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ጦርነቱ ጀምሯል | ነጩ አሜሪካዊ በሚነሶታ ሶማሌ ሙስሊሞች ላይ ጠመንጃውን መዘዘባቸው

Posted by addisethiopia / አዲስ ኢትዮጵያ on November 22, 2018

አሜሪካ ሚኒያፖሊስ ከተማ ሚነሶታ ግዛት፤ ማክዶናልድስ የፈጣን ምግብ ምግብ ቤት።

ጠብመንጂያ የያዘው ሰውዬ ሂጃብ ለለበሰቸው ሶማሊት፡ “መንግስት በነፃ ከሚሰጥሽ ገንዘብ ነው የምትከፍይው፡ አይደል?!“ በማለት ጮኸባት።

ሶማሌዎች በብዛት የሚገኙበት ግዛት አንዳንዴ ሚኒሶማሊያ ይባላል። ብዙዎቹ የመንግስት ጥገኞች፣ የተጭበረበረ ሥራ የሚያካሄዱ ናቸው። የአካባቢው ነዋሪ በሶማሌዎች ላይ በጣም መጥፎ አመለካከት ነው ያለው፤ ያው ጦርነቱ ጀምሯል፤ እነርሱን አያድርገን!

‘He’s got a gun!’ Horrifying moment white man ‘pulls weapon on black Muslim teens’ at McDonald’s before staff try to kick THEM out despite fears the gunman could be waiting outside

  • Lloyd Edward Johnson allegedly pulled gun on four Muslim teens – three of whom are black

  • The incident occurred Monday at McDonald’s in southwest Minneapolis

  • Farida Osman, Jihan Abdullahi, Amal Mohammed and Zainab Hassan were confronted by the man who made racist comments as they tried to pay

  • When his behavior became physically threatening they called on male friends

  • Man pulled out a gun and shouted ‘Yoo hoo hoo’ seen in video posted on Twitter

  • Staff shouted at the teenagers to get out of the venue after the gunman had left

  • One said to the children: ‘If he pulled out a gun it’s for a reason’

  • Customer told staff member to call the police instead of telling the teens to leave

  • Johnson was arrested Wednesday for second-degree assault

This is the terrifying moment a middle-aged man allegedly pulled a gun on a group of Muslim teens inside a McDonald’s in southwest Minneapolis.

Lloyd Edward Johnson, 55, was arrested Wednesday for second-degree assault after video of the confrontation was posted on Twitter.

The cellphone footage appears to show Johnson brandishing a weapon during a confrontation with the four teens, three of whom are black.

Moments later, the store manager yelled at the youngsters to leave before a bystander intervened, saying the gunman had threatened the teens and demanding she called law enforcement.

The incident began on Monday night when Farida Osman, 16, Jihan Abdullahi, Amal Mohammed, 17, and Zainab Hassan stopped at the fast food restaurant for something to eat when the gun-wielding suspect allegedly initiated trouble by making derogatory comments aimed at a black girl in the group.

She had been having trouble using a new method of payment at the restaurant so stepped out of line when a staff member asked to serve the next customer.

But when the group – some of whom covered their hair with hijabs – stepped back in line to use another person’s payment, Johnson made a snide remark assuming she was transferring benefits to the retailer that were given to her by the government.

‘Jihan heard the man say, ‘You’re probably using EBT,’ Farida Osman told Muslim Girl. ‘And she immediately turned to him and said, ‘Just because I’m black, doesn’t mean I use EBT.’

Osman – who is of Somali heritage – claims that the Minnesota group confronted him about his view they deemed to be coming from stereotypes after he had been complaining in the lead-up to his racist comment.

Their defense of Abdullahi, who was having Apple Pay issues at the McDonald’s branch, only got him riled up as a result.

‘They weren’t really familiar with it, so it took them a while to work it out, but they still couldn’t figure it out, so they gave up,’ Osman continued about how Johnson got impatient before he started ‘cussing them out’.



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