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Arabian Genie Tornado Devastates Marbella | Spain’s Pain as Morocco Triumph

Posted by addisethiopia / አዲስ ኢትዮጵያ on December 7, 2022

⚽ FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 – Round of 16 – Morocco v Spain

Morocco make history, shock lackluster Spain to reach their first World Cup quarterfinals. Morocco success hands Arab world its first World Cup quarter-finalist.

Next it’s Morocco (Satanic Pentagram) vs. Portugal (Tricolor of Zion / The Portugese flag features primary colors of Green, Red, and Yellow)

👉 According to my prediction it will be a Portugal vs Brazil (Portugal 1 vs. Portugal 2) World Cup final in Aladdin’s Qatar. Portugal could snatch world cup glory from Brazil to win the first title.

🛑 Moroccans in Violent Riots in Belgium Despite Win | If You Think This’s About Football, You’re Not Paying Attention

🔥 Almost simultaneously, Tornado hits Marbella uprooting trees with widespread damage at holiday hotspot. The twister barreled in from the sea and struck the popular Costa del Sol resort in Marbella.

I used to travel to this beautiful part of Costa del Sol, until the arrival of the unpleasant wealthy Gulf countries’ tourists in Marbella. Thos racist and arrogant sheiks, princes and wealthy people of the Arab world spend their petrodolar there.



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Apocalypse in India: People Are Suffocating | Terrible Dust Storm in Bollywood Mumbai

Posted by addisethiopia / አዲስ ኢትዮጵያ on October 31, 2022

👉 ገብርኤል 😇 ማርያም 👉 ኡራኤል 👉ጊዮርጊስ 👉 ተክለ ሐይማኖት 👉 ዮሴፍ 👉 መድኃኔ ዓለም

💭 አፖካሊፕስ በህንድ፤ ሰዎች እየታፈኑ ነው | በቦሊውድ ሙምባይ ውስጥ አስፈሪ የአቧራ ማዕበል

💭 በራጃስታን ላይ የፈጠረው የምዕራቡ ረብሻ እና ሳይክሎኒክ ዝውውር ወቅቱን ያልጠበቀ ዝናብ አምጥቷልእግዚኦ!

ህንድ ከቅኝ ግዛት ነፃ ከወጣችከ ፸፭/75 ዓመታት በኋላ የብሪታንያ የመጀመሪያው ህንዳዊ ተወላጅ መሪ ሪሺ ሱናክ በመሆኑ በደስታ አጨበጨበችለት

የለንደን ከተማ ከንቲባ ሳዲቅ ካን የህንድፓኪስታን ዝርያ ያለው ሙስሊም ነው።

” A western disturbance and cyclonic circulation over Rajasthan brought unseasonal rains” ¡Madre mía!

☆ India applauds Britain’s 1st Indian-origin leader Rishi Sunak, 75 years after colonial rule

☆ The Mayor of London is Sadiq Khan, a Muslim of Indian-Pakistani heritage

💭 After unseasonal rain, Mumbai under a thick haze layer.

The Weather Dept said that the dust winds phenomenon would last for Sunday only, but again from Monday onwards, there is a possibility of a dip in temperature in Maharashtra for the next few days

A day after a western disturbance and cyclonic circulation over Rajasthan brought unseasonal rains it, Mumbai on Sunday had a thick layer of haze settled over it.

According to weather experts, the haze was attributed to “dust-raising winds”, brought as a result of the same Western Disturbance which caused Saturday’s rains and a drop in Sunday’s temperature.

It was further said that since everybody was wearing mask due to Covid-19, no other precautions were required.

“This haze consists of mainly sand because it originates from the Middle East where the conditions are sandier. It cannot be defined as smog, which comprises a more complex mixture of pollutants,” said Gufran Beig, Project Director, SAFAR.

The Weather Department said that the dust winds phenomenon is going to last for Sunday only, but again from Monday onwards, there is a possibility of a dip in temperature in Maharashtra for the next few days.

The maximum temperature of Mumbai’s Santacruz stood at 23.8 degrees Celsius, which is lowest in the last 10 years.

The dip in temperature was a result of the cloudy sky over north Konkan. It brought day time temperatures to as low as 23-24 degrees Celsius, which is the lowest maximum temperature in the last 10 years or maybe more, for the month of January.

The India Meteorological Department (IMD) on Saturday said that after affecting normal life in Karachi, a massive dust storm headed towards Gujarat and south Rajasthan on Saturday evening and it may continue to have an effect till next 12 hours.

Karachi was caught off guard on Saturday morning when a dust storm that travelled from Pakistan’s west disturbed the normal life there with visibility reduced to less than or about 500 metres.

“Saurashtra coast has been getting dust rising winds from afternoon. Dwarka station reported 400 m visibility, at Porbandar, wind speed was more than 10 km per hour with visibility of less than 1 km,” the IMD said.

Winds carrying dust blew from south Pakistan areas and adjoining the Arabian Sea towards Kutch and Saurashtra towards evening.

The ‘Sand and Dust Storms Risk Assessment in Asia and the Pacific’ report for 2021, published by the Asian and Pacific Centre for the Development of Disaster Information Management (APDIM), which is a regional institution of the United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (UNESCAP), had said more than 500 million people in India and more than 80 per cent of the populations of Turkmenistan, Pakistan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, and Iran are exposed to medium and high levels of poor air quality due to sand and dust storms.

Lahore, Karachi, and Delhi are the three most affected cities, the report had said.

Dust storms, if severe, and over a longer time, also adversely affect agriculture, especially cotton.

👉 Source: National Herald India


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Ark of The Covenant: Apocalypse in ARCADIA (FL) | ጽላተ ሙሴ፤ አፖካሊፕስ በአርቃዲያ ፍሎሪዳ

Posted by addisethiopia / አዲስ ኢትዮጵያ on October 4, 2022

👉 ገብርኤል 👉 ማርያም 👉 ኡራኤል 👉 ጊዮርጊስ 😇 ተክለ ሐይማኖት 👉 ዮሴፍ 👉 መድኃኔ ዓለም

💭 ኃይለኛ አውሎ ንፋስና ታሪካዊ የጎርፍ መጥለቅለቅ በአሜሪካዋ የፍሎሪዳ ግዛት/አርቃዲያ

The Ark Ark (c) adia – አርቃዲያ

😲 It really is a miracle! በእውነት ተዓምር ነው!

💭 Anagram:

  • ❖ ADIARCAI (Adi Arcai)
  • ☆ አርቃዲያ (ፍሎሪዳ)
  • ❖ አዲ-አርቃይ (ሰሜን ኢትዮጵያ በአክሱም ጽዮን እና ዋልድባ መኻል፤ ዋው!)
  • ☆ The Birthplace of United States Hurricanes
  • ❖ Ethiopian Highlands: Axum – Waldeba – Adi Arcai (Adi Arkay)
  • ☆ የአሜሪካ አውሎ ነፋሶች የትውልድ ቦታ
  • ❖ የኢትዮጵያ ደጋማ ቦታዎች፡ አክሱም – ዋልድባ – አዲያርቃይ

💭 Arcadia/ Arkadia (utopia/ Ethiopia) in Greek Mythology

Arcadia refers to a vision of pastoralism and harmony with nature. The term is derived from the Greek province of the same name which dates to antiquity; the province’s mountainous topography and sparse population of pastoralists later caused the word Arcadia to develop into a poetic byword for an idyllic vision of unspoiled wilderness. Arcadia is associated with bountiful natural splendor, harmony, and is often inhabited by shepherds. The concept also figures in Renaissance mythology. Commonly thought of as being in line with Utopian ideals, Arcadia differs from that tradition in that it is more often specifically regarded as unattainable. Furthermore, it is seen as a lost, Edenic form of life, contrasting to the progressive nature of Utopian desires.

The inhabitants were often regarded as having continued to live after the manner of the Golden Age, without the pride and avarice that corrupted other regions. It is also sometimes referred to in English poetry as Arcady. The inhabitants of this region bear an obvious connection to the figure of the Noble savage, both being regarded as living close to nature, uncorrupted by civilization, and virtuous.

🔥 The Wrath Of God?

Florida is a nice place, but it unfortunately has become a lot like California, representing both the best and the worst that America has to offer. This is especially true in the area of homosexuality. While there are many conservative and religious Floridians, there are a tremendous amount of sodomites and immoral activity that takes place there. Given the serious moral decay of America that we see taking place before our eyes and the increasing disrespect for even the most basic of Christian morality, looking at this storm I began to wonder if perhaps, in some way, it was connected to this crisis.

The word “Hurricane” originally comes from the Taino Indians, a people who inhabited the Caribbean and parts of Florida when the Spanish arrived in the 16th century. The original world, “Huracan,” was a god of evil in their pagan religion, and the natives thought that these storms were attacks from this evil diety. Interesting.

For many years, it has been popular to give Hurricanes a name to distinguish them from others. Certain names, however, are retired from circulation because they are associated with particular catastrophes, such as Hugo (1989), Andrew (1992), and Katrina (2005). This hurricane is named Matthew, which of course comes from the New Testament Evangelist St. Matthew, whose traditional sign used by the early Christians and continuing today in the Catholic and Orthodox Churches is that of an angel:

The Book of Kells, the oldest New Testament in Ireland, showing the four evangelists. St. Matthew is depicted as an angel in the upper left quadrant.

Angels -the ones obedient to God- in the Bible always play important roles in executing God’s will, both for aiding man in his struggle for righteousness and punishing him in accordance with God’s will. In the Old Testament angels appeared to Moses when he was in the desert, and the angel St. Raphael came to the aid of Tobit when he was under attack from the demon Asmodeus. In the New Testament it was the angel Gabriel who announced Jesus’ conception to St. Mary, an angel who announced to the Holy women news of Jesus’ resurrection, and it the book of Revelations it is St. Michael the Archangel who battles against the ancient dragon. Yet also in the same Bible it was angels who guarded the entrance to the Garden of Eden after Adam and Eve were expelled from it on account of their sin, and it was the angel of death who slew by the command of God the firstborn of every living creature in Egypt following Moses prophecy to the Pharaoh about God’s impending punishment for his refusal to free the Hebrews from their bondage. Interesting.

The Bible clearly teaches that in the Old Testament whenever the Hebrews were very disobedient towards God, He would send punishments against them, many times in the forms of natural disasters. Christian history also recognizes the same, where God will use His creation to execute judgment against the wicked. While not all bad weather is necessarily a sign of sin, both sacred scripture and sacred tradition clearly note that it can be so. Now we know that Florida is an area that is infected with sin, especially cities such as Miami and Orlando, which are veritable dens of sodomy.


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King Charles III Faces Pressure to Return Sacred Tabot—Which Symbolically Represents The Ark of The Covenant to Ethiopia

Posted by addisethiopia / አዲስ ኢትዮጵያ on October 1, 2022

👉 ገብርኤል 😇 ማርያም 👉 ኡራኤል 👉 ጊዮርጊስ 👉 ተክለ ሐይማኖት 👉 ዮሴፍ 👉 መድኃኔ ዓለም

💭 አዲሱ ‘ንጉሥ ቻርለስ ሳልሳዊ’ የቃል ኪዳኑን ታቦት (ጽላተ ሙሴን) የሚወክለውን የተቀደሰውን ታቦት ወደ ኢትዮጵያ እንዲመለስ ግፊት ተደረገበት።

በቀጥታ በንጉሣዊው ሥልጣን ሥር የሚገኘው ዌስትሚኒስተር አቤይ፣ በአሁኑ ጊዜ ቅዱሱን ጽላት ለመመለስ ፈቃደኛ አልሆነም።

💭 ጊዜውን በደንብ እንዋጅ፤ ይህ በአጋጣሚ አይደለም፤ ንግሥቲቱም የተቀበረችው እዚሁ ጽላታችን አጠገብ ነው፤ ለማንኛውም ሁሉም ተደናግጠዋል!

የንግሥት ኤልሳቤጥ ዳግማዊ ሞት፣ አዲስንጉሥ አዲስ የ፳፻፲፭ አመት የጽዮንና የጽዮናውያን ጠላቶች ተርበድብደዋል፣ በሃገራችን አረመኔዎቹ ጋልኦሮሞዎችና እኵዩ ኢሳያስ አፈቆርኪ የሉሲፈራውያኑ ወኪሎች ንጹሐን ወገኖቼ ከአዲ ደዕሮ እስከ ወለጋ በመጨፍጨፍና በማስቃየት ላይ ናቸው። (ወዮላችሁ እናንተ አረመኔዎች፤ ሕዝባችንን ቶሎ ልቀቁ!)

ያው እንግዲህ፤ ከኢትዮጵያ እስከ ፍሎሪዳ አሜሪካ፣ ከብሪታኒያ እስከ ኢራን፤ በመላው ዓለም ጽላተ ሙሴ ድንቅ ሥራውን እየሠራ ነው። ሞኞቹና ግትሮቹ የሕወሓት ደጋፊዎች የደምና መቅኔ ተምሳሊት የሆኑትን ሁለት ቀለማት(ፀረሥላሴ/Antitrinitarian፣ ሁለትዮሽ/Dualistic)) በመልበስ ፈንታ፣ የሉሲፈር/ቻይና ባንዲራን በማውለብለብ ፈንታ ነጭ ለብሰው፣ የቃልኪዳኑን ታቦት ተሸክመውና የጽዮን ሦስት ቀለማት (Trinity/ሥላሴ)ያረፉበትን የንጉሠ ነገሥት አፄ ዮሐንስ ሰንደቅን እያውለበለቡ በምዕራባውያን ከተሞች ጎዳናዎች ላይ ለሰልፍ መውጣቱን ቢያዘወትሩ፣ እንዲሁም በጦር ሜዳው ሆነ በሌሎች ቦታዎች “ድል” በተቀዳጁ ቁጥር ለእግዚአብሔር፣ ለጽዮን ማርያም፣ ለቅዱሳኑ እና ለጽላተ ሙሴ ምስጋናቸውን ቢያሳዩ ኖሮ የሕዝባችን የስቃይና ሰቆቃ ጊዜ ባጠረልን እንዲሁም የጽዮን ጠላቶችም በሳምንት ውስጥ በተጠራረጉ ነበር።

እጅግ በጣም ከሚያሳዝኑኝ ጉዳዮች መካከል አንዱ ይህን መጠቆም የሚችል አባት፣ ልሂቅና ባለሥልጣን አለመኖሩ ነው። ከሌላውስ ምንም ነገር አልጠብቅም፤ ግን በተለይ ከትግራይ የወጡ መንፈሳውያን አባቶች ይህ ትልቅ መለሎታዊ ምስጢር በግልጽ ሊታያቸው በቻለ ነበር። አልማር ስላልን፣ ልባችንም ስለደነደና የተመረጡትም እየሳቱ ስለሆኑ ወጥቶ እውነቱን በድፍረት ሊናገር የሚችል አባት እናገኝ ዘንድ አልተፈቀደልንም። በዚህ እጅግ በጣም አዝናለሁ!

ሆኖም ግን ኃያሉ የቃልኪዳኑ ታቦት ድንቅ ሥራውን መሥራቱን ይቀጥላል። ታቦተ ጽዮን፤ ፈጠነም ዘገየም፡ በአክሱም ጽዮን ላይ የዘመቱትን ሉሲፈራውያን ሁሉ ከእነ ጭፍሮቻቸው፣ ንብረቶቻቸውና ምልክቶቻቸው አንድ በአንድ ይጠራርጋቸዋል። ፻/100%!

✞✞✞[፪ኛ ወደ ቆሮንቶስ ሰዎች ምዕራፍ ፲፬፥፭፡፮]✞✞✞

“የጦር ዕቃችን ሥጋዊ አይደለምና፥ ምሽግን ለመስበር ግን በእግዚአብሔር ፊት ብርቱ ነው፤ የሰውንም አሳብ በእግዚአብሔርም እውቀት ላይ የሚነሣውን ከፍ ያለውን ነገር ሁሉ እናፈርሳለን ለክርስቶስም ለመታዘዝ አእምሮን ሁሉ እንማርካለን፥ መታዘዛችሁም በተፈጸመች ጊዜ አለመታዘዝን ሁሉ ልንበቀል ተዘጋጅተናል።”

👉 From The Art Newspaper, 30 September 2022

+ 💭 Queen Elizabeth II in Ethiopia February 1965

💭 Westminster Abbey, which is directly under the monarch’s jurisdiction, currently refuses to return the Holy Tablet

George Carey, a former Archbishop of Canterbury, has told The Art Newspaper that he is “astonished and saddened” that Westminster Abbey is refusing to return a sacred Tabot to Ethiopia. For the Ethiopian Orthodox Church, a Tabot is a holy tablet that symbolically represents the Ark of the Covenant.

London’s Westminster Abbey is what is known as a Royal Peculiar, which puts it directly under the monarch’s jurisdiction. This means that returning the Tabot might well require the blessing of the monarch, the supreme governor of the Church of England.

In July 2018 The Art Newspaper revealed that the Ethiopian government was calling for the restitution of the abbey’s Tabot. Although King Charles III will now be dealing with a myriad of pressing issues, he is known to be sympathetic towards the Eastern Churches. More than 150 years after its acquisition, an appeal to the new king for the return of the Tabot might finally prove successful.

Westminster Abbey’s Tabot was looted at the battle of Maqdala (Magdala) in 1868, when British troops attacked the forces of emperor Tewodros. The Tabot was then acquired by Captain George Arbuthnot of the Royal Artillery.

Arbuthnot donated the Tabot to the abbey. Two years later a new altar was commissioned for the Henry VII Lady Chapel. The dean inserted the Tabot into the back of the altar, where it remained visible, along with two other sacred objects: fragments from the high altar of Canterbury Cathedral and the leading Greek Orthodox church in Damascus.

The Ethiopian Church has a strict belief that Tabot should not be seen, other than by priests. In 2010 the abbey therefore added a covering so that its Tabot is no longer visible behind the altar. Today a ghost-like rectangle where the front of the tablet could once be viewed can just be made out.

An abbey spokesperson said last month that “there are no current plans [for its return], but the future of the Tabot is kept under review”.

Carey, who served as archbishop from 1991 to 2002, told us just before the Queen’s death that he is disturbed that the Church of England “has not returned a sacred object belonging to another faith and country”.

💭 British Museum considers loan of ‘invisible’ objects back to Ethiopia

The British Museum holds 11 Tabot, the largest collection in the UK. To reflect the prohibition on them being seen, they are kept in an underground store that even the museum’s staff cannot enter.

The pressure group Returning Heritage last month submitted a Freedom of Information request to the British Museum, asking for details of claims for the Tabot since 1990. The group argues that the museum would legally be able to deaccession, under an exemption which allows it to dispose of objects that are “unfit to be retained”. Since the Tabot cannot be seen, the pressure group argues that there is no point in them remaining in the museum’s collection—and they should be returned to Ethiopia.

Since the summer of 2021, as part of its efforts to bridge cultures, The Scheherazade Foundation has been campaigning behind the scenes for the British Museum to repatriate eleven highly sacred Ethiopian altar tablets looted by British forces at the Battle of Maqdala in 1868. So sacred are these ‘Tabot’ to the Ethiopian Orthodox Church, that in some 150 years the Museum has never put them on display nor allowed them to be studied, copied or even photographed. They therefore have no value to the Museum and should be returned to their rightful owners – a point made to the Museum Trustees in a letter sent by the Scheherazade Foundation last September and backed up by an opinion by Samantha Knights QC. Among the signatories to the Foundation letter were the former Archbishop of Canterbury Lord Carey, Lord Foster of the Liberal Democrats, and former Labour minister Lord Boateng. The British Museum answered that letter only last month, refusing to engage in any way with the comprehensive legal arguments that the Foundation had put forward for the Tabot’s return. Yesterday in the House of Lords, Lord Carey tabled an oral question on the matter, sparking a lively debate in which Lords Foster and Boateng, along with the Bishop of Worcester and Lord Bassam of the Labour Party also intervened to support the Foundation’s position. Here is the relevant clip from the debate.

✞✞✞[2 Corinthians 10:4-6]✞✞✞

“The weapons we fight with are not the weapons of the world. On the contrary, they have divine power to demolish strongholds. We demolish arguments and every pretension that sets itself up against the knowledge of God, and we take captive every thought to make it obedient to Christ. And having in a readiness to revenge all disobedience, when your obedience is fulfilled.”


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The Ark of The Covenant: Hurricane in FlorIDA – ADI rolf = ADI Daero-Massacre

Posted by addisethiopia / አዲስ ኢትዮጵያ on September 30, 2022

❖❖❖ R.I.P ለሁሉም ነፍሳቸውን ይማርላቸው ❖❖❖

😇 ገብርኤል 👉 ማርያም 👉 ኡራኤል 👉 ጊዮርጊስ 👉 ተክለ ሐይማኖት 👉 ዮሴፍ 👉 መድኃኔ ዓለም

በላቲኑ ፊደላት “ፍሎሪዳ” ተገልብጦ ሲነበብ “አዲ ሮልፍ” ይሰጠናል። “አዲ ዳእሮ” ን ጠቆመን። የተጓደሉት ሦስት ፊደላት ደግሞ ‘ELF’ ጀብሃን ሠርተዋል። ጀብሃ አረቦች የፈጠሩት የሻዕቢያ እናት ነው። የዛሬው ሻዕቢያ በአረቦች የሚደገፈውና የክርስቲያኖች ጠላቱ ጀብሃ ነው። በተለይ በሶሪያና ኢራቅ ይደገፍ ነበር፤ ሶሪያንና ኢራቅን አየናቸው፤ አይደል?! በተረፈ ሁለቱ ቃላት “አዶልፍ”ን ሰርተውልናል። ጥቁሩ አዶልፍ ሂትለር = ግራኝ አብዮት አህመድ አሊ። ስለዚህ በቅርቡ አረመኔዎቹ ኢሳያስ አፈወርቂ እና ግራኝ አብዮት አህመድ አሊ በእሳት ተጠርገው በኤርታ አሌ እሳተ ገሞራ በኩል ወደ ዘላለማዊው ገሃነም እሳት ይወርዳሉ!

💭 Florida (FL) – ADI rolf = ADI Daero (E) – ADOLF + ELF (Eritrean Liberation Front ‘Jebha’)

Eritrean war planes bombed ADI Dearo. ELF is a Jihadist group created by Arabs. USA + Canada + Europe + Israel + Russia + Ukraine + China supported UAE + Iran + Turkey drones massacring Orthodox Christians in Tigray, Ethiopia.

The DAY after the ADI Daero (The region of Ethiopia where The Ark of The Covenant is preserved) Massacre – this tragedy in Florida – ADI rolf = ADI Daero

💭 Catastrophic Destruction Leaving Hundreds Dead In Florida Hurricane Aftermath. Hurricane Ian ravaged the area and collapsed part of the Sanibel Causeway

💭 The Conspiracy of Silence: The world and its media outlets are of course silent on this story: Ethiopia: Christians Carpet Bombed by The Nobel Peace Laureate & His Foreign Mercenaries – over 50 children massacred.

💭 Residents in the Northern Ethiopian city of Adi Daero, in Tigray scream in agony while searching for their families in the ash and trying to rescue people trapped under a rubble. A mother is heard shouting loudly “my son, my son, I lost him…”

The unEthiopian fascist Oromo regime’s and Eritrean air forces bombarded many towns in Tigray including Shire, Adi Daero and Mekelle.

Adi Daero Massacre, in Tigray Ethiopia, 27 September 2022

This barbaric act was carried out on 27 September 2022 – on the very day Christians celebrated the annual Christian festival of the Meskel (which means “CROSS” in Ethiopic), marking the finding of the “True Cross” on which Jesus Christ was crucified. The festival is one of the major religious celebrations of the Orthodox Church in Ethiopia.

✞✞✞[2 Corinthians 10:4-6]✞✞✞

“The weapons we fight with are not the weapons of the world. On the contrary, they have divine power to demolish strongholds. We demolish arguments and every pretension that sets itself up against the knowledge of God, and we take captive every thought to make it obedient to Christ. And having in a readiness to revenge all disobedience, when your obedience is fulfilled.”

✞✞✞[፪ኛ ወደ ቆሮንቶስ ሰዎች ምዕራፍ ፲፬፥፭፡፮]✞✞✞

“የጦር ዕቃችን ሥጋዊ አይደለምና፥ ምሽግን ለመስበር ግን በእግዚአብሔር ፊት ብርቱ ነው፤

የሰውንም አሳብ በእግዚአብሔርም እውቀት ላይ የሚነሣውን ከፍ ያለውን ነገር ሁሉ እናፈርሳለን ለክርስቶስም ለመታዘዝ አእምሮን ሁሉ እንማርካለን፥ መታዘዛችሁም በተፈጸመች ጊዜ አለመታዘዝን ሁሉ ልንበቀል ተዘጋጅተናል።”


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Nine Million People Told to Evacuate in Japan due to ‘Monster’ Typhoon

Posted by addisethiopia / አዲስ ኢትዮጵያ on September 19, 2022

💭 “ናንማዶል” በተሰኘው ኃይለኛ አውሎ ነፋስ ምክንያት ዘጠኝ ሚሊዮን ሰዎች በጃፓን አካባቢያቸውን ለቀው እንዲወጡ ተነገራቸው

አይይየዚህች ዓለም ነገር ከንቱ ነው። በቃ ለዘመናት የደከሙለት ነገር ሁሉ በሰዓታት ውስጥ ጥርግርግ ብሎ ሄደ። የዓለማችን ነዋሪዎች ልብ ንሰሐ አልገባ ብሏልና ሁሉም በየአህጉሩ የመከራን ጽዋ ይቀምሳል።

ይገርማል፤ ዛሬ ነፃ ግንበኛዋ የብሪታኒያ ንግስት ዳግማዊት ኤልሳቤጥ ከሳምንት በላይ ከወሰደው ከንቱ የሃዘን-መግለጫ ድራማ በኋላ ትቀበራለች። የጃፓን ንጉሳውያን ጥንዶችም ዛሬ በለንደን ተገኝተዋል።

እንደው ሰው፤ “ሰለጠነ” ተባለ አልተባለ በሁሉም አገራት ግብዝና በሜዲያዎቹ በቀላሉ እንደሚታለል/እንደሚጭበረበር በግልጽ አይተነዋል። ለአንዲት የዘጠና ስድስት ዓመት ሴት ይህን ያህል ትኩረትና ለሰዓታትና ለቀናት እየተንበረከኩ ተገቢ ያልሆነ ‘አምላካዊ’ ክብር መስጠት ብሪታኒያውያኑ ከሰሜን ኮሪያ ሕዝብ ባልተናነሰ አዕምሯቸውን ምን ያህል እንዳሳጠቡ ይጠቁመናል። ይህችን በአውሮፓውያኑ ሴፕቴምበር 19 ዕለትን እናስታውሳት፤ ፲፱/19 በእኛ የቅዱስ ገብርኤል ዕለት ነው።

በዶ/ር ቴዎድሮስ አድሃኖም ነጋሪነት የዓለም ጤና ድርጅት የኮቪድ ወረርሽኙን ካወጀ ልክ ከ ፱፻፲፩/911 (እንቍጣጣሽ) ቀናት በፊት ነው ንግስቲቷ የሞተችው። ኮሮና ማለት አክሊል ማለት ነው። ልትሞት ቀናት ሲቀራት፤ ይዟት የነበረው ኮቪድ ወረርሽኝ “በጣም አደከመኝ፣ አደቀቀኝ” ስትል ተናግራ ነበር

ባለፈው ሳምንት መስከረም ፬/4፤ ንግሥቲቷ በተሰናበተች ልክ በሳምንቱ፤ ዶ/ር ቴዎድሮስ አድሃኖም፤ የኮቪድ-19 ወረርሽኝ መጨረሻ ተቃርቧል።አሉን።

በትናንትናው እሑድ ዕለት ደግሞ፤ ለንግስቲቷ ቀብር ዛሬ ለንደን የሚገኙት የአሜሪካው ፕሬዚደንት ጆ ባይድን፤ “የኮሮና ቫይረስ ወረርሽኝ አብቅቷል።” አሉን!

💭 ጁላይ 27/ሐምሌ ፲፱ | እግዚአብሔር በአቡነ ማትያስ እና በጽዮናውያኑ አትሌቶች በኩል የሚለን ነገር አለ

ነጠብጣቦቹን እናገናኛቸውጉድ ነው!

🔥 ሮም + ለንደን + በርሊን + ኒውዮርክ + ቶኪዮ + መካ + ዱባይ + ቴህራን + ኢስታንቡል ይወድቃሉ – እየሩሳሌም እንዳደረገችው።

የቃል ኪዳኑ ታቦት ወደ ምሥራቅና ወደ ምዕራብ በሚወስደው መንገድ ላይ ምልክት እያስተላለፈ ነው። ጃፓን፣ ቻይና፣ አውሮፓ፣ አሜሪካ፣ ሩሲያ፣ ዩክሬን፣ ቱርክ፣ ኢራን እና አረቢያ የኢትዮጵያን የፋሽስቱ ኦሮሞ አገዛዝና ክፉውን አብዮት አህመድ አሊን መደገፉን ያቆሙ። አውሬው ለፍርድ መቅረብ ይኖርበታል። ይህ አረመኔ አገዛዝ ከሁለት አመት በታች በሆነ ጊዜ ውስጥ ከአንድ ሚሊዮን በላይ ኢትዮጵያውያን የትግራይ ተወላጆችን በጅምላ ጨፍጭፎ በረሃብ ገድሏል።

❖❖❖[የሉቃስ ወንጌል ምዕራፍ ፳፩፥፳፭፡፳፮]❖❖❖

“በፀሐይና በጨረቃም በከዋክብትም ምልክት ይሆናል፤ በምድር ላይም አሕዛብ ከባሕሩና ከሞገዱም ድምፅ የተነሣ እያመነቱ ይጨነቃሉ፤ ሰዎችም ከፍርሃትና በዓለም የሚመጣበትን ከመጠበቅ የተነሣ ይደክማሉ፤ የሰማያት ኃይላት ይናወጣሉና።”

🔥 Rome + London + Berlin + New York + Tokyo + Mecca + Dubai + Tehran + Istanbul will fall – as Jerusalem did.

✞The Ark of The Covenant is Transmitting a signal on a path to the EAST and to the WEST. Japan, China, Europe, America, Russia, Ukraine, Turkey, Iran and Arabia, STOP supporting the fascist Oromo regime of evil Abiy Ahmed Ali in Ethiopia. This brutal regime has massacred and starved to death over a million Ethiopian Chrisians of Tigray in under two years.

❖❖❖[Luke Chapter 21፡25-26]❖❖❖

And there shall be signs in the sun, and in the moon, and in the stars; and upon the earth distress of nations, with perplexity; the sea and the waves roaring; Men’s hearts failing them for fear, and for looking after those things which are coming on the earth: for the powers of heaven shall be shaken.”

💭 Nine million people have been told to evacuate their homes as Japan is battered by one of the worst typhoons the country has ever seen.

The super typhoon Nanmadol has killed two people and injured almost 90.

It hit Japan’s most southerly island, Kyushu, on Sunday morning, and is forecast to pass over the main island of Honshu in the next few days.

Tens of thousands of people spent Sunday night in emergency shelters, and almost 350,000 homes are without power.

Transport and business has been disrupted, and the country is braced for extensive flooding and landslides.

Nanmadol has brought gusts of up to 234km/h (145mph), and some areas were forecast 400mm (16 inches) of rain in 24 hours.

Bullet train services, ferries, and hundreds of flights have been cancelled. Many shops and other businesses have closed, and sandbags have been put in place to protect some properties.


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Massive Solar Flare Heads to Earth, Could Destroy Thousands of Satellites

Posted by addisethiopia / አዲስ ኢትዮጵያ on March 28, 2022

ግዙፍ የፀሐይ ነበልባል ወደ ምድር እያመራ ነው፣ በሺዎች የሚቆጠሩ ሳተላይቶችን ሊያጠፋ ይችላል

❖❖❖ የጽዮንን ቀለማት አየን? ❖❖❖

😇ገብርኤል 👉 ማርያም 👉 ኡራኤል 👉 ጊዮርጊስ 👉 ተክለ ሐይማኖት 👉 ዮሴፍ 👉መድኃኔ ዓለም

በጣም የሚገርመን፣ የሚያሳዝነንና ሊያስቆጣን የሚገባው አንድ ነገር ግን፤ “ተዋሕዶ ነን፣ ኢትዮጵያውያን ነን” የሚሉት ወገኖች ከእነዚህ አረመኔ ኤዶማውያን እና እስማኤላውያን ጎን ተሰልፈው የትግራይን ምድር ለመውረር ማሰባቸው፣ ተዋሕዶ ክርስቲያን ሕዝቧን ለመጨፍጨፍና ለማስራብ መድፈራቸው፣ የኢትዮጵያ ስልጣኔ ማዕካላትን ማውደማቸው፣ የተዋሕዶ ክርስትና እናት የሆኑትን ገዳማትና አብያተ ክርስቲያናት ማፈራረሳቸው፣ ሺህ የሚሆኑ መነኮሳትን ከዋልድባ ገዳም ማባረራቸው እጅግ በጣም የሚያስገርም፣ የሚያሳዝን እና የሚያስቆጣ ነገር ነው። 😠😠😠 😢😢😢

አዎ! አረመኔው ግራኝ በትግራይ ሕዝብ ላይ በከፈተው ጦርነት ባልጠበቀው መልክ ሽንፈትን እና ውርደትን ተከናንቧል፤ ሆኖም ጦርነቱ አላበቃም፣ አልበቃውም፣ አውሬው ውድመታዊ ተልዕኮውን ገና አላገባደደም። የተነሳበት ተልዕኮ የኦሮሚያ እስላማዊት ኩሽካሊፋትን ለመመስረት ተዋሕዶ ክርስቲያን የሆነውን ሰሜኑን ከቻለ ማንበርከክ ካልቻለ ደግሞ ሙሉ በሙሉ ማጥፋት ነው። ለዚህ ደግሞ ዛሬም የምስራቃውያኑ እስማኤላውያን አረቦችና ቱርኮች እንዲሁም የምዕራባውያኑ ኤዶማውያን (ዩክሬይንን፣ ሩሲያን እና ቻይናን ጨምሮ)ድጋፍ አለው።

የሕዝበ ክርስቲያኑን/ የጥንታውያኑን ክርስቲያኖች ቁጥር ይቀንስላቸው ዘንድ ሥልጣን ላይ አውጥተው በቀጥታም ሆነ በተዘዋዋሪ መንገድ እስከ ዛሬዋ ዕለት ድረስ የሚደግፉትን አረመኔውን ግራኝ አብዮት አህመድ አሊን ለማዳን ሉሲፈራውያኑ እንቅልፍ አጥተዋል። ለእነ ፕሬዚደንት ፑቴን የማያሳዩትን ዓይነት እንክብካቤ ለማድረግ በየወሩ ልዩ መልዕክተኞቻቸውን ወደ አዲስ አበባ ይልካሉ፣ በሌል በኩል ደግሞ በአውሬው ቍጥር፤ HR6600 ተብሎ የተሰየመውን ሕግ እናጸድቃለን በማለት፤ ተስፈኛው ሰሜን ኢትዮጵያዊ እምነቱን ሙሉ በሙሉ ለአውሬው እንዲሰጥ ያደርጉታል፤ እግረ መንገዳቸውንም በአራት ኪሎ ለአስቀመጡት አረመኔ የኦሮሞ አገዛዝ ጊዜ እየገዙ ኢትዮጵያን የመበታተኛ እድሜ ይሰጡታል።

መንፈሳዊውን ውጊያ አልቻሉትም፤ መቼም አይችሉትም! ከእነርሱ ሳተላይቶች፣ ከእነርሱ ድሮኖች በላይ ሊቋቋሙት የማይችሉት ትልቅ ስውር ኃይል መኖሩን አሁን ሰለተረዱት የዳማ ጨዋታ ስልታቸውን በተፋጠነና በተጣደፈ መልክ ነው የሚቀያይሩት። ከእግዚአብሔር ጋር፤ ከጽዮንና ቅዱሳኑ ጋር የሚያካሂዱትን ፍልሚያ እንደማያሸንፉት አውቀውታል፤ የጽላተ ሙሴንን ኃይል በመፈታተን ለአንድ ዓመት ያህል፤ “እስኪ እንየው!” በሚል ድፍረት የተሞላበት “አምላካዊ ለመሆን የመሻት” ሤራቸው ሙቀቱን ሲለኩ ቆይተዋል። በትግራይ ከባድ የዘር ማጥፋት ወንጀል እንደተሠራ ገና ከጅምሩ አይተውታል። ሆኖም እየተሠራ ያለው ግፍና ወንጀል ብዙም አያሳስባቸውም፤ እንዲያውም በአንደኛው የዓለም ጦርነት ሲካሄድ የነበረውን ዓይነት ውጊያ ዛሬ በኢትዮጵያ በቀጥታ የሳተላይት ቴሌቪዥናቸው/ ‘Reality TV Show’ ማየቱ ሱስ ሆኖባቸዋል፣ ልክ በጌታችን ስቅለት ወቅት የክርስቶስ ተቃዋሚዎች ደሙን ሲያፈሱበት ይደሰቱት እንደነበረው ሉሲፈራውያኑም ክርስቲያኖች ተጨፍጭፈው ደማቸውን ሲያፈሱ እስኪሰክሩ ድረስ ነው እየተደሰቱ ያሉት፣ አባቶቼና እኅቶቼ፣ ወንድሞቼና እኅቶቼ ከእነ ልጆቻቸው በረሃብ ሲሰቃዩ ማየት ለእነርሱ ከምናስበው በላይ ሰይጣናዊ እርካታን ነው የሚሰጣቸው። እነዚህ አረመኔዎች በወኪላቸው ግራኝ አብዮት አህመድ በኩል በደንብ በተጠና መልክ ያዘጋጁትን ይህን የዘር ማጥፋት ጦርነት ማቆም አይፈልጉም፤ እንዲቆም አይፈልጉም። እግዚአብሔር ግን ይበቀላቸዋል።

😈 ይህች ዲያብሎስ የነገሰባት ዓለም፤ ”ኢትዮጵያውያን ነን” የሚሉትን ከሃዲዎች ጨምሮ በትግራይ ስለተሠራው እጅግ በጣም ከባድ ወንጀልና ግፍ መስማት፣ ማየትና ማወቅ አትሻም፤ የትክክለኛዋ ኢትዮጵያ አምላክ እግዚአብሔር ግን እያንዳንዷን ነገር በቪዲዮው ቀርጾታል። አሁን የፍርድ ቀን ተቃርቧልና ጉዳዩ በጨካኞቹ የሉሲፈራውያኑ ጭፍሮች እና በእግዚአብሔር መካከል ብቻ ነው!

ዲያብሎሳዊውና ፈርዖናዊው አረመኔነት፣ ትዕቢትና እብሪት ግን ዓይናችን እያየ ለአንዴና ለመጨረሻ ጊዜ ተገቢውን መለኮታዊ ምላሽ ያገኛል።

🔥 በምዕራቡም ሆነ በምስራቁ ያሉት የፋሺስቱ ኦሮሞ አገዛዝ ሞግዚቶችና አጋሮቻቸው በሆኑ አገራት ላይ፤ በሙሉ አሁን እየደረሰ ያለው የኢኮኖሚ ቀውስ ማለትም ግሽበት፣ ሪሴሽን፣ የበጀት ጉድለት፣ የእዳ ቀውስ፣ የባንክ የኢንሹራንስና የሞርጌጅ ባንክ ቀውስ፣ የመሸቃቀጫ ገበያ / Stock Market/ ቀውስ፣ የምግብ እጦት፣ የስራ ማጣት፣ የጤና ችግር፣ የትራንስፖርት ቀውስ፣ የትምህርት ቀውስ ባጠቃላይ የኢኮኖሚው አካልና ህይወት በሙሉ፤ እሰከአሁን ከተመታው መጠንና ስፋት ጥልቀት በ፵፱/49 እጥፍ ተባዝቶ መመታቱና መፈራረሱ አይቀሬ ነው።

🔥 የተፈጥሮ አደጋዎች፣ ርእደ መሬት፣ የዱር እሳት፣ ቶርኔዶ፣ ካተሪና፣ ሃሪከን፣በረዶ፣ ሙቀት፣ ሱናሚ፣ ከባድ ዝናብ፣ ሌሎችም የተፈጥሮ አደጋዎች በሙሉ፣ በተጣመረም በብዛትም ሆነውና ተቀናጅተው በ፵፱/49 እጥፍ ጉልበት አድገው መውደማቸውና ትራንስፖርት ንግድ የመሳሰለው በሙሉ መውደቁ አይቀሬ ነው። መባርቅት፣ ቀድመው ከሚታወቁበት ጉልበታቸው በላይ በ፵፱/49 እጥፍ ጉልበት ማናቸውንም የኒውክሊየር፣ የባዮሎጂካል፣ የኬሚካል ክምችትና ማምረቻ ሁሉ ለሰው ጥፋት የተሰናዱ ማናቸውም የጦር ክምችቶች፤ ከነተገልጋዩ፤ የነዚህ አዛዥ ናዛዥ በሙሉ ገዢውና የገዢው እጅና እግሮች በሙሉ የትም ይደበቁ የትም ፈልገው ይወድማሉ፡፡ በተለይ ባቢሎን እንደ ትልቅ ጉልበቷ የምትመካባቸው በዓለም ያከማቸቻቸው በየበስ ያሉ የጥፋት መሳሪያዎች በሙሉ በነዚሁ መባርቅት ይወድማሉ፡፡ በውቅያኖስ ላይ የተሰማሩ የጦር የጥፋት መርከቦች በታላላቅ ማዕበልና መባርቅት እየተጠረጉ በውቅያኖስ ውስጥ ሰምጠው ይቀራሉ፡፡ ዓለምን እንዲሰልሉ በታጠቁት መሳሪያ ከህዋ ላይ ሆነው እንዲያጠቁ የተዘጋጁ ሳተላይቶቻችው ሁሉ እንደሚወድሙ የራሳቸው ልሂቃን በመተበይ ላይ ናቸው፡፡ ባቢሎን እወቂ በእጄ አለኝ ይመክትልኛል፤ ይታደገኛል ያልሽው ማናቸውም መሳሪያም ይሁኑ ሌላ ካለበት እዚያው ይወድምብሻል፡፡ የትእቢትሽ ምንጭና ምልክቶች ሁሉ እንደ ቋሚ ሳተላይት ጣቢያዎች አይነቱ ሁሉ በጽላተ ሙሴ የሰከንድ እፍታ ብቻ ይወድማሉ፡፡

🔥 እጅግ አስፈሪ የሆኑ የተለያዩ ሁለት አይነት አካል የሚይዙ አውሬዎች ምልክት አልባ የሆኑ ሰዎችን

ይቆረጣጥማሉ፡፡ ይበላሉ፡፡ በተለይ በአገዛዛችሁ ዋልታና ማገር ሆነው አገዛዛቸውን ያቆሙና ባለሃብቶች ነን የሚሉ፤ መናፍቃኖቻችው፤ ሁሉም የዲያቢሎስ ምንፍቅና፣ ሂንዱ፣ እስላም፣ ቡድሃ፣ ቪዱ፣ ዋቀፌታ ወዘተ እምነቶቻው ሁሉ በወረረሽኝና መሰል መቅሰፍቶች ይጠረጋሉ፡፡ እነዚህ መቅሰፍቶች በሙሉ ሰው እሰከዛሬ ባላየው ባልሰማው ጉልበት ይመጣሉ፡፡ በዚህ ጠረጋ፤ መሰረታችን፣ እድገታችን፣ ብልጽግናችን፣ ጥበባችን የሚታይባቸው ናቸው፤ የሚሏቸው ከተሞች ሁሉ ተጠርገው ይጠፋሉ፡፡ እንደ ኢትዮጵያ፣ አርሜኒያ፣ ሩሲያና ዩክሬይን ላሉ የኦርቶዶክስ ክርስትና ሃገራት ተንኮልን፣ ጦርነትን ይልካሉና ይኸው ጦርነት በገቡበት ሥፍራ ሁሉ ለነርሱው መውደሚያቸው ይሆናል፡፡ ለሌው ሃገርም ስለራሳቸውም ሁሉን አቀፍ ዲያቢሎሳዊ አመጻቸውን በሥልጣናቸው ተመክተው፤ ጆሮ ዳባ በማለት ለሚያደራጁና ለሚደግፉ በላያችው ላይ ሞትን የሚያስመኝ በርባሪ እሳት ታዞላቸዋል፡፡(፹፭/85 % ለሚሆኑት ለኛዎቹ ከአህዛብና መናፍቀን ጎን ተሰልፈው ያዘው! በለው! ጨፍጨፈውበማለት በአክሱም ጽዮን ላይ የተከፈተውን የዘር ማጥፋት ዘመቻ የደገፉ፣ እስካሁኗ ዕለት ድረስ በተሠራው ግፍና ወንጀል ተጸጽተው በንሠሐ ለመመለስ ፈቃደኞች ላልሆኑትም ይህ በርባሪ እሳት ታዞላቸዋል። 😠😠😠 😢😢😢

A huge solar storm is reported to be heading towards the Earth as per the National Aeronautics Space Agency’s (NASA) latest report. The report also suggested that the solar storm has a very high chance of colliding with the Earth’s atmosphere on Monday (March 28), however, the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) believes that the solar storm could enter the Earth’s atmosphere a few hours early (around 6 am on Monday).

While space operations are expected to be disrupted by the solar storm which has erupted on the Sun’s surface, the functioning of satellites orbiting around the Earth’s surface is also expected to witness some problems. While a bright glow is expected to be seen in the areas around the UK, Dr Tamitha Skov, known for her space forecasts, shared her views on the solar storm’s collision with Earth and stated that the effects could reach the ‘mid-latitudes’. Furthermore, she even stated that the people living in New York, Southern New Zealand and Tasmania could see the northern light in the dark.

Billy Tates, an astronomer from the University of Tennessee, added that the solar storm can have an illuminating effect in the Earth’s atmosphere, but at the same time could also affect the navigation systems. Raising a warning to all, NOAA shared a statement that read: While storms create beautiful auroras, they can also disrupt navigation systems such as the Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) and create harmful geomagnetic currents (GICs) in the electrical grid and channels.

While a small magnetic storm was experienced last month, it ended up destroying several SpaceX Starlink satellites, orbiting around the Earth’s surface.



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Mysterious Red Beam of Light over Egyptian Skies | ሚስጥራዊ ቀይ የብርሃን ጨረር በግብጽ

Posted by addisethiopia / አዲስ ኢትዮጵያ on March 25, 2022

💭 እስክንድርያ ግብጽ ፥ ማክሰኞ መጋቢት ፲፫/፳፻፲፬/ 2014 ዓ.ም

Pillar of Fire -The Ten Commandments 1956

‎❖ የእሳት ዓምድ አሥርቱ ትእዛዛት ፲፱፻፶፮

❖❖❖[ኦሪት ዘጸአት ምዕራፍ ፲፫፥፳፩፡፳፪]❖❖❖

በቀንና በሌሊትም ይሄዱ ዘንድ፥ መንገድ ሊያሳያቸው ቀን በደመና ዓምድ፥ ሊያበራላቸውም ሌሊት በእሳት ዓምድ እግዚአብሔር በፊታቸው ሄደ። የደመና ዓምድ በቀን፥ የእሳት ዓምድ በሌሊት ከሕዝቡ ፊት ከቶ ፈቀቅ አላለም።

❖❖❖[Exodus 13:21-22]❖❖❖

By day the Lord went ahead of them in a pillar of cloud to guide them on their way and by night in a pillar of fire to give them light, so that they could travel by day or night. Neither the pillar of cloud by day nor the pillar of fire by night left its place in front of the people.”


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Mysterious Vertical Red Light in Sky over Texas in US | በቴክሳስ ሰማይ ላይ ሚስጥራዊ አቀባዊ ቀይ ብርሃን

Posted by addisethiopia / አዲስ ኢትዮጵያ on March 25, 2022

🛑 Everyone knows that a red light means to stop. The word stop has two inferences that are quite different from each other. On one hand, the word stop means to quit. If a father said to his son, “I want you to stop telling lies,” we would rightly assume that he means to quit lying…permanently.

So when we think of my text as The Flashing Red Light Of His Coming, it reminds me of waiting at a railroad station, that when a man or people stand around, as many of us has when we was waiting to catch the train. And we can’t hear the train, or you don’t see him, but you know it’s time. Maybe the dispatcher says, “He’s a little late; he’s not exactly at the time. But we don’t know just when, but he will arrive soon.” And we’ll walk around in the station with our hands in our pockets, and setting on our suitcases, and go out and buy a bag of peanuts, and talk to the—somebody across the street. But all of a sudden we see something happen. There’s a noise takes place out at the tracks. And when they did, the arm goes down, and the red light begins to flash. What is that? The train is in the block. Though you can’t hear him, though you can’t see him, but yet that flashing red light and that arm down shows that he’s coming in. And then if you’re expecting to leave on that train, you’d better throw that bag of peanuts down, stop your talking, get up your suitcases, and get ready, or you’ll be left behind, ’cause he’s just stopping locally, just for a few moments. he’ll be gone. If you still stand to chat … the neighbor across the street, you’ll be left behind.

🔥 Oh! America, Easter is Approaching – yet, your man Abiy Ahmed Ali continues Massacring and starving millions of Christians of Northern Ethiopia to death – for 16 months. Please get rid of the anti-Christian fascist Oromo regime that hijacked Ethiopia — and ‘your’ evil monster PM Abiy Ahmed Ali now. STOP babysitting and supporting them!

You shall not tempt The Almighty Egziahbher God by trying to test the irresistible power or force of The Ark of The Covenant, never ever! The Ark is everywhere, not only in Axum. The Ark has the power to destroy all armies and bring down the walls of cities!

❖❖❖[ትንቢተ ሚክያስ ምዕራፍ ፪፥፩፡፫]❖❖❖

በመኝታቸው ላይ በደልን ለሚያስቡ ክፋትንም ለሚያደርጉ ወዮላቸው! ኃይል በእጃቸው ነውና ሲነጋ ይፈጽሙታል። በእርሻው ላይ ይመኛሉ፥ በግዴታም ይይዙታል፤ በቤቶችም ላይ ይመኛሉ፥ ይወስዱአቸውማል፤ ሰውንና ቤቱን፥ ሰውንና ርስቱንም ይነጥቃሉ። ስለዚህ እግዚአብሔር እንዲህ ይላል። እነሆ፥ በዚህ ወገን ላይ በክፉ አስባለሁ፥ ከዚያም አንገታችሁን አታነሡም፤ ዘመኑም ክፉ ነውና ቀጥ ብላችሁ አትሄዱም።

❖❖❖[Micah 2:1-3]❖❖❖

Woe to them that devise iniquity, and work evil upon their beds! when the morning is light, they practise it, because it is in the power of their hand. And they covet fields, and take them by violence; and houses, and take them away: so they oppress a man and his house, even a man and his heritage. Therefore thus saith the Lord; Behold, against this family do I devise an evil, from which ye shall not remove your necks; neither shall ye go haughtily: for this time is evil.”


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New Orleans Hammered by The Scariest Looking Tornado | ኒው ኦርሊንስ በጣም አስፈሪ በሆነው ቶርናዶ ተመታች

Posted by addisethiopia / አዲስ ኢትዮጵያ on March 23, 2022

🔥 የዩኤስ ባሕረ ሰላጤን ለመምታት ይህን ያህል ትልቅ አውሎ ንፋስ ሆኖ አያውቅም

የጃዝ ሙዚቃ አፍቃሪ ስለሆንኩ ኒው ኦርሊያንስ ከተማ የመኖር ዕቅድ ነበረኝ፤ ግን በሰበባሰበቡ እንቅፋት እየበዛብኝና እግዚአብሔር ሳይፈቅድልኝ ቀርቶ ሃሳቤን ተውኩት፤ ምክኒያቱም ከካሊፎርኒያ፣ ዋሽንግተን ዲሲ እና ሌሎችም ቀጥሎ ዋና የአሜሪካ ስዶምና ገሞራ አካባቢዎች ሉዊዚያናና ጆርጂያ ይገኙበታልና ነው።

💭 አሜሪካ ሆይ፤ ፋሲካ እየተቃረበ ነው ፥ አሁንም የአንቺ ሰው አርመኔው አብዮት አህመድ አሊ በሚሊዮኖች የሚቆጠሩ የሰሜን ኢትዮጵያ ክርስቲያኖችን ለ፲፮/16 ወራት ያህል ያለማቋረጥ እየጨፈጨፋቸውና በረህብ እየቆላቸው ነው። አሜሪካ ሆይ፤ እባክሽ ኢትዮጵያን ጠልፎ የያዘውን የፋሽስት ኦሮሞ አገዛዝ እና ያንቺንክፉ ጭራቅ ጠ/ሚ አብዮት አህመድ አሊን አሁን አስወግጂው! ልዑካኖችሽን ወደዚህ አረመኔ ሰው በየወሩ ደጋግመሽ የምትልኪው እኮ ያንቺ ሰው ስለሆነ ብቻ ነው። ወደ ሩሲያው ፑቲን ልዑካኖችሽን ለምን አትልኪም? የማይታሰብ እንደሆነ እያየነው ነው። አሁን በ-HR-6600 ህግ የማጭበርበሪያና ጊዜ የመግዢያ ድራማ በመስራት ለሕዝባችን አሳቢ እንደሆንሽ ማስመሰሉን አቁሜ። ብታስቢልንና በጎ መፍትሔ ለማምጣት ብትፈልጊ ኖሮ የሕዝባችንን ስቃይና መከራ ለማቆም በአንድ ቀን ብቻ ቆራጥ እርምጃ መውሰድ በቻልሽ ነበር። ማንም ባላገደሽ ነበር። በሦስት ሳምንት ውስጥ ለዩክሬይን ፋሺስት አገዛዝ ያሳየሸው ድጋፍና የወሰድሻቸው በጎ እርምጃዎች እኮ በኢትዮጵያ/ለኢትዮጵያ ሕዝብ ለመቶ ዓመታት እንኳን ከወሰድሻቸው በጎ እርምጃዎች በአስር እጥፍ በሥራ ላይ ሲውሉ እያየናቸው ነው።

🏃‍ እንግዲህ ባለፈው ሳምንት በተጠናቀቀው የዓለም አትሌቲክስ ሻምፒዮና አክሱማዊቷ ኢትዮጵያ የበላይነቱን የተቀዳጅበት ምስጢር እንደ አንድ ምልክት በሆነሽ ነበር።

Axumite Ethiopia Beats Babylon America / አክሱማዊት ኢትዮጵያ ባቢሎን አሜሪካን ቀጣቻት

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🔥 There Has Never Been a Tornado This Huge to Hit The US Gulf Coast

A tornado touched down in the New Orleans area Tuesday as part of a line of severe weather that started in Texas and Oklahoma and moved east into the Deep South.

Oh! America, Easter is Approaching – yet, your man Abiy Ahmed Ali continues Massacring and starving to death millions of Christians of Northern Ethiopia – for 16 months. Please get rid of the anti-Christian fascist Oromo regime that hijacked Ethiopia — and ‘your’ evil monster PM Abiy Ahmed Ali now.

You shall not tempt The Almighty Egziahbher God by trying to test the irresistible power or force of The Ark of The Covenant, never ever! The Ark is everywhere, not only in Axum. The Ark has the power to destroy all armies and bring down the walls of cities!

👉 The Ukraine war shows us:

😈 United by their Illuminist-Luciferian-Masonic-Satanist agendas The following Edomite-Ishmaelite entities and bodies are helping the genocidal fascist Oromo regime of evil Abiy Ahmed Ali (Nobel Peace Laureate 2019):

☆ The United Nations

☆ The European Union

☆ The African Union

☆ The United States, Canada & Cuba

☆ Russia

☆ Ukraine

☆ China

☆ Israel

☆ Arab States

☆ Southern Ethiopians

☆ Oromos

☆ Afars

☆ Amharas

☆ Eritrea

☆ Djibouti

☆ Kenya

☆ Sudan

☆ Somalia

☆ Egypt

☆ Iran

☆ Pakistan

☆ India

☆ Azerbaijan

☆ Amnesty International

☆ Human Rights Watch

☆ World Food Program (2020 Nobel Peace Laureate)

☆ The Nobel Prize Committee

☆ The Atheists and Animists

☆ The Muslims

☆ The Protestants

☆ The Sodomites


💭 Even those unlikely allies like: ‘Israel vs Iran’, ‘Russia + China vs Ukraine + The West’, ‘Egypt + Sudan vs Iran + Turkey’, ‘India vs Pakistan’ are all united now in the Anti Zionist-Ethiopia-Conspiracy. This has never ever happened before it is a very curios phenomenon unique appearance in world history.

✞ With the Zionist Tigray an-Ethiopians are:

❖ The Almighty Egziabher God & His Saints

❖ St. Mary of Zion

❖ The Ark of The Covenant

❖❖❖[Isaiah 10:1-4]❖❖❖
“Woe to those who enact evil statutes And to those who constantly record unjust decisions, So as to deprive the needy of justice And rob the poor of My people of their rights, So that widows may be their spoil And that they may plunder the orphans. Now what will you do in the day of punishment, And in the devastation which will come from afar?To whom will you flee for help?
And where will you leave your wealth? Nothing remains but to crouch among the captives Or fall among the slain. In spite of all this, His anger does not turn away And His hand is still stretched out.”

❖❖❖[ትንቢተ ኢሳይያስ ምዕራፍ ፲፥፩፡፬]❖❖❖

መበለቶችም ቅሚያቸው እንዲሆኑ፥ ድሀ አደጎችንም ብዝበዛቸው እንዲያደርጉ፥ የድሀውን ፍርድ ያጣምሙ ዘንድ፥ የችግረኛውንም ሕዝቤን ፍርድ ያጐድሉ ዘንድ የግፍን ትእዛዛት ለሚያዝዙ፥ ክፉንም ጽሕፈት ለሚጽፉ ወዮላቸው! በተጎበኛችሁበት ቀን፥ መከራም ከሩቅ በሚመጣበት ዘመን ምን ታደርጉ ይሆን? ለረድኤትስ ወደ ማን ትሸሻላችሁ? ክብራችሁንስ ወዴት ትተዉታላችሁ? ከእስረኞች በታች ይጐነበሳሉ፥ ከተገደሉትም በታች ይወድቃሉ። በዚህም ሁሉ እንኳ ቍጣው አልተመለሰችም፥ ነገር ግን እጁ ገና ተዘርግታ ትኖራለች።

👉 ያው እንግዲህ፤ ቅንዝንዟ ሄርሜላ አረጋዊ ዛሬ በአቡነ አረጋዊ ዕለት ከክረምት እንቅልፏ ነቅታ የዋቄዮ-አላህ-ሉሲፈር ወኪል ሆና በመወራጨት ላይ ትገኛለች

💭 ኦሮሞው የጽዮናውያን ጠላትና የኤዶማውያኑ ወኪል፤ መላከ ኤዶምበአቡነ አረጋዊ ዕለት ሔርሜላ አረጋዊን ጋበዛት | በአጋጣሚ?

💭 German Marathon Record Holder: “I Dedicate My Successes to The People of Tigray „

🏁 Amanal Petros after his record race: “I dedicate my successes to the people of Tigray “

🏁 አማናል ጴጥሮስ ከውድድሩ በኋላ፤ “ስኬቶቼን ሁሉ ለትግራይ ህዝብ እሰጣለሁ”

ይህ ባለፈው እሑድ ዕለት ልብ ያላልኩት ሌላ ተዓምር ነበር! በአቡነ አረጋዊ ዕለት (ለተሰንበት የዓለምን ክብረወሰን በሰበረችበት) ዕለት ጀግናው ጽዮናዊ አማናል ጴጥሮስ ሁለተኛውን የጀርመን ሬከርድ ሰብሯል። እግዚአብሔር ይባርክህ/ይጠብቅህ ወንድማችን!

💭 Kentucky Tornado፡ Power of The Ark of The Covenant? | የአሜሪካ ቶርናዶ ኃይለ ጽላተ ሙሴ?

💭 በአቡነ አረጋዊ ዕለት | ፀሐይ በነበልባሎች እየታመሰች ነው | ብዙ የኮሮና የጅምላ ጭነቶች ወደ ምድር እየመጡ ነው

💭 በአፍሪቃ በጣም አደገኛ የሚባለው እሳተ ገሞራ በምስራቅ ኮንጎ ፈነዳ | በአቡነ አረጋዊ ዕለት

💭 ባለ ራዕዩ እንጀራ ጋጋሪ ጽዮናዊ የአቡነ አረጋዊ ቤተ ክርስቲያን ሕንጻን በጽዮን ቀለማት እንዲቀባው በሕልሙ ታዘዘ


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