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Archive for April 6th, 2021

Ethiopia: Hunger + Pandemic + Sex ‘Used as Weapons of War’ in #TigrayGenocide

Posted by addisethiopia / አዲስ ኢትዮጵያ on April 6, 2021

As the war in Ethiopia enters its fifth month, millions of displaced people in the northern region of Tigray are now facing a further crisis – hunger.

Violence has interrupted the main food supply routes and farms have been destroyed.

Many have lost their income and prices have increased for the little food still available to buy.

Pressure is now mounting on the country’s Nobel peace prize-winning Prime Minister to supply aid to the starving.

🔥 Tigray Is Being Deliberately Starved to Death – Starvation is Being Used as a Weapon of War – Relentlessly & Systematically.

Millions of people in Ethiopia’s northern Tigray region are facing starvation. Until now, it’s been a crisis without pictures. Those wrenching images of emaciated children and mothers with dull-eyed gazes, so sadly familiar from famine zones, have yet to emerge. But that’s because journalists aren’t permitted to travel to the worst-hit areas of Tigray, where hunger is deepening by the day. When the media can finally get access, or when starving villagers abandon their homes and flee to towns, the pictures will surely remind viewers of drought victims from Ethiopia’s 1984 famine, which prompted the famous LiveAid benefit concert and a vast outpouring of charity.

Now, though, there is no drought and no harvest failure. Tigrayans are hungry today because starvation is being used as a weapon of war—relentlessly and systematically. ..



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Dear Women of Tigray, Women Around The World Are Watching in Horror

Posted by addisethiopia / አዲስ ኢትዮጵያ on April 6, 2021

ውድ የትግራይ ሴቶች ፣ የኢትዮጵያ እና የኤርትራ ኃይሎች የምትወዱትን ሁሉ ሲወስዱባችሁ በዓለም ዙሪያ ያሉ ሴቶች በድንጋጤ እየተመለከቱ ነው። እኛ በድንጋጤ፣ ግን ደግሞ በፍርሃት እየተመለከትን ነው። በብርታታችሁ ፣ በጽናታችሁ ፣ በደግነታችሁ እና በአመፃችሁ በመፍራት። እኛ ሁልጊዜ ከእናንተ ጋር እንቆማለን።

Dear Women of Tigray, Women around the world are watching in horror as Ethiopian and Eritrean forces take away everything you love. We are watching in horror, but also in awe. In awe of your strength, resilience, kindness and rebellion. We will always stand with you.

Sexual Violence in Ethiopia’s Tigray Region: there is emerging evidence that sexual violence is being used as a weapon of war and humiliation, with one doctor describing the attacks as effectively a form of genocide.

On 4 November 2020 the Ethiopian army began a military offensive against the Tigray region’s ruling party, the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF). Four months later the ongoing conflict has killed thousands of civilians, displaced over two million, forced thousands of refugees to flee to Sudan, and caused widespread destruction.

At the end of January the United Nations (UN) Special Representative on Sexual Violence in Conflict reported that serious allegations of sexual violence by conflict parties were being reported. Women reported being gang raped, family members were forced to rape members of their own family at gunpoint, and women were forced to have sex in exchange for basic commodities.

Communication blackouts and restrictions on journalists’ access to the region made it difficult to verify survivors’ accounts; however, as more journalists are allowed in, horrific stories of sexual violence have begun to emerge.

Doctors, nurses and aid workers have reported an alarming increase in accounts of women being drugged, held captive and gang raped, and there is emerging evidence that sexual violence is being used as a weapon of war and humiliation, with one doctor describing the attacks as effectively a form of genocide.

Some women have described how while they were being raped the rapists said that they were “cleansing the blood lines’’ of the women they were raping and that these women needed to change their Tigrayan identity. Another woman recalls Eritrean soldiers saying while raping her that they were ordered “to come after the women”, while another woman recalls Eritrean soldiers saying that their actions were revenge against Tigray.

This document analysis a sample of 36 reported incidents of sexual violence that occurred in Tigray region between November 2020 and March 2021. Among this sample, 106 women and girls were affected by sexual violence and at least 144 different perpetrators were involved. Get this data on HDX.

This sample was selected because the descriptions of the incidents contained sufficient details to allow the nature and patterns of the violence that occurred to be described in this document. It is not known to what extent these examples are unique or similar to the hundreds of other incidents of sexual violence that have been reported by various hospitals around the region and by UN and other humanitarian organisations.

Continue reading…


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ትግሬ-ጠል ከሆኑት የኦሮማራ ልሂቃን አንዱን እንተዋወቃቸው | ፕሮፌሰር ማሞ ሙጬ

Posted by addisethiopia / አዲስ ኢትዮጵያ on April 6, 2021

💭 በቪዲዮው የተካተቱት ጽሑፎች፦

🔥 የትግሬጠልነት ማስጠንቀቂያ!

🔥 የአማራውን አንጎል በዋቄዮአላህአቴቴ መንፈስ ለማጥመቅ ከፍተኛ ሚና ከተጫወቱት ግብዝና ትግሬጠል ልሂቃን አንዱ ኦሮማራው ፕሮፌሰር ማሞ ሙጬ።

🔥 ፕሮፌሰር ማሞ የአረመኔው የኢሳያስ አፈወርቂ አድናቂ? ዋው! ኢሳያስንን እና ግራኝ አብዮትን ከጦር ወንጀል ክስ ነጻ ለማደርግ ያልሆነ ዝባዝንኬ ይቀበጣጥራሉ! ቅሌት ነው!

🔥 ፕሮፌሰር ማሞ የግራኝ ቅጥረኛው፤ “ኤርትራ እና ኢትዮጵያ አንድ ሕዝብ ስለሆንን የኤርትራ ወታደሮች ወደ ትግራይ ገብተው ትግራዋይን ቢጨፈጭፉ መብት አላቸው”

🔥 ኤርትራ፣ ሶማሌ፣ ኤሚራቶች ግን ጣልቃ መግባት አለባቸው፤ አይደል ፕሮፍ?

🔥 ፕሮፌሰር ማሞ የግራኝ ቅጥረኛው፤ “አብይ አህመድ የኤርትራ ወታደሮች በኢትዮጵያ የሉም ብሎ ለአራት ወራት ያህል መዋሸቱን ይቅርታ እናደርግለታለን!”ዋውውውውውውውው!

🔥 ይችን የት ነው የሰማናት? አዎ ከሌላው ጋላማራ ልሂቅ ከሻለቃ ዳዊት ወ/ጊዮርጊስ አላየንም፣ አልሰማንም፣ አናውቅም፤ ስለዚህ ጭፍጨፋው ይቀጥል!እግዚኦ! ፕሮፌሰር ማሞ ደቡብ አፍሪቃ ነው ያሉት፤ ከሳቸው ግን የትግራይ ጉዳይ በጣም ያሳሰባቸው ደቡብ አፍሪቃዊው የአንግሊካን ቤተ ክርስቲያን ሊቀጳጳስ ታቦ ማክጎባ ተሻሉ። እንዴት አንድ አስተዋይ፣ ብልህና አርቆ አሳቢ አማራ፣ ኦሮሞ ወይም ኦሮማራ ይጥፋ? ያሳዝናል!

🔥 ምንም ዓይነት የሰብዓዊነት ስሜት የማያሳዩትን እነዚህን ከንቱዎች እንዲህ ያስቀበጣጥርናል፤ ፕሮፌሰር ማሞ በተዘዋዋሪ፤“በወያኔ ዘመን ትግሬዎች ስምንት ሚሊየን አማራዎችን ገድለዋልና፤ ዛሬ ስምንት ሚሊየን ትግራዋያን መጨፍጨፍ አለብን!” እግዚኦ!

🔥 የ“ፓን አፍሪካኒስቱ” ፕሮፌሰር ማሞ ሙጬ + አማራ + ኦሮሞ + ኦሮማራ ልሂቃኑ ከንቱ ሕልምና

በትግራይ ሕዝብ ላይ ጦርነት የከፈቱበት ዋናው ዓላማ፤ ተዋሕዶ ትግራዋይን ከአፍሪቃ ምድር አጥፍተው፤

ጣዖታዊት/እስላማዊት ኩሽ ኦሮሚያን መመስረት ነው።

💭 ሕልም አይከለከልም፤ የእነዚህ የክርስቶስ ተቃዋሚዎች ሕልም ግን በቅርቡ ወደ ዘግናኝ ቅዠት እንደሚለወጥ ፻/100% እርገጠኛ ሆኜ መናገር እደፍራለሁ።

የትግራይ ተዋሕዶ ክርስቲያኖች ጠላቶቻቸው እነማን እንደሆኑ በከፊልም ቢሆን ቀስበቀስ እያወቁት የመጡ ይመስለኛል። የትግራይ ወገኖቼ በዚህ ወቅት መጠየቅ ያለባቸው አንድ በጣም ቁልፍ የሆነ ጉዳይ ግን ከዚህ በፊት የቻይና እና አልባንያን ኮሙኒዝም በትግራይ ምድር ለማስፈን ቆርጠው ተነስተው የነበሩትና፤ ልክ የቆሻሻው አብዮት አህመድ ብልግና ፓርቲ “ተዋሕዶ ክርስትና ለብልጽግና እና እድገት እንቅፋት ናት፤ መጥፋት አለባት” እንደሚለው እነርሱም ከዚህ በፊት ተዋሕዶን ከትግራይ ምድር ለማጥፋት ሲዝቱ የነበሩት የእነ አቶ ስብሐት ነጋ አጋሮች ይህን አስመልክቶ ዛሬ ያላቸው አቋምስ ምንድን ነው? ለምንድንስ ነው የትግራይን ሕዝብ በመጨፍጨፍ፣ በማስራብና አስገድደው በመድፈር ላይ ካሉትና ማንም ልክደው በማይችለው መልክ የትግራይ ሕዝብ ቀንደኛ መንፈሳዊ ጠላት ከሆኑት የኦሮሞ ልሂቃን ጋር ዛሬም ተባብረው በመስራት ላይ ያሉት? ምናልባት ሁሉም ተናብበው በአንድነት በመሥራት የትግራይን ተዋሕዶ ክርስቲያኖች በጦርነት፣ በረሃብና በበሽታ የማጥፋት ፍላጎት ይኖራቸው ይሆን? ይህ ቀላል ጉዳይ አይደለም! እኔ ብሳሳት ይሻላል እንጂ ይህ ሰሞኑን እንቅልፍ እየነሳኝ ያለው “ምናልባት ሁሉም በጦርነት ስም ተባብረው ተዋሕዶ ክርስቲያኖችን ከትግራይ ምድር ለማጥፋት እየሠሩ ይሆናል” የሚለው ጥርጣሬዬ ትክክል ከሆነ ግን ትልቅ፣ እጅግ በጣም ትልቅ ወንጀልና ሲዖል የሚያስገባ ከባድ ኅጢዓት ነው!!!


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