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#TogogaMassacre | Abiy Ahmed Repeated What His Oromo Father Mengistu Did on the Very day of June 22

Posted by addisethiopia / አዲስ ኢትዮጵያ on June 24, 2021

The Tigrayans gave to the undeserving non-native Oromos ( they migrated to Ethiopia in waves of invasions in the 16th century) everything, including the largest region half the size of Ethiopia — and left Addis Ababa for Mekelle for good. Yet, that was not enough for the expansionist & fascist Oromo junta of Abiy Ahmed – so they decided to follow the Tigrayans. For the past three years this Oromo junta was preparing with Eritrea & Amhara region to do what they are doing now. They even invited the Somalis and United Arab Emirates drones who participated in the following church & monastery massacres: #AxumMassacre, #DengolatMassacre, #DebreDamoMassacre etc.

8 months of #TigrayGenocide – Tigrayans have been subjected to extreme devastation and agony. Tigrayans are not only under an invasion and occupation, psychological warfare, ethnic profiling and targeting, but also their cries, agony and pain is in the darkness of communications blackout in order for the rest of the world not to hear. Read the comments sections of the news outlets. You will read how far and how dark the Oromos & Amharas came to attack the victim.

The war on Tigrayans is spiritual, ideological and historical. But it is also beyond that. The ethnic profiling and targeting, the harsh and devastating measures on Tigrayans, the pillaging and looting, and the destruction of civilians and civilian infrastructures, the massacres, the blockade and blackout, the collective punishments, the carpet bombings and the refusal to independent investigation and allow humanitarian aid should be seen as the product of genocidal undercurrents.

Abiy Ahmed’s Oromo junta’s plan is to eventually starve Tigrayans that it can then use international aid as a weapon against the Tigrayan people, just like his Oromo father’s communist junta did during the 1984/5 civil war and famine. That explains its refusal to allow independent humanitarian access and its insistence on controlling international aid agencies.

Genocide is taking place in Tigray, and the intentions and deeds of the Oromos & their Amhara collaborators is to destroy Tigray, to undermine their God-given or Natural Rights to Life and to cleanse and exterminate ancient Christians of Tigray from their God-given land.

💭 History repeats itself again and again: Even though you are kind to the wicked, they never learn to do what is right.

[Isaiah 26:10]Though the wicked person is shown compassion, He does not learn righteousness; He deals unjustly in the land of uprightness, And does not perceive the majesty of the LORD.”

Evil Abiy Ahmed’s Oromo ‘father’ Mengistu Hailemariam,who was the head of state of Ethiopia from 1977 to 1991 massacred and starved to death millions of Tigrayans. Before he was ousted he made the following genocidal statement:

One way to remove a stinky fish from the sea was to dry the sea in order to remove the fish”. The sea is a reference to the people of Tigray and the fish is to the people of Tigrayan.

Just exactly like what Abiy Ahmed is thinking, planning and executing today.

💭 Last week, the EU Envoy to Ethiopia, Finland Foreign Minster Pekka Haavisto attested as follows:

“..when I met the #Ethiopian Leadership😈 in February they used this kind of language, that they are going to destroy the Tigrayans, they are going to wipe out..” Finland FM Haavisto.

As part of Mengistu’s strategy, the 1984 man-made famine was seen as an opportunity. Denial of humanitarian assistance and indiscriminate massacre and bombing was used to take advantage of the opportunity the famine created. A prominent example is the bombardment of the market town Hawzen, on the very day of June 22, 1988 on market day, killing more than 2,500 innocent Tigrayan civilians. By coincidence?

🔥 Amhara & Oromos bombing Tigray, Using Rape, Hunger & Forced Resettlement (Mengistu did it back then, Abiy Ahmed is doing the same now) as a Weapon against People in Tigray for the past 130 years:-

👉 1. Menelik II. (1844 – 1913)

The Great Ethiopian Famine of 1888-1892

The great famine is estimated to have caused 3.5 million deaths. During Emperor Menelik’s Reign, Tigray was split into two regions, one of which he sold to the Italians who later named it Eritrea. Only two months after the death of Emperor Yohaness lV , Menelik signed the Wuchale treaty of 2 May 1889 conceding Eritrea to the Italians. It was not only Eritrea that Menelik gave away, he also had a hand in letting Djibouti be part of the French protectorate when he agreed the border demarcation with the French in 1887. Some huge parts of Tigray were put under Gonder. The Southern part, places like present day Alamata, Kobo etc were put under Wello Amhara administration.

👉 2. Haile Selassie (1892 – 1975)

In 1943, at the request of the Emperor Haile Selassie, the Royal British Airforce bombed two towns – Mekelle and Corbetta. Thousands of defenseless civilians lost their lives as a result of aerial bombardment. It is recorded that ‘on 14th October [1943] 54 bombs dropped in Mekelle, 6th October 14 bombs followed by another 16 bombs on 9thOctober in Hintalo, 7th/9th October 32 bombs in Corbetta’.

Between 2 and 5 million’ people died between 1958 and 1977 as a cumulative result. Haile Selassie, who was emperor at the time, refused to send any significant basic emergency food aid to the province of Tigray,

👉 3. Mengistu Hailemariam (1937 – )

1979 – 1985 + 1987

Due to organized government policies that deliberately multiplied the effects of the famine, around 1.2 million people died from this famine. Mengistu & his Children still alive & ‘well’ while Tigrayans starving again.

👉 4. Abiy Ahmed Ali (1976 – )

2018 – Until today: probably up to 500.000 already dead. 😠😠😠 😢😢😢 Unlike the past famine there is no natural or man-made drought, rather, Abiy simply uses war and hunger as a weapon. Abiy Ahmed sent his kids to America for safety, while bombing & starving Tigrayan kids!


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