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Major Earthquake Likely to Strike Sodom California Soon | ከፍተኛ የመሬት መንቀጥቀጥ ሰዶም ካሊፎርኒያን በቅርቡ ሊመታ ይችላል

Posted by addisethiopia / አዲስ ኢትዮጵያ on January 3, 2023

👉 ገብርኤል 👉 ማርያም 👉 ኡራኤል 👉 ጊዮርጊስ 👉 ተክለ ሐይማኖት 😇 መርቆርዮስ 👉 ዮሴፍ 👉 መድኃኔ ዓለም

❖ Colors of Zion / የጽዮን ቀለማት ❖

🔥 እሑድ በግሪጎርያኑ አዲስ ዓመት መጀመሪያ ዕለት ከፍተኛ የመሬት መንቀጥቀጥ ካሊፎርኒያን ለሁለተኛ ጊዜ መትቷት ነበር። ከዚህ በተጨማሪ፤ የካሊፎርኒያ ከተሞች በኃለኛ ጎርፍ በመጥለቅለቅ ላይ ናቸው።

🛑 Quake Prediction Says “Signal Just Hit,” Warns of Potential Big Earthquake From San Francisco To LA

An earthquake rattled parts of Northern California on Sunday for the second time in two weeks. The 5.4-magnitude quake was centered about 30 miles south of Eureka. On Dec. 20, a 6.4-magnitude earthquake also struck near Eureka.

Now one quake prediction research firm warned that the next big one could be imminent.

On Monday morning, Quake Predictions published a warning that read for the next two days — there is a “dangerous situation” of the likelihood of a 7.0-magnitude “in the San Francisco Bay to NW of Los Angeles area.”

Magnitude 6.4 Earthquake Rocks Sodom California, Aftershocks Expected


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