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Haitian Music Star Mikaben Collapses and Dies at 41 on Stage in France

Posted by addisethiopia / አዲስ ኢትዮጵያ on October 17, 2022

💭 ዝነኛው የሄይቲ ሙዚቀኛ ሚካኤል ሚካበን በ41 ዓመቱ በፈረንሳይ መድረክ ላይ ወድቆ ሞተ። ✞ ነፍሱን ይማርለት!

💭 Michael ‘Mikaben’ Benjamin dead at 41: Haitian singer known for hit ‘Ayti Se’ dies after collapsing on stage in Paris. ✞ R.I.P

HAITIAN singer Michael Benjamin, affectionately known as Mikaben, has died at the age of 41. Mikaben suffered a suspected cardiac arrest during a performance on Saturday.

The singer had been performing onstage in Paris with the Haitian konpa band CaRiMi when he reportedly collapsed.

The incident unfolded live on Twitter, with Frantz Duval, editor of a Haitian newspaper, first alerting fans that something was wrong.

Then, singer Mickael Guirand, told fans to clear out.

End of the concert. We must evacuate the room,” Guirand said.

It’s very complicated. We need prayers.”

Video footage from the concert shows Mikaben walking offstage when he suddenly collapses to the ground.

The venue was cleared while he was being tended to, with reports indicating that he was given CPR.

Mikaben was a respected singer, composer, guitarist, and producer whose hit “Ayti Se” touched millions in the aftermath of Haiti’s devastating 2010 earthquake.

He was born in Port-au-Prince and began writing at age 15.

Mikaben released multiple albums, formed the group Krezi Mizik, and also worked as a producer.

He was married to Vanessa Fanfan, and the couple had a daughter and another child on the way. Mikaben also had a son from a previous relationship.

This is a shock,” Wyclef Jean told the Miami Herald.

I’m in disbelief,” singer Roberto Martino told the outlet.

This is somebody I was working with for years and considered a brother, a good friend. We talked almost everyday. We have a chat together.”

Martino spoke to Mikaben right before he took the stage on Saturday night, he told the Miami Herald.

He was so happy. He couldn’t wait to get on that stage with CaRiMi. It was one of his biggest accomplishments in life. It’s a band that he idolized,” Martino told the outlet.

“I’m at a lost for words. I’m broken.”

An official cause of death has not been revealed.


Shocked fans – some of whom were in attendance in Paris – have shared their tributes to the late singer on social media.

“Mikaben @mikaben on stage this Saturday, October 15, 2022 as part of Carimi’s big concert-reunion at Accor Arena, Paris . He was 41-years-old and passed away on this same stage, a few minutes after his unforgettable performance,” one fan wrote.

“‘Ou Pati’ was the last song you performed on one of the biggest stages in the world for one of the most iconic moments in Haitian music history. You left everything on that stage and left us with a smile on your face,” wrote another.


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Did The Snake Venom Vax Kill Bodybuilding Icon? Doug Brignole: “If I Die, You Were Right”

Posted by addisethiopia / አዲስ ኢትዮጵያ on October 17, 2022

🐍 የእባቡ መርዝ ክትባት ዝነኛውን የአካል ግንባታ ስፖርተኛን ገድሎታልን?

ስፖርተኛው እና ደራሲው ዳግ ብሪኞል በ፷፫/ 63 ዓመቱ ከዚህ ዓለም በሞት ተለየ። ዶግ ብሪኞሌ ከመሞቱ በፊት እንዲህ ብሎ ነበር፤ “እኔ ከሞትኩ ትክክል ነበራችሁ!” ስፖርተኛው ለኮቪድ ክትባት ብዙ ቅስቀሳ ሲያደርግ ነበር።

💭 Bodybuilding Icon and Author Doug Brignole Passes Away At 63

Doug Brignole Last Video Before Death. He said it all

🐍 Jabbed Bodybuilding Icon Told Anti-Vaxxers Before His Death, “People Can Use Me as a Test — If I Die, You Were Right”

Brignole made headlines last year when he said he was getting the Covid-19 mRNA “vaccines” made by Moderna despite warnings from “fearmongering” anti-vaxxers. He fired back at those who said the jabs are potentially deadly, offering to be a test case. As we’ve leaned, the jabs seem to be most harmful to those who engage in strenuous physical activities such as athletes. Brignole has been training for the upcoming AAU Mr. Universe competition in Las Vegas.

👉 According to The Gateway Pundit:

Brignole strongly supports mandatory vaccination against COVID. His last statement on the subject of vaccine safety has been widely shared on the internet.

Brignole is a veteran of the fitness industry and a former Mr. California, Mr. America, and Mr. Universe winner. His competitive career began at 16 and continues today. Doug is also a lecturer, author, fitness TV show host, personal trainer and former gym owner. He has been certified by the American College of Sports Medicine and the American Council on Exercise.


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French Tennis Star Gael Monfils Blames Booster Shot For His Health Problem Resulting in Withdrawal from Tournament

Posted by addisethiopia / አዲስ ኢትዮጵያ on February 23, 2022

On Tuesday, French Number One tennis star player announced his withdrawal from next week’s tournament after suffering a potential adverse reaction following his Covid-19 booster shot.

Gael Monfils, 35, announced his withdrawal from next week’s Davis Cup on his social media account due to health problems.

“Hello everyone, I wanted to give you some news following my recent withdrawals from tournaments. I suffered a minor health glitch (probably following my third dose of vaccine),” Monfils revealed on his Twitter account.

“On the advice of my doctor, I have decided to take some time to rest. Unfortunately, I will not be able to play the Davis Cup next week,” he added.

“I hope to be able to return to the United States,” Monfils concluded.

The 2022 Davis Cup World Group I Playoffs will be held on a home-and-away basis on March 4-5, 2022.

It can be recalled that another tennis player, Jeremy Chardy, developed a ‘series of problems’ after getting vaccinated. The 35-year-old player said he regretted taking the Covid-19 vaccine.

Monfils’ decision to take his third shot might be a result of the government’s tyrannical regulations to deactivate the vaccine passports of residents who have not taken the booster shot.

TGP previously reported that the French Government began deactivating the vaccine passports of nearly four million double-vaxxed citizens because they still have not taken the booster. Individuals who have had their passes taken away will effectively be relegated to unvaxxed status and no longer be able to engage in most aspects of society.

Although some are willing to take the booster, most were caught completely off-guard when they checked their app and found their privileges had been revoked.


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Romania’s Most Famous Football Team, Steaua Bucharest, Announce a Ban on VACCINATED Players

Posted by addisethiopia / አዲስ ኢትዮጵያ on February 23, 2022

If it’s Good Enough for Owners to Ban Non-Vaccinated Players it Should Be Good for This…

💭 የሮማኒያ በጣም ዝነኛ የእግር ኳስ ቡድን ስቴዋ ቡካሬስት የኮቪድ ክትባትን የተከተቡ ተጫዋቾች ላይ እገዳ መጣሉን አስታወቀ። የቡድኑ ባለቤት አቶ ጂጂ ቤካሊ ባካሄዱት ጥናት መሠረት የእግርኳስ ተጫዋቾቻቸው ከተከተቡ በኋላ ‘ጥንካሬ ያጣሉ’ አንዳንዶቹም በሆስፒታል ውስጥ እንደሚሞቱ ተናግረዋል።

Romania’s most famous football team, Steaua Bucharest, announce a ban on VACCINATED players, because their madcap owner says that athletes ‘lose strength’ – and claims those that are jabbed die in hospitals.

  • Mr Gigi Becali believes players vaccinated against coronavirus are ‘powerless’
  • He claims players at Steaua Bucharest and rival clubs are struggling after taking the vaccine
  • The Romanian businessman singled out 36-year-old winger Ciprian Deac as an example of vaccine allegedly affecting older players
  • Becali also recently said Steaua Bucharest striker Claudiu Keseru can no longer play at a high level
  • His latest statement has drawn a furious reaction from the country’s government
  • Romania’s vaccination rate of 86.52 doses per 100 population means they have the second lowest in Europe

The owner of Romanian side Steaua Bucharest has sensationally announced the club will ban all players vaccinated against Covid-19 from playing for them.

Mr Gigi Becali – a Romanian businessman and politician – said he is not allowing vaccinated players to play anymore because they are ‘powerless’.

Becali went on to claim that people who are vaccinated against the virus die in hospitals, as opposed to those who have refused the jabs.

He also claimed players at Romanian rivals CFR Cluj and Rapid Bucuresti were struggling as a result of taking the vaccine, singling out 36-year-old winger Ciprian Deac.

‘You’re going to laugh, but I might be right. Those vaccinated lose their strength. That’s something scientific,’ he said according to Romanian journalist Emanuel Rosu.

‘Haven’t you seen it at CFR? With Rapid, the players seemed to be fainting. They slept on the ground. All vaccinated people lose their strength!

‘I also see mine, the vaccinated ones. It doesn’t affect some, but it does affect those who are older. Haven’t you seen [Ciprian] Deac? There is no more storm.’

The same journalist also said Becali suggests he only allowed players who faked getting vaccinated to play, though this information remains unconfirmed.

Becali also recently said Steaua Bucharest striker Claudiu Keseru- who returned to the club in August after six years at Bulgarian outfit Ludogorets – can no longer play at a high level because he was vaccinated.

‘I gave him the money, I had a contract with him, he was a football player, I was the owner,’ Becali said via about Keseru’s return.

‘I said, ”You can’t go to this level anymore. You can play in Romania, but not at FCSB (Steaua Bucharest) and CFR!”.

‘He said he would show me, but he has nothing to show me. It can’t be at this level anymore. It’s possible because of the vaccine. I say what I think. I don’t want to offend him.’

But his latest statement has drawn a furious reaction from the country’s government.

In a statement, RO Vaccinare, the official Facebook page of the government’s national information platform on vaccination said: ‘Vaccinated footballers do NOT lose their strength after being vaccinated against COVID-19!

‘From a medical and scientific point of view, there are no studies that would support a singularity like the one recently promoted on Facebook accounts in Romania.

‘Vaccination against COVID-19 does not affect the performance of football players. In contrast, there are enough studies showing that going through SARS CoV-2 infection leaves long-term sequelae (Long COVID), and these can influence athletes’ performance.

‘The bottom line is simple: to stay healthy, to enjoy football, to look at those who trust science and medicine. Please inform yourself ONLY from credible, official sources!’

Journalist Grigore Cartianu meanwhile added via ‘From my point of view, if I were to make a top 10 of the stupid and vile statements of the century – I’m not saying that man is like that, but the statements… the statement is stupid, incorrect, miserable and discriminatory.’

Romania are one of eight countries with a vaccination rate below 60 percent according to The Local, with the other consisting of Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Hungary, Slovakia, Poland and Russia.

However, their current rate of 86.52 doses per 100 population means they have the second lowest in Europe, ahead of only Bulgaria, according to Statista.

Earlier this month, the coordinator of the Romanian national vaccination campaign, Valeriu Gheorghita, confirmed nearly one million doses of the AstraZeneca vaccine, had expired and would therefore be destroyed.

‘We have received a total of 4,478,000 doses, and 852,356 doses have been administered. Some 3.3, entered the resale or donation mechanism, including the 917,800 that have expired,’ Gheorghita explained.

Source: DailyMail


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በመላው ዓለም ብዙ ሰዎች ራሳቸውን እንዲህ እየሳቱ በመውደቅ ላይ ናቸው

Posted by addisethiopia / አዲስ ኢትዮጵያ on February 16, 2022

😔 ምስኪን! በቪዲዮው የሚታዩንን ዓይኖቿን ልብ ብለን እንመልከት፡ ዋይ! ዋይ! ዋይ!

ክላራ ፋይፈር (Clara Pfeffer) የተሰኘችው የጀርመን ዜና ቴሌቪዥን ጣቢያ፤ ኤን.ቴ.ቫው (ntv)ጋዜጠኛ የቀኑን አስደንጋጭ ወቅት አምጥታለች። የፖለቲካ ዘጋቢዋ ማክሰኞ ማለዳ በዜና ጣቢያ ntv የ”ቅድመ ጅምር ዝግጅት” ላይ እራሷን ስታ ወድቃለች። በቀጥታ ስርጭት ከአንድ ፖለቲከኛ ጋር ቃለ ቃለ መጠይቅ እያደረገች ሳለ፣ ድንገት አድክሟት የጥያቄ ዓረፍተነገሯን እንኳን መጨረስ አቃታት።

ወደ ሆስፒታል ተወስዳ ክትትል እየተደረገላትና እየተሻላትም እንደሆነ የስራ ባልደረባዋ በትዊተሩ አስታውቋል።

እንግዲህ ይህ ሁሉ ነገር የኮቪድ ክትባቱ ያመጣው ጣጣ መሆኑ ነው፤ የሚገርመው ደግሞ ጋዜጠኛዋ ለክትባቱ ቅስቀሳ በምታደርግበት ወቅት ይህ አሳዛኝ ሁኔታ መከሰቱ ነው።

የጉንፋን ክትባት እንኳን በጭራሽ አልከተብምስትል የነበረችዋ የአሜሪካ ቴሌቪዥን ጣቢያዎች ፎክስ (Fox)እና ቢ..(BET) ጋዜጠኛ/ትርኢት አቅራቢ የሆነችው ዌንዲ ዊሊያምስ/ Wendy Williamsባለፈው መስከረም የኮቪድ ክትባቱን ሙሉውን (ሦስት ጊዜ) ከወሰደች በኋላ እራሷን ስታና በከፊል ሽባ ሆና ለተሽከርካሪ ወንበር በቅታለች። ወደዚህ ገብተው ያንብቡ። አሁን ሥራዋንም አጥታለች፣ ገንዘቧንና ንብረቷንም በነፃነት እንዳትጠቀም ባንኮች እያገዷት ነው

አሳዛኝ ክስተት ነው፤ በመላው ዓለም ስፖርተኞች ሜዳ ላይ እራሳቸውን እየሳቱ ሲወድቁ ይታያሉ። ከታወቁት ስፖርተኞች እንኳን ካለፈው ዓመት ጀምሮ አራት መቶ አራት የኮቪድ ክትባትን የወሰዱ ስፖርተኞች ሕይወታቸውን አጥተዋል። ወደዚህ ገብተው ያንብቡ

💭 NTV – Clara Pfeffer im Live Interview -15.02.22– Schocksekunde— -bricht einfach zusammen

Am frühen Dienstagmorgen musste ein Krankenwagen zum Nachrichtensender ntv gerufen werden. Die Reporterin und Moderatorin Clara Pfeffer war während eines Live-Gesprächs plötzlich umgekippt.

Clara Pfeffer sorgt für den Schockmoment des Tages: Die Politik-Reporterin ist am Dienstagmorgen beim „Frühstart“-Talk des Nachrichtensenders ntv zusammengebrochen. Während sie gerade in einer Live-Schalte den stellvertretenden Unionsfraktionsvorsitzenden Sepp Müller (33) interviewte, stockte sie plötzlich und konnte ihren Satz nicht mehr zu Ende formulieren.

ntv-Reporterin Clara Pfeffer wurde von Talk-Gast Müller aufgefangen

Dann verlor Pfeffer ihr Gleichgewicht und versuchte sich am Tisch festzuhalten. Interviewgast Müller eilte sofort herbei und fing die Journalistin auf und fragte, ob „alles okay“ sei. Die Regie reagierte prompt und schaltete zu Pfeffers Moderationskollegen Daniel Schüler (31) am Nachrichtenpult, während man im Hintergrund noch den Satz hörte, dass man lieber „abbrechen“ sollte.

Schüler gab dann in den 8-Uhr-Nachrichten Entwarnung und versicherte, dass es Pfeffer „schon wieder besser“ gehe. Später meldete sich ntv-Chefredakteurin Sonja Schwetje bei Twitter zu Wort. „Nach einem Schwächeanfall on air geht es unserer Reporterin wieder besser. Sie wird medizinisch versorgt.“


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