መድፈር ዋና ከተማ – ጥናቶች ማሳየታቸውን እንደቀጠሉት፤ ከሰሜን አፍሪካ ፣ ከመካከለኛው ምስራቅ እና ከሰሃራ በታች የመጡ ሙስሊም ስደተኞች እጅግ በጣም ብዙ ለሆኑ አስገድዶ መድፈርዎች ይይዛሉ

🔥 ሰሞኑን ከሰሜን አፍሪካ የመጡ አራት ሙስሊም ስደተኞች በስፔን ግራን ካናሪያ ደሴት ላይ እንዴት እንደምትረዳቸው ለመጠየቅ የቆመችውን የ ፴፮/36 ዓመቷን ሴት በቡድን አስገድደው ደፍረዋታል።

🔥 አንዲ የብሪታንያ ሴት (ቅጽል ስም ኤላ‘ (ሞና ሊዛን እናስታውሳት)) ሙስሊም አስገድዶ ደፋሪዎቿ “ ነጭ ጋለሞታ ”ብለው እንደሚጠሯት እና በጣም የከፋው ደግሞ በወጣትነት ዕድሜዋ ከ ፻/100 ጊዜ በላይ የፓኪስታን አስደንጋጭ ደፋሪ ቡድን ሲደፍራት እንደ ነበር ታውቋል፡፡

🔥 የእንግሊዝ ኢማም የሆኑት ዶ / ር ታጅ ሀርጌይ እንዳሉት ለሙስሊም ወንዶች፤ በሴቶች ላይ ፍጹም ስልጣን ያላቸው፣ እንደ ሁለተኛ ደረጃ ዜጎች የሚቆጠሩ ፣ ከከመጫዎቻቸውና ከንብረቶቻቸው ትንሽ የተሻሉ” እንደሆኑ ያስተምራሉ፡፡

🔥 “የ ፳፭/25 ዓመቷን ጀርመናዊት ተጎጂዋን በመድፈር ሊገድላት ተቃርቦ የነበረው ሙስሊም፤ “አላህ!” እያለ ከጮኸ በኋላ ድርጊቱን እንደወደደችው ጠይቋት ነበር።

🔥 “In Sweden — the rape capital of Europe — studies continue to reveal that migrants, mostly from North Africa, the Middle East, and Muslim sub-Sahara, account for the overwhelming majority of rapes,”

🔥 “Four Muslim migrants from North Africa gang-raped a 36-year-old woman on the Spanish island of Gran Canaria, after she stopped to ask how she could help them.”

🔥 “A British woman (alias, Ella) revealed that her Muslim rapists called her “a white whore,” and much worse, during the more than 100 times the Pakistani grooming gang raped her in her youth.”

🔥 “According to Dr. Taj Hargey, a British imam, Muslim men are taught that women are “second-class citizens, little more than chattels or possessions over whom they have absolute authority.”

🔥 “A Muslim man who almost killed his 25-year-old German victim while raping her — and shouting “Allah!” — afterwards inquired if she liked it.”

እንግዲህ በዚህ ዲያብሎሳዊ ተግባራቸው የዋቄዮአላህአቴቴን እርኩስ መንፈስ በሕዝበ ክርስቲያኑ ላይ ለመሙላት ይሞክራሉ ማለት ነው።

ትግራይ የመጨረሻዋ የኢትዮጵያ ኦርቶዶክስ ተዋሕዷውያን መኖሪያ ስለሆነች፤ ጦርነቱን ከሁሉም አቅጣጫ ነው የከፈቱባት! የአስገድዶ መድፈር ጂሃድ እነ ግራኝ የመረጡት አንዱ መሳሪያ ነው!

የዋቄዮ-አላህ ልጆች በአውሮፓ እይፈጸሙት ያሉት የወሲብ ጂሃድ በትግራይ እህቶቻን ላይ ከሚታየው ጋር፤ በአፈጻጸሙ ተግባር፤ በቡድን አስገድዶ መድፈር፣ ሕፃናትን፣ አረጋውያንና ሴት መነኮሳትን መድፈራቸው፣ በደፈራዎቻቸው ወቅት ደፋሪዎቹ የሚናገሯቸው አጋንንታዊ (አላህ) ቅብርጥሴ ቃላት ወዘተ. በጣም ተመሳሳዮች ናቸው። ሁሉም ከሰይጣን ናቸውና አንድ ናቸው)

በትግራይ ላይ እየተፈጸመ ያለውን አስከፊ የዋቄዮአላህጂሃድ የሚመሩት የጋላማራ “ባለ ሥልጣናት” ፈንጂ ኮክቴል

👉 እያንዳንዱ የዋቄዮአላህ ልጅ ትግራዋይን እንዴት እንደከዱ ለማየት በትግራዋያን ላይ ግፍ በመፈጽም ላይ ያሉትን እነዚህን ግለሰቦች ብቻ እንደ ምሳሌ አድርጎ መውሰዱ በቂ ነው፦

አብዮት አህመደ አሊ(ሙስሊም መናፍቅ)

ደመቀ መኮንን ሀሰን(ሙስሊም)

ሳሞራ አሞራ ዩኑስ (ሙስሊም)

ሙስጠፌ መሀመድ ዑመር (ሙስሊም)

ብርሃኑ ጂኒ ጁላ(ዋቀፌታሙስሊም)

ዲና ሙፍቲ (ሙስሊም)

መሀመድ ተሰማ (ሙስሊም)

ሀሰን ኢብራሂም(ሙስሊም)

ሬድዋን ሁሴን (ሙሊም)

ሞፈርያት ካሚል (ሙስሊም)

ኬሪያ ኢብራሂም (ሙስሊም ፥ ለስለላ ነበር ወደ መቀሌ ተልካ የነበረችው)

አህመድ ሺዴ (ሙስሊም)

ጃዋር መሀመድ(ሙስሊም)(አዎ!“የታሰረው” ለስልት ነው)

ፊልሳን አብዱላሂ

እንግዲህ ፪x “ኢብራሂም”ን እስካነሳን ድረስ ታዋቂውና ታታሪው ግብጻዊ ኦርቶዶክስ ወንድማችን “ሬይሞንድ ኢብራሂም”(ግብጽ ክርስቲያኖች ስማቸውን ሳይቀር እንዲቀይሩ ስለተገደዱ ነው እንጂ ከእስልምና በፊት አብርሃም ነበር) ያካፈለንና በቪዲዮው የተነበበው ጽሁፍ እነሆ፦

👉“የሙስሊሞች አስገድዶ መድፈር እና ሆን ተብሎ ዓይነ ስውርነት”Muslim Rape and Willful Blindness”

By Raymond Ibrahim

Four Muslim migrants from North Africa gang-raped a 36-year-old woman on the Spanish island of Gran Canaria, after she stopped to ask how she could help them. According to the March 3 report,

The alleged victim is believed to have lived on the Canary Islands, whereas the suspects are thought to have arrived only recently on a boat…. [T]hey were given initially government-provided accommodations managed by the Red Cross but later kicked out for breaking the rules. They are then thought to have set up camp in the park where the woman was allegedly attacked after enquiring about their situation. The woman had asked if she could help them with anything, but within ‘a matter of seconds’ this had led to her being assaulted…

This woman, who was described “as either an Irish expat or coming from a Nordic country,” joins countless other European women — especially those “from a Nordic country” — to be raped by Muslim migrants.

Why is this ongoing phenomenon not being checked? One of the reasons revolves around the specter of “racism.” The “woke” establishment tends to see European women accusing Muslim men of raping them through a skeptical light.

For example, in Sweden — the rape capital of Europe — studies continue to reveal that migrants, mostly from North Africa, the Middle East, and Muslim sub-Sahara, account for the overwhelming majority of rapes, as captured by the following title: “Report: 9 in 10 Gang Rapists In Sweden Have Foreign Origins.”

To neutralize these findings, on March 9, 2021, the Swedish National Council for Crime Prevention (“Brå”) said that “Immigrants’ sharp over-representation in rape statistics may be due to the fact that Swedish women are more likely to report immigrants for rape than they are to report Swedish men.” Stina Holmberg, a research councilor at Brå, elaborated:

It may be that you are more inclined to report something you [a Swedish women] have been exposed to, if the crime was committed by someone you feel more alien to, and who has low social status.

Skepticism for rape reports against non-white males turns to open hostility whenever this issue is forthrightly discussed, as Sarah Champion, a Labor politician and MP for Rotherham (the epicenter of sex grooming), learned last summer, when she was accused of “fanning the flames of racial hatred” and “acting like a neo-fascist murderer.” Her crime? She had dared to assert that “Britain has a problem with British Pakistani men raping and exploiting white girls.” (The same elements that accused Champion of being a “murderer” also, and rather unsurprisingly, characterize the UK’s anti-extremism program, Prevent, as being “built upon a foundation of Islamophobia and racism.”)

Perhaps most telling is an April 2020 article titled, “I was raped by Rotherham grooming gang — now I still face racist abuse online.” In it, a British woman (alias, Ella) revealed that her Muslim rapists called her “a white whore,” and much worse, during the more than 100 times the Pakistani grooming gang raped her in her youth.

“We need to understand racially and religiously aggravated crime if we are going to prevent it and protect people from it and if we are going to prosecute correctly for it,” Ella said in a recent interview.

Prevention, protection and prosecution — all of them are being hindered because we are neglecting to properly address the religious and racist aspects of grooming gang crimes…. It’s telling them that it’s OK to hate white people.

That there are “racial” and “religious” aspects to the epidemic of Muslims raping European women is an understatement. According to Dr. Taj Hargey, a British imam, Muslim men are taught that women are “second-class citizens, little more than chattels or possessions over whom they have absolute authority.” The imams, moreover, preach a doctrine “that denigrates all women, but treats whites with particular contempt.” Consider a few earlier examples:

  • Another British woman was trafficked to Morocco where she was prostituted and repeatedly raped by dozens of Muslim men. They “made me believe I was nothing more than a slut, a white whore,” she recollected. “They treated me like a leper, apart from when they wanted sex. I was less than human to them, I was rubbish.”
  • Another British girl was “passed around like a piece of meat” among Muslim men who abused and raped her between the ages of 12 and 14. Speaking now as an adult, a court heard how she “was raped on a dirty mattress above a takeaway and forced to perform [oral] sex acts in a churchyard,” and how one of her abusers “urinated on her in an act of humiliation” afterwards.
  • A Muslim man explained to another British woman why he was raping her: “you white women are good at it.”
  • A Muslim man called a 13-year-old virgin “a little white slag” — British slang for “loose, promiscuous woman” — before raping her.
  • In Germany, a group of Muslim migrants stalked a 25-year-old woman, hurled “filthy” insults at and taunted her for sex. They too explained their logic — “German girls are just there for sex” — before reaching into her blouse and groping her.
  • Another Muslim man who almost killed his 25-year-old German victim while raping her — and shouting “Allah!” — afterwards inquired if she liked it.
  • In Australia, a Muslim cabbie groped and insulted his female passengers, including by saying “All Australian women are sluts and deserve to be raped.”
  • In Austria, an “Arabic-looking man” approached a 27-year-old woman at a bus stop, pulled down his pants, and “all he could say was sex, sex, sex,” prompting the woman to scream and flee.

In short, there certainly is a “racist” aspect to the rape of European women by migrants — though in reverse: nonwhite Muslim men tend to see white women as nymphomaniacs that are “hot” for being degraded and abused — a stereotype that, incidentally, stretches back to the very beginnings of Islamic history.

Even so, Ella’s attempts to highlight these “religious and racist aspects” that fueled the abuse she and other European girls and women experienced — that is, her attempt to connect the dots in an effort to help eliminate this phenomenon — led only to “a lot of abuse from far-left extremists, and radical feminist academics,” she said. Such groups “go online and they try to resist anyone they consider to be a Nazi, racist, fascist or white supremacist.”

“They don’t care about anti-white racism, because they appear to believe that it doesn’t exist. They have tried to floor me and criticise me continually and this has been going on for a couple of months. They tried to shut me down, shut me up… I’ve never experienced such hate online in my life. They accuse me of ‘advocating for white paedophiles’ and being a ‘sinister demonic entity.’”


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Top Ethiopia Health Official Alleges ‘Sexual Slavery’ in Tigray

Posted by addisethiopia / አዲስ ኢትዮጵያ on April 15, 2021

Health officials say Ethiopian troops and their allies have been forcing women into sexual slavery in the Tigray region. That is after the conflict began there last year when Ethiopian President Abiy Ahmed ordered an offensive. Thousands of people have been killed and millions displaced. Now, a woman’s story of surviving gang rape offers an insight into the sexual violence against women in Tigray and the Ethiopian military’s involvement. A warning – some viewers may find the information in this story distressing.


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‘Kept in Sexual Slavery’: Tigrayan Women Report Horrific Violence by Oromara Troops of Ethiopia

Posted by addisethiopia / አዲስ ኢትዮጵያ on April 15, 2021

በጾታዊ ባርነት ተይዘዋል’ የትግራይ ሴቶች በኢትዮጵያ የኦሮማራ ወታደሮች የተፈጸመውን ዘግናኝ ግፍ ሪፖርት አደረጉ 😠😠😠 😢😢😢

🔥 አጥፉ ፣ ደምሥ ፣ አስገድደህ ድፈር ፣ ዝረፍ፣ ያዝ! ይህ ነው የአረመኔው ግራኝ አብይ አህመድ በትግራይ ላይ የሚያደርገው ጦርነት!

🔥 Destroy, Exterminate, Rape, Steal, Annex! That’s evil Abiy Ahmed’s war on Tigray!

🔥 It’s Rape Jihad against Tigray (RapeMadan)– የዋቄዮአላህ ሰአራዊት የአስገድዶ መድፈር ጂሃድ በትግራይ። በጣዖታዊው ረመዳን ደግሞ ገና ብዙ ግፍ እናያለን። ትግራዋያን እና ኤርትራውያን ኢሳያስ አፈቆርኪን እና ግራኝ አህመድን ባፋጣኝ መድፋት ግዴታቸው ነው። በጦርነት “ማጥቃት” የሚባል ነገር አለ፤ ስለዚህ ሕዝባችሁን የምትወዱ ከሆነ በትግራይ ብቻ ጦርነቱን መከላከል ብቻ በቂ አይደለምና ወደ አስመራና አዲስ አበባ ዛሬውኑ ዝመቱ፤ አሥር ሰው ብቻ በቂ ነው። ችሎታውና ብቃቱ እንዳላችሁ እናውቃለን!

The young mother was trying to get home with food for her two children when she says soldiers pulled her off a minibus in Ethiopia’s Tigray region, claiming it was overloaded.

It was the beginning of an 11-day ordeal in February, during which she says she was repeatedly raped by 23 soldiers who forced nails, a rock and other items into her vagina, and threatened her with a knife.

Doctors showed Reuters the bloodstained stone and two 3-inch nails they said they had removed from her body.

The woman, 27, is among hundreds who have reported that they were subjected to horrific sexual violence by Ethiopian and allied Eritrean soldiers after fighting broke out in November in the mountainous northern region of Ethiopia, doctors said.

Some women were held captive for extended periods, days or weeks at a time, said Dr. Fasika Amdeselassie, the top public health official for the government-appointed interim administration in Tigray.

Women are being kept in sexual slavery,” Fasika told Reuters. “The perpetrators have to be investigated.”

Reports of rape have been circulating for months. But Fasika’s assertion, based on women’s accounts, marks the first time an Ethiopian official – in this case, a top regional health officer – has made a sexual slavery accusation in connection with the conflict in Tigray.

In addition, eight other doctors at five public hospitals told Reuters that most of the rape victims described their attackers as either Ethiopian government soldiers or Eritrean troops. It was more common for women to report sexual violence by Eritrean soldiers, the doctors said.

The Eritreans have been helping Ethiopia’s central government fight the region’s former ruling party, the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF), in the conflict plaguing the Horn of Africa nation.

Taken together, the descriptions paint the most detailed picture to date of the sexual violence against women in Tigray and the military’s alleged involvement in it.

Most people interviewed for this article declined to be identified. They said they feared reprisals, including possible violence, by soldiers who guard the hospitals and towns.

Ethiopia’s Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed acknowledged in a speech to parliament on March 23 that “atrocities were being committed by raping women” and promised that the perpetrators would be punished. He did not identify the alleged perpetrators.

He said then for the first time that Eritrean soldiers had entered the conflict in Tigray in support of the Ethiopian government after the TPLF attacked military bases across the region in the early hours of Nov. 4. Ethiopia’s government had previously denied this, and the Eritrean government still does not acknowledge their troops’ presence. The TPLF was the dominant power in the central government when Eritrea fought a bloody border war with Ethiopia a generation ago.

Neither the Ethiopian nor the Eritrean governments responded to Reuters’ questions about specific cases raised by women and their doctors, or about the accusation of sexual slavery. No charges have been announced by civilian or military prosecutors against any soldiers. However, officials in both countries emphasized that their governments have zero tolerance for sexual violence – a point Abiy’s spokeswoman, Billene Seyoum, said the prime minister reiterated recently in discussions with military leaders.

The alleged sexual violence has drawn international attention.

Billene said the United Nations, the African Union and Ethiopia’s state-appointed human rights commission have been authorized to carry out joint investigations into alleged abuses by all sides in the conflict. That includes the “criminal clique,” she said, referring to the TPLF.

An Ethiopian military spokesman and the head of a government task force on the Tigray crisis did not respond to phone calls and text messages seeking comment. Reuters could not reach military leaders in either country.

Asked about the reports that Eritrean troops have committed rapes in Tigray and are keeping women in sexual slavery, the country’s information minister, Yemane Gebremeskel, accused TPLF activists of “coaching ‘sympathizers’ to create false testimonies.”

All the fabricated stories – which are alien to our culture and laws – are peddled to cover up the crimes of the TPLF which started the war,” he told Reuters in a written response.

Reuters was unable to reach a TPLF spokesman.


Fasika, the health official, said at least 829 cases of sexual assault have been reported at the five hospitals since the conflict in Tigray began.

Those cases were likely “the tip of the iceberg,” Fasika said. Rape is under-reported in Ethiopia because it carries a huge stigma. Also, most of the region’s health facilities are no longer functioning, and travel between towns remains dangerous, he said.

Most of the women who have come forward are either pregnant or sustained severe physical injury from the rapes, Fasika said.

Reuters interviewed 11 women who said they had been raped by soldiers from Eritrea, Ethiopia or both. Four said they were kidnapped, taken to military camps and gang raped, in some cases alongside other women. The women did not know the camp names but said they were located near Mekelle and the towns of Idaga Hamus, Wukro and Sheraro.

Five other women said they were held in fields or deserted houses for up to six days. And two said they were raped in their own homes.

Reuters could not independently verify their accounts. However, all told similar stories of being beaten and brutalized. Healthcare providers confirmed that the 11 women’s injuries were consistent with the events they described, and they showed Reuters medical records for three of the women detailing their conditions.

The health care providers also shared details of nine other cases of sexual assault, including the ordeals of two 14-year-old girls.

Although Ethiopia’s government declared victory over the TPLF in November, fighting continues in some areas, and medical workers say new rapes are reported at the region’s health facilities every day.

This is being done to dishonour the women, to break their pride,” said a doctor at Ayder Referral Hospital, in Mekelle, citing the brutality of the attacks and humiliation of victims. “This is not for sexual gratification. The rapes are to punish Tigray.”


The 27-year-old mother said uniformed soldiers from Eritrea pulled her off a minibus on the road from Mekelle to the city of Adigrat on Feb. 6. They tied her up and marched her through fields to a bush camp, she said. After 11 days of rapes and beatings, she said, the soldiers forced nails, cotton, plastic bags and a rock into her vagina and left her alone in the bush.

Villagers found her unconscious and brought her to a nearby hospital.

She said she was still bleeding from severe internal injuries and could not control her urine, walk without a crutch or sit up for long periods. One leg was broken, she said.

She also described a different kind of pain: While in the hospital, she has no way to speak to her 4-year-old son and 6-year-old daughter because the Eritrean soldiers took her cellphone. She had left the children with her mother to search for food and never returned. At the time, the family had less than a week’s worth of bread.

I don’t know anything, if they are dead or alive,” she said. “The enemy destroyed my life.”

A 32-year-old mother in Mekelle told Reuters that soldiers removed her from a minibus on the same road at the end of February. They were dressed in Ethiopian uniforms, she said, but spoke with an Eritrean accent and had traditional facial scarification typical of the neighbouring country. She said they shot her 12-year-old son dead in front of her, then brought her to a camp where she was held with other female captives and repeatedly raped for 10 days.

Tell my story,” she said. “This is happening to women out there right now. I want this to end with me.”

A 28-year-old house cleaner said soldiers grabbed her from a street in Mekelle on the afternoon of Feb. 10 and took her to a field outside a military base where she was raped by more than 10 men wearing Ethiopian or Eritrean uniforms.

Wiping away tears, she said that during her two-week ordeal, soldiers doused her with alcohol and mocked her as they assaulted her. She escaped when her captors were distracted by gunfire, she said.


The government has set up a task force separate from the human rights commission to investigate the reports of sexual violence. Its head, Mebrihit Assefa, said the body includes representatives from the regional health bureau, the attorney general’s office and federal police.

The task force plans to set up five centres where rape survivors can file reports with law enforcement and receive medical and psychosocial support.

Our prosecutors (and) police officers are there to investigate all crimes committed, including sexual violence,” said Awol Sultan, a spokesman for the attorney general’s office.

He did not respond to questions about the women alleging they were raped during captivity, or whether prosecutors were in touch with either the Eritrean or Ethiopian militaries. The results of the criminal investigations will be released publicly at an unspecified date, he said.

Abera Nigus, the head of Tigray’s justice bureau, said the legal process was likely to be complicated because most courts are not functioning in Tigray, and many rape victims cannot identify their assailants.

Knowing their rapists are still at large also has discouraged women from seeking help, doctors said.

Many of the women who sought treatment at hospitals had vaginal and anal tears, sexually transmitted diseases and injuries that rendered them incontinent, said the Ayder hospital doctor, an obstetrician gynecologist. The doctor shared notes from 11 cases the hospital had treated involving women raped by soldiers.

One woman had been gang raped on three separate occasions, according to the hospital notes.

Another was five months pregnant when she was raped, the notes indicate. Two 14-year-old girls were sexually assaulted in front of their families. One girl had a hand and foot amputated.

She had been shot for resisting her assailant.



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Ireland TD: Countless Appeals to The Governments Of Ethiopia & Eritrea Have Proven Useless

Posted by addisethiopia / አዲስ ኢትዮጵያ on April 14, 2021

“በኢትዮጵያ የትግራይ ክልል አደጋን ለማጉላት የአየርላንድ መንግስት እርምጃ መውሰድ አለበት” – ጆን ብሬዲ

“ለኢትዮጵያ እና ለኤርትራ መንግስታት ስፍር ቁጥር የሌላቸው ይግባኞች ፋይዳ እንደሌላቸው አሁን አንድ ደረጃ ላይ ነን።” 👍

Government Must Take Action To Highlight Plight Of Tigray Region Of Ethiopia – John Brady TD

“We are at a stage now that countless appeals to the governments of Ethiopia and Eritrea have proven useless.

Sinn Féin spokesperson on Foreign Affairs and Defence John Brady TD has called on the Irish government to take strong and vocal action to mobilise both the EU and the UN, in order to address the emerging threat of famine and bring to an end the violence in Ethiopia.

The Wicklow TD said:

“We are five months into an emergency in the Tigray area of Ethiopia, where the list of ongoing human rights abuses and atrocities reads like a catalogue of horror.

“The Irish government needs to show leadership, by using its position on the UN Security Council to bring the ongoing conflict in Ethiopia to the consciousness of the international community to the degree that they can no longer ignore the horror of what is occurring on the ground there.

“Having contended with five months of mass killings, mass rapes, and widespread abuses, the civilian population of the Tigray region are facing huge food shortages.

“The World Peace Foundation has issued a warning that the humanitarian situation has deteriorated to the point that the Tigray region is facing into a pending famine.

“Alongside mass rape, starvation crimes are being committed on a large scale.

“To date the cacophony of international criticism has achieved little other than prompting the primary antagonists in the conflict to intensify their military offensive – before the international community acts.

“We are at a stage now that countless appeals to the governments of Ethiopia and Eritrea have proven useless.

“Ireland must use the international standing that secured our country a position on the UNSC to become the voice that it promised to be for those who suffer.

“The government must make the international community sit up, listen, and act to end the suffering of the people of the Tigray region of Ethiopia.”


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#TigrayGenocide | More than 150,000 people Murdered by The Oromara Army of Ethiopia

Posted by addisethiopia / አዲስ ኢትዮጵያ on April 14, 2021

✞✞✞ትግራይ የዘር ማጥፋት ወንጀል | ከ 150,000 በላይ ሰዎች በኢትዮጵያ የኦሮማራ ጦር ተገደሉ✞✞✞

የኢትዮጵያ እና የኤርትራ ወታደሮች እስካሁን ድረስ 10,500 የትግራይ ሴቶች እና ልጃገረዶችን ደፍረዋል። 😠😠😠 😢😢😢

More than 150,000 people have now died. Essential infrastructure – schools, hospitals, universities, factories – has been decimated. 😠😠😠 😢😢😢

💭 Ethiopia, Where The Past Is Threatening The Present

Every year for centuries, the festival of Mariam Tsion, Mary of Zion, has been held in Ackssum, the capital of an ancient kingdom of the same name. Worshippers, dressed in white robes, and accompanied by chanting and drumming, celebrate the saint day of the Holy Mother, the most important celebration of their faith, Ethiopian Orthodox Christianity.

On 28 November last year, over a thousand gathered inside the church of Mariam Tsion after spending the previous night in prayer. They were aware that conflict had broken out in their region, Tigray, on 4 November, but they gathered nevertheless – and their prayers were soon interrupted by gunshots. Eritrean troops drove them outside and, in chaotic scenes, shot over 700 of them dead. Relatives were forbidden to bury the bodies, many of which became food for hyenas.

The celebrations are usually broadcast live on Ethiopian Televistion E T V. But this time, unsurprisingly, a recording of the previous year’s celebrations was aired.

Civilians have borne the brunt of hostilities in this war against Tigray. The massacre in Ackssum is one of many that have gone largely unnoticed in this age of social media – because, in the very early hours of 4 November, the Ethiopian government severed Tigray’s communication networks, and electricity and water supplies, before launching a military offensive. Communications were restored to the region’s capital Mekelle some weeks later, but the rest of Tigray is still without telecoms and basic utilities. Banks are still closed, most ransacked and robbed.

The incidence of rape in Tigray, very often gang rape, is off the scale. According to estimates, Ethiopian and Eritrean troops have so far raped 10,500 Tigrayan women and girls, but the UNFPA is currently recruiting sexual health workers for what it estimates will be 52,500 victims in a region with a population of six million. On 8 April, the US awarded additional humanitarian assistance of $152 million to Tigray, a good portion of which is designated for “safe houses and psychosocial support” for women and girls, some as young as eight, who have been raped, mutilated or tortured. A video shows a surgeon removing nails and other metal objects from the vagina of one victim who was raped by 23 Eritrean soldiers. A mother saw soldiers shoot her 12-year-old boy and was then raped. Eritrean soldiers say their orders are to “kill all men and boys above seven years old”.

Why such visceral cruelty? We can guess at an answer from what the perpetrators tell their victims: “You are worthless.” “We are here for revenge.” And, in the case of the Amhara militia, from the region of the same name to the south, “We are purifying your bloodline.” When the abused women are not killed, the aim seems to be to Amharise their offspring.

Western Tigray has already been handed over to the Amhara region. When Anthony Blinken, US secretary of state, designated the violence as ethnic cleansing, the central Ethiopian government hotly denied it. The government had likely promised Amhara expansionists that western Tigray would be handed over to them, just as, along the northern border, swathes of land have been handed over to the Eritrean government. The latter is already issuing Eritrean ID cards to Tigrayans and other ethnic groups such as the Kunama and Irob in eastern Tigray.

These are old enmities. There is widespread conflict across Ethiopia, but it is at its most extreme in the Tigray region – where it is, in part, about the ancient rivalry between the Amhara and Tigrayans, who have both furnished Ethiopia with emperors throughout the country’s long history. The Amharic culture and language has long been dominant across Ethiopia, but excludes the majority of Ethiopians.

The Eritrean government to the north – led by the unelected president of 30 years, Isaias Afwerki, who despises the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) – creates an additional danger. The TPLF led the government of the Ethiopian People’s Revolutionary Democratic Front (EPRDF), which, with its then allies the Eritreans, ousted Ethiopia’s despotic Derg regime in 1991, facilitating independence from Ethiopia for Eritrea in 1994.

Hostilities erupted when Eritrean tanks invaded northern Tigray in May 1998, following a dispute over currencies. Around 100,000 people died in the resulting war. In the years since, training at Eritrea’s infamous Sawa Military Camp has brutalised recruits, breeding in them a deep hatred of Tigray.

Around the same time, Ethiopia, once a highly centralised state, became a federal democratic republic, with power devolved to the regions – a system highly suited to a vast country with religious, cultural, ethnic, linguistic and economic diversity. Multi-party elections were held in 1995, and the EPRDF won outright. The numerous nationalities were at last governed and taught in their own languages. This continued for 27 years.

What we are witnessing now is an attempt to reverse this process. The past is threatening the present.

During the EPRDF’s tenure, under Prime Minister Meles Zenawi, the country achieved double-digit economic growth; massively increased access to health and education services; and expanded agricultural production, industrialisation and state infrastructure. The country was often mooted as a role model for the rest of Africa.

But from 2014, angered by political and economic marginalisation, students from the Oromo ethnic group launched protests that spread to other regions and eventually led to Abiy Ahmed becoming Prime Minister on 2 April 2018.

Abiy negotiated a peace agreement with Eritrea which was popular domestically and eventually earned him the Nobel Peace Prize. He launched a series of reforms and released political prisoners. Exiled leaders were invited to return. On a wave of popular support, on 1 December 2019, Abiy Ahmed dissolved the EPRDF coalition and merged its parties into the new Prosperity Party. The TPLF disapproved and withdrew to Tigray.

As prime minister, Abiy was a member of the Oromo section of the EPRDF. Oromos, who make up 40 per cent of the population, felt that they had at last found a champion. But the door was slammed in their face when the PM declared his intention to “return to the old glory of Ethiopia” – meaning Amhara domination and re-centralisation.

Abiy also began demonising Tigrayans, calling them “day-time hyenas”, scapegoating them for much that had gone wrong in Ethiopia. As a result, from mid-2018 many thousands of Tigrayans were attacked and even killed. Prominent Tigrayans were assassinated, as was the president of the Amhara region, who was then replaced by an ally of the prime minister. Hundreds of thousands of Tigrayans were dismissed from their jobs and the army and then placed in custody, many in camps.

In June 2020, the assassination of Hachalu Hundessa, a popular Oromo singer, triggered violent demonstrations. Officials from the Oromo Liberation Front (OLF) were detained and its leader, Dawud Ibsa, is still in custody, along with most other opposition party leaders. A full military campaign began against the Oromo and, in Wollega and Guji provinces, the internet was cut off for six months to conceal the atrocities. People were burnt to death in their houses, their crops destroyed, women and children were raped – both Ethiopian and Eritrean troops were responsible, a precursor of what has happened since in Tigray.

And so it was that the governments of Ethiopia and Eritrea began their joint military assault on Tigray on 4 November. Their troops were already making their way to Tigray when, on 2 November, Josep Borrell, the EU’s high representative for foreign affairs and security policy, called for “de-escalation”. The TPLF’s taking over of an Ethiopian army headquarters in Mekelle, often cited as the catalyst for hostilities, was instead a pre-emptive strike when the region was already threatened by large-scale troop advancements. Armed drones bombed Tigray from the UAE’s military base in Assab, Eritrea, destroying much of the TPLF’s heavy artillery, and mercenaries from Farmajo’s Somalia also joined the conflict.

For its part, the African Union, the continental body that groups 55 countries, has been powerless to intervene. Its offer to chair peace talks was accepted by Sahle-Work Zewde, Ethiopia’s president, in November last year, only for the proposal to be rejected by Prime Minister Abiy.

The UN Security Council has only discussed the conflict as a footnote and, in any case, any effective action is likely to be thwarted, given that Russia and China will block any vote. The Security Council has not even activated its resolution “condemning the starving of civilians as a weapon of war”.

Of course, the Trump administration turned a blind eye to what was happening in Tigray, despite copious evidence of war crimes. The election of Joe Biden has brought a change in US policy and demands are now being made for Eritrean forces to be withdrawn and for humanitarian aid workers to be given access.

The EU, to its credit, has withheld aid until access to the starving is allowed, but unless firmer action is taken many more will perish. Famine is looming. Will the world stand by and facilitate a repeat of 1984?

More than 150,000 people have now died. Essential infrastructure – schools, hospitals, universities, factories – has been decimated. The government expected that the intervention in Tigray would take “a few days, two weeks at the most,” but Abiy recently had to admit that Ethiopian troops are now fighting on eight separate fronts in Tigray alone and that he is “grateful to Eritrea” for all the military assistance it has given. Ethiopia’s army has a significant casualty toll of its own, so it is difficult to see how Eritrea can leave.

Ethiopian elections are slated for 5 June this year. In the circumstances, with the Electoral Board saying that five out of ten regions are not ready, there seems little prospect of any contests being free and fair. The vote would be improved, of course, if opposition party leaders and members were released from prison, and if the tens of thousands of other prisoners were also released, but that still wouldn’t leave much time for proper campaigning. Another postponement of the election may be the best option.

Besides, a different type of national conversation is more necessary at this point: all parties should come together and decide the future not just of Tigray and Oromia, but of the whole country. One Oromo commentator suggests that a referendum could be a central part of that dialogue – to help bring about a clear outcome. The people must decide, as they did during the writing of Ethiopia’s constitution in the early 1990s, when 36,000 groups debated what they wanted to be included.

One Amhara region resident, considering the possibility of Tigray becoming independent last month, stated simply, “But it cannot, it is the beginning of Ethiopia.” This demonstrates the pride that many Ethiopians have in their history, but it is also counsel for those who defend the old ways of dominance and subjugation. Ethiopia flourished in recent decades when the potential of all its peoples was allowed to unfold.

In any case, Ethiopia cannot go back to the past. Even if one side now “wins”, it is a victory that will leave a country scarred and thousands of people angry and bereaved – which is to say, not a victory at all.



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Warmonger Abiy Ahmed – Kriegstreiber – Belicista Abiy Ahmed | የጦርነት አቀንቃኝ አብይ አህመድ

Posted by addisethiopia / አዲስ ኢትዮጵያ on April 13, 2021

ዛሬ በአራት ቋንቋዎች ከቀጣዩ ቪዲዮ ጋር (ጃፓንኛ) አምስት ቋንቋዎች ሳቀርብ ከፍተኛ ጉልበት ነው የተሰማኝና፤ እግዚአብሔር የማቀርባቸውን መረጃዎች ሁሉ እንደ ጸሎት ይቁጠርልኝ። በግዕዝ ቋንቋ ቢሆንማ ምን ያህል ኃይለኛ በሆነ ነበር። ግዕዝ አልችልም ግን በግዕዝና በአማርኛ ጸሎት ሳደርስ ትልቅ ልዩነት እንዳለው ሁሌ ይታወቀኛል። የግዕዙ በጣም የተለየ ነው። ታዲያ አሁን ቢገባንም ባይገባንም በተለያዩ ቋንቋዎች፤ በተለይ በግዕዝ መስራትና ጸሎት ማድረስ ትልቅ ኃይል አለውና አረመኔውን የጦር ወንጀለኛ ግራኝ አብዮት አህመድና ጭፍሮቹ በእሳት እንዲጠራረጉ አባታችን አቡነ ገብረ መንፈስ ቅዱስ ይርዱን። አሜን!

🔥 የጦርነት አቀንቃኝ አብይ አህመድ

🔥 Warmonger Abiy Ahmed

🔥 Kriegstreiber Abiy Ahmed

🔥 Belicista Abiy Ahmed

👉 የኢትዮጵያ ጠቅላይ ሚኒስትር ዐቢይ አህመድ አንድ ሰው የኖቤል የሰላም ሽልማት ሊወሰድበት የሚገባበት ምሳሌ ነው፡፡

👉 “Ethiopia’s Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed is an example of why someone should be deprived of the Nobel Peace Prize.”

👉 „Äthiopiens Premier Abiy Ahmed ist ein Beispiel, warum einem Menschen der Friedensnobelpreis aberkannt werden müsste.„

👉 El primer ministro de Etiopía, Abiy Ahmed, es un ejemplo de por qué alguien debería ser privado del Premio Nobel de la Paz.”

የአብይ አህመድ ፣ የኢሳያስ አፈወርቂ እና የአማሮች ጸረትግራይ ህብረት (ኦሮማራ + ኢሳያስ) የማይነገር ሰቆቃ ወደ ትግራይ ክልል አምጥቷል ፣ ይህንም አብይ አህመድ ስፍር ቁጥር በሌላቸው ውሸቶች ለመሸፈን ሞክሮ ነበር።”

👉 “The anti-igray alliance of Abiy Ahmed, Isias Afewerki and Amharas brought unspeakable misery to the region, which Abiy tried to cover up with innumerable lies”

👉 “Das anti-Tigray Bündnis von Abiy Ahmed, Isias Afewerki und Amharas brachte unsägliches Elend über die Region, das Abiy durch unzählige Lügen zu verschleiern suchte.„

👉 „La alianza anti-Tigray de Abiy Ahmed, Isias Afewerki y Amharas trajo una miseria indescriptible a la región, que Abiy trató de encubrir con innumerables mentiras.„

💭 ፈረንጆቹ ሳይቀሩ በደንብ ገብቷቸዋል። ተመስገን! በግልጽ የሚታይ እኮ ነው። የሚያሳዝነው ግን ይህ በጭራሽ ንጹሕ ኢትዮጵያዊ ያልሆነ ሰነፍና ደካማ ትውልድ ለሃገሩና ለልጆቹ ሲል ግራኝ አብዮት አህመድ አሊን ግንባሩን ብሎ እንደመድፋት ይህን ክፉ፣ ቀጣፊ፣ አረመኔና ደም መጣጭ የጦር ወንጀለኛ እሹሩሩ እያለና ሕዝቡን እያስጨረሰ የኢትዮጵያ እና ተዋሕዶ ክርስትና ጠላት በምትሆነው የኦሮሚያ እስላማዊት ሪፐብሊክ ግንባታ ላይ ዛሬም እስክክስታ እየወረደ ሲተባበር መታየቱ ነው።

አህመድ – ለውሸት የኖቤል ሽልማት

Ahmed – Nobel Prize for Lies

Ahmed – Nobelpreis für Lügen

Ahmed – Premio Nobel de las Mentiras

🔥 የጦርነት አቀንቃኝ አብይ አህመድየኢትዮጵያ ጠቅላይ ሚኒስትር ዐቢይ አህመድ አንድ ሰው የኖቤል የሰላም ሽልማት ሊወሰድበት የሚገባበት ምሳሌ ናቸው፡፡

💭 አስተያየት፦የኖቤል የሰላም ሽልማት አሸናፊ ሽልማቱን የተነተቀበት ወቅት በጭራሽ አልተከሰተም፤ ምናልባትም ለወደፊቱ ይህ አይሆንም፡፡ በዚህ ላይ የሽልማት ኮሚቴው አንድ ስህተት አምኖ መቀበል ያለበት መሆኑ እና መውጣትም ከእውቅናው የበለጠ አወዛጋቢ ሊሆን ይችላል፡፡ ከአንድ ዓመት ተኩል በፊት ሽልማቱ እንኳን አከራካሪ አልነበረም። የኢትዮጵያ ጠቅላይ ሚኒስትር ዐብይ አሕመድ ጥሩ እጩ ለመሆን ሲበቃ፤ ጨቋኝ ስርዓትን አፍርሶና ከኤርትራ ጎረቤቱ ጋር ሰላም ፈጥሮ ለመኖር የሚሻ ሰላማዊ ሰው መስሏቸው ነበር፡፡ ገና በስልጣኑ መጀመሪያ ላይ መሆኑ ደግሞ ሌላ ጉርሻ ይመስል ነበር ፥ ተራማጅ የመሰለውን የመንግስት ሃላፊ በጀልባ ሸራዎች ላይ እንደተነፋ ነፋስ ነፉት / ፈንጂ አደረጉት፡፡ዛሬ ግን የከፋውን ነገር ተምረናል፡፡ ለካስ የቀድሞው ሚስጥራዊ አገልግሎት (ኢንሳ) መኮንን የነበረው አብይ አህመድ በግልፅ ጠላት ላይ ፥ በትግራይ ህዝብ ላይ ጦርነት በመክፈት እርምጃ ለመውሰድ ይቻለው ዘንድ ከአጎራባች አምባገነን መንግስት ከኤርትራ ጋር ሰላምን ሳይሆን የጦርነት ስምምነት ማድረጉ ነበር፡፡ ከኢሳያስ አፈወርቂና ከአማራዎች ጋር የፈጠረው የጦርነት ህብረት ሊቆጠር የማይችል መከራ ወደ ትግራይ አምጥቶለታል፤ ይህንም መከራ አብይ አህመድ ስፍር ቁጥር በሌላቸው ውሸቶች ለመሸፈን ሞክሮ ነበር ፡፡ ምንም እንኳን የኢትዮጵያ ሚስተር ሃይድ በታዋቂ ምክንያቶች ሽልማቱን መቼም መመለስ ባይኖርበትም በታሪክ መዝገብዎቻችን ውስጥ ግን እንደ የጦርነት አቀንቃኝ ይወርዳል እንጂ እንደ ኖቤል የሰላም ሽልማት ተሸላሚ አይሆንም፡፡

🔥 Deutsch – Kriegstreiber Abiy Ahmed

💭 Kommentar Von Frankfurter Rundschau

Äthiopiens Premier Abiy Ahmed ist ein Beispiel, warum einem Menschen der Friedensnobelpreis aberkannt werden müsste.

Es ist noch nie passiert und wird wohl auch künftig nicht vorkommen: Dass einem Friedensnobelpreisträger seine Auszeichnung aberkannt wird. Dagegen spricht schon, dass das Preiskomitee einen Fehler einräumen müsste – und dass die Aberkennung noch umstrittener als die Anerkennung werden könnte. Vor eineinhalb Jahren war die Auszeichnung nicht einmal umstritten. Äthiopiens Premier Abiy Ahmed schien ein ausgezeichneter Kandidat zu sein: Er hatte ein unterdrückerisches Regime zerlegt und mit den eritreischen Nachbarn Frieden geschlossen. Dass er gleich zu Beginn seiner Amtszeit ausgezeichnet wurde, schien ein weiterer Bonus zu sein: So wurde dem fortschrittlichen Regierungschef noch Wind in die Segel geblasen.

Inzwischen sind wir eines Schlechteren belehrt. Der Ex-Geheimdienstoffizier suchte den Frieden mit der benachbarten Diktatur offensichtlich nur, um besser gegen den gemeinsamen Erzfeind – die Bevölkerung der Tigrai-Provinz – vorgehen zu können. Das anti-Tigray Bündnis von Abiy Ahmed, Isias Afewerki und Amharas brachte unsägliches Elend über die Region, das Abiy durch unzählige Lügen zu verschleiern suchte. Auch wenn Äthiopiens Mr. Hyde seinen Preis aus den bekannten Gründen wohl nie zurückgeben muss: In unsere Annalen wird er als Kriegstreiber und nicht als Friedensnobelpreisträger eingehen.


🔥 English – Warmonger Abiy Ahmed

💭 A comment by The German daily newspaper FrankfurterRundschau

Ethiopia’s Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed is an example of why someone should be deprived of the Nobel Peace Prize. The comment.

It has never happened and probably will not happen in the future: that a Nobel Peace Prize winner is stripped of his award. Against this, the fact that the award committee would have to admit a mistake – and that the withdrawal could become even more controversial than the recognition. A year and a half ago, the award wasn’t even controversial. Ethiopia’s Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed appeared to be an excellent candidate: he had dismantled an oppressive regime and made peace with his Eritrean neighbors. The fact that he was honored at the beginning of his term in office seemed to be another bonus: The progressive head of government was blown by the wind in the sails.

In the meantime we have learned worse. The ex-secret service officer was obviously only looking for peace with the neighboring dictatorship in order to be able to take better action against the common arch enemy the population of the Tigraii province. The alliance brought unspeakable misery to the region, which Abiy tried to cover up with innumerable lies. Even if Ethiopia’s Mr. Hyde never has to return his award for the well-known reasons: He will go down in our annals as a warmonger and not as a Nobel Peace Prize laureate.

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El primer ministro de Etiopía, Abiy Ahmed, es un ejemplo de por qué alguien debería ser privado del Premio Nobel de la Paz. El comentario.

Nunca ha sucedido y probablemente no sucederá en el futuro: que un premio Nobel de la Paz sea despojado de su galardón. En contra de esto, el hecho de que el comité de adjudicación tendría que admitir un error y que el retiro podría volverse aún más controvertido que el reconocimiento. Hace año y medio, el premio ni siquiera era controvertido. El primer ministro de Etiopía, Abiy Ahmed, parecía ser un excelente candidato: había desmantelado un régimen opresivo y había hecho las paces con sus vecinos eritreos. El hecho de que se le honrara justo al comienzo de su mandato parecía ser otra ventaja: el jefe de gobierno progresista fue arrastrado por los aires.

Mientras tanto, hemos aprendido cosas peores. El ex oficial de inteligencia obviamente solo buscaba la paz con la dictadura vecina para poder tomar mejores medidas contra el archienemigo común: la población de la provincia de Tigraii. La alianza trajo una miseria indescriptible a la región, que Abiy trató de encubrir con innumerables mentiras. Incluso si Mr. Hyde de Etiopía nunca tiene que devolver su premio por las razones bien conocidas: pasará a nuestros anales como un belicista y no como un premio Nobel de la Paz.

👉 “አምና ሉሲፈራውያኑ ከኦሮሞዎች ጋር በማበር ሰሜን ኢትዮጵያን በረሃብ ቆሏት ዛሬም ሊደግሙት ነው ግን ተክልዬ”

👉 የሚከተለው ከዚህ ቪዲዮ ጋር በተያያዘ ባለፈው ጥቅምት ወር መግቢያ ላይ የቀረበ ጽሑፍ እና ቪዲዮ። ሁሉም ነገር ሲከሰት ዓይናችን እያየው ነው፦

የኖቤል ሰላም ሽልማት የጀነሳይድ ቀብድ ነው | ዘንድሮ ደግሞ በረሃብ ሊቀጡን ነው”

የተቋማቱን አርማዎች ልብ ብለን እንመልከታቸው!

👉 ድርቅ፣ ረሃብና በሽታ

Russia Today | ኖቤል ተሸላሚው ኢትዮጵያን አረሜናዊነት እና እብደት ወደ ነገሱባት ሃገር ቀይሯታል”


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