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Woman Who Died after Arrest By Iran’s Morality Police over ‘Improper’ Hijab Buried amid Chants of ‘Death to The Dictator’

Posted by addisethiopia / አዲስ ኢትዮጵያ on September 17, 2022

💭 በኢራን የሞራል ፖሊስ ‘ ሂጃቧን አላግባብ ለብሳለች’ በሚል ውንጀላ ተይዛ የሞተችዋ ኩርዷ ሴት ተቀበረች፤ አመጽ በኢራን ተቀስቅሷል፤ ተቃዋሚዎች ‘ሞት ለአያቶላ! ሞት ለአምባገነኑ!’ እያሉ የኢራን ከተሞችን መንገዶች በማጥለቅለቅ ላይ ናቸው።

ነፍሷን ይማርላት! እስልምና ይህ ነው፣ እስልምና ከዲያብሎስ ነው። እንግዲህ ሳውዲ፣ ኤሚራቶች፣ ኢራን እና ቱርክ ናቸው የቆሻሻው ኦሮሞ አገዛዝ ወዳጆች፣ ከእነዚህ የሰይጣን ጭፍሮች ጋር ነው አረመኔው ጋላ-ኦሮሞ ግራኝ አብዮት አህመድ አሊ ጥብቅ ግኑኝነት እያደርገ ያለው።

በጣም ብዙ ኢራናውያን እና በኢራን፣ ቱርክ፣ ሶርያና ኢራቂ የሚኖሩት የኩርድ ብሔር ተወላጆች እስልምናን እየተው ወደ ክርስቶስ ብርሃን በመምጣት ላይ ናቸው። የእስልምናን ሰይጣናዊነት ለረጅም ጊዚ አዩት እኮ!

“አንዷ እኅታችን ተገደለች!” ብለው ቁጣቸውን ደፍረው ባደባባይ በመግለጽ ላይ ባሉት ኢራናውያን እና ኩርዶች ቀናሁ። ስንት አሰቃቂ ግፍና በደል ለተፈጸመባቸው የሰሜን ኢትዮጵያ እናቶች፣ ሕፃናት፣ አረጋውያን፣ ቀሳውስትና ካህናት ፍትህ ቁጣውን በቆራጥነት ለመግለጽና፣ “ሞት ለፋሺስቱ ኦሮሞ አገዛዝ!” እያለ የወጣ አንድም “ኢትዮጵያዊ ነኝ” ባይ ዛሬም ባለመኖሩ ከባድ ሃዘንና ሃፍረት ይሰማኛል። ከትንሽ እስከ ትልቁ፣ ካልተማረው እስከ ተማረው፣ የዛሬው ትውልድ ምን ዓይነት ግድየለሽ፣ ወኔ ቢስና ልፍስፍስ መጭው ትውልድ የሚወቅሰው/ የሚረግመው መሆኑን ከዚህ መማር ይቻላል። ይህን ፋሺስት የኦሮሞ አገዛዝ ማስወገድና እነ ግራኝንም ለፍርድ አቅርቦ መስቀል የእያንዳንዱ “ኢትዮጵያዊ ነኝ” ባይ ግብዝ ግዴታ መሆን ነበረበት።

✞ R.I.P ✞

💭 Protests broke out in western Iran on Saturday at the funeral of a young woman who died after being detained by morality police enforcing strict hijab rules, as security forces used tear gas to disperse demonstrators.

Kurdish woman Mahsa Amini, 22, died after being violently arrested in Iran for violating the hijab rules of Iran.

A flood of reactions both inside and outside of Iran have followed the death of Mahsa Amini by the country’s religious police, aka guidance patrol.

Afghan social media users are sharing pictures of Mahsa, and in their comments, they are drawing comparisons between the Taliban and the Iranian morality police, a religious police force with a similar aim and track record.

Anti-government protests have been going on in Iran since yesterday. Protests in and around the hospital, on Arjantin Square in Tehran, at night from houses’ roofs, and in the cemetery have been reported by the local media.

“Death to the dictator” is chanted by the demonstrators in the videos that have been made public. In response to this “barbaric” murder, Iranian and Afghan artists have reacted, and both domestic and foreign political figures have denounced it.

Former Iranian parliament vice-speaker Ali Motahari stated to the Iranian Jamaran in response to the beating of Mahsa Amini, “Incidents like the case of Mahsa Amini portray us to the world like the Taliban.”

Among those who reacted to the Kurdish-Iranian woman’s death are two Afghan poets. Afghan poet Waheed Baktash wrote that “There is a corrupt and repressive government in our neighborhood that never stops killing its citizens.”

Kawa Jibran, intellectual, activist, poet, and writer of Afghanistan also condemned the actions of the Iranian morality police, writing, “The sick thought is an active killer when it enters society; it is a full-fledged monster that feeds on human blood under any pretense.”


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