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Nigeria: Muslims Wipe Out 15 Villages in Mass Slaughter of Christians, Government Does Nothing

Posted by addisethiopia on February 22, 2018

Despite several calls to the governor and his deputy, and other security apparatus, the government remained silent as the atrocities continued. The Fulani were able to carry out their deadly attack. They stayed for hours in the vicinity, moving at will, unchallenged.”

Why? Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari clearly has no sympathy for the victims. He shares the world view of the jihadi attackers.

Armed Gangs Wipe Out 15 Villages in Mass Christian Slaughter In Nigeria. Why is the world silent? Why are Nigerian ‘Christians’ in the South doing nothing to defend their brothers and sisters in the North? Why are they electing Muslim Presidents?

ARMED men stormed through 15 villages to massacre Christians and destroy their churches in a violent crackdown against the religion in Nigeria.

Dozens of people have been killed after the gangs ransacked towns and villages to clear them of all aspects of the Christian faith.

Houses belonging to believers have also been razed with authorities doing little to help, an anti-persecution watchdog claimed.

Open Doors spoke to one Christian who described the broad daylight attack carried out by a group of Fulani – one of Africa’s largest ethnicities.

A spokeswoman said: “One attack took place in broad daylight, as people were about to go to church.

The assailants chased and killed the villagers and burned down nine churches and many more houses.”

Christian persecution is a major problem in Nigeria which has been exacerbated by the spread of radical Islamic teaching and practice.

The shocked witness said Christians needed more protection from the country’s leader or lives would continue to be lost.

They said: “Despite several calls to the governor and his deputy, and other security apparatus, the government remained silent as the atrocities continued.

The Fulani were able to carry out their deadly attack. They stayed for hours in the vicinity, moving at will, unchallenged.”…

In the central state of Nasarawa, 25 villages have been destroyed since January 15….

A spokesman for the Concerned Indigenous Tiv People group said: “Since the outbreak of the crisis on January 15 this year, due to the Fulani /herdsmen attack on our villages, leading to the displacement of Tiv in their ancestral homes, the Nasarawa State Governor, Tanko Almakura, has done very little to bring the situation under control.”

Other attacks have taken place in Benue State and across the Middle Belt region of the country. The Army has now been deployed to certain areas in order to stop the violence.

A spokeswoman for Open Doors said: “Believers experience discrimination and exclusion, and violence from militant Islamic groups, resulting in the loss of property, land, livelihood, physical injury or death; this is spreading southwards.

Corruption has enfeebled the state and made it ill-equipped to protect Christians. Rivalry between ethnic groups and raids by Fulani herdsmen compound the persecution. Converts face rejection from their Muslim families and pressure to recant.”


Selected Comments:

How many? 150, 1500, or 150,000+? Is this not genocide? (Answer: Yes, it’s genocide of non-Muslims by Muslims) Is this not Rwanda all over again? (I guess the left is waiting to see the numbers before making any conclusions, after all, those Muslims are scary, plus they’re allies in the fight against the global menace of white bubbas who fly Confederate flags; saw one in Thailand the other day in fact. It was in an old James Bond movie, but still).

And where is the UN? (Answer: Islamically infected, and worthless). Where are all those proud black people emerging from “Black Panther” only to see headlines (albeit in the back pages of the MSM) of authentic Africans (ones who are free and have integrated Christianity with their culture) being slaughtered by slaves of Muhammad, i.e. mindless recruits to a violent foreign invasion of Arab culture intending to replace African culture, i.e., replace “Wakanda”.

The left says “Never again,” but they are too P.C. to even read Jihad Watch to become really woke, much less act in self-defense.

Is this not Rwanda all over again?

No — actually, it’s Armenia all over again.

Between 1,000 and 3,000 Christians have been killed in Nigeria every year for the last 20 years. That’s some 20 – 50 Christians murdered by MUSLIMS every single week.

Yep, that’s a better example, because the Armenian Genocide could accurately be called the “Turkish Muslim Jihad to Exterminate Christian Armenians.”

Islam, not a day goes by without Muslims mass murdering somewhere in the name of their prophet.

They will “BURN IN HELL” alpng with people who allow this “INJUSTICE!!”

What is topping Christians from taking guns and retaliating? What is topping Christians from exterminating Muslims from their space? What is topping Christians in Europe from blowing up mosques in retaliation against jihad attacks? Are Muslims the only people who know how to commit genocide?

Because we are not mindless, bloodthirsty savages like them.

The Jews have a saying: “Whoever is compassionate to the cruel will be cruel to the compassionate.”

This is a wise saying, and it justifies waging war against the Fulani as it justified what God ordered the Israelites to do to the Canaanites. If you can’t kill the people, then destroy their herds so that they starve.

The Nigerian Christians are too poor to be able to buy guns.

In the Nigerian Civil War of 1967-70, the predominantly Christian Igbo people tried to secede from Nigeria and form their own state, Biafra. They were defeated with famine, carnage and great suffering. The Christians of Nigeria have been subdued ever since. Although Nigeria has sometimes elected a Christian President, the northern Muslims dominate the army and the economy.

The President’s inaction shows that GENOCIDE against Christians and ETHNIC CLEANSING have the been given the GO-AHEAD by the TOP LEVELS of the Nigerian government!

Muslims are abandoning Islam in Nigeria at a rapid rate, because the choice between MODERNITY and BRONZE-AGE BACKWARDNESS is extremely clear to all.

Islam has nothing to offer Nigeria that is of value. With Islam is fear, discrimination, vigilante murder and STAGNATION. Only local warlords benefit, but no one else. They are trying to bring back the medieval black kingdoms. MESSAGE TO THE WARLORDS: THOSE DAYS ARE GONE.

Dear African Christians you are under siege

Victims — Not Rohinja Muslims

Therefore …

Expect no outrage at NPR/ BBC.


NPR/BBC will have PHYCOLOGY experts explain the importance of controlling our emotions of fear and anger during times of (New Normal) MUSLIM terrorism attacks.

Am in Nigeria right now and have been in Nigeria for the past 4 Decades.

Worse things than what you just read have happened and are still going on without any international coverage.

If you’re waiting for the West and Google to hive you anything, you’ll wait for eternity.

We are on Ground and can confirm to you that what you read was just a tip of the icebers.

Don’t let the Islamic sympathisers in the West and the Google company to show you anything.


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Muslims Burn Piles Of Pampers Nappies and Call For a Ban Because Cartoon Cat’s Whiskers Printed on Them ‘look Like the Arabic Spelling of Mohammed’

Posted by addisethiopia on February 22, 2018

ለጥላቻና ጥፋት ሁሌ ትንሽ ቀዳዳ የሚፈልጉት እስማኤላውያን በጭራሽ የማይመስለውን የካርቱኑን ድመት ምስል፤ በአረብኛ ፊደላት የተጻፈውን የመሀምድ ስም ይመስላል በማለት የፓምፐርስ ዳይፐሮች ክምሮችን ሰርተው አቃጠሉ። ይህ የቃጠሎ ዘመቻ የተጀመረው በህንድ አገር ነው።

እስኪ ይታየን፤ መሀመድ ህጻናትን ይደፍር እንደነበር በግልጽ የሚናገረው የራሳቸው መጽሐፍ ነው። አሁን ደግሞ በህጻናት ዳይፐር በኩል መሀመድን ከህጻናት ጋር አያይዘው ለዓለም ባላሰቡት መልክ እያስተዋወቁ ያሉት እራሳቸው ናቸው። ኤዲያ! ይላሉ አቶ ኃይሉ።

  • Muslims burn piles of Pampers nappies and call for a ban because cartoon cat’s whiskers printed on them ‘look like the Arabic spelling of Mohammed’
  • Protesters in India are calling for a boycott of Pampers nappies
  • They have taken offense with a cartoon cat appearing on the product
  • Lines of its face resemble the word Prophet Mohammed in Arabic
  • Groups have staged ‘Pampers burnings’, setting fire to nappies in the streets
  • Owner Procter and Gamble said design was intended as ‘innocent animated cat’

Muslim protests in India are calling for a boycott of Pampers products after claiming to have seen the word ‘Mohammed’ in the face of a cartoon cat which appears on its nappies.

The lines illustrating the whiskers, nose, mouth and left eye of the smiley feline have been suggested to resemble the Prophet’s name when written in Arabic or Urdu, although the company that makes the products vehemently denied the claims.

Procter and Gamble in a statement that said they would never intend to offend any person or religion and the the design showed ‘an innocent animated representation of a cat.’

However, the image on the hygiene product has been branded an ‘insult’ to Islam by critics, and protesters have staged ‘Pampers burnings’.

Selected Comments:

I had to check the calendar, nope not April the 1st.

For goodness sake.. Get a grip! Looks nothing like, anyway!

Here we go again, unbelievable. I¿ve never seen a bigger bunch of whiners in my life.

How do they expect to be taken seriously

Coming to a supermarket near you soon Jesus these people are easily offended no wonder why there is no decent comedy on shows no for fear of offending them . I’m sick of it

I can guarantee you that these idiots are illiterate….because there is not even one LETTER of Arabic in that drawing of the cat, never mind the entire word of Muhammad

Zero tolerance of our culture however expect complete tolerance of there’s

On the bright side it’s boosting sales for pampers.. Like they say all publicity is good..



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The Global Resurgence of Demonic Racialism

Posted by addisethiopia on February 21, 2018

I’ve just posted the following commentary text (might be blocked or removed), after watching a mindbogglingly ignorant and stupid video of Eugenics Propagandist, Stefan Molyneux – who I first thought to be a rational human being.

Oh. Lord, how many lost souls are out there!?

It’s amazing to notice that racists and Islamists have so many things in common, like:

  • Hatred
  • Aggression
  • Projection
  • Denial
  • Unrepentance
  • Supremacism
  • Boastfulness
  • Absence of Empathy, etc.

These are all Satanic traits.

Children of Satan are never done. Much like old luggage and herpes, you never can get rid of them. They are losing this battle, but at not defeated.

Yes, Racism and Islamism are satanic ideologies, and their promoters are almost always influenced by demons.

I invite Mr. Molyneux to come to Ethiopia, I am positive you will be able to learn lots of things. The people will show and give you unconditional respect and love – the same unconditional love they gave the Italian fascists, right after the end of the 2nd World War– that was after boastful Benito Mussolini exterminated millions of Ethiopian men, women, children, christian monks and priests with poison napalm bomb. In spite of, I quote Swiss historian, Aram Mattioli who has called Italy’s genocidal reign in Ethiopia:

“Reign of terror”, “for which there were no role models in the colonial history of Africa and Asia”.

In spite of that, Ethiopians – whose nation was blessed to become the first Christian nation in the world – forgave the cruel Italians, few days after the war has ended. You never heard of Ethiopians accusing the Italians of their demonic acts or asking for earthly reparations, because they trust in God, and know vengeance is His.

So, unless everyone of us — including the hateful racialists — repent they will face soon God’s judgment.

[1 Corinthians 13:2 ]


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German Taxpayer Finances Sharia Loving Refugee Who Has Two Wives and Six Children

Posted by addisethiopia on February 19, 2018

This is not an early April Fool’s Joke:

Chancellor Angela “Mama Syria” Merkel said back in 2010 that multiculturalism was dead in Europe – in 2015 she imported millions of illiterates from monoculture Arab-islamic countries, per orient-express — so that they could be used to destroy multiculturalism — a biological weapon. That makes sense, doesn’t it?

The following story is another prove why they imported millions of Arab Muslims: to persecute the very few Jews, Christians & Africans who still live there. The most ironic part of the story is these Arab Muslims are assisted by „Jewish“ and „Christian“ organizations. I know many Eritrean Christians who are unable to find a tiny apartment, and are still living in refugee camps for three or more years, whereas, the Syrian Sharia-loving man is given a 5-bedroom house – and is allowed to import his second wife.

Indeed, we are in the Last Days

A documentary about a Syrian family on Germany’s Spiegel TV has caused controversy in the country.

The 32-year-old Ahmad A. lives with his two wives and six children in the district of Pinneberg. His second wife was only thirteen years old when Ahmad married her in Syria.

While polygamy is banned in Germany, Ahmad was allowed to bring his second wife to Germany. The decision was based on the fact that she is the mother of four of his children.

Ahmad doesn’t understand the controversy, because he is a devout Muslim and follows the Sharia, which allows polygamy.

The family fled Syria’s capital Aleppo in 2015 via Greece, France and Denmark and is now completely living on benefits.

Ahmad says he always wanted to go to Germany and tells Spiegel Tv: “There’s support here. They give us social benefits, they give us this house.”

Ahmad is happy to be in Germany: “I thank you very, very, very much, Mama Merkel. She is the only person who has felt the suffering of the Syrians. I also thank the Germans, even if there are racists among them. But the Germans have experienced war and show great compassion for the Syrians.

The case of Ahmad and his family isn’t the only one where polygamy is involved. It was reported that 34 refugees imported 130 family members and second wives to Germany. There’s even a case known of one refugee who has 23 children and 4 wives.


Syrian Refugee Wants To Live With Two Wives In Denmark


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BOMBSHELL UN Dossier | UN Aid Workers Raped 60,000 People as It’s Claimed Organisation Employs 3,300 Paedophiles

Posted by addisethiopia on February 16, 2018

ይህን ሲዖል የሚያስገባ ቅሌት በአገራችንም ክጥንት ጀምሮ ሲፈጽሙት ቆይተዋል። በእርዳታ ስም ሞኙን ሕዝባችንን እያታለሉ ነፍሳቸውን ለመንጠቅ ሞክረዋል፤ ሁልጊዜ ችግር የሚፈጥሩብን ለምን ይመስለናል? የተባበሩት መንግሥታት ድርጅቶች፣ የአፍሪቃው ህብረት ተቋማትና የመሳሰሉት ሉሲፈራውያኑ የመሠረቷቸው ድርጅቶች መቀመጫ አዲስ አበባ እንድትሆን መመረጧ ለምን ይመስለናል?

The dossier claims United Nations aid workers have raped 60,000 people and estimate that the organisation employs 3,300 paedophiles

A WHISTLE blower has claimed UN staff could have carried out 60,000 rapes in the last decade as aid workers indulge in sex abuse unchecked around the world.

The claim is in a bombshell dossier that former senior United Nations official Andrew Macleod handed over to DFID Secretary Priti Patel last year.

In it, Professor Macleod also estimated there are 3,300 paedophiles working for the world body’s various agencies alone.

Thousands more “predatory” sex abusers specifically target aid charity jobs to get close to vulnerable women and children.

And there has been an “endemic” cover-up of the sickening crimes for two decades, with those who attempt to blow the whistle just getting fired.

The respected academic said: “There are tens of thousands of aid workers around the world with paedophile tendencies, but if you wear a UNICEF T-shirt nobody will ask what you’re up to.

You have the impunity to do whatever you want.

It is endemic across the aid industry across the world”.

The system is at fault, and should have stopped this years ago.”

Professor MacLeod worked as an aid boss for the UN all over the world, including high profile jobs in the Balkans, Rwanda and Pakistan – where he was chief of operations of the UN’s Emergency Coordination Centre.

He is campaigning for far tougher checks on aid workers in the field as well as the abusers among them to be brought to justice, and wants the UK to lead the fight.

The professor’s grim 60,000 figure is based on UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres’s admission last year that UN peacekeepers and civilian staff abused 311 victims in just one 12 month period over 2016.

The UN also admits that the likely true number of cases reported against its staff is double that, as figures outside of war zones are not centrally collated.

Prof MacLeod also estimates that only one in 10 of all rapes and assaults by UN staff are reported, as even in the UK the reporting rate is just 14 per cent.



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Here Goes Again: Antichrist Turkey Threatens Greece & USA

Posted by addisethiopia on February 15, 2018

Is Greece About To Lose It With Turkey? Tsipras Issues Rare War Warning As Tensions Mount

Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras said today Greece would not tolerate any move from Turkey after Turkish and Greek coastguard vessels collided close to disputed islets in the Aegean Sea.

He said: “Our message, now, tomorrow and always, is clear… Greece will not allow, accept or tolerate any challenge to its territorial integrity and its sovereign rights.”

“Greece is not a country which plays games,” Tsipras told an audience at the country’s shipping ministry.

The collision involving the two vessels occurred on Monday evening off Imia, known as Kardak in Turkish. Each side blamed the other for the incident.

Turkey and Greece, NATO allies, have been at odds over a host of issues from ethnically split Cyprus to sovereignty over airspace and overflights.

Yesterday Turkish advisor to Erdogan said Greece was “like a fly picking a fight with a giant.”

The chief advisor told Turkey’s TRT channel that he is “in no doubt” that the US has a plan to make Greece attack Turkey while its military is engaged in Syria.

Turkey’s response, Yigit Bulut said, will be tough, adding that Greece is no match for Turkey’s might. It would be like a “fly picking a fight with a giant,” he said and warned that terrible consequences would follow for Greece.


Erdogan Threatens US With ‘Ottoman Slap

Washington could soon receive the “Ottoman slap,” Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan warned, while also stating that all members of NATO are equal with the US.

While speaking to the ruling Justice and Development (AK) party in Ankara on Tuesday, Erdogan referenced a recent remark by Lt. Gen. Paul E. Funk, the top US commander in the US-led coalition against Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL), who said that Turkey would face a sharp response if it struck Manbij, Syria.

Those who say they will give a sharp response if hit, have clearly never got the Ottoman slap in their lives,” Erdogan said, referring to a half-legendary Turkish martial move that involves a potent open-palm hit, resulting in a one-hit knockout or even skull fractures and death.


The U.S. And Turkish Forces Coming Into Military Conflict. Erdogan Is Confronting The ‘Strongest Fortresses’ In His Push To Control The Region

Turkey Threatens Greece For Challenging “Macedonia”

he TurkReich, always looking for an angle to beat the war drums in their imperialistic dreams of rebuilding the Ottoman Empire and re-establish a caliphate led by Erdogon himself, have insinuated themselves in the long-running dispute between Greece and the ill-named coercive enterprise, Macedonia (which has no history, geographically or ethnically with the actual region called Macedonia since ancient times).
Erdogon’s statements go beyond merely chastising Greece for challenging the non-Greek nation-state for trying to steal a Greek identity, they have all but announced they will attack Greece if it dares challenge their “brothers.”




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ኢትዮጵያን አትንኳት | Why Are So Many Fascist Monuments Still Standing in Italy?

Posted by addisethiopia on February 15, 2018

ይህ ከዩናይትድ ስቴትስ ጦር የህዝብ ግንኙነት ቢሮ የተገኘ ድምጽዓልባ ታሪካዊ ፊልም ሙሶሎኒ እና ሌሎ የኢጣሊያ ፋሽስቶች እ..አ በ 1945 . ተይዘው ሲሰቀሉ ያሳየናል። የንጹሐኑን አባቶቻችንና እናቶቻችንን ደም ያፈሰሱት እነዚህ እርኩሶች ደማቸው ሲንጠባጠብ በቪዲዮው ይታያል።

የስዊዘርላንዱ የታሪክ ጸሐፊ፡ ፋሺስት ጣልያን በኢትዮጵያ ስለፈጸመቸው ጭካኔ፡ ከጥቂት ዓመታት በፊት ባወጡት መጽሐፉቸው ሁኔታውን እንደሚከተለው ገልጸውት ነበር፦

የጣልያን አገዛዝ፡ በአፍሪካ እና በእስያ ቅኝ ገዥዎች ታሪክ ውስጥ ምንም ዓይነት ተምሳሊት ያልነበረው የ የሽብር አገዛዝነበር።

ቤኒቶ ሙሶሊኒ ለኢትዮጵያውያን የነበረውን ንቀትና ጥላቻ በሚከተሉት ቃላት ልጿቸው ነበር

በአሁኖቹ፣ በቀድሞዎቹና በወደፊቶቹ ጥቁር ባሪያዎች እና የእነሱ ተከላካዮች ላይ እንተፋባቸዋለን። በቅርቡ አምስቱም አህጉራ በእኛ በፋሽስቶች ቁጥጥር ሥር ይውላሉ

ሙሶሊኒ አሁንም እንደ በጣም ክፉ ግለሰብ ይታወሳል። በተለይ ኢትዮጵያን በግፍ ወይም በጭካኔ ለመያዝ የጣረ ሞኝ ወይም እብድ ሰው ነበር። በዘመናችንም እንደ ሙሶሊኒ የመሳሰሉ ሰዎች፡ በተለይ በጣልያንና ጀርመን ብቅ ብቅ በማለት ላይ ይገኛሉ። እንንቃ! በተለይ በሶማሊያና ሱዳን በኩል፡ ልክ በጣልያን ጊዜ እንደነበረው፡ በጣም ተንኮለኛ የሆነ ሴራ አሁንም ተጠንስሷል።

የዲያብሎስ ልጁ ሙስሊማኒ ከአረቦችና ሶማሌዎች ጋር በመተባበር ነበር በ1929 .ም ቂሙን ለመወጣት ኢትዮጵያን የወረረው። ኢትዮጵያ ደግሞ ገና የሽግግር ወቅት ላይ የነበረች በመሆኑ የተደራጀ መንግሥት እና ጦር አልነበራትም። ፋሽስት ኢጣሊያ ደግሞ አሉ የተባሉ ዘመናዊ የጦር መሣሪያዎችን መርዝ ከሚተፉ አውሮፕላኖች ጋር ይዛ ኢትዮጵያን ወረረች።

ወረራው የተደራጀ ስለነበር በቀላሉ ሊቀለበስ አልቻለም። ስለዚህ ንጉሠ ነገስቱ እዚሁ ሆነው የከፉ ነገር ከሚመጣ ወደ ውጭ ወጥተው መታገልን የዘመኑ ሹማምንቶች እንደ አማራጭ መከሩ። እናም ግርማዊ ቀዳማዊ ኃይለሥላሴ ከመንበረ ስልጣናቸው ተነስተው ኢትዮጵያን ለቅቀው ወደ እንግሊዝ ተሰደዱ። ሀገር አልባ ሆኑ።

ኢጣሊያም የኢትዮጵያን መንግሥት ተቆጣጠረች። ሮም በደስታ ተቀጣጠለች። ኢትዮጵያዊያንን ደግሞ ለሁለት ተከፈሉ። አብዛኛው በአርበኝነት ተሰማራ። ቀሪው ደግሞ ለኢጣሊያ ፋሽስቶች ባንዳ ሆነ። አርበኞቹ ፋሽስቶችን ለመፋለም በዱር በገደሉ ተሰማሩ። ጦርነቱ በየፈፋው ይካሄድ ጀመር። ኢጣሊያ በመርዝ ጋዝ አባቶቻችንን፥ እናቶቻችችንና ልጆቻቸቸውን ሁሉ መፍጀት ጀመረች። በጣም ብዙ ሕጻናት፣ ሴቶችና እናቶች አረጋውያን አለቁ። በአንድ ዕለት፤ በየካቲት 12 ቀን 1929 .ም ብቻ ከ30 ሺህ በላይ የአዲስ አበባ ነዋሪ በፋሽስቶች ተጨፈጨፉ።

Why Are So Many Fascist Monuments Still Standing in Italy?

My Note: Swiss historian, Aram Mattioli has called Graziani’s genocidal reign in Ethiopia:

“Reign of terror”, “for which there were no role models in the colonial history of Africa and Asia”.

Mussolini’s disregard and outright contempt for the sovereignty of Ethiopia were expressed in the following hateful words:

We spit on all Negroes of the present, past and future and their possible defenders. It will not be long, and the five continents will have to bow their heads to the fascist will.

In the late nineteen-thirties, as Benito Mussolini was preparing to host the 1942 World’s Fair, in Rome, he oversaw the construction of a new neighborhood, Esposizione Universale Roma, in the southwest of the city, to showcase Italy’s renewed imperial grandeur. The centerpiece of the district was the Palazzo della Civiltà Italiana, a sleek rectangular marvel with a façade of abstract arches and rows of neoclassical statues lining its base. In the end, the fair was cancelled because of the war, but the palazzo, known as the Square Colosseum, still stands in Rome today, its exterior engraved with a phrase from Mussolini’s speech, in 1935, announcing the invasion of Ethiopia, in which he described Italians as “a people of poets, artists, heroes, saints, thinkers, scientists, navigators, and transmigrants.” The invasion, and the bloody occupation that followed, would later lead to war-crimes charges against the Italian government. The building is, in other words, a relic of abhorrent Fascist aggression. Yet, far from being shunned, it is celebrated in Italy as a modernist icon. In 2004, the state recognized the palazzo as a site of “cultural interest.” In 2010, a partial restoration was completed, and five years later the fashion house Fendi moved its global headquarters there.

Italy, the first Fascist state, has had a long relationship with right-wing politics; with the election of Silvio Berlusconi, in 1994, the country also became the first to bring a neo-Fascist party to power, as part of Berlusconi’s center-right coalition.* But this alone is not enough to explain Italians’ comfort with living amid Fascist symbols. Italy was, after all, home to Western Europe’s biggest anti-Fascist resistance and its most robust postwar Communist Party. Until 2008, center-left coalitions maintained that legacy, often getting more than forty per cent of the vote in elections. So why is it that, as the United States has engaged in a contentious process of dismantling monuments to its Confederate past, and France has rid itself of all streets named after the Nazi collaborationist leader Marshall Pétain, Italy has allowed its Fascist monuments to survive unquestioned?

The sheer number of relics is one reason. When Mussolini came to power, in 1922, he was leading a new movement in a country with a formidable cultural patrimony, and he knew that he needed a multitude of markers to imprint the Fascist ideology on the landscape. Public projects, such as the Foro Mussolini sports complex, in Rome, were meant to rival those of the Medici and the Vatican, while the likeness of Il Duce, as Mussolini was known, watched over Italians in the form of statues, photographs in offices, posters at tram stops, and even prints on bathing suits. It was easy to feel, as Italo Calvino did, that Fascism had colonized Italy’s public realm. “I spent the first twenty years of my life with Mussolini’s face always in view,” the writer recalled.

In Germany, a law enacted in 1949 against Nazi apologism, which banned Hitler salutes and other public rituals, facilitated the suppression of Third Reich symbols. Italy underwent no comparable program of reëducation. Ridding Italy of thousands of Fascist memorials would have been impractical, and politically imprudent, for the Allied forces whose priority was to stabilize the volatile country and limit the power of its growing Communist Party. After the war, the Allied Control Commission’s bulletins and reports instead recommended that only the most obvious and “unaesthetic” monuments and decorations, like busts of Mussolini, be destroyed; the rest could be moved to museums, or simply be covered up with cloth and plywood. This approach set a precedent. The 1953 Scelba Law was designed to block the reconstitution of the Fascist Party and was famously vague about everything else. The ruling Christian Democratic bloc, which included many former Fascists, did not see the regime’s copious material remains as a problem, and so a more proactive policy was never put in place.

This means that, when Berlusconi brought the right-wing Italian Social Movement Party to power, his rehabilitation of Fascism was aided by an existing network of pilgrimage sites and monuments. Most notable was Predappio, Mussolini’s birthplace, where his burial crypt is situated and where shops sell Fascist and Nazi-themed shirts and other merchandise. The Mancino Law, passed in 1993, had responded to the resurgent right by sanctioning the propagation of “racial and ethnic hatred,” but it was unevenly enforced. I was living in Rome on a Fulbright fellowship in 1994, and was jolted awake more than once by shouts of “Heil Hitler!” and “Viva il Duce!” coming from a nearby pub. In the aughts, as Berlusconi cycled in and out of office, sites like Predappio surged in popularity, and preservationists of all political stripes forged alliances with the empowered right to save the Fascist monuments, which were increasingly seen as an integral part of Italy’s cultural heritage. The Foro Mussolini, like the “Square Colosseum,” is a subject of special admiration. In 2014, Matteo Renzi, the center-left Prime Minister, announced Rome’s bid for the 2024 Olympics inside the complex, which is now known as the Foro Italico, standing in front of “The Apotheosis of Fascism,” a painting that was covered up by the Allies, in 1944, because it depicts Il Duce as a God-like figure. It would be hard to imagine Angela Merkel standing in front of a painting of Hitler on a similar occasion.

In recent years, there have been some halting efforts to examine Italy’s relationship to Fascist symbols. In 2012, Ettore Viri, the right-wing mayor of Affile, included a memorial to General Rodolfo Graziani, a Nazi collaborator and an accused war criminal, in a park built with funds approved by the center-left regional government. After a public outcry, the government rescinded the funds. Recently, Viri was charged with Fascist apologism, but the memorial remains in place.

In Predappio, a new Museum of Fascism is currently under construction. Some see the museum, which is modelled on Munich’s Documentation Center for the History of National Socialism, as a much needed exercise in public education. (In 2016, I was a member of the international committee of historians that convened in Italy to evaluate the project.) Others fear that its location in Mussolini’s home town means that it will further fuel rightist nostalgia. Laura Boldrini, the president of the lower house of parliament, has been lobbying for the removal of Italy’s most egregious Fascist remnants. Her proposal, in 2015, to remove an inscription of Mussolini’s name from the Foro Italico’s obelisk prompted outcries that a “masterpiece” would be defamed.

Boldrini has often pointed to the outlawing of Nazi symbols in Germany as an example for Italy to follow. But even that model might soon be tested. In a strong showing in the elections on September 24th, the Alternative for Germany became the first far-right party to win seats in the German parliament since 1945. The right wing in Germany, lacking the benefit of emotionally charged public monuments, has been orchestrating its gatherings around fringe events such as “right rock” music concerts. Yet, at AfD events, such as a march earlier in September, in Jena, Nazi chants have begun to resound. Unless the Party takes a hard line against Fascist symbols, it’s only a matter of time, one imagines, before they reappear. In Italy, where they never went away, the risk is different: if monuments are treated merely as depoliticized aesthetic objects, then the far right can harness the ugly ideology while everyone else becomes inured. One doubts that Fendi’s employees fret about the Fascist origins of the Palazzo della Civiltà Italiana as they arrive at work each morning, their stilettos tapping on floors made of travertine and marble, the regime’s preferred materials. As Rosalia Vittorini, the head of Italy’s chapter of the preservationist organization docomomo, once said when asked how Italians feel about living among relics of dictatorship: “Why do you think they think anything at all about it?”

Source: The New Yorker

In Italy, Mussolini Makes Comeback

By STEFAN NICOLA, UPI | Feb. 19, 2010

BERLIN, Feb. 19 (UPI) — Italy’s Fascist dictator Benito Mussolini is making an unexpected popularity comeback in Italy, a phenomenon nurtured by Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi over the past 15 years.

Mussolini was one of the closest allies of Hitler’s Nazi Germany; his soldiers committed brutal war crimes in Africa and the Balkans; and his regime is responsible for the deaths of around 1 million people.

Despite all that, the Duce, as Mussolini’s admirers call him, is becoming increasingly popular in Italy — even with the younger crowd.

In January, the iPhone application iMussolini became the most popular in Italy. The program, harshly condemned by Jewish groups noting the “Duce” had sent thousands of Jews into concentration camps, allowed users to read and listen to speeches of the Fascist leader. Up to 1,000 people downloaded the app each day, before Apple pulled it from its Italian store earlier this month.

The iPhone app is just one of many manifestations of the gradual rehabilitation of the Duce and his fascist dictatorship, which lasted from 1922-43.

Streets are being renamed after “regime heroes,” “good Fascists” are the stars of movies and politicians from all major parties are belittling the Fascist horrors.

In 2008, the mayor of Rome, Gianni Alemanno, a member of the National Alliance, Mussolini’s political descendants and key allies of Berlusconi, defended the Fascist dictatorship during a tour of Israel.

Last June, Michela Brambilla, the Italian minister of tourism and a possible successor to Berlusconi, did what many interpreted as the Fascist salute during celebrations in honor of the local Carabinieri.

In any other Western European country, this would have destroyed the woman’s political career — not so in Italy. She remains in power, despite the fact that doing the salute is against the law.

These are not isolated incidents but “results and symptoms” of a larger change gripping all walks of society, writes Aram Mattioli, a historian at the University of Lucerne in Switzerland, who has researched Fascist revisionism in Italy.

His 200-page study “Viva Mussolini — An Appreciation of Fascism in Berlusconi’s Italy” (Ferdinand Schoeningh) hit book stores Friday. It describes in detail how Italy for the past 15 years has cultivated a gradual revisionism of Fascism, “focusing on the period before the anti-Semitic race laws and the ever-closer alliance with Hitler’s Nazi Germany,” Mattioli told United Press International in a telephone interview Friday.

Revisionism began to bloom starting in 1994, when the decades-long Christian Democratic-dominated government collapsed and Berlusconi shot to the scene to establish himself as the new leader.

Berlusconi’s new government, comprised of political startups and political descendants of Mussolini, in 1994 was the first in Europe to include neo-Fascists — a major watershed point in European politics.

The defeat of Communism, Berlusconi’s ability to influence the media and the fact that Italy had not really come to terms with its World War II past (unlike in Germany or Japan, no war tribunal tried Italy’s fascists) made it easier for conservative and neo-Fascist politicians to rehabilitate Mussolini during the years since.

Under Berlusconi — who himself has spoken warmly of the Duce many times — opinions that would have labeled extreme years earlier all of a sudden were used even by center-right politicians.

In the late 1990s and early 2000s, the hapless opposition was too busy licking its own wounds to counter that development.

This revisionism affects Italy as a whole, Mattioli said. “I see a close connection between the revisionist tendencies and the inner state of today’s Italy, were political culture has reached a low-point,” he told UPI. “Italy has entered a state of post-democracy. Democracy is still formally existent but policies are increasingly illiberal.”

Berlusconi’s government has in the past been criticized for cracking down on illegal immigrants. Mattioli also warns of a general militarization of society that has seen soldiers doing police work and citizens establishing vigilante groups.

Young people increasingly back this political development.

Italian newspaper La Stampa Thursday published a poll that indicated that 45 percent of young Italians sympathize with xenophobic or racist ideologies.

These numbers worry Mattioli, who has a deep sympathy for Italy, from where his great-grandfather emigrated to Switzerland in the late 19th century.

“The European Union needs to more closely watch Italy and should try to slow down the country’s negative development,” Mattioli said.




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How The European Union Starves Africa into Submission

Posted by addisethiopia on February 9, 2018

For example, in 2014, the continent of Africa earned 2.8 billion US dollars from exporting coffee, mainly raw, unprocessed beans which carry the lowest tariffs. By contrast, Germany alone – where coffee doesn’t grow – earned 3.8 billion US dollars from exporting processed coffee products.

It is estimated that of all the food items imported by African countries, nearly 83 per cent comes from outside the continent. The rest comes from other African countries.

African leaders are seeking ways to feed their peoples and become players in the global economy.

In the second edition of The New Harvest: Agricultural Innovation in Africa, I argue that Africa can feed itself in a generation. However, efforts to achieve such an ambitious goal continue to be frustrated by policies adopted by Africa’s historical trading partners, especially the European Union.

There are at least three ways in which EU policies affect Africa’s ability to address its agricultural and food challenges: tariff escalation; technological innovation and food export preferences.

African leaders would like to escape the colonial trap of being viewed simply as raw material exporters. But their efforts to add value to the materials continue to be frustrated by existing EU policies.

Take the example of coffee. In 2014 Africa —the home of coffee— earned nearly $2.4 billion from the crop. Germany, a leading processor, earned about $3.8 billion from coffee re-exports.

The concern is not that Germany benefits from processing coffee. It is that Africa is punished by EU tariff barriers for doing so. Non-decaffeinated green coffee is exempt from the charges. However, a 7.5 per cent charge is imposed on roasted coffee. As a result, the bulk of Africa’s export to the EU is unroasted green coffee.

The charge on cocoa is even more debilitating. It is reported that the “EU charges (a tariff) of 30 per cent for processed cocoa products like chocolate bars or cocoa powder, and 60 per cent for some other refined products containing cocoa.

The impact of such charges goes well beyond lost export opportunities. They suppress technological innovation and industrial development among African countries. The practice denies the continent the ability to acquire, adopt and diffuse technologies used in food processing. It explains to some extent the low level of investment in Africa’s food processing enterprises.

Usually, the know-how accumulated from processing exports such as coffee could be adopted for use on other crops and in other sectors. This in turn would help to stimulate industrial development and generate employment. Being defined as raw material exporters undermines technological innovation in the wider economy, not just in agriculture.

The second example where EU policy undermines African agricultural innovation is in the field of genetically modified (GM) crops. The EU exercises its right not to cultivate transgenic crops but only to import them as animal feed. However, its export of restrictive policies on GM crops has negatively affected Africa.

The adoption of restrictive policies across Africa has been pursued under the pretext of protecting the environment and human health. So far there has been little evidence to support draconian biosafety rules. It is important that the risks of new products be assessed. But the restrictions should proportionate and consistent with needs of different countries.

Africa’s needs are different from those of the EU. There are certain uniquely African problems where GM should be considered as an option. Let us look at the examples of Uganda and Nigeria.

The Xanthomonas banana wilt bacterial disease causes early ripening and discoloration of bananas, a staple crop for Uganda. This costs the Great Lakes region nearly US $500m annually in losses. There is no treatment for the disease, which continues to undermine food security.

Ugandan scientists at Kawanda Agricultural Research Institute have developed a GM approach but their efforts to further their research in the technology are hampered by opposition to it. Those opposed to the technology advocate the adoption of an EU biosafety approach that would effectively stall the adoption of the technology. In fact, some of opponents using scare tactics against the technology are EU-based non-governmental organizations.

The moth Maruca vitrata destroys about US $300 million worth of blackeyed peas in Nigeria. The country is forced to import pesticides worth US $500m annually to control the pest. Scientists at the Institute for Agricultural Research at Nigeria’s Ahmadu Bello University have developed a Maruca-resistant, GM blackeyed pea variety. Nigerian policy makers are hesitant to pursue a technology that they fear might put them on a collision course with the EU.

Pursuing EU-inspired biosafety policies denies Africa the capacity to leverage biotechnology and use it to meet its own local needs. GM technology has wider application in fields such as medicine and can be used in the development of diagnostics.

Zmapp is an example of an experimental drug for use against the Ebola virus that was developed using GM technology. In this case, EU policies on food safety may have unintended consequences of suppressing innovation in Africa not only in agriculture, but also in healthcare.

There are areas of EU-Africa agricultural trade that on the surface appear to offer hopeful signs. One of them is trade in organic produce. In fact, part of the opposition to GM technology is linked to the perception that it might compromise Africa’s export of organic produce to the EU.

The surge in demand in organic produce around the world does offer parts of Africa the opportunity to increase their food exports. Over the last two decades, Africa’s share of world food exports has dropped from 11 per cent to less than 3 per cent. Thailand exports nearly as much food as all of sub-Saharan Africa.

But boosting food exports is not going to be satisfied by dependence on niche organic markets provided by the EU. Africa needs robust efforts to upgrade its agriculture through technology adoption and not simply reliance on the exploitation of Africa’s “cheap ecology”.

One of the impacts of the policies has been to nudge Africa towards new partnerships with countries such China and Brazil that have pioneered the adoption of new agricultural technologies. This, in turn, has the long-term potential of eroding trade relations between the UK and Africa. The time has come for the EU to rethink the impact of its policies on African agriculture in general and technological transformation in particular.


My Note: The whole financial system is monitored and safeguarded by the IMF, the Bank of International Settlement, the World Bank, the FBI, the CIA, the M16, the French Intelligence, US Army, and the Roman Catholic Churches and Mosques.

It is a global system of international enslavement which bounds every nation of today.

Africa is especially hated and feared so no one ever allocates any international capital for development to Africa.

That is why the cost of capital the final magic to economic activity is prohibitive and almost impossible in Africa. That is why Africa is still poor and under-managed!

In the rest of the world, capital is relatively cheap….


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German Politicians ‘Alarmed’ at Scale of Anti-Christian Hate Attacks

Posted by addisethiopia on February 6, 2018

Hate crime figures leaked by police in Germany have caused alarm, as they revealed murder, assault, and arson numbering among almost 100 attacks which targeted Christians in 2017.

Published by the Funke media group several months before annual crime statistics are due to be officially released, the Federal Criminal Police Office (BKA) data showed attacks on churches and Christian symbols accounted for a quarter of the 97 cases.

At least 14 of the cases in the report involved asylum seekers and refugees, including the murder of an Afghan Christian convert by a fellow Afghan in May last year which prompted politicians to urge the BKA to record “anti-Christian crimes” separately for the first time.

Ansgar Heveling, interior policy spokesman for Angela Merkel’s Christian Democratic Union (CDU) party, called the figures “alarming” and argued that the state “has a responsibility to punish these attacks severely and consistently… [as] anti-Semitic attacks are rightly being tackled”.

Bavarian Interior Minister Joachim Herrmann, of the right-wing Christian Social Union (CSU), told Funke group newspapers: “Integration in Germany has to require tolerating its Christian, Western values and culture without any ifs or buts.”

Berthold Löffler, a political science professor at the University of Ravensburg-Weingarten, said the minister’s use of the word “tolerance” shows how little is actually being asked of the newcomers living at German taxpayers’ expense.

Requiring immigrants take on our values is too much to ask, but they really ought to tolerate us locals, even if they feel our values are a bit suspect,” he characterised the message of Hermann’s statement in a piece published at Tichy’s Insight, where he noted the CSU minister’s “demand” was mild and discussed the country’s “naive welcome culture”.

Stating the BKA figures are likely “only the tip of the iceberg” with regards to the number of anti-Christian attacks taking place in Germany, Löffler writes: “One can confidently assume that the mainstream media would much rather report on Islamophobic incidents and xenophobic crimes committed by ethnic Germans.”

Breitbart London reported last year how anti-Christian attacks had risen 245 per cent in France since 2008, while the number of anti-Muslim attacks saw a huge fall in the same period.

Data released by the French interior ministry showed anti-Christian acts accounting for 90 per cent of attacks on religious buildings and institutions — a figure which includes arson, violence, degradation, threats, and ‘insulting’ vandalism and graffiti.

Last week, it was alleged that French intelligence agencies had prior knowledge of one of the Islamic extremists involved in the beheading of Father Jacques Hamel in a Normandy church in 2016, but failed to act.


France: Anti-Christian Attacks Rise 245 Percent

Leading German Cardinal Opens the Door to Church Blessings of Homosexual Couples

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The Left is Waging War on Christians!

As long as they continue to let Muslims into the country,…..these attacks will only increase !

Why not? The left is anti-Christian anyway. They’re happy to let someone do their dirty work. Similar to the comment that a radical Muslim will kill you, and a moderate Muslim will let a radical kill you.

There is a direct correlation of the attacks on Christians and the number of muslims in any given country… predominately muslim countries have most of it’s Christians martyred in graves

Import people who vow to kill Christians and more violence against Christians breaks out. Who could of seen that one coming?

The invaders getting asked to tolerate Germans in Germany. I’m speechless

Globalist German politicians knew this would happen and are NOT alarmed. They want Christians out and Islam/Sharia in.

Muslims hate all non – muslims. There are 50 muslim countries in the world where they could / shoud go, but no, they come to the west to islamize!

The muslim concept of crime is different from ours, mere mortals.
Killing non -muslims is not a crime for muslims, this is their koranic duty like deceit of non muslims and evening prayer, stealing from non muslims not a crime for muslims, raping non muslim women – not a crime for muslims. Muslim men see raping non muslims as their birthright

Europe is finding this out one victim one woman at a time !

Muslim must not be allowed into the western countries !! It is like opening the prison gates and letting murderers and rapists out.

The Christian world was pretty much united against islam until a German by the name of Martin Luther kicked off the protestant reformation, and the subsequent wars and disunity in Europe which pitted Christian against Christian and sapped Europe of its strength with which it might have eventually pushed islam back once and for all. A few centuries later, a German named Adolf Hitler allied with muslims to wage war on his Christian neighbors, and according to his closest associates planned to eliminate Christianity entirely in Europe and replace it with islam as the new German religion. Less than a century later, yet another German named Angela Merkel invited millions of muslim invaders to flood into Europe, rape women and children, murder priests, and destroy all of Christendom.

So my question is, what is it about Germans that makes them so susceptible to the machinations of the devil against Christianity?

That will be a mystery for me for my entire life….
I think first, the German people were shamed and embarrassed after the War for allowing Hitler to do what he did to Jews, Germany, and Europe… they bent over backwards…..way too far.

Because of how they did the Jews and other non-whites – failing to rise up and stop Hitler -they feel they have to accept the murderous Muslims to “prove” they are not the Germans of the Hitler times….they are more afraid of the word “racist” than even we are here in America…..

And Collectivism has been bred deep into successive generations…..They haven’t learned yet that there is a big difference in being acceptive of people who are different but peaceful…..and accepting invaders into your home and allowing them to wreck it and kill you because you are different.
What an oxymoron.

Importing Muslim refugees who were revolting against being ruled by Alawite infidels (i.e. Assad and his sect), and expecting these people to be tolerant of Christian infidels in Germany is nothing short of insane.


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አሜሪካዊው ፖለቲከኛ ጉሮሮው ተዘጋ | በኢትዮጵያና በውጭ የሚታየው “የኦሮሞ” እንቅስቃሴ የአሜሪካን፣ የአውሮፓንና የአረቦችን ውድቀት ያስከትላል

Posted by addisethiopia on February 4, 2018

በአንድ ወቅት የአሜሪካው ፕሬዚዳንት ሮዝቬልት፡ የኒካራጉዋን አምባገነን መሪን “ሶሞዛን”

ሶሞዛ ጭራቅ ነው፤ ግን የእኛ ጭራቅ ነው። ብለው ተናግረው ነበር።

ይህ ነው እንጊድህ እየተካሄደ ያለው።

ወንድማችን ባለፈው ጊዜ ያቀርበልንን ድንቅ ትንቢታዊ ዘገባ (በከፊል ቀርቧል)፡ ባልፈው ሳምንት አሜሪካ ከተካሄደው አሳፋሪ ድርጊት ጋር አገናኝተን ስናይ፤ አሁንማ ጠላቶቻችን ዓላማቸውን አይደብቁትም! ያስበለናል። ፖለቲከኞቹስ ያው ለሥልጣን ስለሚታገሉና በአውሬው መንፈስ ሥር ስለወደቁ ነፍሳቸውንም ይሸጣሉ፤ ግን መንፈሳዊ ነኝ የሚል አንድ ኢትዮጵያዊ እንዴት ነው፤ ሰዶማውያኑ፣ ህፃናት ደፋሪዎቹና ለዘመናት የሚያባሉን ገዳይ ባዕዳውያን ፊት ቆሞ ለመናገር የደፈረው? የሚገርም አይደለምን፡ አያሳዝንምን!?

እየተካሄደ ያለው፡ ልክ የግብጹ ሙስሊም ወንድማማቾች ከኦባማ ጋር ፖለቲካዊ ሸርሙጥና ሲያካሂዱ እንደነበረው፤ ኢትዮጵያዊነታቸውን የካዱትና ኦሮሞ ነን የሚሉት ሙስሊሞችም፡ ባለፈው ሳምንት ላይ፡ ማንም ለማያቃቸው ሰዶማውያን ሙያተኛ ፖለቲከኞች፡ ባሳፋሪ መልክ፡ ሲያጎበድዱ ይታያሉ። (የጥላቻ መንፈሱን ተመልከቱ፤ በተለይ የሴቷን!)። ዓለማዊውን ሙባረክን በሙስሊም ወንደማማቹ ሙርሲ በዚህ መልክ ነበር የገለበጡት።

እንግዲህ የኛዎቹ ቅሌታማ የማጎብደድ ባሕርይ እየተካሄደ ያለው ጥቁር አሜሪካውያን እንደ አንበጣ በሚረግፉባት የዛሬዋ አሜሪካ ነው። አሜሪካ እራሷ ከፍተኛ ውጥረትና ቀውጥ ላይ በምትገኝበት ዘመን እንደሆነ፣ ታይተው ተሰምተው የማይታወቁ ቅሌቶች ሲከሰቱ በየቀኑ እያየን ነው። ዲሞክራሲ የሚባለው ወሽካታ ነገር ምን ማለት እንደሆነ የማያይ ሰው የለም።

አንድ መጠየቅ ያለብን ነገር፤ ለምንድን ነው ተመሳሳይ የሎቢ ሥራ ለሳዑዲ አረቢያ፣ ለቱርክ ወይም ለኢራን ሠርተው የማያውቁት? መልሱ፦ ሁሉም በአክራሪ ሙስሊሞች የሚመሩ አገሮች ስለሆኑ፡ የሚል ይሆናል።

ልብ እንበል፤ ላለፉት 45 ዓመታት በኢትዮጵያ ፀረኢትዮጵያውያኑ ለሚታገሉለት ፀረክርስቶሱ የእስላም መንግሥት፤ “ኦሮሞ” የሚለውን የኮድ ስም የሰጡት ለእስልምናው ነው። አዲስ አበባ የሚገኙ ብዛት ያላቸው የኦሮሞየባህልና ወዘተ ማዕከላት ጺሞቻቸውን በሄና በቀለሙና የአረቡን ልብስ ባጠለኩ አክራሪ ሙስሊሞች ነው የሚዘወተሩት። ማንም ማየት ይችላል።

ይህ የኦሮሞ ሙስሊሞች እንቅስቃሴ በተለይ፡ በግብጽና በአረቦቹ፣ በአሜሪካ፣ በእንግሊዝ፣ በጀርመን እና አውስትርያ የሚደገፍ ነው።

ቪዲዮው ላይ እንደምናየው እና እንደምንሰማው እግዚአብሔር በአሜሪካዊው ጉሮሮ ላይ ሳይቀር ማስጠንቀቂያውን አስቀምጦታል፤ የሚርበደበደውን ድምጹን እናዳምጥ። እግዚአብሔር መልስ አለው!

መዝሙረ ዳዊት ምዕራፍ ፴፯፥፲፪፡ ፲፭

ኃጢአተኛ ጻድቁን ይመለካከተዋል፥ ጥርሱንም በእርሱ ላይ ያንገጫግጫል።

እግዚአብሔር ይሥቅበታል፥ ቀኑ እንደሚደርስ አይቶአልና።

ኃጢአተኞች ሰይፋቸውን መዘዙ፥ ቀስታቸውንም ገተሩ ድሀውንና ችግረኛውን ይጥሉ ዘንድ ልበ ቅኖችንም ይወጉ ዘንድ፤

ሰይፋቸው ወደ ልባቸው ይግባ፥ ቀስታቸውም ይሰበር።


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