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Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Waging Full-Scale Genocide Against Orthodox Christians of Ethiopia

Posted by addisethiopia / አዲስ ኢትዮጵያ on August 12, 2020

What is happening in Ethiopia’s so-called Oromia region is a full-scale genocide of Non-Oromos and Orthodox Christians like what happened in Armenia’s and Rwanda`s genocide against the Armenians and Tutsi. If you are not familiar with what happened in Rwanda, please watch the film by the name “Hotel Rwanda” and compare what you see out there with the graphic footages that are coming from the so-called Oromia region of Ethiopia.

The only difference between the genocide against the Tutsi and that of the genocide against the Non-Oromos and Orthodox Christians in the so-called Oromia region of Ethiopia is that the genocide being committed in Ethiopia by the Oromo Muslims against the Non-Oromo ethnic groups and Orthodox Christians is not being exposed and it is being covered up by the Ethiopian regime, led by an Oromo Muslim-Protestant Prime Minister and the usual suspects; his luciferian masters like the UN, The West, Islamic Nations and human rights organizations such as AI, HRW etc.

The number of people massacred and displaced people and the extent of the destruction of property in the recent attack in the Oromo region of Ethiopia is much higher than what the explosion caused in Lebanon last week. Yet, the ignorant Abiy Ahmed is still silent on this tragedy – while preferring to become the first head of state to express his condolence and sorrow over the deadly explosion in Lebanon Beirut. That was made on purpose; just to show his unqualified contempt and disdain for the historical Ethiopian nation – traitor to the nation. Turning a deaf ear to the horrific massacre in Ethiopia is additional evidence that the rhetoric about human rights in the world is agenda-driven, partisan, politically motivated, and dangerously hypocritical too.

If you watch the video footage of the genocide happening in Ethiopia, it is really sickening and simply beyond my forbearance to receive these kinds of news every day. What kind of person does that kind of cruelty to another human being? Non-Oromos and Orthodox Christians especially Amharas and Gurages, are being burned alive, slaughtered by machete, children were murdered, women were raped, their properties were vandalized and looted.

What is even more mind boggling is that the Oromo immigrants living in Europe and America have the audacity to come out, in the very country they are living in, to protest against Abiy’s regime; not because Abiy is doing too little to protect Christians and non-Oromo groups living in the region but because his regime has started doing too little to stop the genociders after they did their damage. I am assuming, in their mind, they have the right to kill others. The so-called “Human-rights” organizations like Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch are silent on the on-going Genocide. News channels such as Al-jaazeera International are airing their genocidal propaganda 24/7 and are playing a major role in fanning the genocide against Orthodox Christians and the Non-Oromos in Ethiopia.


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