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Putin Mocks The Church of England’s Plan to Use Gender-Neutral Terms For God

Posted by addisethiopia / አዲስ ኢትዮጵያ on February 21, 2023

💭 Putin mocks reports that the Church of England plans to use gender-neutral terms for God as an example of how the West ‘don’t know what they are doing’ during state-of-the-nation address

  • Putin railed against what he called the West’s distortion of ‘historical facts’
  • He accused Western nations of attacking Russian culture and Orthodox values

Russian President Vladimir Putin has pointed to the Church of England’s recent decision to explore gender-neutral terms for God as evidence that the West does not know what it is doing and is heading for a ‘spiritual catastrophe’.

Delivering a state-of-the-nation address to the Russian people today, Putin railed against perceived Western stupidity and said the West was waging a culture war against Russian Orthodox Christian values.

‘The Anglican Church is considering a gender-neutral God. May God forgive them for they know not what they do,’ Putin declared.

‘Millions of people in the West understand they are being led to a real spiritual catastrophe,’ he added.

He went on to accuse Western nations of changing historical facts to suit ‘woke’ ideologies and staunchly criticized the Church’s recent discussions on allowing priests to ‘bless’ same-sex marriages.

‘They distort historical facts, constantly attack our culture, the Russian Orthodox Church, and other traditional religions of our country.

‘Look at what they do with their own peoples: the destruction of the family, cultural and national identity, perversion, and the abuse of children are declared the norm. And priests are forced to bless same-sex marriages,’ Putin said.

Any potential alterations, which would mark a departure from traditional Jewish and Christian teachings dating back millennia, would have to be approved by the Synod, the Church’s decision-making body.

It is currently unclear what would replace the term Our Father in the Lord’s Prayer, the central Christian prayer which Jesus Christ is said to have instructed his followers to say together down the generations.

Rev Dr Ian Paul earlier this month told The Telegraph that any change would represent an abandonment of the Church’s own doctrine: ‘The fact that God is called ”Father” can’t be substituted by ”Mother” without changing meaning, nor can it be gender-neutralised to ”Parent” without loss of meaning,’ he said.

A Church of England spokesperson meanwhile said there are ‘absolutely no plans’ to consider a gender-neutral God.

✞ When Mr. Putin says. „The West distorts historical facts, constantly attack our culture, the Russian Orthodox Church„ He is 100% right!

It is true! In fact the West started attaching the Russian Orthodox Church when the Freemasons of Switzerland and Germany brought evil Antichrist traitors like Lenin, Trotsky and Stalin to power in the year 1917.

What I don’t understand about Russia is why it gave diplomatic support to evil islamic protestant genocider PM of Ethiopia who with help of the West and every other country has massacred up to two million Orthodox Chrstians of Ethiopia. Why on earth does Orthdox Russia give its support to the obvious enemies of Orthodox Christianity like evil Abiy Ahmed Ali?! This evil guy recently confessed how much he loves America – and ‘he would die for America!’

  • ☆ Since 2020 Genocide in Tigray: Over a million Orthodox Christians Massacred
  • ☆ 200.000 Women, Nuns, Girls Raped in
  • ☆ The Siege ofTigray is Causing mass Starvation for Millions

America, Europe, Arabia, Turkey, Iran, even Israel and Ukraine are all behind the genocide against Orthodox Christians of Ethiopia, Egypt, Armenia, Syria, Iraq, Serbia, Russia and Ukraine.

👉 A few days ago, investigative journalist Seymour Hersh rightly noted: “”Ukraine War Will Be Over Depending On How Many People Zelensky Wants To Kill”

This is exactly what’s happening in Ethiopia (The fascist Oromo regime exterminating may be up to three million Orthodox Christians) and what will happen in Ukraine (the Nazi regime of Zelensky exterminating upto 10 million Orthodox Christians of Ukraine, Russia and Moldova.)

💭 ‘Bolshevist’ Congressman Jamie Raskin Calls to Destroy ‘Orthodox Christian’ Russia by Jihad

💭 Anti-Orthodox Conspiracy: NATO ‘Ready to Act’ in KOSOVO if Tensions with SERBIA Escalate


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