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US Citizens Trapped In Tigray, Detained in Addis Ababa

Posted by addisethiopia / አዲስ ኢትዮጵያ on December 16, 2022

👉 This latest information is to Genocide-appeaser Joe Biden, and TPLF:

US citizens trapped in war-torn Tigray are being detained and interrogated by Ethiopian authorities while trying to leave the country, interviews with fleeing people and family members show.

Leaked emails by US officials say that the Ethiopian government, citing national security grounds, insisted on holding and questioning US citizens from Tigray — a stance, they say, that caused Washington to abort plans to airlift Americans from the region last year.

The lucky few to escape the region, cut off from the outside world for two years as government forces battled Tigrayan rebels, told AFP they had been singled out and interrogated when attempting to leave.

Gebremedhn Gebrehiwot, an American citizen who made it out of Tigray earlier this year, said he was pulled aside and questioned at Addis Ababa’s international airport while trying to board a flight home.

“I had all the documents, there was no reason to stop me,” the San Diego-based deacon told AFP. He believed his “typically Tigrayan” name was the reason he was detained.

After a 90-minute wait, he was finally allowed to leave.

“I just ran to the gate and barely made it.”

Zenebu Negusse, 52, told AFP she too was targeted while attempting to board her US-bound flight.

The Colorado-based caregiver, who was in Tigray visiting her elderly mother when the war began in November 2020, managed to escape the region by road and took shelter with relatives in Addis Ababa.

She took care to hide her Tigrayan Cross markings, afraid of being detained like some of her friends, but her name aroused suspicion.

She said that after a harrowing interrogation last year during which she explicitly denied being Tigrayan, she was allowed to fly home.

Some who had been on her flight were intercepted and taken into custody, she said: “I was lucky. Many others were not.”

AFP spoke to eight Americans who shared their stories and spoke of the plight of friends and family — US citizens or permanent residents — still in Tigray.

Ethiopia does not recognise dual nationality, meaning officials there can treat US citizens of Ethiopian descent as Ethiopians, regardless of their passport.



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Josep Borrell on Genocide in Tigray, Ethiopia: ‘ This’s Done by a Gov’t Whose PM is a Nobel Laureate’

Posted by addisethiopia / አዲስ ኢትዮጵያ on December 16, 2022

💭 US President Joe Biden has been criticized for being cozy with Ethiopia’s Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed, who has been accused of war crimes.

  • EU foreign policy chief Josep Borrell says he spent the entire year “very frustrated” by Ethiopia’s civil war.
  • He has blamed the EU for paying more attention to Russia’s war in Ukraine than the Tigray crisis in Ethiopia.
  • Meanwhile, US President Joe Biden has been criticised for being cosy with Ethiopia’s Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed, who has been accused of war crimes.
  • European Union (EU) foreign policy chief Josep Borrell says the conflict in Ethiopia kept him “very busy, very sorry and very frustrated” for the greater part of 2022.

Speaking at the 24th EU-Non-Governmental Organization Forum on Human Rights in Brussels, Belgium, on Thursday, Borrell said it infuriated him that “not enough people talk about it”.

“We do not talk a lot about Ethiopia,” he added.

He said the war in Ukraine was getting more attention from the EU, although it was “relatively smaller” than the civil war in Ethiopia’s Tigray, where between 700 000 and 800 000 lives were lost.

“We complain rightly about what is happening in Ukraine, but what is happening in Ethiopia is really awful. There is not such a mortality in any other place in the world caused by a war,” he added.

He said it was painful that most of the Ethiopians died of famine. “Most of them (were killed) by famine – not fighting, but by famine, cutting humanitarian support, cutting electricity, cutting any kind of public services.”

Borrell added that the situation in Ethiopia occurred under the watch of what he termed an internationally celebrated leader.

“I remind you that this is being done by a government whose prime minister (Abiy Ahmed) is a Nobel Prize laureate,” he said.

At the recent US-Africa Leaders Summit in Washington, pictures went viral of US President Joe Biden watching the FIFA World Cup match between Morocco and France on television and being jovial with Ahmed. Biden was then criticised for somewhat endorsing an alleged war criminal.

This also didn’t go down well with civil society activists, who accuse Abiy of genocide and war crimes.

Borrell said it was a tragedy that innocent lives were lost because of the political machinations of the ruling elite.

“You can discuss politically who is to be blamed for the reasons for the war to start, but the result is that for months and months there has been a continuous violation of human rights at a massive scale,” he said.

An agreement for the cessation of hostilities in Ethiopia was reached in November after the facilitation of statesmen from South Africa, Kenya and Nigeria at the behest of the US, who had worked with the African Union.

The EU was not involved in the process despite the British Council, Alliance Francaise, the Goethe Institute and the Italian Cultural Institute making up the four-member European Union National Cultural Institutes cluster in Ethiopia.

✞✞✞ የኢየሱስ ክርስቶስ ዳግም ምፅዓት ✞✞✞

ቅዱስ ማቴዎስ በወንጌሉ(ማቴ ፳፭) ስለ ጌታችን ዳግም አመጣጥ እና በፍርድ ወንበር መቀመጥ ሲገልጽ «የሰው ልጅ በክብሩ በሚመጣበት ጊዜ ከእርሱም ጋር ቅዱሳን መላእክቱ ሁሉ፥ በዚያን ጊዜ በክብሩ ዙፋን ይቀመጣል፤ አሕዛብም ሁሉ በፊቱ ይሰበሰባሉ፤ እረኛም በጎቹን ከፍየሎች እንደሚለይ እርስ በርሳቸው ይለያቸዋል፤ በጎችን በቀኙ ፍየሎችንም በግራው ያቆማቸዋል።» በማለት ጻድቃንን በበጎች፣ ኃጥአንን በፍየሎች መስሎ ጻድቃንን ለክብር በቀኝ፣ ኃጥአንን ለሃሳር በግራ ለይቶ ያቆማቸዋል። ቀጥሎም ጌታችን ክርስቶስ በፍርድ ቃል በቀኙ ያሉትን «እናንተ የአባቴ ቡሩካን፥ ኑ ዓለም ከተፈጠረበት ጊዜ ጀምሮ የተዘጋጀላችሁን መንግሥት ውረሱ። ተርቤ አብልታችሁኛልና፥ ተጠምቼ አጠጥታችሁኛልና፥ እንግዳ ሆኜ ተቀብላችሁኛልና፥ ታርዤ አልብሳችሁኛልና፥ ታምሜ ጠይቃችሁኛልና፥ ታስሬ ወደ እኔ መጥታችኋልና።» ይላቸዋል። ነገር ግን ጻድቃን ብዙ መልካም ሥራ ሰርተው ሳለ ምንም እንዳልሰሩና እንዳላደረጉ ሆነው ከእግዚአብሔር ቸርነት የተነሳ ክብር እንደተሰጣቸው አውቀው በትህትና ቃል «ጌታ ሆይ፥ ተርበህ አይተን መቼ አበላንህስ? ወይስ ተጠምተህ አይተን መቼ አጠጣንህ? እንግዳ ሆነህስ አይተን መቼ ተቀበልንህ? ወይስ ታርዘህ አይተን መቼ አለበስንህ? ወይስ ታመህ ወይስ ታስረህ አይተን መቼ ወደ አንተ መጣንይሉታል። እርሱም መልሶ በሕይወት ዘመናቸው ከእነርሱ ለሚያንሱት ያደረጉትን መልካም የቸርነትና ትህትና ሥራ እንደዋጋ ቆጥሮላቸው «እውነት እላችኋለሁ፥ ከሁሉ ከሚያንሱ ከእነዚህ ወንድሞቼ ለአንዱ እንኳ ስላደረጋችሁት ለእኔ አደረጋችሁት» ብሎ ጻድቃንን ወደ ዘለዓለም ሕይወት ይሰዳቸዋል።

ነገር ግን በኃጥአን ላይ ከዚህ በተቃራኒ ፍርዱም ሆነ የእነሱም ምላሽ የተለየ ይሆናል። ጌታም እርሱን ባላመለኩት መጠንና ከሰይጣናት በተስማማ ሁኔታ መንገዳቸውን ባደረጉ ልክ እንዲህ በማለት ይፈርድባቸዋል፤ «እናንተ ርጕማን፥ ለሰይጣንና ለመላእክቱ ወደ ተዘጋጀ ወደ ዘለዓለም እሳት ከእኔ ሂዱ። ተርቤ አላበላችሁኝምና፥ ተጠምቼ አላጠጣችሁኝምና፥ እንግዳ ሆኜ አልተቀበላችሁኝምና፥ ታርዤ አላለበሳችሁኝምና፥ ታምሜ ታስሬም አልጠየቃችሁኝምና።» እነርሱ ግን ፍርዱን በመቃወም እንዲህ እያሉ ይከራከራሉ። «ጌታ ሆይ፥ ተርበህ ወይስ ተጠምተህ ወይስ እንግዳ ሆነህ ወይስ ታርዘህ ወይስ ታመህ ወይስ ታስረህ መቼ አይተን አላገለገልንህምጌታችንም በምላሹ የርህራሄን ሥራ ለታናናሾቻችሁ አልሰራችሁም ፤ ያን አለመስራታችሁ ለኔ አለመስራታችሁ ነው ብሎ ወደ ዘለዓለም ቅጣት ይሰዳቸዋል።

ያቺ የፍርድ ቀን የዓለም ፍጻሜ ናት። በዛች ቀን መስማት እንጂ መመለስ መከራከር የለም። የዚያች ቀን የፍርድ ውሳኔ ዛሬ በምድር ላይ የምንፈጽመው የአምልኮና የመልካም ወይም የክፉ ምግባር ውጤት ነው። ዛሬ አካሄዳችንን ከእግዚአብሔር ጋር ካደረግን ከእግዚአብሔር ጋር በተስፋዪቱ ኢየሩሳሌም ሰማያዊት እንሆናለን፤ዛሬ አካሄዳችንን ከዲያብሎስ ጋር ካደረግን ግን በግራ ከዲያብሎስ ጋር እንቆማለን፤ትሉ በማያንቀላፋ እሳቱ በማይጠፋ በገሃነም እሳት መኖር ግድ ይለናል። የዛሬ የአምልኮ አያያዛችን የፍጻሜውን ቀን ይወስነዋልና ዛሬ ሳናመነታ አኗኗራችንን እንወስን።

❖❖❖ [Matthew 25:31-34] ❖❖❖

“When the Son of man shall come in his glory, and all the holy angels with him, then shall he sit upon the throne of his glory: And before him shall be gathered all nations: and he shall separate them one from another, as a shepherd divideth his sheep from the goats: And he shall set the sheep on his right hand, but the goats on the left. Then shall the King say unto them on his right hand, Come, ye blessed of my Father, inherit the kingdom prepared for you from the foundation of the world:”


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South Sudan President Wets Himself While Reciting National Anthem | Eish! | የደቡብ ሱዳን ሸኔ ሳልቫ ኪር ሸና

Posted by addisethiopia / አዲስ ኢትዮጵያ on December 16, 2022

💭 ሌላው የግራኝ ‘ወንድም’ የደቡብ ሱዳኑ ፕሬዝደንት ‘ሳልቫ ኪር’ ብሔራዊ መዝሙር በሚዝመርበት ወቅት ሽንቱን በራሱ ላይ ሸና። እይይይ! እነ ሲ.አይ.ኤ “ጠቅ!” አድርገውት ይሆን?

👉 ፕሬዚደንት ሳልቫ ኪር በአሜሪካ በተካሄደው የአሜሪካአፍሪቃ የዘር ማጥፋትጉባኤ ላይ አልተገኘም። ደቡብ ሱዳን በውጭ ጉዳይ ሚንስትር ነበር የተወከለችው።

👉 ፕሬዚደንቱ ወደ አሜሪካ ለመሄድ ያልፈለገበት ምክኒያት በደቡብ ሱዳን የውጭ ጉዳይ ሚንስትር በኩል እንዲህ ተገልጿል፤

የተከበሩ ፕሬዚዳንቱ በውስጥ ጉዳዮች ላይ ሃላፊ ናቸው እና ትናንት እዚህ (ጁባ) አልነበሩም በአዲስ መንገድ ምረቃ ላይ ተሰማርተው ነበር፤ ለጉባኤ ወደ አሜሪካ ሄደን ስለ እገዳዎች እና ትርኪምርኪ ነገሮች ከምንሰማ ይልቅ ይህ ለደቡብ ሱዳን ህዝብ የበለጠ ወሳኝ ነገር ነበር። እንደ ፈረንሣይአፍሪካ የመሪዎች ጉባዔ፣ የቱርክአፍሪካ የመሪዎች ጉባዔ፣ የጃፓንአፍሪካ የመሪዎች ጉባዔ፣ እንዲሁም የሩስያአፍሪካ የመሪዎች ጉባዔ፣ ፕሬዚዳንት ኪር አሁንም ሊሳተፉባቸው የሚችሉባቸው ስብሰባዎች አሁንም አሉ።

👉 ዋው! ለማንኛውም እንደተለመደው አጀንዳ ለማስቀየር፤ ፋሺስታዊ መዝሙራችንን ካልዘመርን፤ የግብጽን ባንዲራ ካላውለበለብንበማለት ላይ ለሚገኙት ለዘር አጥፊዎቹ ጋላኦሮሞዎች ይህ ሌላ ማስጠንቀቂያ ነው። ቀጥሎ ደም የሚሸናው የስላቫ ኪር አቻ ግራኝ አብዮት አህመድ ነው! ምናለ በሉኝ!

💭 A video has now gone viral online showing President Salva Kiir Mayardit of South Sudan urinating on himself while reciting the National Anthem at a public function, to the dismay of his aides, officials and military officers nearby.

President Salva Kiir, aged 71, has been the president of the troubled northeast African country since its founding in 2011 and has continued to preside over a protracted conflict which has kept the country underdeveloped, with about 82 per cent of its citizens in abject poverty.

👉 This is another warning to the genocidal Galla-Oromos who would like to sing their fascistic anthem and wave the ‘Egyptian’ flag in Ethiopia.

💭 Why President Kiir skipped Biden’s invite to US-Africa Summit

South Sudan has defended President Salva Kiir’s move to snub an invite by his US counterpart, Joe Biden, for a summit bringing together close to 50 African heads of state.

While other African leaders opted for the historic visit, President Kiir was locked up in a busy schedule on Monday, where he commissioned the first phase of the 63- kilometre Juba-Terekeka Road in Lakes State. Kiir sent a team of diplomats, headed by Minister of Foreign Affairs Mayiik Ayii Deng, to attend the summit on his behalf.

In an exclusive interview with The City Review yesterday, Deng Dau Deng, the deputy minister of foreign affairs and international cooperation, said the head of state delegated the duty to Mayiik to allow him (President Kiir) to attend to more pressing national duties.

“His Excellency the President is in charge of issues internally, and he was not here (in Juba) yesterday, he was launching the road, which was more crucial to the people of South Sudan than just a summit of America where we will go and listen to sanctions and all those kinds of things,” Deng said.

Kiir, like his other African counterparts, was acting in good faith, according to Deng, by sending a representative to the summer.

“It (summit) is not a classroom, we have several heads of state and government that have not gone for that particular summit (US-Africa leaders’ summit),” he explained.

He added, “It depends on our national interest, and South Sudan has sent a foreign affairs minister who is equally important as the rest of African nations whose heads of state and government have not attended that particular conference.”

He argued that President Kiir was busy spearheading the implementation of the peace agreement, which is long overdue, and “South Sudan should concentrate on their own issues” and not spend much energy on “the international conferences.”

“It is not a must that all the heads of state and governments in Africa attend,” he added.

Deng said that there were still upcoming conferences such as France-Africa Summit, the Turkey-Africa Summit, the Japanese-Africa Summit, and the Russia-Africa Summit that President Kiir could still attend.


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Joe Biden + Jeffrey Epstein + Abiy Ahmed + A.I. Robot Sophia + The Nobel Committee + Genocide = NWO

Posted by addisethiopia / አዲስ ኢትዮጵያ on December 16, 2022

🐷 The Genocider Jinn aka Abiy Ahmed – Who Massacred Over a Million Orthodox Christians – Entered The possessed WHITE HOUSE

💭 ጆ ባይደን + ጄፍሪ ኤፕሽታይን + አብይ አህመድ + ኤ.አይ. ሮቦት ሶፊያ + የኖቤል ኮሚቴ + የዘር ማጥፋት ወንጀል = አዲስ የዓለም ሥርዓት

በጦርነት ፣በሽታ ፣ረሃብ ፣ድርቅ እና ድህነት በተሰቃየች ሀገር ኢትዮጵያ ክፉው ግራኝ አብዮት አህመድ አሊ በጫካ ውስጥ የአንድ ቢሊዮን ዶላር አዲስ ቤተ መንግስት እየገነባ ነው። ይህ ቤተ መንግስት አዲሱ የወሲብ አዘዋዋሪ የጄፍሪ ኤፕስታይን ሕፃናትን መድፈሪያ/ፔዶፊል ደሴትሊሆን ነውን? ይህ የሉሲፈራውያኑ ቅጥረኛ ግብረሰዶማዊ ይህን ተግባር ነው ለማስፈጸም በመንቀሳቀስ ላይ ያለው። ጄፍሪ ኤፕሽታይን ፈጥኖ ወደ ኢትዮጵያ ለመግባት ያቀደው ለዚህ ነው፤ ግብረሰዶማውያኑ ለኢትዮጵያውያን በተለይ ለሕፃናቱ የተለየ ዓይን አላቸው፤ ጉዳዩ መንፈሳዊ ነው። ለዚህ እኮ ነው በቅጥረኞቻቸው በእነ ኮሜዲያን እሸቱአማካኝነት ሕፃናቱን በቴሌቪዥን በማስተዋወቅና በማለማመድ ላይ ያሉት። ወዮላቸው! ወዮላቸው! ወዮላቸው።

👉 ቪዲዮው፤ ማፍያዎቹ፣ ሲ.አይ.ኤ እና ጄፍሪ ኤፕሽታይን ለአካለ መጠን ያልደረሱ ልጆችን በመገበያየትተባብረው ሰርተዋል። ይለናል። አዎ!

👹 The Face of Shame

💭 Joe Biden watches Morocco vs. France game with monster genocider Abiy Ahmed Ali. Are they celebrating football or Genocide?

😈 Jeffrey Epstein And His AI Robot Doll Sophia

😈 Abiy Ahmed And His AI Robot Doll Sophia

💭 Epstein funded project for an A.I. childs toy for little girls?! Was this one of reasons he was investing so much into AI?

So this is really disturbing to me. You might have seen a video of A.I. robot Sofia before .

There is a spin-off of this project called ‘Little Sofia’, designed to be a childs toy. EPSTEIN FUNDED TO GET THIS PROJECT STARTED! article from 2013

This really creeps me out: an AI robot that monitors little girls (emotions through OpenCog?), and thus can provide information on the location and living conditions of possibly vulnerable girls/targets for child-molesters? Think about it: if this robot has an accessible camera/microphone it can record whether the child is home alone/is being molested, abused etc. It would give child-traffickers leads on targets to focus on!!

💭 In a war, disease, starvation, drought and poverty stricken country of Ethiopia evil Abiy Ahmed is building a $1 billion dollar new palace in the forest. Is this palace going to be the new sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein’s ‘Pedophile Island’? It won’t be surprising.

The forces of Abiy Ahmed’s fascist Oromo regime of Ethiopia (ENDF) and allied forces are responsible for widespread and egregious acts of rape and sexual violence against Christian women of Tigray. Over 150,000 victims.

💭 The Mafia, CIA & Jeffrey Epstein Worked TOGETHER To Traffic Minors

What Is the Connection Between Pedophilia, NGO’s, A.I. Africa, Norway, USA, – and the New World Order

Based on Epstein’s contacts and his money, and trying to follow them, the conclusion is a trip between all the continents of the earth. One gets to know the Nobel Peace Prize, WHO, UN, Norway, Ethiopia … and everything centered around child trafficking …? IS this the UN and President Bidens – Rebuild better?

What Is the Connection Between Pedophilia and A.I. (Artificial Intelligence)?

When it comes to Sub-Saharan Africa, the media always focuses on war, famine and disease. Little is known about the innovation and positive attributes stemming from the region. One such attribute, is the growth of computer science and artificial intelligence. Indeed, the field of AI has skyrocketed in developing nations with the advent of the home computer, but has recently found burgeoning roots, not in Silicon Valley, India or China, but in the bustling capital of Ethiopia.

Does pedophilia allow those involved with building A.I. technology to experiment with the very extremes in human emotions through pedophilia? While we are mesmerized by all this rapidly accelerating technology, what else is going on that might be of concern? Let’s take a look…

«We are very excited by the programming coming out of the Addis AI Lab,» Jeffrey Epstein remarked, founder of the Jeffrey Epstein VI Foundation, which supports cutting edge science research around the world. «With education and economic growth rates as one of the highest in the world, it makes perfect sense to lay an AI foundation in the heart of Ethiopia’s capital.»

💭 Roger Stone: Demonic portal over Washington DC | Jihadist-Jinni Abiy Ahmed Ali is in Town

💭 Welcoming a Genocider-Jihadist PM of Ethiopia to the United States | America Committing Suicide


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