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Threat of Iranian Attack Within 48 Hours: Saudi Arabia on High Alert

Posted by addisethiopia / አዲስ ኢትዮጵያ on November 2, 2022

👉 ገብርኤል 👉 ማርያም 👉 ኡራኤል 😇 ጊዮርጊስ 👉 ተክለ ሐይማኖት 👉 ዮሴፍ 👉 መድኃኔ ዓለም

💭 በ፵፰/48 ሰዓታት ውስጥ የኢራን ጥቃት ስጋት፡ ባቢሎን ሳዑዲ አረቢያ በከፍተኛ ተጠንቀቅ ላይ

🔥 ከሁለት ዓመታት በፊት በአክሱም ጽዮን ላይ ጂሃድ በጀመሩበት ዕለት ባቢሎን ሳውዲ እና ኢራን ይባሉ ይሆን?

🔥 ሦስተኛው የዓለም ጦርነት በጥቅምት ፳፬ / ፳፻፲፫ / በኖቬምበር 4, 2020 .(በቅዱሳን ጊዮርጊስና አቡነ ተክለሐይማኖት ዕለታት) ኤዶማውያኑ እና እስማኤላውያኑ በአክሱም ጽዮን ላይ (በቃልኪዳኑ ታቦት ላይ) ጂሃዳቸውን እንደከፈቱ ጀመረ። የአሜሪካ ምጫ ልክ በዚህ ዕለት ተካሄደ።

እጃችሁን ከአክሱም ጽዮን ላይ አንሱ! ❖

🔥 Again, on November 3-4?

💭 Saudi Arabia has shared intelligence with the U.S that Iran is planning an attack on the Kingdom. An AP report citing three U.S officials claims that the attack will take place soon or in the next 48 hours. The U.S is now on high alert after the threat situation in Saudi. The report comes amid Iran facing U.S anger for allegedly sending weapons to Russia, aiding Vladimir Putin’s war in Ukraine. It also comes at a time when Iran has blamed the West for fueling anti-Hijab protests in the Islamic Republic. Watch this video for more details.

🔥The Third World War began on October 24 / 2013 (Ethiopian calendar – on the Days of Saints George and Abune Teklahaymanot) on November 4, 2020, when the Edomites and Ishmaelites opened their Jihad against Axum Zion (on the Ark of the Covenant). The US presidential election took place on this very day.

And just today, it was reported that Ethiopian government and Tigray forces agreed to ceasefire after first face-to-face talks – and this over a million massacred ancient Christians later – and nobody is talking about JUSTICE.

😠😠😠 ዋይ! ዋይ! ዋይ! 😢😢😢


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