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Famine in Tigray:‘I Have Never Documented Anything as Relentless & Systematic as What We’re Seeing’

Posted by addisethiopia / አዲስ ኢትዮጵያ on April 9, 2021

አምስት ወራት ስቃይ፣ ግፍ፣ ሰቆቃ በትግራይ፤ ሆኖም ትግራዋይ ያልሆኑት ግን “ኢትዮጵያውያን ነን + ሰብዓዊ ነን + ተዋሕዶ ነን” የሚሉት ወገኖች ጸጥ፣ ጭጭ፤ ምን አገባን? ብለዋል። እንዳውም ይባስ ብለው በሃፍረትና በጸጸት ተድብቀው  በማልቀስ ፈንታ የትግራይን እናቶች እንባና ጩኸት በድፍረትና በፈሮዖናዊ ዕብሪት ለመንጠቅ ሲሉ ሰሞኑን ሰልፍ ወጥተው በመጮኽ ላይ ናቸው፤ በጣም ነው የሚያሳዝነው፤ ግን ምን ይደረግ የአቤል ደም ጩኸት እያቅበዘበዛቸው እኮ ነው! ገና ምኑን አይተው! አይ አለመታደል!

Let’s pay attention to all the present and past Ethiopian leaders who waged endless wars against the Tigrayan people, and tried to exterminate the Tigrayan Christian population weaponizing hunger and creating famine in Tigray are all ethnic Oromos/ mixed Amahras (Oromaras) . It is very important to acknowledge this sad but relevant fact.

Another phenomenon: The #TigrayGenocide is Five-month-old – and Tigray – which is the cradle of Ethiopian Civilization/ Christianity — is burning – still the non-Tigrayan Ethiopians’ silence is deafening or they give some unempathetic responses we’ve ever seen and experienced as Ethiopians. Very sad, indeed!

Amhara & Oromo Elite Used/ Using Hunger as a Weapon against People in Tigray:-

👉 1. Menelik II. (1844 – 1913)

The Great Ethiopian Famine of 1888-1892

The great famine is estimated to have caused 3.5 million deaths.

👉 2. Haile Selassie (1892 – 1975)

Between 2 and 5 million’ people died between 1958 and 1977 as a cumulative result. Haile Selassie, who was emperor at the time, refused to send any significant basic emergency food aid to the province of Tigray.

👉 3. Mengistu Hailemariam (1937 – )

1979 – 1985 + 1987

Due to organized government policies that deliberately multiplied the effects of the famine, around 1.2 million people died from this famine. Mengistu & his Children still alive & ‘well’ while Tigrayans are again starving.

👉 4. Abiy Ahmed Ali (1976 – )

2018 – Until today: 500.000 already dead. Unlike the past famine there is no natural or man-made drought, rather, Abiy simply uses war and hunger as a weapon. Abiy Ahmed sent his kids to America for safety, while bombing & starving Tigrayan kids!

🔥 Famine in Tigray: ‘I have never documented anything as relentless & systematic as what we’re seeing’

Without an end to the fighting in Tigray, its people will face starvation more devastating than the “biblical famine” that tore through the region in the 1980s, according to a heavily-detailed survey by researchers from the US-based World Peace Foundation.

The report, entitled: ‘How Armed Conflict and Mass Atrocities Have Destroyed an Ethiopian Region’s Economy and Food System and Are Threatening Famine’, was released on 6 April.

Since the first foray into the Tigray by the Ethiopian government in Addis Ababa back in November, the following months have seen an entirely man-made humanitarian crisis unfold.

This report documents how both Ethiopian and Eritrean elements in this Tigray war have single-handedly dismantled the region’s economic and food system.

Of all the 5.7 million people in Tigray, should the offensive continue, at least 4.5 million people will face deadly shortages of food, medicine and water, Alex de Waal, executive director of the WPF tells The Africa Report.

But this can be stopped if the majority of the Tigrayan people, many of whom are are smallholder farmers, are able to farm in time for the rains in June.

“In order for that to happen, you don’t just need to get food and medicine. You actually need to stabilise the security situation so that farmers can plant. And many of them have had their oxen stolen or slaughtered. They don’t have tools. They don’t have seeds. They need medicine to stay in their villages. And labourers need to be able to move around freely. So we need a cessation of hostilities urgently,” de Waal says.


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