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ዘመነ እሳት | በአፍሪካ ረጅሙ ተራራ ኪሊማንጃሮ ላይ ምስጢራዊ እሳት ተቀጣጠለ

Posted by addisethiopia / አዲስ ኢትዮጵያ on October 12, 2020

👉 አሥሩ በጣም ረጃጅሞቹ የአፍሪቃ ተራሮች (ሁሉም በምስራቅ አፍሪቃ)

ስምአገርከፍታ (ሜትር)
፩ኛ.ኪሊማንጃሮ (ኪቦ)ታንዛኒያ5895
፪ኛ.ኬንያ ተራራ (ባቲያን)ኪንያ5199
፫ኛ.ኬንያ ተራራ (ኔሊዮን)ኬንያ5188
፬ኛ.ኪሊማንጃሮ (ማዌንዚ)ታንዛኒያ5148
፭ኛ.ርዌንዞሪ (ንጃሌማ)ኡጋንዳ5109
፮ኛ.ኬንያ ተራራ (ሌናና)ኪንያ4985
፯ኛ.ርዌንዞሪ (ንጃሌማ/ሳቮያ)ኡጋንዳ4977
፰ኛ.ርዌንዞሪ (ዱዎኒ)ኡጋንዳ4890
፱ኛ.ርዌንዞሪ (ክያንጃ)ኡጋንዳ4844
፲ኛ.ርዌንዞሪ (ኤሚን)ኡጋንዳ4798
፲፬ኛ.ራስ ዳሸንኢትዮጵያ4550


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