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New York: Salman Rushdie Attacked Live on Stage | ሳልማን ሩሽዲ በአንድ የኒው ዮርክ መድረክ ላይ በሜንጫ ተጠቁ

Posted by addisethiopia / አዲስ ኢትዮጵያ on August 12, 2022

💭 Update: Author on Ventilator, May Lose an Eye

👉 ደራሲ ሳልማን ሩሽዲ በአየር ማናፈሻ ላይ ናቸው፣ አይናቸውን ሊያጡ ይችላሉ።

💭 እ.አ.አ በ1989 ዓ.ም ላይ ደራሲው ሳልማን ሩሽዲ፤ “ሰይጣናዊ ጥቅሶች” (Satanic Verses) በተሰኘው መጽሃፉቸው የእስልምናው’ቁር’አን’ በሰይጣን ተጽዕኖ የተጻፈ አደገኛ የተረት ተረት መጽሐፍ መሆኑን ለመላው ዓለም በማስተዋወቃቸው የኢራኑ ወፈፌ መሪ አያቶላህ ሮላህ ኾሚኒ የግድያ ትእዛዝ (ፋትዋ) አስተላልፈውባቸው ነበር።

አቶ ሰልማን ሩሽዲ ፈጥነው ያገግሙ ዘንድ እንጸልይላቸዋለን!

💭 Author Sir Salman Rushdie, whose writing has previously led to death threats, has been attacked on stage at an event in New York state.

He was about to give a lecture when a man stormed the stage at the Chautauqua Institution and began punching or stabbing Sir Salman as he was being introduced, according to an AP reporter who was there.

The author was taken or fell to the floor, and the man was restrained.


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